Heartening, if not warming

As I last visited Australia when I served in the Merchant Navy decades ago, my own memories of ‘Oz’ are somewhat faded, but I remember a country where one expected straight talking in response to any query, alongside the famous Australian sense of humour and barbed responses to some queries of, shall we say, memories of olden days when chains rattled. The nature and build-up of Australia has altered radically in the decades which have passed since my visit, including huge waves of legal migrants looking towards life in ‘the Lucky Country’. After some disastrous political forays towards the Left, I was delighted to note that a Conservative administration under Prime  Minister Tony Abbott wiped the floor with their Opposition, and assumed power.

The extent of the changes, especially in the field of the ‘Global Warming’ and Climate Change CO2′ crap has been exemplary, and are catalogued here for a more leisurely inspection, but a trawl through these posts reveals a certain lightening of the atmosphere, without a corresponding rise in temperature, if you get my drift.

But the biggest change, from my viewpoint, since the Abbott administration grasped the reins, is in the field of ‘illegal asylum seekers’ a code phrase for a bunch of chancers on the make; and that change can best bechecked by reading this post from a Mercantile Marine blog I read regularly. Seems as though the failed ‘bogus asylum seekers’ were ‘forced to grasp hot engine exhaust pipes’ while being towed back towards the cess-pit where they came from, the cess-pit also going by the name of Indonesia.

I particularly relish the statement from Immigration Minister Scott Morrison as he lashed out at the media for reporting what he called “unsubstantiated allegations” and said that he would conduct no investigation into the incident as he accepted the word of navy personnel. “The Australian government is not going to put up with people sledging the Australian navy,” he told reporters in Sydney. “I’ve been given assurances about their conduct and I believe those assurances because I believe in those individuals.”

Good on you; Mate!