Abide with me; and repeat!

2008_0311floor2de0009As I write these words, I have only to glance sideways at the framed photos of my three grandsons which adorn and decorate my sideboard and mantelpiece, and to reflect upon my own, as well as my wife and my sons’, good fortune.

I have often observed that there are no new ‘news’ items, but the same ones repeated many, many, times; withg only the date and the names changing. When my mate David wrote of the incineration of aborted babies in hospital furnaces, I was busy with other ideas, but have found the time to reflect upon this strange and savage disgrace.

Apart from the natural revulsion expressed by many, these ‘burnings’ are of course against any guidance given by, amongst others, the Royal College of Nursing’s Guidance on theSensitive Disposal of all Foetal Remains; especially in view of the quotation which states, “on the potential to develop into a human being; the foetus  is entitled to respect;”, and I was reminded of the post I made here a while back on the saddest space I have ever seen.

A strange yet telling silence from just about all the political punditry is evident on this story, with the sole exception of Labour M.P.  Jim Dobbin, who expressed his disgust when he said:- “This callous disregard for young humans is the fruit of 50 years of legal abortion in the UK”. and “And it is no use pro-choice people wringing their hands about treating unborn babies as clinical waste when it is their relentless dehumanisation of unborn life that has led us to this point.”

As can be seen by the statistics for 2012, some 185,122 abortions were performed in Great Britain, ( but not of course in Northern Ireland, which sends all its butchered babies to the Mainland, as the Province has apparently moral scruples about legal murder in its hospitals, but not elsewhere) in a ghastly clinically-cleansed routine which is mirrored only by the published statistics of establshments with names such as Bergen-Belsen and Auschwitz.

Many might state that I should never equate legal abortions with even the shades of the Holocaust, but, I ask sincerely, what else did you expect? When the so-called grounds for abortion are so wide that you could drive a Caterpillar tractor straight through the middle. I have maybe written before of my own view that abortion should be the personal path of the woman involved, but the sheer laxity of the law allows virtual ‘abortion on demand’, and when a muslim Pakistani or Bangladeshi woman demands that her pregnancy be terminated because the child would be a girl, and so much less desirable than a boy within their humourless ‘culture’; the medical people cannot refuse, because if they do, they will be accused of ‘racism’ faster than a scalpel hits the ground. The same applies to the majority seeking abortion, or to use the ‘correct’ terminology, a ‘termination’; those of course being white and British. Whatever the reasons, they are all allowed, I mean; have you ever read of an abortion being refused? That folks is what the Law has become; access to an inconvenience removal service!

And you voted for these people; you knew that this would happen, and yet no-one stood against the flow, and said “Enough”, so you should be content with the resultant increase in hospital central heating fuel usage!

before you were born I set you apart

When posting the other day regarding the ‘right to die’, as proposed by certain, shall we say, individuals with their own special axes to grind, I linked the whole piece with the decision by Belgium’s Parliament to ratify a Law which will give children, “Children”; the right to make their own decisions on whether to end their lives if they are suffering from a terminal illness, or are in insufferable pain, or ‘hopeless medical conditions’; or any of the other emotive terms which liberal do-gooders give to human conditions which are, in present medical knowledge, incurable.
I know that the Belgian conditions are written down with great scruple, and foresight, and the wishes must be agreed with parents, and medical professionals, but, looking at the whole grizzly idea from across the Channel, I tend towards believing that the ideas behind this disgusting and terrible Law are just the logical outcome of systems and thoughts of people who truly believe that they, and they alone, know what is right for everyone else; and these beliefs stem from a time when monstrous names bestrode the world’s stage. Names such as Josef Goebbels, Martin Bormann, Himmler, and of course, the painter, poet and friendly genocidal Adolf Hitler.

Some may well recoil, and claim that I write in a knee-jerk reaction against a well-ordered and documented ideal which will lessen the trauma and suffering of children who face a lingering, painful death. True, I write in total opposition to such a Law, but I would remind readers that it is within my own lifetime that the elderly insane and demented were targeted by Nazi functionaries who, throughout their lengthy trials, claimed they were ‘following legal orders’. The Germanic ideal represented by that evil slogan ‘Befehl ist Befehl’, or ‘Orders are Orders’; and as such are to be followed without demur or question, were seized with great enthusiasm when the ‘Final Solution’ was planned and orchestrated at Wannsee, because the Nazis knew that the minor functionaries and both senior and junior soldiers, when presented with such terminology as ‘Major Operation’ as cover for the massacre of 34,000 Jews at Babi-Yar near Kiev, would obey without question. Similarly, when the doctors and administrators charged with murdering ‘incurables’ were told that they were members of the ‘Public Ambulance Service Ltd’ (Gemeinnützige Krankentransport GmbH), they killed the feeble-minded because they had been ordered to do so! They never, ever, thought of questioning their orders because they knew that orders, from ‘on high’ should never be questioned, because to question ‘orders’ was to question the very authority of the German State, and that was a process which only led to one doorway, and that was marked ‘unreliable’.

So I hope that King Phillipe, the Constitutional Monarch of this troubled nation, has the guts to remain true to his Catholic Heritage, and refuses to sign this Nazi decree into Law, Constitutional Crisis or no!

A timely celebration

These days, I never bother to watch all the fireworks, the false joy, the uninhibited imbibing of lots and lots of booze as the minutes click down to New Years Day. From the Petronas Towers, after the Harbour Bridge, through the truly-offensive celebrations in PyongYang and money-is-no-object splash around the Burj-al-Jumeirah, the fireworks flashed and cracked in a celebration. A celebration of what; exactly? The end of one year, the beginning of another? The passing of one second, as opposed to the one before or next?

I, along with most, wish family members a Happy New Year, whilst at least hoping that things, emergencies, family and health issues, are kept on an even keel. Again, along with most, I hope that we muddle along, in the manner in which the British quietly excel, at making the best of what we are allowed by our masters. I will continue to make a thorough nuisance of myself at the full County Council meetings, asking questions and holding to account the Labour majority which rules in County Durham almost by hereditary fiat.

There is, however, one happening, one remembrance which is, in my own estimation, worthy of a small pause for contemplation; this being the day, some seventy-five years ago when the British Government gave formal sanctuary to some ten thousand Jewish children who became the Kindertransport. The British Government had literally no idea of the fate which would befall their parents, along with the other 6 million-odd victims of Nazi Germany, but something, something strange occurred to move an Administration and a Government which was quietly partly anti-semitic itself. Letters of concern such as this (second icon on the left) may have helped, but no-one really knows what moved a Government, through its bureaucracy, to announce a not-very-welcoming messsage to those ten thousand that they could come over, as long as they were no burden on the taxpayer.

The missing headline.

In a review of newspaper headlines this morning, I note the following:-

  • Comments on the alleged shut-down of America; or not, as the case may be
  • The Home Secretary in a row over who said what about some other lying politician who refused to dismount his bike whilst leaving Downing St.
  • Caroline Lucas gets her name up through her ‘fracking’ arrest.
  • Lots of chatter about some weird football game and trophy.
  • More talk about Jimmy Savile, and how he got away with everything.
  • A New Zealand novelist winning a literary prize.
  • Crisis, once more, in the NHS Mental Health services.
  • No strike in Grangemouth, Union backs down!
  • Mark Duggan executed whilst holding gun which strangely enough, subsequently appeared over thirty yards from car.
  • Iran’s nuclear ambitions continue, as do the ‘talks’.
  • Labour Party female MP defends decision to pose topless when 15 years old…”I needed money for some clothes!”


But strangely enough the number 445 does not feature prominently in most news organisations web screens. Is it an important number? Yes, I believe it is, because it tells the story of how a bunch of weaselling, lying politicians failed our Armed Services in the worst possible way, and how they continue to lie, which is why yet one more British soldier’s blood garnishes the sands and soil of an ungrateful Afghanistan.

My father served in the British Army throughout WW2, as did many thousands more. My uncle died in Northern France days after D-Day, and thousands more Allied troops died after him in the weeks and months that followed. But they, the living and the sadly-dead, fought  in a just cause, to defeat the Nazi war machine of Adolf Hitler. As the late King George VI said in his famous speech on the day war was declared, ‘Such a principle, stripped of all disguise, is surely the mere primitive doctrine that might is right ‘, and the politicians, who guided our Nation and our Armed Forces through the storm to fight against the very nature of the Nazi machine, were worthy of that task.

Compare them with the bunch of weasels in charge now, and then determine if we are still well served!

tear down this wall

Ignore, if you will, the unpleasant story which the Guardian reporter is telling; where he, along with the Washington Post, is exposing the huge amount of law-breaking by both the NSA and GCHQ. Ignore, as well, the fact that all this stems from an illegal act by Edward Snowden, when he betrayed the trust given him by ‘whistleblowing’ about the secret courts in the USA which demanded that Internet giants such as Yahoo and Google had no recourse but to supply the spies with their customers information.

Concentrate, instead on the fact of which we know; which is that a Brazilian national, David Miranda, was threatened and bullied, totally illegally, into supplying access passwords for laptop and mobile phones. Threatened with jail if he did not comply! We also know that the top civil servant Sir Jeremy Heywood went to the Guardian to bully them into destroying computer hard drives, under the gaze of shadowy figures from GCHQ.

And we now know that the orders for this totally illegal operation came from David Cameron himself.

and here is the News, read by Alvar Liddell…

Once upon a time, such as during the Second World War years, we might be said to have faith in the News, as broadcast by the BBC. Sixty-eight years later, we know better both for that time, and, unfortunately, for now. Newsworthy items, such as many defeats or setbacks, were routinely embargoed or prohibited from the newspapers or the BBC airwaves, in the spurious belief that, first of all, ‘the Government knows best’; and that news of defeats would support a movement for either surrender; or movement towards neutrality. The sinking of the battleship HMS Barham by a German torpedo was considered to be so internally delicate that news censorship was decreed, and was only lifted some three months after the sinking. The film of the tragedy was only revealed after the end of the war. Helen Duncan’s imprisonment was considered to be a direct result of the Barham’s sinking, as the Government wanted to keep any news of the tragedy under wraps.

So we now turn to today’s news, as published by our very own Goebbels organisation, the BBC Today Programme. We had a turgid piece about the production of a ‘hamburger’ costing around £250,000.00 and made or ‘grown’ from stem cells. Then the usual rubbish about sports, a piece about how a train was late, and a lot of chatter about ‘zero-hour contracts’, and how terrible they are, and how the Tory Government are so awful to allow them. Another episode of the long drawn-out saga of the Catholic Church and the latest scandal of sexual abuse by Benedictine monks in Scotland. Then the triumph of the BBC’s investigative journalists in the discovery that the dead Boston Bomber, the one who was actually killed by his younger brother as he drove over him whilst escaping, had ‘strong links’ to ‘Right Wing American hate sites on the Web’. I presume we were expected to infer from this ‘bombshell’ that the two clowns who killed three and maimed one hell of a lot more that day in Boston were not Muslim Jihadi murderers, but in fact were deeply influenced by the likes of Timothy McVeigh; and of course, by extension of that inference, by the BNP and the EDL.

I have visited the online spoutings of Anders Breivik of Norwegian infamy. Does this make me into a prospect for a mass murder? Of course it does not. I would like to pin a great many politicians to a wall, but I would just imprison them for a long, long time.


The BBC: a great successor to the proud traditions of Herr Goebbels, who would be so proud of what they have achieved with his perverted ideals!

and the difference is?

In the present somewhat amateur attempts at mass assassination by the terrorists of Hamas, and the more qualified and targeted killing responses by the Israeli Air Force, I have noticed a somewhat telling similarity in the reporting of the conflict, not only from the entirely-predictable BBC (Israelis….really nasty, brutal and bad); and the Palestinians (noble, hard done-by and forlornly waging a war against a brutal oppressor): but also from such as Sky, CNN and others.

Let me tell you a story, and see if it sounds feasible!

You are living in a country which has been at war for over four years, your Nation’s leaders have made some really bad judgements, but there is still an overwhelming support for the war to be fought, and won. Your Armed forces, alongside your Allies, have crossed the narrow waters which separate your lands from the Occupied Continent; landed successfully along a broad beachhead, and have broken through heavy defences, and are making headway towards the enemy’s borders. Your Eastern Allies, who indeed have suffered more than any other are moving ever westwards, seeking revenge. The nightly raids, the incessant terror-bombing of your cities and towns, which destroyed so much, and killed so many, is now but a distant memory, because your Country’s bombers are heading outwards at night, along with your Allies’ bombers during the day.

You live in a quiet street in a West London suburb called Chiswick. You have heard the enemy bombers as they drone menacingly overhead, you know when to take cover, or hasten to the shelter areas. The air-raid sirens’ wail is still well-remembered, and your relatives have drilled it into your head that any warning is better than none at all. So you are as relaxed as is possible, as there are no alarms, or warning noises, or indeed official broadcasts or warnings. You have no warning before being blown into smithereens, along with two others, together with 22 injured; the explosion also demolishes 11 houses, and seriously damages a further 22. The crater measures 30 feet across, and is 8 foot deep. You are the first victims of the V2 ballstic missile, the V standing for  Verwaltungswaffen, or retaliation weapon. Boosted by a sixty-five-second explosive burn from an rocket engine, the V2 soared some fifty miles into the stratosphere in a parabolic arc which ended with the detonation of just under a ton of explosives upon impact. There was no defence, as the missile was faster than the speed of sound; no defence, as radar could not possibly interrogate the path of this terror weaponry. If your Nations’ main enemy can manufacture enough missiles, they can strike anywhere. The only means of retaliation is to destroy the means of missile production.

If Hamas gets a new delivery of more sophisticated Iranian weaponry, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem will come under daily bombardment, despite Jerusalem being the third holiest place for all Muslims.

Is Israel willing to move? Is Hamas suicidal enough to continue encouraging their rocket attacks on Israel?

Place your bets!

“The noise, dear boy; and the people!”

The noise, of death and destruction; the people, who were annihilated or who fought to prevent such annihilation, were prevalent all over the world in the years 1939-1945: because those were the years of possibly the greatest test of true democracy ever envisaged.

To use the words of King George the 6th “ but we can only do the right as we see the right, “. We in the British Isles, along with France, declared war on Nazi Germany, on Italy and later on, of course, on Japan. One of our allies was of course Stalin’s Russia, the Nation who perhaps suffered most both at the hands of the Nazis as well as at the hands, or rather the bayonets, of Stalin’s ruthless rule.

For six years, war tore apart Europe, large portions of Africa and the Far East; millions died in the cause of defeating the Axis of Nazi Germany, Italy and Japan. The oceans of the world were darkened with the oil and blood of sinking ships and dying men; the air was filled with the noise of aircraft, bullets and shells.

But you won’t see or hear much about this titanic struggle if you visit the House of European History in Brussels.

Strange, but true!


Most people of my age simply do not know that we actually fought in the European Civil War during 1939-1945!