Whats gonna happen when the Election Theft is fully revealed?

IF. There is one phrase in this poem with which I would dissent from: the line being:-

 “And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,

And lose, and start again at your beginnings”

But, apart from that (to my own mind) small error on Kipling’s part, which glamourises gambling, I reckon that he sums up, in four octets, the personification of what it takes to have: a Code to live by.

I would now turn to two further items for both discussion and dissection.

The first ‘IF” is what made, or pushed, or indeed urged, Donald Trump to run for for the office of POTUS? It wasn’t for the money; he gave all his salary cheques away. You don’t get to run your own large custom-furnished Boeing 757 if you can’t lose it in the incidentals section of your accounts. Possibly he reckoned that he had a vision of what America could be, without the semi-paralysis of a two-Party system which had run things cosily for too many years. I doubt that even the Donald foresaw the fury from both sides of the aisle which brought on the spurious Impeachment fiasco, along with all the other attacks from both the Swamp and the Deep State; on both him and his Administration.

The second “IF” is what will happen in the minds of the one hundred & fifty-odd million Americans once they find out how much they have been lied to: since November 3rd. If the Trump campaign manages to get that Supreme Court to actually grow a brand new set, and accept one or more of the cases which have been travelling through the judicial thickets of the Lower Courts, both State and Federal. If; and even I have to admit it IS a big “IF”, they manage to to get the Court to review and rule on any number of affidavits of maladministration, outright fraud or malfeasance; and a further “IF” that the SCOTUS decision is that the lower Court’s decision to dismiss, or not to hear the evidence, was incorrect: such as the case in Pennysylvania, will the State Electors be ordered to deny Biden their number, and to deliver that number to Trump?

I am of course writing here as an Englishman, with quite probably an insufficient knowledge of the complex American judicial system, but hope that readers understand my drift.

But I think my point, as I made reference to the 150 million-odd Americans who have been denied, because of the Mainstream Media’s blank refusal to even admit; that there were and are many discrepancies in the November 3rd election totals and decisions, have not told their readers and viewers that such decisions are even a slim possibility! The ONLY broadcast news organisation which has performed its duties and obligations; to honestly tell its viewers what has been happening in the Electoral shenanigans which are the States’ Electoral Systems is One America News Network, but it has, I believe, a limited reach because it is not carried on the major Cable systems. If you ‘google’ it, the description comes up as a far-right, pro-Donald Trump cable channel: but, since the user is using Google, you get what the algorithms say you get. There are plenty of online rightwing websites; with possibly the ONLY one with worthy editorial aspirations being the Epoch Times, whose YouTube broadcasts are both illuminating and alarming.

We on the Right-wing of politics are well aware of the many, too many, statements of actions and decisions which, in at least five of the six ‘Swing States’ have allowed the outcomes to be at least given the possibility of legal challenge in front of a Court which is at least politically neutral, as the SCOTUS is supposed to be. As the SCOTUS is actually seen to have a conservative bias; possibly because a maverick President saw and seized upon just this possibility; the Trump campaign can but hope that the residents of that building, whose address is One, First Street, NE, Washington, DC will grasp the nettles, and decide; according to their interpretation of the Constitution: that President Trump really won, on that fateful day in early November.

The ‘Woke’s’ are at it again!

When it comes to ‘Woke’ statements, and other efforts to ridicule, despise and pour vitriol upon our history; I reckon that a new statement has a really good chance of being the silliest by far, of all those inane and equally silly statements produced by the various morons who throng the ranks of the truly stupid.

It seems that a painting by Lady Butler, named the Defence of Rorke’s Drift, owned and held by Her Majesty as part of her Royal Collection, has grievously offended the sensibilities of the august branch, or bunch; who are known as the Royal Collection’s Governing Trust. 

Seems as though this bunch of clowns has decided that the painting has been re-labelled because of its links to ‘Colonialism and Violence’. Not being truly ‘up-to-date’, especially in the field of lunatic liberal thoughts, or even thinking; I would have thought that the bloody title of that painting, posed by the men who fought and survived that amazing struggle, would have given the vaguest clue as to what it was really about. Three thousand-odd Zulus, fresh from the slaughter of some twelve hundred British Infantrymen at Isandlwana, surrounded the small missionary encampment at Rorke’s Drift, with the general idea of wiping out the small contingent of British soldiers stationed in that tiny outpost.

The station was garrisoned by men of B company, 2nd Battalion, 24th Foot (Later termed the South Wales Borderers). The garrison of the mission station comprised 8 officers and 131 non-commissioned ranks: plus Men of the Royal Artillery, Royal Engineers, Army Service Corps, Commissariat and Medical Corps. Of these 17 were killed and 10 wounded. The Zulu dead was thought to number around five hundred, but no serious body count was taken.

Mr Witt [drunken missionary about to the leave the compound]: “Death awaits you! You have made a covenant with death and with Hell you are in agreement! You’re all going to die! Don’t you realise? Can’t you see? You’re all going to die! DIE! Death awaits you all! You’re all going to die!

Private Cole: He’s right. Why is it us? Why us?

Colour Sgt. Bourne: Because we’re here, lad. Nobody else. Just us.”

The Collection Trust has thought to re-label the painting because of its links to ‘Colonialism and Violence’. Sorry, men of the Trust: the painting should in fact be renamed ‘The Battle for Survival of the British Soldiers at Rorke’s Drift’. It is ALL about violence: it was simply a case of “Kill, or be Killed”, and the sooner the members of that august Trust accept that some ‘Black Lives Don’t Matter that Much Anyway’, especially when they died some One Hundred and Forty-One Years ago: the better.

And we just have to take their (bent) word!

Remember? At the beginning of the 1980s, the British Government allowed blood products made in the US to become available to treat haemophiliacs in the United Kingdom. Despite assurances that the product called Factor 8 was safe, the imports from America were contaminated with hepatitis C and HIV. Each dose of Factor 8 came from thousands of US blood donors, but inadequate screening meant blood from high-risk populations, including prisoners and drug addicts, was used in its production. There was an Inquiry, all those affected were promised compensation, but most died before the Brit. bureaucracy sent the cheques out.

As a few may remember, I underwent major surgery on my body to allow removal of a large ‘nasty’ which had grown over a large area of my body; leaving me with the signature ‘mercedes’ scar some two feet long. I was in receipt of some seven-odd pints of blood, and I was grateful to both the surgeons and nursing staff, but also the Blood Transfusion Service. In earlier decades, I had donated blood many times, inclusive of one memorable day in Australia, so you could say I was just making a withdrawal from the bank.

But the basic thing of which I write is the fact that, until next summer, you could have complete faith in that same Blood Transfusion Service. Everything was double checked, the fatal transmission diseases were removed from the equation, and the defences regarding HIV and AIDs contamination from the homosexual contingent remained strong. But now, due to strong and intense propaganda from that same band, and after assurances were made that homosexuals who had remained in a ‘stable’ relationship for over a three month period were deemed to be disease free, and so from next summer, anyone who has the same sexual partner for more than three months will be eligible to donate blood if there is no known exposure to an STI or use of PreP or PEP, drugs that allegedly reduce the risk of HIV infection.

So, because a few fairies have pushed their point of view, and a bunch of bureaucrats have ignored the facts, especially regarding the fact that that particular bunch of perverts are well-known to be basically incapable of a monogamous relationship, we are all, once more, at risk of contracting a deadly disease because we mustn’t be guilty of ’Discriminatory Practices”

and yes; it is: even allowing for the delays & overruns: quite an achievement!

£Four Billions over budget.

By the time it will open it will be three years late.

The tunnelling and civils integration went as planned.

The huge order for the trains was completed and delivered, ready for trials.

The complex station building, integration with other TfL services, was the start of the delay timetable

The Virus hit the UK.

The management, the hierarchy, the planners; individually or a meld of all three; forgot to allow for the fact that the trains had to operate with THREE individual operating signalling and control systems.

But, and it is a strangely welcome BUT, from Abbey Wood to the sidings at Westbourne Park, in the shadows of the elevated Westway: in EIGHTEEN MINUTES AND FIFTY SECONDS, is no mean feat at all!

As Gordon said; “Greed is Good”


Most readers will know, to some extent, of the manner in which the materiel, equipment, clothing, many perishable foods and fruit bought either online or on the high street; are transported globally. They are loaded into shipping containers, and crammed on to ever-larger container ships; the latest example is capable of carrying 23,000 containers stacked full in the hold, and reaching ten TEU high for virtually the full length of that enormous vessel. 

The photograph featured is of the aftermath of a smaller ship, built to carry 14,000 containers, which, I presume, was sailed through a Force 11 storm without either reducing speed and manoeuvring so as to face into the waves. She is almost brand new, but by the looks of the catastrophe which is the state of the containers, less over some 1,500 which are now floating in the Pacific, the ship was subjected to giant storm-force waves coming virtually broadside on to the ten-high stacks of containers: ripping the steel tie-downs as though they were made of string.

The reasons for this commercial disaster, fortunately without loss of life, are, unfortunately, plainly visible to anyone with the slightest knowledge of global shipping operations. Ther shipping management and leasing companies pay huge sums of cash to speedily procure the cargoes carried by these behemoths, and it is a valiant captain who tells his management that he will have to either take a wide detour around a violent storm, or slow his vessel down, turn his ship into the wind, and wait out the time until the waves subside. 

There is only one characteristic, one motivation, which can make a captain depart from the needs of keeping his vessel safe: and that is simply GREED. Greed on the part of the management which pressures that captain to ignore safety, ignore everything but the needs of a greedy Owner or management company. We have had proof of that greed in action just a few years ago: and the ship was called El Faro.

And that, Folks: is Show Business

When I write about things which I like, all readers are able, and sometimes more than able, to comment upon those ‘likes’. That is, in essence, the whole idea of sites such as FP&P. It is a forum for ideas, for deeply-felt and long-held opinions. In the years since I began writing on this site, and latterly since David invited me to contribute to ATW’s sometimes forensic examination, I doubt very much If I have managed to change one reader or commenter’s mind; and that, folks is what it is all about. The posts which stick in mine own memory are but six. Five are caught together in this linked collage. The sixth is a purely personal one, when I wrote of the death, at an unseemly early age, of my young sister. That post, although not on ATW, was mentioned several times in my other posts.

So when I read of a American TV drama, featuring policemen, which literally goes against the flow, the grain, the ‘Accepted Thinking’ in one of its plotlines in the first show of its new series; I really think ‘Hoorah!’. When I read of the ‘Blue Bloods’ imaginary  NYPD Commissioner: who is so very, very different from real life; refusing, point blank, to allow the Marxist Ideology which is behind the BlackLivesMatter garbage to take centre stage, I literally had to stop and go over that piece once and again. When the imaginary City Council Speaker is demanding ‘defunding’ of the NYPD, and giving the cash to ‘The Community; the Commissioner stands tall and states, in so many words “Not in my City, Not on my Watch’.

Blue Bloods is, in my own opinion, firmly in the mould of great Police Process series, and has managed always to entertain, provoke and inform. The writers and cast have maintained a high standard, and the ‘Product’ has neither cheapened, nor gone off the patch. The show will probably be panned on all the media chat shows and editorials; but I’m firmly with ‘Commissioner Reagan’!

The Angry Silence

Slowly, sometimes very slowly, the layers are being peeled away from the true corruption which has literally been embedded, by Democratic Party operators and fellow travellers, in the Electoral Process of the United States.

When, and it is a big ‘WHEN’, the President’s legal teams finally achieve a breakthrough, and advance to the one building which has been their target all along; that building which houses the Supreme Court of the United States; the august top tier of American jurisprudence, the vast majority of America’s voters will be amazed, astonished and just plain angry.

Why angry?

For literally years, during the truly absurd vindictive charade of the Russia-Trump lies and propaganda, just about all of America’s news outlets and organs, inclusive of those who used to hold pride of place in the Integrity of their Journalism, have taken the side of the enemies of the Right Wing of America’s politics and politicians: and the greatest target of their spleen has been ‘That Man’: alias President Donald Trump. In the months preceding the November Election, the level of vitriol rose to new levels, in both print and broadcast media; inclusive of the defection of the once-solid Fox News, achieved because the owners of that organisation joined, with a wide grin, the ranks of his opponents.

The MSM media routinely refers to and dismisses President Trump’s electoral fraud and rigging claims; they merely state “No Evidence At All’. They don’t mention the multiple sworn affidavits regarding outright fraud and theft in States from Georgia to Pennysylvania. The vast majority of Americans have to rely on One America News Network for coverage untarnished by the Left; plus the many right-wing blogs and news sites. If they wished to watch anything else, the only segments are those of Tucker Carlsen and his buddies on Fox for balance: the rest are only fit for the raving lefties who need little encouragement to fan their obscene ideals. 

But when Trump’s legal team manages, finally, to get a fair hearing before SCOTUS: and, hopefully, a reversal of the outright theft of six States’ electoral processes; the huge portion of America’s millions who have been lied to consistently for years are gonna’ want a discussion of their own: and that will not be a pretty process!

Hong Kong ——- or Westminster?

The British Government has sent its sternest warnings to the Beijing Government over the new Security Law in Hong Kong. It has also joined the United States in warning its citizens of the possibility of arbitrary arrest, and the possible lack of legal representation. These actions follow the summer of Hong Kong students’ protests which pushed the (Beijing Puppet) Hong Kong Legislature to enact the National Security Law, which allows for extradition to mainland China and detention on the flimsiest of excuses. The British Government has strongly stated that the new security law are yet another breach of the ‘One Country: Two Systems’ ideals which followed unification.

Which seems a bit strange because the (Truly Politicised) Metropolitan Police is busy arresting ordinary Brits who are just protesting the various Virus Lockdowns that they, as well as many, many others, disagree with. That is all they are doing: Protesting!. And for that High Crime and Misdemeanour, a lady is taken, spreadeagled, to a police van!

I reckon that China ought to remind the British Government that ‘Sauce for goose’ works both ways!

We, The People;

The ‘ Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea’. Sounds really good, when it is either read or spoken. Trouble is, as we all know in reality, the People in North Korea have no say in how they are ruled; there ain’t much Democracy around: and as for the term Republic. That definition reads as ‘a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch’.

Try telling  Supreme Leader Marshal of the Republic Kim Jong-un that his country’s name doesn’t quite ring true to the known facts. If you survive the assassination attempts by a nerve gas, even if you are a distant relative, you might find yourself tied to the muzzle of a large-calibre artillery piece. Our Li’l Kim just don’t take kindly to overt criticism.

I mention North Korea, which is ‘run’ as a true Communist State, along with all the trappings, mainly as an illustration of a truly repressive State, with Orwell’s phrase ‘Some are more Equal than others’ as the background noise of that truly unhappy country. The dictator’s rule is firmly enforced by the ruthless wielding of power by the World’s fourth largest standing Armed Forces.

Few people these days have witnessed the ‘rule of the gun’; as is of course standard fare in North Korea. I am of an age where I too have witnessed the ‘mailed fist’; as I recalled of the time when I was a young Engineer Officer in the Merchant Navy.

Why write of a repressed people: why recall the actions of a group of armed and uniformed sadists? In truth, I have just finished possibly the most frightening book that I have ever read. It is a work of fiction, but every sentence, paragraph, chapter could, in truth be taken from an America which, if the forthcoming Court cases do not totally demolish the edifice of lies and corruption which comprise this attempt to subvert, suspend and overcome the Constitution upon which was founded America; could speedily come to a bleak, dark reality. 

The novel is entitled ‘People’s Republic’: it is the first of a group of five; and it is eerily prophetic. I cannot recall a novel which gave me the feeling that the writer had taken facts, speeches and future policies promised by various (Democratic Party) politicians; and brought them to life. I commend this work for the attention of both Republican and Democratic enthusiasts alike. You might not agree, many sceptics would simply dismiss the very idea: but I would suggest that anyone with perhaps a semi-open mind read what might: just might, be just around the corner!

The Single Item which just might damp down the Election fires

JoeAs the President reluctantly grants the Biden team access to Federal Transition funds: whilst reserving his own Legal processes, what would make everyone stop, stand and indeed stare is this:-

Why doesn’t Joe Biden stand up and announce that he and his team will be joining the various Legal Challenges against this seemingly flawed Election? On the basis that he does not wish to be associated with any activity which may prove legally suspect: and will accept the results of those Legal Challenges: and thus dispel, forever, that he knew that the Election was proven to be flawed!

So, how’s about it, Mr. President-possibly-Elect? Time to put your cash down!

The Headlines; just for a change, Speak as One

Reuters states UK abuse inquiry says Catholic Church prioritised reputation over children

Daily Mail says Cardinal Vincent Nichols accused of putting Church’s reputation before safety of children

The Tablet states Calls for Cardinal Nichols to resign over safeguarding failures

The Guardian says Leader of church in England and Wales refusing to resign despite damning IICSA report

And even the BBC chimes in with Cardinal Vincent Nichols criticised over leadership

So, when I heard the discussions on the radio, and then went searching online; I discovered that the Church’s top man in England and Wales, the Cardinal himself was refusing to even contemplate resignation: even in the face of a blistering denunciation of his role, and that of his many bishops who went along with his path; in the tragic tale of sexual abuse, cover-up and lying. Lying, so that his bloody Church could somehow avoid being placed in the spotlight; being found wanting in the very area, the only area which counted. The acceptance of responsibility! Nothing more: nothing less!

This man, elevated to the pinnacle of his Church, below the Pope alone; should have resigned immediately the truth commenced emerging! But what do we see, instead of an honest response to the Inquiry’s findings that he was responsible? We see what we have seen many, many times before. A clinging on to the trappings of power. We see his response, via a church spokesperson who stated that the cardinal would not be resigning following the inquiry’s criticisms because he was “determined to put it right”. He claims he gave his resignation to the Pope, but our mate Francis just said, “Carry on, Cardinal”.

This Pope is almost as bad as this scarred Cardinal. The Pontiff should have copied Cromwell in his dissolution of the Long Parliament: but that is perhaps too much to expect from an Argentinian Junta-lover, who is, unfortunately; nothing like the assassinated Romero.

Biden, Hunter: and the Deep State’s double standards.

When the name Edward Snowden appears, it is usually linked with the journalist Glenn Greenwald, for it was Greenwald who helped Snowden publish his damning set of files which disclosed the NSA’s blatant disregard for America’s Laws, amongst many other crimes. But it is Greenwald I write about today, because I admire a man with integrity by the bucketful, and Greenwald possesses more than one bucket.

Just consider the uproar, the shocked incredulity, the true banner headlines, if one of President Trump’s family had been found to have bought influence, peddled access to his President father, indulged in drug-soaked interludes. You could almost see the Articles of Impeachment, demanding that the Senate try this President for High Crimes and Misdemeanours, self-generating from the ‘truly-offended House Democrats, as they posed, and pouted, and yammered incessantly. And, if it were true: rightly so!

But, just step back and examine the lack of coverage, the casual brush-off that the New York Post’s headline story about the son of the Presidential Candidate. About the treasure trove of emails which point to years of influence peddling by Hunter Biden; about the meetings with ‘Big Joe’; about the millions of dollars allegedly slushing through the Biden family’s accounts. As with seemingly one voice, all the major news outlets sprinkle fairy dust around, and out of the haze appears the words, “Its all down to Russian Interference’. No proof at all, no journalistic push to even suggest that the ‘proof’ is just around the corner: Nope, it had to be Russia!  Couldn’t possibly be Joe and Hunter and the rest of the creepy clan who were about to claim the PRIZE which had been snatched from the Left’s grasp by the upstart billionaire who just wasn’t ‘one of us’!

But, back to Glenn Greenwald. Greenwald is a traditional leftist committed, above all, to forcing transparency on people who hold power. Years ago, Greenwald co-founded a news site called The Intercept. Thursday, he resigned. In a statement, Greenwald explained why:

“The Intercept’s editors, in violation of my contractual right of editorial freedom, censored an article I wrote this week, refusing to publish it unless I removed all sections critical of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, the candidate vehemently supported by all New York-based Intercept editors involved in this effort at suppression.” 

Greenwald’s article is still available at Substack. Even after the Presidential Election, which still rumbles on, it is worth a read; just to examine how the Left’s minds work when they wish to cover something up. Remember the phrase ‘Fast and furious’? Nope, not the film, the legal but really badly thought through exercise in how, hopefully, to bring ‘Gun Control’ to America by the back door. That was down to Obama and his sidekick the then Attorney General Eric Holder. One American, U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry died from the gunfire of ‘Fast and Furious’ weaponry; one F&F weapon was recovered from the murderous idiot who tried to shoot up a ‘Draw Muhammad’ convention: and one F&F Barratt .50 calibre sniper rifle was recovered when drug kingpin El Chapo was arrested. Fourteen ATF agents were disciplined, but Holder, Obama? Not even a wrist slap!

Advance, Australia Fair

When I was a young Engineer Officer in the British Merchant Navy, I was fortunate enough to twice visit Australia. I did get to know a few of that Nation’s wonderful inhabitants. Those days, there were no ‘politically correct’ limits on what anyone could say; about either another person, another group or indeed, another Country. The Aussies I met, from Cairns to Newcastle, from Sydney through Melbourne and on to Adelaide and Perth, were direct, plain speaking descendants of the great British flow of genuine migrants, along with throngs from many other European Nations, which had combined to give Australia a unique perspective on their Country, their Commonwealth and the UN-lucky countries elsewhere. 

Their rather touching belief that every country was the same as Australia in terms of size was demonstrated when a Cairns-based wharfie foreman asked me whereabouts I lived in England. I replied ‘My folks live near Crook, in County Durham’. He then asked me how far Leeds was, from Crook. I again replied ‘Oh, Leeds is about a hundred miles from Leeds’. He then said the magic words, “You’ll know my Grandma”. It took a fair while to dissuade him of the belief that England was of the same population and distance standards as his own Country.

But the greatest gift that that magic mix of Nationalities gave Australia, in my own view, was the built-in scepticism of Government, of politicians in general, and of the belief that Ronald Reagan was dead right.

But sometimes, Australia does come up with the right Governing policies and, more importantly, Government Agencies who carry out those policies, fairly, firmly; but on mainly supporting the side of ‘The Little Guy’, because that same ‘Little Guy’ doesn’t wield enough muscle of his own. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has just ordered Tianjin Shun Xin Yuan Shipping to repatriate nine crew members who have been onboard general cargo ship Brio Faith for more than 12 months.

Seems as though the AMSA guys did an on-board inspection after a tip-off (now I just wonder who held THAT particular mobile phone) and discovered (shock; horror) that some crew members had been on board for up to two YEARS. 

AMSA refused the owner’s proposal to keep the seafarers onboard until the next port, Shanghai, and issued a direction notice prohibiting the ship from departing until all nine seafarers had been repatriated.

Those seafarers are now making their way to Brisbane to take international flights home.

The ship embarked fresh crew to meet its minimum manning requirements and departed on Wednesday.

I have written before today of the hidden crisis covering some five-six hundred thousand PEOPLE who are being virtually held against their will; because of the total collapse of crew renewal and transfer arrangements due to the Corona Virus.

Why doesn’t the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency throw a lifeline to all personnel who sail into British waters, ports, anchorages and harbours: and tell the Ship Owners to ‘get off their comfortably-padded arses, and arrange for similar arrangements for all overdue staff to be replaced before such vessels depart our waters’. 

Now there’s a thought: a UK Government Agency standing up to an Industry. 

Nope: Never Happen!

And it is Just Possible!

We’ve all been told that he’s a ‘lost cause’.

We’ve all been told that he’s been a disaster for America!

Me? Being an Englishman, and possibly a slightly sceptical one at that; I reckon he would be far less divisive than the Communists surrounding Old Joe.

However, I don’t vote in America, but, if American; maybe watch this, and then make your mind up; based upon his words alone.

Without Fear or Favor

So goes the Oath (Inclusive of the spelling) spoken and taken by, amongst many, many other Americans, the new Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. 

That simple statement, spoken under Oath, shows that no-one can claim, through friendship or political place; especial pleading or hopes of preferment because of any possible deal or promise. Which is as it should be.

So I just wonder what sort of pressure was brought to bear upon the officials and lead participants in the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, so that entire towns, and the witnesses of sexual abuse within those towns, are barred from giving evidence of that systematic abuse and torture of overwhelmingly young White girls at the hands of Pakistani Muslims?

I reckon Professor Jay should overrule her advisers, lawyers, sidekicks and political cronies, and publicly demand that all those who wish to tell THEIR stories; again truthfully and indeed: WITHOUT FEAR OR FAVOUR.

Conscience? Which Conscience is that?

Ever wished to visit or view the Nation’s Conscience? Me neither.

Did you, as a Brit, know that we had a Conscience?   Nope; me neither.

If you will settle back, I shall try and explain. Recall my post upon the proposed Holocaust Memorial? The one in Victoria Tower Gardens? Yep, thats the one.

Well, I had a think, and a bit longer think; and so decided to apply to speak during the Holocaust Memorial Inquiry; using my own Holocaust post words as a base. I said my piece last Wednesday. As an observer, my input may well be ignored by the Inspector, but at least I spoke, and was counted; in amongst the many who spoke against the proposal; including Westminster Council, the Friends of Victoria Park, heavyweights such as UNESCO; and many local residents; all desirous of making their contribution as part of local and indeed of national Democracy. The opposing side, in favour of this idea to somehow record the murder of Six Million Jews, were present as well, as can be seen from the many statements recorded; despite the fact that all the massacres took place in Germany, Russia and Poland.

But, we must get back to this idea that somehow, despite not really knowing what or why, we already have a Site of the National Conscience: almost by accident. In the Park, which is the target for building this £50- or £100-million Memorial, we have three memorials already. One is a statue to Emmeline Pankhurst, the leader of the Suffragette cause of Women’s Voting. Another is the Buxton Memorial/drinking fountain which commemorates the emancipation of slaves in the British Empire, and to the memory of MPs whom were involved in this purpose.  We also nave a Copy casting of Rodin’s ‘The Burghers of Calais’, which is just a bit weird: mainly because the figures supposedly represent the surrender of the leaders of the starving City to the English armies which had besieged them for eleven months. How those defeated figures morph into part of Britain’s National Conscience is beyond me, apart from the theory that Queen Phillippa managed to get the leaders pardoned, instead of being executed. As the whole thing was done some eight hundred years ago; its more than difficult to determine: its bloody near impossible.

This weird idea that the Park is ‘The’ site, is partly political. There were originally twenty sites from which the Commission was supposed to choose from. It was only after a secret meeting in No. Ten, Downing Street that all these sites were discarded, and the Victoria Park site suddenly emerged as the ‘Chosen Place’. 

The ‘Conscience’ twaddle? That emerged as part of the Architects’ evidence, and from no other source. Over the years, I have had a fair bit to do with architects; I recall these interludes mainly because I also recall the number of times that these discussions were also arguments. They were always concerned about how things appeared or looked; whilst I was more concerned whether the items meshed, worked and delivered. I also firmly believe that architects don’t actually live in this world; but rather exist inside their own Universe, where the visitors to their creations follow their ideal about how their visitors’ minds work: instead of the real world, which is a much more difficult world to traverse.

One final point about my statement to the Inquiry, linked above. Some fifteen minutes before my streamed statement via Microsoft Teams was due to begin, I received an urgent email asking me to delete one small paragraph. These words held my considered opinion of the wartime German Nation as a whole, and my belief that a fairly large proportion of the Krauts knew all about the Final Solution, the Death Camps, the slave labour and the Concentration Camps. The sentences:-

Some 99.9% of the parents and families of those Ten
Thousand ‘Kindertransport’ children perished in the ovens of
the Nazi Death Machine; that same Machine which of course
was allegedly never known about, never revealed, and never ever
discussed by a totally “innocent” German population.
The very same population who roared their approval during
the Berlin and Munich monologues from their idol Adolf!

But I was specifically requested to delete the whole paragraph. Funny —- Peculiar!

They might as well have lined them against a wall, and pulled the bloody trigger!

I have read and seen, many times over the six decades I have taken any interest in politics; lies, bold lies, and politicians’ pronouncements.

But, this morning, in the lead stories within the pages of the Sunday Times, the truth is laid bare about the panic, the lies, the outright deadly f**king around with peoples’ lives, the steady flow of ’’covering their own arses’ bullshit from Conservative Ministers and politicians; along with the same deadly lie from the crowds of senior management bastards who infest the National Health Service.

When the truth is finally dragged out of this self-serving bunch of petty dictators: when the Inquiry is finally called: there should be PRISON SENTENCES awaiting them. 

The Sunday Times publishes, in four-and-a-half pages, a damning indictment of the panic, the wrong paths approved, the dodgy spreadsheets pushed by dodgy epidemiologists. It publishes the stories of the senior medical people who are too scared to let their names be known; for fear of losing their very livelihoods. BUT, come that day of reckoning, when the culprits will be forced to give their evidence at that Judicial Inquiry; then the families of those thousands of infirm and elderly people, left to die because they did not meet the criteria of an Unpublished Screening Document: unpublished, unaccountable: but widely used within this so-called NHS to screen out those who were unworthy of extra effort; THEN We might, just might, see Justice!

The Sunday Times piece is, unfortunately, paywalled., but I am calling for the publisher to allow free access, so that we can rise up and demand Justice for all those who died needlessly, so that the likes of Johnson, Hancock and Whitty can prance and pout in front of a tv camera.

If it gets stolen so easily: we just won’t stock it anymore!

I wrote a comment on a New York Times op-ed piece which featured the (to this observer) strange need of some women to alter their appearance with long wigs, creams and other artificial aids to ‘beauty’. As a mere man, and an elderly one as well, I just cannot comprehend the thought processes which pulls or pushes anybody, man or woman, to alter their appearance presumably to gain social or sexual success. But that’s just me.

My comments were aimed at the writer completely ignoring the fact that the crowd, who literally could not wait whilst the  female manager was fumbling with the keys, smashed the windows and looted the Korean-owned store: were all thieves, felons, criminals. 

Now while I can maybe comprehend that people who do not have access to much cash might shoplift or steal to feed their families: much as Alexandra Occasio-Cortez, speaking in a virtual TownHall meeting, stated that “So they feel like they either need to shoplift some bread or go hungry.”, that applies to food, not expensive items which maybe make the user or wearer ‘feel good’.

I was reminded by the NBC ‘news’ piece about a strange (again, to me) ideal which made some women complain that they were being discriminated against when the ‘beauty products’ most popular and sought-after in major chain stores were placed behind glass cabinets protected by lock and key: so that whenever a customer wished to buy or check out any ‘Multi-Cultural Product’ the items had to be physically handed to the prospective customer. The truth; that these items were amongst the top tier of pilfered products is, perhaps in the land of “Black Lives really Matter”; immaterial it seems when the protection is described as ‘Racist: etc., etc,. Blah, blah, blah’. 

One presumes that the selection and purchase of these ‘glamour’ products will, or have already; morphed away from shops and supermarkets to ‘online’ only, where you have to front up your cash or credit card before gaining the aforementioned product. Serves them right!

Time indeed for a change!

As this writer looks forward gloomily to a semi-permanent time when I am summarily deprived of any meaningful contact with my grandchildren, I do wonder if there will will come a time when a majority of Tory politicians see sense, end this loony-tunes lockdown era; and institute a time when hospitals and the health workers are tested and protected, along with care homes and the elderly, and the rest of the population are trusted to take care, and take their own decisions as to the risk to themselves and those closest to them?

I continue to argue that Lord Sumption’s way is the right way. I accept that I wrote in favour of lockdowns, but that has proved to be incorrect. Time for a change!

A REAL Holocaust Memorial

I have watched and listened to this Tory Government make many promises, make a few correct decisions, such as the ‘Push for Brexit’, tarnished as it became with the full weight of the ‘Remain’ Establishment and the vocal support of a Speaker who had lost any pretence at impartiality; but, another three months, and we shall be out: Deal or No Deal. 

But its accomplishments pale into the shade, when  the mistakes are laid out and listed: such as the whole farrago of the CoronaVirus catastrophe, both in terms of health, and of the economy; of sticking with the sure lunacy of the so-called Climate Change Act, which will reduce us to penury within a decade; along with many more stupidities.

But I write today on a singularly crazy idea, grasped of course by this so-called Government because they love to be seen to be be ‘inclusive’ and full of ‘Diversity’’; along with being shown to be full-on opposed to any scent of Anti-Semitism. The proposal, turned flat down by a prescient Westminster City Council, was for the construction of a Holocaust Memorial; to be built along the shallow edge of Victoria Tower Gardens: which is a Grade II-listed park and forms a small triangular green space next to Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament – collectively designated as a World Heritage Site. 

My views on this abortion are many and varied, but the greatest objection is simply one of logistics; and, simply put states the blindingly obvious: You would have to travel to London to see the damn thing.   

When I was but thirteen years old, our History teacher told  all us schoolboys to read one book, and one book only, if we were to understand the greatest War ever fought. He told us that the Battles; of Kursk, of Britain, at Alamein, of Midway, Pearl Harbour and at Falaise; and of the massacres such as Oradour-sur-Glane, Babi-Yar could only be viewed in true perspective if we also understood the true history of the Nazi Reich from rise to fall: and this would and could be viewed in one book: namely the Scourge of the Swastika. As I turned the pages of that awful book, as I viewed the pin-sharp photographs of the lines of mass graves and dumping-grounds, filled with human skeletons, it was only then that I realised what the whole Allied World had been fighting against. Very few politicians of that decade understood the real threat of Hitler’s Third Reich. Winston Churchill did, but Neville Chamberlain took us into War only because Hitler invaded Poland. 

The true scale of the Nazi Atrocities, apart that is from the genocides practiced against the Occupied Nations, were only revealed when the Russians began overrunning the Death Camps like Auschwitz: and these discoveries were later confirmed after the British and Americans liberated such places as Belsen and Dachau. The unreal views of the living skeleton survivors, amidst the piles of dead, were remorselessly covered by the Allied Camera teams. This film was censored by the British and American Governments, and was only released a couple of years ago under the grim title; ‘Night Will Fall’

So, folks; here’s my proposal, which is to tear up and discard the proposal to build this weird and practically useless underground  so-called ‘Learning Centre’, together with these equally silly bronze fins which remind people of nothing at all: and instead fund the purchase of 90,000 hardback copies of ‘The Scourge of the Swastika’; along with the production and reproduction of 90,000 DVD copies of ‘Night Will Fall’. These items will be distributed amongst all, repeat ALL education establishments with an enrolled age of 15 years or older. The Book will form part of the Syllabus, along with timely showing of the DVD to those schools, colleges, Universities: so that the young can, should and will learn of the capacity, within a nation from whence sprang genius; of Man’s INHUMANITY to his fellow man.

National Trust …..In the news again; for all the wrong reasons

Anyone who bought a Telegraph on Saturday last, or the Sunday Times on the following day, was faced with a weird advert, part of which is pictured below :-

The advert picture is that of a mountain pass, with part of a valley to one side, and; almost indistinguishable, two blokes walking up the valley side. The full advert wording reads “Everyone needs nature”, with the National Trust logo up above everything pictured..

Now, as we all should know and recognise by now, the Trust has been in the grasp of a series of bed-wetting Liberals for quite few years now. Remember Dame Helen Ghosh, and the pervert-homosexual-friendly  ‘rainbow’ ‘effing ABCX-supporting badges she was hoisting on the volunteers at Felbrigg Hall? She was also the perpetrator of the survey which asked of its volunteers the following questions:-

  • Is your gender identity the same as the gender you were assigned at birth?”
  • Whether volunteers are “Trans” or “Non-binary”.
  • Respondents are asked to signal whether they are “Female”, “Male”, “Trans”, “Non-binary”, “Intersex”.
  • On sexual orientation, they are asked if they are “Bisexual”, a “Gay man”, a “Gay woman/lesbian”, “Heterosexual/straight”

But  the adverts were just the first volley, as it were. We now can view the ‘Shamed List’, as the National Trust has published all the properties which; (SHOCK; HORROR) “took compensation after the Slave Trade was abolished, (OR, EVEN WORSE), were associated with Colonialism! (Oh, the anguish)!

The National Trust has insisted it does not want to censor history, but that it has a duty to ensure its supporters and visitors know about the origins of some of its properties.

My Opinion; for what its worth? If these clowns are so ashamed of their own Country’s history; why don’t they  all resign from their extremely well-paid jobs, and hand them over to someone who doesn’t give two shits about the bloody history, or slaves, or being  really nice to a bunch of perverts: and just getting on with the job of preserving our Heritage, warts, carbuncles and all!

No ways ‘woke’; with a Captain on his knees, saying his prayers.

As an infant in 1940, to a small boy in 1945, I, and my brothers, my mother, my grandmother, along with 40-odd million British: were only alive through the courage, sacrifice and sheer, unadulterated bravery of those on board the cargo ships which were convoyed across the Atlantic by the British, Canadian and latterly American Navy sloops, corvettes and destroyers who served as the only defence against the killer U-boats of Nazi Germany.

It may be an ‘education’ to some readers who, for one reason or another, conveniently forget that the Battle of the Atlantic was fought and won by those Allies who crewed the ships which guarded those convoys, because The Republic of Ireland declared itself neutral and forbade the use of its airfields to the Allied cause, thus widening the ‘Gap’ by up to half a day. The ‘Gap’ was the area mid-Atlantic which could not be covered by long-range air patrols, thus giving the U-boats a priceless advantage in their attacks against the convoys.  ‘Eire’ sat, warm and secure under the Allied umbrella; and yet ever-so-friendly to the German Embassy in Dublin. Some may argue that the Republic was correct to claim its Neutrality, but very, very few could ever forgive the visit by DeValera to the German Embassy to present condolences upon the death of Adolf Hitler.

As far as I am aware, there have been only two novels written about British Merchant Navy life in wartime years, and I wrote of one in my post The badge of honour.  I have been in storms where you looked ‘up’ at the wave tops whilst standing on the bridge; in seas so calm the surface is like a mirror, but to place yourself in all sorts of weather in the full knowledge that an enemy could be planning to sink your ship and send you to your death takes a strange fatalistic sort of courage.

A film has been made of C.S. Forester’s novel, ‘The Good Shepherd’. The film title is ‘Greyhound’, the rename being the name of the destroyer. It is a wartime film, and, strangely for Apple, it is neither ‘Woke’ nor anything else jarring to the time in which it was set: which was the early days of 1942. There are no ’transgender’ Navy sailors, the black sailors are messmen, because they, at that time in America’s history, were allotted those roles. But those same black sailors served the guns with ‘ammo, and they died, and were buried under the same flag; which was exactly what happened in real life. There were more touches of ‘real life’ with the Captain pausing for seconds before making life-altering decisions, because he IS human, and Is allowed to be seen as such. The Captain kneels by his bunk to say his prayers, because Captain Krause is an old-fashioned Christian.

You have to sign up to Apple TV to view this minor masterpiece, as ‘Greyhound’s’ release was affected by CoronaVirus, so Apple picked this film up for streaming release. 

Whilst pondering the book, ‘The Good Shepherd’, which is the film’s source, I would also strongly recommend ‘The Ship’, also by that fantastic wordsmith C.S. Forester,. It tells the story of a cruiser convoying Malta supplies in the Mediterranean. It details, impeccably, with the multitude of individuals brought into a finely-tuned machine which is the crew. It  also tells of the travel, through that ship, with the help of that crew; a single shell which altered; according to Mr. Forester, the entire outcome of the War;

A simple, valid solution!

When the UK Government announced to the world that they were setting up a conference to deal with the International Crisis and Humane Scandal of the huge numbers of seafarers languishing on board ships, of all types, sizes and flags because they were not allowed to disembark at the end of their contract period due to the CoronaVirus complications; I could foretell what would be achieved even before a word was spoken; which, of course, was absolutely nothing!

Nothing was achieved because there was no pressure to make shipping companies act; the IMO’s call for strike action fell on thousands of deaf ears, because any one ship can be picked off, silenced and calmed by threats of ‘blacklisting’ from any further ship employment; especially if the targeted seafarers are in any way vocal.

There were some attempts to set up a orderly crew-change system, but these swiftly fell apart when shipping companies tried to shortcut the procedures: and, mainly because of the vast numbers of ‘F.O.C.’, also known as Flags of Convenience ships, registered with Nations who register whatever comes their way, for tax-dodging purposes, who otherwise have little concern for the people who man those ships.

But there are a few people, and a few companies, able, alert people who make their living from ships; who also have a deep and abiding respect for the men and women who crew the ships; and they have the power to stop shipping dead in the oceans. Yes, the International Protection and Indemnity Group, a band of companies which collectively insure 90% of the world’s shipping can, if they wish, get Nations and Shipping Companies to sort the crew change mess out, by stating, calmly and sincerely, that unless all crew members are sent back home, and I do mean ‘home’; with new crew members legally on board: no ship would be able to sail, because the INSURANCE would not be valid.

I didn’t think of this, Andrew Craig Bennett of ‘Splash’ wrote of it first. He makes a good case, and the idea has history behind it. The pressure which this group could raise is immense; there isn’t a shipping company around which would defy an edict from the GROUP which would deny them ‘Indemnity’ if they tried to loose the moorings without an all-clear from the insurers!

So, whether you have history in shipping, or even if you have never been near a ship in  your life; why not sit down and send an email to secretariat@internationalgroup.org.uk, and help make a little bit of history yourself.

Simply ask the Group to demand that Governments, ship companies and all concerned  accept that safety is being affected, and that unless all nations permit seamen to come ashore, to stay in hotels, to travel to and through airports, all socially distanced and wearing masks of course, P&I cover, for ships at sea after a given date – we have to be realistic – say three months from now – will continue until they reach port or other places of safety, but that cover for each and every ship which has on board a seafarer who has been on board for longer than the term agreed under his or her original contract – yes, we all know that people are being cajoled and forced to sign new ones – will stop, other than for crew matters, as soon as that ship starts to work cargo or passengers, and cover will remain suspended until all replacements have joined the ship, all regular hand overs (socially distanced, after quarantine) have been completed and the leaving crew members are safely home.

No excuses, no ‘It’ll be alright; just give us a bit of time’: no leeway!

No compliance = No Insurance; No Indemnity!

Enough emails; enough pressure ,and who knows, the crew catastrophe might just be solved!

Common Sense from a Trade Union

We, here in these windswept Islands, have had, certainly for the last thirty years, political leadership in the form of either chancers, liars, fools, charlatans and, in the past few months, a man who is, in many respects, a combination of all those traits mentioned previously. But no matter how bad Prime Minister Johnson proves himself to be, he is just following on from the dismal history of those who were in power over those last thirty-odd years. All those political leaders, inclusive of Johnson himself, the class buffoon whom we were all taken in by, myself as well as millions of others; all seem to be enamoured of only one phrase, one saying which seems to have ruled their every waking thought. 

The phrase? World Beating: or, as an alternate; World Leading. The stupid and unrealistic term ‘World Leading’ when it comes to British Politics and Politicians, cast together in an insane race to accomplish what is foolishly-termed ‘Zero-Carbon Economy by 2050; is but typical of the soundbites produced by the present breed of British politicians; together with an incompetent and near useless so-called Civil Service. 

There have been times, in our past history, when we were ‘World Leaders; or indeed World Beaters’. But those British leaders, either in the time of the Industrial Revolution, or  the years of the Napoleonic Wars; when Britain stood alone against a ruthless Continental Dictator: or not so long ago, when these Islands again stood alone in defiance of yet another Dictator, did not consider their actions or policies to evolve because they wished to ‘Lead’. 

No, indeed, the Engineering genius which powered that ‘bloodless Revolution’ was powered by profit; because the cotton mills which emerged because fabric could be spun and manufactured far cheaper than by hand: and the canals and later railway lines were built so that that cotton; that coal, those mountains of manufactured goods could be sold cheaper than ever.

We stood against a French dictator alone, because we couldn’t accept  that ‘Might was Right’; and; after smashing his navies at Trafalgar sent him into final exile after Waterloo. 

Again we here in these British Isles, stood against the practiced and polished might of Hitler’s Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe; but this time were aided by a host, from Empire, from Commonwealth, from the fortunate European few who had escaped from the invading Nazi mechanised divisions. We were lucky that the man who stated his ‘Reich’ would last for a thousand years was no military genius. Instead of concentrating upon invasion of these Islands: turned instead to invade his mortal enemy, Soviet Russia; and then, to compound his mistake, declared war upon the sleeping Giant which was America, just stung into an angry wakefulness by Japan’s attack at Pearl Harbour.

But to return to the lunacy which is the various British Governments’ attempt to reduce us all to penury by means of the Climate Change Act. I wonder, when the 463 MPs voted for the Bill, with only 3 voting against, had they even read the bloody Bill? Did the 463 realise that ALL gas- and coal-fired powered power stations would fall silent, because of ’All that Carbon’ produced by the truly terrible burning of a fossil-fuel derivative? Did the 463 MPs realise that all private cars would HAVE  to be electrical battery-powered by 2045 to meet the ridiculous demands of a Zero Carbon Marketplace? And as for the British transport fleets, those hundreds of thousands of trucks: all would have to be Battery-powered; or else adapted to some form of motive power which hasn’t even been invented yet?

Did the 463 MPs wonder about the cost of all those extra Nuclear power stations which HAVE to form the base load requirements of a Grid necessary to CHARGE all those millions of battery-powered vehicles. Nuclear because they don’t rely on the wind blowing those heavily-subsidised turbine blades spinning all those alternators’. Nuclear because when the sun goes down, all those heavily-subsidised solar panels, which only operate at some 50% efficiency anyway because we’re sited at a Latitude between 500 and 600 North: which places us on the same Latitudes as Canada, are as useful as tits on a bull.

Oh, and just by-the-by; did those 463 MP.s realise that, in order to go Zero-Carbon, all 23 million domestic gas boilers would have to be replaced by, well; something else? They can’t all be electric, because, well, the National Grid would have to DOUBLE its present capacity to run those extra boilers, and besides which, electric boilers are three times as expensive as gas ones, just to install, never mind to run. But the truly silliest idea to come down the Carbonised Looney-Tunes Track is the proposal, coming from the august Dept. for Energy that Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP)  be installed as a direct replacement for Gas-fired Boilers. When you realise that the costs of a single GSHP installation is around £27,500.00, you may then realise why the GMB Union, the BOILERMAKERS union, are pleading with Keir Starmer to block this disastrous and ludicrous proposal! 

Its at times like this that I wish we had our own version of President Donald Trump. He might be many things, he might have said many things, but only Trump took America out of the Paris Climate Agreement, because he viewed it for the fraud it really is!

Of the People; or 0.043% of them; anyway

In amongst the many strange ways of America’s New Left, some statements and actions stand out in their absurdity. I call the present Democratic Party the New Left, so as to distinguish it, and many of its eye-rolling beliefs and strategies: from the old Democrats, whose policies, politics and steady governance gave them the White House for some 36+/- of the years since the end of WW2. 

The question possibly should be phrased so as to enquire if a fair percentage of Americans who have changed, otherwise how could America have embraced the election, or sometimes continued elections; of Representatives, of both City, State and Congress, who now spout beliefs and opinions far to the left of those who sat in their chairs, offices and gatherings less than two decades into the past?

As to the evidence of that change, I would simply point towards the establishment, in the very Capital of Federal America; of a District of Columbia Facilities and Commemorative Expressions, or “DC FACES” committee in July, to study assets in D.C. named after individuals to “ensure these individuals reflect contemporary DC values,” Formed by Democratic D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, the report targeted various buildings, parks and landmarks, all of which they will, or wish, to rename: to ‘contextualise’ that building, park or landmark with due reference to 

  • 1. Did the person contribute positively to African Americans and other people of color? 
  • 2. Did the individual participate in slavery or support other acts of discrimination? 
  • 3. Was the person a DC resident? 
  • 4. Was the person integral or important to DC history? 
  • 5. Can we find a reason the person was honored with the naming?

The ‘Committee’ is willing to spend ‘Millions’ to rename buildings and parks in order to bring ‘ease’ to the hurt feelings of modern-day DC residents. Their justification for this? The response to  the Web Survey was completed by 2,300 Washington voters.

Unfortunately, the population of Washington D.C. is 5,322,000. So all this heat, ink and false umbrage is the result of replies from 0.043% of the voting population.

They also want to target some Statues, but there is a small stumbling block in their way: the statues and memorials are Federally owned. 

Some three years ago, I wrote a piece around Lincoln’s Northern Armies, and the South’s military leader, Robert E. Lee at the defining Battle of Gettysburg; in which the penultimate paragraph dealt with the removal of General Lee’s statue from the New Orleans pedestal. I ended that post with this query:-

The big question, now; is when are they coming for THIS?




Wise words; but will they be heard?

My silence over these past weeks was, and still is, because of a pervasive infection which has, literally, drained me of energy. However, upon reading a short piece in the Sunday Times which applauded the words of a Tennessee politician, I sought that speech out, and commented upon it. I copy that speech here.


Some may question the right of an Englishman to comment upon the speech of a Black Tennessee State Politician, but since this is possibly the first time I have heard any sense coming from any in opposition to the Republican Party, and its new Nominee for President; I thought I might avail myself of the freedom given all of us by the Internet to give my own personal viewpoint.


Listen again to the speech of Rep. DeBerry. Rep DeBerry’s words were persuasive because they were based upon facts, facts never in dispute. Rep. DeBerry spoke of a man whose dreams mostly came true, but now those very dreams are perceived to be in peril. He spoke of calm, considered and orderly discussions, not  of riot, not of fire-bombing and looting.


Rep. DeBerry is to be praised for his forbearance in not demanding instant retribution, because that is not the way of the Justice system in America; but I fear that his words will be ignored Why? Because the pictures and videos of the huge  damage perpetrated on the very Infrastructure of Kenosha will speak far louder than John DeBerry’s speech could ever do. The very fact that the vast majority of the Democratic Party machine have not issued any condemnation of the outcome; which makes parts of Kenosha resemble cities in Syria, will tell ordinary Americans that Democrats don’t care, and that the only people who do are the Trump Republicans.


I can just imagine the Party adverts spread access the t.v.. and online screens pointing the finger at the well-funded BLM bunch and of course their allies in the Democratic Party; showing Portland, Seattle, New York City; and now of course Kenosha; stating, with a well-founded authority: ‘All this is coming to Your Home, Your Town, Your City: if Joe Biden’s Democrats win the Election’.

So, my Capita friends, just try it!

I am, as yet, not completely recovered from my infection, and the problems therein: but an compelled to state; categorically and definitely, that I shall never, ever send my bank statement and personal details to the National Propaganda Machine which also goes under the title of the BBC.


Imagine, any sentient being, capable of independent thought, making a conscious decision to send personal unencrypted  banking details to the Leakiest News Organisation on the Planet? I think not!


I will not apply for a ‘free’ TV licence. I will not disclose to anyone whether I or my wife are in receipt of Pension Credit or not, because it is, quite simply, NONE OF THEIR F*****ING BUSINESS!

Injury Time

Been in hospital.

Fell and hit my head. Somehow this translated into not being walk or to keep my balance

Ambulance team suggests hospital.

Examined, pinched, prodded, poked, x-rayed, bloods tested.

Knowledgeable nods all around. Seems I have acquired a kidney infection.

Up on ward with similar-aged elderly men, I am pumped full of antibiotics and saline. 

Checked around ward, realised how lucky I was to have all my faculties fairly intact.

Back home, with lots of pills;  still weak as a kitten.

Normal service shall be resumed when normality returns