Three cheers for Bruce

I haven’t posted on anything important in the past weeks, as I have been going through a rough patch at home, (personal, family stuff, which obviously takes preference over fun things; such as posting and taking the piss out of the lefties who are drawn to the flame): but I noticed Patricks post on ATW regarding Bruce/Caitlyn, and the comments thereupon, which, as somewhat usual, ignored the basic facts, and wandered around O’Houlihan’s Barn about the bloody virus.

I have been looking at the news and views, and my attention was caught by this bloke who, because his publicity machine declared that it was; decided that he should be considered female: aided by a massive amount of cash buying dresses, make-up and his former position as the ‘father figure’ of that weird bunch of self-publicists known as the Kardashians.

As I wrote some five-odd years ago‘You are just a man who has had plastic surgery, hormone treatments, an enormous clothing and cosmetic allowance: but you are still just a man wearing women’s clothing! But, there again, if thats what he wishes to do, fair enough.

But here’s the thing. When Bruce, or rather Caitlyn, was saying all the things which the lefties adore, such as the whole Tranny garbage routine, he (or she, or it) got nothing but plaudits from the Woke crowd.

But when Bruce/Caitlyn states that men, Biological Men, should not be allowed to compete against Biological Girls in Track and Field, or indeed in anything else, the whole Woke pile of crap descends upon his/her shoulders.

Personally, my opinion of this bloke was always that he was just dicey in the extreme: but I have to revise my opinion, because he had the sheer guts to state his beliefs sincerely: NO MATTER THE CONSEQUENCES!

They that go down to the Sea in Ships

A swift glance at this ‘live streaming’ map of shipping on a world scale must impress and educate those few who do not understand the sheer size and impact of sea-borne trade upon the way we live, pre- or post virus.

It is still a dangerous profession, even with advanced navigation and modern propulsion systems. The decision to phase out all single skinned VLCCs (Very Large Crude Carriers) is case in point.  The decision, taken mainly on insurance grounds as a double-skinned tanker has a fair chance of avoiding pollution as the oil cargo is held within separate tanks barriered off from the outside ocean: whereas a single-skinned tanker would commence leaking cargo oil immediately upon impact. As there was a shortage of huge ore-carrier ships worldwide, somer investors decided to convert these ships, designed specifically to carry oil cargoes, to be able to carry iron ore cargoes.

This change included cutting large cargo access apertures into the once solid upper deck of the ship, placing covering for those huge holes, and supposedly introducing strengthening procedures required by the Regulator. The Stellar Daisy was one such conversion. After a check by insurance staff, extensive repairs were conducted to repair cracks and replace corroded steel all around the ships structure. Further cracks were discovered along the sides of the ship, but after repairs, the ship was deemed sea-worthy, and allowed to continue cargo loading;

The Stellar Daisy broke apart and sank in less than two minutes. Twenty two men died.

The Seacore Power capsized and sank in near-hurricane conditions. The storm was well forecast. The Owners must be asked why the ship was still at sea!

But still, despite many warnings, the sailors who crew these vast ships are ignored when it comes to crew replacements after the Virus onset, with seafarers held on board by greedy ship owners for literally months over their contact time, and the Governments and Maritime Organisations paying lip service only in support of the men at sea; whilst seemingly wringing their collective hands, like a row of Scrooges interested in only one thing: Profit!

Belfast riots: and Boris Johnson’s Lies made these possible.

Quote:- Boris Johnson has reiterated his promise that businesses in NI will enjoy unfettered access to GB after Brexit, declaring that “there will be no border down the Irish Sea – over my dead body”.

Boris’ Brexit Northern Ireland Protocol states checks will begin on January 1st 2021

And the result of Boris Johnson’s lies, prevarications and mendacity?

This is what happens when you lie to Unionists and Loyalists with SinnFeinIRA eagerly joining in across the fabled PEACE WALL.


Lewis Hamilton. Blind as A Bat in Bahrein.

The BLM warrior, known as much for the high profile of his work promoting the Marxist cult called blacklivesmatter, as for his dexterity behind a Formula One steering wheel, is quite obviously blind as to where and how he makes his money.

Whilst driving around the Bahrein circuit, he must know of the bloodstained history of that Nation where a ruthless  Sunni Royal Family keep their knees firmly across the throats of thousands of Shia Muslims.
I’m surprised he doesn’t blush every time he checks his bank balance.

Black lives may matter, but cash matters more!

Russia, and the Ghost of Neville Chamberlain

I have spent the decades of my life doing what I consider to be right for my family, for my beloved wife, and lastly, for myself. Over that time also observing politicians of all Party colours, creeds and shades of belief; stances taken and promises kept. I have come to the conclusion that we here in Great Britain & Northern Ireland,(GB&NI), apart from the brown and black swarms which have been imposed upon us under guises such as ‘The Commonwealth’ and ‘We mustn’t be nasty to “Refugees”, even if they wish to do harm to both us and our very way of life; have been consistently ignored as to the manner in which ‘WE’ wish to proceed.

We are, I believe, a Nation which holds, in varying degrees, a Right Wing attitude. But we have allowed ourselves to be ruled, and indeed overruled, by a cabal of politicians from both the Left and the Centre; who have consistently promised one ideal, but secretly worked to dilute the very thing which made us British.

Can the reader imagine a situation today where the Government, facing a bloodthirsty Dictatorship which not only threatens a friendly Nation which has diplomatic and treaty ties to GB&NI, but also proceeds to attack and invade that Nation; has to decide, very speedily, what to do? 

In the years before I was born, Adolf Hitler bluffed, threatened and bullied his path towards his goal of a new German Reich. The Saar referendum was riddled with voter fraud, but the League of Nations accepted the result of a 90% vote to be rejoined to a triumphant Germany. This move was swiftly followed by invasion and annexation of the Rhineland; and this illegal move was quickly followed by Hitler’s annexation of Austria. The next target for Hitler’s Reich was the choice of Czechoslovakia, which had a large German-speaking population along its border with Germany. Hitler pulled France and Great Britain into his web, as he tried to justify an invasion of a sovereign country on the grounds that a large proportion wished him to advance across their common border.

An isolationist France, itself with the largest standing army in Europe, considered itself immune from German military threats; and a British Prime Minister, again with a chunk of his own Party making approving noises towards the Fascist Germans, organised the overrunning of the  Czech border by the triumphant Nazi tanks, without a shot being fired. This on the grounds that Czechoslovakia was allowed to be overrun by the Nazis ‘because of a quarrel in a faraway country between people of whom we know nothing.’ 

Hitler’s next target was Poland, and he was confident of success, partly because of his ploy that Danzig was German, and access across Poland was thus justified. He also secretly joined with his mortal enemy Soviet Russia to carve up Poland between the two Powers. He ignored British warnings that Treaties existed between Poland and both France and Great Britain; which was unfortunate because Prime Minister Chamberlain had Winston Churchill breathing down his back, with his long-held belief that Adolf Hitler could not be trusted. So it was that a British Diplomatic Note was sent to Berlin by a Pacifist, Isolationist Prime Minister; who had finally realised that he had been played for a fool by Hitler, and so the Second World War began.

But my point is this:- Consider Russia, which schemed and plotted to firstly occupy and annex the Crimea, and secondly to employ, by stealth, a veritable undeclared army to help annex large areas of the Ukraine itself. What would have happened if the Ukraine had succeeded in Treaty arrangements with the European Union, with Great Britain as still a slightly unwilling Member nation. Would either a pacifist-leaning EU, or GB&NI as also a member of NATO, had the courage to stand up to the new bully on the block, and tell Putin’s Russia to cease and desist, or face the distinct possibility of nuclear missiles being deployed in Ukraine’s defence?

Not so funny, after all!



The block of time given by BBC; namely from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. to the ‘Chariddeee’ labelled ‘Comic Relief’ in the programme listings for tonight, says a great deal, but misses out some vital statistics.

It gives the names of all these so-called ‘stars’ and ‘celebrities’ who are supposed to be delivering ‘hilarious sketches’ and ‘live performances’, in order to raise millions for ‘good causes’.

Those ‘missing’ statistics?

They may have raised some £60 millions for ‘Charriddee’;


Comic Relief spent £13.7m on staff costs, as well as additional redundancy costs of £39,000. Five members of staff earned more than £100,000 and the chief executive received £200,000, consisting of £176,000 salary and back payments totalling £24,000.

Me? I reserve my donations for people who really deliver; quietly, anonymously, and in the real spirit of Charity

And Nazanin is still a dozey, self-centred, wilful, stupid; stupid woman!

I have written before of this Naz-whatever-her-name-is. All of my posts have been distinctively negative regarding this, in my own words and opinion, still the second most well-known,  dozey, self-centred, wilful, stupid; stupid woman in the world today. 

Unfortunately, we all are well, aware of this dozey woman’s ‘holiday’ (HOLIDAY, a F***ing HOLIDAY, IN IRAN) to see her folks in Teheran.  Because the Iranian murderous mullahs, besides being up to their theocratic arseholes in terrorist activities; are not daft, they recognised a genuine stupid patsy immediately she asked for a visa when buying her ticket. So they scooped her up at the airport, probably charged her with spitting on the pavement, and eventually gave her five years in an Iranian jail.

So, five years later, she’s given house arrest because of the virus, and its nearly the end of her sentence. So far, so good.

But no-one knew that this dozey bitch had agreed to be interviewed over a three-day period by a bunch known as the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims; spilling out all the juicy details of what had been allegedly done to her in prison. She may have been promised that everything she said to them would be kept secret: but promises, unfortunately are broken every day. The whole caboodle was leaked to the Times, who splashed it all over their front pages; but that isn’t the best bit: the dozey cow is up on charges of ‘Spreading Propaganda’ on Sunday.

So Naz-whatever-her-name-is probably will get another five years for being dozey, self-centred, wilful, and truly, truly stupid; and we’ll all have to put up with yet another five years of her equally stupid husband bleating on about how unjust it all is.

By the way readers will have noticed that I called her the second most well-known,  dozey, self-centred, wilful, stupid; stupid woman in the world today. 

The first? Meghan Mullarkey

Meghan Mullarkey:- “Sob; Sob; They were all Mean and Nasty: Sob; Sob”




Yes, I did wear the Saudi earrings, but I didn’t know he was a murderer!

They asked if my child was going to have black skin!


“Sob; Sob; They were all Mean and Nasty: Sob; Sob.”

“Oprah, sweetie, can we re-shoot  your wide-eyed pause after Mullarkey’s ‘Racist Allegations’. Can you get at least an intake of breath to coordinate with that ‘wide-eyed look of distaste melding into anger’? You know the one? That look which says “The bastards shafted my friend; and we’ve got to punish the whole godamn Nation, commencing with the same  Royal Family’ the heartless racist rulers that America removed itself with the Revolution under General Washington!”

Has Boris’ birthed a new Northern Ireland ’Troubled Times’?




There are few times when, once I read a well-researched piece on strife-possibilities in Northern Ireland, I seat myself down and write in worried approbation of the thinking behind that same piece of writing..

For decades, the true source of the terror, the danger and the bloodshed in that sadly beautiful Province stemmed from the IRA. The bombs, the bullets and the bullshit gained those same criminal terrorists, for that is exactly what they were, the finality of the almost complete surrender of the British Government: when the ‘Peace Process’ was completed and the surrender was formalised in the Belfast Declaration; a.k.a. The Good Friday Agreement. The grinning killers gained their foothold in the Stormont Devolved Government, the rifles were carefully greased and safely stored away, the murderous assaults on the democratic process ceased, the Police became both neutralised and politicised; and ‘Peace’ sort of became a tenuous reality. 

But then, after some three decades of trying, Nigel Farage’s long struggle against the European Union gained new strength with the advent of YouTube, and the push began to get a Referendum on Britain’s membership of that same E.U. project. Ex-Prime Minister Cameron saw the writing on the wall, he went to Europe and pleaded with the Commission to reduce the amount of sheer bullshit which was being poured over British heads as part of that same EU membership. He returned with less than ‘Sweet F** All’ for his pains, but, convinced that with the firepower of Government, big business and the whole ‘Remain’ establishment behind him, he fatally agreed that that same Referendum would take place. The whole world now knows how wrong he was in his view of that same ideal.

Being the true coward which he was, the day that Great Britain & Northern Ireland spoke and literally spat in his face; was the day that Cameron resigned. Four years were lost as the Theresa May premiership farce played out, four years in which traitors within Parliament very nearly aborted the whole Referendum process; and the Abortion known as the Withdrawal Agreement, tying GB&NI to innumerable EU strands was signed, but also when Bioris Johnson achieved his goal of becoming Prime Minister. He galvanised the Leave process. Airily stating, amongst many other lies that there would be “Unfettered trade across the Irish Sea”; as well as “No forms, no checks, no barriers of any kind”. He also swore that ‘There would be an Irish Sea border ‘Over My Dead Body’ “. 

He also forgot  to mention that in amongst the hundreds of pages which formed the Brexit Agreement, the Brexit’s Northern Ireland Protocol was giving the EU total control over what was imported into Northern Ireland, in terms of the thousands of clauses which had conveniently been forgotten during the long years of our EU Membership. All this so that he could claim, loudly and continuously, that there would be “No hard Border between The Irish Republic and Northern Ireland.

The endless truck ‘delays’ whilst paperwork was scrutinised and, many times, rejected. Empty shelves, and all manner of items either dellayed or rejected. The EU’s deliberate appropriation and intrusion into the traffic between a United Kingdom Province and the Mainland: all because of the ‘sacred pledge’ of no hard border’ between NI and the Republic, has stirred thoughts and plans from those other truly dangerous elements, long supposed to be dormant; who go by the initials UDA, UVF, and the Red Hand.

These three organisations, loyal to the idea and philosophies of Unionism, are but so different to the politicians who prance around paying lip service to the Union of the four Provinces. Members of these organisations are also amongst those who have done hard time in Northern Irish prisons.

The warnings contained within the Sunday Times piece (paywalled, unfortunately) are short, but foreboding. “We’re majorly concerned that there is a perfect storm brewing. We saw the consequences of violence. We saw it prosecuted upon us; and by us: and its not somewhere we want to go back to!

Rangers Fans = Multiple Morons



I do not often comment upon the “antics’, understandable or otherwise, of football fans. I find their addiction to be on the borderline between tribalism and just plain stupidity. Some fifty-odd years ago, support for a ‘Team’ was understandable, because the members/players of that Team were, in the main, locals. Boys, spotted and groomed (in the true sense of the word) to become part of a football club’s future squad. That was both understandable and accepted. Two things intervened: global television; and the huge amounts of cash splashed out on young men of undoubted talent from countries where such a talent is the key to such a change in circumstances as to be almost miraculous.

But the attitude of the ‘fan’ mentality has also morphed into something approaching a ‘MOB’  mentality. Because Rangers are approaching a position where they will win the Championship of their league, and also because of that same “MOB’ mentality which seems to rule in the morons’ minds, literally thousands of these morons gathered  outside the Rangers’ ground even thought they knew that no-one, match or no match, would be allowed in to that same ground, because of Virus Pandemic restrictions.

I would however, publish an apology to the average moron in GB&NI, as even they have more sense than this bunch of screeching, shouting f***ing  idiots.


…, but you cannot fool all the people all the time!

Whats it say about the House Majority Party in today’s America when over thirty Congressmen ask, politely, for ChinaJoe Biden to voluntarily relinquish his sole authority over America’s nuclear weaponry?

As more and more people are coming to realise that perhaps, what was long rumoured but always denied; is actually becoming fact: that the President is suffering from some form of dementia. 

The President was seated, scheduled to begin a virtual Press Conference, when the feed was summarily cut, and….Zip; Nada: nothing further.

On Politico, we learn that a Bi-Partisan Bill has been introduced to remove the President’s War Powers after he bombed Syria without notifying Congress, as I believe he is mandated to do.

The Democratic Presidential campaign kept ChinaJoe hidden in his basement for most of the campaign, as opposed to President Trump, whose appearances on his campaign trail were only too successful in reminding America who was speaking, and who was hiding. I wonder what the real reason for his silence was? Were the Dems just worried about the Virus, or were they worried that the Big Lie would be discovered? Was ChinaJoe already showing signs of diminished capacity?

Some tine soon, maybe in about four years, America might learn how successfully they were fooled: but only after the remainder of ChinaJoe’s term has been filled by President Kamala!

Shock, Horror, “its akin to murder, I tell you”


So a racing trainer is photographed sitting on a dead horse, and the heavens fall in on him because of what? Stupidity? Insensitivity? Sheer Lunacy?

Horse racing, to the fans, to the betting public, to the thousands who watch their tvs, can, I am led to believe, come close to an addiction. The animal itself can lead some people to declare undying love for one or more horses which they have under their care, despite that factual acknowledgement  which tells them that the object of all the expense, such as combing, brushing, formidable financial upkeep, forage and husbanding: is just an animal. It may have been schooled to run, or race, or jump, or walk sideways in time to music, but that horse does that evolution because it had been prodded, pushed or sometimes even whipped into a behaviour which is sometimes foreign to its very nature. 

Being, perhaps, with a mindset formed decades ago, I admire the Shire, the Clydesdale; those massive horses who once were the literal backbone of farming and agriculture in British faming life; banished once machinery took over. I have stroked the noses of horses so large and powerful that they could flatten me without even noticing, but because of their placid nature can be trusted with tiny children. 


But, I digress, back to the subject matter; did Gordon Elliott deserve the tons of appalled digital manure being poured all over him because he sat on a dead horse? He has lost all the horses entrusted to him for training, been temporarily barred from all racecourses until the ‘investigation’ is complete. Is this just, Is it too much; or does he deserve everything poured upon him by ‘outraged’ fans and personalities?

Me? All I would gently remind readers  is that ‘Chevaux’ is preferred in many French restaurants to beef.

Its just another advert

We have all seen, or these days watched, adverts that stick in your mind. We remember them because they are clever, sometimes funny, even rarer when they actually make you think. 

I wrote about a advert which was just short of a creative genius:-

I present an advert for a building society which seemed to me to be the pinnacle of creativity, of a photograph which literally was taken at just the optimum moment, in that which father or grandfather does not immediately take his mind’s eye back to a time when all was truly innocent, and fun, and no-one could do anything but smile, and cuddle that child to your very heart; in the knowledge that those times would be over too, too soon!


But we have also seen adverts which are either sinister, or completely lunatic. An organisation which is supposed to be Christian-based, ANM (Advancing Native Missions) had an advert on the Washington Times news website calling for 35,000 Bibles which were to be sent to Pakistan, of all places. Pakistan, where “Under Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy laws, Christians continue to live in daily fear they will be accused of blasphemy—which can carry a penalty of death.

B.A.M.E. Short form for Superstitious: or just plain bloody-minded because of the Empire?

We have all heard, seen, or heard about the broadcast videos featuring various white and multi-coloured ‘Celebs’ all telling the non-vaxxed to ‘move their collective arses’ towards the vaccination centres. The broadcasters, journalists, politicians and epidemiologists would never, in a million years use language like the afore-mentioned phrase; but since I don’t really care, I’ll speak the truth.

We have all heard these broadcasters dancing around the barn, saying such things as ‘those living in deprived circumstances’; or the equally obtuse ‘Multi-Generational Households’.

The bald statistics are now creeping out of the veil which has, up to now, been shrouding this lunatic attitude towards something which is designed to save their ‘effing lives; these same black, asian and minority idiots who are huddling ever closer together; seemingly chanting, “We don’t trust the NHS, the Politicians, the NHS, because they don’t like us: etc., etc.!”

I read just yesterday of a lady whose elderly relative was being visited by a District Nurse. Presumably, the old lady was being checked for bed sores, etc. which means hands-on touching and moving of the patient, to ensure that the carer is doing their jobs correctly. My own wife is visited regularly for the same purpose, so I know of that which I write about. But the alarming point which the lady made is that, when questioned, this ‘Nurse’ was not vaccinated! So how is she even allowed to visit vulnerable people?

Various Care Home organisations are stating, categorically; ‘If you wish to continue working for us: No Vaxx = No Job.

I care not for civil liberties: ‘if you come near mine, you had better be protected’: Simples! 

The judge gets it wrong; Big Time.

For the lunatic and truly dangerous act of pointing a laser pen’s beam at a helicopter, this moron only got six months, which actually means that the idiot will only serve three months; if that.

Now I don’t know if there were sentencing guidelines which the judge had to observe  when dealing with this moron and his attempt to blind the police pilot; but, if there are such limitations, they should be immediately dispensed with. 

Life without parole, would be MY interpretation of this guidance, because the charge should have been attempted manslaughter!!

Never mind the plot, check out ‘The Good Guys’

I watched a film called ‘Skyscraper’ on Netflix a few months back. The lead ‘actor’, as he was described in the promotion blurbs, was Dwayne Johnson, an alarmingly tall, one-legged ( lost the leg and his career) uber-muscled bloke who climbs, jumps and runs INTO a Hong-Kong based super-tall burning building whilst attempting to rescue his family; who are of course trapped inside this same building.To describe the plot is beyond my memory banks, but the whole burning building thing was created using Computer Graphic Imagery (CGI), so the whole flames, burning skyscraper, crane-jumping thing lost an impact because it was so obviously false.

But the single thing which prompted my interest was the fact that, apart that is from Dwayne and his family, all the ‘Good Guys’ i.e the police, both local and national; were all Chinese: and all the bad guys, were either European Whites, Brown or Black. Could this have been due to the fact that the vast majority of the cash came from Mainland Chinese sources? And we just don’t want to upset ‘The Money’?

US Supreme Court Justices Thomas, Gorsuch and Alito spot on.

When the Supreme Court of the United States decided not to call any Election cases for review, one of the three guys with stainless steel as the major component in their spines took the step of publishing this dissent, beginning with the words “Our fellow citizens deserve better and expect more of us,”.

By a single vote, the SCOTUS denied President Trump his day in court, and Judge Thomas was blunt in calling out the whole electoral system on its failings, time-related, voting scrutiny, and allowance of a fraud-prevalent practice, i.e. Mail-in voting.

As he stated:- “For one thing, as election administrators have long agreed, the risk of fraud is vastly more prevalent for mail-in ballots … The reason is simple: Absentee voting replaces the oversight that exists at polling places with something akin to an honour system.” As a result, one article concluded that, “voting by mail is now common enough and problematic enough that election experts say there have been multiple elections in which no one can say with confidence which candidate was the deserved winner.”  “Because fraud is more prevalent with mail-in ballots, increased use of those ballots raises the likelihood that courts will be asked to adjudicate questions that go to the heart of election confidence,” Thomas reasoned after examining several examples.

He went on to explain:- Filing lawsuits after Election Day “is often incapable of testing allegations of systemic maladministration, voter suppression, or fraud that go to the heart of public confidence in election results,” Thomas noted as additional reason to decide these legal issues now. “An incorrect allegation, left to fester without a robust mechanism to test and disprove it, drives honest citizens out of the democratic process and breeds distrust of our government. Because the judicial system is not well suited to address these kinds of questions in the short time period available immediately after an election, we ought to use available cases outside that truncated context to address these admittedly important questions,” Thomas declared. “Here, we have the opportunity to do so almost two years before the next federal election cycle. Our refusal to do so by hearing these cases is befuddling.


Justice Alito, in his published ‘Dissent’, also stated:- One wonders what this Court waits for. We failed to settle this dispute before the election, and thus provide clear rules. Now we again fail to provide clear rules for future elections. The decision to leave election law hidden beneath a shroud of doubt is baffling. By doing nothing, we invite further confusion and erosion of voter confidence. Our fellow citizens deserve better and expect more of us. I respectfully dissent. 

Americans of a conservative bent, Republican and Democrat alike, have long written off Chief Justice Roberts. In their view; he has long been regarded as ‘soft on everything’: but Kavanaugh and Coney, their lack of action on anything ‘Election-related’; is both puzzling and worrisome!

Its time for Joe Biden to come off of that fence

Whenever I write of Roman Catholics, of their beliefs, their faith, I have to record a self-interest; I used to belong to that Church, I was true to their core beliefs. But times, people and even Churches change. I left that Church because they wanted me to accept their policies without question: I reckoned that the Church was wrong on areas and matters political; so, I walked out midst sermon, and have never been back. 

The ONLY two things where I still stand with that Faith are, first and foremost; my Marriage Vows. Amongst those words were, “In sickness and in health’ was the promise made: and I am a man who keeps my promises. 

The second item is that pertaining to abortion. For long enough, my thinking was “its their bodies, its their decision”, but my mind was changed, and I now reckon that the Catholic Church’s stance on the wholesale slaughter of the unborn, when that Church categorically states that it is wrong, is, in essence, the only position to hold.

Which is why I am of the belief that the Washington Post’s essay on abortion is the start, but only the start, of a challenge to Joe Biden’s comfortable stance on that ‘third-rail’ topic. The Post’s essay, in itself a remarkable thing to see in an Administration-supporting publication such as the WaPo is. Biden’s statements that he accepts it (abortion being wrong) in his ‘personal life; but will not ‘impose it upon others’, is just what we have come to expect from a greasy, corrupt and quite possibly venal politician. 

I suspect that, in this as in so many other policy decisions and statements, he is but the ‘mouthpiece’ for the left-wing interests grouped closely behind that Resolute desk. If he truly was a ‘conviction politician’, he would come straight out and unequivocally support abortion, but that way he would instantly call down upon himself not only the US Bishops, but a hell of a lot more vocal types, many of whom would wish to rain down the very ‘fires of hell’ around Joe Biden’s head.

We have all, unfortunately, seen and heard it all before.

The calls for China to be ‘admonished’, the equally strident shouts of ‘Sanctions Immediately’, the useless calls for action from the UN Security Council; useless because Russia would block any proposal with any teeth, and of course because China wouldn’t take a blind bit of notice. Why all this high-level angst against a Sovereign Nation?

Its all because of the Muslim Uighurs, and their Genocidal treatment by the Communist Chinese State. The Chinese being, above all, astute enough to realise that Muslims, in bulk, do not make for peaceable sectors of population, decided to alter the whole balance of Muslim Uighur life. They built huge concentration camps, named them as ‘Re-Education Centres’, banned any mention of Islam in any part of the Uighurs’ life, forced them into slave labour battalions picking the cotton which China sells to the West, and, in general, behaving just like any other autocratic Dictatorship, only much more so!

We even had the GB&NI Parliament in this mix, with some MPs agitating for the British Supreme Court to be given the power to judge that a Nation has instituted ‘Genocide’ against sectors of its population; and thus to deprive that Nation of trade links. As the British Government reserves to itself that power, the move was only just defeated.

The humbling truth is that all this hot air is just that, wasted energy, The Chinese just won’t listen, because they know that nothing will happen, nothing will change, because they know that the WILL is not there. 


The answer is simple, and is spelled out in one word, one place-name, one country: TIBET.

The Chinese invaded this peaceful Nation in 1951, so peaceful that it didn;t even have a standing army, and totally subjugated Tibet in under a year. Some years later, Tibetans rebelled, the Chinese reacted in their usual manner, thousands died; and the Only man which I regard as having any resemblance to the adjective ‘Holy’ fled to India. The West? We did sweet F*** All! America sent a few Notes. A couple of Nations complained at the UN. Apart from that? NOWT: NOTHING: SWEET F*** ALL!  We even allowed this bunch of geriatric killers to stage the bloody Olympics!

That, folks, is why nothing will happen about the Uighurs. Nothing: Nada: Zilch!

Now lots of Aussies know what Facebook thinks of them.

The Australian Government, altruists all, were worried about the decline of local and national newspapers, and decided to slap a tax upon the social media giants, such as Facebook and Google.  On Thursday morning Facebook began preventing Australian news sites from posting, while also stopping Australian users from sharing or viewing content from any news outlets, both Australian and international. The social media giant said it made the decision in response to the news media bargaining code currently before the Senate, which would force Facebook and Google to negotiate with news companies for payment for content.

Facebook chopped everything from access to its pages, from  state health departments, including SA Health and Queensland Health, who were unable to post; to 1800 Respect, Mission Australia, Hobart Women’s Shelter, National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services, Australian Wildlife Conservancy and a number of other charities were also blocked on Thursday.

Facebook’s top brass are now all running around, pointing fingers and shouting “It Wasn’t Me, Guvnor!’ It seems as though they forgot that a great many ‘little guys’ depended upon the giant’s pages to get the word out, forgetting that Facebook ain’t interested in ‘the little guys’, all they are really interested in is selling adverts, and making a stonking profit while doing so. 

Google, on the other hand, saw immediately the way the wind was blowing, and signed a deal with Murdoch. Although Google had threatened to withdraw its search engine from Australia if the code went ahead, in the past week, Google has signed agreements with some of Australia’s biggest publishers, including News Corp, Nine Entertainment and Seven West Media, for payment for its News Showcase product. The Nine deal is reportedly worth $30m a year.

You cannot get ‘Smart’ on the cheap!

For what is possibly the first time, I read of a Police and Crime Commissioner who was actually talking sense.

BBC Today were talking about the badly-misnamed ‘Smart’ motorways; so-called because they didn’t want to spend £18 millions extra per mile by installing Refuge Areas at the original design distance, namely 500 metres. So they built Refuges at a distance of up to 2 miles, saving £millions. They hadn’t allowed for the Radar setup to spot a breakdown in the former Hard Shoulder, so they built the gantries, switched on the running lights, opened up the Hard Shoulder to normal fast-running traffic: and hoped for the best.

On one sector of the M25, prior to the change to ‘Smart’, there were 72 near misses, or accidents that nearly happened in the previous five years. Since the changeover, there there have been 1,485 in five years.

South Yorkshire PCC Dr Alan Billings stated that “The Department for Transport and Highways England have argued all along that these sorts of motorways are actually safe, they even go as far as to say they are safer than ordinary motorways, now I think that whatever formula they are using to come to that conclusion is wrong.

“The coroner in his verdict has made it pretty clear that these two particular lives in South Yorkshire would not have come to such a sad end if there had been a hard shoulder there, so I think this is new evidence they have to take into account.”

He added: “If they thought this type of motorway was even smarter, or safer, than a conventional motorway, then why not convert the entire system to smart motorways, making it safer? As soon as you say it, I think you realise it’s absurd.

“I think they (smart motorways) were done originally not because it was a safer way of doing a motorway, I think it was done in order to expand the capacity, get the traffic flowing by having an extra lane, but to do it cheaply, and I think we’re trading cost – cheapness – for other people’s lives.”

Adjudicating on two crash deaths on a ‘Smarter’ motorway’, coroner David Urpeth found that Mr Mercer and Mr Murgeanu were unlawfully killed; but Mr Urpeth also warned there was “an ongoing risk of future deaths” from smart motorways without a hard shoulder.

Highways England said it was addressing many of the points raised.

The plain, unvarnished truth is that all these deaths were completely avoidable; they died because of a feverish need to get things done on the cheap, to get the hard shoulder transformed into a ‘running’ lane, without the radar which might have given time to alert staff, and close the lane!

So whats on the Box ternite, Then?

I don’t watch much live television these days. The News broadcasts are, across all spectrums, basically biased in favour of the Left, the Woke, the hysterical and the massed bands of looney-tunes which follow wherever their Marxist leaders call. Most so-called ‘popular’ broadcasts, whether Soaps, ‘Diversified’ crap such as ‘Strictly’, with its same-sex couple dancing; all the quiz show timefillers, (With the honourable exception of ‘Would I Lie To You’) are just as bad. One of the very few Channels which consistently gets my view is ‘Talking Pictures TV’. It features old time films, tv series of the sixties and seventies and sometimes small gems which have been hidden from view for decades. It may well be nostalgic, but those films, those series were true to life as I remember it. However, even TPTV has been MADE to adapt to the ‘easily offended’ and otherwise ‘woke’ audiences by placing a warning about outdated views, language etc; although how anyone can watch this old-time stuff without being aware that, for some people, some language or attitude which hasn’t passed the ‘woke sniff test’ is quite possibly being broadcast to the masses. 

These ‘trigger warnings’ designed to warn the average snowflake, along with self-appointed social justice warriors just get right up my nose. When are we going to see warnings such as ‘the following programme contains gratuitous scenes of simulated same-sex intercourse, which, although legal, may upset those who firmly believe that homosexuality is wrong”; or “the following televised football game may show some players ‘taking the knee’, or adverts for the Marxist bunch known by the misleading title Black Lives Matter’. Although, again speaking personally, you wouldn’t find my remote within a light year of accessing any sports programmes; as I consider them all to be akin to the old ideal of the Roman Empire’s ‘bread and circuses’ pap for the masses.

Small gems which have appeared on TPTV, such as The Small Back Room are now in peril because TPTV has been threatened by an OFCOM investigation because there was a complaint about a showing of series episode on Boxing Day which featured a cast character in BLACKFACE. As Colonel Kurtz might remark, “The Horror, The Horror!’ This small channel, run by a father/daughter combination from a garden shed in Watford, would be financially crippled if stung with a hefty fine from OFCOM. Former BBC chairman Michael Grade stated that he has written to the regulator calling the decision ‘a serious error of judgment and a worrying precedent’. Grade says the investigation into Talking Pictures — which attracts 3.5 million viewers a week — seeks only to ‘patronise, infantilise and demean the intelligence’ of the audience.

So, remember this, when your parents possibly cannot watch films made when THEY were young, this all came about because of ONE complaint from some OFFENDED WOKE CNUT, about a Blackfaced character, in a series which is no longer made, and was shown on Boxing Day, together with that ‘woke warning’; so beloved of those all so easily ‘offended’!

Here is the news, and these are the views.

As I am fascinated with and by American politics, I try and keep myself updated with most things American. The main news source for me comes from two sources. The first is a daily snap-through view of the New York Times. My choice of reading may surprise some, but to paraphrase Sun Tzu “If you know the enemy, and know his thinking and his lies, and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles”. The second comes from The Epoch Times, its webpages and its YouTube videos ‘Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov.’ The Epoch Times has been honoured by demonetization of its YouTube broadcasts; I state honoured’ because if your opponents are trying to silence you, you must be on the right track. I view other resources, but these are the main ones.

Very recently, the Epoch Times ran a survey asking for readers views on their lists of ‘Best’ and ‘Worst’ Presidents. I give you screen-shotted views of both lists:-

Obviously, the opinions and listings are the readers own views brought to life, and of course are coloured by their own experiences; the favourites are self-explanatory: but to place Joe Biden, by 89% as the second least favourite has to say something, even after less than a month into his Presidency.

(Update) One Law for us, but Definitely Another for Them

If a newspaper, a social media user or a TV personality intrudes into my private life, exposes me or mine to ridicule or untrue allegations, and if I have somewhat deep pockets; I can sue them through a British Court of law. The ONLY thing which stops many from resorting to the Courts on this type of activity is that which I mentioned: the Cost of such an action.

When the Mail on Sunday printed whole sections of a letter from Meghan Mullarkey to her estranged Dad, Meghan and her pussy-whipped Prince promptly sued. The newspaper accepted the suit, battle lines were drawn, and various legal avenues were extensively and expensively pursued. The America-based Duchess suddenly applied for a long delay, which was granted for ‘personal reasons’. Mullarkey then asks the Judge for ‘summary judgement’; meaning that the whole idea of a trial is short-circuited, based upon the Judge’s reading of evidence produced in private: and that Judgement is granted.

The question must and should be asked; was the summary judgement given because the evidence submitted in private was so overwhelming, or was it delivered because of who Meghan Mullarkey and her ginger man are?

I don’t normally read or even comment upon these people, their ideals and strange ideas about their privacy, even when they have also revealed that their American mansion has ‘only’ 16 bathrooms: but I do feel comment is necessary when it seems that undue favour has been delivered.


On 11th February, Meghan Mullarkey was handed this victory WITHOUT A TRIAL. Courtesy of a Judge

On 15th February we read this.

Now normally I am no conspiracy theorist or apologist. I prefer facts to fiction, but this concurrence, this almost unbelievable happenstance does give me pause to consider just that. Was she given the ‘Victory without a Trial’ because of the impending release of all those headlines?

Mine own opinion?

I reckon the Mail on Sunday should not delay any further before appealing the Judge’s decision. No lawyer I; but that is what I would do, based upon the evidence already in the public domain.

One Law for us, but Definitely Another for Them

If a newspaper, a social media user or a TV personality intrudes into my private life, exposes me or mine to ridicule or untrue allegations, and if I have somewhat deep pockets; I can sue them through a British Court of law. The ONLY thing which stops many from resorting to the Courts on this type of activity is that which I mentioned: the Cost of such an action.

When the Mail on Sunday printed whole sections of a letter from Meghan Mullarkey to her estranged Dad, Meghan and her pussy-whipped Prince promptly sued. The newspaper accepted the suit, battle lines were drawn, and various legal avenues were extensively and expensively pursued. The America-based Duchess suddenly applied for a long delay, which was granted for ‘personal reasons’. Mullarkey then asks the Judge for ‘summary judgement’; meaning that the whole idea of a trial is short-circuited, based upon the Judge’s reading of evidence produced in private: and that Judgement is granted.

The question must and should be asked; was the summary judgement given because the evidence submitted in private was so overwhelming, or was it delivered because of who Meghan Mullarkey and her ginger man are?

I don’t normally read or even comment upon these people, their ideals and strange ideas about their privacy, even when they have also revealed that their American mansion has ‘only’ 16 bathrooms: but I do feel comment is necessary when it seems that undue favour has been delivered.

Government by Diktat

That the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (All Tiers and Self-Isolation) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2021 (S.I., 2021, No. 97), dated 28 January 2021, a copy of which was laid before this House on 29 January, be approved.

At least there were 24 Tory MPs who had the guts to state that this Government should not govern by Decree. 

At least there were 24 Tory MPs who can see that there is something very, very wrong whereby a Whole Nation is held, with few exceptions, in their own home under threat of heavy fines, or even jail.

At least there are 24 MPs who know what Democratic Accountability looks like.

We now know where we stand exactly with this so-called Tory Prime Minister, along with his lackeys!