Three cheers for Bruce

I haven’t posted on anything important in the past weeks, as I have been going through a rough patch at home, (personal, family stuff, which obviously takes preference over fun things; such as posting and taking the piss out of the lefties who are drawn to the flame): but I noticed Patricks post on ATW regarding Bruce/Caitlyn, and the comments thereupon, which, as somewhat usual, ignored the basic facts, and wandered around O’Houlihan’s Barn about the bloody virus.

I have been looking at the news and views, and my attention was caught by this bloke who, because his publicity machine declared that it was; decided that he should be considered female: aided by a massive amount of cash buying dresses, make-up and his former position as the ‘father figure’ of that weird bunch of self-publicists known as the Kardashians.

As I wrote some five-odd years ago‘You are just a man who has had plastic surgery, hormone treatments, an enormous clothing and cosmetic allowance: but you are still just a man wearing women’s clothing! But, there again, if thats what he wishes to do, fair enough.

But here’s the thing. When Bruce, or rather Caitlyn, was saying all the things which the lefties adore, such as the whole Tranny garbage routine, he (or she, or it) got nothing but plaudits from the Woke crowd.

But when Bruce/Caitlyn states that men, Biological Men, should not be allowed to compete against Biological Girls in Track and Field, or indeed in anything else, the whole Woke pile of crap descends upon his/her shoulders.

Personally, my opinion of this bloke was always that he was just dicey in the extreme: but I have to revise my opinion, because he had the sheer guts to state his beliefs sincerely: NO MATTER THE CONSEQUENCES!