Saudi |The New Dream Destination.

So, where are you heading for your next summer’s holiday?

Egypt’s Sharm-El-Shaik? Where you can take the extra gamble of deciding, once your sun- and fun-filled holiday is over, which flight to return home on: the gamble being whether it will be blown out of the sky or not; by a terror bomb allowed through because the security was virtually none-existent and, hey, they’re just Kuffar!

Jordan? A bomb killed three tourists, and thirty-four foreigners injured; 11 Jordanian soldiers and five terrorists died; but the Foreign Office guidance? You should take extra care, and in the event of an incident, follow the advice of the Jordanian authorities. There’s a heightened risk of terrorism against aviation! So, just a few minor worries for the ordinary family looking for some sun.

Tunisia? Perfectly safe, as long as a copycat wandering Jihadi isn’t allowed to come sauntering up the hotel beach and slaughters 38 tourists with an AK-47 before he is finally shot down by soldiers.

Spain? The favourite tourist destination for SUN readers and Sun worshippers, along with the really upmarket ‘All you can drink along Boozers’ Row’ parties, in such fragrant places as Benidorm, the surprising entry to be a UN World Heritage site, where the discarded condoms leak semen by the gallon. Spain, where the not-so-fragrant remains of the dead , bloodstained Right-wing Dictator Franco have only just been removed from the mausoleum where Nationalists worshipped those bones for decades. Spain, where upwards of 40,000 illegals have swarmed across the Mediteranean from Africa in just two years, inclusive of an estimated 500+ Jihadi sleepers. Yep, just the place to relax, let your hair down, as well as your guard!

Dubai? Just the place for some family fun, despite the strict ‘no booze/no skin showing/no disobeying the Islam rules’ prevalent everywhere apart from the tourist beaches, bars and the brothels. Also tourists should be reminded that calling your ex-husband’s new wife a ‘horse’ is likely to impede your way home; as Dubai residents are somewhat thin-skinned!

So where to go for a new look at a brand-new Tourism hub? The Maldives? Na,a,a,hhh; been there, seen that. The Bahamas? Not on the sides which are likely to be hit by a hurricane! Indonesia? Fair enough, beautiful places, but a population which actively dislikes foreigners, lousy road network, and a diabolically skewed tourist pricing schedule.

So just check out the newest ‘Kid on the Block’. You are told of shining emerald seas, wondrous desert vistas, welcoming locals and a wonderful holiday promised for all who come: if you believe the video!

Yep, Saudi Arabia is offering tourist visas to all, excepting, probably, anyone from Israel. I mean to say, there are limits. Yes, welcome to the world of public flogging, public beheadings, mass arrests by the Religious Police. Welcome to the only country which assassinates its detractors in PUBLIC. Yes. welcome to the country whose interlocked Royal families rule this vast, incredibly rich nation with an ultra-austere set of Wahabbi Islamic values, whose Royal family members are almost legendary for their dissolute and priapic behaviour in Europe and America, but pretend to obey the rules of Islam when inside Saudi. Yes, welcome indeed to the nation who virtually invented the term, “Do as I say, but not what I do!”


An Open Letter to Michael Morpurgo

Mr. Morpurgo’s Op-Ed piece in the columns of the Sunday Times (paywalled, unfortunately) was most revealing, both in terms of the way this Author thinks, and his attitude towards those who had the temerity to disregard his advice, along with the advice of thousands more of the Europhiles, that to leave the European Union was a mistake of the greatest proportions. It was also evident that he fervently hoped that the decision of the majority vote of Great Britain and Northern Ireland  (GB&NI) to leave the EU could and should be reversed at the earliest possible date.


Michael’s writing is normally aimed at children, and I for one feel that he should have stayed with his target market; namely kids: and forget about his prospective move into politics and the fate of the Nation into which I was born as well as he. He claims ancestry by way of England, Belgium, Germany, France, Holland, Wales and Scotland. I am reminded of the old story about a brash traveller on the boat train from Southampton who claimed similar ancestry as this writer. One of the men who was sharing his compartment flicked down the side corner of his ‘Times’ newspaper, and remarked, ‘Sporting woman, your mother; Eh?’


I read of his admiration for this political construction, and how the EU had arisen from a Europe decimated and despoiled by war, and how the ideal of a Common Market naturally progressed into the monstrous  bureaucratic monolith of the EU which it has become today.


Well, Michael, I hate to pee on your dreams, but the IDEA of Europe began during the First World War. Two men, mere civil service bureaucrats had great difficulty in persuading foreign ship owners to hazard  their vessels with cargo destined for the Western Front without extra insurance, and hatched the idea of a bureaucratic European Allied regime, above all Nation States who joined this strange Alliance, who would then take such decisions out of the hands of those individual Governments. Their plan bypassed the roadblocks of competing Governments, and their inconvenient ideas about Democracy, and the voters’ right to know, and hence, their ability to kick those politicians and Governments out of Office if the voters were sufficiently incensed, or displeased. As others have written, the plan lay dormant until the ashes of Europe ceased smouldering after the catastrophe of WW2, when the European Coal and Steel Community Treaty was signed by Germany, France, Irish Republic and others: and those seeds blossomed into life, and morphed, Treaty after Treaty, Nation after Nation, into the political construct known to most as the European Union, but to those of us who can see a little more clearly: as the European Empire. But this is no dictatorial rule by one man, this is a Rule by a Cabal of Unelected Politicians, answerable to no-one, with a vast bureaucracy beholden unto them alone, with a Parliament which was neutered before it was even set up: and as of quite recently, access to the Armed forces of the Nations which make up that Union


We were taken in to the Common Market by Prime Minister Edward Heath, who lied, lied and lied to the Great British public in his efforts to overcome French resistance, and finally he succeeded, by his throwing British fishing resources into the European pot. The British people were asked, in a 1975 Referendum, if we wished to stay, and the massive propaganda machine rolled over any protesting voices, and the vote was to stay within the market. A few voices were raised, but it was a losing battle, and the ‘Stay In’ vote won.


The European Monolith moved slowly and steadily onwards, ever removing more democratic accountability, and with the Lisbon Treaty, the European Union came into being, with the accompanying loss of majority voting for Nation States such as the United Kingdom. We were just a noisy nuisance, we still wished to create an uproar, but,  we were just ignored, outvoted and rejected.


And this, and this alone, is the cornerstone of my long-held and deep aversion to anything to do with the rule of Brussels over the Nation State of GB&NI. We have no say, as the electorate, in the political decisions, the multitude of Regulations, the enormous amounts of Taxpayers’ cash which is siphoned off into the multitudinous schemes run by the Brussels Bureaucrats. We do have a say in the makeup of the European Parliament, but that Parliament is nothing more than an echo chamber; true, a very expensive echo chamber, but the words spoken in that place have absolutely no impression on the Commission, the Council of Ministers, the people who rule the European Empire.


I do not believe I am alone: in fact I know I am not alone. 17.4 million voted like me: to Leave, to rid ourselves of the overbearing fist (albeit in a velvet glove) which can override our own domestic political processes: BY LAW.


I yearn for a time when, if we as a democratic nation decide that we want to remove our Government, we could do so by the simple process of a General Election.  The late MP Tony Benn, with whom I had absolutely nothing in common, once stated the five questions which must be asked of anyone striving for a position of Power.


 “What power have you got?”

“Where did you get it from?”

“In whose interests do you use it?”

“To whom are you accountable?”

“How do we get rid of you?”


All five questions are applicable to Brussels bureaucracy and of both the Council and the Commission. 


It is self evident what their power is.

They run the political, monetary and physical state which is the European Union.

All of the Commission, and all of the Council, are appointed

They use their power to extend their rule, their decisions, their  fiat.

Their positions are invulnerable to protest, no vote can touch them. Once they gain a seat on the Commission, no one can eject them. The Parliament can disavow them, but it has tried, and never succeeded.


So, Mr. Morpurgo, in answer to your eloquent plea for a return to the ‘Status Quo’, I would state the following:-


What will be different once we leave this diseased Body Politic? Well, you will still be able to travel all across your beloved Europe; but you might have to get a sticker in your new passport saying you have a visa. You will still be able to buy your favourite wines, or cheese, or in fact anything which Europe produces and which you favour, but you might have to pay a smidgen more for that privilege. You will not be able to amble through the EU passport holders’ lane, but; big deal. You may well decide to leave these shores and reside in some corner of a foreign field; if so, good luck. I prefer England: I prefer Great Britain & Northern Ireland; the weather may be dull, but it, like GB&NI it is never overbearing! We will once more be an Independent Nation State, We will no longer be told what to do by a bunch of foreigners who have no status in our Government. If the rest of Europe wants to stay tied to that bunch in Brussels; the best of British to them.


Us? We’re leaving!

Climate Change, and Lewis Hamilton

I often smile when hearing or reading of the new ‘gods’ of the invisible ’Image Empire’, and of their pronunciations on how the rest of us ‘uneducated slobs, DEPLORABLES, and the like’ should listen to their words, nudges and totally uninformed vacuous statements, and change our very existence and ways of life; just because they ‘say so’.

From politics, to the climate, they suddenly all have an opinion, and because they are ‘famed’ or indeed ‘famous’, they need to be listened to, and indeed obeyed, because this is the new ‘Illiberal Left’ in full-on dictatorial mode.

Examine, if you would, the present crop of film and tv actors. Their only job is to pretend to be someone else, to mouth the words of a script in a believable manner; which is all, if the bare truth be told: is all acting is. It is a pretence, bolstered these days by massive amounts of computer power which transposes codes instructions into the most realistic Computer Graphic images on a cinema or tv screen. So why is it that just about all so-called ‘celebrities’ insist on telling us that their opinions matter, that their  ultra-lefty and so-called lefty ideas are the ones to follow: and anything, or indeed anybody, to the right of Karl Marx is deluded, wrong and swerving towards the dictatorial? From being against President Trump, to idolising the faulty and failed ‘science’ behind alleged Climate Change, they are nearly all marching together. 

The latest recruit to the Wibbly-Wobblies of this world is Lewis Hamilton, the Formula One driver and champion. Now young Lewis is very good at what he does, which is flying all over the world, along with huge numbers of technicians and very expensive racing cars; and then driving round and round  any one of twenty-odd tracks at suicidally-high speeds, and winning. For this task he is paid humungous amounts of cash, and bases himself in Monaco so as not to give all his cash away to the tax-man. So far, so silly. But then our Lewis is bitten by two illnesses. Firstly, someone persuades him to go Vegan, and eat nut cutlets all day. Secondly, he read an article about the weather, and then realises that we are all going to die, or drown, or both, and is suddenly converted to the Climate Change farce. But Lewis has a solution: he wants everyone to go Vegan, and then all those cows and cattle will not be farting, and producing methane, which, according to Lewis, is very, very bad!


I normally ignore all the ‘Celeb’ stories, mainly because they are all, garbage, but one comment upon Lewis’ conversion to Global bullshit deserves a wider audience. This chap wrote:-


Lewis Hamilton’s personal carbon footprint is in the top 0.001% of everyone on the planet, and he’s telling everyone else how to live. Its a bit like Kate and Gerry McCann lecturing us on how to be good parents!


650 of THEM: 65 Millions of US

The headline above might seem, to some, to be written in a search for a headline which might revolt, but also to some as a warning of what can be foreseen. Foreseen as the last whimpers of democratic rule by a once-proud Nation State are slowly but surely extinguished by those who have plotted in secret for so long; but now see their plans emerge into the sunlight, weeks before they were ready to  be brought to fulfilment. There are 65 million Brits; and there are 650 MPs at Westminster: and only the Tories are partially on our side. The only real ones who can be trusted are the Brexit Party, and without a General Election in a hurry, they ain’t got shit!

And this was all brought about by a misjudgement, an aberration in the thinking of one man. The man? Ex-P.M. David Cameron. The misjudgement; the aberration? The belief that the placid, apathetic, somnolent British public, outside of the Westminster bubble, and the ‘chatterati’ of Islington and Liberal-Left thought: wanted the continuation of an existence deep within the bureaucratic morass which is the heart of the European Empire; formerly known as the European Union. The belief that they wished to sleepwalk into a Federal Europe, run by unelected and failed politicians, with no one able to question a decision, no-one allowed to challenge a Regulation: whether for choosing polluting ‘low-energy lamps’, or ‘importing Health & Safety regulations’ into working hour legislation. The belief that the British public wished to have Her Majesty’s Armed Forces under the direction and ultimate control of a bunch of Germans; ‘pickelhaube helmets’ as well. Cameron’s misjudgement? A binary Referendum which could only result in one of two replies “No, we’ll stick with the European Empire’; or “Hell, Yes; we want to bloody Leave this bunch to stew in their own semen!”

The tools for the usurpation of Democracy are already well established. As has been demonstrated just this month, a Politicised Supreme Court gave an unlawful decision, despite there being no applicable Law, so they just made one up. Most British voters will have blinked in astonishment as the ‘Loyal Opposition’ led as it is by a bunch of Marxists, Trotsky-ites and assorted fellow-travellers, resisted call after call for a General Election. For the past three + years, they have demanded, time after time; that same General election which they turned down twice in two days. Their excuse? “The time was not yet right.” 

I firmly believe that that short sentence can and must be explored and countered with the Truth. Most British voters still do not understand that the much vaunted Withdrawal Agreement, as promoted by Theresa May was much more than an agreement, it had the power of an International Treaty. Within that Treaty, Great Britain would have been bound by International Law to abide by all the words, sentences and paragraphs of a Treaty which was dictated by Europeans, as they wished Great Britain to be virtually ‘joined at the hip’, by the various clauses and regulations so beloved of Europe: to the extent that we would be tied hand and foot to the Union, but without the power to alter one comma of any rule or Regulation deemed appropriate by that same European Empire. We, a Nation State, which had voted by a solid 4% margin in a Democratic Referendum to leave this mess of would-be Nazis behind; were to be tied by Treaty to that same failed Empire, and, to be stifled by their idea of Law to be without a voice at all.

I would turn now to the nastier items now crawling out of the political woodwork, pushed and eased out in the faint hope that some mud, splashed by the alleged sexual antics which, again, were supposed to have happened twenty years ago. A Times columnist just happened to recall the hands of Boris Johnson being clamped around her upper thigh during a lunch. If this had happened, surely this same columnist would have called the police and laid charges of harassment against the Spectator Editor, or alternatively denounced him in her columns. But no, not a single ‘dicky bird’ was said: but suddenly, twenty years later, the whole episode is trotted out, and we, the public, are expected to accept her word that she kept quiet because she was “embarrassed’? I reckon the whole stunt was raised for one thing only, to attempt to embarrass the Prime Minister. Similarly, the Prime Minister was accused of favouring an American businesswoman when he was Mayor of London. He has since been referred to the Police, because he, during his Mayoralty, was also responsible for the Met. If thats the best that they could drag up over a twenty-odd year period, it shows that Boris Johnson, although not being one to stick to one woman at a time, was just not daft enough to do anything improper.

But I would return to the strange episode of the ‘dog which did not bark’. The dog in this case (with apologies to Sherlock Holmes) is the Election. The Labour Marxists want, desperately, to delay the Date of the General Election until they get things prepared, and the ballot boxes stuffed, and the Muslim Family postal votes multiplied by at least three. So they can ignore the yearning of Labour voters all around England who voted ‘Leave’. They also wish to have a “People’s Vote’; which is a silly way of disguising the fact that what they really wish is a Second Europe Referendum. They want to choose the questions, they want to obliterate any mention of that obscene word  ‘Leave’ (obscene to them, that is). They already have a corrupted Electoral Commission, intent on defacing the very idea of Democracy, and they already have the knowledge of the Tower Hamlets Mayoral Elections as to how to illegally swing an Election. They want Article 50 overturned, or revoked. They want to be able to shovel out a Lefty/Communist/Trot-laden Withdrawal agreement, full of inspiring sentences where ‘workers rights’ and ‘equality and diversity (which means sweet f**k all, really, except they want to spread the blacks/coloureds/ethnics, who will be queueing at the gates once the Immigration barriers are removed, all around)’ and whilst doing so, tie Great Britain firmly into the Customs Union and the Single Market!

The Police are thoroughly penetrated; they are docile and are politically to the side of the Liberal-Left, and; it must not be forgotten, they are well armed! Those Glock sub-machine guns have full magazines, and the Police are well-trained in their use! The Civil Contingencies Act was designed, by the Left; for times such as these!

If Prime Minister Boris Johnson can pilot this leaky Ship of State past the looming rocks of the despicable Surrender Bill, if he can navigate the shoals of the E.U. traps, the bureaucracy, the legalistic twisting upon a pin’s head; the biased courts and the Quisling speaker: he may yet pull off a miracle.

If he does not,