To the women of Northern Ireland

You should now rejoice, for, because of the weasel manoeuvres of Labour’s Stella Creasy, aided by some 100 similar blood-thirsty lickspitltle Members of Parliament; you will now be able to kill your unborn and unwanted baby efficiently, quickly and at no monetary cost, apart that is from paying for travel to England or Scotland.

As we all should be aware, our  terminally-stupid Prime Minister, in her vanity-driven attempt to increase the Tory majority based on a set of deeply-flawed opinion polls, aided by a Manifesto which alienated at least a third of Tory supporters, guided by ferocious advisers who just ‘knew’ that they, and they alone, knew what the Prime Minister wished: delivered the fact of a Minority Tory Government, propped up by the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland.

During discussions and proposals for the debate on the Queen’s Speech, otherwise known as the definitive list of Legislation to be brought before Parliament, Stella Creasy authored an Amendment which strikes at the very heart of the D.U.P.’s stance on abortion. She proposed that the UK fund any abortions for Northern Irish women seeking to abort their unborn children, and who, whilst being prohibited from having those murders terminations within their borders, were quite free to travel to the mainland; but had previously to pay for the murderous abortion providers to carry out those killings abortions. She garnered the support of over 100 MPs, and of course, if an Amendment had passed, the DUP would most likely have still voted with the Government, but would have done so with gritted teeth.

Readers will note that I have struck out three words within my post. I do so reluctantly, because, unfortunately, the ability and practice of Abortion is legal, at least in England, Scotland and Wales. Only in Northern Ireland have those protectors of unborn babies held sway against the monstrous murder machine which has killed, in 2016, 190,406 unborn babies in England and Wales.

Now some who approve of, and wish for ever more, murders (IMOHO) will no doubt fulminate and accuse me, a mere man, of attempting to tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies. Not so, I am stating that, morally speaking, those 190,406 human-womb-borne entities could have resulted in 190,406 living, breathing, smiling babies: and who gave us the right to institute and condone mass murder? I do not preach on religious grounds; I would state that those 99.8% of women who claimed that the birth of their child would give rise to risk to their mental health were lying, aided by the complaisant State, the willing medical practitioners and so-called ‘Family Planning’ butchers shops such as BPAS; along with an equally complaisant Media, whose editorial blessings rain down on the damned. They just do not want the inconvenience of carrying a foetus; a baby, to full term, for whatever reason claimed or allowed under the Law.

Some argue that a baby cannot be called a baby until it is born. Some would argue that abortions be allowed until the features and limbs are formed, and are capable of movement, I would argue that, whatever the so-called ethical considerations, whatever the carefully-delineated allowances, our Society is condoning murder, and on a truly massive scale.

Some may well argue that I should hold to the view, held by many, that each woman has the right to do what she wishes with her own body. I would merely state that the woman is not ‘doing something’ when she procures or arranges an abortion, she is killing an entity which, given time, is capable of independent Life. I used to hold alternative views. These have now changed. I am against all forms of baby-killing, for whatever the motive, reason or circumstance.

Thanks, but, there again; No Thanks!

Statement from Dutch Prime Minister……24/06/2016

We now expect the United Kingdom government to give effect to this decision of the British people as soon as possible, however painful that process may be. Any delay would unnecessarily prolong uncertainty. We have rules to deal with this in an orderly way……..As agreed, the “New Settlement for the United Kingdom within the European Union”, reached at the European Council on 18-19 February 2016, will now not take effect and ceases to exist. There will be no renegotiation.


Statement from Dutch Prime Minister……23/06/2017

“Really, don’t underestimate how this will impact the UK – you will pay a very high price for leaving the European Union……


Statement from Dutch Prime Minister….02/06/2016

“They would be very bad news for the UK, for the Netherlands and for Europe as a whole. We would be in a race to the bottom – and that is exactly what we do not want.”



Operation Manna Operation Chowhound

In early 1945, the Dutch Prince Bernhard appealed to Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt for immediate aid to break the starvation imposed by the German operations in enemy-Occupied Holland. Once permission was received, Eisenhower gave permission for Air Commodore Geddes for planning to commence, and further approval came direct from General G. Marshall. German senior officers under Reichskommissar Arthur Seyss-Inquart were drawn into planning by Allied agents, and free-flying routes were agreed with both RAF and USAAF.

A total of 3,301 sorties were flown by British Mosquitoes and Lancaster Bombers, delivering a total of 6,680 tons of food, including tinned foods, chocolate and dried food. The food was dropped from as low as 300 feet, because the packages burst if dropped from higher altitudes. Not one shell was fired by the Germans, as they kept their promises. The Americans Third Air Force used Boeing B-17’s to deliver 4,000 tons of food in 2,268 sorties.

Three aircraft were lost, two by collision, and one by engine fire.

A commemorative plaque to thank the Royal Air Force for their help in mounting Operation Manna was presented in May 1980 by Dr W Scholten, Minister of Defence of the Netherlands and is displayed in the Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon, England.

Manna/Chowhound monument (“Monument voor operatie Manna”)

On 28 April 2007, British Air Commodore Andrew James Wray Geddes was honoured when a hiking trail in the Rotterdam district of Terbregge, the Air Commodore Geddespath, was named after him. This path goes past the Manna/Chowhound monument in the soundwall of the northern ringroad around Rotterdam. The official unveiling of the plaque was performed by Lieutenant-Commander Angus Geddes RN (son of Andrew Geddes) from England and Warrant Officer David Chiverton from Australia (grandson of Geddes)

Dateline December 30th, 2075

In an historic simul-video-televisor-holographic broadcast, Lord Antony Corbyn, the Prime Minister-designate and late-Leader of the Opposition’s grandson, High Court Justice and Formula One winner, has astonished the entire Nation by finding someone, acceptable to everybody, after sixty years and fifteen thousand possible candidates; to finally lead the Combined Historic-Child-Abuse / Grenfell Tower disaster  / European Parliament Massacre by Primary School-aged Serbian mercenaries / British Involvement in the Chinese Government’s Overthrow / Emperor Donald Trump’s (The hereditary Leader of AllTheAmericasNorth&SouthandCanada and grandson of the original) fourth and fifth attempts to occupy the Shetland Islands / Bank of Greater British Empire’s (Inclusive of all of Europe) legacy in owning just about all the world’s assets by legerdemain, brute force and fast talking– Inquiry.

He stated that the chosen man / woman / other / it had very recently arrived by fusion-powered rubber dinghy from the Antarctic Peninsula which was the place of his/her/its birth; had been interviewed over a three month period, and had been assessed as having no knowledge at all of any of the multitude of problems/ grievances/ allegations, and therefore could be said to be totally neutral. The Inquiry, renamed The Inquiry-Plus, will sit in the cities of London-Birmingham, Glasgow-Edinburgh and Belfast-Dublin, with a combined workforce of just over 2 million and a host of super computers.

Frederica/Fred/I-wanna-hold-your-Hand Nelson has agreed to lead the Inquiry, with his/her/it’s first words being ‘Haven’t we got a big, comfortable chair which can swivel? I’ve always wanted one of them.”


Ninety six died, and Lord Taylor got it right

Twenty eight years ago, ninety-six people died at a football match at the Hillsborough ground. 

Lord justice Taylor, in a restrained and admirably detailed report, published his findings


The Taylor Report, from a senior High Court Judge, in possession of all the relevant facts and taken in a considered yet speedy determination, brought forward many recommendations; which transformed the manner in which the very stadiums were built, approached, guarded and utilised. A substantial part of the Report deals with ‘Football Hooligans’; their methods, organisation and how to work against them. Time and time again, the Report makes strong recommendations to limit the effect that hooligans have on the game, and the extraordinary tactics which have to be used to control the so-called ‘fans’ behaviour when arriving at an ‘away’ ground, the fact that they have to be marshalled and escorted by mounted and mobile police all the way to the grounds, specifically to keep the ‘Home Fans’ separate and segregated from the ‘Away Fans’ at all times.




I’m with the Professor, and on this point alone; Senator McCain!

Fact:- North Korea is not a fun place to be, even if the travel agency promoting it promises booze, more booze, and loads of chicks. It is exactly the opposite, a whole country run by fear, a well-founded fear of a farcical trial ending in concentration camp punishment for not agreeing that the chubby Leader is, in fact, ‘simply the best’: in plain terms, it is the Totalitarian Regime-dominated equivalent of a dung-heap. In what must be the ultimate truth that satire is now dead, the title of this lunatic-led Nation is the ‘Democratic People’s Republic’.

Question:- Why would any sane person, given the huge amount of direct proof that ‘Nork’ is the last place to go to for study, or relaxation, or any other reason at all, actually sign up for such a journey?

Otto Warmbier simply knew better than all those who must have told him he was plain crazy. He knew that he knew best, and demonstrated he wasn’t fit to be let out of his pram, rather than be given a US Passport and requesting a visa to enter DPRK. He paid the price of his plain stupidity with his life.

Too high a price for the ‘crime’ of being stupid; of knowing that he knew best; of ignoring all the evidence about NORK’s readiness to imprison, torture and even ‘disappear’ those foolish enough to even speak out about the evils of that totalitarian dung-heap? Possibly so, but, like the Professor, I feel that he exhibited a truly astounding lack of perspective.

As the Professor stated:-  Mr. Warmbier, who was visiting the country with a group as a tourist, “acted like a spoiled, naïve, arrogant US college student who had never had to face the consequences of his actions,” and blamed his parents.

“His parents, ultimately, are to blame for his growing up thinking he could get away with whatever he wanted,” Ms. Dettwyler said. “Maybe the US, where young, white, rich, clueless white males routinely get away with raping women. Not so much in North Korea. And of course, it’s Otto’s parents who will pay the price for the rest of their lives.”

The Professor has been fired, for speaking the plain, unvarnished truth, and I violently disagree with the University whose illiberal attitudes led them along the same path as the killers of North Korea, who brook no dissension from their version of ‘the truth’.

Rep. Senator John McCain stated he was murdered, and I agree with his statement that all Americans stupid enough to want to visit NORK should sign a waiver of responsibility. Trouble is, there are always the idiots who think they can show that ‘nothing’s gonna’ happen’ and how ‘carefree’ they are.

…and Charlie definitely ain’t our Darling!

We all see, hear of, and sometimes engage, in gossip. As a life-long rule, I tend not to engage in, take an interest in, or pass along tittle-tattle; mainly because I am not that interested. But others do, as can maybe be seen by the numbers of gossip, fan and plain rubbish magazines on sale in the aisles of my local supermarket. I specifically exclude those publications which are aimed at single-issue subjects; the countryside, yachts and powerboats, shooting: that sort of thing. But to figure out what strange, atavistic urge drives people to buy pages discussing the plots of soaps, or the love-lives of the alleged stars, or the sex-lives of virtually anyone else who has gained the status of a photo in the side-bar of the Daily Mail; is beyond an ordinary bloke like me.

But there have been, over the past couple of weeks, two very different targets  under the gossip spotlight. The first set of tapes made an expose of the inner thoughts of a young woman who was thrust into a loveless marriage, into the scorching spotlight which accompanied a marriage to the Prince of Wales; future King of Great Britain. From the total anonymity of a nursery school teacher, to the focus of the world’s press and paparazzi; all in the space of two weeks. No wonder the lass cracked. Virtually press-ganged by a old aristocratic family, she didn’t stand a chance.

When her future husband’s activities and character are placed under a microscope, it turns out even worse. She was looked upon by many members of Charles’ family as simply a brood mare, chosen from good stock to give the Nation an Heir, and a Spare. When that portion of her Royal duty was done, and the two boys were seen to be healthy, and the Line secured, bloody Charlie went back almost full time to the divorced mistress he had scarcely left to join his young wife in Matrimony. An adulterer from the word go, a twisted, neurotic weirdo, who didn’t even know the meaning of the term ‘Love’; that’s the portrait of the Man who would be King! Once the marriage commenced its slow and inexorable path towards separation and then divorce; that shy young girl had blossomed into one of the world’s most beautiful and famous women. She was badly advised, she dispensed with the solid protection of the Metropolitan Police Diplomatic squad, and went most places unaccompanied, except for the blaze of flash-guns which made a strange halo around the hair of that tragic woman. She made unfortunate companionships and friends, many of whom would betray every confidence. She was attracted to wealth, which she saw as a possible shield against the unending pursuit of the paparazzi and press; but even then her choice was flawed, with the man with whom she ended her days in that high-speed crash another in the unending row of chancers.

We now look and watch as yet another ‘close confidante’ opens up the broadsides which claim that the real reason for Charles’ adultery with his Camilla springs from first his inability to state his devotion to a woman he was deeply attracted to; and secondly the fact that Camilla’s husband was a serial adulterer himself. His uncle demanded that Charles break the affair off, as Camilla was, quite obviously, not a virgin, so this twisted, neurotic self-serving clown who couldn’t even stand up for himself, left everything he loved behind, and when Diana was served up to him on a glistening plate, he decided that he would marry, but also decided that he would continue his adulterous relationship with his friend’s wife.

So, as his mother, our Queen, moves inexorably closer to that fatal day when she dies, we must look forward to our next Sovereign being a serial adulterer, a father who deserted his family for a divorcee, a man who isn’t even worthy of that title, never mind that of Sovereign of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; a man who believes that plants and flowers understand what you say; a weird woolly-minded hippy mentality who seems to give more credit to the bloody muslims than to the Church of which he will be the Supreme Governor.

So that’s the gossip for today.

Stone me! How’s about the future King being from the next Generation? From a weirdo to a man who is and will be self-confident? How’s about King William?

And Charlie? He can buy a house in Poundbury, worry and wonder about the Climate not Changing; and let Camilla do the laundry.


Bit different from ‘To Protect & Serve’?

So this bunch of very senior Common Purpose plods / fuzz / coppers decides that the time is right to tell Home Secretary that they are short of cash, stretched resources meaning beat coppers might be in short supply / cannot cope with riots ‘n that / not enough to protect from Muslim Jihadi terrorists!

Fair enough, but how’s about explaining why this ‘virtue-signalling’ farce; was ever allowed to get out of the effing garage?

But the best bit is following the Twitter feed after one bloke tweeted a sarky remark, and the idiot fuzz said he would be reported for an ‘effing hate crime! The local Sussex mob are lit up with the ‘pride’ crap, but they don’t seem to have improved their pubic relations.

If you click on the pix, you’ll see what I mean. Best addition is the ‘My Little Pony’!


“Today the London Fire Brigade completed a joint inspection of the blocks with Camden Council technical experts. Together we decided that the Taplow block needs to be temporarily decanted while we undertake urgent fire safety works so that residents can be fully assured of their safety,” Gould said earlier on Friday evening.

“I’ve made the really difficult decision of moving the people living there into temporary accommodation,” said Georgia Gould, head of the council. “I know it’s going to be difficult, but Grenfell changes everything. I just don’t believe that we can take any risks with our residents’ safety, and I just have to put them first.”

As opposed to:-

Fire safety advice

Residents can help to stay safe through following this advice:

  • Make sure you have a working smoke alarm in your home – Council tenants will be provided with an alarm at no cost.
  • Check your smoke alarm is working every month
  • Keep balconies free from clutter
  • Don’t leave rubbish or bikes in communal areas or obstruct escape routes
  • Make sure you know where your nearest fire exit is
  • Do not smoke in common areas of the block
  • Always fully extinguish cigarettes smoked in your home and dispose of them carefully and safely


Its what is commonly known as:-




No Deal is better than a Bad Deal!

Fact:- The EU has, as its ‘One True God’ (Because it famously ‘does not do religion’); the Court of Justice of the European Union. Virtually everything which is promulgated, delegated, ordered or controlled by the EU is subject to confirmation by CJEU, and its decisions rule throughout the Union.

Fact:- The British Prime Minister’s offer to the Member States comes as rather a weird one to the essentially European ‘Colleagues’ who have delegated all the Brexit negotiations to a third party, as much as they don’t want to get their own hands and, of course, fingerprints all over an essential decision which may (Geddit?) go against their ideas of Collegiality. (Ideas which means that they get what they wish to see, and no mention of that truly nasty idea: namely; Compromise.)

So we come up against the first and possibly primary stumbling block to any deal before March 2019 comes along. Most British people would, I guess, reckon that what is on offer with the two strains, namely EU people in Gt. Britain, and Brits within the EU; is indeed, as Mrs. May points out, generous. Any hassles would be sorted, in Britain by our (unfortunately) truly independent British Judiciary (I say ‘unfortunately’ because many times they act contrary to the correct way {my way} and judge in a truly liberal manner): and in the EU, the British residents would of course get the CJEU.

So if David Davis sticks by the brief, and states; ’Our Way or No Way’: and the European Mob stating CJEU for everyone, inclusive of children, and for the next 100 years’; we are going to find out in quick fashion if those words will come forth to haunt either the EU, or Theresa May’s Brexit Bunch. In short form; who’s ‘gonna blink first?

ISIS Caliphate Mosul City Council Planning Department

Monthly meeting with councillors.

Meeting to be advised of Planning decisions already fulfilled, and those expected in the short to medium term.

Imam Mohammed Omar was seated as Chairman.

He gave a short resume of the present planning strategy within the city; but made little mention of the overwhelming military force from both the Iraqui and Militia forces, backed by, as he called them, ‘Imperialist running dogs from America.’

He stated that there was only one item on the Business Agenda, which was that of the Great Mosque of Al-Nuri, its present condition, plans for its refurbishment (presently on hold due to lack of funding) and of its future.

Cllr. Mohammed Omarhesmaking spoke and stated that, as the minaret, leaning as it had been for centuries, was being used as a reference target by the opponents of the Caliphate, and there being no guarantees of the Caliphate’s restoration at this particular time; might this not be the time to remove both minaret and mosque, and destroy what was obviously a symbol held dear by the opposing infidels.

There being no speeches opposing Cllr. Mohammed Omarhesmaking suggestions, possibly because of the Cllr.’s habit of carrying an AK-47 with two fully-loaded magazines taped back-to-back, as well as an eighteen-inch-long razor-sharp sword of Damascus construction when arguing with political opponents, the suggestion was carried unanimously.

Imam Mohammed Omar made a short speech thanking the Planning committee for giving up their invaluable time to attend the meeting, tired and weary as they must be after all the interrogations and executions they had to carry out. He also asked that the demolition explosives be set in place, but only to be activated, and the mosque levelled, after any of the Great Satan’s aircraft be sighted within a ten mile radius; as the Great Satan could then be blamed for the demolition of the mosque.

Cllr. Mohammed Omarhesmaking signified his approval of the Chairman’s suggestion by firing off a full magazine from his AK-47 into the ceiling. Two committee members died from ricocheting bullets, and a third was severely wounded, but as the senior Cllr. still had a full magazine, no one demurred or objected.

The meeting closed, and the Minutes later reflected that the Great Mosque was levelled as the Chairman had suggested; but unfortunately, no-one outside the strict control of ISIS believed a word!

Saved in the nick of time: or, Praise be to Jeremy Corbyn!

I just don’t know what to say, Mohammed. I know that its on the wrong side of Kensington High St., I know that we can’t sublet this flat,  as so many of our brethren did in the Tower, I  also know that most of the furniture comes from Heals and not Harrods, but I kind of miss that smart shiny cladding on the outside of the flats: it made it feel just like home.


But I suppose it’ll do until Allah, or the stupid British Taxpayers; provide something better in Knightsbridge!

So who decides whose heroes are remembered?

So you are a Nation comprised of a Union of States. Your Nation is founded by men who believe that personal freedom is above all else. Your Constitution is written by the men who helped organise and fight its very War of Independence. Some of the States believe, very strongly, that their purchase of; ownership of; and indeed commercial use of slaves is an internal matter, and it’s no business of the other States to interfere with their internal policies. Eventually, an elected President decides that the Southern Slave States are acting illegally by proposing to secede from that same Union which the founding fathers worked so hard to build.

Lincoln had the North, the industry, the commerce, the beginnings of the powerhouse which America would become. Lincoln’s Northern Army General’s had few men who were capable of traffic planning, which is what modern warfare was becoming. But the South had Confederate Army Generals and military daring and genius in abundance, with such as Nathan Bedford Forrest, a slave-owner, a soldier who rose from the ranks to become a Corps Commander. They also had Robert E. Lee, who resigned from West Point Military Academy, and also refused the offer of command of the Northern Armies because he was a Virginian, and would not wage war against his own. He was appointed head of the Army of Northern Virginia, and with his own crop of extremely competent generals and commanders, wreaked havoc against the Northern Armies. But the scar against Lee’s name was always to be that he also owned slaves, and benefited financially from keeping slaves working on his wife’s vast estates until the estates became profitable; and only then emancipating those slaves.

The Civil War was fought with one of the deciding battles centred around Gettysburg, and it was here that Robert E Lee proved himself incapable of accepting that the Union’s Corps held the high ground, good ground; highly defensible ground, and were sufficiently reinforced to defend their ground, and their men: Lee thought that his Army of Virginia could make the breakthrough and smash the very centre of the Union Armies by sending General Pickett’s 15,000 soldiers on the mile-long march across open rising ground, which would be swept by massive cannon fire from the Union Army corps, straight into the stone walls held by Union armies.



15,000 men marched out bravely behind their colours hoping that the most concentrated cannon fire ever established would have shattered the Union’s defences: and less than 4,000 staggered back as they returned: beaten and demoralised. Never again would the Southern Armies head North again, but that War would go on for many months before the South capitulated.

I write this small note because the mayor of New Orleans has finally got his way, and Robert E. Lee’s statue is dumped next to abandoned police cars and other scrap. Fair enough, he has the political power to do this, because he states that the statue represented White domination of the South, and he, as a supporter of Black rights, wants to show that they’re in charge.


The big question, now; is when are they coming for THIS?


Maritime Accident? Or something more Sinister?

I wrote very recently about possible and actual accidents at Sea; and my own involvement in a very near miss whilst serving on a tanker.

Seems as though there are at least two blogsites posing very, very different theories on whether the USS Fitzgerald was accidentally rammed, or was the collision a deliberate act by a terrorist organisation. One bloke, who normally I have a fair bit of time for, blames both the American Navy Captain and the Phillipine Captain; but with heavy emphasis on the American. He waffles on about the long Chain of Command in any Warship, and does everything but retail the hoary old story about the Major General who whispers to his second-in-command, ‘Send up reinforcements, we’re going to advance.’ By the time the orders get to the 2nd Lieutenant, the words have morphed into ‘Lend us three-and-fourpence, we’re going to a dance.’

The second blogsite, which deals almost exclusively with legal and criminal charges against serving members of the U.S. Military, has somewhat differing views to the guy whose views I state previously. They are claiming, through the reported words of a parent of a sailor or officer on board the Fitzgerald; that the damage was done deliberately, that the ACX Crystal had its manoeuvring and sailing lights extinguished, its transponder was switched off, and that the ship made two drastic course alterations, the second being the one which drove the huge container ship’s bow into the American Destroyer’s port side, with the death by drowning of seven American Navy Sailors as a direct consequence.

Which one is correct? As I said, I normally have a fair bit of time for gCaptain, being a former mariner myself; but the MilitaryCorruption site is convincing!


its how you say it!

Prime Minister Theresa May said the attack is “every bit as sickening” as the others.

“It was an attack that once again targeted the ordinary and the innocent going about their daily lives – this time British Muslims as they left a mosque having broken their fast and prayed together at this sacred time of year,” she said.


Sorry, Prime Minister, that should have read  ‘at their sacred time of year’.

Their time: not Ours!

They push and fast at Ramadan

We hold to Christmas and Easter! Because we are British; not bloody muslim!


I note the headlines surrounding the attack upon worshippers who were emerging from the Finsbury Park Mosque. I also note the slight but subtle differences between the bloke behind the white van’s steering wheel, and just about every other terrorist attack apportioned to the followers of that particular religion. The following are merely discussion points; and definitely not the subject of any investigation whatsoever!

  • He was definitely aiming to kill Muslims; but strangely enough, he wasn’t willing to die for his cause, whatever that may have been. He was not seemingly equipped to follow up his attack by arming himself with knives, automatic weaponry or explosives. He wasn’t fanatic enough to die for his weird beliefs, as most Muslim terrorists have already, rather bloodily, demonstrated.
  • He may well have been suffering from some mental illness; but heaven forfend his prospects if his computer access is found to have been near, for example, any ISIS site (to gather homely tips on ending infidels lives by burning them alive, or slicing their heads clean off their necks, perhaps), or a visit to any one of the websites proclaiming the Caliphate (just visiting to get an idea of the enemy) or even worse, a British National Party website; (In which case we would be urged just to forget the trial, re-instate Capital Punishment just for the weekend, and utilise a six-foot drop to cheer ourselves up).
  • If that same search reveals even an abortive search for words such as ‘Mein Kampf’, the investigators will probably close the computer and burn it, as it probably holds a filthy plot not only to eradicate Jews as well as Muslims, but to install the owners of the Stormfront website as the leaders of the New World Order.
  • He might have been navigating London’s streets whilst delivering pizza on a time basis, and suddenly came upon a bunch of worshippers blocking his path and…well!
  • Pontyclun Village will soon be inundated, with Counter-terror police, GCHQ investigators, Women’s Institute volunteers, R.S.P.C.A inspectors and squadrons of the Household Cavalry as investigations get underway, as the van was hired from that village; to pin and identify the real terror planners as members of the vicious underground Bethel Baptist Chapel’s Defence Leagues, notorious for their defiant singing of Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau  when the bloody English keep winning at Cardiff Arms Park.


In another world exclusive, I can reveal that Emily Thornberry, Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary (a.k.a Lady Nugee, wife to the High Court Judge; but still just one of the proletariat) is petitioning the Home Secretary for the banning of all white van drivers aiming to pass within a mile of any mosque, or alternatively Imams’ homes, on the basis that they are all planning an attack. Lady Nugee already has form in this area, as was demonstrated during the election before last.

I would also comment upon the never-ending calls for Minutes of Silence. It was and is a sad fact that these people have died; but what is the point of everybody being asked to stay Schtum for a minute?


Course to clear, Helmsman!

On New Year’s Day, 1965, I was serving as an Electrical Engineering Officer on board a 100 thousand-ton tanker, heading north from the Bonny River in Nigeria with a full load of crude. As it was New Year’s Day, all officers, Deck and Engineer, had been invited up onto the bridge for a relaxed session with the Captain. Coffee and sandwiches provided; a good natter was had by all. The Third Mate, on watch as normal, with a seaman on the wheel, was doing his job, which was both checking the radar, as well as ‘eyeball’ with a pair of binoculars. At approximately 11.00 a.m., he noticed a smudge or target on the radar screen, checked further with both radar and binoculars; and called out, ‘Ship approaching, reciprocal course.’

The Captain, being in a relaxed mood, as it was New Years and he had invited us all onto the bridge, detailed the Deck Cadets to set the bunting flags ready to wish the approaching ship, a general cargo freighter of about 15,000 tons deadweight; a ‘very happy New Year’; at the same time of course checking with the Third Mate that the two ships’ courses were converging but not in any danger of a collision. The ships drew nearer, and as we passed at a distance of some two ship lengths between us, the flags were flown, our siren was blown, and we radioed ‘Seasons greetings’ to the other ship, as we were indeed the only two vessels on the entire horizon.


A minute later, JUST after we had cleared the stern of the Liberian-registered cargo ship, our hydraulic steering developed a fault, an airlock hit the steering controls, and our rudder went hard-a-port. We literally swerved right across where the cargo ship’s wake had been a minute before, and would have continued to turn, possibly approaching and colliding with the cargo ship if I hadn’t cleared the airlock / problem by switching on the second steering gear motor, which removed the signal to turn hard to the left (port) and setting us back on our original course of due North. About sixty seconds later, a very annoyed captain, from the other ship of course, hailed us on the VHF radio, and asked, somewhat plaintively “Have we in some way offended you?”


Which makes me wonder if the AIS track of the container ship ACX Crystal maybe gives a clue to the deadly damage inflicted upon the destroyer USS Fitzgerald? Reading the course plot, it seems as though the ACX Crystal went or steered Hard to Starboard as she passed by the course of the USS Fitzgerald. With the momentum of Two Hundred Thousand tons of ship and cargo slicing into her sides, it says a great deal for the Arleigh-Burke destroyer’s builders that she survived. Seven dead, many injured, including the Captain!!!


All that is needed is the Fuse to be lit!

I write on two issues, two very similar ideas; separated by both an ocean and a type of thought which has brought us to the very brink of catastrophe.

I refer of course to the stealthy Muslim invasion, swarm, flood; call it what you will, and Governments’ response to that invasion.


In a side paragraph on the Beeb’s website this morning, one Mossie was acclaiming her joy at the Government’s decision to allow her dead friend’s ‘Family’ to make the visa’d journey from Syria to London for the funeral of that same friend. Oh joy, oh frabjous day! In another, yet-to-be published story, which is still to be confirmed, large numbers of British Airways, Emirates and Etihad Airbus 380 jets are being reserved to carry the approximate 23,473 other ’Family’ members from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bangladesh, Eritrea, Indonesia, and other Mossie sewage pits; all of whom are deemed necessary ‘on compassionate grounds’ of course, to attend their relatives’ funerals. All flight fees will be paid by the suckers in Britain. A relative of one of the few White #GrenfellTower deceased asked if he could come from Glasgow, but was barred as he could not prove that he had spoken to his now dead cousin within a two-year period. One Home Office official, blinking in the unaccustomed bright sunlight, shrugged when questioned about the decision not to allow the Scotsman’s travel;; and stated,”Its all laid down in the rules: Muslim or whatever, full visas, travel and immediate permanent status guaranteed. British, Scots; white, unconfirmed contact; he can go to his own church; that is, if there is one in that weird far-away-land, full of Klansmen sorry, Clansmen and Democratic Unionists. Our decision stands!”


In an apposite and timely intervention, Robert Service, a writer, journalist and Breitbart correspondent; lays out in infinite detail how this once-proud Anglo-Saxon Country has been transformed into a Muslim minefield, just waiting patiently to explode. As he writes:-

MI5 has also revealed that there are as many as 23,000 jihad terrorists on the streets of Britain today.

That’s an army. And Britain is indeed at war. But this is not just a problem that Prime Minister Theresa May has the responsibility to solve. It is also a problem that she and her colleagues have created.

This Britain of troops on the streets and high tension over another imminent jihad attack is the Britain that Theresa May and her ilk have chosen. This is the Britain of the policies that she and her predecessors, David Cameron,Gordon Brown, and Tony Blair have followed for years. They now have the Britain they have made. In getting to today’s traumatized, bloodied, nervous, frightened Britain, they followed a multi-pronged strategy.

One chief element of this strategy was to demonize and marginalize anyone who spoke too clearly about the motivating ideology behind jihad terrorism.

For years, May and her cohorts have hounded, stigmatized, and demonized foes of jihad terror, falsely claiming that they represent a “far-right” equivalent to jihad terrorists, while appeasing and accommodating Muslim groups in Britain, many of which were by no stretch of the imagination “moderate,” and allowing numerous jihad preachers to operate without hindrance.

Meanwhile, Britain has a steadily lengthening record of admitting jihad preachers without a moment of hesitation. Syed Muzaffar Shah Qadri’s preaching of hatred and jihad violence was so hardline that he was banned from preaching in Pakistan, but the UK Home Office welcomed him into Britain.

The UK Home Office recently admitted Shaykh Hamza Sodagar into the country, despite the fact that he has said: “If there’s homosexual men, the punishment is one of five things. One – the easiest one maybe – chop their head off, that’s the easiest. Second – burn them to death. Third – throw ’em off a cliff. Fourth – tear down a wall on them so they die under that. Fifth – a combination of the above.”

May’s government likewise admitted two jihad preachers who had praised the murderer of a foe of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. One of them was even welcomed at the airport by no less illustrious a personage than the Archbishop of Canterbury.

What can one conclude from all this than that the British government is indifferent to the preaching of jihad terror and Sharia oppression in the country?

But toward Christian preaching it is not so charitable.

The UK government last December banned three bishops from areas of Iraq and Syria where Christians are persecuted from entering the country. And of course, May also has banned me from entering the country for the crime of saying: “[Islam] is a religion and is a belief system that mandates warfare against unbelievers.”

Yet that is a manifest and readily demonstrable fact. It was tantamount to banning me for saying that human beings need oxygen to live.

In sum, May and her predecessors for years have been effectively encouraging the preaching of jihad, while energetically discouraging and stigmatizing resistance to jihad.

That road leads to Manchester.

When you ban foes of jihad and allow jihad preachers to enter and preach all over the country, you’re going to get more jihad. And so that is what Britain has today, and will have a great deal more of in the near future.

Events canceled for security concerns, heavily armed troops roaming the trains and the streets, the candle and flower industries booming as more and more impromptu monuments spring up to an ever-rising number of victims of jihad — this is Theresa May’s Britain. This is the Britain she wanted. This is the Britain she has.

If Britain survives as a free nation, which is quite reasonably in question at this point, Theresa May will not be remembered as a statesman. She will be excoriated as the useful idiot she is, one among the small group that is chiefly responsible for the downfall of British society.


Like Mr. Service, I too believe that, from Blair, Brown, Cameron to May, and on from her to whichever load-of-concentrated snot gets to the top of this particular dung-heap, they and their policies have laid waste to the ideals of a Britain in charge of her own affairs. Sure, they had to conform to the EU freedom of movement policies, but there is nothing different about a Latvian, a Pole or a Spaniard from an indigenous Brit. We have the same ethnic origins, we hold to the same beliefs (approximately), there ain’t a great deal of difference in amongst the whole lot of us; excepting a small but vociferous and dangerous bunch in the Balkans. The big times came for those who preach ‘Diversity’ when the ‘Commonwealth’ loomed over the horizon, and following on from the betrayal and vilification of a true British Patriot, the Muslim hordes came stealthily into our once-Christian Nation, and proceeded to change it beyond belief.

Mr. Service makes reference to the ‘Banning order’ placed against him as his presence within this country would be ‘not conducive to the public good!’ I here make specific reference to the forthcoming Counter-Extremism and Safeguarding Bill which is at present plodding through Parliament, and within that Bill the proposal for ‘Extremism Disruption Orders’. Now without knowing if the Bill gets enough time to be fully and fairly debated, or amended; I would like to state, categorically, that the ONLY people who will be likely to be served with EDOs will be people like me, who are of a Right-wing persuasion. The muslims and their jihadis? Naa’aah, what they are saying, screeching and preaching is all about their ‘Culture’: and thats just alright; INNIT?

If you can’t take it as well as you dish it out, don’t bother!

I do not, normally, take heed or notice of what is written about me when those comments are aimed at what I write, or opinions which I hold to. I have been named as worse than dirt, I have been told that my views are abhorrent, ( I really appreciated that one because it was obvious that that particular slice of vitriol came from a person with a fair standard of education); in other words, to those who oppose me and those like me; I am truly a lost cause, or alternatively one of the Third Reich’s outriders.


It doesn’t worry me, for what are these barbs but attempts to impale or offend me by means of words on a computer screen? I do not take offence lightly, and naturally; I attempt to phrase the messages I broadcast so that the readers understand that I do not wish them ill, even if I disagree with them so strongly.


But very, very occasionally, I read something which cast a nasty aspersion not only against me, but also my family; and to that I take very strong exception. I wrote a letter to a local newspaper which stirred up a veritable hornet’s nest of vitriol, most of which was slung straight back at me: I just smiled and continued writing exactly the same; but one comment was both deeply distasteful as well as being deeply personal. I e-mailed the news editor, and that insult disappeared within minutes.


One of my recent blog posts was mirrored and linked on another blogsite, and a third blogger picked up the message within my post, and came out with a vitriol- and obscenity-laced posting which was just plain nasty. After mulling things over for more than a few days, I decided to approach the Website Hosting company, asking if I had a case to have that particular post removed.


Seems I did, for the message on the screen where the blogger used to write reads simply :-


The author has deleted his posts, and closed blogging down.


Job Done!

***** your baubles, meet a hero.

Forget the showbiz moochers, ignore the councillors and the alleged ‘civil servants’; only one name stands above and beyond. As a symbol of over 55,000 veterans of Bomber Command, who were so disgracefully ignored for so long; as a man who flew, and fought, and took the war to those who blatantly made war on civilians: I give you Johnny Johnson!


But even in his twilight years, as he approaches the end of memories; all the bastards awarded him was a bloody M.B.E. A man who flew in that long, bloody campaign against the Nazis, a symbol of the bravest of the brave; a man who deserved the highest honour which could be bestowed: and he is listed along with the ‘Buggins’, with the ‘Charity workers’, and set lower than the puffed-up council chairmen who get the knighthoods.


Somehow, I do believe that that brave man should have quietly stated that he didn’t want it, because the MBE is for the camp followers, not for a man who placed his life on the line in the Service of his Country!

alancasterbomber (1)


But its the Corrrmuuuuunity whats suffering!

Issues of responsibility apart, when examining the Grenfell Tower inferno and the aftermath; we should be listening, closely and indeed skeptically, to the calls; nay the shrieks, from mainly Labour politicians and ‘activists’, regarding the re-housing of the survivors. We hear the Blessed Jeremy’s calls to simply break the Law, and confiscate private property, empty flats, houses, indeed whole buildings, so that those unfortunates can be housed locally. We heard Sec. of State Sajid David confirm that it was his, and presumably the Government’s intention to build, (or buy or beg) local properties so that those survivors may be rehoused LOCALLY.

I have often stated that the First Rule of Politicians should be; ‘If in doubt, say Nowt!’ and it should surely apply double, if not treble, in this political hot potato.

When the final roll calls are printed, when the grim lists of dead or ‘forever missing’ are tabulated, we should not be too surprised when a fair number of those who died or survived are found to be, or were, ‘refugees’ or ‘illegal asylum seekers’ or any variation of the former, mainly because once they succeed in getting a foothold ashore, they tend to congregate together. The herd mentality which governs Councils’ actions, given the truly limited supply of housing within the Borough to begin with, means that they get shovelled into a tower block, and the Council should not be blamed for this, because where else are these interminably pesky people, most of whom should never have been allowed to remain; to be placed?

The inhabitants of Grenfell Tower are not, and have never been, part of a ‘community’. They were placed there because the Council spent taxpayer’s cash building the block, and when flats were vacant they were speedily filled with; who else but those who were probably illegally in the country anyway!  The query should be, why were they allowed to come in  at all? There are British people living in expensive B&B’s, or hotels, because the spaces which should have been reserved for locals have all been filled with the ‘Ethnics’; and we cannot be seen to be anti-Ethnic, because that would be truly ‘Waaaaycccisst’!

“Well the tower was cold, so we fitted cladding as insulation.” ….Councillor.

Update: From an eye-witness:-

‘The whole one side of the building was on fire. The cladding went up like a matchstick.’

British Standards call for :-

Compliance Without Compromise: Ventilated Façades How non-combustible ROCKWOOL insulation minimises the risk of fire spread within ventilated Rainscreen Cladding and External Wall Systems in high rise buildings with a floor level above 18m.



high rise fire 2

It is maybe early days for blame, but do you see any similarities between Dubai highrise fire, caused by inflammable cladding: and Grenfell tower?

Wouldn’t it be loverly?

I used to write for A Tangled Web. I stopped when I made the great mistake of utilising a personal photo of my wife to illustrate a political stance. The avalanche of hostility which met that one post made me realise my opinions were not welcome; so I ceased my contributions. But I still read the posts, especially by the blog’s owner and publisher, David Vance.

Here is David in his normal trenchant mode, which is switched on immediately he even commences thinking about the BBC.

But the point which he makes about our new-found saviours is this:-

They have always been virulently anti-BBC. Wouldn’t it be nice if at least one of their proposals were included within the DUP / Westminster Package. The proposal I am talking about, and which David so eloquently discusses; is this:-

3. FREEZE THEN CUT OR ABOLISH THE TV LICENCE AND REFORM THE BBC The TV licence fee is a highly regressive tax which was designed for a different era and a world of communication that no longer exists. The success of Netflix and Amazon streaming services shows that subscription based media can and does work. An independent Commission should be established to conduct a review of how the BBC is structured and the services it provides and to examine alternative funding models, identify the opportunities for competitive tendering of key services and produce a plan that will either significantly reduce the licence fee or abolish it.


Do unto others; as you do unto your own…

Dear Mr. Mundell,


Just because you subscribe to, and commend the practice of, pushing your penis into another man’s (or men’s) anus (arsehole to the unsophisticated, such as I) as opposed to what I would term normal heterosexual sex when making love, doesn’t mean that it is either acceptable, or indeed suitable, for those British subjects who live in the Province of Northern Ireland.


The Democratic Unionist Party M.P.s, along with the vast majority of DUP members in the Province, subscribe to the philosophy that, whilst homosexual perversions have now been legalised within England, Scotland and Wales, it would indeed be a frosty Friday before actions and Acts which win the approval of the Gay Mafia (Westminster & Edinburgh Branches) will win approval within a deeply religiously conservative  population such as that in Northern Ireland.


So, why don’t you peddle your predilections in amongst your own arsehole brethren, and leave Northern Ireland to the grown-ups who actually live there?

The works of the friends of Jeremy Corbyn!

St Ethelburga

This ancient city church squeezed between two large office buildings on the busy road of Bishopsgate has been in existence for over 800 years. It was probably founded sometime in the 13th century and was dedicated to the Saxon abbess of Barking, St Ethelburga the virgin. Some of the building dates to the 1390’s including the main doorway arch. Above the doorway the large window is from the fifteenth century. In the later medieval period the church constructed a porch with a shop to raise funds for the parish, pictured left ©. The shop projected out into the street and obstructed the facade of the church giving it from the street a picturesque appearance. The shop was demolished in the 1930’s for a road widening scheme. The entrance doorway can be found in the museum of London which dates to the fifteenth century. In several older images the church the building is depicted as having a spire on top of the small tower. The spire must have been demolished or destroyed before 1775 when a bell turret was added with a seventeenth century weather vane on the top.

The church survived the great fire and so made up a large cluster of medieval buildings around Bishopsgate (most redeveloped in Victorian period apart from churches of St Helena and St Andrews). The church also luckily escaped much damage in the bombing of the Second World War making it only one of a handful to have avoided destruction of both events.

Architectural Historian Pevsner uses the word ‘humble’ twice in his relatively small extract of the building in his guides. ‘Humble’ is however a very good description as it was indeed a very small church and smaller than most in the city. The church is a reminder of what many of the city medieval parish churches once looked like before the great fire which destroyed so many. The survival of the church is almost unique, most other surviving medieval churches are larger.

The interior was rather insignificant being as humble as the exterior. Of note were the Flemish fifteenth stained glass window as well as other English seventeenth century glass work (Both Lost). The inside of the church consisting of only a south aisle and a nave giving it a shape of a small rectangle. The church like many was restored in the Victorian era, although with mostly only the addition of furnishings.

However despite so much history, this humble piece of medieval London was ultimately destroyed in 1993 in a massive IRA bomb (left). The bomb reduced much ancient structure to rubble, only the south arcade and east wall survived intact. The church had survived the great fire, the blitz and redevelopment only to be destroyed in the modern era. It being destroyed so recently makes one think how the protection of our ancient buildings is not guaranteed. The bomb also damaged the nearby church of St Helena Bishopsgate as well as devastating much of Bishopsgate.



The story would have stopped there if some people in the church had got their way. They proposed to clear the site and sell the land for redevelopment but the discovery that the south aisle and east window survived and a public outcry led to the rebuilding of the church. In 2002 the long reconstruction project came to an end and the church was reopened as a centre for peace and reconciliation. Of the 3 million pounds it cost to rebuild the Clothworkers company contributed 1.2 million to the project. The rest of the money was collected from a variety of sources from individual donations to the heritage lottery.

It was incredible that the facade was rebuilt closely to the original when these days architects like making great distinctions between the old and the new, in one proposal one of these architects wanted to replace the facade with glass but was quickly dropped due to its insensitive nature. The building today offers a haven in the centre of the busy and noisy commercial district, if not rebuilt the church would have only been replaced by characterless dull office block. It also helps to give a sense of the original scale of the street, where once the church was the tallest building it is now the smallest, the street being dominated by ever more high rise office blocks. left how the church looks today, a tribute to the determination of people to maintain the cities medieval heritage.

The almost complete destruction of this mediaeval treasure was carried out by the IRA / SINN FEIN; well known as friends, bosom buddies and long-time political friends of: who else but the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, Mr. Jeremy Corbyn.
Mr. Corbyn has been on a rebranding exercise recently; but it is always a good thing to know who his friends are, and what they were doing in the recent past.

We have only one Queen

From this in 2015:-


to this:-


She splashes her name all across the paintwork, and the ‘Conservative Party’ isn’t even part of the bloody paintwork!

When the shit hit the fan, and the ‘Winter Fuel and Dementia Tax’ speed humps caused the “Manifesto car crash”: bring in a totally silly idea of a new Foxhunting Bill; then add the illusion of a Communist Corbyn being ‘electable’ and warm and fuzzily-friendly to the unknowing and naive young voter, then who do the voters blame?

It is of course just a rumour that Theresa May’s mobile phone is programmed to send a text message which states ‘M’Aidez; M’Aidez’!

Theresa’s big mistakes


To call an election with zero / zilch / nada planning, especially in these days of instant news / soshull meejah access / an informed electorate; was just catastrophic.


To call an election because the polls told you that your lead was over twenty points was the action of a person whom has never even heard of Murphy’s Law.


To call an election, and then to deliberately piss off the one large section of your firm supporters in the population by shovelling in a badly planned and even worse-presented attempt to grab some cash off them was just asking for someone; anyone: to point out that Scotland would be exempt from that same grab, was the action of someone who just thought it would be a great idea.


To call an election, and again piss even more of your supporters of by telling them that they would have to fund their own decline into dementia / senility / dotage; but that funding would be delayed until they actually died was probably the act of a Corbyn supporter disguised as a Tory.


To call an election, and then to release a Manifesto which has no affordability / no costings attached was either the work of a political neophyte; or the attitude of an arrogant and overwheening woman who just KNEW that she would get by on a slogan, and nothing, nothing else.


To call an election, and watch as her main opposition leader, a pacifist, a Marxist, a friend of terrorists, a man who holds the absolute contempt of 80% of his own MPs, becoming almost majestic and composed; is the work of someone who really deserves to bloody loose!

Impossible dreams? Just maybe!

As readers may know, I am an author, with eight books published on-line, as can be seen on the side-bar of the Home page; but with only one in a print version. I write of that book, and of the things which came from my own imagination, which seems just a tad prophetic these blood-soaked days. That novel was named ‘Single to Westminster, via Berlin. It was a story about Charlie Watson, a right-wing British street brawler who, after listening to a series of special tape-recordings of the voice of Adolf Hitler whilst being completely unaware of the source of those words; alters his whole life, political and personal, and eventually aims at the highest Office in the Nation.

The novel tells his story, of the woman he falls in love with, and of the people, political and otherwise, with whom he comes in contact. I take his passage through his early political endeavours, through the many changes he makes: but also through the many changes which have been inflicted upon we British in these ancient Isles, changes for which our approval was never ever sought. He fights for, and wins, a Parliamentary Seat, and I tell of his early life in Westminster. I take him through military and political scandal and intrigue, but also sexual scandal, abuse and criminal conspiracy. But his greatest test comes when the motorways of England are targeted by jihadi suicidal murderers, organised from the Mudjahideen of Afghanistan; but funded by a crazed junior member of the Saudi Royal Family.

He fights the very Establishment in order to gain and pour retribution down on both the Afghan and Saudi conspirators, and successfully wipes the threat off the map. He then goes on Arabic television, and admits that he, and he alone, was responsible for the planning and delivery of the destruction and carnage which rained down upon the two centres of the conspiracy.

His words are closely listened to by both Saudi and American military and political audiences; and I wrote:-

Many of the Al Jazeera audience had heard of Charlie’s exploits when he was elected, and some of the things he had done since had registered with some of the prospective audience of billions, but as the speech time was advertised, many switched on just out of curiosity. The hard-faced politician’s features stared out of millions of television screens all over the Middle East, America as the broadcast was syndicated, Europe again by Sky satellite, and to the seething masses of Islamic Indonesia and the Far East and the Independent states of the former Russian Empire, as the producer made the microphone in front of Charlie live, and he began to speak.

He spoke in the liquid tones of Damascus Arabic as though he had spoken it from childhood, and he began by greeting his audience by nations, and then speaking as if to each member of the audience individually. Few ever managed to produce an accurate translation of the fifteen minute speech, but as it was credited with the largest audience yet counted on the satellite station, every one agreed that the message got through. He openly acknowledged his part, and that of his nation’s armed forces, in the death and destruction which had rained down in Riyadh and in Kandahar.

He stated bluntly that knowledge of the planning, targeting and financing of the terror attacks in Great Britain was available for scrutiny by, he paused and smiled sardonically, “interested parties”. Great Britain was not apologising, not excusing their actions; his country was simply stating why these people had died. Great Britain, he paused again, was stating that the people who died were dead because the British people wanted revenge, and now they had achieved their goal, there would be no more slaughter! The Arabic people were people of the Book, and their book, although looking to a differently-named deity, was much the same as the book of the West.

He gazed out flatly of the screens as he warned his audience; “Don’t think for one second that this is a one-off action! If there any further plans for death on the motorways of England, or anywhere else in this United Kingdom, or in America, that death will be re-doubled and re-doubled in return until the literal air of your countries is filled with fire! We shall, as a Government, be taking steps to remove from our land the architects of hate, the preachers of death, destruction and doom, the illegals who distort our lands with their constant demands while undermining the same democracy as gives them shelter. We do not preach or tell other peoples what to believe in, or how to govern their countries, and we would be obliged if you retain within your borders those who would try and change that. Our message is simple, demanding no translations, no hidden messages or code words; we will extract an eye for an eye, and a death for a death. Live in peace, and you shall have peace in return. Salaam Alaikum!”


A select gathering of senior military and political figures within the American establishment was given a running translation and commentary on the broadcast, with three professors in Arabic Studies available for translations and perceived meanings if any asked for enlightenment. One senior General, who had been striving for increased surveillance and intelligence on the ‘crazies’ from Islam, and had been sidelined as a result, was suddenly ‘flavour of the week’, and was bombarded with questions as to how he had established that the terror attacks were even possible, never mind planned. His reply stunned them all, “They hate us because we are free, because we are rich, because we have open government, because we have free speech, because we are not muslim; because we are the unbelievers! Charlie Watson got it right, they don’t understand diplomacy, they look upon people who talk as weak; there is only one thing they respect, the sort of thing we saw in Kandahar and in Riyadh! That there Charlie is one smart son-of-a-bitch, and I just thank the Lord he’s our son-of-a-bitch!”




………before we get a grip and learn that the only thing these murderous people want is that Caliphate they keep on yowling about?


As I wrote previously:-


What we want is revenge, what we want is for all these Saudi and Salafist effing imams to be slapped on a Saudi jet and sent packing. What we want is for the vaunted Security Services to do their jobs, and if some raghead even whispers the term ‘jihad’, or has ever done so in the past, he, along with all his bloody family should immediately be interned, out in the open, surrounded by lots of shiny barbed wire and anti-personnel mines: and allowed to rot! If they don’t like the way in which we choose to live, they can literally F*** Off any time they like.


But we shall not see anything like that, because the politicians, police, the  judges, the very people who are supposed to act as our protectors; simply will not accept that they are wrong; will not accept that it IS Islam which is at war with us; will not accept that they must use their vast intelligence networks to single out and stop those who would murder our very way of life!


There’s those pesky ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ again

truck prayer garbage