his lies can’t disguise what you fear

Unlike certain people I know, I am not a great believer in ‘Conspiracies’. For example, I am not a ‘Birther’, in that I accept that Barry Obama was born in Hawaii; nor am I a convinced 9/11 ‘Truther’, with the allegations about the Saudi Royals, the demolition of Building 7, and the stories that the whole thing was a mirage/CIA planned/the Republicans did it all/ the Democrats did it all; and all the other lunacies. However, I am a follower of Goldfinger, Auric not Ernô, I hasten to add; along with his memorable line when confronting Bond when he stated, “Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action!”

I write on the subject of Parties, Party politics, and how they are funded. For a long time, the funding of the two major Parties has been diverse and divergent; Labour relying almost exclusively upon Unions for the millions they get, plus the automatic docking from Union members pay for their Party subs, and the Tories on large donations from wealthy people whose politics coincide with those of the Tory Party, bolstered by the membership fees of the Constituency Parties. A further source for the Labour Party has been the money the Unions received from Government (tax-payer ) funds allegedly for ‘training, education and co-ordination’, the same cash of course organised by Labour when last in power.

They, collectively of course the major Parties, are all in favour of ‘State funding’ of political parties, meaning that we the taxpayer would have to pay them to screw us all, when all we do right now is to pay for everything else.  What they don’t want to do is lose their electoral advantages in the way politics are funded as at present.

One suggestion is that Parties be funded according to the votes which are cast, another is a straight-forward lump sum of millions, given on a pro-rata basis of MPs actually in the Commons. The possibilities are endless, and one can almost see the Party managers slavering at the very thought of getting their hands on tax-payers cash without actually bludgeoning people over the head, as they much prefer to do now.

Two things emerge which I, as a freeborn Englishman take exception to.

The first is the simple question is why we should be forced to pay for these free-loaders in the first place. If they want to go into politics, all they really want is to gain ‘power’; to ensure that the masses ‘do as they are told’ (all in the name of good government, of course); so why should we concur in our own enslavement?

The second is that once they get the cash, they will ensure that no-one else gets it. UKIP will be frozen out, EDL and the BNP will probably be outlawed, the SNP will be given four ‘bawbees’ and be told to shut up, and all will be serene in the Gardens of No. 10.

Convenient, is it not, that a not-very-well-known Tory is so carefully set-up and exposed on the subject of cash-for-access?


and the dust gently settles after the wind…

As I get used to being called Grandad, my mind goes back through the years to when I visited Zimbabwe on business. I was in Harare very briefly in the early 1980′s to submit a power station cabling tender, and I met with an old friend who had returned to Zimbabwe after the election which brought on majority rule. We sat at an shaded patio outside a restaurant, going over old times and good memories, and I asked him what he and his fellow ‘returned’ exiles thought of the new President Mugabe.

His reply did not startle me, because it confirmed what I had already gleaned from the newspapers in South Africa; “Mike,” he replied, “it really does feel as if we have one of the very, very few Black leaders who understand what we, as farmers, business operators and employers wish to achieve for this land. He is telling us that there will be no confiscations, he is saying that there will be the rule of Law, and no-one is higher than that same Law. Mike, I really hope that this is so.”

My last view of my friend was from the seat of my hire car, as I moved out to head towards the airport.

He died, in an attack on his family farm by ‘War Veterans’, some ten years ago this week.

As Cathy says, the grass grows above shoulder level in the cemetery, and when she asked if the grass could be mown so that relatives could visit the place where their ancestors of all colours and races were buried side by side, she was told not to be emotional!

all the news which they wish you to know….

Lets face it, the cavortings of the rich, celebs and the idle do not figure greatly upon my horizon; but there are certain times and with certain people that the more light is shed upon the  cavortings of one family, and even of one member of that family, the better for all concerned.

As the drug cartel murders and general  mayhem spread throughout Mexico, few areas have been untouched by the bloodshed generated by a mixture of greed, ruthlessness and terror. The war between the cartels has damaged the serenity of the tourist haunts, and the State Department has issued travel warnings to all Americans, citing the figure of 47,515 deaths in narcotics-related violence in five years.

But obviously those warnings don’t apply to someone who has access to at least twenty-five heavily armed guards travelling alongside her and her friends, and who can then go to Oaxaca, Mitla and the 1,000 year-old tree of El Tule without any worries at all.

Yes, Malia Obama was on an early ‘Spring Break’ tour, in the lavish style which the American taxpayer has grown accustomed to paying for, but after the stories started appearing in the Press, the Obama Machine sprang into action, pushing for the stories to be wiped from the minds and screens of mainstream America. They used the claim that she needed her privacy, but forgot that some people resent watching someone dance around in the sun on their hard-earned dollars, whilst a lot of Americans are joining the unemployment queues every day.

pudding & pie

It is with much pride and delight that I present to you the newest and possibly the best Recruitment Agent that UKIP has ever employed. Yes, folks, with a single ‘throw-away’ line during his marathon smash-and-grab speech, George Osborne has set our UKIP phone lines into ‘jammed’ mode as literally thousands of disillusioned pensioners, the majority of whom have voted Conservative through thick and thin, are moving ‘en masse’ to swell our ranks, both as voters and as volunteers.

By describing the removal of the tax break as a “simplification” demonstrates that not only does the Chancellor not care about a large portion of his core vote, he wishes his contempt to be widely known.

As not only Cameron but also Osborne have demonstrated their specific contempt for the vast majority of their supporters in so many ways, we here at UKIP would state that we really appreciate that truth coming out now, rather than just before the General Election, where the two liars might have fooled a few.

the ‘hall of shame’

Selfridges, the department store for those with a slight excess of cash, has been in the news twice in four months for selling the ‘wrong’ sort of foods’ In December, a celebrity butcher was fired because he was selling the ‘top people’s food’ Foie Gras ‘ literally under the counter. Now there is nothing illegal about the sale of this foodstuff, but lots of people get their collective knickers in a twist because of the way it is manufactured. Foie Gras is made by ‘force-feeding’ geese or ducks with a reinforced diet, a practice which ‘animal rights activists’ condemn as being cruel. So Selfridges ruled that Foie Gras was off the menu. The butcher decided otherwise, as he was asked by customers to continue supplying this delicacy, and he was fired for his troubles.

This week, Selfridges was again featured in the headlines, but this time for the practice of selling cartons of unpasteurised milk. Again, there is nothing illegal in this sale, but various sections of our ever-industrious Government’s Nanny Section have decided that raw or unpasteurised milk is ‘not a good thing’, and should only be available in special circumstances and in certain farm shops. You are  also ‘allowed’ (how gracious of them) to buy this milk over the internet, and at the farm gates.

Food Standards Agency’s  Dr Henrietta Campbell said “I would go further and look for a ban on the sale of raw milk.”

Now I personally have no oar in this water, or milk for that matter, but it seems to me to be purely a matter of being aware of the risks. As Charlie Watson, the hero of my novel ‘Single to Westminster, via Berlin’ stated “If the Heir to the Throne gets up on his soap box and says he likes to drink unpasteurised milk, he should be allowed to do so! If the risks are plainly stated, if someone likes something, they should be able to eat or drink it! People have got to be treated like grown-ups, with common sense; if they can read, they can make their minds up! We are not in the business of treating everyone like a three-year old child!”

We have the facts, and we should be able to make our own minds up whether there are risks attached to certain activities, and whether we should continue with those activities, or cease on the grounds that ‘others know best’!

The ‘Real’ Jubilee Speech from Her Majesty

To my Loyal Lords and Commons, Greetings on this day which is to celebrate my Jubilee.

I was invited to address you upon the unveiling of the window which is draped behind me, the same window which was funded by both My Houses of Parliament.

As this is indeed a special day, We thought that, instead of issuing the usual platitudes which I have been handed to read as in times past, We thought that it might be a treat for my many millions of British subjects to hear my speaking a few home truths to the people who have been entrusted with the Governing of my Kingdom.

We find that we have been betrayed by a succession of, We hesitate to use the term ‘Governments’, as the last thing which has been done in Our Name is governing. Beginning with the traitor Heath, who lied, lied and lied again to achieve his goal of membership of the European Common Market, and moving on from that tragedy. Our Sovereignty was diminished from that day, and the effects of this traitor’s actions, as the decades have proven, have proved to be truly disastrous for the British Isles and for this United Kingdom.

That succeeding Governments, of both Conservative and Labour Parties, have both continued and increased the levels of intrusive and totally-undemocratic intrusion in British affairs by the cancerous and totalitarian European Union, to such an extent that there is hardly anything left that My Government can achieve without reference to their political masters in Brussels.

It is true that a very few of the politicians who served in Government were against further involvement in the machinations of the Brussels elite, but even the best of my Prime Ministers, my good friend Baroness Margaret Thatcher did little to defend My Realm against the remorseless advance of the ‘Colleagues’ from the organisation which an acquaintance has titled the E.U.S.S.R. Perhaps she spoke truly when she stated that she had been misled over the true effects of the Single European Act, but unfortunately the Act was placed before Me, and We had to sign it, because it was a lawful piece of legislation from My Parliament.

But the most significant damage to My Realm was achieved under the governance of the traitor Blair, under whose hand and rule came forth the damaging legislation of Devolution, and now We see the results, as the demagogues have snatched the majority in Edinburgh, and are threatening the dissolution of the United Kingdom. We have also seen the lunacies perpetrated by the inclusion of a foreign Court as arbiter in our own judicial system, the slow strangling of our remaining industries under the dead hand of a Brussels bureaucracy which never, ever forgets; not forgetting the strange sights of terrorists, murderers and rapists allowed to stay in these lands because their ‘rights’ might be damaged if they were deported.

We also had to sit and watch as the same murderous scum who murdered my wonderful uncle were welcomed into the devolved Assembly of Northern Ireland, and We were forced to welcome their representatives into our own House of Commons, instead of watching happily as they were swung high from gibbets.

We, as the Constitutional Monarch, had to watch as the Labour Government altered the whole nature of many of our towns and cities with the importation of millions of foreigners under the guise of immigration rules which did nothing but dilute and destroy the very essence of what it is to be British. They have given passports to any who asked, and to many who did not deserve; but the greatest crime is the importation of a whole bloc of adherents to a religion which despises the very freedoms which We have espoused and welcomed.

Our Governments have sat and betrayed our Armed Forces, by both action and inaction. They have left our servicemen and women without protection from danger by the purchase and distribution of ineffective armoured vehicles when what was needed was available but totally ignored. The Royal Navy, once the most effective and feared in the world, has been reduced to little more than a coastal defence force, and for not a large length of coast either. Through the machinations of an overpaid clique of so-called civil servants masquerading in the Ministry of Defence, Our Air Force has been sliced almost to the bone, with aircraft worth billions sent to the scrap[yard before even being flown in anger.

We have watched in quiet horror as a succession of illiberal Laws have passed across our palace desk awaiting My signature, a signature which was written but grudgingly, and under a mute protest. We watched as a Labour Government wasted billions on computerised projects which could and would never have worked, as well as divining Laws which would reduce the freedoms evolved and enjoyed over many centuries. We also watched as this present so-called Coalition Government also took steps to reduce those same freedoms, all in the sacred name of ‘security’.

In ending this short speech, I would like to thank the caterers for the food and drinks provided for the reception which preceded this event, but regret that they are based in South-Eastern Romania. This last is of course because my Houses of Parliament have to comply with E.U. requirements that all such events be sent to tender in all member nations of the European Union. The food itself was unremarkable, but somehow I do not feel that the Romanian catering company fully understands what a ‘Cucumber sandwich’ actually represents to any Briton, in that We always wish to see the cucumbers sliced.