I began with phone taps, but end with guns, and death in Dallas

WikiLeaks has just dropped a whole pile of documentation detailing how the Russians tap, and spy on mobile and computer devices alike. They have always been fairly open about it, so I don’t really understand all the fuss. I mean, Soviet Russia did it the old-fashioned way, through bribery, force, intimidation and of course; the KGB. Russia has continued the practice without some, but not all, of the blood and terror. The onlooker might ask, ‘So what else is new?’

The reply might worry many in the West. That reply? Russia has always done it, but more openly now than in the past. But the real difference is the fact of the discovery that America was using exactly the same means for long enough, until the Snowden leaks made transparent the invidious existence of the FISA courts, the secret intercepts approved for mass trawling of phone and email conversations; and all of course, for the greater good.

What I would like to see and hear is, from the vast amounts of data hovered up by the likes of the NSA under apparently fully-legal mass surveillance techniques, how many people were actually prosecuted for any criminal activity at all! I was checking through the ACLU pages on this, and, whilst they actually know of ONE case, the former Attorney General Holder (he of the Contempt of the House of Representatives) had stated that the Justice Department was ‘thinking’ about telling people that they were being investigated or charged on evidence gathered by covert means; which is against everything that America actually stands for.

So, Russia condemned for being ‘as usual’, the Obama bunch just kept Schtum! I wonder when Trump’s attack dogs will ferret around, and start unearthing more of the dirty deeds from the days of ‘Fast and Furious’? You remember ‘Fast and Furious”, don’t you? Nope, it wasn’t a bunch of films about fast cars; but instead a typically shady deal between Holder’s DoJ and the ATF, positioned so that guns would be ‘Gun-Walked’ or placed on the open market, and tracked towards Mexico, and then the furore would commence about the easy access of Americans to buy long guns, sniper as well as semi-automatic rifles, with a view to side-swiping the NRA, and bringing gun-control in by the back door.

So, over two thousand weapons, large and small, were trafficked across the border; but someone forgot to maybe read the memo, and the guns were not fitted with tracking devices; and away they went, straight into the hands of the cartels. From their bloody hands those weapons went to fuel, amongst many others, the death of the brother of the former attorney general of the state of Chihuahua, when Fast and Furious weapons were found at the scene. But the ATF, Holder & Co.’s horrendous judgment continues to take a toll. By the time of the House’s contempt vote, some 300 Mexicans had been killed or wounded by Fast and Furious firearms, and that number has surely risen. In December 2013, a ‘walked’ gun was found at the site of a gunfight at a Mexican resort that left five cartel members dead. The guns have found their way north, too; with one American, U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry dead from the gunfire of ‘Fast and Furious’ weaponry. In amongst the weaponry ‘walked’ across the border were thirteen long guns similar to a .50 Calibre Barrett, which, given the right shells and a steady aim, will down a helicopter, never mind a car. One was retrieved when El Chapo was arrested, so there are only twelve missing, which is kinda’ comforting: but only kinda’!

Strangely enough, after an investigation by Darrell Issa (R., Calif.) uncovered a paper trail a mile long, Obama claimed ‘executive privilege’ over that portion of the documents which Holder’s merry men had withheld from the House Investigation. The Obama Administration later claimed ‘victory’ when fourteen ATf officials were disciplined, whilst stating that the 1,300 pages withheld from the inquiry reached Holder’s desk, but somehow he never got around to reading them!

Oh, and just by the bye; a weapon owned by Nadir Soofi, one of the two Muslim terrorists who tried to shoot up Pamela Geller’s “Draw Muhammad” contest in Dallas, Texas last May, was acquired through Fast and Furious.


Like a preacher in an empty, echoing hall

May might, or indeed May might not, understand how the world looked at the foolish manner in which she chose to speak like a headmistress of a school in ‘special measures’, rather than the Prime Minister of a Country which decided, by itself, not to take this woman’s advice by voting ‘Leave’!

The image at 4.42 of the reception of Theresa May’s turgid speech in the UN’s great hall speaks volumes without uttering a word. The rows upon row of empty seats spoke volumes about not only her ideas of a being a world leader; but also about the stupid, silly and, in the end, disastrous policies she has chosen to lumber this Nation with, within her time as Prime Minister, and also when Home Secretary.

Burbling on about bloody Gender Equality and terror, when she can’t even give any money out of the £13 billion quid available through DfID to fix the damaged British Overseas Islands in the Caribbean because she’s signed it all away through the bloody OECD, is but typical of this woman who only became Prime Minister by default, and then squandered her precious majority away. Terror? Yes, let all the Fuzzies-wuzzies and Dervishes in, they are all deserving, even if they preach of Jihad, and of the necessity to plant bombs and kill people! Two strongly Right-wing commentators? Nope they are not conducive to the public good!

I have written before of supporting the Prime Minister, but now? Let’s have a true contest, and get someone who lives and speaks as a Patriot, not as a self-serving drone!

…and who censors the Censors?

I have never viewed RT on a news cycle time, as I am listening to the BBC in the morning; but had to visit my daughter this morning: she had the tv on, so I tuned in to RT. Fair enough, the news items were, of the ones I viewed, a tad sarcastic to the West, but, strangely enough, a lot more balanced that I might have expected.

The item which I took most notice of was of the row between Tech. giants such as Google, Facebook and the like; and the US Congress. Seems as though Congress wants to push through the ‘Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act’, which intends to allow an exception to the blanket protection given to online platforms over what their users get up to. The Act is built around the workings of websites such as Backpage.com, which offers its services to post jobs, shopping, holidays, but also dates and offers of sex, albeit at second-hand.

The websites operate under the protection of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, and Section 230(c)(1) provides immunity from liability for providers and users of an “interactive computer service” who publish information provided by others: No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider. The Tech Guys like this section, because it gives them blanket cover against nasty intrusive citizens who wish to sue the hell out of one of ‘the big guys’, along with the offending websites, for whatever reason under the sun; and they definitely don’t want to see change: except change on their terms!

RT also broadcast the other side of the same coin, which shows a slightly different type of thinking when the Tech Guys want to shut someone down, remove pages and indeed complete websites because they promote ‘Hate Speech’, which, I think readers might appreciate, covers virtually everything which earns the disapproval of the ‘straight-laced’ Facebook, or Google, who famously stated ‘Don’t be evil’ as a core belief. There’s plenty out there which would suffer the instant ‘Death by Removal’ from their Search Engines or Algorithms if the likes of of Mark Zuckerberg or Larry Page had those pages brought to their attention; but hey; they can do that because they’re both private companies, and also because they’re definitely ‘holier than thou’; and they have the muscle to do it; but they strangely don’t want to give the Government the power to do exactly what they are doing every frikkin’ day! They fiercely chant ‘First Amendment’ when it suits them, but kinda’ forget the whole goddamn Constitution when they decide to close off access to some blogsite or website through their Search engines, because it just doesn’t fit their idea of what is, and isn’t, acceptable.

When I view such activities, when I read of the power of such as that which the Tech Guys wield, I am reminded of only one set of actions, one set of philosophies, and one terrible outcome! Some may state I am totally overboard in my summations; but  remember that a whole, well-educated Nation followed, believed in, and ultimately suffered a terrible defeat; for Time Magazine’s Man of the Year 1938!

Lord Dubs has got an awful lot to answer for.

It has been suggested that the ‘Authorities’ had been warned of the actions of the teenage Parson’s Green bomber weeks ago; including the “Prevent” bunch which is supposed to check radicalisation of young muslims.

Here we see a picture of the ‘Authority’s answer to the queries:-


A classic case of bolting door AFTER the ‘effing Horse has not only bolted, but delivered the ‘effing bomb. It was through sheer luck, and the inexperience and incompetence of this Muslim Maniac, that we are not watching multiple funerals in the days and weeks to come; along with dozens maimed in hospital.  The Manchester jihadi followed a (for him) better pattern, and he delivered his mass murder with precision and glee.

‘Prevent’ has cost this Nation tens of millions; and what do we see for our cash? A murderous thug allowed to walk and cycle freely, even after he was picked up and questioned! He was probably allowed to walk because he was a ‘Child Refugee’ Muslim, and therefore incapable of the mass murder he was so inevitably drawn to.

Could it: Would it possibly be that the ‘Bucket and Lidl Bag Bomber’ is one of those ‘ever-so-special Child Migrants’ who were bussed in behind draped scaffolding some fifteen foot high? The drapes were there because of the outrage caused by the MEN who were pictured walking, grinning, towards the gates in Dover!

Campaigners wanted  3,000 Syrian and other ‘Children’ in Europe to be found homes in the UK, with Lord Dubs sitting cheering from the House of Lords. It was all about the ‘Child Migrants’.

Lord Dubs has got an awful lot to answer for.

Smart meters?

We who live in the United Kingdom have been bombarded with t.v. adverts, leaflets, special offers (time-limited), all in the sacred name of the so-called Smart Meters: to be offered and fitted into every UK property on both grids.

  • We are told that they are free.They are most definitely not free, the cost is to the customer, but spread over ten years (I think) so the apparent cost is allegedly minimal.
  • We are told that it is a UK Government initiative. This again is incorrect, as the push comes from European Union requirements and secondary legislation, on the slippery grounds of both Harmonisation, and battling ‘Climate change’.
  • We are told that, with a ‘smart meter’ fitted, you will be able to check your energy usage at a minutes’ notice; and that you will ‘save money’ if a smart meter is fitted.

Now let us examine that last statement very carefully. You will be able to check your energy usage? Yes you will. I have no problem with that statement. But the second phrase: ‘you will save money if a ‘smart meter’ is fitted? Now folks, the only way or manner to save money, with or indeed without one of these small ‘gizmos’ is to switch things off, so the electrons and energy stop flowing through the circuit. You can, if you wish swap to another supplier, but the ‘true’ savings are minimal, at best.

So, are we being ‘lied to’ in order to get a truly dodgy piece of kit switched int to your home services? Yes, is the answer, the ONLY way to pay less cash for the same electricity is to switch the damn thing off, and; when the washing machine is half-way through its’ cycle because it is ‘costing’ too much, all you are left with is a bundle of sopping wet shirts etc. which you cannot get out of the machine because the programming is telling the machine that there is still a heap of water in there, along with the half-washed shirts.

The ONLY people to benefit from ‘Smart meters’ are:-

  • The Meter manufacturers, having been handed a multi-million contract to fit gear which will be only of use to:-
  • The Power companies. Why? Because they can cut your supply off at the touch of a computer mouse if they need to ‘shed load’ for frequency-matching purposes; or
  • Because if you are late paying your bill, they can chop your supply off without hesitation; and:-
  • They don’t need to employ expensive meter readers, because; when the kit is working correctly, the total bill is available automatically at the power company’s monitor screens, computers and printers.

Into the bargain, because of the insane way in which Government thinks of ‘high-tech’ equipment; which is to believe that electronic, computer-controlled and software operated bits of kit will work perfectly straight out of the box: when any half-aware computer-literate bloke will tell them that this never, ever happens. The ONLY way to introduce gear like this on a National basis is simply to approach it on an area test case, where the technicians who are supposed to stick the gear into your power switch are trained to accept all areas of the technology: and then to run things on a three-month basis, wheedling out all the screw-ups, logging same and cataloguing them so the technicians know what to expect when the system goes National.

And then someone pops his head around the corner, and tells you that its all gone wrong, because the first ship-load of kit is being superseded by another, and you have to start all over again!

I have built and commissioned Water and Sewage pumping stations, sections of a Nuclear Power Station, Defence installations, Electrical substations and high-rise buildings, and they all are the same: you check all and every interlock forwards and backwards; you always either see it done yourself, or hand over to trusted subordinates; and when the Client shakes your hand: then you know it is accepted.


FAB: but not exactly Fabulous.

We here within the borders of the British Isles have, mostly, always considered one area to be above all sacred, to be preserved for posterity; for the purpose of Remembrance, and for relatives, friends and seekers after knowledge of their forbears. I speak of Cemeteries, of the anguish of losing a loved one, of the sheer relief of being able to visit the place that holds their loved one’s remains. I have written of the anger when a ‘yob’ desecrates a National Memorial.

I have also written commemorating the loss felt when my own sister died so tragically young, so long ago. There is a small North-Eastern town in England which I used to call home, despite working far away so long ago. In that town there sits a small Catholic church, with cemetery adjacent. Within the confines of that Cemeterylie the mortal remains of my beloved sister, who died at the age of sixteen from leukaemia. Her death shattered my Dad, who never completely recovered from her loss, and my Mum wasn’t much better in her grief. There is just a green sward where she lies; no stone, no winged angel, no border resplendent with flowers; because her face is before me as I write these lines. We three remaining brothers need no chiselled granite to remind us of our sister, and so it is.

So it is perhaps fitting that I write of the planned and proposed desecration of a grubby, slightly overgrown patch of land in Alderney, in our Channel Islands. Seems as though a consortium has received approval to shuttle electricity from France to the United Kingdom via the tiny island of Alderney, and that route goes straight through the place where many, but certainly not all victims of island-based Nazi ferocity were laid to their rest after brutal treatment at the hands of their Nazi overlords. Are we to stand silently by while ‘Progress’ towards a project which boasts of Energy Security, of Environmental protections, and of Economic Benefits: rides roughshod over the place where unknown and unnamed victims of the Nazis lie, in place which is soon to be trenched, excavated and built upon? The story is present in the pages of the Sunday Times, but, being paywalled, offers no link.


Do as I shall do, which is write to your MP, write to your local newspapers, and lets see if we can stop the Behemoth which is Europe before those graves are disturbed forever.