A forgotten man, but One who should be remembered for one Magic Declaration

As I wrote some sixteen years ago:-

In retrospect, Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States, was a disaster on wheels for America, his foreign policy strategies, among which was the removal of support for the Shah of Iran, thus helping place Khomeini and the mullahs in charge, and the signing away of the Panama Canal to a bunch of low-level criminals and drug-runners. 

But the one shining item in his portfolio was his acclaim of ‘Human Rights’, not the wishy-washy union- and liberal-friendly crap which is so loved by the European Union, but the real package, the freedom to worship, even if it’s a mish-mash of ideas like Falun Gong; the freedom to congregate, even in a place like Tiananmen Square and talk about honest reform of government; the freedom to say “get stuffed” to a uniformed bully; the freedoms laid down by the United Nations in 1948, but have long since been either forgotten or misplaced.

He said in 1997, during a Foreign Policy speech,

“The great democracies are not free because we are strong and prosperous. I believe we are strong and influential and prosperous because we are free. Throughout the world today, in free nations and in totalitarian countries as well, there is a preoccupation with the subject of human freedom, human rights. And I believe it is incumbent on us in this country to keep that discussion, that debate, that contention alive. No other country is as well-qualified as we to set an example. We have our own shortcomings and faults, and we should strive constantly and with courage to make sure that we are legitimately proud of what we have.”

We learn this morning that Carter has taken, sensibly, the decision to refuse all further medical intervention for his illnesses; his family has stated that he will be receiving ‘hospice care’ at home, as he lives out his final days. 

His Presidency ended in ignominy, with the Iran Embassy hostages only freed some thirty minutes after Ronald Reagan took the Oath of Office.

Carter spent the rest of his years working for charities he had helped sustain. He gave few political interviews, preferring to live out his years with his wife in seclusion.

….but Words Shall Never Harm Me

From Lee Anderson MP


Deeply Offensive. This cartoon of me doing the rounds is typical of how the left will exaggerate to personally attack people. This deeply offensive & hurtful cartoon shows me with an extended ear lobe. This is not the case at all & the artist should apologise. The rest is ok

If anyone, by now, is unaware of the man who has just been made Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, the cartoon should make things a tad clearer.

The author of the Tweet which features the cartoon, also gives a clear statement to all the fools who believe they are ‘offended’ by language, pictures etc., by simply stating ‘he doesn’t really care what people say about him, mainly because lots of opponents have said it before.

It also says a great deal about the fact that the ‘Liberal Left’ along with all the other loonies, have simply forgotten of the existence of that old statement, ‘Sticks and Stones may hurt my bones; but words can never harm me,

I wish a long career as an able political figure to Lee Anderson, beset as he is by service in a Government as daft as they come.

Just how will the Prime Minister’s most important Promise work out?

Rishi Sunak made five promises to the electorate, but the one upon which he will be judged is the last one. He said “Fifth, we will pass new laws to stop small boats, making sure that if you come to this country illegally, you are detained and swiftly removed.” The promise, which has certainly defeated all the alleged political expertise of the last four occupants, is certainly possible to achieve, but the promise itself is a typical political ploy, leaving out, as it does, the outstanding and inherently unstable illegal migrant population already present upon these shores. 

The legal problems, partly brought upon by Labour’s importation of Europe’s ‘Human Rights’ laws, added to by the shadowy elephants in the room labelled ‘ECHR’ (European Court of Human Rights) and ECJ ( European Court of Justice), mean that, at the present moment, judges in Brussels can override British legal decisions; such as the barring of deportations of 85 foreign criminals just the other week. 

At present, the loons in the Home Office are placing all our cash on a large bet that they will be told that the Rwanda Deportation idea will be found to be legal. But when anyone views the present regime in Rwanda with a jaundiced eye, it would seem to be deeply flawed. Also remembering that the Rwanda plan also gives Rwanda the right to send THEIR asylum seekers here, in a sort of Swap situation. (this was built in to the Rwanda plan, but given little attention)

The British Government, in order to prevent the asylum flow across the Channel, has to do several things, none of which are very palatable for millionaire Rishi and his acolytes to face, never mind implement.

They will have to legislate, derogate or strike off membership of the 1951 Refugee Convention, and to further ignore anyone who claims asylum because of a “well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion”. We all know that the Convention is now 72 years old, and the left-wing lawyers know that the fact that thousands are waiting on the beaches of France, despite living in the safest of countries, want to get the British beaches, because we give them everything; hotels, food, new clothing, no utility bills, spending money; all with virtually no questions asked!

They will have to remove the influence, by Legislation alone, of the ECHR and the ECJ upon the British legal system, complete, forever and without appeal. This can and should be completed in one day, through both Houses of Commons and the Lords, by means of the Parliament Act. Many Tory MPs may whimper, plot and attempt rebellion, but a three line Whip, and the associated removal of the Tory Whip, and further suspension from the Party, should be enough to bring the  quivering shower into line.

The remaining problem then arises about the legislative abortion which is the Northern Ireland Protocol. At present, the EU holds nearly all the cards when it comes to negotiations affecting EU Law, which the Protocol stands, like a diseased penis, loved by SinnFeinIRA, despised by the Unionists, but the central pillar of that Protocol is upheld by the ECJ and the ECHR. The problem is at a standstill because of the Unionist boycott of the Stormont Assembly. They will not allow the Election of a Speaker, because once that appointment is made, the DUP and TUV cards, leverage, call it what you will: all disappear. 

We here in GB&NI made the mistake of viewing the Channel crossings as an irrelevance, which for the first few years it appeared to be. As we now see in countries such as Sweden, a Nation which at first welcomed the hordes from the Middle East: they now know that the guns, the killings, the rapes, the no-go areas all stem from that one mistake, and we are nearly at that point already here in GB&NI.

We have all read of the underhand processes which the Home Office/Serco bunch took over entire hotels, emptied them of sometimes long standing guests, and then filling them with bogus asylum seekers, all strangely enough of fighting age. But the British ideal of ‘fair play’ can and will be punctured, and sometimes for the simplest of reasons. A crowd of bogus asylum seekers was shovelled into the Knowsley Suites and Spa Hotel in Kirby. If you read the Suites Website page, which asks;

Why not stay with us and enjoy a comfortable overnight stay in one of our 98 suites? Modern suites come with separate bedrooms and living spaces, plus 2 TVs with satellite and Freeview channels, free WiFi, and tea and coffeemakers.

you can maybe understand the resentment of many locals who are really struggling in today’s economic climate, when they learn that the posh hotel right in the middle of Knowsley, is now a resting place for a bunch of Channel hoppers! Now Kirby is part of greater Liverpool, and when viewed politically, is over ¾ Labour Red, as in the graph. Some foreign moron tried to chat up a fifteen year-old girl, wouldn’t take no for an answer, and the word spread rapidly, resulting in a speedy advance by a crowd of locals towards the hotel. The Police arrived and formed a cordon, but also arriving was a bunch who supported the ‘effing free-loaders in the hotel.

The only truly funny part of this story is that the MSM, television news etc, all stated that the original Knowsley crowd had been composed of ‘Far-Right’ agitators. If the reader knew Knowsley as many other do, they would know that the ONLY Right Wing in Knowsley can be found as part of the pair of wings in the coops of the Pigeon Clubs.

Rishi’s Home Office continues to hold, desperately, to the idea of Rwanda, but no-one else reckons it stands a chance of making any impact upon the thousands of greedy bogus asylum seekers, either waiting, or already arrived into Britain.

He’ll have to do something pretty quickly, because it takes a long time to alter the views of the British electorate, and with the polls already so dire; he’ll have to achieve something pretty solid, and pretty quickly too.

Starmer, along with his left-wing cohort, will have to be really stupid in the next year to alter the ideas of an Electorate which already see the Tories as losers: I’d hate to be right.

What is it with these ridiculous ‘Vigils’?

I could have prophesied, immediately the news began circulating about the murder of a troubled young man who was dressing as a girl, that his ‘friends’ were arranging a vigil to tell everyone about how sad they were, and they were going to be lighting candles, and ‘praying’ for him.

It seems to me that if only one tenth of all this proposed ‘remembrance’ activity had in fact been made to deterring the ‘bullies’ who made this troubled young man’s life a hell on earth, the outcome would, perhaps, have been less of a burden for this young man.

The ONLY stance against bullies of any sort is direct action, possibly physical action; because all bullies are cowards. If the so-called ‘friends’ were even able to make the cowards lie low, it maybe would have made all the difference. All the singing, all the ‘prayers’ mumbled, will not make one ha’porth of difference now, because the ‘targeted attack’ with knives carried by another young man and a young girl resulted in the death of the troubled youngster.

The ONLY thing achieved by these ridiculous ‘Vigils’ is a boom in profits of candle manufacturing. We now see these useless ‘vigils’ spreading all across the country, because attending a ‘vigil’ is possible the single thing which will certainly not make the slightest difference to any other attack, knife or otherwise, but will achieve lots of sage head nodding by the liberal left, who just ‘know’ that giving in, or staying silent, is always ‘safer’ than raising your voice, or your fists, in defence of the defenceless!

I do so wish that someone would just ‘Bite Back’.

As a general rule, my morning wake-up routine involves a cup of tea amd a couple of biscuits, whilst lying back in bed and reading the online editions of newspapers. For factual, impressive reporting mainly on American Politics, I rely upon Breitbart News. Its coverage is fair, its writing impartial, with both sides getting basted when they deserve it. For British news (here I use that term a bit looser) I scan the online pages of the Daily Mail. The forever ‘gossip’ and photos of one supposed ‘Celeb’ or another going ‘shopping’, don’t even catch my attention these days; but the ‘Anonymous briefing’ of supposed ‘Royal’ pieces these days does tend to make my finger dragging past them just a little frustrating.

But there comes along a story, whose reporting makes even such as I mutter to myself of a wish for a different outcome. It seems that this woman was doing some shopping in Marks & Sparks, and was accosted by a second person who scanned the items she had in her trolley, and then made vitriolic comments about the salt content of her selection, and then commented upon the sugar levels in the biscuits she had chosen. The woman chose to go on TikTok, and express her anger at being ‘Mum-shamed’.

Now normally, I would just skip past that story, but here’s the thing. In my day, if my wife or indeed I was doing some shopping, having someone invade my space, and make sarcastic comments about my choice of food for my family, would never have happened; because, in England or in South Africa, you knew your boundaries, you minded your own business, and expected everyone else to do the same. If someone had commented upon my shopping choices, things would have been very, very different; because I tended to get physical really quickly, and in those days, I also carried a deadly weapon.

So, what should that woman’s response have been? Forget the poncing around, recording yourself being ‘annoyed’ on TikTok; she should have got right into the complainant’s face, told her to mind her own ‘Effing business, along with a promise to spread that interfering person’s face over two or three chiller cabinets. That is one of the many problems in modern-day Britain. We, the indigenous Anglo-Saxons who have lived here for tens of generations; have forgotten how to lose our tempers, we have almost been brainwashed into docility.

The Answer to the Abortion promise of an Empty Womb.

Early in January, I commented, favourably, on the stance taken by some Twenty Republican House Representatives; which ended the tyrannical rule of the poisonous Pelosi, and which, eventually, brought about major change to the powers, and the actions, of the new Speaker of Congress’ House. Further actions and responses indicate that America has a slim chance to begin healing. 

But I also reported, happily, on an idea, an installation, which echoes the best of America. It is, and was, conceived with a tiny leavening of genius, to go into the mind of a usually, ill-educated, more than likely to be, but not exclusively, black young woman who has become pregnant without truly understanding how that conception had come about. Through the mass-marketing and grossly over-targeted adverts in both the MSM, and Online for such grisly organisations as the deceitfully named Planned Parenthood abortion mills, thousands of those foolish females walk through the ‘Parenthood’ doors, and onwards to the ‘killing floors’; where much of the Foetal Tissue remains of their aborted offspring are cleansed, sorted and stored before being sold onwards for ‘knowledge’, for ‘research’: but always for ‘Profit’.

But, fortunately, many young expectant, and possibly unwilling, mothers have seen through the lies and the easy words which promise an ending without pain or trauma to the unborn baby in their womb; knowing that in their own minds that truth which tells them that ‘killing babies is wrong’, and decide to proceed towards that birth, more than likely without access from financial support of the father of that foetus, and possibly without the support of a wider family network.

So we come to that ‘tiny leavening of genius’, which is the Safe Haven Baby Box. Safe Haven Baby Boxes founder and CEO Monica Kelsey said she came up with the idea for Safe Haven Baby Boxes “because officials were still finding dead, abandoned babies despite states having a Safe Haven law, allowing mothers to surrender newborns to hospitals and fire stations,” 

Firefighters in Bowling Green, Kentucky, last week found the first baby placed into their Safe Haven Baby Box, which was just installed in December. WBKO reported that an infant was left in the Safe Haven Baby Box at the Bowling Green Fire Department (BGFD)  station on Lovers Lane. The firefighters retrieved the child just a minute and a half after the box was used, WNKY noted. Monika Kelsey, held a press conference. Addressing the parents of the baby, she thanked the parents for looking out for the best interests of their child, per WNKY:

“Thank you for doing what you felt you could for the life of this child,” said Kelsey. “This baby is healthy. This baby is beautiful. This baby is perfect. And the Department of Child Services is now looking for a forever home for this family… If this parent is out there and they want the resources of counselling or medical care, it is available for you at no cost.”

So here’s to the onward march of the Safe Haven Baby Boxes. There should be one in every County, more in every American City. Let’s hope that the murder machines such as the deceitfully named Planned Parenthood abortion mills lose further income as the Supreme Court’s decision gave the right to decide upon Abortion back to the individual States, loose ever more ‘clients’ as such ideas like the ‘Baby Box’ gain more ground in the minds of America.

And while we are indeed talking about Abortion, which has risen, disgracefully in my opinion, to Abortion upon Demand within these once ‘Sceptered Isles’ why don’t we see a Brit. Safe Baby Box programme within this once-United Kingdom?

The Land of the Free; and the Home of the Brave.

I watched as a small, very special, piece of History was made yesterday. I watched as the House of Representatives, itself part of the Congress of the United States, voted to bar two Bills which had been voted into law by the Washington D.C. Council. One Bill was to give voting rights to non-citizens of the US; the other gave, amongst other lunacies, reduced sentences for various crimes. Both Bills were not only opposed by Washington’s Mayor, but also by the Chief of Police in Washington. But the liberal, left-wing led Council thought it knew better, and overrode the Mayor’s veto.

So the House, itself now assembling with a slim Republican majority, sat down, had a reasoned discussion, the way things used to be done in America, and then voted, within its powers as the overseer to the District, to veto and disallow both DC Laws. But here’s the thing which makes this vote so special, the Republicans were joined by 42 Democratic Members in the winning of one vote, and in the winning of the second vote, the Democratic votes which joined with the Republicans numbered 31. 

It is, in itself, a tiny beginning; but it augurs well for Democracy within the Republic. With a Speaker who had to compromise on all his powers with a twenty-strong mix of Republican Representatives, before being himself elected; thus brushing away the almost tyrannical leadership of Pelosi, with sensible decisions returning to Committee memberships and positions, The House itself looks better by the day as a result.

Both D.C. decisions will now move forwards to the Senate, where the Democrats still hold sway, but even here the Democrats will not find it easy to block these Laws, because both are sensible, and both Laws attracted Opposition votes to the cause. Biden’s White House may still veto, but those who now move the president’s voice and pathways will not find a veto easy to stand.

As an Englishman, I liked President Trump when in office, he did what he could to make things better for America. As to his claims of election fraud, I believe that those claims should have been carefully examined in open court: maybe he was right, maybe not; but even as the months and years pass, and the various films and documentaries, with their evidence of tampering piled up, he should have at least been listened to.

But Trump’s huge shadow over Republican politics really did him, and America, no favours at all, because many of the 2022 mid-Term Election candidates which Trump favoured were not themselves favoured by the electorate: and the swing which so many polls hoped for never really arrived, which is why the Senate is still Democrat by numbers, and the House Republicans really depend upon everyone speaking with one voice to stay that slim majority.

But, in closing, I reckon that a swift glance at that YouTube video is still recommended, if only to allow the memory that ‘The Flag still Flies, o’er the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave.’

I reckon it’ll still be Petrol or Diesel in 2045!

When a politician, or a senior member of that political party, decides on a ‘Long Term Policy’ the first thing which comes to mind is the question; “Has he done his homework?” My white hair and silver beard denote my age, which also goes for the number of politicians, as well as parties, which have crossed my ageing sightlines. And, you’ve guessed it, the number of times that the answer to my original query is “No. He hasn’t even scraped the snow off the ground,” is, well; forever escalating.

For an prime example, a politician who is extremely well known for ‘policy statements’ is the well known serial adulterer, liar, multiple illegal (Lockdown) party-attendee and would-be comedian who goes by the name of Boris Johnson. His Election manifesto was fuelled by a claim that he would be spearheading a major shift in policy, which would ennoble the very weird (but possibly very well-meaning) ideology known as Net Zero by 2050. This strange ideal calls for the United Kingdom to remove, by force if necessary, the sacred cow of burning anything which produces the gas known as Carbon Dioxide. He has expanded upon this ideal by stating that petrol- and diesel-fuelled vehicles will be banned from sale by 2030. 

At the same time as pushing these strange ideals, which will cost British people some £11 trillions to achieve these pie-in-sky ideals, inclusive of banning all gas boilers for heating your home by 2035; he has also pushed the whole idea of Electric Vehicles. Now my own son has an EV, and pretty smart it is. He gets an average of 240 miles-per charge, (a fair bit less during winter, because the battery don’t like the cold). He started of being lyrical about not being a fossil-burner any more, and how cheap it was to charge, and how he didn’t have to pay road tax. As he said these words, some two years ago, I smiled to myself, thinking, again to myself, that he was young, very young in terms of experience, especially when it came to politicians, policies and their promises.

Going back to the liar Boris, his time as Prime Minister, and also to this strange idea that he could turn GB&NI on its head, change the whole industrial lifeline of personal and industrial transportation, just by stating “This is what we’ll do.” Readers will note that No Actual Parliamentary Legislation, to follow up on this crass idea of changing our very way of life by the banning of petrol and diesel vehicles, has ever been even rumoured, not by the Tory party, certainly not by the more level-headed Labour Party; possibly by the Green-ies, but who gives two shits about them. The tiny bunch of loud-mouthed Lords’ members headed by the moronic Lord Deben, (he of the burger being force-fed to his unfortunate daughter at the time of Mad Cow Disease) are always foaming at the mouth about CO2 and all the other superheated bullshit which courses through what passes for their veins, but you don’t find many even moderately aware politicians mentioning the fact that if GB&NI removed all CO2 from our atmosphere, the three largest contributors of CO2, namely China, India and America aren’t doing any nearly as stupid as GB&NI.

Again that question:  “Has he done his homework?” Nope, he didn’t even think about what was needed. There are 37,851 publicly available charge points in the whole of GB&NI. How many are actually needed, to comply with both car, public transport and haulage vehicle needs? Over 400,000. The Government reckons on 300,000 by 2030. I calculate they are running late by around 250,000 just by their numbers, not by actual numbers.

I return to my son, and his precious EV. When he first got it, he was working locally, and never had to worry about charging anywhere else except his home. He had the occasional trip away to the Midlands, and then had a fair stretch working away, and then found out some of the many hiccups when your source of transport depends upon electricity, instead of petrol or diesel. At any time, a third of the chargers are out of service, for a multitude of reasons, one of the main ones being that they all depend on the Internet to be able to charge up. If the ‘App’ doesn’t work, or isn’t compatible with the car, you are just out of luck. Many EV owners are just beginning to realise that they are faced with a whole new set of problems, just because they thought that things would be cheaper by EV.  And then the Ukraine thingy happened, and the cost of electricity rocketed; so what do the people who fit, supply and run the various charging networks do? Their charges rocket as well: so much so that my son reckons it is more expensive now to run an EV than a fossil-burning car! And then the final branch broke, when the Government decided that they were losing too much cash by not charging for Road tax on EVs, and in a year or two’s time, bang goes that saving as well.

As my philosophy has been for the past six-odd decades, never trust what politicians say, only examine what they really achieve.