A life for a life?

I have no means of checking the demographic spread of my readership, nor would I wish to be able to achieve that knowledge; but, based purely on guesswork, intuition and a healthy dollop of curiosity, I would reckon on a fair few men aged from forty-plus to around sixty five. My reasons for selection of this slice of British men will become clearer as I progress. You are more than likely to be married, with a family now grown into adulthood themselves, all of whom are eager to spread their wings and sample life as it is offered within these Isles. We are a law-abiding bunch, we British, and one of the very few areas where fathers, especially fathers, would tend to stray outside the boundaries of acceptable behaviour, is when their children are threatened; either morally or physically.

Possibly the only area of intrusive legislation either proposed or adopted within our legal system which has gained majority support is the measure known as Clare’s Law, by which women suspicious of a new man’s behaviour or intent can ascertain if he has a violent nature or criminal convictions.

If your daughter or indeed your granddaughter, now maybe in her middle-to-late twenties, has a firm boyfriend who is slightly reticent about his past, and has also a history of vagueness about his family roots; as well as having the traces of a ‘Scouse’ accent; just remember that one Robert Thompson is alive and well, and unlike his fellow killer Venables, who is hopefully behind bars for a long time to come, is free, living under an assumed name and under minimal supervision.

Remember too those smiling eyes and chirpy grin which for a heartbreakingly-short time, enlivened the very world and life of Denise and Ralph.