Where there is a Will, there’s trouble

I read of the victory by three animal charities over a contested inheritance with a smile. The whole rumble revolves around an iniquitous piece of legislation entitled Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975, which discards clauses within legally written wills which specifically state that certain family members get nowt.

The court has heard that Mrs Ilott, who was an only child, was rejected by her mother at the age of 17 after she left home in 1978 to live with her boyfriend, Nicholas Ilott, whom she later married.

She and her mother never reconciled their differences, and when 70-year-old Mrs Jackson died in 2004, her will made no provision for her daughter.

Mrs Ilott, who is in her 50s, made her initial appeal under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 for “reasonable financial provision” from her mother’s estate.

The Act gives the child of a deceased parent the right to apply for an order if a will does not make reasonable provision for them.

Mrs. Jackson specifically rejected any cash going to her daughter, and strongly specified this within her will; leaving all the cash to three animal charities.

The charities took their case to the Supreme Court, and there they finally triumphed; but the daughter still got £50,000.00.

Fortunately, I have always maintained splendid and happy relationships with my three adult kids, and this is reflected in my will; but I do reckon that if relationships soured, I would be able to have my wishes, legally laid down, respected in total after my death.

When ‘spin’ does not rule!

As a direct result of T’Internet’s infinite web, we have available to us a veritable avalanche of news, opinion, comment and sometimes scandal from across the world.I check out many news websites, some only occasionally, but when it comes down to serious investigative journalism, few weigh in at a better reading experience than the heavyweight New York Times. I know and accept that its Trump-hating policies and politics are amongst the most rabid, but when you bypass the ravings and dire predictions, then the real journalism shines through.

I’d like to point readers to check out ‘The Lonely Death of George Bell’ as an example of good writing, good journalism; written on the facts, delivered without judgement on either George or the multitude of people who were touched in his passing. It is a long read, perhaps a tad uncomfortable for some, who may prefer a happy ending: but here we talk about real life, and most lives don’t end with a walk down a golden avenue into the setting sun. Some die, alone, in pain and fear, both abandoned by their friends and made lonelier by a self-imposed exile, most die with their families around, some of whom dread the touch of death which is reaching into their midst; but the simple truth; which is that death awaits us all, is sidelined in this strange world which surrounds us all.

The other op-ed piece, which discusses the strange lunacy which pervades colleges in America whenever sports in general, and American football in particular; is yet another excellent journalistic review. Giving a timeline view of the bizarre efforts by Texas’ Baylor University to bypass, subvert and ultimately dismiss the righteous anger of one five-foot-three female college undergraduate after she was violated by a six-foot-four hulk who thought he was invulnerable because he played football. Well researched, well-written: what journalism is all about.

These two items typify what a great newspaper should be; not, unfortunately, what the headlines actually show!

When I nod my head: hit it!

When I read words such as the headlines in the link, (paywalled….bloody Telegraph) I have, grudgingly, to admit that the gloomy prophecies are quite correct. We have to accept that the bulk of our present homegrown workforce are ill-educated, ill-motivated, technically semi-literate and broadly; bloody near useless.

What I am about to state comes, as it were, from a microcosm of British Industry, from both my own experiences when still active and working in the Engineering field, and observations disclosed to me by a trusted and close friend.

When I wrote on my own site of the stratospheric difference between German House-build teams and the alleged British equivalent, I was speaking from bitter experience. When a Huff-haus team’s inspector viewed a ceramic wall tile feature which wasn’t up to his company’s standards; he instructed the team to pull it down and re-do it to his standards. They did so without a murmur, because those were the instincts of a trained team. Can you honestly imagine the reaction you might receive if conducting a quality audit from a British workforce? I also mentioned the attitude of the steel erection team on a project upon which I was in charge. The steel girder sections were cut, welded and supplied to site, and then, where the measurements had been totally inadequate, they attempted to get really shoddy work past me. Needless to say, they did not succeed! The photo shown gives the OoL reader some idea of what I was supposed to accept as a finished project. The top section is supposed to be bolted flat onto the base girder. The steelworkers were actually mystified when I told them that the whole purpose of the joint was to achieve strength through solidity, and when I asked if they were happy with what was put forwards for inspection, they just did not understand my comments.


My acquaintance has had wide exposure to multiple facets of mass engineering within Great Britain, and his comments, though barbed, are both legitimate and pointed. In an inspection and investigative role at a UK car assembly plant, he watched wide-eyed as a team member was installing a camera component, which would form part of a road-lane sensing system. This bloke, tattooed everywhere which was visible, shoved the camera into the chassis socket, clipped in the cable, but when powering up on a trial basis produced no result, instead of carefully checking through the required test procedure, just ripped the cables off, slung the camera into the reject bin, and reached for a replacement. Another prime example was the production of ten thousand circuit boards with large numbers of components per unit at a large automotive component factory. Everything was automated, all the double-digit IQ clowns had to do was ensure that the components were fed correctly down the chutes. One item was fed in backwards, this was not picked up as the ‘Test’ board had already been checked, and ten thousand small circuit boards had to be all recalled and scrapped because they just did not work.

My very good friend, himself extremely well qualified and educated, is sometimes driven to a silent despair because the Management ‘Planners’ decide how long any task must be given, and thus never allow for the simple fact that the vast majority of the workforce in a huge assembly, test and commissioning plant are worse than useless. He and his associates have given up attempting to get systems  and processes rectified, and just silently tear their collective hair out in frustration. The money paid out is good, but the product stumbles along; because of the simple truth that the workforce just does not care!


A tale of two fossils…

The first is travelling to Japan

Media NHM’s Lorraine Cornish: “For us, it is one of our most important fossils”One of the true “rock stars” of the fossil world is going on tour for the first time. London’s Natural History Museum is sending its specimen of Archaeopteryx – the so-called “first bird” – to Japan. It is travelling to Asia with nearly 300 other treasures from the South Kensington institution’s collections. The limestone slabs that contain the bones of this pivotal creature on the evolutionary line from dinosaurs to birds are considered priceless. They are also very delicate. But museum officials are satisfied the iconic fossil will come to no harm. “The scary thing is that it contains parts that are only one or two millimetres in depth, and so for me going to Tokyo with it is a bit challenging,” concedes Lorraine Cornish, the head of conservation at the NHM. “But we’re doing some exciting touring exhibitions – putting ourselves out there to promote our collections. And if you’re going to do an exhibition about the ‘treasures of the Natural History Museum’ then you kind of have to include this fossil because it really is a treasure.”  It’s thought Archaeopteryx could fly – although perhaps not very well Purchased in 1863 for £700 from Germany, where it was unearthed, the fossil is referred to by experts simply as the “London Specimen”. It represents the holotype of the species.

The second is Michael Heseltine, who was sacked as an adviser to the Government, mainly because he couldn’t keep his big trap shut!



When  the general public in England were made aware of the abuse, sexual torture and savagery inflicted on young children, both by Roman Catholic and Anglican clergy, and of the measures adopted by senior bishops to avoid even discussion of this abuse, there was general dismay. The opinions were levelled out into general areas such as ‘how could this be allowed to happen?’, along with the derisory ‘and these were supposed to be the men of God?’ From England to America, from Spain to Australia, the revelations, the agonised memories, buried in their very subconscious minds of the thousands of victims for so long, began to emerge. My own parish was rocked with the allegations levelled and proven against Adrian McCleish. The accusations shocked a generation; the men who were supposed to be the rocks upon which a whole community could rely upon were found to have feet of straw, never mind of clay: and no country was more shaken than the Republic of Ireland.

Ireland was indeed shaken to its very core because the whole Nation was suddenly awoken to the very real fact that there had been TWO Governments; the secular Irish government, with the elections, ministers and State departments: and also the invisible hand of the real Government, otherwise known as the Roman Catholic Church. From the largest cathedrals to parish churches, the agents of the Invisible Government, under the guise of priests, monsignors, bishops and archbishops; laid the law down, and ensured that THEIR words were taken and observed ahead of anything promulgated by the Dublin Government. Ever more cash was demanded for tithes to the church, and the beady eyes of those priests ensured that those who did not give were noted and berated. BIrth control and contraception were deemed a mortal sin, children and yet more children were the only results of a ‘good marriage’, and yet when the ignorant and uneducated Irish girls and women became pregnant outside of marriage, the response was to herd those ‘outcast’ pregnant girls and women into the Magdalene Lines, and also into the less than loving care of those women who went under the common title of Sisters of Bonne Secours in homes such as that at Tuam in Co. Galway.

The results are now being uncovered with ‘Significant Numbers’ of children’s bones,  unearthed after an Irish Government’s authorised excavation uncovered old sewage chambers backfilled with rubble and grassed over. The sisters of ‘Bonne Secours’ seem to have possibly had a direct role in the deaths and definitely the following unauthorised burial of many babies and small children. ‘S damn funny way to spell ‘Charity’, or even Mercy for that matter!

The initials in the post’s title? They spell out Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam; which translates as:-

To the Greater Glory of God.

Nods head; sighs; nods again.

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, …..

Guvmmint wants to teach SEX to four-year-olds.

I disagree, one hundred percent; but the lib/bent/greasy push will succeed because they have noisier arguments to push their depraved agenda.

However, I would definitely place good money on the first Rock Solid Ideal to be placed before the tender and trusting ears of the children in those sex-education-classes; which will be encompassed in the following crass and depraved statement:-

Homosexuality is legal: therefore Homosexuality is to be praised, accepted and indeed to be encouraged!

So how is the job search going; Nancy?

In America, every citizen has the absolute right to hold, and indeed to publish, their opinions; no matter how abhorrent these opinions may be. It is called ‘Freedom of Speech’, and it is contained forever in the American Bill of Rights.


It is, however, a different kettle of rank and rotting fish to encourage others to kill, wound or attack anyone based upon those same opinions, beliefs.


Ask the Texas pre-school teacher who tweeted ‘ Kiss the Palestine ground for me and kill some jews!’


The preceding sentence should have been modified to read:-  Ask the FORMER Texas pre-school teacher who tweeted ‘ Kiss the Palestine ground for me and kill some jews!’


Time between the tweet arrival, notification of same to school administrators; and her instant dismissal………57 milliseconds.