it all depends who died!

Cast your minds back to August last year, and the news of the tragic / necessary (strike the superfluous word out as to your own political ideals) death of black Michael Brown at the hands and bullets of a (Missouri) Ferguson City white policeman. The first news emerged that Brown had been shot in the back, as a white supremacist (naturally) policeman had objected to Brown walking down the middle of the road. Later, the background evidence was seen to support a slightly different event timeline, first with this huge six foot-four, two-hundred-odd pound man being video’d stealing two boxes of cigars from a shop, and slamming the counter-clerk into a display stand when he objected. He then commenced swaggering down the road, and when the cop told him to move, he turned and attacked the cop whilst the cop was still in his car! As he had not grabbed the cop’s gun, Brown then first ran, then turned and went back to attack the policeman, at which the cop fired six rounds, hitting Brown twice in the head, and killing him immediately. I should not need to remind you of the rioting, the claims of ‘racism’, the ‘shocked family’ issuing statements denying that Michael Brown was anything else than a ‘gentle giant’ who had spoken with the Lord. ( that’s the Black Lord, by the way) We also remember the blatant attacks on the Ferguson police by none other that former Attorney-General Holder, who ‘felt the parents’ pain’ as he routinely denigrated honest policemen whose behaviour would later be proved to be impeccable. We also saw three White House aides attend the funeral. Lots and lots of ‘We feel your pain’ bullshit.

We turn now the murder of 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle, allegedly at the hands of a Mexican laborer who had been deported five times. This same ‘illegal immigrant’ who was shielded against questioning or arrest as to his documentation status by the so-called ‘Sanctuary city’ of San Francisco bought a gun, and killed Kathryn Steinie. Strange to relate, not many people rioted on the San Francisco streets in response to this motiveless killing; no calls for a judicial review of the way in which this woman was shot as she walked with her father and a friend on the Embarcadero; no  high-profile civil-rights activists came to comfort the stricken parent as he watched his daughter moved into the morgue. Not a peep from the White House on the inaction of the so-called ‘Sanctuary City” of San Francisco’s authorities when they did not arrest this illegal immigrant despite Federal statutes stating that they must.

Now just stand back, and gaze at the two killings, if you will. Two very different crimes, but two killings just the same: one black man dies; one white woman dies, but there the equailty ends. One white woman dies at the hand and gun of a Mexican ‘illegal’, and the Country just shakes its collective head, and turns away. a black man dies after attempting to attack, maim or even kill a white policeman, and the city’s black population explodes into riot, the Washington big-wigs swarm the city, the civil-rights talking heads gear up for the long haul, and a cop resigns despite being cleared of any crime.

Do I hear the faint strains of ‘The Home of the Brave’ as they fade away; or was that tune ‘Nobody, nobody knows my, my sorrow’ instead?

Not the only thing built on sand…

Reading the ATW  post on the Great One’s statue, I realised that I needed to go forth and gain education on the one thing which America holds dear, but seems to be in great danger of losing through neglect. That one item is a sheet of paper which has distilled the many traits, failings, glories and achievements of America into a single publication. It is of course the Constitution of the United States of America. Of the statements made, and Amendments written and agreed, there seems to be little argument as to the to items which are most important; important that is to people who claim or wish to live in freedom. The first is the absolute right of ‘free speech’ in America. for without debate, without concurrence and agreement, there can be no true consensus. If a position is taken by a Congress Representative, or Senator, everyone else is at liberty to state their views to their own locality, constituency and representative. Similarly, if a citizen debates a Law, or indeed the lack of a Law, he or she can speak, and write about that Law until either the Law is changed, or indeed struck down through the Federal or Supreme Courts. In recent years, the Feds, have acted against Arizona on immigration, and again in florida on voter registration, but this is all in accord with the Constitution.

So why is it that no-one, or indeed virtually no-one at all, has acted or spoken to demand that proof, absolute proof, be given and tested, that the present President of the United States is in fact legally entitled to hold his job down in the first place?  As in “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.” Romney had the opportunity,  and he fluffed it away in a sad little joke.