Swing low, sweet chariot….

Human Rights Watch, Reprieve, Iran Human Rights, the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty, Harm Reduction International and the Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation, all noisy do-gooders together; all chant in unison about the dreadful Regime in Iran, and their habit of executing drug smugglers.

Now I haven’t got a great deal of affection for the mullahs who lead Iran, and I definitely dislike their way of executing homosexuals for being homosexuals. I am no great fan of shirt-lifters-anonymous, nor of the female equivalent; but I would maybe ban them from all public places, and if they wish to parade their ‘lifestyles’, or experiment with whatever it is they actually do, they should be allowed to do this only on, say, Gruinard Island; or else somewhere equally remote and unfriendly.

But when it comes to the treatment of drug smugglers, I am all with the Iranian Regime, for I am firmly of the belief that a drug trafficker is no better than a murderer, because the slow death caused by their product is just as certain as a bullet, or a knife. Hanging is really too good for these murderous clowns, but the problem is that their employers, the money men, keep well off the trafficking routes, so they will hardly ever be trapped.

Closed shop? Or closed minds?

Here’s hoping that an enlarged hard-copy of this article by Owen Paterson, the now former Environment Secretary is securely fixed in a prominent position in No. 10 Downing Street’s Cabinet Room.


Of course, it would never happen, as the present occupant of No. 10, besides thinking that sacking good politicians and replacing them with allegedly-well-dressed women will ensure his own re-election as Tory leader and Prime Minister; has his own reasons for the sacking of this hugely-popular politician, whose crimes, as far as I can tell, are to stand up to so-called environmental pressure groups, chop the lunatic policies of the bent quango-crat Chris Smith regarding not dredging rivers which have been dredged for decades; and instigate the cull of disease-ridden badgers so that our dairy herds may live free of tuberculosis.

and it is all Cameron’s fault!

An open letter to David Cameron & Ruth Davidson (Scots Tory leader)

I am in receipt of your begging letter asking for donations to aid the anti-separation side of the Scots Independence referendum vote.

From being a life-long Tory believer and thinker; your craven, homosexual-friendly actions in regard to the so-called ‘gay marriage’ law, no doubt fuelled by your homosexual friends from Eton, has turned me into a firm apostle for UKIP. Your actions and drive to change the law so that a bunch of queers might be ‘equal’ gave me, and many, many thousands like me, the final impetus to change our political affiliations, and alter the very way in which we sought expression of our democratic principles.

You ask for a donation to aid Scots Conservatives to maximise the anti-separation vote on referendum day. You ask that I ‘give generously’!

I happily state that I would not donate the sweat from my socks towards any programme endorsed by your slimy Party, which consists of fellow travellers, clowns, rich people trying to get richer, and stalwarts of my generation who have not yet reached breaking point with the Tories, but have stayed because of the ties which bind, and of the good manners which have stayed them from telling you the truth about your lies.

If the Referendum states that Scotland will be independent, so be it, but most of the blame will rest with you, because you forgot that people, ordinary people like me, have very, very long memories!

Heroes and Idols

Many of my posts contain the immortal phrase ‘when I was much younger’. It is a singular truth that youth is wasted upon the young, but I regret nothing done when much younger than I am today.

arealtonyMy comedy heroes were real people, real because they were flawed as most humans are, but they overcame those flaws to delight their audiences. Men such as Tony Hancock, whose ability to speak his scripts and pass on the ability of the writers, was itself a work of near genius. A man who could say the words “Does Magna Carta mean nothing to you? Did she die in vain? Brave Hungarian peasant girl who forced King John to sign the pledge at Runnymede and close the boozers at half past ten! Is all this to be forgotten?” and have the audience rolling in the aisles with laughter. A man who could play the part of a self-important no-body who had volunteered to be a blood donor; suffered the pin-prick of the sample needle, but upon being told that that was not the donation, but was to be the pint of his blood. His reply went down into comedy history as “A pint. That’s nearly an armful!”

Most younger ATW readers will not have heard of the Goon Show, but for some nine-odd years, from 1951 to 1960, it was the top-rated comedy show broadcast by the BBC. Some of the phrases invented by the stars of that show have entered the English language. Have you ever heard anyone ever complain “I’ve come down with a bad case of Lurgi”? Everyone understands exactly what he has, which is probably a dose of ‘Flu, or a virus infection; but the ‘Lurgi’ was invented and first broadcast by the Goons somewhere around 1955. The Goons also scored the first truly political broadcast ‘bullseye’ when there was some political furore based around Churchill allegedly ordering Field Marshal Montgomery, by telegram, to store the surrendered German weaponry carefully after the end of the War, as the Germans might have to be re-armed to fight against a Russia determined to rule Poland. The Labour Party whipped up some rumours about how the Prime Minister had been ready to use German soldiers against Russian forces, and there was quite a search for the telegram. In the Goon’s broadcast, a cast member asks, “Who is that short, fat man underneath the table?” Peter Sellers, who was well known for his ability to mimic other people’s voices, replied in a perfect rendition of Churchill’s tones, “Looking for that blasted telegram!”. The BBC actually apologised to Churchill.

A simple but strange commentary upon the way we, as a nation, were entertained is the truth that not one, not a single comedy show, in those distant days of, perhaps a more gentle time, ever featured, if that is the correct term, any swearing, any obscenities, any references to people’s sexuality; and still we laughed, and enjoyed those shows; but perhaps these times reflect a harder truth about how we have been subverted by liberal philosophies!

No, she should not have gone!

Strangely enough, I do not believe that Maria Miller should have resigned. Most of the hue and cry which has pursued this lying, thieving and mendacious woman is based upon two inaccuracies.

The first is the simple fact that her thieving and lying behaviour was based upon rules of behaviour which have been replaced by much sterner equivalents. What she did was no more and no less than some 400 other MPs did before the eruption following the Telegraph’s expenses campaign. Where this thieving bitch went wrong was attempting to browbeat the Parliamentary Commissioner into either dropping or altering the terms of her investigation; and also attempting to place a block on the Telegraph reporter’s legitimate investigation by getting her advisor to quote Miller’s position as a Minister responsible for Press Regulation, to harass or bully the newspaper into dropping the investigation.

The second inaccuracy is of course that Miller was just doing her job by piloting through Parliament the disgusting and disgraceful Cameron-inspired Homosexual Marriage Act’s debasement of Marriage, and also controlling and pushing for the Leveson Royal Charter against Press Freedom; which pales into insignificance beside the fact that this Government, and the Labour bunch before it has given into Terrorism’s demands so that our own Queen Elizabeth was forced to accept into her presence one of the main leaders of SinnFeinIRA when Martin McGuiness sat down as a guest at Windsor Castle. A man who undoubtedly knew of the planned terror murder of her own dear Uncle, and the murder of well over two thousand other British subjects. So if he and his ilk can sit at Stormont and eat their fill at Windsor with Her Majesty, why should Miller have been eventually forced to fall on her sword to protect the Prime Minister, who was about to receive an almighty shellacking during Questions to the Prime Minister early this afternoon.

The only crime is to remain silent!

With  their names being published in a news blog, alleging their involvement in a peaedophile ring of alarming proportions, I just wonder when any of these people would commence looking for their mobile phones to dial their lawyers, to institute proceedings against further publication of allegations involving serious sexual abuse done to children supposedly ‘in care’?

Prominent people such as :-

  • Sir Peter Bottomley. Worthing MP and Monday Club
  • Charles Irving
  • Leon Britton, Lord, ex Thatcher Minister
  • Peter Brooke, Life Peer
  • John Rowe, MI5, former MP
  • Ron Brown
  • Colin Jordan, ex National Front Leader
  • George Tremlett, Former GLC Leader
  • Peter Campbell, Monday Club
  • Gary Walker, Sinn Fein
  • Cliff Richard, aged  Pop Star,
  • Jess Conrad, aged ex Pop Star.
  • Ron Wells, aged Musician,
  • Richard Miles, Monday Club
  • Chris Denning, ex BBC DJ,
  • R Langley, Buckingham Palace Equerry

I feel that these people should stand up against such scurrilous allegations, as printed online in ‘scriptonite’, take her to court and win substantial damages against a blogger who seems determined to libel these unfortunate people who are all totally innocent!

I also reckon Sir Peter Hayman should sue to protect and clear his name against other scurrilous allegations, as can be found here!

a reminder that ‘this’ hasn’t gone away either.

As with the ‘Colleagues’ in Brussels, who never, ever forget a proposal once pushed forwards by the Commission; so with the fanatics who contemplate tampering with an idea which has lasted for centuries, all in the cause of ‘Equality’. Yes folks, the ‘Gay Marriage’ agenda is being rolled out once again. With Cameron leading the charge, as the whole idea seems to suit him perfectly, the ‘Gay Marriage’ plan is once again running on the Westminster rails.

Those who oppose the very idea that somehow Marriage can be bent and twisted into an institution which is ‘friendly’ towards homosexual or lesbian couples, have been condemned as ‘bigots’ by no less a figure than the Deputy Prime Minister; a statement which was speedily withdrawn from the Press Releases once the ‘spin’ men got their eyes on the words, but by that time the damage had already been done. We have often suspected that senior politicians of all parties hold the electorate in contempt, but it is nice to see proof of that contempt brought out into the public gaze.

We hear the soothing syrup of Cameron’s words as he tries to pass a change of more than major significance as just a ‘minor adjustment’, and we know how much faith to place in this particular so-called Tory’s words.

To check out whether the proposed Legislation is just a ‘minor adjustment’ or a major stumbling block, check out the words of warning produced by a senior Q.C. for the Campaign 4 Marriage, and decide for yourselves.