The Real President never supported Censorship by the back door

Long time back, well, just over three months ago, the dead hand of censorship commenced its stealthy reign in what was, once, the Land of the Free. Cancelling, doxxing, removal of legitimate speech; we’ve seen it all before, but never as blatant as in the rule of the new God-King, China Joe Biden.

There were well over fifteen hundred allegations of outright vote theft, tampering, machine violations, none, repeat none of which got anywhere near a hearing in a real Court. Every thing was negated, hushed up or just plain ignored. Its all too late now, the Electors have spoken, and the new God-King is in the Oval Office, trashing nearly everything which had even the shadow of President Trump cast over it. And are they all happy; are they relishing their new found approval rating?

It seems that at least one YouTube video, the actual recording of Biden’s Inauguration has been, over a 24 hr. Period tampered with. As is shown, in this post from a seriously smart lady by the name of Zoe Phin, the ‘dislikes’ outnumbered the ‘likes’ by some 130,000. And, as demonstrated by this dead-clever lady, the YouTube Swat Team deleted all 130,000 dislikes over a 24 hour period.

One timeline example, before the deleters got to working, can be found at 

The published video shows 1.2 k Likes, and 3.4K Dislikes. The saved video (Unable to embed) shows 4.3K Likes, and 48K Dislikes.

Say it ain’t so; Joe!

 Within six hours of posting a video, the dislikes were nearly ten times high than the likes — but then the magic eraser of unpopularity gets to work.

It’s just like voting, right?

Strange, I believe we were all told he was ‘The Most Popular President of All Time.

This ‘Special Pleading’ must stop!

This semi-torpid, nearly useless Government of ours has made some smart decisions; as well, as completing some fairly stupid ones. Completing Brexit, despite caving in to the EU in many areas, was a smart one. We are, finally rid of the Brussels dictatorial bureaucracy, and now we only have to rid ourselves of our home-grown Civil Service petty dictators who peer out from behind their well-funded pension-pot life, to tell us what we must do.

Another of the very few ‘smart’ decisions was to accept certain priorities when the Covid Vaccine roll-out was being formalised. Those priorities being :-

  1. residents in a care home for older adults and their carers
  2. all those 80 years of age and over, frontline health and social care workers
  3. all those 75 years of age and over
  4. all those 70 years of age and over and clinically extremely vulnerable individuals
  5. all those 65 years of age and over
  6. all individuals aged 16 years to 64 years with underlying health problems.

And so on down the age ranges.

I state ‘smart’ because this virus has proven to be deadlier as age progresses, so to target the eldest (care home residents, over 80’s) first seems fairly logical to me.

And then  the pleading commences. 

The special circumstances where seemingly the virus attacks and kills Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups because of ‘cultural’, lifestyle and work characteristics have been droning in the background for some months. 

Then came a call for all teachers to be given priority, because all the kids are rolling in bacteria, and share them generously during school hours. 

Then our own version of ‘Annie get your gun’ arrives with Met Commissioner Cressida Dick calling for all the Met. Police to get early jabs because they’re ‘all out on the front line’; Which of course they are, arresting two black people for ‘driving whilst black’; scouring Twitter feeds for ‘incorrect and ‘Hate’ speech’ and other terrorist-related crimes: stuff like that.

Then the ‘Disabled’ mob gets all shirty, saying that they’ve been ‘abandoned’ and they are 11 times more likely to die. 

Then the woeful calls echo for all prisoners (and, as an afterthought, staff) to be given virus jabs, because we’ve been really nasty to them inmates, depriving them of their liberty so they cannot rape / rob / attack / defraud the public, and we should be ashamed of ourselves!

The only ‘Special Interest’ grouping that hasn’t been heard from, and (purely incidentally) the only group which I would personally love to read and enjoy; are the Muslim Nutcases Unlimited. But maybe they believe they are invulnerable anyway, and so don’t have to worry about a loss of taste; not that many of them have much to begin with.

Just because the Pope says so; doesn’t mean it is!

From my earliest days, I was brought up in the Roman Catholic faith. When still a boy, we had regular visits from one of our parish priests, and when we, as a family, went to Sunday morning mass, the pews were full, even when the masses ran from 7.00 a.m. to midday.

In those far-off days, there was  a remote figure in Rome, Pope Pius X11; known on contemporary terms as the ‘Boss’. We learned, almost by rote, that he was infallible, but only in matters of Doctrine. It was never really explained how he gained this ‘infallibility’, because before his elevation, he was just another Cardinal: but it was stated that he had been ‘blessed’, and that was that.

Fast forwards some Fifty years, and things have changed so much, and yet certain things, ideas, have not altered one iota. In my Forties and Fifties, I felt more and more that the Church had not altered, and that it was I that had changed. My doubts were reinforced when I commenced learning and indeed writing about the Hidden and Constantly Denied Sexual Abuse of Children by Paeadophile Priests and Bishops. I finally left that Church when I heard the parish priest commence giving political advice from his pulpit.

It is with that last decision in mind that I comment upon this present Pope, and his strange idea that, because he is the spiritual leader of 600 million Catholics, he can also tell them that the equally strange and warped ideal of Climate Change / Global Warming / Let’s allow some to get very Rich profiting on the gullibility of everybody else. Maybe the Earth is getting warmer; but who is telling us that it is all down to mankind? For every ‘scientist’ who says its all down to us: I can point to an opposing ‘scientist’ who states, categorically, that ‘It ain’t that easy.’ 

And then along comes Pope Francis, the former Argentine Junta’s apologist, telling us that, according to a spokesman “Mitigation and adaptation activities require a “stronger international cooperation committed to a low-carbon sustainable development,’ “as well as to investing in strengthening technologies and resilience.”

“May we make the response to climate change an opportunity for improving overall living conditions, health, transport, energy and security, and for creating new job opportunities,” he says. “We should show also that we have the political will and motivation to advance this forward-looking endeavor,” he states.

So, I ask, whereabouts in the Catechism, or in Sacred Writings; or indeed somewhere deep within the Vatican, does it state that the Pope is an authority on the ‘science’ of Climate Change, and who is responsible, and of course who will be paying the truly gargantuan costs of mitigating the alleged effects? I reckon he ought to see about the misery and pain his acolytes have inflicted upon unknown numbers of children over the decades; and then I  might take some notice of this so-called Man of God!

At a time and place to be determined…

I am always positive when discussing the Death Penalty. I firmly believe that a great deal of violent crime, from which resulted the death of an innocent; would be chopped to less than 10 percent, if the perpetrator or planner of that crime knew that, if apprehended and convicted, at the end of a dry and legal journey; there would be slow walk to a noose and a six-foot drop.

An old-style police sergeant acquaintance from the days of my youth once told my Dad and I that he had to face down a shotgun-wielding thief who had been caught, literally, red-handed. As this moron leveled the twin-barrelled weapon at the two policemen confronting him, this sergeant told us what he had said. “I told him plainly that he could well gun us both down, but he was already identified, and if he fired; the charge could only be one of cold, calculated murder. His name would be written on a diary, that appointment would have ended in the State killing him, and the hanging party would then proceed to have a good breakfast!” After one minute, the shotgun was broken open and surrendered, the thief got seven years in jail.

When murderer Michael Adebowale and his sidekick killed Lee Rigby, there wasn’t the slightest chance of him suffering swift justice from a hangman, mainly because we were still members of the EU, which ‘abhors’ the death penalty. Adebowale got forty-five years for the sadistic slaughter of Fusilier Rigby, but now apparently lies breathing oxygen on an ICU Covid ward.

My own verdict?

Turn the oxygen off.

Ave Atque Vale: President Donald J. Trump

Just in case that there was any doubt, let me state that I was, am, and hope to continue to be; a Trump supporter. 

He wasn’t the best President, but he was most definitely not the worst.

From the get-go, even before he took that oath some four years ago, he was the target of the most vicious, intemperate and possibly illegal political activities ever witnessed in American political history.

In the months leading up to the Election, his candidacy was targeted by a combination of plain Electoral Fraud, character assasination and plain, ordinary, political bile.

Looking into the immediate future, we will witness the dismantling of much of his policies, because what Donald Trump was all about was protecting America, whilst his opponents, inclusive of the RINOs in his own Party; are pushing Globalist and Communist wet dreams.

As this is, probably, the last time I shall be writing about President Donald Trump during his time in Office, I would simply state that, as a Four-year report card; it simply makes more than a few well-chosen points.

Hey Priti-woman; let I.C.E. show you how its done!

We’ve all heard it so many times before.

“We will get tough on economic migrants; thats a promise!”

“We shall deport them by the planeload; thats a promise!”

And on, and on and so on; etc.

But we know and see that she’s all talk and no trousers.

Instead of spending millions putting these criminals, because that is what they are, in four- and five-star hotels; inclusive of slapping four boat-loads into a hotel in her own constituency without her knowledge, perhaps she could gain some valuable advice by calling Donald’s extremely efficient Immigration and Customs Enforcement,(I.C.E.) who have been busy pushing their free-loaders onto packed aircraft bound for sunny Somalia and other African shitholes.

The Guardian’s article, redolent with the usual unsubstantiated statements such as ‘there were repeated allegations that detainees were forced, sometimes with beatings, into signing documents waiving their rights to further legal hearings,’ along with stories of how these clowns couldn’t call their lawyers because there were no phones. This tells me that I.C.E. finally realised that if you take away their phones; that is indeed half the battle already won.

If only Priti would come clean, and state that until GB&NI rids itself of the EU-based Human Rights garbage, and instead of talking, reform the Immigration rackets, funded by Lefty activist lawyers with ready access to the open wallet of the taxpayer-funded Legal Aid system; reform the ludicrous Asylum system, and cleanse these Isles of these clowns: things will just remain the same.

Me: I’ll believe it when I see it!

An eye for an eye

I am content to be able to send my heartfelt commiserations to the family of the murdered Bobbie Jo Stinnett, as her killer was herself legally executed at the the Justice Department’s execution chamber at its prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.

This woman kidnapped the pregnant Bobbie Jo, strangled her, and then cut the unborn child from the dead girl’s womb. The baby survived the ordeal. 

It has taken sixteen years, but Justice was finally served, courtesy of a SCOTUS which swiftly dispensed with a last-minute delay.

From an Englishman to the faded shadow which will be America

The only sound; the very noise, which represented America, at least to this Englishman, was a deafening, blattering, pulsating roar. The noise did not come from a partisan crowd at some weird sporting ritual, such as American football, or baseball, or any other of the various offerings which appeal to present-day Americans. Nope, this noise was and is, different. The sound was that of four twelve-hundred horsepower Wright Cyclone radial engines turning eleven foot seven-inch diameter three-blade propellors; which in turn thrust a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bomber across the skies of the United Kingdom. In those dark days of 1943 after we had stood alone against the might of Nazi Germany; that noise stood for a great deal. It reminded the British that the Yanks were with us as our friends and allies. It reminded those who doubted that the most powerful industrialised Nation on this Earth was our ally. Apart from our brothers and cousins who lived in the British Empire, the only other ally was Soviet Russia: a prime example, if ever there was one needed, of the old saying “The enemy of our Enemy is indeed our friend.”

The sound, the echo of those B-17G engines is long gone. And, commencing with the first complaisant, traitorous words from Vice-President Pence as he sonorously declaimed that he had no choice but to place the stolen Electoral Votes from the battle-ground States for Congressional approval, the whole ethos of a proud and confident America is changing. He could have stated, simply and truthfully, that those Elections were riddled with fraud, he would have nothing to do with the ballots and numbers as given by those Electors, and that Congress should send them back.

That doddering old fool Biden will now be confirmed, and hovering a heart-beat away, stands the hard-line Left wing presence of Kamala Harris. It is too soon to say when that dagger shall be slid in between his ribs, but the shades of China Joe will not be allowed to haunt the White House for too long. The thieving son will be either airbrushed, or forgiven by means of that Presidential pardon, and he will be able to count his Uktrainian and Chinese gold at long last. 

The DACA horde will be given a free pass, along with the two million Latin American migrants who will be welcomed past the wall. Those two decisions alone will be enough to silence the few G.O.P. senators who will return after the mid-terms, who, given the Democratic Party’s clamping hand upon the whole sham Election process, will number a whole lot less than now. The G.O.P. paymasters want their cheap labour pool to return, so that should be enough to silence any thoughts of a speedy return to power.

The hoped-for decisions by SCOTUS can be seen as what they always were, an illusory dream, and a wet dream at that. I just wonder what the pressures were on those Judges to buy their silence!

As a final comment for today, I would give the actual definition of the word ‘Amen’. It does of course, mean “verily”, “truly”, “it is true”, and “let it be so”.  It is not, and cannot ever be taken as a descriptive masculine term: and Amen to that forever!

That lonely Few

The date which rules our fates!

I received word yesterday that I had been given a vaccination appointment. I am not a ‘specially vulnerable’ person, neither am I a member of a group who, because of their race, ethnic origin, skin colour, work, or some other statistic anomaly; claim that their needs are greater than mine. Nope, I qualify for one reason only, that being the date on which I was born. I welcome the news, because I will be less of a threat to the health of my wife, who is an ‘especially vulnerable person’, and because, in two or three weeks time, I shall be able to meet face to face with my three grandsons. My brother, along with his wife, have already received the first dose, and are awaiting their second appointment date.

Multiply me by around ten million, and you get some idea of the mammoth task awaiting hospital senior staff and general practitioners the length and breadth of these Islands. I shall be receiving the Pfizer vaccine, located and administered in some god-forsaken village miles from where i live; that site chosen possibly because it has a large parking area convenient to the surgery; along with sufficient reliable freezer capacity. When the home-grown AstraZeneca product becomes available, the necessity of freezer capacity falls away, and the distribution effort can and should be ramped up on a logarithmic basis, with vaccine availability being available through local pharmacies and G.P. Surgeries nationwide: on an age-basis only, with no special treatment apart from Frontline NHS staff and Care Home staff and residents alone.

Death lurks in the Wendy House?

One of my long-time life notes or phrases to live by, is put simply:- ‘Mind your own business, and let others mind theirs’. Or, to put it another way, ‘Always try to know the full Story, before pushing yourself or your voice into another’s argument.’ As with the individual, so with British Society. We, as a meld of the four Nations which make up Great Britain and Northern Ireland, used to live in amity with our neighbours, with scarcely a bad word to be heard. True, there were always the ‘neighbours from hell’, but fortunately they were few and far between.

But, suddenly, the whole ethos has altered, has changed, seemingly irrevocably. This change has been brought about by politicians telling us that we had to inform on our neighbour because they were ‘breaking the Virus rules’. The Police, seemingly ever eager to do anything apart from the job they are supposed and employed to do; which of course is to detect and solve crimes; and to allow law-abiding people to go about their lawful business: are also seemingly keen to check and apprehend ‘Virus Law Breakers’.

This can best be seen in such cases as the sixty-tear-old fashion designer who had been hosting a church meeting with four other ladies to discuss progress with a support group they were all involved with. The ‘Heavy Mob’ of two six-foot Metropolitan Police arrived, as a ‘concerned neighbour’ had reported that a group of women were breaking the law by meeting in a Wendy House in this lady’s garden.

So never mind that dangerous drugs are so easily available that you might assume they can arrive by an Amazon parcel, never mind that many young Black men are literally dying on certain estates from knife wounds, never mind that some three thousand high-priority Muslim fanatics are being viewed as possible terror planners: as long as our Gardens are made safe from unauthorised Ladies meetings who might be spreading either Covid-19 or words of sympathy: then thats all right then; I’nnit?

January Sixth: America’s Congress

From the words of the Greatest Englishman

“If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

Statistics; Dear Boy: just mere Statistics

We have sent £627 millions to Pakistan in official Aid in 2018 / 19

We have, over the decades, sent Billions to that Country: for education, improvements in farming, water treatment and population control: etc.

Pakistan has:-

  • A Space Programme, and operational Satellites, which is more than we have.
  • Pakistan has between 105 and 215 Nuclear Weapon Warheads.
  • 50+ Surface to Surface Ballistic Missiles
  • Between 1200 to 1500 Main Battle Tanks
  • Up to 325 Large-calibre Self-Propelled weapons
  • 150 Multiple Warhead Rocket Launchers
  • And lots and lots more besides!!!

Now all I’m wondering is a) Why are we giving Pakistan all that cash when it looks as though its all being siphoned off to pay for weaponry?

And b) if we are giving them all this cash, why don’t we approach reality and state,”Yes, you can have all this cash, but you have got to be honest, and buy British weaponry: so’s we get some benefit; in real life terms.