May be; or hopefully Theresa May be Not!


The possibility of a new, and hopefully firmer hand on the tiller of State is within our sight. At long last, the Tory letters, those sent in hope of a leader who is not so treasonous, so poisonous, so divisive, are in to the 1922 Committee, and tonight we have the ballot which, hopefully will clear away the disastrous detritus of Theresa May, this utter failure masquerading as a Tory Prime Minister.

When Theresa May emerged from the farrago which was the last leadership election, with the result that she never actually stood in an election for the leadership, but was ‘annointed’ after all the others dropped out for one reason or another: Theresa May stated that she would carry out the will of the people. We can now see, in all its unvarnished cynicism, her efforts to get Great Britain & Northern Ireland tied with steel bands in almost every area of trade, commerce, military, security, diplomatically. The one saving item in this whole farrago is the truth, the fact, that if she survives the vote, and proceeds to put this Withdrawing Treaty to Parliament, her allies within the Democratic Unionist Party (D.U.P.) of Northern Ireland will desert their Supply and Confidence Agreement with the Prime Minister, and she will not be able to get a single Bill through Parliament without depending upon sympathetic votes from opposition Party MPs. In other words, she’s damned if she does; and equally damned if she doesn’t.

Before Mrs.Theresa May stated that she would fight the vote this evening, I was confidently whistling ‘Dixie’, and considering whom would get my vote, because I am one of the thousands of Conservative party members. I am still confident I will get that vote, and I cannot wait to vote: and my vote will be for:-

 ‘Anyone who states, categorically, that we leave, on March 29 2019’, not a second later. 17.4 million of us voted for that date, and, Deal or No Deal, we want to feel the Freedom!

I would hope that the waverers, the ones who failed to follow Rees-Mogg’s example last month, in spite of their promises, now consider their promises to fulfil their duty to the Electorate, get rid of Theresa May, this shrewish failure, and choose someone who can gain respect, and thus install a leader who will speak firmly to Europe, and state, categorically, that GB&NI has just decided that we are not a supplicant, but an Independent, Sovereign Nation: ready to do business, but on OUR terms, not theirs

Muslims in London. A troubling statement.

I spoke to a family relative yesterday evening. An inconsequential happening, one would think. We talked about sadness, about at least two members of our wider family splitting through divorce. We reminisced about my wife’s mother, now sadly deceased, and how she was the glue which held the family together, as the occasions when family visits occur, or even phone calls made, have decreased sharply since that lady’s death. I told him about my wife, and of her dependence upon my help, and he sympathised. He told me of another sister whose husband was suffering from a disease, and of his battles to gain relief from pain. He asked about my own grandsons, and of their fathers, my own family, and I told him of the birthdays parties, of the things which made us laugh, and of the things which annoyed us.

One of the things which I know to be absolutely true about my brother-in-law is that he is totally apolitical. He cares neither for Labour, or Tory, or indeed any of the other chancers. He lumps them all the same, he reckons, quite correctly, in that they are not worth a collective bucket of spit. All those politicians are out for, in his accurate summation, is firstly the power; and secondly the money. That same money which sploshes around in both local and national government, in the hundreds of QUANGOs, of the so-called Charities; all totally dependent on taxpayers’ cash. The reason why I stress his absolute impartiality is because of what I am about to relate, because impartiality is at the very pinnacle of this small anecdote.

He asked me if I had written anything after the novel which I published a few years ago on a religious theme. I replied that my last endeavour “Then so shall you reap” was built around the ‘Jihad’ attack on an Emirates a380 jet, and the effect the death of his small grandson within that passenger jet’s crash had upon a billionaire, and about the ultimate end of Islam, and Muslims in this world. His reply startled and astonished me. He stated that my views, and my story, would be anathema in the London in which he and his family lived and worked. He said that, as he worked in local education, he came up every day with the encroachment of Islam and its followers, the million Muslims resident, legally and illegally, in London. He stated that, if anything came up which annoyed Muslims, or their beliefs, in ALL areas, whether education, commerce, religion, retail or wholesale business, local or indeed national government, the White and non-Muslim Majority kept their mouths tight shut, and Islam won out every time. The Muslims now know that they have the power, and ANY grievance, argument or disagreement involving Islam, and its Muslim adherents, is ALWAYS resolved in favour of the mouthy, litigious, Muslim interloper. With the Hate Crimes legislation firmly in place, backed by the ever-crawling Government and the Crown Persecution Service, no-one dares open his or her mouth in protest, because that; folks, is Hate Speech, and a Hate Crime, and the silent ‘écroulement’ or collapse of the ability of British people to control their own lives is ever further established.

Despite protests, and in full knowledge that they are breaking the Royal Park rules, they pray in Hyde Park every day, and twice on Sundays, and our Police just supinely ignore them. A lady attempted to have the rules enforced, and SHE was targeted by the police for her troubles.

We have been betrayed by the Labour Party, with their cynical mangling of the immigration system, so as to import millions of Muslims who would automatically vote Labour; and by the Conservatives, who allowed this stinking system to continue when they kicked Gordon Brown and his Labour crew out. They should have sliced the visa system into small shreds, but they did not, and so we were again betrayed by politicians who only see advantage for themselves, and for the ‘effing Party they nominally support; and to hell with everyone else. We are watching, silently, as over 130,000 muslims swarmed in to the once-tolerant lands of Great Britain & Northern Ireland this last year alone, and now we see the results of over three million observers of a foreign cult, so different to our own: as they infest the very land which we, as a nation, have kept sacrosanct for centuries!

Why Africa will never be as We are!


The other week, there was ‘shock’ when I wrote, in the ‘comments’ regarding South Africa, the (my words) ‘allegedly-terrible sin which was Apartheid’. As I stated, my words, and many, many more I have written over the years are considered, factual and equable. I lived in South Africa for eighteen years, before leaving as I recognised that the country in which I lived was about to change: irrevocably and for the worst.

Let us consider the facts, of Nation States in, say Europe, the Americas, and the Mid-East, as opposed to Africa. From easily-obtained and -tabulated statistics, over the past decades, the researcher would find that in most areas of what is termed ‘civilisation’. Governments are stable, governed with democratic ideals and principles, and subject to the ‘rule of law’. North America, comprising the United States and Canada are but a shining example of widely-differing governing principles, chosen and accepted by a population, schooled and aware of their rights under the Law. South America used to be the ‘wild west’ of politics, of government changes almost annually, under military rule or paranoid dictatorship; but apart from the madmen who run Venezuela, and the Communists entrenched in Cuba, we are watching as democracy, with all its attendant failings takes a moderately firm grip across the Continent. We watch as one government is replaced by another in orderly fashion, with very few ‘leaders wriggling on the hooks.

In wider Europe, we have only the Balkans exhibiting serious dissent, as the patchwork of tribal and religious loyalties take decades to remove the stains of dictatorship such as Milosovic from their history; and Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, and the ongoing saga of Kosovo, still undecided. The Russian Federation is an area which really remains outside what I consider to be part of civilised society, with dictator Putin’s tentacles spread far, wide and stickily across  ten time zones, and the former Russian Empire’s satellite states are still both turbulent and unstable, despite all the skyscrapers and sports stadia. But politically, Europe, (not, I would hasten to add, the accursed European Union) is the ‘Gold Standard’ of political activity, with the people deciding who runs their nations; and if they are dissatisfied, those erring politicians are promptly kicked out, and the ‘people’s choice’ is then enthroned in their place. The safe, steady progress of democratic accountability gives those who have lived under this umbrella, as the systems have evolved, security, stability; and unfortunately, the sense of ‘nothing can go wrong’ which is why we just cannot get our Governments to acknowledge that there is such a thing as Islamic Fundamentalist Terror, and not just an unfortunate series of ‘mentally-deranged’ Muslims who are intent on killing as many of us as they possibly can. (But of course, I digress!)

Passing over the Muslim crescent seated around the Mediterranean, with Billions of people living under a delusion that they have a choice, when in fact they have none. Encompassing Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, along with Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Pakistan, and The Emirates: all of which espouse one or another form of theocratic rule, either by a hereditary Royal, or a polyglot bunch of religious zealots and chancers; with only Israel as the one shining Democracy in a veritable sea of autocratic and dictatorial rule.

But we should now switch our gaze to Africa, and see what decades of so-called relief from colonial rule has provided the billion-plus poor bastards who have the truly unfortunate destiny to be inhabitants of that benighted, crime-ridden continent. As there are just too many so-called nations to allow an objective view, I have tabulated a select number of those various Nations, along with their respective Governments, and listed the points which catch the eye.


Nation name Colonial Power Religion; or belief in Big Bearded Sky Fairy Number of Coups or Disputed Govt. changes
Mauretania France Muslim NINE
Guinea-Bissau Portugal Mixed…Muslim…Christian… whatever SIX
Guinea France Majority Muslim plus animism FIVE
Nigeria GB&NI Equally divided Muslims & christians + others ELEVEN
Ethiopia Italy, GB&NI 2/3 Christian….1/3 Muslim FOUR
Sudan GB&NI EGYPT 97% Muslim 3% Christians and Animists FIVE
Kenya GB&NI 90% Christian Muslim 10% TWO + FOUR DISPUTED ELECTIONS
Republic Congo France 99% Criminality TEN
Democratic Republic Congo Belgium 100% Criminality EIGHT or EIGHTEEN
Zambia GB&NI 95% Christian 4% mixed, 1% Muslim ZERO
Angola Portugal 99% Christian 1% Muslim THREE
South Africa GB&NI 97% Christian 3% Muslim ZERO


I wish now to quote just one paragraph from the Wikipedia entry for one nation:-….

Angola has vast mineral and petroleum reserves, and its economy is among the fastest-growing in the world, especially since the end of the civil war; however, the standard of living remains low for most of the population, and life expectancy in Angola is among the lowest in the world, while infant mortality is among the highest. Angola’s economic growth is highly uneven, with most of the nation’s wealth concentrated in a disproportionately small sector of the population.

…and then to expand on this one terrible verdict upon a land, which applies equally upon the many lands, nations,  which comprise the corruption-polluted Continent of Africa. We must ask ourselves: why the dichotomy? Why the strange and catastrophic decline in the living standards in Nations which could provide a comfortable standard of living for all its citizen? Why is the wider world standing by, while dictators rape the very earth upon which their nations lie? Why is it now, seemingly, across Black Africa, the repose of savages, thieves, ruthless dictators with the thinnest veneer of democratic sensibility laid across the obvious criminality of the Presidents, the Leaders-for-Life: whose rule is sometimes challenged by one who promises ‘elections’, while cementing his access to the national treasuries and the Swiss bank accounts?

As I stated at the beginning, I lived in South Africa for seventeen-eighteen years. I raised my family there, I had a decent standard of living; but the one thing about my life in South Africa was the simple fact that the Nationalist Government, the Afrikaaner Government: yes, the Apartheid Government was the only incorruptible ruling body in the whole of Black Africa. Forget about the howls of anger from the anti-apartheid movements in liberal Gt. Britain, in America and Canada; forget about the strong statements denouncing the fact that the Black man in South Africa was allegedly disenfranchised, that he had no vote. All they were upset about was the fact the White Africans were in charge, and doing a pretty good job of it. The anti’s wanted the African National Congress (ANC) to be given the whole caboodle, and their many friends in Western Governments, all the broadcasters along with the ANC-friendly newspapers; ensured that the only headlines about South Africa were the slanted ones, the lies, and the semi-truths: that is what has come, today, to be known as Fake News. I recall a news team was give access to the shaft levels of a gold mine, and allowed to film the thousands of black and white workers as they filed in and out of the shaft cages which sped up and down the six thousand feet from the surface to the transit points. Now the black supervisors who ran the mass transit system on that mine were forced to walk and work perilously close to open shafts, when cage doors were opened, and so they all wore safety belts attached to strength-tested chains fastened to steel girders. When that film was transmitted, that snip was shown, with a voice-over stating that the black workers were chained up, so they could not escape. The fact that those same black men travelled for days, and sometimes thousands of miles, to sign up for the work on a gold mine because it was so well paid because it was so dangerous was never allowed to be publicised!

But, the toll-bell rang, and the investment billions needed for South Africa to properly invest in its national infrastructure faded away under the anti-apartheid pressure, Mandela, a terrorist and a murderous plotter was released, and the big movement commenced to give the black man the vote. He already had a vote, but the Homelands idea wasn’t liked by the anti- movement; nothing but surrender was good enough for them. The Big day came, the ANC swept the board, the Nationalist government handed over power to the communists, the terrorists and the Black man was finally in charge. The only things which were not handed over were the five nuclear weapons which had been built with South African and Israeli expertise: handed over to the sensible guys in Jerusalem and Washington, D.C. I had myself long gone by then, leaving all my friends behind to their fates, as I had my family’s British passports shined up specially for the occasion.

I believe that the world will slowly come to realise that the African, the black man, is incapable of transforming his belief systems and political ‘animus’ to run their countries in the same manner as Western democracies. Just check out, as I have shown, the number of African countries which have been given the choice, the very freedom to choose how and in what manner they are governed, and then be a little selective, and find the ONE Nation which has adhered to the basic ideal and standards of Democracy: namely Botswana, a product of British idealism transformed into a Nation run by a Black Government which has steadfastly adhered to the Rule of Law in both its governance and Government. Only ONE! Does the reader not find that statistic ludicrous. Apart from South Africa, when run by the White man, which virtually ran itself since the 1920’s; the only Nation in the whole of Black Africa which has steadfastly adhered to Western standards.

So let us look at what the result of 22 years of South African Black rule has achieved. Firstly the terrible shame of the squatter camps which surrounded the big cities was challenged and tasked. The Squatter camps had to go!The ANC government came up with an African solution, the camps: they all stayed exactly as they were, but they were all renamed ‘Informal Settlements’! The Africanization of the cities continues to this day, as they change the names of the main streets to idolise the murderous butchers who were part of the so-called Liberation Struggle. The unemployment rate in South Africa peaked at 27.5%. Looking back at the years before ‘The Vote’, the unemployment rate was in the region of 6.5-7.0%. The people, white, black, coloured, indian; they got their vote: but the corruption, the bare-faced theft and the jobs for the black brethren began the day after Mandela left the presidency.

Personally, I had, and still have, very little time for the ”saviour of South Africa” along with the bloody ‘Rainbow Nation’ and all the other phrases which rattled out: but even I have to give him his due, he smoothed the way between White rule and the incoming Black Government, he resisted the urge for vengeance despite the urging by many of his ‘advisers’, he cooled the ANC’s efforts to grab everything which wasn’t exactly bolted down, and, in the end; he paved the way for a peaceful transition. But once his level hand left the tiller of State, the thieves and vagabonds and the corruptors had themselves a field day, from the Presidency downwards, the noise as the cash was being counted was deafening. The jobs at places such as Eskom, the State Electricity Group, where engineers, men whom I have worked alongside and admired for their knowledge and dedication; were literally pushed aside, and those desks were then occupied by illiterates, people of absolutely no experience, training or indeed actual education, but worthy of a high position because of the colour of their skin, and the names of their relatives!

There are many such stories, I could write a book, but the time is past. I would however retail two items of interest, one of which happened with the alleged need for new railway engines for South African Railways. During the seventeen/eighteen years I lived in South Africa, it was a privilege to live, travel and work in a Society where Engineering was understood. In amongst the many things produced in the power-house which was the Engineering world of South Africa, they built locomotives, diesel and diesel-electric and electric engines which hauled the people and merchandise of a Sub-Continent; efficiently, practically and competently. The railways of South and Southern Africa were criss-crossed by the ever-familiar russet-red paintwork of the Zuid Afrikaanse Spoorweἒ (South African Railway) locos as they reliably pulled the freight of seven nations towards their destinations.

Fast forward thirty years, and into the reign of the African National Congress, the chosen Party of the Black man’s vote. They gave an order for seventy railway locomotives to a Spanish firm, an order worth 3.45 Billion Rands (£181 million Pounds), and when the first locos came off the ship in Cape Town, they found that the engines were 30 centimeters too tall. If used on the long-distance lines where the freight runs heaviest, they will rip off the catenary cabling as they enter a tunnel, and the trains will, simply, stop!

COPE spokesman Dennis Bloem questioned why Prasa had “wilfully” ignored explicit warnings about the unsuitability of the Spanish-manufactured diesel locomotives. “Was it because of sheer arrogance? Or was it because of the bag that someone might have passed under the table?” Mr Bloem challenged. Perhaps Mr. Bloem mis-spoke? He should have stated ‘several bags’

‘Alles kom regt; mijnheer!’

Rapport journalist Pieter-Louis Myburgh first broke the story in July that the agency ignored warnings from engineers that the locomotives were too high for local railways and could damage overhead cables.

At the time, CEO Lucky Montana and his chief engineer Daniel Mthimkhulu denied this. “We meet the safety standards,” Montana said. “We have bought one of the best locomotives in the world and we are not even apologetic about that.”

Since then, Montana has resigned and Mthimkhulu fired for having a fake degree.

In addition, Public Protector Thuli Madonsela released a report, Derailed, in August, which found evidence of widespread maladministration and impropriety in the awarding of tenders worth R2.8bn.

Since then, the board has launched an independent investigation into the allegations, including the procurement of the Afro 4000 locomotives.

The RSR report reveals how Prasa sidestepped their inspections before buying the locomotives.

“RSR received a statement of intent from Prasa stating its plan to procure Euro 4000 locomotives on 13 March 2014, it has since become apparent that the locomotives had already been purchased by this date,” it said.

RSR said it conducted inspections and testing on 12 of the 13 locomotives at different locations within the railway network.

“The results of the inspection and assessment confirm that the Afro 4000 series of locomotives is designed and manufactured to a height of 4140mm above rail head,” it said.

“This height exceeds the vehicle structure gauge height of 3965mm as required in the Transnet Freight Rail track maintenance manual. The impact of this deviation is that there is a greater risk of interference between Overhead Traction Equipment and the locomotive.”

At the measured height of 4140mm, “the locomotives cannot always maintain the required minimum vertical gap of 150mm between the roof and the contact wire”, the report shows.

“This will lead to a higher risk of contact and flashover with the overhead traction equipment and operational delays,” it says. “There is evidence on some of the Afro 4000 locomotives inspected that such contact/flashover has occurred during testing.”

The other item of interest was during the planning for the South African World Cup. The football authorities arranged, with of course lots of borrowed money, to refurbish three stadiums, and build another five new ones, costing some $4 billion. But the Government in the Transvaal decided that, because all these happy supporters need to get to the new stadiums south of  Johannesburg, they needed a rapid transit system; so it was planned, ordered, built and opened; at a cost of $2.4 billion. The new trains for the GauTrain came from Bombardier in Derby, and they got the best. But the cream on top of that package was the fact that ten Government Ministers were on the board of GauTrain, and it is strongly estimated that they enriched themselves to the tune of $20 million apiece! Just one problem for the passengers who wish to use the efficient, fast and wonderful GauTrains: the price of the tickets is so high, the average black man cannot afford the fares, so they continue to use the overcrowded local trains, and the taxis which are never, ever serviced!

There is one book, one novel which describes both South Africa, and Black Africa; and its title says and speaks volumes. The book? Cry the Beloved Country!


This message is from an unmonitored site, do not reply.

When I am annoyed, with either an individual or an organisation, or the service provided by that individual or organisation; I write. I email. Stridently, bluntly, I speak of my annoyance, and of the sheer un-professionalism exhibited, in so many areas, when the service or goods provided fall way, way short of advertised provisions or expectations. In past decades, one wrote a letter, or phoned, and attempted, usually without much success, to express your frustrations with a faulty appliance, or the aftermath of product delivered with a fault; but now, with virtually instant communications, you can target and vent your annoyance so much more effectively.

I took on my local County Council by email after a mid-level office-bound bureaucrat decided that my application for equipment designed to make my illness-stricken wife’s life easier could not be completed without a stainless-steel ramp outside my back door, to carry my wife’s wheelchair down from the kitchen to my driveway. As I already had a ramp, strongly built of wood, designed and built by my own hands, and completed at a price less than one-twentieth of that which was proposed; I sent off a series of stinging email to as many senior people as I could find addresses for at the County Council. The end result, my ramp is still there, the office-bound clown was fired.

If you reach a targeted senior management level, so much the better. Back in the day, working south of Johannesburg, I contacted the managing director of a very large engineering company in South Africa, and enquired if they had a service sector availability to service a Rolls Royce-powered railway engine. When he replied “Oh yes, our service division is immediately available,” I then countered with the remark “You could have fooled me!”. As I was calling to ask why my complete service had been cancelled four times in a row, with virtually no notice at all, he was, understandably annoyed: so much so that, the very next day, four Toyota pick-up loads of technicians arrived at my site near Johannesburg; literally panting to commence a much-overdue engine, transmission and undercarriage service. The senior technician took me aside, and seriously begged me not to call his ultimate boss again, as the head of maintenance had been summarily dismissed because he was treating valued customers like crap.

So, last Saturday very, very early in the morning, I was sick as a dog; vomit, loose bowels, head feeling as though as I was about to perish: the lot. No, I don’t drink, it was some sort of a bug. After about two-odd hours of traipsing between the toilet and the sink, I called the NHS helpline on 111; stuttered my way through the interminable questions, all read from a screen by an ‘operator’ (IQ probably in the low 60’s, from his voice and attitude) and eventually progressed to a real qualified nurse, who proceeded to establish what my symptoms were, with of course no small help, from my own description of my ‘feeling really shit’: and reassured me that help would be forthcoming. I was contacted within five minutes by a call-out doctor, who appeared about fifteen minutes later. He gave me a quick check-through, blood-pressure, stethoscope,, asked a few pertinent questions, gave a couple of words of advice, drink lots of fluids, etc., stuck an antiemetic injection into me to stop the vomiting, shook my hand and disappeared. I felt as though I had been hit by a truck for most of the day, but a good night’s sleep brought me back to life, and all seemed well.

As I am from the ‘old school’ who was taught not only how to spell ‘courtesy’ but the true meaning of that (now) truly old-fashioned word, I looked up the contact email address for the North-East NHS 111 service: and shovelled off a small ‘thank-you’ message; just stating how grateful I was for the speedy intercession from their service, signed off and sent it, and thought no more about an action which, to me, was second nature.

Surprise. Received a return message asking me if I would ‘COMPLETE A CONSENT FORM’ (attached), so my small message of commendation might be transmitted to a second group according to the NHS rules on privacy and digital compliance? Can’t they just accept the ‘gratitude’ for doing their jobs well enough to have engendered a message, and leave it at that? I was only surprised that I wasn’t also asked if I considered myself to be Afro-Caribbean/Irish, and how twisted did I consider my sexuality to be?


Bahhh Humbug!

Nigel Farage fearing for his family’s safety: still speaking truth to power!

It is possibly a strange detail to relate, but the fate and future political history of Great Britain & Northern Ireland  are possibly bound up in one man’s actions and beliefs. If Nigel Farage had been given the protection for both himself and his family, from both the left-wing bullies and agents of the State who were so busily pressing their dislike and hatred of him personally, as well as  the spectacular rise in popularity of UKIP, to such an extent that ex-Prime Minister Cameron was forced to concede a Referendum: he would not have left as speedily as he did. The Referendum which his Tory Party, along with £20-odd millions of Government & Leave-supporting garbage had been defeated by a patchwork bunch of amateurs. I would suggest that Nigel Farage himself contributed in no small measure to that defeat, mainly through the advent of Social Media productions such as YouTube. By these means did Nigel Farage get his message out to the world, from the seats and circus-like atmosphere of the European Parliament. By no other endeavour other than these broadcasts, he pushed the message of how spendthrift, how ridiculous, how burdened-down with bureaucracy, and ultimately how powerless was the Parliament in which he spoke, and these broadcasts resounded and rebounded through the ether.

I do not often speak or write of a regard for modern-day politicians, the vast majority of who are worth little more than the scrapings from a dung-ridden boot, but I do write of Mr. Farage with a genuine liking, and a complete understanding of his desire to leave the cockpit of British Politics immediately after his triumph, and it was a triumph! From absolutely nowhere, either in polls or in political power, to a position where his Party could demand a Referendum, and get it, is and was a considerable achievement. The fact that the 21/2 years of so-called negotiations have been squandered away by a Tory Party, a Prime Minister and a Civil Service which has always been of the ‘Remain’ persuasion is not of his fault, but I firmly believe that, if Farage had stayed as UKIP leader, and with that voice as steadfast now as it was so many times in the past, we should be seeing a very different outcome to that which is about to be dumped upon a weary British public.

To that end, I give readers just a taste of that which we should have been listening to, and thus send our deepest and best wishes to NIGEL FARAGE.

The Welsh NHS transplant panel slice off their next ‘donor’ organs.

toons Sydney, Australia

In Stalin’s Russia, and for long after that murderous man’s death, the ‘mantra’ was simple. The State has nourished you; fed you and helped raise you; therefore your loyalty was to the State. If the State wanted steelworkers, you became a steelworker. If the State wanted an assassin, your reply was simple: ‘Who is my target, by when do you wish his death?’ The State reasoned that your body was theirs, to do with as they determined! There were no alternatives, the KGB saw to that. The Soviet State ruled by fear, and the fear was compounded by the knowledge of the Gulags, where ‘enemies of the State’ were sent to their deaths. The pinpricks offered by the ‘Samizdat’ were brushed aside as annoyances: the Soviet Empire lasted until it was torn asunder by the machinations of one man: President Ronald Reagan, the ‘man who won the war.”

So what, the reader might ask, has the might and deadly practices of the former Soviet Empire have to do with a car crash in Wales. Tim Grace, of Treboeth, Swansea, hit speeds of 130mph in a borrowed BMW X5. He, along with his passenger, drove recklessly after he consumed at least two bottles of wine, along with several cocktails. He passed another vehicle ‘as though the other car was parked’. The BMW swerved off the motorway at a speed estimated to be 95 m.p.h., and hit a tree. The woman died at the scene from massive spinal injuries: Mr. Grace lasted until the next day, when the machinery which was keeping his body alive was switched off. But the sentence, in that news report which betrays all that has been organised, in terms of State interference in our everyday lives was the almost unnoticed one, which said:-

The inquest, in Pontypridd, heard his heart, liver and both kidneys were used in transplant operations.

The Law in Wales was altered to allow the State, in the event of catastrophic injury to a Welsh person, to remove his or her organs without further reference to family, or personal wishes to the contrary, and to allocate them as the vultures of the Transplant authority see fit. This is because of the law alteration which ‘presumes consent’ for a dead person’s organs to be removed. I would place good cash upon the scalpels being selected and sharpened as the news came in of the crash, and presumably of the delight of the so-called ‘Harvest Teams’ as they heard that the young man had survived the crash, but had severe brain injuries. The death of the young woman passenger at the scene was probably considered unfortunate, as her organs would have not been of any use, as they would have commenced deterioration as her body still lay in the crumpled wreck of that borrowed BMW, driven by her companion who had neither a licence, nor insurance, but who was so welcomed at the hospital because his body was still functioning: brain dead but still of use, because his bodily organs could be ‘used to save and help others’!

Pc Carlo Vaquerizo said no other vehicle was involved when the dark grey BMW left the road in excess of 95mph. Ms Thomas, of Penlan, Swansea, died of multiple injuries at the scene from ‘particularly devastating’ spinal injuries – Mr Grace died of a traumatic brain injury in hospital the next day.

Ms Thomas had sons Harley, nine, and Jason, six. She was described by heartbroken friends as an ‘amazing girl’ and ‘fantastic mother’.

The inquest, in Pontypridd, heard his heart, liver and both kidneys were used in transplant operations.

Post mortem tests showed Mr Grace, of Treboeth, Swansea, was almost twice the drink drive limit at the time of the crash.

He had also taken prescription diazepam for depression. Mr Grace died of a traumatic brain injury in hospital the next day. Ms Thomas had sons Harley, nine, and Jason, six. She was described by heartbroken friends as an ‘amazing girl’ and ‘fantastic mother’.

The inquest, in Pontypridd, heard his heart, liver and both kidneys were used in transplant operations.

The English NHS Organ Donor Registration scheme, along with the much-vaunted “Donor Cards’, seems to this observer at least: to be in need of two things.

Firstly, a change in the very ethos of this once great and altruistic endeavour, because this Government is ‘consulting’ upon the implementation of changes similar to the one in Wales to the Organ harvesting system, and Secondly: a total name change. A ‘Donor’ means just that, a person who has chosen, freely, to donate his or her organs, totally altruistically, in the service of others. My choice of name for the new Service?

How about ‘NHS State Spare Parts Organ System’?

Alternatively…. ‘Vultures-R-Us’?

Gibraltar betrayed, Spain will be given Governing role.


ITEM ONE If a ruling body is given tax-raising powers, it is considered a Government. ITEM TWO If a ruling body is given governance or ability to alter that governance, it is a Government.

In a stunning move, the long-held notion that Gibraltar is and always will be a British Overseas Territory has been fatally undermined by little-noticed yet supremely important clauses within the Withdrawing Agreement between the EU and GB&NI.

Spain will be given seats on a Committee which will control access, use and governance of Gibraltar Airport. Long a target for the grasping and corrupt hands of the Spanish, access to the very lifeline of Gibraltar as an independent entity has been given away to the corrupt hands of the Spanish, who have always wanted a foothold in Gibraltar proper.

Spain given full equal rights in all tax and financial measures alongside UK in Committee regarding tax fraud, tax residence, smuggling and money laundering.

OECD measure will apply to Gibraltar, in areas such as alcohol, tobacco and petrol products, giving Spain access, through the Committee, to Gibraltar’s Governance and Government.

If the deal is ratified, Gibraltar may as well commence hauling down the Union Flags, getting rid of the British Police uniforms, and watch as the Spanish take over without so much as a whimper from the British Government!

TAKING NOTE of the Memoranda of Understanding concluded between the Kingdom of Spain and the United Kingdom on [xx] November 2018 in relation to citizens’ rights, tobacco and other products, cooperation on environmental matters and cooperation in police and customs matters, as well as the agreement reached on [xx] November 2018 to conclude a treaty on taxation and the protection of financial interests,

The Kingdom of Spain (“Spain”) and the United Kingdom in respect of Gibraltar shall closely cooperate with a view to preparing and underpinning the effective implementation of Part Two of the Withdrawal Agreement on citizens’ rights, which fully applies, inter alia, to frontier workers residing in Gibraltar or in Spain, in particular in the territory of the municipalities that make up the Mancomunidad de Municipios del Campo de Gibraltar, and which, in Articles 24 and 25 provide for specific rights for frontier workers.

  1. To that effect, the competent authorities shall exchange up-to-date information on a quarterly basis on persons covered by Part Two of the Withdrawal Agreement who reside in Gibraltar or in the territory of the municipalities that make up the Mancomunidad de Municipios del Campo de Gibraltar, including, in particular, frontier workers.
  2. Spain and the United Kingdom shall establish a coordinating committee as a forum for regular discussion between the competent authorities to monitor matters relating to employment and labour conditions. That coordinating committee shall report to the Committee on issues related to the implementation of the Protocol on Gibraltar established by Article 165 of the Withdrawal Agreement (“Specialised Committee”) on a regular basis.

Union law on air transport which did not apply to the Gibraltar airport before 30 March 2019 shall only become applicable to the Gibraltar airport from the date established by the Joint Committee. The Joint Committee shall adopt the decision thereon upon notification by the United Kingdom and Spain that they have reached a satisfactory agreement on the use of the Gibraltar airport.

The international standards of the Group of Twenty (G20) and of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) relating to good fiscal governance, transparency, exchanges of information and harmful tax practices and in particular the economic substance criteria established by the OECD Forum on Harmful Tax Practices shall be complied with in Gibraltar, with a view to Gibraltar’s participation in the OECD Inclusive Framework on base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS).

  1. The United Kingdom shall ensure that its ratification of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, adopted in Geneva on 21 May 2003, and the Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products, adopted in Seoul on 12 November 2012, is extended to Gibraltar by 30 June 2020.

Without prejudice to the first subparagraph, the United Kingdom shall ensure that a system of traceability and security measures relating to tobacco products that is equivalent to the requirements and standards of Union law is in force in Gibraltar by 30 June 2020. That system shall ensure reciprocal access to the information on traceability of cigarettes in Spain and Gibraltar.

  1. In order to prevent and deter the smuggling of products subject to excise duties or special taxes, the United Kingdom shall ensure that, in respect of alcohol and petrol, a tax system which aims at preventing fraudulent activities involving those products is in force in Gibraltar.

Spain and the United Kingdom shall establish a coordinating committee as a forum for regular discussion between the competent authorities of issues concerning in particular waste management, air quality, scientific research and fishing. The Union shall be invited to participate in the meetings of that coordinating committee. That coordinating committee shall report to the Specialised Committee on a regular basis.

Spain and the United Kingdom shall establish a coordination committee as a forum for monitoring and for coordination between the competent authorities of any questions related to cooperation in police and customs matters. The Union shall be invited to participate in the meetings of that coordination committee. That coordinating committee shall report to the Specialised Committee on a regular basis.