About Mike Cunningham

Born in England in 1940 in the middle of the Blitz, the youngest of three brothers, he survived an early death after a gas leak filled his bedroom in Jarrow. His sister, who was born ten years later, died at a tragically-early age of sixteen from leukaemia.

He joined the Merchant Navy after an Engineering education, and spent seven-odd years living a footloose existence at sea, but met the light of his life, the girl who is now his wife of now forty-seven years while in London.

Lived in South Africa for eighteen years while raising three kids, all of whom are now Engineers of varying disciplines themselves.

Worked in Africa, and then in England in heavy Engineering, on water, sewage, power and electricity projects, watching the steady decline, in Great Britain, of all types of manufacturing and engineering excellence for the next twenty-five years. This decline mainly due to a combination of political interference and political ineptitude.

Likes and loves his family, giving special attention to the three Grandsons who are all both independent and always smiling! Is very proud of his three adult kids.

Interests range from politics to blogging and writing, from classical music to photography. Is taking a special interest these days in local council political matters. He has had two books published, one of which is a book in both print and Kindle, and is a novel about Right-wing politics, with four more available as e-books.

Politically, he is inclined towards the Right, but is constantly depressed by what is on offer on that side of the political divide. Dislikes the very idea of the European Union, and is forlornly awaiting any Party to keep their promises regarding that bureaucracy-ridden place by the offer of a Referendum.

High on any wish-list is an importation of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States into the political life of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, so that once more Freemen can speak Freely, without recourse to euphemisms and double-speak!


2 thoughts on “About Mike Cunningham

  1. Will has a point. I would like to see duelling brought back, and the use of ‘Champions’ (especially for knackered old shits like m’self who are no longer much use with the sword or cudgel). It would be a useful modern development to have National Leaders obliged to settle international disputes by duelling. And offended snowflakes. And those who wish to impose sexual perversions on our school children. Any academic who wishes 7 year old schoolchildren to be taught homosexual buggery techniques, should be obliged to accept challenges from Fathers.

  2. I much agree on “once more Freemen can speak Freely, without recourse to euphemisms and double-speak!”. This is not the realm of government. This is the realm of personal integrity! Is but the vernacular. If one gives insult inadvertently/unknowingly an apology is generally offered and accepted. Direct deliberate insult is a required obligation of any Freemen that observes deceit/Thuggish behavior! The result may be a back-down, a knuckle sandwich, duel, or death! All with much more honor than has political correctness! -will-

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