Charlie discovers the limitations of a Constitutional Monarch

Note the sticky tape slapped firmly across his big mouth: and hear those words for the first time: “And Its About Time Too”.

Here is a man who has lacked for nothing from the day he was born, allowed by a Mother to make his own path in life, instead of following his gracious Mother’s worldly wise manner of saying absolutely now’t at all; apart that is from giving the occasional speech, or cheering on her horses.

Suddenly, he has to learn that a Constitutional Monarch has no opinion at all, no matter how much he just ‘Knows’ he has to speak out.

Get used to it, Charlie, you’re in good health: just enjoy the castles, and the fact that, really, you just have to learn that someone else is the boss, and you are just the Figurehead.

The Police turned their backs upon their Sovereign.

At this time of our national mourning, I wish to speak not of our late Monarch, but of the overbearing role of the Government and Police; as opposed to the British public, in our Four Nations. This decline can best be illustrated by photographs: The first is a photo of the queue which was formed to view the late Sovereign’s King George the 6th Lying-in-State: the second is of the new Queen’s Coronation procession, and the third is the heavy-handed attitude of our own version of the Stasi.

The decline, as I and many others see it, is mirrored in the passage of seventy years, and in our loss of personal freedoms. When the late King died, we did not need a massive system of corralling the thousands who wished to pay their respects to their late King. We did not need a host of uniformed nonentities, all wearing those fairly silly fluorescent yellow vests, all proclaiming, “We are your masters! You WILL do as you are told,” as was all so very, very obvious; during those five amazing days and nights when over four hundred thousand ordinary people chose to pay their respects to their late Monarch.

The queue to view the late King George’s Lying-in-State was just over 300,000 strong, possibly less in number that for the Queen; but they had queued, six and eight deep, for over four miles in freezing rain and snow, without any more security than the occasional policeman, caped against that same wind and snow, passing calmly by, with no bloody yellow vest to blare out that he was the BOSS, no barriers at all because it was unthinkable to even accept that it was possible that someone might jump that most British of institutions: the Queue.

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Chris Kaba died because he was aiming his car at the Policeman.

Career Criminal Chris Kaba was ARMED with a speeding car, aimed at the Policeman who shot the black clown down in self defence

This particular Black Life definitely did not matter, especially when the Armed Officer was defending himself against a known career criminal, who was attempting to escape by driving his car straight at the Policeman.

I am not, as I have maybe mentioned before, a fan of today’s Police, and of the English Police Constabularies. They have become too politicised, too ready to take the offenders’ side of things, too ready to deal with non-existent Hate Crimes; as opposed to actually going out and protecting the Public against Criminality.

But the ‘Suspended’ armed policeman has been the victim of a left-wing cabal, including the Muslim Mayor Khan: whose actions and statements spurred the Met. into suspending this brave man, who was only doing his job; and doing it to the best of his training and ability.

Unlike many millions of British people, I used to own and regularly carried a weapon. It was a .38 calibre Taurus revolver, and I carried it in what was, and still is, one of the most dangerous countries in the world: South Africa. I was forced to draw and fire it in self-defence, but I aimed at the ground because I only wanted to warn the black clown who was advancing on me with a knife. He turned and ran. But I was subsequently visited by a very senior South African Police Major, who warned me that I was given my licence so that I should follow the rules, and shoot to kill. If I reckoned that I could not aim for the best ‘body mass’ of the assailant, I should give up my licence, and sell my weapon. I also had to attend a six week course at a regulated gun club range, so I could re-qualify as a registered licence holder.

The ‘Suspended Policeman’ deserves our support and encouragement, if only because he has been trained to react in the only manner possible when either protecting others, or in self-defence! 

David Beckham. Now there strides a MAN.


Having waited for decades has `GB&NI’ finally found, almost by accident, a HERO worthy of the title.

David Beckham joined that amazing tribute queue for the late Queen, standing and slowly walking, alongside everyone else, from 2 a.m. in the morning using the simple disguise of a dark suit, a cloth cap, and not even considering the offer of a free pass from an MP.

I will be honest, I don’t hold much time for the present crop of Celebrities. In fact, the ONLY man in civilian life whom I would have thought able to carry the title of ‘hero’ before the grin and wispy beard worn by one David Beckham walked that slow, steady five-odd miles; is another footballer, a certain Jackie Milburn. Possibly the ONLY person whose funeral cortege could have completely stopped all Newcastle road traffic on its journey towards St. Nicholas’ Cathedral from his home town of Ashington.

Again, I give you David Beckham, a MAN who knows that the values of his grandfather mean more than all the false trumpery of modern day ‘Celebrity’.

But before I finish, perhaps a comment or two on the ‘planners’ who charted the route, set the rules, and then left it to contractors who presumably tendered for their time in managing that amazing queue.  The ‘Elite’ in amongst the civil service who were given the task of completing the tasks laid down by Her Majesty, who did play a large part in the service, routes, attendances etc. did well by their mates, in allegedly high, and more than likely low, places. Viewers will perhaps be more than annoyed to see that all MPs, and members of the Lords, along with most of the Whitehall scroungers; have been given free passes, for themselves and for four of their cronies, as well as the usual scrounging flock of ‘;Media Slebs’ so that they didn’t have to share even the same air, never mind the same flagstones, as the patient thousands who have dutifully walked those miles from Southwark to Westminster.

If there is an afterlife, I would guess that those famous lips might well be more than firmly pressed together in a semblance of annoyance at the manner in which the Swamp always looks after its own! 

A ‘Site’ for Sore Eyes

Some two odd years ago, my optometrist told me that my eyesight would be deteriorating over the next year, because of cataracts developing in both of my eyes. I felt reassured, because the cataracts had not developed to such an extent that my vision was not yet impaired.

A year later, another eye sight test, and the Main Man told me that I should consider putting myself and the eye test results forward, via my GP, to the NHS, for consideration as to Cataract Surgery. I agreed, because if a specialist states I may soon have a problem, I wanted to do something towards the removal of that problem.

In due course, at the lava-flow speed of the NHS, I received instructions from the NHS that I could book a consultation with an eye specialist. I followed the booking procedure, and received word that, yes, I could make an appointment: but only after a waiting period of forty eight weeks. After a short pause to check if my bank balance was still healthy, I commenced calling all the Private Hospitals to see if my needs could be accomodated. I chose a Newcastle Hospital, as the optical surgery people said that there were vacancies with only a six week wait before the surgery could be done. This of course was at a cost of +/-£2,500.00. I was given the full test treatment, eyes measured for the lens replacement, and had my Left Eye given the full ‘decoke’ treatment. After a three week wait, so my eye sight could adjust itself to the new lens, I found that my left eyesight had gained the full clarity of fifty years ago. 

As I really could not afford another private operation, I set myself to wait; but Lady Luck smiled, and I was contacted by the NHS, and asked If I could take up an appointment which had been cancelled at short notice. So, early March, I was there like a shot, but found that, as opposed to Private Practice, everything moved with that afore-mentioned lave flow speed. I had one appointment with a female consultant, who had all my notes. She checked me out, then told me that I would be given another appointment to be measured. I did murmur that I wondered why I couldn’t be measured then and there, as they had all the latest optical equipment. I honestly did not know until that moment that a facial expression could mirror the mind behind that face, but I learnt at the speed of light that this was the NHS, not private practice, and everyone had to take their place in the queue. 

So I returned, and had my right eye’s lens measured. I then had to cancel the first operation appointment, because I had an attack of the Virus, so had to wait six weeks, as the hospital demanded that no possibility existed of the virus getting exposed in one of their operating theatres. But I eventually got to lie down, and have this alarmingly attractive young woman (Well, at my age everyone is young) slice into my eye, and conduct the whole caboodle with care and accuracy. I had to return in two weeks, so this young woman could remove the suture she had placed on the top corner of my eye, and three weeks after that, I was eye-tested, and given the all-clear.

So the reader may ask why an eighty-one year old bloke is describing the tortuous route towards regaining full vision with the cataract operations. It is simply this: if you drive, you MUST, MUST, MUST, ensure that your vision meets the legal requirement for driving, you have to be able to read a vehicle number plate at 20 metres. (66 feet away). The DVLA requires that, if you cannot meet that standard, you remove yourself from driving, until an optometrist conducts the tests, and allows for corrective glasses, or indeed an operation, which will then allow you to drive safely.

Grandfather James Tassell would be alive today if “Reckless and foolish” Peter Gardner, 82, nearly the same age as myself, had such poor vision he “shouldn’t have been driving” when he “catapulted” James Tassell six feet into the air. His vision was so bad he could not make out a car licence plate three metres (9ft 10ins) away.

A court also heard the retired rail worker had recently been told by an optician he may be developing cataracts – but failed to arrange a follow-up appointment.

Memphis Belle: & The Cold Blue

Last night I watched a film. Although it was a fiction film, it successfully told the story of what is probably the most famous bomber in the world, a B-17 bomber named Memphis Belle, and her crew. The real reason for her fame is the simple fact that the ‘Belle’, along with her crew of ten, was immortalised as the first bomber and crew to survive 25 missions against Nazi Germany. I also own, and have watched once more just a few weeks ago, a very different story about the same war, the same aircraft, but with slightly different numbers; the numbers were over three hundred B-17s at a time, as the Eighth U.S.A.A.F. sent thousands of young American boys into battle, 25,000 feet in the air. That heroic effort was immortalised into a Documentary DVD named The Cold Blue. Parts of The Cold Blue featured film shot during combat missions by the director William Wyler and his cameraman team, sharing the cold, the dangers and sometimes the death which accompanied every raid. The ONLY disappointing thing to report on this moving tribute to true bravery is that the DVD is only available for REGION ONE.

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Net Zero exposed as the Pipe-Dream it always was.

Combined Cycle Gas Turbines produced 49% of GB&NI’s Electricity Yesterday

This meter can be checked at this website, which shows all of GB&NI’s Electricity Generation and needs.

CCGT is a complex mix of a Gas Turbine generating electricity by turning a huge Alternator, then using the waste heat to boil water producing superheated steam, which then turns a steam turbine which connects to another Alternator producing even more Electricity.

This shows how dependant GB&NI really is on Gas as its primary reliable source of Generated Power. The question which must be asked, and answered by both Bloody Boris, and his talking puppet Alok Sharma, is this: “Did either of you view this webpage, and the CCGT metering, have it explained by an expert who understands the whole process of Generating Electricity: before going on to promise in COP26; that you would remove all fossil fuels from the Generating Mix long before 2050; on the way towards your suicidal path towards ‘effing Net Zero?’

My evidence at the Holocaust Memorial Enquiry, inclusive of that small CENSORED Paragraph

The video record of the Allied Cameramen, finalised in the possible name Holocaust; Night Will Fall, can be found here.

The Scourge of the Swastika can be located at this link on Amazon

One of the many pages of The Enquiry Record can be located Here..

The censored Paragraph is replicated here:-

Some 99.9% of the parents and families of those Ten Thousand ‘Kindertransport’ children perished in the ovens of the Nazi Death Machine; that same Machine which of course was allegedly never known about, never revealed, and never-ever discussed by a totally “innocent” German population. The very same population who roared their approval during the Berlin and Munich monologues from their idol Adolf!

The Appeal Court’s decision to block the Memorial has itself been blocked by the Minister, and the Memorial, despite the judge’s decision, will now proceed.

Right Wing News and the BBC

I recorded and added this video to my blogsite because I think both the news it holds, and the sentiment it celebrates, which is Good News for the Right Wing in Florida, is just as important as the items which is broadcast and given prominence by the BBC.

I mention, towards the end of my small video, about the Attorney General of the United States, the Top legal official in the land, and his sending FBI agents to target ordinary citizens of America, because they had the sheer audacity to question Loudoun County School Board regarding transgender teaching, along with critical race theory, in Loudoun schools.

The Attorney General responded to a letter sent by the National School Board, a letter which was edited and supported by the White House, to President Biden, who then sent it to the Attorney General, calling those parents “Domestic Terrorists”

That letter, which was subsequently denied by the full NSBA, was the match which caused the blow-out in the Democratic Party’s hold over Florida’s Schools.

Real Sneaky! A Swift but Necessary Word of Warning.

We all know that the energy bills are heading skywards. Indeed, you would have to be at least a hermit  on a religious retreat, to be unaware of the forthcoming Hyper Rise in the price of both Gas and Electric.

But here’s the thing. I’m one of the small band of brothers who get their bills delivered through the letterbox. I have always demanded this small diversion from the relentless march of everything digital. Electricity, Gas, Water, they are all the same, paper bills which cannot be missed in the ‘Inbox’, cannot be deleted by mistake, are there in physical form which simply reminds you that “Sunshine, you gotta’ see to this, pronto!”

So, as I am on a Direct Debit with the Electric & Gas company, I get to see how much is being removed from my bank account every quarter. As you probably know, the Energy Companies compute how much you will be using over the year, divide it by twelve, and thats your Direct Debit.

So this month, the first bill came through, and it was a bit different, because it only showed my electricity bill. About three days later, a second bill came sliding up, and it showed approximately what I expected, which was a small usage of Electricity, a much smaller usage of Gas: leading to a credit surplus left after the payments had ben made to the company: WHICH IS WHAT I WOULD EXPECT.

However, two days after the second bill, a third quarterly bill arrives, and with the aid of ADJUSTMENTS, all the surplus had been wiped out, and I was left, in the opinion of the Energy Company, with just over £1.00 sterling in credit.

So, as I have time to spare these days, I joined the complaints queue, and after waiting just over an hour, I at last spoke to a human being. I explained my dilemma, and asked this bloke, who was actually pretty nice, if he could help me through the mists, and locate my missing money, He called up my bill details, hemmed and harred a bit, call up another screen, and then said that I was dead right, there had been a computer switch-over, some accounts had got confused, and this would be rectified straight away. 

Now this is the important bit. He did say that if I hadn’t called up, hadn’t joined the ‘call waiting queue’, hadn’t taken the time to check things out, hadn’t ensured an investigation: the errors would not have been discovered, and I would have been overcharged right up the Khyber Pass.

Check your bills, because everything is computerised, everything is digitised; and if you don’t commence throwing things, even if it is harsh words over a telephone, nothing gets adjusted: because the Computer Never Lies.

Death, Where Is Thy Sting?

My viewpoint, especially on the ‘fans’ leaving booze, is mirrored in real life. I will gladly admit, the half-empty bottles were not filled with Tequila: they were half-filled with Vodka. As I again ask, “What’s the point”? The object of their adoration is dead; no-one expects the dozey bitch to suddenly  return and state, “Thanks for all the messages; and yeah, maybe I should have laid off the booze; but I didn’t believe that it would kill me.” 

The Death Machinery of the NHS

As I remarked during that video, the viewer might find the title somewhat exaggerated; and I would robustly defend my remarks.

Months after my beloved’s death, a death following a heart attack after recovery from the operation, and a death after she was given absolutely nothing to stay, or prevent, or indeed help recover from that attack: and after her Inquest where the hospital’s action and inaction was defended with the words, “It could possibly have been handled better,” I received formal apologies and expressions of condolence from the hospital.

My wife is dead, there is nothing I can say which can describe the grief I felt. I even contacted the Health Secretary to complain about the methods whereby a patient’s ultimate journey is judged and set by STATISTICS; his office replied, simply defending the status quo.

Don’t Pay?

I came across a ‘more than unusual’ website t’other morning. It’s premise is simple, the organisers see ahead of this nation a terrible future. A future where families will have to choose whether ‘TO EAT, OR TO HEAT’. 

They see an immediate future where millions of ordinary Britons will be forced to pay three or four hundred percent the normal costs for gas and electricity because the power companies are choosing to charge ordinary customers at International Rates, for gas and electricity  which they themselves are producing at little above the normal cost basis what it costs them.

I reference the QUARTERLY profit statements for BP, where this giant Oil Producer and Trader made, after tax, £9 billion.

So, this website. Their name is simple Don’t Pay UK. 

They are proposing a massive drive for civil disobedience in GB&NI. Their idea is, again, simple. As the Poll Tax disobedience began, which helped fell Margaret Thatcher, millions of people simply stated “We are Not Paying”. They state “we are demanding a reduction of energy bills to an affordable level. Our leverage is that we will gather a million people to pledge not to pay if the government goes ahead with another massive hike on October 1st.

H’mmmmm! I just wonder. I really do.

The All-Powerful Social Workers, and the Child they condemned to DEATH

The Local Child Safeguarding Practice Review for Leiland-James Michael Corkill was produced today. It consists of three pages, NO MORE, and two of those pages hold the actions deemed necessary to prevent future actions of the Social Workers allowing anything like this to happen again. No Apology to that grief-stricken mother. Absolutely no admission of Guilt on the part of that so-called Social Working Team who snatched that infant from his mother’s bedside! Not even the term “SORRY”. No words stating the correctness of the Social Workers who removed that tiny infant from his mother’s side as she lay in the maternity ward. They snatched that infant because IN THEIR BLOODY OPINION, her prior association with a brutal ex-partner produced worry which confirmed that she could not cope with a new-born baby, SO THEY TOOK THAT TINY INFANT, AND CONDEMNED HIM TO DEATH BY LEAVING HIM WITH A WOMAN WHO MURDERED HIM A YEAR LATER!

So what happened to that Free Speech we were supposed to be so proud of?

Maureen Maud MARTIN was a candidate for mayor of Lewisham in the south of London this year as the Chrstian People’s Alliance Party. She has stood for election eight times in both local and national elections, and been unsuccessful every time. But she has not been deterred by her lack of success, presumably being of the mind which states ‘Try and Try again’. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. She is partially hobbled by her association with a religious/political organisation, the likes of which have never proved popular with English voters, but she presumably reckons that the proverbial ‘Never say Never’ could work for her.

So, she stood for Mayor, and as usual, she, along with all the other candidates, produced campaign leaflets. But Maureen’s leaflet was subtly different from the other candidates, in that she brought her long-standing private beliefs into the public arena. Whether she was wise to do this? Possibly not, but she definitely wasn’t breaking any Law, and as well asserting her right to Free Speech. There was the totally predictable ‘Offensive’ scream from Pink News and the other Leftist rags, moans about hurt feelings, homophobia (whatever that is translated as) and the usual garbage thrown at anyone who wished to upset the sitting apple cart. 

The Returning Officer stated, quite correctly that “It is not the role of the returning officer to make determinations on whether the content of any address breaks any other legislation.”. 

“You may think that in a democracy a candidate for election is well within her rights to state her support for a view which the courts have repeatedly held is “worthy of respect in a democratic society”

So, Maureen stood for election, and lost, which is where this story should have ended, rather predictably. But there was more to come.  Maureen’s employer, the London & Quadrant Housing Trust (L&Q), disagreed. Following the usual fuss on Twitter among activists, two days after she published the leaflet Maureen was summoned by her employer for an “investigation meeting” because managers had received three complaints.

An L&Q manager claimed during the investigation meeting that for Maureen to air her views “so publicly when you’re clearly linked to L&Q” could bring the trust into “disrepute”.

After the meeting, Mauren was summarily dismissed. 

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, said: “We have never seen a case like this which sends a crushing message to anyone who believes in Christian marriage and wishes to express those beliefs at work or in public office.

“LGBT ideology fuelled by Stonewall activists has captured institutions to such an extent that free speech and Christian freedoms have been intimidated into silenced.

“Maureen is a courageous woman who has been treated appallingly for having the guts to declare her belief that marriage between a man and a woman is best for children and our society.

“We stand shoulder to shoulder with her as she seeks justice.”

And, folks so do I. I may not agree with her placing her religious beliefs in a campaign leaflet, but, by doing so, she was doing nothing illegal or wrong.