He loves me, ***@@!!*, he loves me not!

I write about things which intrigue me; I write, sometimes, of the joy of a Family, of the simple wonder of a small grandson’s hand clutching my finger, and of the implicit trust of moments such as those. I also write of the disgust in which I hold politicians who have diluted and trashed the very idea of that same Family life, and of Marriage. I write in vehement complaint of things political, where our great nation has been betrayed by lesser men who pursue a political viewpoint, and of the truly lethal outcomings of that betrayal. I sometimes mischievously write to stimulate argument; and relish the bellicose outbursts from those minds who would speak against me, without ever either knowing me, or coming close enough to form another opinion.

I hardly ever write about sport, and sporting matters; mainly because I just do not understand the tribal urge which ‘follows’ a team, or a single exponent of any particular sporting endeavour, I just cannot fathom the thought process which brings people to their feet, shouting and shrieking for either joy, or vengeance, because of a particular shot, or move, or kick. But I do write about human nature, and the crass stupidities of people in the ‘sporting world’ who also inhabit the headlines because of their fame.

So the NFL player Ray Rice, who is, apparently, a gifted athlete and a star in his chosen sport, looses his temper with his wife, and beats her senseless in a hotel elevator. He is then promptly suspended from his team, and eventually fired.

The wife insisted that there had been no further instances of abuse since the footage surfaced in September, and that her husband’s judgement the night of the assault had been skewed by alcohol. “He said he was terrified. He was in such shock that this had just happened and he didn’t know how to function at that point.”

Nonetheless, she reaffirmed her support for her husband, claiming that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t tell the truth when he said Ray Rice was “ambiguous” about hitting her in an elevator.

“We know it’s going to take some work,” Janay told NBC’s Matt Lauer. “So I think once he shows them who he is and they reach out to people here, and they find out the things that he’s done, then I think it’s definitely good … At the end of the day, he’s a football player and that’s what they should be really be focused on, because he’s proven himself as a football player for seven years. There’s never been a question on what he can do on the field.”

So he beats her up, and knocks her unconscious, and the next thing; she announces that she is ‘standing by her man’, and all will be snowdrops in the spring!

Do these people inhabit the same Galaxy as us?

The perils of Emily

We read of the travails of Emily Thornberry, pilloried for speaking exactly how she felt, for writing, or rather ‘Tweeting’, of the world as she saw it on that rather boring street in Strood. But it is a fact that, far too often, we see or hear of someone who is either jailed, or dumped upon from a great height, for doing exactly the same. Emily Thornberry is also known as Lady Nugee, the wife of High Court judge Sir Christopher Nugee, and they are an extremely wealthy couple; having specialised in both politics and the Law, and in the legal affairs pertaining to lots of money hiding behind offshore trusts, Jersey tax-laws, and the like. Now there is absolutely nothing illegal, wrong or evil in what Lady Nugee has been doing for over twenty years, but it does mean that she has become somewhat separated from reality, from the reality of life as it is lived outside of Westminster, Islington, and of course Dartmouth Park. There aren’t many ‘crack-houses’ in Islington, apart from the ones licensed by the Met to exist so that the high-flyers can get easy access to the ‘nose candy’ which quite a few both like and need. But apart from the few necessary nasties, nothing much impedes the steady progress of the rich, the wealthy and the connected who live in those leafy suburbs.

I doubt very much if Emily Thorberry has ever come within close range of a ‘White Van’, especially from the back seat of her usual conveyance, not a bicycle, but a large limousine. Strangely enough, there aren’t many homes in those leafy suburbs who would fly one St. George’s flag, never mind three, in the vain hope that the English football team could win anything except a speedy return ticket to Heathrow. To ‘fly the flag’ would be to place yourself beyond the pale; to state that you have demeaned yourself by joining the ‘great unwashed’, the very ‘plebs’ spoken of so kindly by Andrew Mitchell.

The ‘great unwashed’, by the way, are the patient millions who have been conned into the belief that these politicians, the f**king elite who place themselves above the crowd because they are so very special, actually empathise with the aspirations of those many millions who gullibly file into the polling booths and place their vote against the name of one of those ‘very special people’. Politicians, they are a world apart from us all, we who live outside the strange and convoluted village bubbles of Westminster, Islington, Notting Hill and Dartmouth Park. They look down on us, they spurn our hopes, they laugh at our dreams, but they really, really want us to vote for them, once every five bloody years!

Let’s hear it for the Team, guys!

As many already know, I have zero interest, and less knowledge, in all forms of sports; considering them on a par with, as a lifelong interest, watching paint dry. The tribal chants of the fans, which title of course stems from the more literary translation of fanatics, at British football games, are echoed around American football arenas, vastly different of course to its British namesake. The similar chants and songs of Rugby aficionados echo whether in New Zealand or Wales. Whether the sport is athletics, or curling, ski-ing or horse-racing, the fan(atics) will surge to their chosen meeting, or game, or whatever; often at huge expense, to watch their heroes perform, or not; as the case may be. It does not really matter to the supporters that, in many if not most of the various sporting endeavours, the clubs are owned, and are indeed operated, as big, lucrative businesses, and those same supporters’ needs and wishes are usually subservient to the bottom line; which is that of profit.

The County Council which allegedly serves the City where  I live is a good example of how the cash is thrown around, with over Six Million-odd pounds thrown at the County Cricket Club just because they are really nice guys!

It is profit which determines how much cash is spent upon players, of whatever sport is being discussed, and the players, and their talent, are just another calculation in the rush to gain a better place in the league, or the competition, or indeed whatever. The players are meat on the hoof to the financiers, nothing more, and nothing less. They are paid, sometimes, obscene amounts of money, but if a ligament goes, or a bone fractures once too often, they can be, and usually are, discarded like yesterday’s newspapers. The players are charged by the coaches and managers to go beyond their physical and mental limits to achieve the slogans of ‘be the best’, and ‘we will win’, but a story which has just emerged gives a deeper, darker side to the old chants from the terraces.

The Basketball and Football teams at UNC-Chapel Hill has achieved great glory for that University, in a time span spread over literally nearly two decades, but the leading players, many of them talented African-American students, were given a virtual free ride through enrolment into an African-American Studies Department with zero oversight, accountability or interest in the academic well-being of its students. As long as they performed on the boards, as long as they ‘won’ for the team and the University, they got a virtual free ride, with lies marked up as study, and non-existent examinations given full credit.

However, one group did know plenty about the scheme and actively tried to protect and preserve it. Paid counselors in the school’s Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes (ASPSA) were tasked with doing whatever it took to keep Tar Heel athletes eligible, especially those in “revenue” sports like football and basketball. To that end, these counselors not only “steered” athletes to the AFAM department and did homework for them, but they regularly alerted Crowder and Nyang’oro about the grades that each student-athlete required in order to “remain academically or athletically eligible.”

But the worst part is when those gifted athletes left the University where they had been lied to for years, and probably a phoney degree which could not possibly stand against the truth that they had no decent education at all, what future could they look forward to, apart from a tale of how many times they had Won for the Team’

Sports and Sportsmen, don’t make me laugh!

The quick, and the Dead.

If you are stupid enough, or thick enough, or indeed suicidal enough to want to ‘help’; to want to work with Ebola patients, you should realise that you are more than likely to have compromised your own safety, so isn’t it just the smart thing to do to go into quarantine until all dangers have passed? Kaci Hickox was out in the cess-pit named Sierra Leone, and was welcomed back into America by a fast ride in an isolation ambulance to a ward in a Newark hospital. But instead of being reassured that she would be monitored, and tested, and given all that American healthcare has to provide, she took out a lawsuit stating her ‘rights’ had been violated.

So, enter the two big-talking Governors Cuomo and Christie, having cemented their entirely laudable and sensible plans to segregate and quarantine ANYONE who came back from the disease-ridden slums which pass for towns in Sierra Leone; to make anyone who had actually escaped from the filth, the disease and of course, the DEAD which litter the open sewers which masquerade as streets in that god-forsaken place undergo a nominal three weeks isolation, just to ensure that they don’t have the capacity to kill thousands more. They take one look at the ‘outrage’ which erupts when the word gets out that someone is actually quarantined, and backtrack with the speed of light.

Cuomo said his decision balanced public safety with the need to avoid deterring medical professionals from volunteering in West Africa. “My No. 1 job is to protect the people of New York, and this does that,” he said. Those quarantined at home will be visited twice a day by local authorities, he said. Family members will be allowed to stay, and friends may visit with the approval of health officials.

So when the Ebola numbers commence rocketing upwards in New York, will Kaci realise that she was maybe wrong?

I doubt it, since she will probably be dead!


Idiots homing to roost

I have often considered the hordes of ‘volunteers’ and ‘helpers’ who plague this planet to be worse than the scourges from which the ‘do-gooders’ are allegedly helping people to overcome . I see the pests masquerading as collectors, shaking their tins or buckets, and attempting to shame those who do not ‘give generously’ into changing their minds. I resent being described as ‘miserly’, or even as a modern Scrooge; just because I would not sign to sponsor some athletically-minded scrounger as he was planning to cycle, or run, or swim so many miles.

I used to hold in high esteem the R.N.L.I. charity, and indeed used to donate to its war-chest, because the rescue craft are expensive to build and maintain, but mainly because the roll-call of those who manned those life-saving craft were heroes, and were the true volunteers. I no longer donate to that worthy cause, because I discovered that the higher management echelons of the Lifeboat Charity were in fact making a very, very good living off of our donations, and as more and more cash was being sucked off to feed the high salaries, and of course pension fund pots of this echelon, less was being devoted to the provision of rescue craft around our coastlines.

The Chief Executive received emoluments of £133,593 (2012: £134,249) in 2013. In addition, he participated in the standard RNLI defined contribution pension scheme, which is available to all RNLI employees.

So, when we read of the Spanish priest who were volunteering at a hospital in Liberia, was infected and wasTRANSPORTED back to Madrid, and before dying passed on this deadly disease to at least one nurse, who has most likely infected many more before she also kicks the bucket; when we read of the lax attitude of Public Health England, which states that profiling and inspecting all who travel from West Africa is not necessary: which attitude has only now been changed because even politicians accept that some effort must be made to stop this disease before it commences wiping out their own families: what should our attitude be to any who willingly go into such danger because ‘THEY CAN HELP’?

The starkest, but also the most lunatic story is not of the late isolation of the lying and now of course dead Liberian who flew to America despite knowing he had been in direct contact with the dying and the disease-ridden inhabitants of the cess-pits around the slums of Monrovia, but of the true idiots who marched, and waved their fists in anger, and threatened the very people who were trying to eradicate this dread and deadly disease; all because the Spanish police were sent to kill the bloody dog which was stroked, and patted, and petted, by the same nurse who now lies gravely ill with Ebola. The mob was angry, not because some woman was dying, but because her bloody DOG was, in the terms so beloved of these creeping morons, put to sleep!


An old problem returns.

I have often felt that the old adage ‘There is no fool like an old fool’, and the name ‘Jack Profumo’ought to be cast in bronze, in letters approximately two feet high, and positioned above the desk of every male Member of Parliament within the House of Ccommons.

Times without number, we read of ‘stings’ perpetrated upon gullible clowns in Westminster, with monetary gain usually at the core for Labour, and sexual favours, of one sort or another, for the Tories. If it isn’t homosexual perverts trawling the bars (Tories), its the fools who wish to be consultants for (disguised) newspaper reporters acting as shills for companies supposedly wishing to gain ‘influence’ within Whitehall (Labour & LibDim)

But when an allegedly nubile young woman sends a balding middle-aged man a photo of herself, virtually unclothed; and asking in return for a ‘sexy’ photo, did the same balding, middle aged Minister not think it just a tiny bit strange that he was being targeted by this young Tory supporter whom he had never even met!

And, as I have maybe asked before, whats with this strange compulsion to send explicit photos of yourself to a perfect stranger?

Are they all thick, or is it that they all reckon that ‘It couldn’t happen to me’?


So I asked, “Who is the clown in the advert?

Initially I was reading my Sunday newspaper, and I came across an item which spoke of Victoria Beckham, the ex-alleged-pop-singer, owner of the world’s most photographed pout; wife of the seventh most-famous man in the world; and also mother to four children. She was reported as giving a speech all about curing or beating AIDs in front of the United Nations, and how it was all so wonderful that a ‘fashion icon’ had associated herself with such a worthy cause. Now I am probably going to be called all sorts of reactionary this, and that; but I just do not see the point of some woman, who, incidentally, is probably perfectly nice, and sincere, and is also a good mother; pushing herself forward to speak about some dread disease which has no cure, and has only palliative care available to treat its many and varied symptoms. Especially when the mass of HIV and AIDs sufferers have no one to blame but themselves for their condition.

As with Mrs. Beckham, so with Angelina Jolie, to whom our former Foreign Secretary seemed to be joined at the hip, or elsewhere in their joint efforts to outlaw mass rape during war or conflict. The fashion, these days, is to have some ‘Celebrity’ front the campaign of the day, or the hour, and then everyone will rally round, and either give the campaign lots and lots of money, or else pressure their Government to ‘do the right thing’ and give more of our money to the appropriate scientists, or charity workers, or aome other hanger-on. We even saw the ghastly apparition of Leonardo DiCaprio lecturing some of the world’s governments on the importance of Climate Change, and helping the poor Marshall Islanders from destitution and flooding by, again, giving them all lots of our cash. Now Mr. DiCaprio might have been acclaimed by some as a serious film actor, but I remain to be convinced that some bloke whose job it is to portray another’s life in a film is really suitable to lecture some, if perhaps not all the world’s leaders on the merits, or not, of Global Warming; especially when nothing seems to have warmed up much in the past fifteen years except the e-mail accounts of Michael Mann.

I also half-watched this advert where this supposed ‘celebrity’ named ‘Peter’ who does some shopping in a Frozen Food Supermarket, and how he is recognised by all the other shoppers, and even when he gets on a bus, he is known immediately. Well, sorry, mate; but I don’t know you from Adam, and neither does my daughter!

and how do you say ‘Intellectually Challenged’ in one word?

I have often considered the words ‘and they have exactly the same vote as I’ to be the most offensive words I have ever written. But the previous statement must in turn be covered by its own caveat; in that most of those who are covered by that sweeping statement have not got the intellectual curiosity to be, themselves, offended.

Take one particular event, or rather non-event, in my immediate community within Durham City. The County Council produced a five-year Plan for the alleged improvement of our County, in terms of extra housing, roads, ‘green spaces’, predictions and expectations of new industry and businesses over the next five-ten years. As for the content of that plan, it produced over 3965 statements, of over 97% of which were partly or actively hostile. The level of comment or query, should have had,. in my own opinion, a response level in the tens of thousands, which goes to show how many people actually get involved in Local Government. However, this document was published to form the basis of changes which were proposed to alter the very nature of a substantial part of our once-cherished Green Belt, by building houses and roads all over it. Many other changes were proposed, and the whole plan is up for scrutiny by an Inspector. But my point in telling ATW readers about this Plan, which of course the County Council is extremely proud and protective, was also the subject of a ‘road-show’ exhibition, which was set up in community buildings and centres all over our County, and when this exhibition was set up , I wrote about it at that time on ATW, and the final paragraph went:-

The comment is the truth that we, as a community, get exactly the Local Government we deserve. An Exhibition on the Plan were held at Framwellgate Moor on the afternoon and evening of Wednesday 23rd, and the room was thronged with interested people. A similar exhibition was held at the Laurel Avenue community centre in Gilesgate on the 24th, the  following Thursday, and only two people, one of whom was myself, signed in by 7 p.m.

My first sentence, along with the caveat, should now be considered, especially in the light of this Court Case where a PCSO managed to get herself ‘airside’ at Gatwick, then told passengers ‘en route’ to their departure gates that there was a limit of £1,000 which they could take out of the country, and she would be confiscating the rest, which would be handed back upon their return. We should obviously condemn this woman PCSO, but should some level of blame not accrue to the strangely silent people who allowed themselves to be ‘conned’ out of their hard-earned holiday cash. Just imagine if some clown gets dressed up in a uniform, and tells members of the public to give away their money. What would you do, if such a statement or demand was made to you, on your way to board an aircraft?

the best-laid plans……gang aft a-gley!

It all started with the best possible motives, which was to set in hard memory the vaunted deeds and so-called ‘sacrifices’ of the sacred volunteers of the Irish Republican Army. Other people, with a more settled view of events, would call these ‘sacred volunteers’ by another set of names and adjectives, with ‘murderous psychopaths’ being one of the more printable versions, but perhaps back to the news.

The John J. Burns Library of Rare Books and Special Collections at Boston College was to be the repository for the murderous memories of this bunch of killers, the preliminary meetings, between an American librarian, a journalist and an ex-IRA killer who had served seventeen years for the killing of a Protestant ‘volunteer’ was arranged, and this meeting was to serve as the start point for an ambitious project to record, for ‘history’, for future researchers who foraged after their version of the ‘Truth about the Troubles’. These three starry-eyed idiots, full of beer, patriotism and promises, forgot one teensy-weeny tiny detail. When they promised the killers anonymity, when they promised that no-one would see or hear the recordings until after the death of the person whose words were recorded; when they told the likes of the stone-cold killer Dolours Price that she would be remembered as a heroine of the ‘Freedom fighters’; they hadn’t put any of their ‘contracts’, their silly, stupid legally-binding promises before a trained American lawyer!

And that is why we are hearing of the arrests in Northern Ireland, of the detention of the leader of the gang of killers who snatched a widowed mother of ten from her living room, tortured her and then shot her in the back of the head before burial in an unmarked grave. He may well escape true justice, but there are many voices to be listened to, and the PSNI, in an attempt to maybe get ahead of the ridicule, have even bought new headphones!

Pandemic: or the art of the Spin-Scientist.

Some time back, British Health officials were warning of the approaching ‘Flu’ Pandemic as though it was a guaranteed certainty that a repeat of the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak, which itself was a true pandemic, was about to hit Great Britain, and decimate the population. I wrote a couple of posts myself, one perhaps a touch more sarcastic than the other, as I, along with about 99.999% of the British population, was convinced that these officials knew even less than anyone else about the risks from the various strains of Bird flu, or Swine flu, or any other variation; but were talking up the advantages of being inoculated with their ever-so expensive Tamiflu drugs which they had chosen without very many trials, or viewed research, or proven statistically-correct and published trials, to back up their doom-laden words.

So it is not too surprising that the Cochrane Collaboration, a group of independent scientists backed, by the British Medical Journal, have, after years of fighting to gain access to ALL the trial data managed and generated by GlaxoSmithKline and Roche, the pharmaceutical giants, finally published their findings after scrutinising the data files. They have discovered that Tamiflu shortened a bout of Flu by about half-a-day from seven days to 6.3 days, which is, when the cost of the stored Tamiflu, noted to be some £424 millions, bought in a panic by the British Government  when the advisors went shrieking around that the ‘sky was indeed about to fall’, was interpreted by those Cochrane scientists as a sheer waste of money.

But will any government scientist, or indeed politician, accept responsibility for this financial debacle?  You must think I am joking! The graveyards themselves will open up before any of that bunch will even admit that the sun rises in the east, never mind accepting responsibility for the sheer waste of spending half-a-billion pounds on gear which not only didn’t work, the side-effects were down-right dangerous!

The wages of sin is…….freedom!

I note that the pair of slappers jailed in Peru for attempting to smuggle 11 Kgs. of cocaine into the UK are actively being considered for early transfer back to this country ‘to serve their time in prison near to their families” ATW readers unfamiliar with this phrase within judicial language must realise that this phrase is short for ‘upon arrival in Great Britain, they will be imprisoned for about three weeks, then carefully let out the back door to rejoin the cess-pits from whence they emerged’.

11 Kgs. That, folks is about 24 pounds in ‘old money’. After judicious cutting with ideal cheap materials such as baking powder or milk sugar, estimates of aound half-a-million quidsworth of a deadly hard drug were due to hit Britain’s streets if this criminal pair had not been stopped.

And now they propose to repatriate them from Peru to their ‘loved ones’.

What was that phrase again; the one about ‘tough on crime’ or something? Must have been just another soundbite!

Abite with me


We all write from a personal perspective. Most readers accept that, and for the most part refrain from partisan or objectionable comments on those posts. We all have our prejudices, our points of view; and just about all who either write or comment on blogs use those prejudices, those heart-felt beliefs, as a basis for the words we send into the electronic ether.

So when I read of a woman who defends her huge dog against the wounds and damage inflicted upon herself by that same huge animal, I try not to judge her as maybe a complete fruitcake, but attempt to find out what makes this particularly silly woman tick.

After the attacks he showed genuine signs of regret, cuddling up to me.

So it is not the bite scars and wound marks which lead me to my belief that this woman lacks any idea of what is acceptable in any environment, it is the marks of the huge, prominent tattoos which surely disfigure this woman’s arms that give an insight into this stupid, silly and ultimately shallow woman’s fate as a future statistic in the list of severe injury or death resultant from keeping a large, dangerous and aggressive animal in her own home.


A Petition with a difference

I have just logged on to the Government’s e-Petition site, and generated my petition which is shown below, and which should appear in around seven days.

I do hope that this gets some circulation; legs, whatever the term might be, because I feel rather strongly about this particular issue. After all, if even Albania doesn’t want the filthy stuff, why on earth should we give it more that a second’s thought before giving a flat and resounding rejection to this proposal?

We don’t want it, we don’t need it, and we surely have enough problems on this small and crowded country without importing someone else’s problems!

We wish to petition the Government of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland in protest against the importation of any part whatsoever of the residue, material or structure associated with the disposal of the Chemical Weaponry which is to be made safe from the Syrian State.

If anyone, anywhere else in the world wants to make itself the repository for this deadly material, good luck to them; but it should not be Great Britain, as we already have enough waste products of our own production to be going along with.

start soul-searching? Bollocks!

The great debate is said to be commencing about Britain’s role in the world, and how wrong it was not to let Our Dave bomb Syria, even from a safe distance.

Allow me to place a few facts before the ATW audience, and see if you can agree with me that this isn’t the end of the world; isn’t the start of decay in our innermost souls; isn’t a sign that we are done for.

We are a trading nation, and our Armed Forces have always been committed to the protection of British interests around the world. One of the very few times when we went to war outside of those somewhat narrow confines is when we acted on Treaty obligations, and committed ourselves to a war against Hitler’s Germany; and it wasn’t until the war was nearly over did we begin to realise how lucky the world was that we did decide to fight. When the Death Camps were uncovered, when the long lists of those gassed, shot, poisoned or otherwise literally exterminated in the first tabulated Genocidal acts were seen by an angry world, Nuremberg was inevitable.

We should look and listen critically to the words of Chancellor Osborne, when he stated that, because we are a trading nation, we had a duty to intervene in a ‘civil war’; We have no trade with Syria, mainly because we have instituted sanctions against that unhappy country. The ONLY country in the immediate neighbourhood which is worthwhile signing a contract with is Israel, a democratic Nation which owes its very existence to a Britain who, despite or perhaps because of an Arab-oriented and very anti-semitic Foreign Office, finagled the Balfour Declaration into the first Jewish State. The rest of the Arabic crescent of so-called Nation-states, a ghastly rubble of despotic monarchs and ill-hidden military or religion-sodden dictatorships, aren’t worth bothering about, or risking a single British life to defend. The so-called Arab Emirates, another clutch of sandy despots, have oil, sun, sand and so-called holiday resorts; but try getting pissed just away from the main drag, or having a quick fumble with your girlfriend whilst not being married, and you will soon find out what they think of British attitudes. We are still attempting to extricate ourselves from the blood-soaked sands of Afghanistan, another dump where we may have been right to enter, but we should have got out one hell of a sight sooner that we are.

Yes, we are a trading nation, but we live in age when disputes are solved within civilized surroundings, within organizations such as the United Nations, ineffective though that rag-bag of territorial clowns might sometimes be. Our Armed forces are there to protect our people, and those we have stated that are under our protection by means of blood-ties, such as the Falklands, or even tiny Gibraltar. We have no right to state what is acceptable within a bloody civil war, partly because we did not put up much of an argument when America was dosing Laos and North Vietnam with Agent Orange, or wave our hands in horror when the F-105’s slammed their napalm down on the Vietcong and the Vietnamese alike. We didn’t say much about Georgia, when Russia came swanning in to carve out a big slice; mainly because it was none of our bloody business.

The Syrian war is a sad and bloody business, but it is their business; not ours: and we should spend very little time worrying about a truly sensible Parliamentary decision to stay the hell out of a shit-storm, especially when it ain’t our shit!

I have a dream……..

……….that one day, sometime in the dim and distant future, common sense will rear its head regarding the insane idea that a country, or an alliance of countries will make the Syrian Government back down from the use of poison gas and chemical weaponry by an attack using cruise missiles and ‘stand-off’ bombs.

  • The Syrians, led by Assad, are fighting for their existence; and are winning with the able aid of Hezbollah’s fanatics. Who, in this crazy world, believes that an attack, no matter how broad, or threatening, or damaging, or awesome, will deter one swivel-eyed bunch of ragheads from attempting to wipe out another bunch of equally-swivel-eyed ragheads?
  • A sizeable majority of the ‘Opposition’ in the field are harnessed and led by Al Quaeda affiliates. Has it occurred to the ‘bomber-boy’ buddies Obama, Cameron and Hollande that when the Tomahawks, Harpoons and Exocets begin to rain down on the airfields and radar stattions of Syria; that this will undoubtedly give heart and volition to even more ‘jihadi’ clowns to fight in the hope of killing the Alawites of Bashar Assad, and replacing them as rulers of an Islamic State along the user-friendly lines of the Islamic Republic of Iran? The Allies have, rather sensibly, refrained from supplying mobile anti-aircraft missiles to the disorganised clowns fighting Assad, as those same clowns have a rather strange affinity for attacking Western aircraft, and if you give them Stinger missiles, the next thing would be a BA 747 or an American Airlines Airbus slicing into the ground after its engines are blown off the wing!
  • The belief amongst the ‘thinking elites’ of Islington and Chipping Norton that Syria will take note of a battering from the skies is ludicrous.
  • Where is the proof that Assad’s regiments delivered the poisonous clouds which ‘killed’ hundreds? Assad’s armies are winning. Are they so stupid that they would unleash a deadly gas attack whilst the UN inspectors are seven miles away? What would be the purpose of that attack?
  • Immediately upon the first missiles rain down on Syrian soil, the way is open for an immediate counter-strike upon a very close and really jumpy neighbour, who flies a six-pointed blue star, and who is closely allied to the USA, otherwise known as ‘The Great Satan’.
  • The only winners in this war will be the suppliers of missiles, aircraft builders and hospital supply companies.

and here is the News, read by Alvar Liddell…

Once upon a time, such as during the Second World War years, we might be said to have faith in the News, as broadcast by the BBC. Sixty-eight years later, we know better both for that time, and, unfortunately, for now. Newsworthy items, such as many defeats or setbacks, were routinely embargoed or prohibited from the newspapers or the BBC airwaves, in the spurious belief that, first of all, ‘the Government knows best’; and that news of defeats would support a movement for either surrender; or movement towards neutrality. The sinking of the battleship HMS Barham by a German torpedo was considered to be so internally delicate that news censorship was decreed, and was only lifted some three months after the sinking. The film of the tragedy was only revealed after the end of the war. Helen Duncan’s imprisonment was considered to be a direct result of the Barham’s sinking, as the Government wanted to keep any news of the tragedy under wraps.

So we now turn to today’s news, as published by our very own Goebbels organisation, the BBC Today Programme. We had a turgid piece about the production of a ‘hamburger’ costing around £250,000.00 and made or ‘grown’ from stem cells. Then the usual rubbish about sports, a piece about how a train was late, and a lot of chatter about ‘zero-hour contracts’, and how terrible they are, and how the Tory Government are so awful to allow them. Another episode of the long drawn-out saga of the Catholic Church and the latest scandal of sexual abuse by Benedictine monks in Scotland. Then the triumph of the BBC’s investigative journalists in the discovery that the dead Boston Bomber, the one who was actually killed by his younger brother as he drove over him whilst escaping, had ‘strong links’ to ‘Right Wing American hate sites on the Web’. I presume we were expected to infer from this ‘bombshell’ that the two clowns who killed three and maimed one hell of a lot more that day in Boston were not Muslim Jihadi murderers, but in fact were deeply influenced by the likes of Timothy McVeigh; and of course, by extension of that inference, by the BNP and the EDL.

I have visited the online spoutings of Anders Breivik of Norwegian infamy. Does this make me into a prospect for a mass murder? Of course it does not. I would like to pin a great many politicians to a wall, but I would just imprison them for a long, long time.


The BBC: a great successor to the proud traditions of Herr Goebbels, who would be so proud of what they have achieved with his perverted ideals!

ab irato…

Some seven years ago, I posted a remembrance piece one year after the bombs and shrapnel shot forth from the backpacks of the four demented ‘jihadis’ of that fateful day in July 2005; and I would reproduce it here to discuss what has been achieved since those days:-

So we now have the bombs and the blood on the streets of London once again! Ordinary people, whose lives have either been cut short or decimated; whose only crime was to live in a country whose declared aim is to live according to a set of rules; whose families must now take up the grim toll of either burial or long visits to hospitals: and for what? The smiles like those which appeared on the face of the Saudi and Taliban murderers after 9/11? The exultation on the faces of the Palestinians who danced in the street after the same tragedy? The laughter of the Asian schoolkids in England as they heard the news? It is too early to establish the promoters of this terrorist attack, but it will probably turn out to be claimed by a bunch of rag-heads!

We should change our stated aims, we in the West! We should root out and stamp on these foul fundamentalists with their twisted ideas which are far away from the religion which most of them seem to avow! We should adopt the American tradition of ‘kill ‘em all, and apologise later’ This foul odour which stems from a bunch of clowns who depend for the recruitment of their foot-soldiers on some wild-eyed notion of earning paradise by killing as many as possible should be swept by a disinfectant brew of bullets, bombs and bayonets in the fermenting fields of the countries where they come from! Our message should be plain and simple, we will not change; but you and your kind definitely will, in the short space of time left for your kind on the face of this planet!

The above paragraphs were written as I watched the carnage unfolding on the streets of London last July; and as we come up towards the sad remembrance of those fearful minutes, I reckon we should all reflect on what has been achieved to repair the damage to our national psyche, image and (hoary chestnut, perhaps), way of life!

On the positive side of things, we see the preparations made for the trial of the four unsuccessful bombers, who’s efforts to achieve their own martyrdom were fortunately foiled by a combination of their own stupidity, bad technical effort and a miraculous amount of good luck, We see the survivors of the four blasts forging their way ahead towards recovery and stability, aided rather belatedly by a mean-minded Governmental compensation scheme. We see steps and moves underway to build a memorial to the fallen, possibly in Tavistock Square, and a Service of Remembrance planned for the silent victims of those four atrocious blasts! We watch as the Emergency Services hone their responses to future attacks, and nod in assent at this evidence of foresight!

What we do not see is a sea-change in our attitudes to the foul-minded fanatics who still live in our midst, allowed to carry on with their filthy plans to spread the word of ‘jihad’ throughout the Western World. We see criminal actions rewarded as seven Afghani hi-jackers are given the right to stay in Britain, as a reward for their crime, on the grounds that they might suffer torture if sent back to the Muslim slums from which they were vomited forth! We see strong Government action and plans set back by a Judiciary too intent on the ‘rights’ of prospective killers, and we see no sign of an understanding within that same Judiciary of the rancour which is slowly boiling up inside the minds and hearts of British people whose only wish is to live at peace! The only small victory observed was the departure of the self-styled Sheikh Bakri Mohammed to the Lebanon, just ahead of moves to deprive him of either residential or asylum status. We see the flood of bogus Asylum Seekers uninterrupted by this feeble Labour Government, hamstrung by it’s own actions in foisting the stupid ‘Human rights’ legislation on an unsuspecting Britain! We even see the inaction of the Immigration Service in not attempting to deport undesirable criminals, released after theyt have served half of their sentences, because of the fear that the murderers, rapists and violent thieves might turn and claim Asylum status if challenged!

The call goes up to get rid of Blair, and install Brown. The clarion call should be to kick this bunch of time-wasting morons out of Westminster, and replace them with a Parliament which reflects the will of the people!!!

So, since then, we have achieved, or rather suffered, the following:-

444 British Servicemen & Women dead in the dust and blood of Afghanistan.

£20 billion from taxpayers funds spent in the course of this War, which of course was fought according to some outmoded idea that we have to be nice to these bloodthirsty clowns. If we had gone in and cleared out the madmen of the Taliban; and then said ‘Sort this lot out ammongst yourselves’ and then left them to their own devices, we should have a ‘bank balance’ of some four hundred-odd lives in credit. but we don’t. We are busy packing up all the materiel, and, wait for it, then have to pay a ‘tax’ to get it over the bloody border into Pakistan. We are getting out, when we should never have even planned to be there at all.

We have extradited Abu Hamza and his foul mates to America, but it took us about five-odd years to achieve this, plus another two-million quid for ‘legal aid’. Abu Qatada has walked away to Jordan, but because he went of his own free will, he’ll be probably back once more.

We have let in another million illegal immigrants and bogus asylum seekers, all ready to suck deeply on the hind tit of legal aid for benefits, residence, and the rest.

We are about to see a flood of Romanians and Bulgarians, bloody pikeys, gypsies and vagabonds all, because Europe say we have to, and we cannot even say ‘No’.

We got rid of Blair, and eventually Brown, but what do we see in their place? The grins of Cameron and Clegg, who have achieved; what exactly? Gay Marriage! Says a great deal! Oh yes, we saw Action on Libya, where we see the thanks for the help we gave; well, not exactly thanks; we saw the morons breaking the memorials to the British who died in the North African campaign of WW2.

When will we have our own revolution?  Its a pity we are a little too compliant, or rather complacent!

Behind the headlines

A child, someone’s daughter, has died. This is indeed a personal tragedy.

We are told that the ‘family are angry, angry and hurt’

We are also told that lifeguards were chatting whilst girl drowned

We are also informed that ‘a full and thorough’ investigation would be carried out.


We were not told why a FIVE-year old child was allowed to go into a swimming pool area unsupervised by her ‘devastated parents or grandparents’.

Just in the course of ‘full disclosure’!


In the course of full disclosure, I might add that two of my grandsons are already learning to swim, and the third is being introduced to the water. All three of my grandchildren, whenever near the water, are supervised as if they were about to disappear, and I would expect nothing less from their fathers, my two sons. Also to be disclosed is the sad truth that their Grandad cannot swim a stroke, and is terrified of the water.


London marathon…a Prophesy

East & Central London hospitals and Emergency areas across the Capital will be overwhelmed with a huge influx of some seven hundred-odd marathon runners, all brought in at ultra-high speed by Paramedics and ambulances. All the patients will be admitted with notes stating that the diagnosis is a probable heart attack; as each patient was seen to clasp his chest with his hand as they crossed over the finish line. Only one patient will actually be admitted to the hospital for treatment, as the rest were able, once they had recovered their collective breaths,. to confirm that they were just trying to comply with the proposal that each runner held his or her hands to their heart as a symbol of solidarity with the Boston marathon casualties.

Please do not misunderstand me. I, and probably millions of others around the world, are aghast at the random ferocity unleashed upon unsuspecting runners and crowds of supporters when the bombs exploded without warning in Boston. But we simply do not feel the need to express our regret collectively, publicly, or with any flourish at all. What does the proposed wearing of black ribbons achieve? Will the injured recover faster? Will the family of that small boy, itself ruptured by more horrific injury, be comforted by the fact that lots of people held their hands to their hearts as they crossed a marathon finish line? Will the fanatical Muslim jihadis, already settling down in their madrassas for an afternoon’s bomb-making class and koranic propagands session be given pause for thought because a large bunch of sweaty clowns running in a road race make a ‘gesture’?

I doubt it very, very much indeed!

Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!’

One of the abiding things about the British is that they generally play by the rules. Whether on a pitch, with a game of football or cricket, or in affairs of Government, by paying tax; we, as a group, stick with what we have built. We may not like paying the huge amounts which the various Governments, certainly within my lifetime, have gouged out of the public purse to fund their projects, but we pay. We might not like it, some actively state they will not pay certain taxes, or indeed an individual tax, but there have been very few ‘tax’ revolts. One of the very few errors which marred the Premiership of Margaret Thatcher was the ‘Poll Tax’, and she bore the scars of that revolt because she thought it was a good idea, but forgot to follow through by contemplation of the outcome of that Tax. The ‘Poll Tax’ was seen as grossly unfair, as divisive and iniquitous, and it was scrapped. Her Premiership was challenged, she won the first round, but failed to win a majority of her Party, and resigned.

There are certain taxes which are almost universally reviled, and worst of all is the tax which supports and upholds the leviathan which is the British Broadcasting Corporation. The Licence, because that is what it is called, allows you to watch television from any supplier, whether BBC, ITV, channels 4 & 5, Sky or any of the hundreds of digital channels available through satellite, on a static t.v., or a computer, or even a hand-held tablet, phone or other device. It is a total anachronism in a society such as ours, mainly because it is exactly the same as paying a sum of cash to the manufacturers of washing powders for the privilege of owning a washing machine.

Just imagine, if you would, the power which is available to a BBC producer or collective senior editorial management, whether on radio or television. You hold the ability to give or withhold a voice, or a view, on virtually any subject, and your decision is final! There are no rights of reply, or editorial redress, in the BBC. Just ask yourself the last time you heard or watched a strong, forthright Right-wing voice or face arguing against the massed bands of left-wing or liberal arguments so freely available on the BBC airwaves? I used to revel in the voice of Frederick Forsyth whenever he was allowed access to a BBC microphone, but sadly even his voice has been silenced. True, our very own David Vance makes an occasional argument over on BBC Northern Ireland, but with all due respect to David, not many in England tune in to the Belfast broadcasts. So we have to be content with only one side of most arguments, and, being the sheep we have become, accept that there are no alternative arguments, because the vast majority of British people, at least the semi-sentient ones, bury their heads in ‘Strictly’, or ‘Corrie’; or even the hinterlands of ‘Yeastenders’ and ‘Emmerdale’; along with the interminable sports and D.I.Y. programmes which litter the schedules, just to feed the equivalent of ‘bread and circuses’ to the masses!

And thus we get to the sordid saga of Sir Jimmy Savile, OBE, KCSG, LLD. Saviour or secret deviant? A man whose fame as a performer and as a celebrity is entwined totally with that of the BBC, and who was extolled with two programmes dedicated to his memory just last year. Who gave of his time and fame, who supported charities, who helped raise funds for spinal injury wards and won a Royal Marines beret for completion of a gruelling 30 mile march with full pack. He was involved in marathons, in climbing and running, met royalty, the great and the good. But the news comes filtering past the fear and the pressure from libel law actions, after his death of course, that behind the facade of a kindly extrovert was the sinister face of a sadistic pervert and paedophile. The full story of this person’s activities is still evolving, as more and more people understand that they might, this time, be believed when they talk, often for the first time, of the sordid and savage things which were done to their young bodies, and more importantly, their young minds, by this evil man.

The inquiries and formal investigations by both the police as well as the BBC’s internal ones are just beginning, and already there are leaks, and rumours, of at least seven or eight arrests imminent on serving members of the BBC’s employees, but the questions of how this man managed to escape detection, arrest and conviction over a period of some four-odd decades are the important ones. Was he given shelter by some likeminded individuals? Was he ‘given the benefit of the doubt’ because he was just being ‘Jimmy’, and such a celebrity could not possibly be as stupid as to engage in sexual acts with young girls and fans, or could he? The one thing which should always be remembered when it comes to discussions about perverts and paedophiles is that these individuals are, and have to be, so very clever at disguising their true intent and purpose in life, which is the despoliation of all that is innocent and undefiled. Many of us at ATW have either heard of or read the many websites which purport to relate, in graphic detail, the sins of those whom they have targeted and wish to prove that they are not ‘whiter than white’, but in fact are guilty are gross perversions of the worst kind, but not many of us have actually met up with, conversed with, and even befriended anyone who has actually been found guilty of these disgusting practices. When Jimmy Savile died, his property, clothes, memorabilia and motor car were all auctioned, and the proceeds given to the charities which bore his name. I wonder how much would that Rolls-Royce fetch now, or any of the clothing sold here be treasured now the curtain has been pulled aside?

As I wrote on my own blogsite:- Along with very few others, I have personal knowledge of a paedophile priest in action, although confessing at the same time that he gave off the aura of ‘just another parish priest’. I shook his hand, I joined in his parish works, I gave him a hand with parish activities and auctions. Why? Simple, because, above everything else, because of the hidden and disgusting nature of their inner being, their disguise is so good, so impenetrable, that the only way is by either direct knowledge, or accusation by one of the abused which is taken seriously. When Adrian McLeish was arrested and charged, I, along with all the other parishioners, was flabbergasted. Was the man who had preached reconciliation, peace and charity the same who was accused of sacrificing the innocents to further his own perverted ends? Was the man who handed out the Sacrament the same as the pervert? I even visited him in prison before his trial, to try and discover what had turned him from the path of clarity, of truth and single-mindedness in belief to that of double-talk, and of perversion! All I found was a self-serving bleat that he could not help himself, all I heard was drivel and treachery!

So, in ending, what should we be hearing from the BBC when it comes time for the inquiries to report back? In the knowledge that the BBC lawyers removed all knowledge of certain e-mails from their own Panorama investigation, should we even believe that such Inquiries are thorough, or credible, or even independent enough to be giving justice to those who have been treated so badly by one of the ‘Star Celebrities’ who was given such a rousing send-off by the BBC? I note that the gravestone, carved at such cost, which depicted the known achievements and accomplishments of Savile has already been lifted, smashed up and sent for landfill. Will the next act of retribution be the unceremonious removal of the corpse for a swift cremation and ash scattering? I am reminded of the first act after the triumphant return and coronation of King Charles the Second was to order the exhumation of the corpse of General Oliver Cromwell, and to have that same corpse thrown into a lime pit, but the head was impaled upon a spike outside Hampton Court Palace. A bit symbolic, perhaps, but Charles lived in perhaps a simpler, more savage time, and such actions upon the remains of the man who had killed his own father are perhaps, understandable!

Will the BBC ever rebound from the ramifications of this new witch-hunt? In a few months, after some sacrificial sheep have been thrown to the wolves to satisfy the mob, it is my belief that the BBC will revert to type, close ranks and go on much as before. The BBC can never change, because the canker is set too deeply. There are too many self-satisfied left-wing and liberal-minded time-servers within both management, production staff and performers of all types for there to be any change of any value. The Charter is up for renewal in 2016; and I will be campaigning that the BBC be converted into a commercial organisation, without any taxpayer support whatsoever, to sink or swim in the marketplace.

….. and hanged by the neck until dead!

The solemn moment, of murder trials in times gone by, when the Judge donned the black silk cap to pronounce the sentence, was an instant which all killers feared, because it was the commencement of a countdown to a judicial retribution for the crime, or crimes, which they had committed. A family friend and neighbour, who also happened to be a police sergeant, once told me long ago, that he had talked an armed, violent and dangerous man into surrendering to justice based on the statement that, “Yes, you can pull that trigger, and that shotgun blast will kill me; but remember that there is a long, legal road which follows, at the end of which is a sad but dutiful man with a set length of rope, and your life will be ended by that same rope;”.

We no longer hold the power of life or death through the courts, having pusillanimously surrendered that power based on a false premise, which was,’Ah well, murderers shall serve life in prison, and surely that is punishment is enough?’ Life imprisonment, in these ‘enlightened times’ amounts to eight or nine years tops, and it is very, very rare to hear of a sentenced criminal given a tariff of more than fifteen years. That promise, together with Sky Sports tv, plasma tv sets on demand, and mecca-facing toilets, is now that which faces violent criminals of all classes.

So when these three ‘trainee jihadis’ are eventually found guilty, they won’t be greeting their 72 virgins, if such a number can be found these days as they aren’t only in short supply around Lime Street, they will be shut away in luxury, with every whim catered to, with nary a search-dog in sight. True, they didn’t succeed in killing anyone, but what if they had, and survived? They would be looking at the same sentences as they probably will get for the plotting!

My sort of justice would have a slightly different outcome; but there again, thats me, and I hold to a slightly higher standard of retribution.

a reminder that ‘this’ hasn’t gone away either.

As with the ‘Colleagues’ in Brussels, who never, ever forget a proposal once pushed forwards by the Commission; so with the fanatics who contemplate tampering with an idea which has lasted for centuries, all in the cause of ‘Equality’. Yes folks, the ‘Gay Marriage’ agenda is being rolled out once again. With Cameron leading the charge, as the whole idea seems to suit him perfectly, the ‘Gay Marriage’ plan is once again running on the Westminster rails.

Those who oppose the very idea that somehow Marriage can be bent and twisted into an institution which is ‘friendly’ towards homosexual or lesbian couples, have been condemned as ‘bigots’ by no less a figure than the Deputy Prime Minister; a statement which was speedily withdrawn from the Press Releases once the ‘spin’ men got their eyes on the words, but by that time the damage had already been done. We have often suspected that senior politicians of all parties hold the electorate in contempt, but it is nice to see proof of that contempt brought out into the public gaze.

We hear the soothing syrup of Cameron’s words as he tries to pass a change of more than major significance as just a ‘minor adjustment’, and we know how much faith to place in this particular so-called Tory’s words.

To check out whether the proposed Legislation is just a ‘minor adjustment’ or a major stumbling block, check out the words of warning produced by a senior Q.C. for the Campaign 4 Marriage, and decide for yourselves.

An alternate view of that Report!

In the earlier part of my life, whilst I lived in England, I used to hold the Police as, generally, a friend. My support for the Police has decreased over the years as they have steadily become more and more politicised and political; in their structure, their controlling philosophies, their attitude towards civil liberties and the Rule of Law. It is a fact that the vast majority of law-abiding British people accept the Police, but don’t really trust them. The failures of Policing over the past thirty years are both well-known and substantial, and many of these failings stem from a grasping of the ‘politically-correct’ attitude at all times. But some of the failures are also known because they literally tried too hard, knowing that the accused were guilty, and therefore attempting to gild that same lily with evidence not manufactured but ‘embellished’.

But after going through the ‘Report’ from the ‘Independent Panel’ ( and you can well believe that the title was given them by the last Labour Government without a single blush), I can see that the Police are being hung out to dry. I did not listen to the nauseating self-justification of the Bishop of Liverpool on the BBC this morning, but I would lay good odds on the inclusion of the phrases ‘Justice for the families’, as well as the well-worn words of ‘the truth finally emerging’ about the deaths of 96 football fans at the Hillsborough ground those 23 years ago.

These questions, after the production of this truly self-serving and nauseatingly-righteous report, should be asked:-

What was the common identity of the clowns who massed against the fences, crowding so much that a mounted policeman on his horse felt unable to move? Answer…Liverpool ‘fans’.

The layout of the fencing and manner of static control within the ground had been made necessary by much previous riotous and threatening behaviour by whom?  Answer………..Football club ‘fans’ of all shirt colours and hues, whose behaviour could best be described as animalistic.

What was the mass identity of the crowd who literally tried to smash the fencing around the entry gates?                Answer……….Liverpool ‘fans’.

Did the ‘alterations’ of police and witness statements provide evidence that any one of those people who died that day could have been saved?  Answer………Probably not!

Did the actions of a panicked senior policeman by ordering the opening of the access gates contribute to the crowd packing into the tunnel?  Possibly yes, but the police were simply outnumbered by an aggressive, booze-fuelled crowd of Liverpool ‘fans’.

What has been the driving force behind the eternal call by the ‘victims families’ for a re-opening of Inquiries etc.   Was it Justice? Was it that the truth finally come out? Was it revenge on a Police Force which, they believed, contributed to the deaths of those ninety-six people?

Or was it just for the Money?

Not the only thing built on sand…

Reading the ATW  post on the Great One’s statue, I realised that I needed to go forth and gain education on the one thing which America holds dear, but seems to be in great danger of losing through neglect. That one item is a sheet of paper which has distilled the many traits, failings, glories and achievements of America into a single publication. It is of course the Constitution of the United States of America. Of the statements made, and Amendments written and agreed, there seems to be little argument as to the to items which are most important; important that is to people who claim or wish to live in freedom. The first is the absolute right of ‘free speech’ in America. for without debate, without concurrence and agreement, there can be no true consensus. If a position is taken by a Congress Representative, or Senator, everyone else is at liberty to state their views to their own locality, constituency and representative. Similarly, if a citizen debates a Law, or indeed the lack of a Law, he or she can speak, and write about that Law until either the Law is changed, or indeed struck down through the Federal or Supreme Courts. In recent years, the Feds, have acted against Arizona on immigration, and again in florida on voter registration, but this is all in accord with the Constitution.

So why is it that no-one, or indeed virtually no-one at all, has acted or spoken to demand that proof, absolute proof, be given and tested, that the present President of the United States is in fact legally entitled to hold his job down in the first place?  As in “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.” Romney had the opportunity,  and he fluffed it away in a sad little joke.

A very personal view of a very personal problem

When one trawls through the website of Plymouth College, the first thing which catches your eye is the news that this Independent School had four pupils competing in the Olympics, one of whom, Ruta Meilutyte, won Gold for Lithuania; and another was a certain Tom Daley, winning a Bronze Medal for the United Kingdom. The website, however, does not delve deeply into the history behind Tom’s presence at Plymouth, nor of the deeply-personal bullying he experienced at his previous school Eggbucklands ‘Community College’, where he was threatened with having his legs broken, primarily because he was well-known as a diver and athlete. I have to admit that I watched the progress of the diving contest at the Olympics, as I was mildly interested in the progress of the British representative, Tom Daley; mainly because of the fact that this young man overcame the bullies, and went on to win a Medal.

The very concept of bullying is the domination of the weak by the more powerful. In the terms understood by millions of kids, it is the imposition of a deliberate terror for the sheer gratification of the larger or more aggressive person who wants, above all, to dominate and to terrorize. The attitude of the British education authorities in modern times is worrying in the extreme, as they insist that the perpetrators of the bullying be “talked to”, and “counseled”, and that all concerned must “understand” that bullying is wrong!

When I was a youngster in an English grammar school, I was smaller in stature than most of my school class being only four foot ten inches tall when I was fourteen; growing to five foot ten by the age of eighteen, as I received my growth later in life than most. So the ATW reader might understand that I was a natural target not, as one might guess, for my fellow classmates, but for a minority of the teachers, as they surmised I was less likely to answer back. I was regularly humiliated in front of the class, and also subjected to a denigrating regime of minor physical abuse. This abuse culminated in my being knocked unconscious because I opened my desk before the teacher had left the classroom, thus “insulting” the teacher in question! He jumped back across the classroom, caught me with the side of his hand and knocked me clean out of my seat and crashing into a cupboard door at the side of the room! I was unconscious for maybe two or three minutes. The form master was informed, but apart from establishing that I could walk and talk when I regained consciousness, nothing much was done! The reader must understand that, as there were very few limits on this side of the teachers’ activities, they tended to express themselves physically rather than verbally!

My travails were ended very shortly afterwards when my father, who learned of my problems at school, visited the school and came to my class when this teacher was present. My Dad, who was not that tall, but was well-built and extremely strong, just caught the teacher’s tie and pulled his head down level with my Dad’s; and explained that if he (the teacher) ever hit me again, there would be immediate and violent retribution! No histrionics, no attempt to “understand”, just a solid promise that the teacher in question would regret ever laying either a word or a fist upon his son again! Needless to say, for the rest of my time at school, I was left severely alone.

At one time in my engineering career, I was in charge of an installation project on a South African gold mine, and I used to travel down with the rest in the shaft cages to the six thousand feet level. One of the men travelling with us was an Afrikaner, an immensely strong man and an ex-wrestler. A man of limited intelligence, he used to amuse himself by grabbing his victim from behind, and squeezing their chests between his arms. As one of his victims was a friend of mine, a small wiry Welshman who really was in pain from this Neanderthal attack, I moved up, told this clown to stop and “Pick on someone his own size, strength and mental capacity!” He stopped his attack, only to become semi-hysterical with anger at some ‘Redneck Englishman’ who dared to tell him what to do, and that he would smash me into the dust of the shaft entrance, as we were now out of the cage.

I faced him, and said quietly that he might well beat me down, but I would break him in civil court, I would break him in criminal court, and that he would never work down a goldmine again! He backed away, but was in tears of anger and frustration as his friends led him away, To the best of my knowledge, he never assaulted anyone in “fun” again!

My stance regarding bullies and bullying is plain; the only thing which bullies respect is physical violence, and the stronger the retaliation, the better! All bullies are cowards, and it is only by facing down a bully, whether it be a single schoolboy armed with his fists, or a country armed with sophisticated weaponry, that they will realize that they are faced  with superior force and the will to use that force, and will cease their depredations!

Red is the new Rainbow colour

The Marikana Hoe-Down.

To the left is a kraal or camp of some sorts. The miners were driven towards there by earlier water cannons and rubber bullets. Once against the kraal fence, the Nyala armoured vehicles boxed them in with a funnel formation to the right. A vehicle laying concertina razor wire encircled them.

It is very clear from the footage available, especially the full Al Jazeera version, which was found to be the most helpful out of them all, that the police shot tear gas behind the miners and opened up with rubber bullets to drive the miners like a herd of lambs to the proverbial slaughter. The Al Jazeera reporter said that she could see how the police were boxing the miners in between razor wire and armoured vehicles and driving them like animals to their slaughter. Remember that this woman was probably never military trained, but it was so clear to her what the police was doing.

A miner then returned fire with a 9mm pistol that they probably took off a policemen they killed earlier in the week. This appears to be their only fire-arm they had.

Most of the available footage only shows the part where the miners appear to burst towards the police in what the media made look like an attack.

In fact the miners, armed with makeshift spears, were trying to escape from the teargas and the rubber bullets hitting them from behind.

When they burst through the “spout of the funnel” the police waiting for them in the skirmish line mowed them down with automatic weapons, pistols and shotguns and the media made it look like an attack on the police, when in fact it was a well coordinated cold blooded Police Turkey Shoot.

What really happened on the 16th of August 2012?

Great(er) Expectations!

Cast your minds back four years to the Olympics in Beijing. The Great Britain team, along with their supporters, were actually stunned to note that they had started winning medals. Bronzes, Silvers and finally Golds were being marked up to the most unlikely victor on the Planet. Used to the news that we were coming a gallant fifth, or worse, in sports and activities which we had invented, suddenly we were actually winning; or at least in the medals! From being a perennial no-hoper, especially in the Medal tables, Great Britain actually came fourth.

So what happens then? Suddenly, the boasts, the predictions, the headlines, all commenced emerging, and it was just like we something we had all seen and heard before. A full Century ago, a British politician saw votes, and more, in allowing the Royal Navy to equip itself with the latest Dreadnought battlecruiser, so as to establish parity with the resurgent German Navy; just across the North Seas. You can check the headlines in the newspapers; “We want eight, and we won’t wait!” So fast forward to this week, and a Sport England headline stating that 85 (eighty-five) medals was a number the Team GB should easily make was fast becoming a nightmare for the officials who had poured over £300 million in to the various sports bodies.

Apart from the simple truth that the Olympics is now a hell of along way away from the principles supported by Baron De Coubertin, is anyone really envisaging the ‘nightmare’ scenario that we, as a Nation, aren’t all that good at sporting activities? Can we honestly state that the very sight of a marshalled and machine-stamped product such as that 16 year-old Chinese swimmer is something we would wish to see inflicted upon any British child?

It is a very, very rare time when I am more than in full agreement with any BBC broadcaster, but for my money, Lynne Truss had it just about right, the medal target should have been FOUR, and anything else is and should be, a bonus for the whole country, not a disaster. After all, it is only a game!