Why do We have to import the Afghans?

When the Allies overwhelmed the Taliban, a polyglot mob of religious zealots who controlled Afghanistan in 2001, the excuse then was that the Taliban gave shelter to Al Qaeda, and its Saudi-born leader Usama bin Laden. That leader who had planned and supported the attacks on the Pentagon and the Twin Towers. 

The overwhelming might of the American and Allied attack swept this bunch of religious fruit-and-nut-cases out of power: and then the first decisions were made which ended up, twenty years later, with the Taliban sweeping all before them, as the Yanks were withdrawn under Joe Biden’s ‘cut and run’ orders. Those decisions? Those stupid and sincerely made Decisions?

Such as the decision to attempt to impose the ideals of a liberal democracy upon a feudal, religious, fragmented tribal society.

Such as the decision to overturn a Muslim male-dominated ethos, and educate girls and women.

Such as the decision to ‘live’ with the corruption endemic with Afghan society.

Such as the decision not to eliminate the poppy fields which fed the vast heroin industry.

Such as the decision to send Allied forces back into Afghanistan, which ended with the ignominious retreats by both the British from Helmand, and now the Yanks from Kabul.

And what do we now hear from the liberal Chattering Classes?

We must shoehorn thousands of bloody Muslims into British cities, because we promised them a better life; because they were our ‘loyal interpreters’: etc., etc.

No. we don’t owe them anything.

We should get out of Afghanistan, close our borders against this Muslim invasion by the back door: and NEVER, EVER, go back. 

Now we’ll see who is really in charge; The Lying Politicians, Or The Taxpayers

The High Lords of the  world, otherwise known as International Panel on Climate Change, allegedly the world’s leading authority on climate science; have spoken, and to quote Private Fraser of the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard, “We’re all doomed, I tell you”.

So the doomster brigade, led by the snivelling Chris Packham, along with Boris’ wife Carrie, along with all the usual suspects; will be getting tready to tell Boris and his Government that we should be, well,the list grows longer by the minute. High up will be making petrol and diesel cars unaffordable by increasing road tax by 259%; then a advertising and ‘nudge unit’ bombardment to stop people eating meat; then bringing in a moratorium on all road building; then a decree that all gas boilers should be switched off immediately: etc. etc., etc. Thats just for starters. They’ll be issuing plans for multi-millions contracts to build ever larger wind turbine fields, and planning to close all gas-powered power stations; along with all the other Green Garbage: and all to achieve exactly what?

To remove approximately 1.000258% of the so-called Greenhouse gases pumped out by the rest of the world. 

But however the plans are pushed, some brave bastard is going to have to tell the British Public, long inured to the fool’s paradise inhabited by the Political Class, how much THEY’re going to  be told; not asked but TOLD, how much its going to cost THEM. In terms of cash, the cost of replacing gas boilers with inefficient Electrical Heat pumps and external insulation amounts to a staggering £8.25 hundred millions. 

Ignore all the other costs, just let the British Public know exactly HOW MUCH THEY WILL BE PAYING to achieve, exactly what? A 1.000258% drop in CO2 emissions!

Do this bunch really expect India and China, who between them push out over 55% of all these alleged Climate Changing Carbon Dioxide gases to eliminate the power stations which use the COAL, and pump out Electricity and the ‘effing Carbon Dioxide that everyone says is warming up this planet? There is no way these two giants will turm off the power stations ,because their citizens would simply rebel.

Carrie might be seriously pissed, but I reckon Boris may be many things, but suicidal? Nope!

Electric or Petrol, they still want their Tax Take!

My No. 2 Son, who is himself an Electronics Engineer with a remarkable degree of learning, showed just how much wool had been pulled over the eyes of the general UK population.

He bought himself an All-Electric car a few weeks ago, got used to driving it, rhapsodised about how much he was saving by using electrons instead of ‘old-fashioned’ Fossil Fuels; how silent it was (The car really is remarkably silent), and, once he had installed his rapid charger, and swapped over to the EV tariff, everything in his own garden was lovely. He also rhapsodised about how he wasn’t paying any vehicle tax, etc., etc., ad infinitum.

Then it was that he learned that, because all the Climate Worriers / Environment pushers were pushing electric cars, the Government were thinking about taxing the mileage that drivers actually drove, as they (The Gubbbmint) were worried about the loss of the £20 billions coming in from petrol and diesel taxes, after the big switch from fossil to electric.

From the stance of my advanced years, I told him that this bloody Government was just the same as all the others, intent upon taxing everything that moves, or is even bolted down, because they want your cash to spend on their daft projects, such as HS2, because they want to be real friendly with their cash-for-access contributors!

Probably the single most important video of the Decade

I am generally a fan of Tucker Carlson, and the videos of his Fox News broadcasts. He doesn’t always get things right, sometimes I disagree with his opinions, but, in the majority of broadcasts, he brings a scalpel into the operating theatre which is American politics.

So when he focuses on the installation of Rachel Walensky, a political unknown, a complete nonentity, to head up the Centre for Disease Control. As Carlson states, the CDC is not a Legislative body, it has no Law Making powers, it is supposed to offer Guidance to the American Public. You can, if you wish, fast forwards the first two minutes; but I urge you to watch and inhale the remainder of this video; because it illustrates the largest power grab EVER of Political Power in America!



The Political Cowardice of The West


The Reds, the Communists, the Dictatorial bunch who still rule through either terror, AK-47s, or Stasi tactics are getting away with their illegal actions, on a truly massive scale. From the invasion and annexation of parts of Georgia after the five day War by Russia, which was followed by the invasion and annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea and the Donbass region, to the backup and political leverage handed to Belarus after the hijack of a Ryanair plane, the pattern has always been the same. The Communists do exactly as they desire; and all that the West provides are words. Sanctions? What  use are sanctions, when all they do is inconvenience the populations held under force by the Reds?

Remember Tibet? That beautiful, remote Country which was so peaceful that it did not even have a standing Army, or even a volunteer Defence Force? That peaceful Nation was invaded by the Communist Chinese Armies in 1951, and what did the rest of the World do in response? Sweet F**k All! The ONLY good thing which emerged from the Chinese invasion was the emergence on to the World Stage of the ONLY man who, in mine own opinion, is worthy of the title ‘Holy’. I refer of course to his Holiness the Dalai Llama. As I asked before, what did we hear from the ‘Liberal’ West? Nothing, nothing at all. They have even been edited out of existence by Google, as their Maps just show an area inside China labelled Tibet, and f**k all more.

So why am I writing this short diatribe? Because of a list of Olympic medals being won at the deserted Japanese stadium and sports fields. Not being any sort of a sporting fan myself, I was just curious to check all the headlines about the ‘haul’ of medals won and expected by the GB team. But my gaze went past the ‘usual suspects’, the flags of USA, China, the Japanese host nation along with the farcical addition of the Russian Olympic Committee bunch (ROC) flag which the IOC allowed to compete out of sheer cowardice. But my gaze travelled down, and discovered the existence of a whole nation unknown to anyone. Yep, at 17th place in the medals table, this nation is called, by the International Olympic Committee, Chinese Taipei.


So where do you reckon this unknown nation is sited? Is it in the Atlantic Ocean, or the Pacific Ocean? Is it near to Hawaii? Is it, because of its name, part of Communist China? Nope, folks, none of these things. Because of America’s cowardice, because the rest of this cowardly world just doesn’t want to either upset Red China or just doesn’t want to make waves, a whole Independent Nation has to be renamed. Because Red China insists, Taiwan is never actually acknowledged. A whole, truly democratic Nation has to travel under false pretences because a bunch of geriatric dictators, with the backing of nuclear weaponry and the largest standing army in the world, says so, Taiwan doesn’t actually exist! I really wish that the Republic of China; a.k.a  Chinese Taipei would win a great many more medals, and then show  the world that they not only exist; they show that Democracy can beat out Communism every time!