Indeed, what’s not to like?

Seems as though our oh-so-clever Conservative Government has, is, and will continue to shoot itself in both feet over Tata Steel. One Minister says ‘Nothing, inclusive of Nationalisation, is off the table’. Her boss, Sajid David, the Secretary of State, says ’No ways taxpayers cash will be spent on Tata Steel; European Union rules forbid it’.

But then we learn that British intransigence has stymied EU measures to hit Chinese steel imports with high tariffs because Britain doesn’t want to upset China: along of course with Chinese money! We also know that, whilst Germany, France and Italy protect their domestic steel industries, Britain does not, mainly because we slavishly obey EU rules; and the others do not. Also to be considered are the facts that we are paying 50% more than France for our power; 25% more than Germany: all because of our ‘Green Taxes’ and obeisance to EU rules, as well as the Tory tax grab on the ‘Carbon-heavy’ coal power generators which are being phased out as I write.

So, we will probably end up with no steel industry, 65,000 more on the workless lists, a shortage of power generators; and more indebted to China than before. Because the rabble who run the Leave Campaigns are still arguing about who gets the cash, as well as the glory, the Remain bunch will probably win by default, mainly again because the Labour supporters follow their so-called leaders like dumb sheep, and the younger Tory-leaning voters don’t remember what it is like to be able to make your own laws, protect your own borders, and trade with anyone they choose to.
What’s not to like?

Beware all foreigners!

Foreign Office advises against travel to parts of:

Algeria, Angola, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Cameroon, Colombia, Djibouti, Ecuador, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Georgia, Haiti, India, Iran, Israel, Ivory Coast, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Kosovo, Lebanon, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mali, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Republic of Congo, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, Venezuela, Western Sahara

So Salford is still considered safe then?

Let’s have a little discrimination!

We read of the outpourings of solidarity with the bereaved and injured.

We read, once more, of the many politicians who declare that ‘this tragedy / massacre / murder / bombing’ in Paris, or Brussels, or even in London (delete the unnecessary terms) will not separate us.

We remember those truly ludicrous Twatter campaigns featuring such stupid and meaningless slogans such as ‘We are All Charlie’, (or Charlies) or ‘BringbackourGirls’; or any of the many other touchy-feely ideals which say a great deal and do little else.

End result of all those ‘sadness and solidarity’ marches and press campaigns? Absolutely Sweet F*** All!

Where are the calls to root out the Sunni Muslims who plot and plan these murderous campaigns?

Where are the petitions to deport, immediately, every Saudi-funded f***ing imam now seated resplendently within their seething hotbeds of sedition, also known as mosques?

Where are the politicians who are actually brave enough to either detain and deport, or permanently imprison the murderous plotters who preach and plan against the peaceful people of Great Britain, never mind the rest of the bloody Europe Union?

Where are those who will stand up and state, categorically, that a mistake was made, and too many Muslims were let through the so-called border, and even given British passports? They would get my vote, and they would also get a great many more, if they promised to leach out the Fifth Column, disperse and deport the Salafists / Sunni / Wahabbi scum who; whilst being supported by the vicious Saudi State; spread their vile philosophy to the ill-educated unemployables who are the beneficiaries of our Welfare State.

Where is the politician who would spot the gaping Security hole in our Transport System, when we scrutinise everybody at an airport terminal, instead of ‘profiling’ would-be passengers on the basis of their ethnic origin, and stop X-raying and searching 75-year-old White-skinned British bearded pensioner’s shoes because ‘we must not discriminate’? And, as an afterthought, ban the employment of bloody raghead muslims who are supposed to ‘ensure our safety’ by searching both our baggage and ourselves!

The resultant silence in reply means there is no-one who will respond to the call!

Allahu ‘Effing’ Akhbar!

Reports are continually pouring out over the radio waves about the Brussels airport attacks, and how Arabic words were heard being shouted. No translations, no guesses: but I wonder if they were in fact being shouted by ‘Men of Asian appearance’.

I have written many times before of the not-so-hidden Fifth Column; and I do wonder about the thinking which not only welcomes over a million so-called migrants, mainly all young men, all of whom profess the same delusions; but also lays plans to welcome a further 90 million more, when Turkey gains visa-free access to the European Union.


As Enoch prophesied and stated so many years ago, ‘We must be Mad’!

Taxing times.

An interesting document popped into my e-mail ‘spam’ collection this morning. I say ‘interesting’ because it purported to be from HMRC, the tax and customs people from our friendly Government. The e-mail advised me that I still had not responded to prior reminders that I was owed a refund of cash, as I had overpaid my tax; and warned me that time was running out before the refund disappeared forever.

Now I imagine that many readers will understand, having received lots of ‘scam’ messages themselves, that to receive any message purporting, nay encouraging a taxpayer to get a refund would be viewed with an understandable cynicism; but I am sure readers will readily understand the trigger phrase which determined that this message was just a ruse to get me to respond.

The final sentence said:-

Please submit a tax request and allow us 5-7 days in order to process it.

Battle honours!

Battle of Verdun World War I                       755,000–976,000           1916
Battle of Asiago World War I                        250,000                             1916
Brusilov Offensive World War I                   1,600,000                         1916
Battle of the Somme World War I               1,120,000–1,215,000     1916

When the figures roll by your eyes, it is indeed difficult for people who have never experienced true fear or exposure to terror or war; to comprehend the nature of the facts as reported. The numbers given above are casualty lists, for both Allied and German sides, of a random selection of battles and offensives fought to a bloody stalemate during 1916. Apart from the Luftwaffe’s Blitz; along with the murderous attentions of the IRA, mainly within the Province of Northern Ireland but with some deadly incursions on to the mainland such as Manchester and the Hyde Park bombings, totalling some 3,000 over a ten-year period: the only truly successful recent enemy activity against Britain was from the muslim murderers who blasted their way to their idea of glory with the death of 52 tube and bus passengers on the 7th July 2005.

When the guns and howitzers finally fell silent in November 1918, and when the Nation took stock of its losses, the figures stood at 660,000 dead; with many, many, thousands of wounded. The scale, the sheer magnitude of the dead, which hit the cities, towns, villages down to the smallest hamlet, with their sons and husbands never coming home, forced the Government into two actions: firstly the planning and implementation of a single National Memorial, peopled by the corpse of the Unknown Soldier; and then the building of countless memorials throughout the land, where the names of those sacrificed by a bunch of crazed politicians who signed their respective nations up to interlinked treaties without any thought to the future were engraved, to last as a symbol of the awesome sacrifice laid down in the dust, mud and blood of a thousand futile battles.

These British War memorials, with the family names, some of which stretch back into the shades of our history have been the focus of countless ceremonies, of music both sad and martial; are as pages of our history: with the men and boys who left off their civilian pursuits, raised their rifles and bayonets, strapped on their webbing, and marched towards the sound of the gunfire. The names which were added after 1945 were remarkably similar to the lists chiselled in 1920, needing only a smaller stretch of granite or marble, for the numbers were indeed smaller. The Allies are remembered in places such as the American Cemetery near Duxford in Cambridgeshire; but all these places, from the smallest village memorial to the majesty of the Cenotaph, are but repositories of the bravery and sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of British and Allied servicemen and women who were simply doing their duty.

Which is why I believe that Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc of the reconstituted and severely-dessicated Top Gear team ought to be prosecuted in the same manner as Charlie Gilmour was, as their actions showed that they neither knew nor cared that the Cenotaph; focus of a Nation’s memories, along with the Memorial to the Women of WW2, were only yards away from their stupid antics with a screaming souped-up sports car!