D.W.B. (Driving whilst Black?)

When Deonte Rawlings went for a ride on a minibike which maybe wasn’t his, he didn’t know that he would be targeted by a revengeful off-duty Washington cop whose own bike had been stolen!

 Seems as though the cop and his buddy chanced upon the black teenager, challenged him and; surprise, surprise, returned fire after the black kid opened fire. Not unexpectedly, the gun has not been found!

His broken-hearted father blames himself for not doing enough to keep his kid out of harm’s way.

Do many readers share my viewpoint, which is that two cops decided on a bit of ‘Rodney King’ style executive action, and young Deonte was the perfect fall guy for a pair of racist cops! 

“And now they’re in the final furlong!”

 Bookmakers are closing their accounts after a last minute spurt in betting from people with strange-sounding names as they attempted to place cash on a ‘win’ for Poland, with double money on a close second for Jamaica.

 Not that I’m alleging that there are a lot of criminals from both countries at present in Britain, it just seems that way!

We’re off to see the wizard…..


Some commentators are saying that Michael Ancram ought to have kept his trap shut and not issued his ‘Alternate’ manifesto, just as the fourth of ‘Our Dave’s’ think-tanks reports on it’s version of the Augean stables which is the Conservative Party.



Couldn’t disagree more. The big mistake was to elect that gormless clown Cameron to the bloody leadership in the first place. Anything which stirs rebellion in the ranks is good by me, especially if the Old Etonian gang get kicked out, and some real Tories get into the steering cabin for a change!!!