To the women of Northern Ireland

You should now rejoice, for, because of the weasel manoeuvres of Labour’s Stella Creasy, aided by some 100 similar blood-thirsty lickspitltle Members of Parliament; you will now be able to kill your unborn and unwanted baby efficiently, quickly and at no monetary cost, apart that is from paying for travel to England or Scotland.

As we all should be aware, our  terminally-stupid Prime Minister, in her vanity-driven attempt to increase the Tory majority based on a set of deeply-flawed opinion polls, aided by a Manifesto which alienated at least a third of Tory supporters, guided by ferocious advisers who just ‘knew’ that they, and they alone, knew what the Prime Minister wished: delivered the fact of a Minority Tory Government, propped up by the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland.

During discussions and proposals for the debate on the Queen’s Speech, otherwise known as the definitive list of Legislation to be brought before Parliament, Stella Creasy authored an Amendment which strikes at the very heart of the D.U.P.’s stance on abortion. She proposed that the UK fund any abortions for Northern Irish women seeking to abort their unborn children, and who, whilst being prohibited from having those murders terminations within their borders, were quite free to travel to the mainland; but had previously to pay for the murderous abortion providers to carry out those killings abortions. She garnered the support of over 100 MPs, and of course, if an Amendment had passed, the DUP would most likely have still voted with the Government, but would have done so with gritted teeth.

Readers will note that I have struck out three words within my post. I do so reluctantly, because, unfortunately, the ability and practice of Abortion is legal, at least in England, Scotland and Wales. Only in Northern Ireland have those protectors of unborn babies held sway against the monstrous murder machine which has killed, in 2016, 190,406 unborn babies in England and Wales.

Now some who approve of, and wish for ever more, murders (IMOHO) will no doubt fulminate and accuse me, a mere man, of attempting to tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies. Not so, I am stating that, morally speaking, those 190,406 human-womb-borne entities could have resulted in 190,406 living, breathing, smiling babies: and who gave us the right to institute and condone mass murder? I do not preach on religious grounds; I would state that those 99.8% of women who claimed that the birth of their child would give rise to risk to their mental health were lying, aided by the complaisant State, the willing medical practitioners and so-called ‘Family Planning’ butchers shops such as BPAS; along with an equally complaisant Media, whose editorial blessings rain down on the damned. They just do not want the inconvenience of carrying a foetus; a baby, to full term, for whatever reason claimed or allowed under the Law.

Some argue that a baby cannot be called a baby until it is born. Some would argue that abortions be allowed until the features and limbs are formed, and are capable of movement, I would argue that, whatever the so-called ethical considerations, whatever the carefully-delineated allowances, our Society is condoning murder, and on a truly massive scale.

Some may well argue that I should hold to the view, held by many, that each woman has the right to do what she wishes with her own body. I would merely state that the woman is not ‘doing something’ when she procures or arranges an abortion, she is killing an entity which, given time, is capable of independent Life. I used to hold alternative views. These have now changed. I am against all forms of baby-killing, for whatever the motive, reason or circumstance.

Thanks, but, there again; No Thanks!

Statement from Dutch Prime Minister……24/06/2016

We now expect the United Kingdom government to give effect to this decision of the British people as soon as possible, however painful that process may be. Any delay would unnecessarily prolong uncertainty. We have rules to deal with this in an orderly way……..As agreed, the “New Settlement for the United Kingdom within the European Union”, reached at the European Council on 18-19 February 2016, will now not take effect and ceases to exist. There will be no renegotiation.


Statement from Dutch Prime Minister……23/06/2017

“Really, don’t underestimate how this will impact the UK – you will pay a very high price for leaving the European Union……


Statement from Dutch Prime Minister….02/06/2016

“They would be very bad news for the UK, for the Netherlands and for Europe as a whole. We would be in a race to the bottom – and that is exactly what we do not want.”



Operation Manna Operation Chowhound

In early 1945, the Dutch Prince Bernhard appealed to Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt for immediate aid to break the starvation imposed by the German operations in enemy-Occupied Holland. Once permission was received, Eisenhower gave permission for Air Commodore Geddes for planning to commence, and further approval came direct from General G. Marshall. German senior officers under Reichskommissar Arthur Seyss-Inquart were drawn into planning by Allied agents, and free-flying routes were agreed with both RAF and USAAF.

A total of 3,301 sorties were flown by British Mosquitoes and Lancaster Bombers, delivering a total of 6,680 tons of food, including tinned foods, chocolate and dried food. The food was dropped from as low as 300 feet, because the packages burst if dropped from higher altitudes. Not one shell was fired by the Germans, as they kept their promises. The Americans Third Air Force used Boeing B-17’s to deliver 4,000 tons of food in 2,268 sorties.

Three aircraft were lost, two by collision, and one by engine fire.

A commemorative plaque to thank the Royal Air Force for their help in mounting Operation Manna was presented in May 1980 by Dr W Scholten, Minister of Defence of the Netherlands and is displayed in the Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon, England.

Manna/Chowhound monument (“Monument voor operatie Manna”)

On 28 April 2007, British Air Commodore Andrew James Wray Geddes was honoured when a hiking trail in the Rotterdam district of Terbregge, the Air Commodore Geddespath, was named after him. This path goes past the Manna/Chowhound monument in the soundwall of the northern ringroad around Rotterdam. The official unveiling of the plaque was performed by Lieutenant-Commander Angus Geddes RN (son of Andrew Geddes) from England and Warrant Officer David Chiverton from Australia (grandson of Geddes)

Dateline December 30th, 2075

In an historic simul-video-televisor-holographic broadcast, Lord Antony Corbyn, the Prime Minister-designate and late-Leader of the Opposition’s grandson, High Court Justice and Formula One winner, has astonished the entire Nation by finding someone, acceptable to everybody, after sixty years and fifteen thousand possible candidates; to finally lead the Combined Historic-Child-Abuse / Grenfell Tower disaster  / European Parliament Massacre by Primary School-aged Serbian mercenaries / British Involvement in the Chinese Government’s Overthrow / Emperor Donald Trump’s (The hereditary Leader of AllTheAmericasNorth&SouthandCanada and grandson of the original) fourth and fifth attempts to occupy the Shetland Islands / Bank of Greater British Empire’s (Inclusive of all of Europe) legacy in owning just about all the world’s assets by legerdemain, brute force and fast talking– Inquiry.

He stated that the chosen man / woman / other / it had very recently arrived by fusion-powered rubber dinghy from the Antarctic Peninsula which was the place of his/her/its birth; had been interviewed over a three month period, and had been assessed as having no knowledge at all of any of the multitude of problems/ grievances/ allegations, and therefore could be said to be totally neutral. The Inquiry, renamed The Inquiry-Plus, will sit in the cities of London-Birmingham, Glasgow-Edinburgh and Belfast-Dublin, with a combined workforce of just over 2 million and a host of super computers.

Frederica/Fred/I-wanna-hold-your-Hand Nelson has agreed to lead the Inquiry, with his/her/it’s first words being ‘Haven’t we got a big, comfortable chair which can swivel? I’ve always wanted one of them.”


Ninety six died, and Lord Taylor got it right

Twenty eight years ago, ninety-six people died at a football match at the Hillsborough ground. 

Lord justice Taylor, in a restrained and admirably detailed report, published his findings


The Taylor Report, from a senior High Court Judge, in possession of all the relevant facts and taken in a considered yet speedy determination, brought forward many recommendations; which transformed the manner in which the very stadiums were built, approached, guarded and utilised. A substantial part of the Report deals with ‘Football Hooligans’; their methods, organisation and how to work against them. Time and time again, the Report makes strong recommendations to limit the effect that hooligans have on the game, and the extraordinary tactics which have to be used to control the so-called ‘fans’ behaviour when arriving at an ‘away’ ground, the fact that they have to be marshalled and escorted by mounted and mobile police all the way to the grounds, specifically to keep the ‘Home Fans’ separate and segregated from the ‘Away Fans’ at all times.




I’m with the Professor, and on this point alone; Senator McCain!

Fact:- North Korea is not a fun place to be, even if the travel agency promoting it promises booze, more booze, and loads of chicks. It is exactly the opposite, a whole country run by fear, a well-founded fear of a farcical trial ending in concentration camp punishment for not agreeing that the chubby Leader is, in fact, ‘simply the best’: in plain terms, it is the Totalitarian Regime-dominated equivalent of a dung-heap. In what must be the ultimate truth that satire is now dead, the title of this lunatic-led Nation is the ‘Democratic People’s Republic’.

Question:- Why would any sane person, given the huge amount of direct proof that ‘Nork’ is the last place to go to for study, or relaxation, or any other reason at all, actually sign up for such a journey?

Otto Warmbier simply knew better than all those who must have told him he was plain crazy. He knew that he knew best, and demonstrated he wasn’t fit to be let out of his pram, rather than be given a US Passport and requesting a visa to enter DPRK. He paid the price of his plain stupidity with his life.

Too high a price for the ‘crime’ of being stupid; of knowing that he knew best; of ignoring all the evidence about NORK’s readiness to imprison, torture and even ‘disappear’ those foolish enough to even speak out about the evils of that totalitarian dung-heap? Possibly so, but, like the Professor, I feel that he exhibited a truly astounding lack of perspective.

As the Professor stated:-  Mr. Warmbier, who was visiting the country with a group as a tourist, “acted like a spoiled, naïve, arrogant US college student who had never had to face the consequences of his actions,” and blamed his parents.

“His parents, ultimately, are to blame for his growing up thinking he could get away with whatever he wanted,” Ms. Dettwyler said. “Maybe the US, where young, white, rich, clueless white males routinely get away with raping women. Not so much in North Korea. And of course, it’s Otto’s parents who will pay the price for the rest of their lives.”

The Professor has been fired, for speaking the plain, unvarnished truth, and I violently disagree with the University whose illiberal attitudes led them along the same path as the killers of North Korea, who brook no dissension from their version of ‘the truth’.

Rep. Senator John McCain stated he was murdered, and I agree with his statement that all Americans stupid enough to want to visit NORK should sign a waiver of responsibility. Trouble is, there are always the idiots who think they can show that ‘nothing’s gonna’ happen’ and how ‘carefree’ they are.

…and Charlie definitely ain’t our Darling!

We all see, hear of, and sometimes engage, in gossip. As a life-long rule, I tend not to engage in, take an interest in, or pass along tittle-tattle; mainly because I am not that interested. But others do, as can maybe be seen by the numbers of gossip, fan and plain rubbish magazines on sale in the aisles of my local supermarket. I specifically exclude those publications which are aimed at single-issue subjects; the countryside, yachts and powerboats, shooting: that sort of thing. But to figure out what strange, atavistic urge drives people to buy pages discussing the plots of soaps, or the love-lives of the alleged stars, or the sex-lives of virtually anyone else who has gained the status of a photo in the side-bar of the Daily Mail; is beyond an ordinary bloke like me.

But there have been, over the past couple of weeks, two very different targets  under the gossip spotlight. The first set of tapes made an expose of the inner thoughts of a young woman who was thrust into a loveless marriage, into the scorching spotlight which accompanied a marriage to the Prince of Wales; future King of Great Britain. From the total anonymity of a nursery school teacher, to the focus of the world’s press and paparazzi; all in the space of two weeks. No wonder the lass cracked. Virtually press-ganged by a old aristocratic family, she didn’t stand a chance.

When her future husband’s activities and character are placed under a microscope, it turns out even worse. She was looked upon by many members of Charles’ family as simply a brood mare, chosen from good stock to give the Nation an Heir, and a Spare. When that portion of her Royal duty was done, and the two boys were seen to be healthy, and the Line secured, bloody Charlie went back almost full time to the divorced mistress he had scarcely left to join his young wife in Matrimony. An adulterer from the word go, a twisted, neurotic weirdo, who didn’t even know the meaning of the term ‘Love’; that’s the portrait of the Man who would be King! Once the marriage commenced its slow and inexorable path towards separation and then divorce; that shy young girl had blossomed into one of the world’s most beautiful and famous women. She was badly advised, she dispensed with the solid protection of the Metropolitan Police Diplomatic squad, and went most places unaccompanied, except for the blaze of flash-guns which made a strange halo around the hair of that tragic woman. She made unfortunate companionships and friends, many of whom would betray every confidence. She was attracted to wealth, which she saw as a possible shield against the unending pursuit of the paparazzi and press; but even then her choice was flawed, with the man with whom she ended her days in that high-speed crash another in the unending row of chancers.

We now look and watch as yet another ‘close confidante’ opens up the broadsides which claim that the real reason for Charles’ adultery with his Camilla springs from first his inability to state his devotion to a woman he was deeply attracted to; and secondly the fact that Camilla’s husband was a serial adulterer himself. His uncle demanded that Charles break the affair off, as Camilla was, quite obviously, not a virgin, so this twisted, neurotic self-serving clown who couldn’t even stand up for himself, left everything he loved behind, and when Diana was served up to him on a glistening plate, he decided that he would marry, but also decided that he would continue his adulterous relationship with his friend’s wife.

So, as his mother, our Queen, moves inexorably closer to that fatal day when she dies, we must look forward to our next Sovereign being a serial adulterer, a father who deserted his family for a divorcee, a man who isn’t even worthy of that title, never mind that of Sovereign of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; a man who believes that plants and flowers understand what you say; a weird woolly-minded hippy mentality who seems to give more credit to the bloody muslims than to the Church of which he will be the Supreme Governor.

So that’s the gossip for today.

Stone me! How’s about the future King being from the next Generation? From a weirdo to a man who is and will be self-confident? How’s about King William?

And Charlie? He can buy a house in Poundbury, worry and wonder about the Climate not Changing; and let Camilla do the laundry.


Bit different from ‘To Protect & Serve’?

So this bunch of very senior Common Purpose plods / fuzz / coppers decides that the time is right to tell Home Secretary that they are short of cash, stretched resources meaning beat coppers might be in short supply / cannot cope with riots ‘n that / not enough to protect from Muslim Jihadi terrorists!

Fair enough, but how’s about explaining why this ‘virtue-signalling’ farce; was ever allowed to get out of the effing garage?

But the best bit is following the Twitter feed after one bloke tweeted a sarky remark, and the idiot fuzz said he would be reported for an ‘effing hate crime! The local Sussex mob are lit up with the ‘pride’ crap, but they don’t seem to have improved their pubic relations.

If you click on the pix, you’ll see what I mean. Best addition is the ‘My Little Pony’!