‘Effing idiotic female …..

…Dies of a massive drug overdose.

Her mother, fighting back tears, said her daughter would not have willingly taken the pills because she was unable to swallow tablets. Mrs Brock revealed how her daughter had openly talked about experimenting with cocaine in the past but did not think she would’ve taken so much ecstasy in one go.

Giving evidence, she said: “She tried cocaine with people she knew and people around her she knew. “She said to her sister afterwards that she didn’t like it so she didn’t have to worry. She was very clear about what she let into her body and what she didn’t.  

And  She also told an inquest how she believed her daughter may have been forced to swallow the bag of drugs. ***************

As well as

Coroner states:-

“In July when she attended with her sister, Anika, she did try cocaine – this was not unusual for young people going to Ibiza.

I honestly do not know which of the three is / was the stupidest (I believe that is truly an English word) examples of a moronic attitude towards drugs of any kind!

  • The mother, for not lighting up like a roman candle the first time she heard her ‘effing idiot of a daughter had taken cocaine.

  • The Coroner, for making totally silly and outlandish comments on the death of a moron acting like a human being; or

  • The bloody stupid, silly, totally uneducated tramp who thought she was ‘in control’, and who also thought she could ‘get away’ with carrying a lethal package of ecstasy back to Britain: the silly, stupid, dead cow!

“We believe the attack was that of a ‘Lone Wolf’.”

I have never claimed to be able to tell the future. I would be laughed off any stage or singletoweb-site for even hinting at such powers. But it is indeed a strange coincidence to state that I foresaw the responses of both European and British politicians to the murderous depredations of Muslim ‘Jihadi’ terrorists on the streets of European Capital cities; within the pages of a novel which I wrote a few years ago.



The television news had moved straight to saturation coverage of firstly the bombing which had, it had been confirmed, killed the Home Secretary, the constituency M.P., four members of his team, the three Asian founders of the Harmony centre, fifty-nine children and forty-two parents; a further fifteen were in either intensive care or on critical life support. Pictures were also coming in of the eight confirmed bombed coaches, complete with the extra carnage wrought by the other vehicles caught up either in the blasts, or the collisions following the buses’ fiery fate.

One set of pictures caught Charlie’s eye; they were of the only coach and passengers where the bomb had not detonated properly. The pictures caught the blood on the hands and clothing of around ten men who had beaten the failed bomber into a bloody pulp in the bus, before they had been pulled away by police. All the men were smiling broadly, and three of the ten were Asian.

The hero visits a friend who is both a Peer, and an active politician, to seek counsel after seeing the inertia of his own Government after a huge terror attack across both the motorways of England, and a community centre in Salford.

The Earl’s chair moved slowly beside Charlie as he strolled on the terrace beside the huge frontage of the mansion, as he waited for his political protégé to make his mind up as to what he was going to say.

Finally, the tall politician swung around and asked, “Harven, do you believe that this bunch in Downing Street are capable of trying to brush these Muslim atrocities under the carpet? Are they capable of deciding not to go all out for bloody revenge?”

The old face smiled sadly back at his visitor, “Not only are they capable, Charlie, they might find it politically expedient to just conclude that these killers were just acting on their own. They might publicise that, instead of having a guiding hand at some high level in one of the Islamic nations. You are after all speaking of political minds; surely you must have known that this bunch, just like the ones before them, are in this for themselves first, and the good of the Nation comes fairly well back in the queue.”

“But Harven, those fanatics killed over five hundred people, mainly British. Doesn’t that register with them? What could be holding them back?”

The elderly peer swung his head around to gaze straight at the big politician’s eyes, “Charlie, because I’m old, and people long since decided that I can keep my mouth closed, they tell me whispers, theories, sometimes facts but more often guesses; sometimes they tell me State Secrets so that I in turn can advise them which path to follow, or not as the case may be. You are young, very young, and unversed in the ways of political expediency; so what I about to tell you may influence your planning, your actions and your statements. I have it on what can only be described as ‘good authority’ that while the planning and backup for the two sets of suicide attacks was carried out by fundamentalist mullahs and preachers in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the funding and ultimate authority was in fact Saudi Arabian. Not only Saudi Arabian, but very closely linked to one of the junior and distant members of their Royal Family; who of course rule the Kingdom with the help and willing fists of the Wahabbi sect of the Islamic religion, and the preachers and mosques of that Kingdom. Wahabbi Preachers and mullahs, cousins incidentally of whom took over the mosque in Manchester where the Salford bombing was spearheaded from.”

I would refrain from further comment, except to point towards the existence of an as-yet unpublished Government report on the funding of Radical Ideology in the UK; a report which might never, ever, see the light of day because of the embarrassing conclusion it arrives at; embarrassing from the viewpoint of the source of the funding.


It is a puzzlement!

I commenced reading my Saturday Telegraph, and turned the page over to page eight, but immediately was faced with a full page 9 advert featuring Omega watches, one of which is being worn by some bloke named Eddie Redmayne.


Am I supposed to be impressed by this bloke’s choice in watches? Is he a horologist? Can he fix a watch; or does he just ‘look good’ with some expensive hardware strapped to his wrist? Has he always worn an Omega, or was it just borrowed for the occassion? Is he an expert in watchmaking, or is it just that, because he is, presumably, a celebrity, we should all show our adoration for the calling, and either save up and buy one, or else add to the National Debt Crisis by slapping down some plastic, together with the words, ‘That’ll do nicely!”


Should I immediately dash out to Durham City centre, and buy one?


But the most pressing question is, naturally, without reverting to Google, or even Bing: who the hell is Eddie Redmayne: and why am I supposed to either recognise the name, or even to know this?

Two sides to every story

I write of two Nobel Laureates. One deserved of everything commendable ever said about her: the other; not so much.

We acclaimed Aung San Suu Kyi at Westminster Hall in June 2012. Check the video, but you can safely ignore the first five minutes and forty-nine seconds; that’s just Big Mouthed John Bercow (Speaker of the House of Commons) blowing his own trumpet and making noises, but enjoy the rest, she is worth every second!

She consciously did not seek the opportunity to become the Burmese (Myanmar) President after the election; partly because she did not think it appropriate, but mainly because the Burmese military, who wrote their (Amended) Constitution; ensured that she did not qualify, as she had children who carried a foreign passport. So she took the title of State Counsellor. Despite the tremendous win at the polls, she must always remember that the military still holds enormous sway in that Nation, and although Aung San got the votes, the military holds the reins of power; and to a large extent, the military is still popular to large numbers of Burmese. She has come in for much veiled criticism because she does not speak out against the harassment and exiling of the sect known as the Rohingya.

They have been a troubling minority in Burma for many years, the Burmese look upon them as Bengali, or outsiders; but their main problem is, of course, they are predominantly Muslim. They, or the militants amongst them, have attacked Police and Army outposts, during a long and dirty guerilla war against the majority Burmese. The main worry of the Burmese military? They are concerned that the Rohingya will import some of the deadlier ways of their murderous religious compatriots, as evident in the capitals of Europe, and, in the ways of military men the world over; reckon they have the cure, which is to make things so unpleasant for the Muslims that they go, willingly or otherwise; into Bangladesh. If one is to believe the stories published by the aid agencies who have leapt to succour the ‘refugees’, their treatment has been terrible: but do we also remember how we were told of the  desperate ‘child refugees’ waiting to be allowed into England, and what actually arrived on the ferries!

Aung Sang Suu Kyi is a seasoned politician, and must know that she holds a mighty power, out of all proportion to her diminutive frame. Should she speak out, and earn the wrath of the generals: or attempt a middle way, and possibly disappoint some of her more vocal critics, who were of course so pleased to watch her in amongst the ‘den of thieves’ in Westminster Hall?

The second Laureate? That would be the prancing prelate Desmond Tutu, who popped up from seemingly his grave to castigate Aung San Suu Kyi for disappointing him personally, by not speaking out against the military and their actions against the Muslim Rohingya. It’s a bit rich, castigating a Burmese politician for not speaking out: when he kept hidden, and never ever spoke out, of the true terror unleashed by the ANC and their militant ‘Spear of the Nation’ against the South African population, black, white and coloured during their ‘struggle’ and of course the equal ferocity against ANC members who dared question orders and decisions made by the ANC Council. I point the reader towards a video named Tainted Heroes, which was produced by AfriForum; a South African Civil rights group. It is a long, hard film to watch; some of the things which are pictured in graphic detail, such as the results of ANC-organised ‘Necklacing’, which, to the uneducated amongst my readers, was the lashing of the accused traitor’s arms and legs; then a tyre is forced down across the shoulders, the insides of the tyre is filled with petrol, and the leader of the group then strikes a match………. The resulting images are terrible to behold, but what is worse is the dancing and singing of the mob as they surround the remains as it lies shrivelled, smouldering and smoking on the ground; the remains of what was once a human being who has been accused of ‘collaboration’ with another Black faction. No court, no trial; just an accusation with, usually, no proof ever shown, Just a straight-forward lynching, ANC Africa-style. If you watched the scenes, you probably saw the ‘JURY’ as they danced, and grimaced, and celebrated their small ‘victories’.

Another small segment shows an ANC ‘activist’ as he calmly speaks of the decision to carry on murdering white farmers and with them, their wives and children. Why, because by the ANC standards, the very fact that the farmers organised a self-protection system made them accomplices to the Police and the Army, and they had to suffer, because, in this ‘activists’ words, they were in our way, and they had to be got rid of; that is why we planted the landmines on the farms, even though the wives and children were along with the farmers! Those same remaining farmers, incidentally, who have suffered almost 4,300 murders and attacks since that same ‘Independence’.


Yes, Archbishop Desmond Tutu was a loud voice in the fight against the Nationalist’s apartheid system, but, strangely enough, although he was vociferous when the so-called ‘Truth and Reconciliation’ sessions were proceeding, you never, ever heard him speak out about the corruption, the internal violence, which was, and still is, endemic in the South Africa of today. So, when he speaks on derogatory terms of Ang San Suu Kyi’s silence on the  Rohingyas, and of the Burmese Military’s treatment of those people, just remember to take his words with two pinches of salt!


Its all about Imagination

Wandering through the byways of the web, I sometimes pause, and decide that this is a good example of sheer, unadulterated showing-off, but then I wander further, and find something else which intrigues, stimulates and fascinates.

We have all seen web pages which make us think, some which can appall, but it is a sign of our humanity which makes us pause, and consider what a man or a woman, by their own imagination, can build, manufacture, from a dream to a reality, whether a coding application, a speedway game, or simply poetry in motion.
Maybe its hokey, but this, as I have maybe stated before; I really like; especially when I watch how it is actually built!

The Un-Noticed, and Un-Questioned Immigration

As the interminable #FreedomofMovement arguments drone ever onwards, position papers on the same subject litter the floors of the Brexit offices, and ever-louder statements gush forwards on ‘will we: won’t we: can we: should we’ adopt this or that strategy regarding the people who want to come to the United Kingdom after Brexit; and how they should be treated: either our way or Brussels’ way (ECJ involvement to the tenth generation); not many are looking at the other side of the coin.

The coin’s side which is hardly mentioned is immigration from the ‘Commonwealth’ (Not much in Common, very little Wealth), whose figurehead is the saintly ‘Baroness Scotland’ (No, I did not spend my cash on fripperies, I spent Taxpayers’ cash on fripperies!).

In the year ending March 2017; 266,000 migrants, overwhelmingly from the Commonwealth arrived on our shores. These could be divided into straight forward migrants, but a fair proportion could also be labelled ‘family members’; cousins, second cousins, family friends who have given the visa office bloke the requisite bribe to get around the niceties; etc. Having been to many of these countries, and witnessed a tiny fraction of the shambles which is their Governance, as well as ‘Governments’, I can hardly blame them for wishing to depart their individual cess-pits for the life of an immigrant in the United Kingdom.

I have no problem at all with Hindu India, similarly with the Sikhs, whom I would also welcome. The Canadians, Australians and the old members of the Commonwealth should also come without question, because they are as us (excepting bloody Trudeau, because he is a Pillock). As I have posted previously, I do fervently object to any incomer from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, any of the ‘Stans’, and all of those who inhabit the Muslim Crescent countries; for only one reason. Their skin colour is immaterial to me; what I do object strongly to is their Religion. They enter, they do not assimilate, they ghetto-ise themselves, they live according to the rites and abominable culture and Religion which threatens us all.

When the Government finally issues the ruling documentation which governs those who can enter our borders after we leave the European Union; a straight break should also be made with any individual, group or Nation; Commonwealth or not;  which professes Islam as its ruling culture, which states that Muslim beliefs come before any, and the Caliphate is just in the immediate future!