Power, Green Politics and Earthquakes

In March 2011, a subterranean earthquake literally moved Japan by eight feet and triggered a massive tsunami wave which shattered ports and towns along Japanese coastlines, and causing 16,000-odd deaths. The Fukushima nuclear plant’s emergency power and cooling systems were overcome by this huge wall of water, three of the four reactors were damaged by hydrogen explosions, contaminated water swept into the ocean; and 571 died from radiation poisoning. The tragedy occurred because no-one had even thought of the possibilities of a thirty-foot high wall of water smashing through the retaining walls of the nuclear plant’s back-up power and cooling systems. This tragedy was seized on half-a-world away by Green(ie) politicians in Germany, who cordially detest the very idea of nuke power, it being nasty, and dangerous, and totally un-Green. They hold a variable amount of political clout in the Federal Republic, and used this clout to have all the nuclear stations, already under threat of premature closure because of whipped-up panic after Three-Mile Island and Chernobyl; to be placed on either full shut-down or premature closure. As there have been no earthquakes of any comparable size or ferocity in Federal Germany, or anywhere else in mainland Europe for decades, if not for centuries, the push to get rid of the nukes was, again, purely political; as well as featuring prominently in the plan to get Germany towards the queue towards ‘Global Warming’ or else ‘Climate Change’ which is the term favoured now it is commonly accepted that the world isn’t warming due to Man’s activities.

As the only possible power plant alternatives to nuclear power, which are able to provide long-term uninterrupted base electricity load; are thermal power stations utilising coal (oh, terrible, full of Carbon; the Dioxide bit is normally not published as it would confuse the readers. Confuse? The fact that Carbon Dioxide comprises approximately 0.04 % of Earth’s atmosphere is not normally publicised because; well, it might publicise that fact to the ordinary plebs who provide the cash for all this so-called ‘reduction in Carbon technology’).The ‘approved’ technologies, (approved, that is, by the Greenies and the ‘Warming’ crowd, are of course wind power from huge bladed turbines, and solar energy derived from photo-voltaic cells laid out in vast arrays. What is always left unsaid, or rather not admitted, is the fact that wind power is only available when the bloody wind blows: and if the sun sets, away goes the solar power as well. So. nuclear power, which is, incidentally the only “Carbon-free” source available which can, and indeed does, provide safe, constant, easily-available electricity, is being shut down because the Greenies just don’t like it!

But Germany, along with just about all of Western Europe, depends for another vital source of power to heat its homes, provide energy towards industry, and this is of course Gas., providing the energy to power the CCGT : Combined Cycle Gas Turbines – these use Natural Gas to power a Turbine which turns a Generator; making electricity. A second system uses the heat to produce steam which is used to turn a turbine which powers a generator making more electricity: Gas comes to Germany from both Norway and from the Netherlands, but an increasing percentage comes from Russia. The actual figures are concealed, in Germany at least; but the increase follows record years for Gazprom exports to Germany in 2016 and 2017, with the country receiving 53.4 b.c.m. last year alone. Germany is the largest buyer of Russian natural gas, and makes up 27.5% of Gazprom’s total exports in 2017.

As the Washington Times stated:- Russia has long shown a willingness to use its energy supplies as a weapon. Does anyone really think that Moscow would hesitate to blackmail Berlin with the threat of supply interruption if the Russian President Vladimir Putin thought it would help achieve his political, military and security goals?

As the Russian economy limps along, hamstrung by Western sanctions over Moscow’s aggression against Ukraine, Mr. Putin would like nothing else than to gain additional leverage over Germany with Nord Stream II. It would give Russia the leverage in a future crisis to make Europe an offer it couldn’t refuse: Do what we want or no gas for you. Nord Stream 11 is a pipeline which runs from Vyborg in Russia, direct to Germany’s gas receiving installations in trenches sculpted in the rocks along the length of the Baltic Sea, thus bypassing all those pipelines passing through the Ukraine. That nation, which has the unfortunate ability to shut the gas off completely if that once-subservient nation gets pissed-off with the once-mighty Russia. By building the NordStream pipeline, Russia has virtually captured the whole power requirements of Germany for itself, as the Germans, ever eager for a deal, can throw off the Dutch and the Norwegians to gain an illusory advantage by signing up to the Big Bad Bear (alias Putin’s Russia).

Enter the one man who sees things from a totally different perspective. Not from Europe’s viewpoint, certainly not from the vast majority of appeasement specialist Western politicians: but instead from the viewpoint of a patriotic business-minded American: President Trump. During a NATO leaders’ meeting, he stated categorically that “We’re supposed to protect you from Russia, but Germany is making pipeline deals with Russia. You tell me if that’s appropriate. Explain that.”

With this tirade delivered to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, Donald Trump began his visit to the annual summit of NATO allies in Brussels. It was an extraordinary departure from normal diplomatic protocol. For the first time, a U.S. president was openly acknowledging NATO’s role as a military protectorate over Europe in the post-Cold-War era, rather than keeping a pretence of an alliance of equals. It was also the first time that a U.S. president has so explicitly linked America’s economic interests to America’s offer of military protection.

Fair enough, President Trump has not forgotten that the United States, by virtue of its huge gas discoveries and also by the ‘fracking’ technology, has lots and lots of surplus gas to sell to anyone. He would love to have more customers for America’s gas such as the Lithuanians, whose domestic gas market used to be the sole purview of Russia’s Gazprom. But the Lithuanians, having really bad and totally justified memories of the Russian occupation during and after the Second World War, were the first to kick off the chains which bound them to Russia, organised and found a dock for Independence, and can now import 75% of all three Baltic nations’ gas needs.

Germany ought to pause, and consider whether she should be building two import terminals: one for NordStream 11, and one for imports from America, or anywhere else in the world which is not dominated by a KGB-bred power-hungry dictator!

I’m all for the old ways of thinking.

IT is indeed a while since I even considered Dad-Dancing: mainly because the look of sheer horror which fleeted across my daughter’s face stilled the thought before it became reality.

But the French, of all people, have finally ‘sussed’ the truth, that its a good thing, a positive thing; and should be welcomed by all sensible people, excepting the odd Grandpa whose  sense of rhythm has long since departed.

Folks, I give you, Dad-Dancing, ‘style-Francais’:-




The Muslim British Home Secretary is quoted as saying that ““Unfortunately, this means that there are no easy answers,” he wrote. “So our response is focused both here in the UK and abroad.”. His position, which is to sympathise with the fools who are massing on the French shores, is typical of a Muslim who wishes to see as many Muslim compatriots as possible allowed into England, is his reply to the rhetoric of ‘no easy answer’

Well, Home Sec., I tend to disagree with both your statement and your attitude of commiserating with a horde of criminals who want to get to the bloody ‘promised land’, where the free benefits flow, where the Law is abused every second, and where the scum proliferate.

As one observer stated, “they’ve had plenty of practice in the Med, a few ferries and a number of slow-moving albeit massive cargo ships aren’t going to worry the dangerous fools (comprehensive term combining bogus asylum-seekers, bogus migrants, so-called refugees and a regiment of Muslim fanatics) bent on making the short passage across the Channel between Calais, Dunkirk and the English coastlines around Dover?

There is a course of action which is readily available to any Government, but they will not take it up because of the ‘liberal backlash’ which would erupt from every twat under the skies. What needs to happen is that Great Britain firmly states that it will no longer give any access to any criminal clown,, migrant, refugee, asylum-seeker; bogus or not, who arrives, by any means whatsoever, onto British soil. The form of address which should be adopted is simple, swift and easily achieved. The Police can simply arrest the criminal, or criminals, because they have broken the Law by avoiding the correct path of entry, and state, “ Turn around; I am now handcuffing you; you are being arrested, and will now be transported back to the shores of France, where you were able to gain asylum, and thence you will be deported back to the sewage-pit from which you came.”

There you are; Sajid: its as easy and as uncomplicated as that!


In a less than stunning announcement, the Muslim Home Secretary caved in and recalled two Border patrol boats from the Med., in order to provide the promised taxi service for the throngs of thugs who are now poised to swarm across the Channel. He  states that Britain will provide support to the French authorities, and “persuade” this mob that they will be stopped. Under British Law, immediately the scroungers get past the half-way mark in the Channel, they are British responsibility. To house, to provide all legal benefits, to support and, in the end; to allow to remain, as a festering scab on the British taxpayer.

As a Daily Mail reporter stated:- In France, she reported that local police were pointing immigrants camped out at ports towards Britain. Part of Javid’s new emergency plan to halt the flow is to rely on increased co-operation from the French. Good luck with that. One thing we’ve learned over the years is that our French ‘partners’ can’t be trusted.

If they were serious about stopping immigrants heading for Britain, they would turn them back at the border when they attempted to enter France.Under international law, migrants allegedly fleeing oppression are supposed to seek asylum in the first safe country in which they arrive. In this latest case, that means Serbia. None of them should have any right to settle in Britain.

But the reason this country remains their No 1 destination is the same as it ever was. We’re not just perceived as a soft touch, we are a soft touch.

In Calais last week, Sue Reid spoke to a 33-year-old Iranian, who told her: ‘My friend reached England from here in a boat and is now in a three-bedroom flat in Birmingham. He likes it very much.’

I bet he does. What’s not to like? There are plenty of people born and bred in Birmingham who have been on the council waiting list for years and would just love a three-bedroom flat. Yet an Iranian can jump out of boat on a beach in Kent, make his way to Brum and move in straight away.

While we roll out the welcome mat, immigrants will continue to make the Channel crossing, secure in the knowledge that, once they set foot in Britain, the chances of them being deported are less than zero. Despite the current song-and-dance at the Home Office, the numbers will go on rising. In no time there will be so many small boats heading our way that it will be like Dunkirk all over again.

In ending, I would make specific reference to the Header photo of the small body of the Syrian boy who drowned as his father went with his family off from a Turkish beach in an attempt to gain a foothold in Greece. In spite of staying in Turkey, where he had a job, and safety, his sister paid thousands of dollars to people smugglers who stated that a professional would take them to Greece. But of course the smugglers lied, and it was the father, who had taken his family to their deaths, who was the only survivor. The photo itself, slanted and marketed as “Dead Refugee child” galvanised the world into hasty action, and pushed the Muslim mob ever forwards on their journey towards the conquest of the European world.

All it would take to get that bloody mob of scroungers, scum and the flotsam of the world a virtual free pass would be a similar picture on a Kentish beach: and our lords and masters would organise Channel Tunnel trains into a bloody shuttle service for this bunch of Muslim menace!


Defence Secretary UK; from Infancy to Senility, without benefit of Maturity


Plucked from the rank listings of the Tory Parliamentary Party by a desperate Prime Minister, desperate because she had lost the rest of that list, to fill yet another Defence resignation after the debacle of the Chequers garbage. Williamson, a former businessman with interests mainly in ceramics, had fought a losing battle for a Westminster seat in Liverpool, changed his targets and became South Staffordshire MP in 2010. After the resignation of Cameron, he led the team backing Theresa May’s bid for the Premiership (Political; not football: sorry about that), and as a result became her Chief Whip. He was subsequently appointed to Defence after Michael Fallon’s resignation. He had no experience, in any capacity whatsoever, with the needs of Defence, of the military, or indeed of the military mind.

Upon taking up his new role, Williamson discovered the reality of politics, as best shown in the letter which was left for the new chief secretary to the Treasury, by the old one, namely Liam Byrne. The note stated:- Dear chief secretary, I’m afraid there is no money. Kind regards – and good luck! Liam. Noting, as he did, the parlous state of the Defence Forces, in terms of both costly and late equipment and blindingly-obvious stupid diversity-based recruitment policies, he determined to attempt to get more cash to pay for just some of the more expensive toys. He was abruptly informed that, as the UK was presently giving £14 billions away to countries like India, who incidentally run their own space programme, as well as the bottomless pit formerly known as Black Africa; there wasn’t any new money at all, so he would have to make do.

He is now quoted as stating that Britain should pursue a new ‘global’ role, as we (GB&NI) were looked up to by Australia. He said he expected a dramatic shift in political focus after Brexit – with the UK building deeper relationships with Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Caribbean states and nations across Africa. The Defence Secretary predicted these countries would look to the UK for ‘the moral leadership, the military leadership and the global leadership’.

Now if this spouting of the usual blizzard of inanities pushed out by all British Cabinet MPs is for real, let me put Mr. Williamson straight on a few items.

Britain has one aircraft carrier busy commissioning, but as yet has no F-35 jet aircraft to fly off of her huge decks because, well, they are very, very expensive, and the R.A.F. gets first dibs on the new goodies. We also have six Type 45 destroyers: well they do exist, but are mainly tied up together because, if the sea-water gets warm, the intercoolers cannot handle the resultant load, and the whole ship’s turbine engines conk out! They are being refitted with better power sources, larger coolers, and uprated turbines; but we have to bear the cost, despite the original errors being from BAe, the clowns who built them. We have two assault ships, but the M.O.D. keeps trying to sell them. The Royal Navy has some twelve smaller destroyers, but they are nearly all tied up: BECAUSE WE HAVE NO SAILORS TO MAN THEM! We also have five Fisheries patrol vessels, but, during the recent spat with the French fishermen, not one was available, Of the FOUR R.N. vessels delegated for fishery protection duty, one was 8,000 miles away in the Falklands, HMS Forth was unable to sail because of the huge numbers of defects found after handover from BAe Systems the builders, (inclusive of electrical busbar connection bolts being GLUED back on after rupture); one is in dock for repairs, and the fourth was in Norway at, wait for it; a Culture Festival.

The first purpose of Government is to be certain that they have made sure that their Nation can be defended. Politicians, of any colour or hue, hate the very idea of Defence; because Defence, in terms of modern equipment and manpower, costs shed-loads of cash, and must be planned for over many years. Politicians detest the idea of a valid Defence, because very little about an efficient Army, Navy or Air Force can be ‘spun’ to make them look good. There is nothing a leading politician, again of any hue, likes more than to be photographed surrounded by uniformed soldiers, sailors or airmen whilst celebrating a ‘Job Well Done’: but they hate paying the bills which come due. ( We have to acknowledge that not all politicians like being photographed adjacent to tanks or big guns, such as Emily Thornberry ‘Shadow Defence’). The pronouncements of certain politicians are famous for their double-dealing lies, saying ‘Whatever you want, you can have,’ to the generals, whilst stating exactly the opposite to their Ministry servants.

I have a few tips for Minister Williamson.

  • Sort out the Defence of the Homeland first.
  • Get the cash for the ships, both working, and built.
  • Increase the budget for manpower, and ensure we have the minimum to both fly and maintain those costly jets, man and run the ships which are needed for Homeland Defence, and get rid of Capita, at present running the recruitment for the Army; and of course failing miserably. They built a website for the recruitment process, and it was so unsuccessful that 100,000 applied through a ‘call centre’ but most lost interest when they never received a call-back!
  • Ignore these stupid ideas for bases in the Caribbean, the Gulf and Singapore. If these countries wish to defend themselves, let them build and man their own defence forces, despite the habit of those self-same forces being the first to overthrow the governments who pay them.
  • Adopt President Trump’s attitude towards NATO, which states, “pay up, pay more; or we’ll pick up our tanks, missiles and other toys, and let you sort your own defence needs out against Russia”.
  • Tell this fixated stupid woman masquerading as our Prime Minister to abandon all these Treaty tie-ups with the bloody EU; such as The UK will have the possibility to participate in projects of Common Foreign and Security Policy Agencies, including the European Defence Agency, but without having any decision-making role.  We should not be tied to a failing Federal state for anything, and as the French and us are the only EU nations with anything approaching reliable defence systems, tell the other EU nations to start spending THEIR money, instead of relying on us for all the dirty work!

Evolution overturned! Says Brighton Council; and therefore it must be so!


Evolution. It is a simple yet so-complicated term: but most of all, it is a statement of scientific, incontrovertible fact. We, ‘Homo Sapiens’, have evolved through literal millennia, by this process; which states ‘The theory of evolution by natural selection, first formulated in Darwin’s book “On the Origin of Species” in 1859, is the process by which organisms change over time as a result of changes in heritable physical or behavioral traits. We, as a species, owe our entire existence to the fact that we have evolved, and continue to evolve, to deal with the process of surviving. Men and women procreate in order to have children, but also because the very act of procreation is, of itself, intensely pleasurable. Sex is necessary, but, because we are Human, we, as a species, have endowed the act of procreation, of sex, as a sign of unity within the most human of traits: the Family. Man, as the hunter-gatherer, the provider: Woman, as the nurturer, the very fount of life itself. Man is the protector, Woman, the giver of life: and so it has been for millennia.

The process of procreation has been decided by that same evolution, and this cannot be changed. Women are bestowed, at birth, with the means to allow the child to be born, care of the eggs within her body. Once a month, the eggs are released into her body and, if that egg is then fertilised by the sperm of her chosen mate; that is the process of birth commenced. Man cannot have a child by himself, it is a physiological impossibility. If sex, if the act of love is fulfilled, that small speck of life is contained within the Mother’s womb; and there it shall grow, and be nurtured by the woman’s bodily systems. At the moment of birth, that tiny speck, which is of itself already alive, has grown, developed and is expelled from the womb, and that baby is born. If the egg and associated material is not fertilised, the results are expelled from the woman’s body in what has come to be known as  ‘menstruation’, or a ‘period’.

We have two genders, Male and Female: and no matter how many foolish idiots state otherwise, there are no alternatives. A few twisted individuals may claim otherwise, many more might claim to be born with different characteristics or sensibilities; they may claim to be a man, but born into a woman’s body; or vice-versa, but they are wrong. They may wish to be acknowledged as a different gender, but, despite all the surgery, make-up, liberal wishy-washy intentions otherwise, inclusive of a severe mental illness, there is no evidence whatsoever that there are more than two genders.

So the Department of Education ought to get its top people to inform Brighton and Hove City Council to get their act together, abandon their stupid and contradictory plans for the teaching already approved.

The schools’ guidance states: “Trans boys and men and non-binary people may have periods” and “menstruation must be inclusive of all genders”.

It asserts: “language and learning about periods is inclusive of all genders”, before suggesting teachers use the phrase, “girls and women and others who have periods”.

Sanitary-product bins must also be provided in male as well as female toilets.

MP David Davies described the new guidance as “insanity” that would leave children feeling “completely confused”.

Oh, and just by the way, Islamist teaching does not accept ‘Evolution’ at all, as they state that their ‘god’ made humans perfect from day one, and thats the way it goes, boo-boo!

Bombs: Dams: Death: and the black dog.

Ronald Suchiu

One of the many films featured over the holiday period is the classic tale of the R.A.F. attack upon the three dams of the Ruhr, in Nazi Germany. The attack, by Lancaster bombers of 617 Squadron, was unique, in that the bombs, instead of dropping from a high altitude, were released from the bomber while flying at a height of sixty (60) feet. The bombs were cylindrical, and were literally revolving, turned by a motor fitted inside the Lancaster fuselage, so that the bomb’s spinning motion, moving in reverse as it hit the water, made it literally bounce across the lake surface: finally slowly sinking to the required depth below the surface. The explosive was then triggered by a pressure switch, and the full shock of the explosion was sent against the dam walls.

The trouble with the attack, which had to be carried out at an extremely low altitude and in a straight line, was that the bomber could be tracked and attacked by seriously-accurate German anti-aircraft fire during the predictable approach path. The Moehne, Eder & Sorpe dams were chosen as targets, and the Lancasters of 617 Squadron, modified to carry the three ton weight of the bombs which had to be held partly outside the bomb-bay as the spin had to be applied before the bomb was released, set off on their mission. The Moehne and Eder dams were successfully breached, albeit with heavy loss to the attacking squadron; with eight of the nineteen bombers failing to return, and fifty-three fliers in total died during the operation. Squadron Leader Guy Gibson received the Victoria Cross, there were also five D.S.O.’s, ten D.F.C.’s and four Bars, two Conspicuous Gallantry Medals and eleven Distinguished Flying Medals and one Bar. Squadron Leader Gibson’s name featured in the very successful film ‘The Dambusters’, and as it was a British production, was historically accurate, apart from the spinning of the bombs, which was still on the ‘classified’ listing: the theory presumably was that if British bombers were ever needed to breach another dam in enemy territory, we knew how to do it.

There have been many times when that film, which I watched when it was first released, has been shown on television screens across the world, but the bomber crews’ bravery; the ferocity of the German anti-aircraft fire; the fact that eight Lancasters were either shot down, crashed or failed to return; the fact that thirty-three medals, including Britain’s highest award for bravery, the Victoria Cross, were won by squadron members is never even mentioned in these po-faced days. There have been many plans to remake that film, but every time, the film plans have been derailed because of the deep ‘Offence’ which arises every time the raid is mentioned. These days, where every other second bastard is offended, or allegedly takes deep offence, because of the name given a pet dog, a name which, in those days where men flew against a ruthless enemy every night, was simply the colour of the dog’s black fur in the vernacular. The dog who died, as he was killed by a hit-and-run driver, whilst his master, Guy Gibson, risked his life for his Country. Yes; the horror: the scandal, the terrible, terrible truth, which still scars those brave men’s memories even some seventy-five years since those Rolls Royce-powered propellers took those bombers on their deadly, dangerous mission: the black Labrador dog’s name was Nigger!

Invaded. Rapes and Murders. No Revolution!

Manchester Arena TheCuttingSuite

We have been invaded. That is a fact, for much of Europe, inclusive, for now, of the British Isles. True, the invasion was carried out in full view of the populace, but not a shot was fired in our defence, not a single Governing voice was raised in warning, excepting a trusty number of blogsite voices, one or two mainstream news websites, and the remainder, all cast away in the ‘Far-Right’ category, so well is the propaganda working against us. The invasion is almost normalised, with the complaisant politicians, the Quislings on the Labour, Tory and Lib-Dim benches truly happy with their efficient sell-out of our Nation State, with our very Nation invaded all in the cause of Global Harmony.

I believe that all who read this polemic will know exactly of that which I speak and write of. If you think, or if you have any kind of an open mind, you will have already come to the same conclusion as I. But, although the invasion is ongoing, it is not yet complete; and the question is: what will it take to arouse a slumbering population, semi-catatonic in front of a tv screen, (not less that 55”, obviously, and in full High Definition) watching the modern equivalent of ‘Bread and circuses’, but now coming dressed as “Love Island” or ‘Strictly something or other’! What kind of atrocity would it take to arouse a nation which has been plastered with left- and liberal-propaganda, so that a nationwide epidemic of Muslim rape gangs brings nothing more that “Its only a few, and they’re in jail now” as a response from a brain-washed, or rather brain-dead population after approximately 2,000 (and counting) young white girls were groomed, targeted and raped. 22 (Twenty-two) died in a terror bombing at a kids pop concert in Manchester, with 139 wounded, half of them were kids. Eight dead in the terror attack at London Bridge and Borough Market

Is this the same nation who, when the Government stated, back in 1939, that Nazi Germany’s blitzkrieg attacks on Poland were an attack on an ally, and as Germany had ignored our warning, we were at war with Germany? The British stood forward, and joined the Armed Services in their thousands. Others volunteered for War Work. Many died, some in vain, with many mistakes made; but our hearts were in the right frame, and with the help of allies: we came through.

We have invited these blood-crazed monsters into our midst, and, slowly but surely, our very Laws have been subverted so that if anyone speaks out too loudly, they are pilloried, ostracised, or imprisoned. How many must die before this nation of ours actually wakes up, and realises that its is almost too late. How many would actually realise that a Muslim Home Secretary is, even now, planning the ‘overhaul’ of our immigration schemes, but a significant gap will be noticed when it comes to migrants from ‘The Commonwealth’. The gap, no restrictions will be placed upon ‘family and relatives’ migration, and where do the vast majority of commonwealth migrants actually come from? Pakistan, Bangladesh, and all the Muslim hangers-on posing as asylum-seekers from the sewage-dumps of Iran, Afghanistan and all stops east.

The young lady in the following video asks the ONLY question, and also speaks the truth. How many have to die before we, as a Continent, wake up to reality?