So, my Capita friends, just try it!

I am, as yet, not completely recovered from my infection, and the problems therein: but an compelled to state; categorically and definitely, that I shall never, ever send my bank statement and personal details to the National Propaganda Machine which also goes under the title of the BBC.


Imagine, any sentient being, capable of independent thought, making a conscious decision to send personal unencrypted  banking details to the Leakiest News Organisation on the Planet? I think not!


I will not apply for a ‘free’ TV licence. I will not disclose to anyone whether I or my wife are in receipt of Pension Credit or not, because it is, quite simply, NONE OF THEIR F*****ING BUSINESS!

Injury Time

Been in hospital.

Fell and hit my head. Somehow this translated into not being walk or to keep my balance

Ambulance team suggests hospital.

Examined, pinched, prodded, poked, x-rayed, bloods tested.

Knowledgeable nods all around. Seems I have acquired a kidney infection.

Up on ward with similar-aged elderly men, I am pumped full of antibiotics and saline. 

Checked around ward, realised how lucky I was to have all my faculties fairly intact.

Back home, with lots of pills;  still weak as a kitten.

Normal service shall be resumed when normality returns

Those ‘Witnesses’ are getting some really poor advice

I personally received unstinting help, wonderful understanding and superb inspiration from members of one Kingdom Hall; from the Jehovahs Witnesses. I cannot state what help I received, but that help was crucial at a time when I was in terrible need. There was no proselytising, no sideways offers, nothing untoward at all. I had, literally and unknowingly, placed the guy in a position where he owed me a great favour. Me? I simply fixed his car when he was preparing to take his wife out for a wedding anniversary. Because I have always been good with machinery, to me, it was a five minute job by the roadside; forgotten within hours. But to that couple, they were in my my debt, and they and their fellow Witnesses fulfilled that debt magnificently. I cannot quote the simple proverb which ensured their need to repay me, possibly because my memory is pretty ropey, but they stood by their word, and Goodness was the result.

So you can maybe understand my dismay when I heard of the unseemly pattern of financial activities within that Church after the news that whole congregation are  resiling from ownership of their Halls, and transferring the money to a Kingdom Hall Trust. It is seemingly a complicated process, but, in the end, if an abuse sufferer takes either the individual, the Kingdom Hall or the Central Church to Court and wins, there will be no money available to compensate that grieving man or woman for the pain and suffering endured.


So some black lives matter more than others?

We read today that the Caribbean fast bowler who was supposed to be England’s first line of attack (or whatever the optimal phrase is) has been kicked out of the squad because he took a 120 mile round trip to see (!!!!!!!) his girlfriend.

One does wonder whether this talented cricketer has the depth of character to continue in Test Cricket. The whole Test caravan has been isolated from everybody so that the series might not be placed at risk. Hells gates, even a bloke like me, who knows absolutely now’t about Sports in general, and cricket in particular, understand that the rules, however limiting and obnoxious, have to be obeyed.

Yet, this man breaks every rule in the book, in order to ‘See’ his girlfriend, and then expected to get away with it. He is regarded as a model for many young fans, and then he does something like this! The only thing to hang around this bloke’s neck is a big sign saying ‘I’m important, and I can do what I want.’

A final comment upon the maturity, or otherwise, of this truly talented but flawed individual, is the photo of Jofra Archer enjoying himself ‘Dancing’ at some party in the West Indies; as shown in the linked article.

#The two faces of Lewis Hamilton

It pleases me greatly to learn that, even in the world of multi-millionaires who drive and work in the Formula One universe, where private jets and helicopters abound, there are more than a few who refuse to be told what to think by their compatriots. Before the Styrian (Where dat, then?) Grand Prix race commenced the black multi-millionaire Lewis Hamilton, whose only real talent (at least the only one we know about) is driving a specially designed, superbly-engineered and  -powered vehicle at hair-raising speeds around various circuits all across the world; had hoped for ‘unity’ amongst the drivers and race teams in support of the Marxist/Anarchist movement known as ‘blm’. He was to be disappointed, as a fair proportion of the drivers, as well as their teams, either failed to show up for the ‘demonstration of solidarity’ with the Anarchists, or were simply not bothered by the black agitator’s calls. 

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Sorry, Buddy; but this is England, and we speak English and ONLY English here.

It is, unfortunately, a fact that we, as a nation, have been under lockdown since the 23rd March: because of the CoronaVirus. This process could literally not have been missed nationwide, primarily because of a) empty streets, b), no-one going to work, c) motorways empty, along with major roads, empty trains, buses and empty airports, d) politicians almost permanently on the tv, radio, and for all I know, semaphore, explaining what is or has been happening: plus the fairly abnormal spectacle of all the schools closing, and all the kids cooped up at home. Plus, the numbers of dead people listed as dying through the virus; which is, I suppose, some sort of major clue: plus all hospitals and GP surgeries stopping  ANYONE from coming anywhere near their premises, emergency or not.

Lots of adverts all over radio and tv telling us what we could not do, (Which was a lot) and of course, what we were allowed to do (Which wasn’t very much). So, all in all, what with various Government Departments doing their level best to scare the living daylights out all of us; you could honestly reckon that the ENTIRE NATION, all of us in England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland would be well aware that something really nasty was around, and we should seal ourselves off from virtually all the outside world.
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“But, remember this: It’s My Ball!”

I’m not really into Social Media. Well, not that much; I have recently joined up on Twitter, but its early days, and I’m still trying to work out which button to depress. I occasionally see the  stream of photos on the Daily Mail sidebar depicting leggy females ‘going shopping’ or even sparser-dressed females ‘doing underwear photo-shoots or ‘on holiday wearing the skimpiest swimwear known to man’, or further females, all of whom are completely unknown to me coming from, or going to, the gym, but must have huge exposure on various digital sites.I have yet to understand why these photos must be so interesting to many; but, there again, it surely gives a living to photographers, so it can’t be all bad.

But, in the manner in which many things digital have been ‘taken over’ by the ‘Woke’, there seems to be an enormous amount of bullying going on, some of it purely silly, but at least one pushing against the largest of them all.

The silly? Take the example of Jodie Comer. Now this young tv actress has been vilified all over the Twitter pages. (Can’t attach a link as my desktop computer hiccups when a Tweet link appears.) Seems as though this young woman preaches on gay rights, and other topics; but has committed the unforgivable crime of dating one James Burke 

The vilification seems to stem because he’s a villain …mass murderer ….trans…. Lacrosse player …..wealthy ……..etc.?  Nope to all of the aforementioned.


As Joseph Conrad said, “The Horror, The Horror!”

The largest? Apparently Mark Zuckerberg committed the unforgivable sin of stating that he believed in Free Speech. 

He said, at Georgetown University (Of all places, Mark: dear, oh dear!) “That it’s important that “we hold each others’ right to express our views and be heard above our own desire to always get the outcomes we want.” He noted that free expression has been central to the worldwide struggle for democracy. And he hailed US Supreme Court ­jurisprudence that has strengthened First Amendment protections. In sum, he said, “I’m here today because I believe we must continue to stand for free expression.”

One flashpoint was Zuckerberg’s reference to the importance of the First Amendment to the cause of civil rights over the years. This was a true and unassailable point, but one that activists considered offensive, coming from Zuckerberg — as if he’s Bull Connor, rather than a Silicon Valley ­executive with reliably progressive views on ­social issues.

Another was Zuckerberg’s ­insistence that Facebook wouldn’t censor politicians or fact-check political ads, taking an appropriately modest view of the company’s ability to fairly police political content involving wildly divergent worldviews and values.

The final straw was Facebook’s holding out against pressure in late May to act against President Trump’s infamous post saying “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” This wasn’t the smartest thing to say, especially when you are the President, but it wasn’t an incitement to violence. In keeping the post up, ­Facebook wanted people to draw their own conclusions; it wasn’t an endorsement, but an invitation to debate — exactly what activists want to curtail.

So the removal of adverts began, and accelerated. Millions of dollars of ad revenue disappeared  overnight, but Zuck? He remains firm, going in with the old line; “You play ball with me, I’ll play ball with you, but, remember this: It’s My Ball!”


Ships and stranded Seafarers Wi-Fi

In one of the very few Govt. idea regarding virus which I heartily approve of and agree completely: all the ships with stranded seafarers on board, stranded because of virus:are to be given Mobile WiFi units to keep in touch with family. This idea, coming directly from the UK  International Maritime Virtual Summit on crew changes, will, in my own view, help to break the cycle of loneliness and mental anguish, prevalent amongst crew members who have been virtually press-ganged into working above and beyond what they signed up for.

This agreement to support all seafarers, stranded in ports all around the globe, is the first and possibly, if all nations hold to their agreements, the major step towards getting relief crews on board the ships; and the repatriation of the old crews who are either out-of-contract or have been delayed time and time again from leaving their ship to go home; as is their lawful  right!

This is possibly the very first time that the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has told its 300,000 members that they are lawfully able to withdraw their labour, as I previously wrote about in this  linked article entitled ‘you have the Right to return home’

This virtual meeting, and the  speedily agreed compromises, is, I believe, the direct result of a decision by the IMO to strike; and it is also perhaps the very first time that I, personally speaking, have endorsed any Union call to strike. You will not see any mention of that call, no Minister, of whatever Government speaking will even mention it, but without that threat, I believe that that strike would have happened.

Silly argument—— Straight answer

The Cavendish Coalition– which represents UK health and social care groups – says it is gravely concerned regarding immigration proposals which they say will seriously affect staff shortages in Care Homes. They claim that the current proposals would not allow enough overseas workers to be recruited, it has warned. They argue that the restriction on immigration forced by a salary cap of £26,500 would further endanger the staffing levels in the Care Home sector
The government said immigration is “not the answer to the challenges in the social care sector”.
However, the head of the Migration Advisory Committee has stated how the Cavendish crowd can solve their problems. He said “Pay them more”!


And the truth shall set you free.

From:- BlackLivesMatter Overseas Chapter 13                              blm

To:-  BLM Headquarters    Significance………Important

Subject  Moving on from ‘Gone with the Wind’

Dear Fraternal Sisters, Brothers, Transistors and Transbrothers, etc. etc. (inclusive of all 73 versions of Trans-cis-acceptable nouns).

I refer to the complete reduction of the once revered film Gone With the Wind to a vehicle, previously known only for the existence of White Supremacy and the ridicule of the Black man, to a film which forever to be shown with a Foreword telling the world that all that romance has now gone, all  the lies have gone, and all that is left is a skeleton, rattling as it swings in the American Winds of  Change.

I urge you now to veer your sights to three novels and two films, the Novels are by Michael and Jeff Shaara, the films are by Ronald F. Maxwell. The novels are a Civil War Trilogy, being ‘Gods and Generals; a story about the early days of the Civil War: The Killer Angels, a story about the Battle of Gettysburg; and The Last Full Measure, the relating of the last two years of the Civil War, and the final  defeat of the South. The films were entitled Gods and Generals: and Gettysburg.
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A series of spikes, or proof that some  moved too quickly?

As Melbourne goes into full lockdown, State borders are closed.. Two weeks after restrictions were partially released and the BLM rallies took place in Melbourne, the surge comes. Actual spread at the BLM rallies is hard to pin down but the rank hypocrisy that allowed the rallies to take place skewered the community commitment to social distancing.

Israel announces a raft of new restrictions as virus cases soar. True, there haven’t been many BLM rallies, about four in all, and all poorly attended;  but the lockdown restrictions were probably loosened too soon, the young and the elderly congregated too closely, or too often, and: Back come the Lockdowns! 

Leicester, the ‘sweat shop factories’ and the virtual forced labour, complete with a totally lax or non-existent Regulatory influence with regard to Health and Safety: the fact that most workers are from Minority families, all piled in together; is just ‘Prime Time’ for an infection boom. But all the forthcoming inspections, all the factory closures, will neither help punish the Billionaire owners of BooHoo, because you will discover that there is no ‘trail’ or discovery which pins the Virus, or the appalling working conditions; to those Billionaire Hindu owners. As the linked FT piece reveals, the open secret of  Leicester’s sweat shops was both well-known and just as well ignored, by both Tory and Labour Parties, because they were both represented upon the Committee. The Tories rejected the Committee’s report, but that was the last word from Labour as well.

The Journal ‘Cell’ has identified a variant of the original Covid-19 which makes it more infectious, and unfortunately, more deadly to the fitter amongst us. The second strain, is now more dominant, and, if we are not careful, will wreck the economic revival so hoped for by the Johnson Government, as well as the Americans, and so on around the world. And as we saw recently on the beaches, in the streets and pubs, and as so prophetically stated by one astute policeman, ‘Drunks don’t know how to ‘socially distance themselves”!

In GB&NI, the politicians who probably brought this whole disaster upon us all, are now seeing how much of our national taxpayers’ cash can be used to bribe us back into ‘open wallets’ mode. They loosened the ratchets, and now we see the consequences, with near open rebellion in corners and patches of London, where the Police literally hold no sway, where a complete Patrol was forced to run away from a ‘Street Party’, where ordinary people are too scared to call the cops, because they know that  the ‘effing cops won’t come because they have been emasculated by the bloody politicians. 

Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. Oscar Wilde

The trouble with times like these, with the threat of what can either be described as a deadly virus pandemic, or a disease just slightly worse in intensity that the flu; is the simple choices we have to make. Remembering, all the time that the people, the politicians, doing the announcing of ‘Guidance’ or Rules’ are no better educated than we are: it’s just that they are presumed to have better information than we do. 

There are certain things what we know  to be true,  and other things which have been the subject of enormous speculation, comment, and a certain amount of ridicule. Take the thorny subject of face masks. 

Peter Hitchens believes that the face mask farrago is yet another attempt to make us all bow down the false gods of Covid-19, and insists that they don’t work.  He states “Its evangelists will not leave you and me alone, but constantly seek to force us to join. This is why I make such a fuss about the demand to make us all wear muzzles. This is not about health. 

There is simply not enough evidence to compel us to do so. It is an attempt to force submission on Covid unbelievers.”

The Department of Health  says clearly: ‘The evidence of the benefit of using a face covering to protect others is weak and the effect is likely to be small.’

The truth is: we just do not know how the virus spreads fastest. Is it spread by contact, shaking hands or kissing? Is it spread by speaking loudly, with these droplets propelled in the air? Whether carried by large droplets that zoom through the air after a sneeze, or by much smaller exhaled droplets that may glide the length of a room, the coronavirus is borne through air and can infect people when inhaled, the scientists said, according to the NYT.

So, facemasks or not?

Strangely enough, not too many people have questioned if the use of nitrile gloves give benefit and protection to the wearer. As one cannot but look upon the whole world outside of your own home as a deadly menace, from the first news about the virus, lockdown etc., I never venture out without both facemask and a fresh pair of nitrile gloves. Everyone else can make their own decisions, butI I always act in the knowledge that I am the sole support for my Jacqueline; who is totally dependent upon me for everything. I cannot protect her from everything, but with mask and gloves, I can at least protect her from this virus, as her systems are totally compromised.


Saturday is New Times Day

Adjust my diet

I have been trying to reduce the big roll of fat for about three weeks. I stopped the sensible dietary regime about four-odd months back, and my weight has ballooned because I have eaten lots more of all the wrong foods. So I decided, somewhat reluctantly to go back onto the regime which, for me, works. I won’t bore you with the details, as that which works for one old man would probably bring problems to another, who is possibly different in either metabolism, general health or need to reduce that same fat.

But, as we all know, things change; and I have decided to introduce, immediately, a new item to my diet. It will be either the oil, water or flesh of coconuts. But from only one specific country will my chosen coconut products be from; and that of course will be Thailand. Why Thai coconuts: you may well ask? Well, because some do-gooder alerted Carrie Symonds, our Prime Minister’s latest child’s mother;to the discovery that in that Country, enterprising Thai farmers have trained pigtailed Macaque monkeys to climb coconut trees and knock down the nuts to the waiting farmers below. As monkeys can knock ten times as much as humans can, this is good for both the farmers, and for those who would be waiting to enjoy the by-products of their work. If she succeeds, and more supermarkets ban these products, I will go online and buy the oils, flesh and water. I won’t be told by some bloody busybody what to eat, or not to eat, just because she thinks its terrible for the Bloody Monkeys!

Become a Morris Dancer / Man
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One of the many things which remain to me a complete mystery is why many supporters of all major Football Clubs buy, at some considerable cost, ‘Replica Shirts’ featuring  their ‘heroes’ so that; presumably, they can imagine they are their real-life heroes. Or at least their kids, whose slim frames are those who will wear the ‘Replica’ image of their heroes. I say ‘the kids’, because the idea of the average Brit. football fan being the owner of the same athletic,  agile, super-fit frame and muscled body of one of those ‘heroes’ is, to put not a too fine a point on it: pushing reality a bit. They also buy the programmes, the scarves, the mugs (porcelain, naturally) and the rest of the garbage put out by the Marketing Departments, of all those clubs; especially for all the mugs (thats right, the clubs all look upon those who buy the tickets and the assorted garbage as ‘MUGS’) and fans to buy. It is exactly the same as the vast majority of airline staff look upon the passengers who used to climb the stairs, or tramp the endless yards towards the aircraft loading gates, and describe them as ‘Self-loading Cargo’.

As I have maybe stated before, I neither know, nor indeed care, about most sports,  and in particular Football. But I hear, through the world-wide grapevine that some football fans have decided that they are not going to be taken for ‘MUGS’ any longer.
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Its really nice to know, these days anyway!

I am a subscriber, and a contributor to an outfit named TheyWorkForYou. For those Brits who do not know, this group of people collate such things as what your own MP is up  to in Parliament, what they voted on and how they voted; and keeps a running total so that the subscriber is as up-to-date as possible on his  or her Parliamentary Representatives. The site also performs a very useful function in providing a ready-made formatted electronic letter to  your MP,  so you can vent your annoyance / praise / explain to your heart’s content. It doesn’t mean that they must take notice, but if they get  enough complaints, they just might.

So, this morning, I noted an email with yesterday’s votes and results from the Commons, and this is a gentle reminder of what a useful tool a thumping majority is, especially when the majority votes are with the Party which you favour.

There were five divisions or voting periods discussed yesterday, and in each division, the Opposition voted, obviously, for something which they liked or wished for, and the Government’s majority told them, firmly, that the Government wasn’t playing ball! Listing the five divisions as 

Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill – Duty to commission an independent evaluation: health and social care sectors (30 Jun 2020)

Voted aye (division #61; result was 245 aye, 343 no)

Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill – Time limit on immigration detention for EEA and Swiss nationals (30 Jun 2020)

Voted aye (division #62; result was 250 aye, 330 no)

Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill – Exemption from no recourse to public funds (30 Jun 2020)

Voted aye (division #63; result was 248 aye, 337 no)

Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill – Family Reunion and Settlement (30 Jun 2020)

Voted aye (division #64; result was 254 aye, 329 no)

Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill – Regulations under section 5 (30 Jun 2020)

Voted no (division #65; result was 340 aye, 247 no)

If you take the time to  peruse the Divisions through the  Links; you will see that the things which Labour love, such as giving an (alleged) (My emphasis) unaccompanied child, spouse or vulnerable or dependant adult who has a family member who is legally present in the United Kingdom, the same rights to be reunited in the United Kingdom with that family member as they would have had under Commission Regulation (EU) No. 604/2013, are voted down, emphatically.

It is indeed a pleasure to watch as Government, otherwise occupied and tangled up in CoronaVirus issues, is organised and indeed able to wipe the floor with the Opposition, inclusive of the SNP and Plaid Cymru 

I remember the heady days of 1997, when the Blair Labour bunch had that majority, and, it has to be said, most times, but not always, used it to good effect. That, folks, is what Democracy is all about.

A letter to Local Plod

For the attention of the Police and Crime Commissioner Northumbria

Copied to The Chief Constable Northumbria

Copied to the  I.O.P.C.

Madam, Sir,

I learn through the Press that the Marxist/Communist/Anarchist crowd who pose under the title blacklivesmatter were proposing to hold a ‘Vigil’ at Keel Square in Sunderland.

I would make the following points and questions for both the PCC, and the Chief Constable.

  • As gatherings of more than six people are illegal under the Coronavirus Legislation, how is it that Northumbria Police are not only allowing this crowd to break the Law, they seem to be actively encouraging them?

  • Why do the Police seem to  be favouring this bunch of anarchical rebels, whilst, at the same time, threatening any who oppose this ‘Vigil’ by means of a Section 14 order, forbidding any other protests under force of Law?

  • Why is Northumbria Police giving special, favourable treatment to this ‘blm’ bunch, whose openly avowed goals include banning or removal of All police forces, and also rejoices in the slogan “All Cops Are Bastards’?

  • How can it possibly be justifiable – let alone fair – for any police department in the UK to turn a blind eye to (or indeed, as here, actively encourage) the Hard Left while simultaneously warning that anyone who wants to protest against this injustice will be liable for arrest?

  • The use of the term ‘Vigil’ by this blm bunch is an inexcusable lie. Vigils are what angels keep. Vigils are what servicemen keep over the bodies of their fallen comrades. Vigils are kept while Royals, or high and good Citizens lie in State before their funerals. Vigils are honourable, solemn, ancient – and have nothing whatsoever to do with a bunch of  Marxist agitators causing mayhem on the public streets under the pretence that they fight against ‘structural racism.’

  • As you may have noticed, I am also copying this message to the  Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), in order that they may verify that your actions, orders and statements comply with the Regulations governing the aforementioned Police Conduct.


Mike Cunningham

I promise to keep you updated on further communications.

Free Speech under threat?

We here in this once United Kingdom are woefully served, in terms of free and honest discussion; on literally any topic under the sun. Newspapers are, naturally, slanted towards the opinions of their editors and owners, but honest debate is really best served by television, or online. True, we have the monolithic organ voices uttered by the BBC, but that voice is strangely muted when it comes down to straight forward discussions on topics with vastly differing viewpoints. 

Our minds are flooded with left-wing viewpoints on every topic under the sun, and, usually but not always, they are given easy rides when it comes to political interviews. Compare and contrast the staccato, high-pressure interviews of Centrist British Government ministers, with the constant interruptions and over-talking of the interviewee, to the extent that they can hardly get two sentences out before the BBC voice shuts them off with another question. The Government had actually blacklisted the Today Programme after the General Election, as it was felt that they  would never get a fair shake, and it showed; but  the  Government relented when the Virus came down the track, and it was thought that the message needed to be got out on all Channels. In fact, it was on the Today Programme that I heard the Health Minister actually loose his cool, and protest that Nick Robinson wouldn’t even let him get two words out before interrupting him. Robinson didn’t even apologise, saying that there was a shortage of time!
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But why are there only eight?

I listened with half the usual  attention span as the thin acidic stream of urine a.k.a. Archbishop Welby pontificated during his three minutes of exposure on the BBC Today ‘Thoughts’ slot. He was describing the horror of visiting a overstretched hospital as it literally groaned under the weight of the virus, as he stated, “and this is a country with only Eight Ventilators for all those who need them.” He then blathered on about how we should all come together; blah blah etc. etc.

Now I don’t  know which Black African country he was visiting or describing, but, as readers may well know, there are many candidates.  But what I do know is that the age of ‘Colonialism’ left Africa many decades ago, so the fact that there are only eight ventilators within a country’s borders is not the fault of the former Colonial Power. 

But the question which surely should have been posed to  the Senior cleric of the Church of England, if such a question was in the minds of the BBC, is this: “Why doesn’t the Government of this nameless African country supply and fit out for use, ICU wards, complete with ventilators. Why don’t the citizens of these Countries rise up and DEMAND the necessary innovations in their hospitals, and in many other parts of the infrastructure? Why is it that we see, over and over, demands from hundred of charities in Britain on tv channels for us, the suckers for a sob story; to give, and of course give continuously: so that wells be dug, young female candidates for FGM and a VERY early marriage be given protection, and education; schools to be funded and equipped; and of course cash for hospitals and equipment? The questions are many, but from all these do-gooders, there is a very limited number of answers, and the final  reply is, usually, silence!

To my certain knowledge, there is at least one Black African country which has a Cathedral larger than St. Peter’s in Rome, Just think of the Ventilators which could’ve bought with the cash which was squandered on that totally empty monstrosity. 

Well, well, well. Labour’s actually got a Leader with a full pair.

Sir Keir Starmer proved today that, unlike the former leader, Magic Grandpa, he doesn’t need six committees, a year of debate and a further month of agonising: before firing someone who praises anti-Semitic viewpoints.

Seems as though some woman called Maxine Peake stated that “Systemic racism is a global issue,” Peake said in the interview. “The tactics used by the police in America, kneeling on George Floyd’s neck, that was learnt from seminars with Israeli secret services.”

This statement was immediately denied by the Israelis. 

But Rebecca Long-Bailey, who must have thought that Jeremy’s ghost was still hovering above the front benches, tweeted a link to  Maxine’s interview.

UK Labour Party leader Keir Starmer on Thursday dismissed her immediately from the shadow cabinet for praising an interview with an actress who accused Israel of complicity in George Floyd’s killing.

Me, David Lammy, and a Jury

For what is possibly the very first time, I find myself in both lockstep and agreement with David Lammy; an MP whose statements I have commented upon once or twice  before. I recall the time of Grenfell when he tried to start a riot with a Tweet, and then when he reckoned the London knife crime epidemic was caused by an £11 billion cocaine industry, and because of “Lack of Resources” (A.K.A. giving people less benefit money). 

But, just for a change, Lammy has stuck with the facts; and, it must be granted, he makes a compelling case. He writes of the ‘fundamental right’ of an individual, (Paywalled £ ) to  be tried by a ‘jury of his peers’ within the Judicial System of England and Wales; and of how this hard-won process is in danger of removal because of the CoronaVirus epidemic. A jury trial gives people the final say on the guilt or innocence of their fellow citizens, and that one ideal, that ordinary people, not judicially-trained and tasked individuals, are asked to evaluate the evidence, as presented in Court, and then are asked to decide whether the Crown has made its case, or that the suspect can walk free.
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The fatal Israel ‘Swap’!

When Hamas captured the serving Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit; the eventual decision of the Israelis to swap 1,027 Hamas and other terrorist prisoners in exchange for the one Israeli was possibly the biggest mistake Israel has made since the War Cabinet ignored the warnings regarding the readiness of the Egyptians and Syrians to attack Israel in what came to be known as the Yom Kippur War. 

The Israelis had a ‘trusted source’ within the Egyptian hierarchy, and this source was telling them that Egypt was the Country which was leading the planning for war, so the Israelis believed him, and ignored Syria, the silent partner. By ignoring, or  rather dismissing Syria from the equation, they ignored the ‘battle-ready’ Syrian warnings from other sources; and it was only a half-hearted reinforcement of a full tank brigade, ordered by General Dayan as a ‘precaution’ which saved the Golan Heights, and possibly even Israel, from a massacre by the massed tanks of both Syria and Iraq. The Israelis, by their silly ideals of treating the forces of both Egypt and Syria as ‘just a motley bunch of Arabs’ nearly cost them their Country.

As I stated, the mistake was to agree to swap all those Palestinian prisoners in the first place, because now Hamas knew that, if they had Israeli civilians ,or more importantly, Israeli military prisoners; they knew that Israel would argue, and twitch, but, in the end, relent and give way to the demands.There is now a further ‘Swap’ on the table, but it is not only prisoners, it is the release of huge amounts of Qatari funds, sent specifically for the Gaza Strip, and also for Hamas.

But because of the pressure exerted on the Israelis to allow the ‘Swap’, a single family, whose daughter was so savagely murdered by  Ahlam Tamimi , the leader of the suicide bombing raid on the Sbarro cafe, have called upon America to exert pressure on the Jordanians, who now give shelter to this sick killer, to send her back to the Israelis, and of course to prison. 

Malki Roth’s parents, who had to endure the sheer hell of watching  a documentary, “Hot House,” by an Israeli filmmaker named Shimon Dotan — a film that “got a terrific reception in the New York Times,” where it was described as an “absorbing look at Palestinians held in Israeli jails… full of remarkable interviews.” 

“It focused,” Arnold says slowly, disbelief still underpinning his words, “on the woman who murdered our child. That woman’s grinning face — a picture of total self-satisfaction — looked out from the front page of one of the sections of the New York Times. It was a documentary filmed inside Israeli prisons. Israel had allowed them to interview Ahlam Tamimi.

And then the first ‘Shalit’ swap’. Time after time, the family was told that Tamimi would never be released. After all, the judges put on the record their recommendation that she never be released. Then the ultimate betrayal, as one of the most important prisoners, Hamas demanded that  she be freed, and the grinning killer passed from Ramallah to Jordan, and  lives there, married, successful t.v. programme, and all the rest.

But a faint hope now sets in with the American demand to bring her back from Jordan. Will it work? As Netanyahu keeps his problems juggling in the air, with annexation, the PLA, the settlers, Gantz, along with the myriad problems of a Jewish State surrounded by those who wish her destruction, will the anguish of a single Family turn the tides for the second proposed ‘Swap’.

Somehow, I am glad I am not an Israeli Prime Minister.

I just wonder?

Further to my prior post about the attacks in Forbury Gdns. in Reading, and after some thought, I just wonder if there wasn’t a less sinister reason for  the attacks on these men: one totally removed from Radical Muslim action. 

Remembering one thing, and  one thing only; all Jihadis wish to kill as many as possible with their actions.

Implying? Heaven forfend. Nope. Just wondering!

If I am correct, these killings will be swiftly put down to a mental illness; most definitely!

If correct, that would explain the close presence of the police.

Just musing aloud!

Terror murder in the Park!

Terror suspect arrested in Reading, after killing three, and injuring three others.

The big question is, when this lying murderous scumbag is brought before the laughable procedures which pass for Justice in this once-pleasant country, will he be allowed to  make a deal by confessing and pleading guilty; and thus obtain a lighter sentence than if he had been tried for his crimes? The same sort of deal which allowed Usman Khan out on Parole after only eight years, in order to attend a “Prisoner Rehabilitation Programme”! It seems Khan persuaded his parole contact that he should be able to travel to London unhindered by anyone else, and therefore was able to get into the meeting, armed with  two knives, with a fake suicide vest for good measure and sat quietly during the Cambridge University’s Learning Together “Five Year Celebration alumni event of a prisoner rehabilitation programme”: before commencing his murderous rampage. 

Following the attacks and of course the death of this murderer, lots of people were ‘outraged’ but Universities minister Chris Skidmore added his condolences, saying: “My thoughts and deepest sympathies are with the victims and their families of this senseless act of terror. In this darkest time, we should never lose sight of the fact that education transforms and can save lives too. The Learning Together programme should be celebrated for this.”

This is the sort of thinking which allows this scum into our Country in the first place. When will this Country learn that they lie, they lie, and they  lie again, in order to gain admission to this stupid Country, which then gives them sustenance. We should immediately disavow the whole Asylum system, ditch any international accords which prevent us from doing what should be done, find, detain and then expedite  the removal of every stinking lying bogus asylum-seeker from this Country. 

One brief moment of sunlight, amidst Covid-19’s gloom.

Over the past four-odd months, we  have watched and mourned our dead, families have, literally, pressed their  faces against windows to say a single ‘farewell’ to a loved one who lay, now unable to speak, in a ‘Care Home’ bed or a Hospital. The numbers  do not climb now;  but once rose so speedily, upon the charts which once gave the sad tidings, but now are less grave. ‘The Lockdowns’ are spoken of as though they will become a thing of the past; but the threat s still there, and all it takes is one foolish gathering, one insignificant party, and the threat is upon us once more. Britain now faces a Recession like no other, and, because our Government enabled it, we have to bear it.

But, in amongst all the economic gloom, amongst the prophets of doom amongst the ‘pubs, football clubs, holiday companies and airlines: all prophesying bankruptcy by mid-July if we have to keep one or two arms length apart; there is a single announcement that brings a warmth and gladness to my thoughts.

Yes indeed, the corona has found just one victim which I  applaud and welcome; Durham Miners Gala has been cancelled.  


By –, CC BY 2.0,

The photograph, as shown, is an incredible testament to the skill  of the photographer; as anyone who lives in Durham  City would know that the distance between the photographer and the Red facade of the Edinburgh Woollen Mill shop at the very top of the picture is, in fact; over half-a-kilometre

So, I am forced to change.

I resent the fact that I now have to alter purchasing and banking arrangements that have been in place, in my personal life, for over thirty-five years. Solely because of the blackmail and blackguarding of companies, banks and insurance companies regarding their alleged involvement in financing, insuring and profiting from slavery over three centuries ago, these same banks, insurance companies and food companies have been  targeted and threatened by  the anarchistic, Marxist bunch of thugs marching under the common banner of blm.

So why do I have to alter my arrangements which have been cemented by my family’s liking for certain basic foodstuffs, my own banking arrangements? 

Simply because they give in to Blackmail, they give in to pressure, they ‘Apologise’, they ‘Understand’ and promise to donate to Black & Ethnic Communities for their alleged centuries-old wrongdoing! Put bluntly, they haven’t  got a firm pair  of balls between the whole bunch. So, I shall have to buy a different brand of Rice, because ‘Uncle Ben’s Rice’, produced, packaged and marketed by Mars Foods is  to ‘evolve’ and move away from the ‘racial stereotype of the black farmer’ because it may allegedly offend certain thin-skinned, over-sensitive types with a political axe to grind of their own

I shall be terminating  my banking arrangements, because the top people of my Bank haven’t got the moral courage to stand their ground and state, “We were once those people, but we are not any longer, and what is more, we haven’t  been those people for over two-odd centuries. If you don’t like it, take your business elsewhere, but we shall not budge; we shall not apologise for the actions of our commercial ancestors, and we do not apologise for who we are, and were!”

As the weeks go  by, I shall probably have to alter many things, but I shall not support any who buckle under the blackmail whip of this bunch of anarchists!  I have never been one for boycotts, for the cheap  alliances of bully boys, but I shall live my own life, and make my own choices, and would hope that many more will follow where I lead. I am an Englishman, I have only  ever knelt to one, and she still lives with me today. The only other I would kneel to is Her Majesty, if ever I was lucky enough to be near enough to renew a pledge of allegiance! 


Social Media: and the pressure of Blackmail.

When I heard those reports of how all Premier League football players ‘Took the Knee’ in support of this bunch known as BlackLivesMatter, it did give me pause for thought. I am a comparative infant when it comes to Social Media, as I have just signed up with Twitter and nothing else, but one does wonder if all of those talented athletes who play football had the same idea when they knelt. Were they acting as one? Did they all agree with a noisy, anarchistic bunch that the entire stock of statues existent in Great Britain must be speedily examined for the merest smidgen of association with Slavery: and if they were so declared, must be unceremoniously demolished, covered in painted slogans and carted off to be thrown in the nearest deep water? 

I can perhaps believe that the black players are of one mind, although inferring that they all think the same on any subject is perhaps presumptuous of me. When it comes to  the white players, this is where some doubt creeps in to my thinking. Do they all instinctively accept that black people, and other ethnic minorities are at a disadvantage every day in Great Britain; or do they all believe, as I do, that your skin colour is immaterial in this United Kingdom. If they do believe this, I can therefore infer that they only ‘knelt’ because of the huge backlash which can be instantaneously brought to bear upon any individual who pokes his or her nose above the water and declare that, “No, I don’t  agree with everyone else!” Did they all instinctively agree to wear the ‘BlackLivesMatter’ logo in place of their names on their shirts? Or did they all agree because no-one wants to be the outlier, the sharp stone which stands out: and in these days of instant fame and, of course, instant Blackmail pressure: be pounded down until abject apology ensues?

I reckon we all can point to that ‘Blackmail Pressure’ which can be so easily exerted by a mob against anyone whose thoughts, words or actions can be seen to go against the ‘norm’ of (usually) liberal thought and ideals. I note only this morning that the pub chain Greene King and Lloyds of London have crumpled against the ‘Moral Outrage Blackmail’ of the BLM brigade. Both corporations have apologised and Lloyd’s has said it will donate to charities representing black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) groups. Greene King said it would make a “substantial investment to benefit the BAME community”, after consulting with its staff on how this money can best be used. 

I would prophesy that we shall, very soon, start to hear from the well-rehearsed usual suspects for ‘Reparations’,to be made, both to  to be made in both America and in Great Britain, to both ‘The Black Communities’ and to  individual Black people for the ‘Hurt and Anguish’ that they feel. This of course will come under the vague titles which we have all, heard so many times before, and, of course now we have a Government with no visible spine at all, they will probably get their way; by full use of that same ‘Blackmail Pressure’ basis now demonstrated to be most successful, all because one black man died at the hands of a white cop in Minneapolis!


Was it just ‘cos she was Black?

The fifth item on the BBC 8.00 a.m. news was the story of a Black nurse who died of CoronaVirus. She had worked during her third trimester of pregnancy at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital in Bedfordshire. Her baby was delivered by emergency C-section shortly before her death, as she had been diagnosed with coronavirus in early April and died a week later. 

Her husband, Ernest, argues she shouldn’t have been working at the hospital at the start of the pandemic as she was heavily pregnant.

The Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust said: “We were extremely saddened to lose Mary. She worked here for five years and was a highly valued and loved member of our team, a fantastic nurse and a great example of what we stand for in this Trust. We have carried out a full internal review into the circumstances surrounding her death and we are confident that she received the best possible care and support from the Trust.

We have sent our deepest condolences to Mr Boateng.

Now I have just a few comments, not so much about the story per se,  but about its relevance as the fifth item on the British National News headline broadcast, at prime time on a weekday morning.

  • Will we now be given the sad stories of all 41,969 people who died of the virus; because that will take 115 years, if every story is taken one day at a time, (excluding leap years)?
  • As the above idea is taken as being just a little bit ‘over the top; will the BBC undertake to process, review and broadcast say of just One Percent of those 41,969 deaths, and will they  guarantee that a percentage of that one per cent be made according to the relevant statistical survey of white and minority ethnic people in the forty-one or -two days it will take to broadcast all these stories?
  • Will the BBC examine every story which they produce and broadcast, including the measures taken to verify, for  example, the unspoken reference to the fact that somehow the nurse was working at the hospital against her wishes, or the wishes of her husband?
  • Will the sad death of this lady be somehow pushed in to the discussion about how black and minority ethnic people in this United Kingdom are somehow more vulnerable to the virus than white people; and so it is just another statistic proving that BlackLivesDon’tMatter to this uncaring Tory government?
  • What are we to infer from the statement made in the  BBC story that He has spoken exclusively to the BBC’s Sima Kotecha.’. Does this mean that he hasn’t also spoken to, say, the Daily Mail, or the Sun? Are we to infer that he has not sold his story to a commercial newspaper, and thus that his story is, perhaps, more relevant than if he had sold his story?

Just gently asking!

“You have the right to return home!”

There is a STRIKE coming down the main Cargo highways of this world. No-0ne has heard about it. It will be devastating in its impact; but yet no-one knows about it. No newspaper or tv station has reported on it, but it will happen; and because of who is striking, and why these men are striking, it will change our very world. Imagine a Global World without the means which made it Global. What made it Global? It was the Container ship, and the professionals which crewed those ships.

Imagine a ship in the days when I was at sea, a half-century ago. We sailed into a port, and we usually stayed there for four or five days, whilst the cargo was unloaded; and then we moved on. 


Fast forwards forty years, and the ship’s  time in harbour is measured not in days or weeks: but in hours. The cargo holds, the winches and derricks, they’ve all disappeared. In the place of that series of four or five holds, there is now a series of vertical gantries, which hold that miracle of cargo handling, the container. The ship’s beam has widened to maybe four or five times the size of that old ship, and the ship’s length has maybe magically increased by a similar figure. You are now gazing at a modern Container ship.  As the ship is berthed, along comes a colossal series of cranes, with a horizontal boom which is wider that the beam of this monstrous Container ship. A computer tells the crane driver which container to pick next, an automated trailer sits underneath the landing point, and; in an incredible time, the cargo containers disappear from the enormous holds, and are replaced with more, heading to a different destination. That monstrous ship can move on to the next port, and indeed where it used to take weeks, that cargo ship does the job in days.
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The futile ‘Commission to explore Equality’

Futile? Not a bit, the Commission Head  isn’t even appointed yet, the terms of reference are not even considered: but I can tell you what will become of this ill-advised flummery.

The newly-discussed Commission will be comprised of Black, Indian, Carribbean, Asian members, with a token white bloke, who will be seated in another building and fed snippets of information, but fed only just above starvation levels. This because the White Majority have had it all their own way for far too long, and besides which, for all the centuries, White men were complicit in the slavery trade anyway, and they now must learn who is ‘Boss’ in this racist Land.

The  Commission will sit, not for just six months, but probably six years, because there’s been an awful lot of ‘White Privilege’, and we (the Commission) will need to hear an awful lot of evidence.

But, in order that the public not get too restive, while we (the Commission) try to wangle our way past the immutable truth that, without the assistance of whole tribes of Black people in Africa, there wouldn’t have been any Black slaves to be sold at Auction in Virginia, Arkansas and Louisiana: we will present our findings in advance, as we already know what we want:—

  • All statues of white men and women to be taken down immediately. It doesn’t matter who they were, or what they represented, to  the Black and Minority Ethnic Communities; they are racist symbols, and they just have to go.
  • The Albert Memorial. Once the statue has been removed, a statue of Bill Cosby should replace it, as he, above all, is a symbol of how wrong White people can be about Black people.
  • All Blue Plaques shall be removed, and once we find some Black people who should be remembered, their names will be installed on those spots.
  • All Private Schools shall be forced to include Black students  as part of their apologies to the BAME community; up to a total of half the student intake.This is because it is a fact of life that 90% of Black students come from deprived and underprivileged backgrounds, and therefore are deserving of better education than  their White counterparts. Their fees will all  be paid by the State, as will their upkeep. The Private Schools have been chosen because the State Education system is crap! They don’t need to include any Asian, Chinese or Indian students as it is well known that these categories will win their own places, paid for by their own families.
  • All Universities will, henceforth, select at least half their undergraduate intake from only Black minority backgrounds, as the Commission understands that this decision is needed to  tell Black families that their decades of misery are understood. Their fees will all  be paid by the State, as will their upkeep. 
  • Henceforth, all young Black men, who are stopped and searched by the Police, and are found to be carrying bladed weapons, shall be allowed to walk free. This is primarily because they will be allowed to use, as a recognised defence, the ‘Dominic Cummings’ Queen’s Gambit Declined’ statement of,I was scared, and sought to protect myself by carrying an unlawful bladed weapon”’. The ONLY time when this ‘Defence’ fails is when a victim’s blood, confirmed by a DNA test is found, fresh, on the blade; within one hour of the arrest.
  • Similarly, all young and older Black men shall not be arrested for the possession of any Scheduled Drug, no matter how large the quantity or type; because it is well known and accepted that, as their ancestors used drugs, so  should they.
  • All files, books and especially records of how, once the Slave Trade was repealed in Great Britain, the Royal Navy was supremely successful in sweeping the slavers’ ships off the seas, of rescuing and freeing the slaves they found; shall be delivered to the Commission’s place of working, so that they be burnt, primarily because it really didn’t happen like that; and because it was all lies. We read ‘1984’ as well as you, Bro’.
  • The  Board of Directors of all Listed Companies shall, within three months, make sure that a majority of directors shall be from the BAME sector, and also give all BaME employees an immediate 15% pay rise.

Further statements will be forthcoming, once we (the Commission) work out and agree what we want, but we feel must include the forced removal of white families from their big houses, so that poor underprivileged Black families can be placed in those same big houses.

Our very world is ruled by only one thing: Statistics.

When HMRC receive the statistics regarding P.A.Y.E. tax take, V.A.T., Corporation Tax for any quarter of any year, they check backwards, and very soon will be able to see the health of the economy. Politicians base their plans upon how much cash they reckon they can gouge out of the public purse, along with how much they can borrow; on the numbers provided by the Treasury, and then sit, crossing their fingers that nothing upsets the financial applecart. But there is one thing in which they must believe, implicitly. They must know that they have reliable figures in front of them. 

As with cash, so with other statistic listings, and the one I wish to have you cast your eyes and minds across is a set of figures extracted from Worldometer’s spreadsheets, and I think most of us would state that they can be trusted. But truly trusted? Again, we have to accept that if the Worldometer figures can be relied upon, again comes a caveat: who supplies the bean counters with the raw data upon which they must rely upon? The answer is fairly obvious; the Governments, or rather the bean counters who work  for those nations’ governments.
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