He loves me, ***@@!!*, he loves me not!

I write about things which intrigue me; I write, sometimes, of the joy of a Family, of the simple wonder of a small grandson’s hand clutching my finger, and of the implicit trust of moments such as those. I also write of the disgust in which I hold politicians who have diluted and trashed the very idea of that same Family life, and of Marriage. I write in vehement complaint of things political, where our great nation has been betrayed by lesser men who pursue a political viewpoint, and of the truly lethal outcomings of that betrayal. I sometimes mischievously write to stimulate argument; and relish the bellicose outbursts from those minds who would speak against me, without ever either knowing me, or coming close enough to form another opinion.

I hardly ever write about sport, and sporting matters; mainly because I just do not understand the tribal urge which ‘follows’ a team, or a single exponent of any particular sporting endeavour, I just cannot fathom the thought process which brings people to their feet, shouting and shrieking for either joy, or vengeance, because of a particular shot, or move, or kick. But I do write about human nature, and the crass stupidities of people in the ‘sporting world’ who also inhabit the headlines because of their fame.

So the NFL player Ray Rice, who is, apparently, a gifted athlete and a star in his chosen sport, looses his temper with his wife, and beats her senseless in a hotel elevator. He is then promptly suspended from his team, and eventually fired.

The wife insisted that there had been no further instances of abuse since the footage surfaced in September, and that her husband’s judgement the night of the assault had been skewed by alcohol. “He said he was terrified. He was in such shock that this had just happened and he didn’t know how to function at that point.”

Nonetheless, she reaffirmed her support for her husband, claiming that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t tell the truth when he said Ray Rice was “ambiguous” about hitting her in an elevator.

“We know it’s going to take some work,” Janay told NBC’s Matt Lauer. “So I think once he shows them who he is and they reach out to people here, and they find out the things that he’s done, then I think it’s definitely good … At the end of the day, he’s a football player and that’s what they should be really be focused on, because he’s proven himself as a football player for seven years. There’s never been a question on what he can do on the field.”

So he beats her up, and knocks her unconscious, and the next thing; she announces that she is ‘standing by her man’, and all will be snowdrops in the spring!

Do these people inhabit the same Galaxy as us?

There, but for luck, or the grace….go I.

I often ‘click’ on links just to see what they hold in the way of explorers the world over, and it is rare when I am not rewarded by an item whjich displays the true foolishness of the human condition. Some amuse me, some annoy me intensely, but some times, perhaps too rarely, I come across an article or opinion piece which does make you stop, and think, and even occasionally say, as does my heading, “There but…….”.

So I would ask  readers to perhaps ‘click’ to find an article by a once-affluent lady, who found that sometimes you do have to swallow your pride, just to get by; before grasping the ladder back up once more.


I know just how she felt.

All Hail the 25th Amendment!


I wonder how much guilt the various Irish politicians feel when they read of the death of a woman whom they condemned to death by a combination of inertia, superstition and ignorance?

I doubt very much if Enda Kenny feels anything more than a momentary annoyance at the stupidity of a woman who held the belief that she was in a country which would protect her against that same ignorance, superstition and inertia, but there again, she must have forgotten she was in a country which just doesn’t care!

Decline and Fall in 58 Minutes & 54 Seconds

The words in the above title includes the actual length of a BBC Documentary. Now normally, given the present state of the total left-wing bias  within the BBC as a so-called Public Service Institution, I would be either tearing the words and statements within apart, or encouraging the sneers and attacks which I would hope to be generated by my writing. But there is a very strange dichotomy within the BBC, and singularly within the non-News and Political Commentary side of things, in that occasionally the BBC does produce or broadcast a remarkably un-biased Documentary upon the strangest of subjects. Whether it be Enoch Powell, Carl Sagan, The World at War or Alistair Cooke’s America, one has come to expect brilliance in production, narration and content without the expected smearing veneer of BBC values and Lefty diatribes.

The Documentary, as mentioned in that same title, was called ‘This World, the Shame of the Catholic Church’, and those 58 minutes and 54 seconds exposed the shame, the sin and the extraordinary squirming of the most senior Catholic in Ireland, Cardinal John (Sean) Brady. If you did not watch it when broadcast, I urge you to watch it in the BBC iPlayer. Watch it because there aren’t many theatrics, not too much moody backing music; but simply because it details the shoddy political manoeuvring of senior people within the Catholic Church in the island of Ireland to protect those who did not deserve protection, whilst allowing abuse of an industrial nature to be carried on by the men who stood in pulpits and moralised to their flocks.

This is an uncomfortable post to be writing, because I have two relatives in Religious life at the moment; one of whom is a priest in Northern Ireland, the other, a dearly-loved and elderly aunt overseas. But it has to be written, because the Truth must always be brought forth, no matter who is indicted, no matter how high that person may have risen. I have written before of the abuses rained down on the small bodies of the kids who attended Bindoon in Australia, of the tens of thousands who were ‘given a new life’ in the former Colonies of the British Empire, now known of course as the Commonwealth, but nowhere has there been such cynical manipulation as with this same Catholic Church with their constant movements of peaedophile priests, and the equally-ferocious attempts to conceal the truth in order to protect the reputation of their Church

The Catholic Church used to have tremendous sway over the lives of all the Catholics both in the Republic and in the Province; but one must ask, in all sincerity, if that authority has been diminished or smashed apart by its own inaction; what has taken its place?