If you want rainbow icing; do it yourself!

Readers will hopefully remember my post on the ‘gay cake’ saga, both in the United States, as well as here in the United Kingdom. Well, the UK Supreme Court has just ruled, as has been announced within the last hours, that  Ashers Bakery did not discriminate in any way by their refusal to bake a cake which was to hold an iced message supporting same-sex, or ‘gay’ marriage. The complainant wanted Ashers to bake and ice him a cake which was to speak a message supporting homosexual marriage, and Ashers Bakery stated that, in terms of their own religious beliefs, they would not go against the teaching by which they live, by completing the order.

The UK Supreme Court, in a unanimous judgment, supported the stance of the Christian bakers, upheld their defence that they did not discriminate against their customer because he was a homosexual, but that they were unable to produce a cake with a slogan which went against everything in which they believed.

Lady Hale stated:- Freedom of expression, as guaranteed by article 10 of the European convention on human rights, includes the right “not to express an opinion which one does not hold”, Hale added. “This court has held that nobody should be forced to have or express a political opinion in which he does not believe,” she said.

The complainant, Gareth Lee, disagreed with the verdict, stating: I’m very confused about what this actually means. We need certainty when you go to a business. I’m concerned that this has implications for myself and for every single person. The original decision to turn down his order had left him feeling like a “second-class citizen”, he said.

Not at all, mate: what you are really saying is that you didn’t get your way this time, but you will no doubt try again with another baker, printer or confectioner, and drag them through the courts until you gain the verdict you bloody want!

A prominent gay spokesman, namely Peter Tatchell, whom I have always admired despite his sexual preferences, mainly because he speaks his mind; stated:- “This verdict is a victory for freedom of expression. As well as meaning that Ashers cannot be legally forced to aid the promotion of same-sex marriage, it also means that gay bakers cannot be compelled by law to decorate cakes with anti-gay marriage slogans. Although I profoundly disagree with Ashers opposition to marriage equality, in a free society neither they nor anyone else should be forced to facilitate a political idea that they oppose.

The ruling does not permit anyone to discriminate against LGBT people. Such discrimination rightly remains unlawful.”

Meanwhile, the bitterly upset Gareth Lee is considering an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. Awww; diddums!

Rapist; thief; liar; fraudster; bogus asylum seeker………Good enough!

British Citizenship & Passport eligibility >>> Tesco shopping list

There are more checks done on an online shopping list than those applied to the issue of a British Passport.

And just to make things worse, guess where the people work who decide who gets a British Passport?



Moreover, far too much reliance was placed on self-declaration by applicants so unless an applicant declared financial problems or that they had practised tax avoidance and benefit fraud, no other checks were made to verify this. In some cases, applicants who had very poor immigration histories over long periods, including during the qualifying period for naturalisation, were granted citizenship. The poor histories included having no leave to enter or remain for long periods, working illegally and absconding.

“The granting of British citizenship is a profoundly significant step for both the individual and the UK,” said Vine. “Therefore, I was concerned to find that nationality casework [part of UKVI] had not struck the right balance between this and the need to scrutinise applications thoroughly to ensure that decisions to grant British citizenship were evidence-based. UKVI guidance which allowed case workers to disregard evasion of immigration control during the qualifying period, where there was no other evidence to cast doubt on an applicant’s good character, had resulted in a ‘blanket approach’ being adopted.”


Down amongst the dead men

I note that the Telegraph Leader this morning praises the ‘returning jihadi prevention and detention’ law as proposed by David Cameron. This proposed Law will give the police yet more powers to grab the passports of people (mainly young men of ‘Asian’ appearance) who are suspected of heading towards Turkey and then on to Syria or Iraq to join the fanatical imbeciles of Islamic State. It also proposes to keep those who have been fighting, and of course killing, out of the UK for two years, unless they agree to ‘De-Radicalization’ at some secure facility; until they see the error of their ways.

I have an alternative suggestion as to how to welcome these returning killers; which is to bring them out of the airport, then gather a sufficient number together in a large container truck, and then detach that container at a suitable location, and tip it into deep water. Just think of it; no fuss, no muss, and a sure way of making damn certain that they will achieve their twisted dreams early; which is that of a sure and certain meeting with those alleged 72 virgins.

True, there must be a certain cost to pay, but, hell; we can afford to pay for the containers!


by George, I think he’s got it!

When people discuss George Monbiot, when they speak to criticise the man’s works, or beliefs, or indeed his very right to share the oxygen with anyone else, some get very passionate indeed. He has the ability to provoke comment by simply blowing his nose, never mind writing an essay or an op-ed piece for his employer, The Guardian. I, along with many others, dislike his arrogance in his assumption that only he is right; and therefore everyone else is either misinformed, or just plain wrong.

But even George occasionally gets, at least in my own opinion, certain things right. such as his varied and wide criticisms of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which is an Intercontinental attempt at writing a Trade arrangement between the EU and the USA. The rights and wrongs of this cosy little deal are many and varied, and I see little benefit for ordinary people on either side of the Atlantic from this huge and intrinsically convoluted deal, but George has placed his digit on one very important device, inserted by huge commercial interests, to vary the usual manner in which decisions are challenged within this Treaty. He asks, as do I, why bring in Arbitration, where three private individuals are entrusted with the power to review, without any restriction or appeal procedure, all actions of the government, all decisions of the courts, and all laws and regulations emanating from parliament; when, up to now, our Courts have been up to that challenge?

From the Swamp, to the Stars

The video is twenty-nine minutes long, but every second is prime-time! Watch and listen to these words, spoken just fifty years ago yesterday, from a man who was hailed, much later in life, by an American author as ‘THE MAN WHO WON THE WAR’

Selected excerpts include these prophetic passages:-

We’re at war with the most dangerous enemy that has ever faced mankind in his long climb from the swamp to the stars. Swap the Caliphate, Muslim extremism, Islamic State and the rest of the Muslim/Mohammed crap for Soviet Russia, and those words could have been used yesterday

Senator Fullbright has said at Stanford University that the Constitution is outmoded. He referred to the President as “our moral teacher and our leader,” and he says he is “hobbled in his task by the restrictions of power imposed on him by this antiquated document.” He must “be freed,” so that he “can do for us” what he knows “is best.” Swap Lyndon Johnson for Obama, add those pernicious Executive Orders, and those words could have been used yesterday

He’ll find that they’ve also asked for the right to imprison farmers who wouldn’t keep books as prescribed by the federal government.

The latest is the Area Redevelopment Agency.  They’ve just declared Rice County, Kansas, a depressed area. Rice County, Kansas, has two hundred oil wells, and the 14,000 people there have over 30 million dollars on deposit in personal savings in their banks. And when the government tells you you’re depressed, lie down and be depressed.

We set out to help 19 countries. We’re helping 107. We’ve spent 146 billion dollars. With that money, we bought a 2 million dollar yacht for Haile Selassie. We bought dress suits for Greek undertakers, extra wives for Kenya[n] government officials. We bought a thousand TV sets for a place where they have no electricity. In the last six years, 52 nations have bought 7 billion dollars worth of our gold, and all 52 are receiving foreign aid from this country. Judge this record with, say, our own Department for International Development , with our Billions of Pounds Sterling thrown at corrupt governments everywhere, and those words swap rather easily.

Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth.

Their policy of accommodation is appeasement, and it gives no choice between peace and war, only between fight or surrender. Swap America for Great Britain, and insert the words ‘Northern Ireland’, view the smirking killers IN GOVERNMENT at Stormont, and there you will see the same words, with the same result, as those prophetic words, spoken Fifty Years ago gone yesterday!



Four Hundred & Fifty-Three

To begin, allow me to pass some names before your minds. names of battle honours awarded to the famed and famousBritish Regimental names, illustrious for the places where British soldiers and sailors fought the enemies of the Crown, and; in most cases, prevailed. St Lucia 1778, Egmont-op-Zee, Copenhagen, Douro, Talavera, Albuhera Nivelle, Inkerman, Sevastopol, Kandahar 1880, Afghanistan 1879 -80,Egypt 1882 Tofrek, Suakin 1885, South Africa 1899-1902.

The names of Regiments famed for over six centuries, all of which began from the Fraternity or Guild of Artillery of Longbows, Crossbows and Handgonnes; latterly transformed into the Honourable Artillery company, the oldest regiment in continuous service in the British Army, reel off before your minds eye. The Coldstream Guards, the Irish Guards, the Scots & Welsh Guards; the list of Regimental names, and the Battle honours they fought, won and died for, dazzle the very eye which perceives them. Our history is military, our very Nation was formed in the blood spilled in the dark ages after the Romans left, their own Empire crumbling. We have seen a conqueror come in 1066, but none after that, although many tried.


In the photo, the faded flags set high on the framed wall of the Durham Light Infantry chapel, set within the majestic stones of Durham Cathedral, are held with the mental concrete of martial memory. We revere our dead, we honour those who survived, and the colours reflect that honour.

Will there be honour; will there be flags; for Camp Bastion, for the wounded who survived the roadside bombs whilst being transported in unarmoured Land Rovers and mobile Coffins? Will there be Drumhead Services for the British Army of 2014, as we scuttle away from the place where the very flower of our generation were sacrificed to allay the political pretensions of f***king politicians, one of whom uttered those infamous words “ “We would be perfectly happy to leave in three years and without firing one shot because our job is to protect the reconstruction.” By 2008, 4 million bullets had been fired by the British armed forces; and Four hundred & fifty-three men and women, wearing the uniforms and badges of Her Majesty; lay dead!

As my old Grandmother stated……



Adams admitted the IRA’s kangaroo courts for sex offenders meant they were ‘ill-equipped’ to deal with the issue.

He wrote on his blog: ‘This included very sensitive areas such as responding to demands to take action against rapists and child abusers. The IRA on occasion shot alleged sex offenders or expelled them,’ he said.

‘While this may have been expedient at the time it was not appropriate.

‘Victims were left without the necessary social service support and abusers without supervision. It ultimately failed victims and the community alike. That is a matter of profound regret for me, and many other republicans’.

Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are!



We’re tired of lies we want the truth!

As can be seen in the Telegraph story regarding Owen Paterson and the truly awful Climate Change Act, he is calling for the repeal, or at least the suspension, of this Act which promises to be THE most expensive legislation ever saddled upon this benighted Nation of ours. He states that the absurd levels of the so-called ‘Decarbonisation’ demanded by this Act will cost us £1,100 Billion in terms of cash we cannot afford, and after the disastrous damage wrought by the ‘Decarbon’ process, we will not have altered the Carbon Dioxide levels in the atmosphere by one ounce. Click on the Link, and read the story for yourselves.

Now speaking and writing personally, as I always do, I had a fair amount of time for Owen Paterson as a man, but probably a bit less for him as a politician. He was, in many respects, the typical old-time Tory from the Shires; his background was rural, his values seemed to be based in the English countryside. He voted against the truly ghastly Same-Sex marriage farrago, and he also, happily, came down like a ton of bricks on the limp-wristed Chris Smith in his disgusting and disgraceful actions when the Environment Agency’s wholesale abandonment of decades of sensible flood management systems resulted in the worst flooding of the Somerset Levels since records first began.

But I think that Owen Patterson ought to state why he has come out against the Climate Act only now, when on the back-benches, instead of when he was in Cabinet, and in a much higher profile position than now, when he could have stood up and denounced this Act for the ‘Green Crap’ it so soundly endorses.

Why did he keep quiet, if he believed that the Act was so wrong for Great Britain?

Why did he not threaten to resign if no-one took any notice of a countryman standing up for the Country?

Why did he stay in the Coalition Government if he felt that this policy, and this Act, was so wrong?

Why did he allow the Environment Agency to continue for so long with the perverted schemes of Chris Smith, when it was plainly obvious of the damage they were doing to the landscapes of England?


Or is the simple truth that he is, and always has been, just another greasy bloody politician, out purely for his own purposes, and ever ready to ditch a long-held belief for his own advancement?


An old problem returns.

I have often felt that the old adage ‘There is no fool like an old fool’, and the name ‘Jack Profumo’ought to be cast in bronze, in letters approximately two feet high, and positioned above the desk of every male Member of Parliament within the House of Ccommons.

Times without number, we read of ‘stings’ perpetrated upon gullible clowns in Westminster, with monetary gain usually at the core for Labour, and sexual favours, of one sort or another, for the Tories. If it isn’t homosexual perverts trawling the bars (Tories), its the fools who wish to be consultants for (disguised) newspaper reporters acting as shills for companies supposedly wishing to gain ‘influence’ within Whitehall (Labour & LibDim)

But when an allegedly nubile young woman sends a balding middle-aged man a photo of herself, virtually unclothed; and asking in return for a ‘sexy’ photo, did the same balding, middle aged Minister not think it just a tiny bit strange that he was being targeted by this young Tory supporter whom he had never even met!

And, as I have maybe asked before, whats with this strange compulsion to send explicit photos of yourself to a perfect stranger?

Are they all thick, or is it that they all reckon that ‘It couldn’t happen to me’?


An economic system where goods and services are exchanged

When the true Russian revolution occurred, when the Communists, the Soviets, the KGB and all the repressive machinery of the Russian Empire fell apart, for a few months, a very few months, hope sprang to life in a hundred million minds, a hope which declared, ‘the State does not own us, we are individuals, we do not owe anything to the State!’ I do not need to explain the huge repressive machinery, the KGB, the NKVD, the very Russian Armed forces themselves, all part of the Soviet package which kept the Russian people in slavery-conditions for over fifty years; this all fell apart as the Satellite States, themselves governed as tightly as the Russians, began to flex their own muscles, the urge for freedom which was irreversible, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of East Germany and the inevitable collapse of a whole system which was built on a tissue of lies, backed with guns and tanks.

The freedom did not last long, the the KGB got itself a new name, the Russian Federation became repressive, now controlled after a short space of time by unreconstructed old-school Communists, but now with many more super-wealthy people at the very top, all supporting the nearly-dictator Putin who has so far invaded Georgia, Ossettia and now the Crimea, but at least the idea that the State is the ‘provider’, and therefore the ‘owner’ of people has disappeared.

Travel West a few thousand kilometres, and you end up in the Republic of Ireland, which for many, many decades was run under a similar system to Soviet Russia, but this Government was not of material things, but of the mind and indeed the very soul of all things Irish. I do not write of the Governments imposed by Great Britain, which ended when Partition was declared and the island was split in two; nor do I write of the Government of the Republic of Ireland, which has governed since Independence was declared. I write of the ‘Invisible Government’, which, to all intents and purposes, was the real ‘Government’, I write of the Bishops, of the Parish Priest, whose very word was akin to Law; and of the enormous bureaucracy and wealth of the Catholic Church, which told people what they should read, or write, or even to think and to behave, in and out of wedlock; all according to the traditions and rites of the Roman Catholic Church. Of a ‘Government’ which routinely connived at the issue of passports and travel documents so that small children, the illegitimate sons and daughters of usually illiterate and certainly ill-educated young women who had committed the grave ‘sin’ of having sex outside of marriage, and therefore had borne the very ‘Spawn of Satan’ could be routinely packaged, and sent off to America as they had literally been sold by the convents and homes where they had been born, in false and fake adoptions to ‘good Catholic Families’ in the United States.

abarrenlandAs I recently wrote, I watched the documentary byMartin Sixsmith entitled ‘Ireland’s Lost Babies’, which attempted to discover the routes by which literally thousands of babies and tiny children were routinely trafficked, mainly but not exclusively, to widespread dioceses in the United States, and ‘adopted’ for a large ‘donation’ to that same Church, by Catholic families. I place the word ‘adopted’ in inverted commas, because, in most cases, the convents and homes were neither authorised to act as adoption agencies, nor did they question or otherwise check out the suitability of the prospective family units; the only two questions asked was whether the family were ‘practicing Catholic’, and the second question was whether the donation would be cash or cheque? Meanwhile, the mothers, now forever deprived of their children after ‘signing away’ their rights to hold that child ever again, were forced to work as near-slave labour in the Magdalene-like laundries which made another wonderful profit for that same, beneficent, Catholic Church.

I also watched the fantastic film ‘Philomena’, which was the source for the Sixsmith documentary. Yes, it was a fictionalised account of one of these ‘fallen women’ who, after fifty years of grief and trauma, found the courage to speak of the illegitimate son she had given life to, and to attempt, with Martin Sixsmith’s help, to trace her son in America. She, played by the remarkable Judi Dench, had attempted many times to gain knowledge from the convent where she had lived and slaved. The story went from Sixsmith, played by Steve Coogan, being a cynical unbeliever of Philomena’s story,  to both actually tracing the adoptive parents and finding that that small boy had become a successful lawyer who advised Presidents. They also discovered that Philomena’s son was dead, as he had succumbed to the ravages of AIDs, because he was a homosexual. But the saddest piece of the film was to follow, because the journalist and the grieving mother discovered that her son’s lover had actually taken her son’s remains back to Ireland, and he was buried at the back of the convent where he was born.

There were some remarkably funny moments in that film, but the one piece which shall stay with me for a great many days was when Philomena confronts the aged nun who had not only sent her child away, but also had routinely denied the very fact that the convent knew anything about her son at all. Philomena asks why she had been denied her son, and the old nun shrieked that ‘her child was the result of the grave sin of ‘carnal incontinence’, and what was done; was done!” That, although just a few seconds of a feature fiction film, says it all as far as this commentator is concerned. The Church had ordained that the girls had sinned, they would be punished, and the children, property of the Church, were disposed of as was seen fit. The film may have been made to tell a story, and hopefully make a profit, but it also carried a message, that the Church hasn’t even begun to apologise to those it had routinely abused, betrayed and lied to, and that message grows louder by the day!

The man who ‘Lost it’; or the shades of Chavez!

“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things: Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–

Of cabbages–and kings–And why the sea is boiling hot—and whether pigs have wings.

Many people said many things in the long run up to the Scots Referendum. ‘First Minister’ Alec Salmond pronounced his usual inflammatory sentences, toned down just a little from his Marxist youth, when he and his ‘comrades were committed to the establishment of a ‘Socialist and Republican Scotland; just a little bit less of the bully in his tone as he knew that he had to speak not only to the Scots, but also to the hated English who have so languidly and so long held the financial reins of the Scots Exchequer. But his was not the voice who, in the end, lost the campaign for that illusory ‘Independence’, he may be a revolutionary but he is no fool. That distinction is held by one man, the former deputy leader of the SNP, Jim Sillars.

Jim Sillars claimed there is talk of a “boycott” of John Lewis, banks to be split up, and new law to force Ryder Cup sponsor Standard Life to explain to unions its reasons for moving outside Scotland.
He said: “This referendum is about power, and when we get a Yes majority, we will use that power for a day of reckoning with BP and the banks.
“The heads of these companies are rich men, in cahoots with a rich English Tory Prime Minister, to keep Scotland’s poor, poorer through lies and distortions. The power they have now to subvert our democracy will come to an end with a Yes.”

He added: “BP, in an independent Scotland, will need to learn the meaning of nationalisation, in part or in whole, as it has in other countries who have not been as soft as we have forced to be. We will be the masters of the oil fields, not BP or any other of the majors.”
Mr Sillars said that under an independent Scotland, Standard Life would be required by new employment laws to give two years warning of any redundancies – and reveal to the trade unions its financial reasons for relocation to any country outside of Scotland.

Earlier this week, a number of banks, including Lloyds Banking Group and RBS, said they would look to move their headquarters south of the border in the event of a Yes vote. “What kind of people do these companies think we are? They will find out,” he added.

“In each and every election to an independent Parliament, parties and individuals can put forward a manifesto of their choosing and the people will decide. The role of Yes is to achieve a Yes vote, so that the people of Scotland will always get the governments we vote for – and never again Westminster-imposed Tory governments.”

That is the tone which scared the living daylights out of the Tory & Labour parties, as well as the multitude of steady Scots who were considering, or even swinging, towards the ‘Yes’ campaign. So, a big ‘Thank You Jimmy’, from the United Kingdom to the fool who just could not keep his big Communist trap shut!

Now where have I heard that ‘song’ before?

If the varied and various headlines published over the past few days, and indeed weeks are anything to go by, the Scottish Referendum should be viewed as a complete change in British Politics. The ‘Independence’ claims of ‘Freedom’ and ‘self-rule’ are there in plenty, as well as the undertones, always evident from the Celtic fringe, of a release from the servitude of centuries, of a forced bow towards Westminster, of having to be allowed to spend tax-payers money which stems from the wealth stemming from Scots oil and gas. Much more has been written, and spoken, by the Scots ‘Yes’ campaign, but all along the, the same theme emerges from these Scots politicians; ‘Trust us, and we shall deliver you and Scotland towards the Elysian Fields, and it will not cost you anything’!

Much the same thing, but on a much more negative note, comes from the speeches of the ‘No’ campaign; more dire warnings from a bunch of politicians and observers gathered together, for expediency purposes, under their ‘No Thanks’ banner. We hear of the terrible things which may befall the Scots, if they decide to ‘go it alone’, and even of the very voice of the Prime Minister ‘breaking’ with true emotion as he implores the Scottish voters to believe him and his confreres in the ‘No’ camp; whilst at the same time asking those same Scottish voters to forget that he shares the same platform with the Labour leader, a bitter enemy, and the Lib-Dim leader, another bitter enemy, but one wrapped in the colours of a Coalition.

But amidst all the clamour, the many and varied promises of a collective bunch of Politicians whom, we are justly remembering, are the same bunch who promised all those things which never came to pass, because they will never, ever, contemplate changing from the ‘status quo ante’; meaning, literally, the same as was before.

Commentators, and there are many of us, despair of being offered a true change, of a movement away from the deadly boredom of Government by Party politics, of the incessant pleas for this special treatment for a small category, or that ‘exception’ to the rules for the rest of us.

If one of the Parties: now scrambling to attempt to undo the catastrophic decisions which came forth after the totally stupid and cowardly ‘Devolution’ schemes of the early Blair/New Labour years, when the paths towards a Scottish ‘Independence’ were first cast in Legislation: had actually presented any new ideas, any faint traces of a proper ‘Democracy’; of changes which would form a Government which reacted to what the People wanted; instead of ramming through policies based on Party dogma, many would have applauded and made those changes work. But the big problem is that, in order to effect those changes, the Party politicians, together with the bulk of the invisible but powerful ‘Inner Government’ which is actually what the Whitehall Civil Service actually is, would have to give up power, and themselves be subject to the considered ‘whims’ of the people who gave their votes, and allowed the parasites in power to milch the public purse unto the tenth generation!

What is not evident, but still present, are the facts that one bunch of the ‘Old Elite’ are attempting to wrest power from the rest of the ‘Old Elite’; with not a new thought, or idea, or proposal amongst the lot of them! If you mention, even in passing, the Harrogate Solution, all you would probably get would be “Whats Harrogate got to do with it”?

The only crime is to remain silent!

With  their names being published in a news blog, alleging their involvement in a peaedophile ring of alarming proportions, I just wonder when any of these people would commence looking for their mobile phones to dial their lawyers, to institute proceedings against further publication of allegations involving serious sexual abuse done to children supposedly ‘in care’?

Prominent people such as :-

  • Sir Peter Bottomley. Worthing MP and Monday Club
  • Charles Irving
  • Leon Britton, Lord, ex Thatcher Minister
  • Peter Brooke, Life Peer
  • John Rowe, MI5, former MP
  • Ron Brown
  • Colin Jordan, ex National Front Leader
  • George Tremlett, Former GLC Leader
  • Peter Campbell, Monday Club
  • Gary Walker, Sinn Fein
  • Cliff Richard, aged  Pop Star,
  • Jess Conrad, aged ex Pop Star.
  • Ron Wells, aged Musician,
  • Richard Miles, Monday Club
  • Chris Denning, ex BBC DJ,
  • R Langley, Buckingham Palace Equerry

I feel that these people should stand up against such scurrilous allegations, as printed online in ‘scriptonite’, take her to court and win substantial damages against a blogger who seems determined to libel these unfortunate people who are all totally innocent!

I also reckon Sir Peter Hayman should sue to protect and clear his name against other scurrilous allegations, as can be found here!

The BBC, otherwise known as ‘No right-wing views here; please!

When we read or hear something broadcast especially when it is in a  political context; from a National broadcaster such as the BBC, the ‘more alert’ amongst us have to bring into use (in computer and phone parlance) an App. In a thousandth of a second, we have to a) remember who is talking, then remember b) what they have said in the past, then we have to c) decide if their built-in left-wing and liberal bias is firing at full blast, then d) decipher the news and determine how to approach the item to determine what has actually happened. If I were such a composer, I would name this App. as ‘The Searching the Haystack Syndrome’.

I write on this well-known problem mainly because it should be both well-known and acknowledged, but somehow is not. The BBC seems to bask in the glow created during its formative years, which was reinforced by its operations during the Second World War; and the manner in which its World Service broadcast arm seems to have avoided the dreary group-think adopted by just about all of its national and local broadcast stations. I think the problem is best described by an interview between a mildly right-wing commentator and members of the BBC journalism staff. They interviewed him, and seemed (to the interviewee) to be satisfied with the recorded clip, but it was never broadcast. When asked why the clip was silenced, the communal reply was that although the man was perfectly polite and sincere, he was also quite obviously mad for holding and propagating the views he held so steadfastly!

As background to that which I am about to write, we must examine the reasons behind the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Egyptian President. For many centuries, Egypt has been a country with a Muslim tradition, but one lightly applied. Orthodox and Coptic Catholics have lived and thrived, there has been no tradition of Theocracy, or religious rule; the mullahs have had their place, but have never been allowed to interfere with how the Nation is run, as it should be. But ex-President Morsi intended to grab even more power than that handed to him through the electoral process, and once he commenced meetings with Iran’s swivel-eyed leadership, and installed former terrorists as Provincial Governors; and pushing for ever-more Islamic rule and diktat, the People, in their tens of millions, said ‘Enough is enough’. Fortunately, the military were and had been listening, organised their ranks against their old foe, and kicked him out.

When Jim Naughtie of the BBC’s Today Programme was broadcasting this morning on his travels through Cairo, and of the Egyptians whom he met and spoke with, he told of a man who approached his car and attempted to sell him a photocard featuring General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, the leading general and author of the military take-over. Jim Naughtie did not say how he turned down the offer of the photograph, but left the listener in no doubt as to his (Naughtie’s) opinion of that courageous military soldier who had acted in Egypt’s best interests. At every opportunity, we are reminded by all the BBC’s reporters and commentators, that Morsi had been ‘elected’ and as such should have been regarded as akin to a minor god, instead of the scheming and obdurate political and religious cynic he so obviously was.

To give you further insight into the very way this influential broadcaster’s mind works, I recall he was doing a small clip with a Scotswoman who was retailing how she had trapped and despatched some small rodents. When she told him she had killed around twenty, his reply was a shocked “but thats murder!”

Hi Sarah!

Somewhat surprisingly, I’m with Sarah. Obama’s White House  Administration has been exposed once again as wanting to ‘control the story’ rather than facilitating the open access to news about that same Administration.

As more information about the IRS scandal trickles out daily, the White House’s involvement is becoming clearer. Those of us who’ve been warning about the demise of freedom with Barack Obama’s efforts to “fundamentally transform” our great nation are about to witness some sad vindication. Will awakened Americans finally join us in saying “enough is enough”?

The president would like us to believe that he only learned about the IRS corruption from watching the news. But we recently learned that the White House was actively working with the IRS on how to roll out the story of this scandal. So, Mr. President, how can you have your staff work on the roll out of the biggest controversy since Watergate, and yet claim that you only heard about it by watching the news with the rest of us?

For the president to deny any knowledge of what was brewing and to claim to know nothing about the Benghazi cover-up or anything about anything White House-related lately, he’s either a liar or a hugely incompetent CEO. You decide.

Yesterday, we also learned that the top IRS official involved in the targeting scandal is planning on pleading the Fifth during her Congressional hearings. That’s keen – she’ll be able to enjoy her Fifth Amendment rights in a hearing about how her intimidating organization denied Americans the ability to fully exercise their First Amendment rights.

Keep in mind that the IRS considers you guilty until proven innocent when they audit you.  The Fifth Amendment doesn’t apply.

This scandal is not just about the IRS targeting Americans to deny them tax-exempt status or subjecting them to harassing retaliatory audits. The IRS also leaked to left-wing reporters the confidential application information submitted by conservative groups.

The IRS claims that their leaking of information was “inadvertent and unintentional disclosures by the employees involved.” They at first blamed the entire IRS scandal on a couple of employees who “went rogue,” but we soon found out that this was just more malarkey coming from the president’s spokesman. But even if these were “inadvertent and unintentional disclosures,” is that supposed to make us feel better? With the IRS running Obamacare, what are the chances that our confidential information and medical records will “inadvertently” and “unintentionally” be disclosed? Please remember that some of us warned America about the dangers of having the IRS play such a big role with the administration of Obamacare. We were laughed at and mocked relentlessly back then. It sure doesn’t seem funny now, does it?

This IRS scandal is especially terrible because Americans live in fear of the IRS like no other entity because this monstrous bureaucracy has the power to take your hard-earned money. Your wages are the sum of your labors; hence, the IRS has the power to steal the fruits of your labors. Average Americans live in fear of making an error on their tax returns that could cost them massive amounts of money, plus their reputation and good name.  If a small business makes a mistake, the IRS can shut them down and send them to jail.

The IRS has always been the face of intimidating and controlling big government. Now it’s the face of corrupt big government that actively attacks the people it is supposed to serve. This isn’t the change America was hoping for, Mr. President, but it certainly is transformative.

Average everyday Americans like my dad and his non-political buddies are outraged by this IRS scandal, perhaps more so than all the other White House fiascos that are making the radical Left’s intentions crystal clear. It’s because this IRS cluster hits close to home for everyone. It’s tangible proof of how a corrupt government can intimidate and target a person’s record, reputation, and life, and make them feel helpless.

These Obama administration scandals are a sad and stark reminder that only limited government can ensure liberty. At our core, we Americans just want to be left alone to live freely, peacefully, and productively.

Last year the Obama campaign told us that government is something we all “belong” to. I guess they’re right because when the government is powerful enough to target, intimidate, and harass us, we do “belong” to them. The real question is: Will we stand for this?

These atrocious government actions are bigger, uglier, and much more dangerous than “a few rogue employees.” It’s time for all Americans to stand together and join in the growing outraged chorus that looks at our out-of-control government and says, “Enough is enough!”

a true advocate for ‘crime in the community’?

Read a ‘spin’ piece in the Telegraph about the complaints and inner sadness of a Mr. Shaun Bailey, a one-time Tory Party candidate, an ‘adviser’ to the Prime Minister on ‘youth, crime and race issues’ who has apparently been demoted and side-tracked to a part-time role in the Cabinet Office. Seems Mr Bailey has many ‘friends’ who have spoken to the newspaper about his great abilities, his great interest in politics, and his deep and wide knowledge of problems in the black community in the wider wastes outside the Westminster circle. Our shy and humble activist, who apparently has fallen out of favour with the Eton-educated friends who surround David Cameron, is sad that his many words of advice have fallen on stony ground, but has not spoken out himself as he still dreams of being a Tory Party MP.

What was brushed past in the Telegraph piece was the news about our Shaun and his ‘Charity’ which was closed down by himself, but not before such headline comments as accounts indicated massively disproportionate back-office costs and a failure to account for nearly £16,000. and ‘It seems Bailey wouldn’t know voluntary sector best practice if it jumped up and said “marginal constituency”. from Political Scrapbook were published online. Shaun has also come across our sights before, as when he and several other candidates clowns posed in the pages of the Daily Mail as part of the A-listers who were supposed to claim the votes of marginal constituencies all around the country in 2010.

Seems as though Shaun is trying a bit of self-publicity out, to see if it works. For a front-page spread in a national newspaper, seems to me as though news is a bit thin on the ground to give a whole heap of free publicity to a scrounger.

Your voice…. Your vote

As we approach the day when we, as the people who are supposed to count; supposed to have been consulted; and supposed to be satisfied with the results of previous endeavours; finally have to chance to actually VOTE,  just pause for a second and ask yourself if you are indeed content with the ‘status quo’ of Local and indeed National Politics over the past few decades?

Because of decisions taken by a very few, we no longer hold control over much of our local assets, over how they are handled, or indeed mis-handled. We have seen large swathes of matters which used to be held under local control grabbed by Central Government; and indeed much of our Sovereign identity handed over to a bunch of bureaucrats in Brussels without so much as a murmur raised at the wholesale looting of the public purse which has been the result. One glaring example of the ‘Looting’ was seen as it emerged that my uncle died in Normandy, and my father served throughout 1939-45 whilst Great Britain, alongside its Allies, were fighting the European Civil War.

So go to the Council Election Polls tomorrow, and vote; but think well before casting that precious token. I would not dream of attempting to tell anyone how to vote, but just take a wry look back, and then attempt to reassure yourself that your vote has been well spent in years gone by. I shall be voting tomorrow, but not one of the candidates who stand behind any of the three main Parties’ banners shall get my vote. I shall be voting for any candidate brave enough to hold to an ‘Independent’ banner. We do not have a UKIP candidate in our local constituency, so the Independent Candidate shall get my vote.

But whether you take my advice, or listen to your own mind and experience, it does not matter which: as long as you go and vote, that is what men have fought, bled and died for; so that you can tread the boards into the booth, and choose!

“We who are living in the west today are fortunate. Freedom has been bequeathed to us. We have not had to carve it out of nothing; we have not had to pay for it with our lives. But it would be a grave mistake to think that freedom requires nothing of us. Each of us has to earn freedom anew in order to possess it. We do so not just for our own sake, but for the sake of our children, so that they may build a better future that will sustain over the world the responsibilities and blessings of freedom.”

Margaret Thatcher.

Lies, damned lies, and Westminster

I have always tried to give people the benefit of the doubt, excepting of course any of our breeds of politicians, to who I give neither respect nor credence. Some may call  me cynical; and while they have as much right to their opinions as I have to mine, I believe that my opinions are bolstered and proven by long experience. They (politicians)  routinely change course, they equally routinely lie, obfuscate and cloud the argument, in order to hold to their Party line, and the Party rules above all.

A Tory MP, Mark Pritchard, spoke on a Commons Motion to ban all live animals from appearing in circuses; he spoke despite being pressured by Whips as well as No. Ten, Downing Street, whose occupier was said to ‘look dimly’ on mere MPs actually speaking their minds. Some MPs spoke against the Motion, more agreed with Mr. Pritchard, and the Motion was passed. Now the actual Motion was just advisory, the Government need not heed its passage at all, but the reason why I write with such annoyance is because of the sheer, unadulterated bullshit which was unloaded within the Commons, and more importantly outside that building which used to represent the place in which speeches were made which decided how we lived in this once great country.

The journalist & commentator Nigel Lawson is no innocent in the jungle of politics; he was editor of the Spectator, editor of the Sunday Telegraph, and is now lead columnist for the Sunday Times. He wrote a whole leader column within Sunday’s edition, a position which used to command respect from readers, journalists and politicians alike. To write a leader column for the Sunday Times means you have ‘arrived’. And yet, this ‘wise man’, this ‘paragon amongst journalists’ cannot, or will not, write the simple truth about the stupid and silly ‘circus animal Motion’, because it would have meant revealing the fact that Parliament has not got the power to impose a ban upon circus animals! We gave it away, or at least one of the British governments gave it away; they gave it to Brussels. In twenty-six column inches, on the main opinion page of the Sunday Times, he cannot even tell the truth to his readers. Don’t believe me? Believe Richard North, of EU Referendum fame. He has chapter and verse!

My old Dad used to purse his lips whenever politics was mentioned in the pubs he used to run when we were young men, and once I asked him why he successfully stopped any political discussions in the bars?

Hiws reply:- “Michael, the ones that talk about it don’t know enough; and the ones who practice it mostly lie through their collective teeth!”

Keep the children quiet!


I, along with many other commentators of the slightly-Right persuasion, have often smiled as the CINO, wannabe’ liberal, goody-two-shoes of this political world of ours have delicately approached the thorny subject of ‘free speech’, and more specifically ‘free speech’ within the one place where it is guaranteed by Statute, namely the Houses of the Commons and the Lords within the Palace of Westminster.

Outside those two places, the freedom to speak your mind had been drastically curtailed, and it is mainly because of legislation enacted within those two Houses that we find ourselves wrapped about with draconian rules about who can say what about whom. It is only a couple of weeks ago that if I was to state that some low-life with absolutely no morals at all, who goes by the name of Ryan Giggs was screwing some woman with big tits, I might well have been hauled up for ‘contempt of court’, because Clarke’s mates in the judiciary had been approached by Schiilings the media (or rather mediocre) lawyers, and the lawyers had implored the judge to impose an injunction against a newspaper’s publication of the juicy details. The judge had also imposed reporting restrictions which forbade the very mention of the fact of the injunction.

The one thing which the lawyers and the judges were not told by this excuse for a man, who of course only wanted to protect his ‘family life’ is that he was also screwing his brother’s wife, and had been doing so for over eight years. When the newspapers got their teeth into this little episode, the first thing done was to ask if the scrote was going to serve five years, or seven for perjury. Now that would be a trial worth watching!

Ken Clarke, the so-called Justice Secretary, has been mooning, or musing, about the one thing which irks him beyond belief, which is that members of the same Houses are able to speak openly about matters which his favourite judges have deemed are unsuitable for the public to learn about, and in particular the ability of some members of both Houses to flagrantly defy those same judges, who of course believe that they are the Law. He was giving evidence regarding the Defamation Bill which is trundling its way through Committee, and of course is all for ‘Parliamentary Privilege’, but seemingly only when it is the ‘right sort of privilege’. He would just love to attempt to remove or constrain the very right of Members to speak on any subject, as of course would the Poison Dwarf, otherwise known as the Speaker John Bercow, but neither has got the guts to state it openly, because they knows that the wrath of both Houses would drop on their heads like a statutory Ton of bricks!

Now where have I heard that before?

The words of Oliver Cromwell dissolving the Long Parliament, given to the House of Commons on the 20th April 1653,

“It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonored by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.

Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not barter’d your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?

Ye sordid prostitutes have you not defil’d this sacred place, and turn’d the Lord’s temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices? Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress’d, are yourselves gone!

So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors. In the name of God, go! “

Give me one reason why these words should not be expressly spoken to the thieving, lying, subversive, bunch who sit in their slime in Westminster?

Strange, but possibly true!

Based upon the excellent Collyer Political Climate Model, I would like to produce, to the no-doubt deafening applause of the faithful, my own Mike Predictions of 2011.

Thirty-three Conservative MP’s are interviewed by undercover reporters from the Sun while conducting Constituency surgeries. Thirty-two are recorded agreeing with the male reporter that the Page Three model shown in the Sun that day has indeed got lovely big tits! The thirty-third stated that he was not turned on by women with big tits as he (the MP) was as bent as a fish-hook!
The balance of the Lib-dem MP’s and Ministers who had not been outed by the Telegraph’s reporters sign a joint letter in the Independent stating that the Tory side of the Coalition are a bunch of wankers. An immediate statement from Downing Street says that the Lib-Dem letter is grossly unfair to wankers!
Dave Milliband sends a round-robin to all Lib-Dem MP’s offering three Mars-Bars and a Kit-Kat if they will sling their hooks from the Coalition, and climb on board with Newish Labour (he explained that Alistair is still working on the Party name). Only two Lib-Dems defect, as the others could not read past a seven-year-old child’s level!
David Cameron is recorded on a microphone which he is unaware is ‘live’. that he is fed up of ‘nudging’ the stupid dumb uncaring electorate to give more to Charity as part of his ‘Big Society’, and will be instructing George Osborne to raise the standard rate of Income Tax to 45%, because, in his own words, “We have to get our message across better; and if they see they have to pay, then the job is done!” Osborne’s reply is not recorded, but an on-duty policeman stated that he heard a terrible scream coming from the front room of Osborne’s home at No. 11 Downing Street.
Nick Clegg is the target of a leadership coup within the Liberal-Democrats Westminster organisation, but escapes because the plotters could not agree on a Campaign Headquarters building.
Black six-inch tall Headlines are printed on all British newspapers as they record the only time that Gordon Brown visits the House of Commons so far this year. The headlines do not record what Gordon slipped or tripped over, upon his return to his constituency home, but the RSPCA does record the demise of fifteen cats and three dogs from homes immediately adjacent to the Brown’s property!
Millions of invertebrates fall all over Westminster, but it is definitely proved that this is not a result of Anthropomorphic Global Worming. One thousand two hundred and twenty-three men of Asian origin were detained at the same time under anti-terrorist legislation. Sixteen tons of ‘Amfo’ explosive was confiscated at the same time`. However, a senior Deputy Assistant Temporary Chief Constable was quick to state that this did not mean that all muslims were terrorists, but just a tiny minority.
Arrangements were being made for Nick Clegg to address the Tory Party conference, and for ‘Our Dave’ to speak to the Liberal-Democrats. These arrangements were actually going well until it was mentioned to Nick Clegg, who had to be immediately rushed to A&E at St. Thomas’ Hospital with all the symptoms of advanced pregnancy.
The new Trade Union legislation, brought in by the Coalition Government, which outlaws strike action without a majority vote from all Union members listed, was tested this month by strike ballots from Unite, NUT, ASLEF, RCMidwives, CDNA and the TGWU. All ballots had to be declared null and void due to the lack of qualified Ballot Scrutineers. The only qualifications required were that the Scrutineers had to be able to count, as well as read. The Unite ballot, brought under the auspices of the Union members allegedly working for British Airways, was also questioned because the B.A. Union Representative who called the Strike Ballot had been on sick leave for fifteen years, was living permanently in Los Angeles, and was only recognised by other staff members by voice recognition software!
Dave Milliband receives good and bad news from a series of polls he has placed in the field. The good news is that he gets better name recognition amongst those polled than his brother did. The bad news is that 90% of those questioned thought that he parted his hair on the other side.
A legal challenge to the detention of fifty-four Asylum-seeker children, all of whom were from the same ‘extended family’ and who were of mixed Irish-Somali backgrounds, failed on the grounds that if they were released, they would dissappear into O’Houlihan’s Barn.
The whole of the UN peacekeeping force in Haiti, deployed after the earthquake two years ago, were withdrawn earlier this month. Along with the UN troops, all the Aid agencies and NGO’s also ceased operations and went back to their own homes and countries. This despite almost no reconstruction work achieved in the two years, a huge cholera death toll, explosive violence and rioting from the inhabitants, and evidence of huge amounts of corruption at both local as well as Haitian Government level. The level of frustration felt by all the people who foolishly had spent almost two years trying to knock some sense into the thick skulls of the locals was concisely put by a French doctor, when he said, “Bugger this for a lark; we’re going home!”
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So what is a man’s life worth?

When the Water Industry in Britain was made ready for privatisation, with lots of trendy adverts and humour hiding a vast amount of public investment being sold off on the cheap to investors who hoped to make ‘Loads-a-money’, I wonder if any of those investors, or even the Companies formed from that privatisation, ever dreamt that a brave man would lose his life because of their greed and concentration upon the ‘Bottom Line’ of profit before everything?

United Utilities owns and runs, amongst many other capital items, Thirlmere Reservoir in Cumbria. Thirlmere supplies, through high level outlets and pumpsets, a large proportion of Manchester’s water. U.U. was asked in 2005 to hold the levels at Thirlmere dam to approximately three yards below top level, so as to accommodate extra water flow in times of heavy rain, and thus prevent the spillways being utilised to take overflow rainwater away from the full dam. This U.U. refused to do, as they would have had to invest in new pumpsets to supply Manchester.

So the forecast rains fell upon the Lakeside fells, drained into an already-overflowing Thirlmere Dam; overflowing because the aqueduct to Manchester was closed for repair work. As there was no spare capacity in the reservoir, all the extra water overflowed down the spillways, as it had done from October last year. That extra water made the St. John’s Beck, the outflow from Thirlmere, into a raging torrent, and this water, combined with the extra water from Derwentwater and Bassenthwaite, slammed into Cockermouth and Workington!

Police Constable Bill Barker died doing his duty, but will the bill for that sacrifice ever be paid by United Utilities?

Just press the needle into your vein!

Listening to a debate on  the merits of legislating for ‘Assisted Suicide’, and the one thing which is maybe patently obvious to me, possibly because I prefer to speak straight and not behind three curtains, is that the people who are pushing for a ‘Clarification’ are the ones who shouldn’t be listened to! I dismiss those such as Patricia Hewitt, partly because she was and is such a bad politician that her insincerity reeks, but also because she wants to get her name up in lights, instead of being remembered as the worst Health Secretary in living memory!  I also dismiss the calls of the relatives of those who wish to die, such as Debbie Purdy,  who face the possibility of prosecution upon their return to Great Britain, and her recent Appeal court case to clarify the law ended in failure.

This failure is to be applauded, because the law, as it stands, also allows for considerable leeway in how the authorities, in this case the director of Public Prosecutions, can proceed to either take action or to ignore, such activities as the relatives have undertaken in order to help their loved one die. To push for a ‘clarification’ is to remove this ‘leeway’ and I firmly believe that those people who are actually pushing are the ones with an ‘Agenda’. 

Don’t the protestors realise that not everyone has such clear and gentle motives as they? Is it not a possibility that greedy relatives could manipulate a dying reletive to die earlier to their financial advantage?  

No, the law is fine as it stands, and the siren voices for change must be resisted. The House of Lords has seen three Bills on this crash, there should not be another in the House of Commons, because that way, perhaps a long way down a twisty legal track, lies EUTHANASIA!

Pauses, scratches head in disbelief!

Some time back read about the skater who planned an attack upon her rival in order to shut her out of the skating team for the Olympics, and also about some cheerleaders ‘Mom’ who had hired a ‘hit-man’ to kill her daughter’s rival’s mother, so that the distraught rival would falter, and drop off the cheerleading squad! So, fair enough, it’s a combination of America, and  sports and popularity and earning potential!

But I reckon we Brits have got them all beaten, with a story about a Jersey pony class showjumping event which was crippled due to the ponies having been DOPED!

Top Secret!

Imagine if you can a Great Britain and Northern Ireland today which stands four-square at the top of the computer industries of the world. Imagine a manufacturing industry based in a real ‘Silicon Glen’ which furnished some thirty percent of the world’s hardware, and another fifteen percent spewing out of an overcrowded M4 corridor. The planning authorities have just approved a request for the largest factory in the world which will be solely devoted to the manufacture of superfast S.D.R.A.M. memory chips sited on the shores of Lough Neagh, and the software industries of Wales and the Republic of Ireland are just now noticing the arrival of a newcomer based in Seattle, but aren’t unduly worried as they have got a lock on the operating systems of a good ninety percent of the installed computers. FlowerPower Limited has just revealed it’s year-end results, which make the family-owned company the most profitable in the entire Western world, and the Treasury, basking in the twentieth straight year of double digit growth, has reduced the standard rate of Income Tax to just above seven percent!

PipeDream? Possibly! Never Happen? Not Really!

We had a head start on everyone, including the Americans, through the work of the code-breakers and builders of Bletchley Park; we made the first functioning (then) super-computer in 1943, and lead the world in the development of Information Technology! We gave the world a headstart in the use of valve-based computing power in the exploitation of the “Collossus” computer, developed by Alan Turing, the mathematical genius, operational some four years ahead of the similar American ‘ENIAC’ long lauded by the Americans (naturally) as the true birth of the computer. When World War Two ended, we had a core of some ten thousand skilled scientific, mathematical and technical people who were used to doing the impossible; the Post Office engineer Tommy Flowers had built both the ‘bombes’ which were the backbone of the ‘Enigma’ code-breaking efforts against the U-Boat offensive in the Atlantic, and ‘Colossus’ itself, based wholly on the designs inspired by the fantastically-agile mind of Alan Turing!

We had everything, and we threw it all away, in a mess of government cock-ups, civil service plotting and a deeply-censorious dislike of homosexuals, of which Turing was one! Despite the vast array of talent, nothing was built on the foundations of the Bletchley Park work until the Ferranti computers arrived in the late Forties, while Turing was being squeezed out of all computing works because someone in M.I.5 had decreed that no ‘queer’ was to be involved in ‘Secret’ works, despite being, to all intents, the father of the code-breaking computer industry! He committed suicide on 7th June 1954, after being subjected to a year of ‘chemical castration’ as part of his sentence for a homosexual affair. Apart from the code-breakers of G.C.H.Q., nothing was saved from Bletchley, and the ‘Collossus’ machines were individually smashed apart, for some strange, bureaucratic purpose no doubt!

I hold no admiration for either the homosexual cause, or indeed for homosexuals, or, as they prefer, the ‘Gay’ culture; although to be perfectly honest I have never noticed much gaiety around their ilk. But just imagine, if you can, what this country could and indeed should have achieved if this true genius had been left alone, and this country of ours had grasped all the knowledge it held, and allowed it’s dissemination instead of classifying everything “Top Secret”?

The only correct and proper response!

I’d like to rouse a large, loud cheer to a member of the Catholic Hierarchy in Scotland, namely Glasgow Archbishop Mario Conti for his principled stance and leadership in his comments on the truly disgraceful case where Glasgow firemen were disciplined because they refused to hand out safety leaflets during a Gay Pride March in the city.

We find ourselves in a fine pickle if ordinary men cannot keep close to their consciences, and avoid what they might well deem to be areas or actions which offend against those same consciences!

The Deafening Silence!

Having watched as the dust settled over the Hez’Ballah rocket craters, the mine damage and the Israeli air bombing, I wonder if anyone has noticed the truly strange and wondrous silence from most areas of the print and television media over the single biggest scandal within that same area of news and comment? I refer to the digital altering of photographs of dead and wounded resulting from the carnage in Lebanon. I refer to the stage-managed video footage, (which was worthy of at least three Oscars, or an Emmy, where dead or badly injured (or presumed dead or injured) victims were ferried out of the place where they had been trapped, and placed in ambulances. Now what, you might ask, is wrong in the television and print photographers filming this activity. It is wholly wrong if the entire action sequences were stage-managed by Hez’Ballah overseers; it is criminal if these photos and videos were presented to a watching world as fact, rather than stage-managed fiction. I am not for one second claiming that these people, both young and adult, had not been killed or injured.No, what I am stating is that their presumed recovery, rescue and deliverance was brilliantly orchestrated by a well-organised and co-ordinated group of Hez’Ballah terrorists to further their own ends of negative publicity towards the actions of the Israeli armed forces! The first instance documented was when Reuters sent out a ‘Kill’ notice on a previously authorised photograph taken by an Arabic stringer named Adnan Hajji, as they had decided that he had ‘Photoshopped’ the image of smoke rising over Beirut so as to make it more extensive and hence dramatic! Further instances of ‘Arab Photography’ followed with the addition of extra rocket exhaust trails from an Israeli jet. Unfortunately, the changes failed to fool observers, as the trails in question were from flares fired by the same fighter jet in self-protection against standard surface-to-air missiles! The long and tortured saga of “Green Helmet” started to surface in the immediate aftermath of the bombing of Qana. The first photographs, of a ‘rescue worker’ complete with anguished features, holding the body of a small child aloft were published to a waiting world, all to eager to believe that those dastardly Israelis were behind this new evidence of slaughter and carnage! Unfortunately, the off-screen directors got a little bit too enthusiastic with the ‘reality’ bit, and the truth started to leak out; the truth being that there weren’t quite as many dead as was first advertised in ‘Hiz’Ballahgate’, and those that were dead had been dug up and then re-buried for the cameras!

Can you hear that strange noise? That’s just a few cats being let out of a few bags! Nothing to worry about! All is well! Trust us; we’re television and print reporters, producers and directors!

We only bring you the TRUTH!

Flash….Liverpudlian searching for honest citizen is mugged; lantern stolen!!

I often see jokes and stories copied care of e-mail systems and other blog-sites, but I thought I’d share this particular treasure which comes courtesy of my daughter Alice, who besides being dead clever, has also a wicked sense of humour!

The Ferrari F1 team fired their entire pit crew yesterday.This announcement followed Ferrari’s decision to take advantage of the British government’s ‘Work for your Dole’ scheme and employ some Liverpudlian youngsters.

The decision to hire them was brought about by a recent documentary on how
unemployed youths from Toxteth were able to remove a set of wheels in less
than 6 seconds without proper equipment, whereas Ferrari’s existing crew
could only do it in 8 seconds with millions of pounds worth of high tech
equipment.It was thought to be an excellent, bold move by the Ferrari management team
as most races are won and lost in the pits, giving Ferrari an advantage over every other team. However, Ferrari got more than they bargained for!

At the crew’s first practice session, not only was the ‘Scouse’ pit crew able
to change all four wheels in under 6 seconds but, within 12 seconds, they
had re-sprayed, re-badged and sold the car to the Mclaren team for 8 cases
of Stella, a bag of weed and some photos of Coulthard’s bird in the shower!!

“The Navy’s here!” and here, and here!

Whilst perusing my Saturday Telegraph, I came across a series of letters commenting on a decision by the Royal Navy to market it’s historic and unique ‘White Ensign’, the flag under which our illustrious Royal Navy has fought, died and conquered for the Sovereign and People of Great Britain.

About a year ago, I wrote, in another blog, a slightly whimsical piece to commemorate the death of our greatest Sailor, Admiral Lord Nelson, secure in the knowledge that I would be safe in any exaggeration which I might parody! Check out the reports within the Telegraph’s pages, and find out for yourselves if I was wrong! The exact piece is copied underneath:-

The following conversation is taken from records unavailable for many years after the tragic events of Trafalgar unfolded, but in the light of recent disclosures regarding certain sponsorship deals for the 200th anniversary of Trafalgar, it was deemed timely to reveal them at the present time!

The scene is Portsmouth Dockyard, in the shore offices occupied by Admiral Nelson and his staff, three months before the battle which decided the fate of modern Europe.

Hardy. “My Lord Admiral, good news from the teams out searching!”

Nelson “Searching, Hardy? Searching for what, exactly?”

Hardy “Why, for the extra sponsorship deals that we need to allow a fully-funded fleet to go out once more to search for the French fleet.”

Nelson “I do wish that the Government hadn’t saddled us with keeping all costs associated with the campaign outside the normal funds which have been voted by Parliament!”

Hardy “It was something to do with these new ideas you floated, if you will pardon the expression, My Lord, floated to keep apart the normal campaign expenditures by which we were funded for Copenhagen, the Nile and the blockades, from the your new ideas regarding fleet manoeuvres and tactics. The Admiralty felt that as such proposals such as abandoning the tried and trusted methods such as sticking rigidly to…”

Nelson “Ah yes, Hardy, I remember; they wanted me to agree not to break our line-ahead formation! A member of the Admiralty Board claimed that as I was using ideas which had been the result of these new-fangled discussion and focus groups, and thus bringing untested tactics to the Navy’s battles, they should be funded by private subscription instead of from Navy funds! Yes, I recall the talks. You said ‘good news’ Hardy?”

Hardy “Well, Sir, we have full agreement where the names of the donors can be painted in between each of the gunports, with such titles as “Cornwall’s gunpowder is the best!” and “From the Tudors onwards, Rutland’s Oaks have served England!”. We have almost completed all the negotiations with the major sponsor, but there is one detail outstanding. We need your approval to allow to be flown, immediately below your own flag and that of the Union Flag, all ships of the line should fly a third flag which states, “Only Blogg’s Ship’s Biscuits are good enough for Nelson!”

Who’s that guy waving the nuclear missile, Bub?

When the Government of the People’s Republic of China rest from their works while attempting to overhaul America, Japan and India as the world’s marketmaker, they really ought to have a quick look at the Elephant sitting not so quietly in the corner of the hallway. North Korea is making noises, and China is the only country in both the region and the world which that tiny, lunatic-lead bunch of losers and demagogues is gonna’ pay any attention to at all! Why, because the North Koreans know that the Communist Chinese are more than ruthless at stamping out dissension within their own huge country, and they also know that the People’s Republic have never shown any hesitation at action when it is in China’s interests to do so! The P.R.C. is possibly the ONLY country with enough muscle to get this megalo-maniac and his fellow-travelling circus to bend away from the nuclear lunacy which they seem hell-bent on heading towards at a great rate of speed, and it’s about time that China got acquainted with the gentle art of diplomacy, also known as Bullying!

Why should it always be America which has to act as the world’s policeman, when most of it’s own citizens don’t know where North Korea is, don’t want to know that they are waving missiles around like first-graders in a pencil shop; and for sure also don’t want to know that someone’s gotta’ step up to the plate and wave any size stick at these peak-capped weirdos with the very strange leader!