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I note that GE Healthcare, a British subsidiary of GE, the ¬†American giant conglomerate, is attempting to silence debate on one of it’s products; namely Omniscan.

Omniscan is a drug which is injected into the bloodstreams of patients who are undergoing an MRI scan, a procedure which is itself wholly benign, as there is absolutely no physical contact with the patient. Omniscan enhances the imaging process to give the operators a better idea of any problems within the patients as they are scanned, and has a success rate of better than 99%. Success is defined as having no side-effects.

Unfortunately, if you are amongst the less than 1%, you really do have problems; including death, as has been revealed by a Danish academic.

So the question is why, if the company also admits that these terrible symptoms do arise from their product, the same company is suing this same academic for libel. Seems that some lawyer is alleging that Omniscan has been ‘libelled by Innuendo’, along the same lines as ‘no smoke without fire’, etc., etc.!

What I’d like to see popping up out of the legal woodwork is a class-action suit against GE Healthcare on behalf of the patients who either died or are suffering the painful after-effects of Ominscan, and see how they like a dose of their own medicine!

A Tale of two faces.

Study this picture of a father’s grief

Then view the smug face of the Afghani President Karzai, head of a government so comprehensively scorned that they must be amongst the thickest-skinned beings on the Planet.

Now ask yourself one, and only one question.

In terms of National Treasure, and Treasure is defined as the blood and breath of our Armed Forces; are we getting value for money?



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