Ah, but the Views are so spectacular!

We are told that the entire ‘Yoga Wear’ (Whatever that turns out to be) photoshoot team, ensconced in a ‘luxury villa’ on Table Mountain Cape Town, was robbed and terrified by a masked gang.
Well, what the hell did you expect. You lodge in a secluded villa, miles away from Table Mountain or indeed Cape Town proper , in a villa charging £870.00. Per night! That alone tells everyone around that you have got cash, lots of cash, and valuables, otherwise you would have stayed somewhere a lot cheaper, and much more central.

Ms MacDonnell added: ‘The police told us there was minimal security at the property.
The gang cut a hole through the fence. We were told on arrival that the manager feels so safe he doesn’t even lock his door.
Maybe we were naive, but there’s so much glass in the place, you feel as if you’re in a goldfish bowl.

There you go again, lady. Travelling somewhere without any idea of how dangerous the whole place is. Don’t you read the papers, or check the travel websites (the ones which tell the truth)?

Fact. Some forty-odd years ago, my mate’s wife ran a bakery in a Cape Town suburb, and on a Saturday, the buses which her black staff usually used, did not run, so her head baker, a woman of about fifty, walked about a mile, early in the morning, through heavy bush to get to alternative transport. She came into a clearing, and saw about six ‘skollies’ (vernacular slang for gang members, usually black or coloured,) standing around. Saying a prayer, and stiffening her shoulders, she walked forwards; but was met with ‘More Mama’ (good morning, Mother) and similar greetings; and passed safely on her way to work. Five minutes later, a man walked into the same ambush: and because he would not give in immediately; he died for the sake of One Rand, the equivalent then of about Twenty Pence!

The entire party were incredibly lucky not to have been murdered: and it serves them right for visiting the country with nearly the worst murder rate in the world, the worst rape, worst robbery and the worst stats for corruption in the entire world.

Black Africa Rules: dontcha know?

It really is too soon to tell.

Chou-en-Lai’s remark about the French Revolution (either 1789; or 1968) when asked about how it had fared is perhaps typical of the man; and alarmingly concise and accurate when you also remember that he was a military man as well as being a politician. How many times in the past two-three hundred years have political leaders led, massaged or demanded action; usually military: which has ended up with exactly the reverse of that which was hoped for by those same politicians.

I can think of only two Declarations of War which were, upon reflection, necessary: one was ours in 1939 against Germany: the other was ours (again) against the French and its dictator Bonaparte.

Imagine what would have been the outcome if a political leader, such as Bush, or Blair, or Cameron (although a political pygmy, he was unfortunately, our prime minister) had been given both advice which mirrored that action taken, as well as a considered advice to do nothing; and a study of the possible outcomes of both actions? Let us look at three decisions which had vastly different outcomes to those envisaged before that decision was made.
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Ah yes: indeed we are in Rotherham…..Jewel of Yorkshire

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats on this coach trip run and subsidised by the local Council; the trip which shall detail various points of interest within the Rotherham area. As you may know, we have just been given news of the possibility of being awarded ‘Best Social Work Employer of the Year’ by Sanctuary UK. Who, you might ask? Well, they are a sort of glorified Employment Agency but they have big expectations of fleecing getting ever more taxpayers cash through referrals. But its a big thing, and we are well pleased.

We have placed firmly in the past, the sordid examples where sex-mad young girls and women seduced a few of the ever-so-friendly, abstemious and totally-socially-integrated male members of the Muslim fraternity who have made Rotherham their home; and we have rid ourselves of that stain by a process of moving those wretched girls into care homes run by other Councils, so we do not have any of the ‘slappers’ left around to confuse and mystify our upright Muslim brethren with their promises of easy sex and assistance with transport. We regret that the former Council members placed any faith whatsoever in the false accusations against the truly-integrated Muslims of Rotherham as laid down on the Jay Report, and we also believe that, if sufficient funds were made available, appeals against all of these totally-unjustified and overly-harsh jail terms handed out by an obviously-biased Judiciary could commence.

So, now that you are all seated, we shall commence our short tour; where we shall view the Taxi offices where the totally-unjustifiably jailed men from Muslim families were targeted by these immoral and sexually-aware ‘slappers’. We can then move on to view the ‘Council Care homes’ from where these immoral girls and women ventured out, in taxis owned and operated by Muslim drivers; all of whom were mystified  and abused by these sexually-active women and girls; in order to further wreak their disgraceful and disgusting feminine wiles on the male Muslim population of Rotherham. We are now driving past the home of one of those outrageously-accused Muslim family homes, and as you can see, the spotless garden indicates yet another upstanding member of the Community: I mean, if a man, even a British-born but of Pakistani-origin Muslim man grows roses, can he honestly be guilty of anything except using too much mulch and fertiliser on his rose bushes?

We are now travelling slowly past the Police headquarters, where for too long these ‘slappers’ deceived and undermined the local Police force, all of whom deserve great credit for rebuffing these outrageous lies from these totally-deceptive and immoral young women, and making sure that these lies and fabrications were not even represented on any Police Log-books or Charge Sheets.

As you depart from our tour, please observe the local customs of wrapping a bin-bag, which of course comes complete with custom cut-out eye holes, around your head if female, and keeping it there until you leave the town boundaries;

We have made a covenant with death,

…and with hell are we at agreement;

Justine Greening, the bent Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities has now got a new title to add to her illustrious Ministerial CV. She will now be known as Secretary of State for Education, Minister for Women and Equalities, and Minister for Northern Irish Abortion Service Candidates’ Transportation ( Final Solution Dept.)

I have always been a fan of the King James Bible, itself one of Humanity’s most prized religious works. Not so much for the beliefs which are catalogued within its bound borders, but for the clarity of it’s English.

If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart [from her], and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman’s husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges [determine].  And if [any] mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life,  Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot,  Burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe.

I have stated before my opposition to the very act of abortion, legal though it may be in three of the four Nations which comprise Great Britain. To dispose of a baby whilst still in the womb is a grave and calculated act; and although the vast, indeed the overwhelming majority of those tiny dead souls were killed because they were ‘unwanted’, they died legally because Parliament has said so.

As all who take note of both British and Northern Irish politics must be aware, it is the DUP votes which prop up the Tory Government’s rule within Westminster. I wonder if Arlene Foster has commented, or even called her ‘bestest’ friend in 10 Downing Street to maybe register her, and her Party’s strong objections to the blatant overrule of the D.U.P.’s strictures and opinions on abortion by Ms. Greening’s (Secretary of State for Education, Minister for Women and Equalities and Minister for Northern Irish Abortion Service Candidates Transportation ( Final Solution Dept.) attitude towards British citizens resident in the province who will now be given free travel to the mainland, in order to kill their unborn children legally, and without further monetary charge (May our wonderful and bounteous NHS be ever praised)?

Diversity: in liberal Newspeak the new word for ‘Racism’

Consider, if you would the following facts, amidst ‘calls’ for change:-

There is but one woman on the Bank of England’s rate-setting monetary policy committee; there are no women among the 11 members on the Bank’s financial policy committee, which is responsible for monitoring financial stability; only one woman is on the the Bank’s 12-strong prudential regulation committee.

Nicky Morgan, the BFFM&FMP (Bitter Failed former Minister & Failing M.P.) is asking the Chancellor when he will bring forward more diversity in his Bank committees. I presume the people who are already on these committees are able to do the job, they’re just the wrong colour, sex or ‘orientation’ for our Nicky to approve of their existence, and to hell with the fact that they are doing their jobs: they just don’t fit with Nicky’s ‘Diversity’ targets.

“In the period from April 1 2014 to April 1 2017 … the percentage of black, Asian and minority ethnic judges has increased from 6% to 7%,” Lord Chief Justice Thomas said. “We remain very concerned.” Lady Hale, senior Judge, is asking that positive discrimination be considered for Judicial Appointments because we are ‘out of step’ with the rest of the world, quoting in approval the Northern Ireland (‘dancing on the head of a pin’) selection process. So do we need to revive the argument for some special provision, akin to that in Northern Ireland, to enable the appointing commissions to take racial or gender balance into account when making their appointments? Would that really be such a bad thing? I think not.”

Again, when discussing or approving candidates for either Magistrates or Judicial appointments, should we even be DISCUSSING, never mind implementing; any form of positive discrimination based on ethnicity or any other background? The ONLY questions should always be: ‘Does she or he know the Law? Has he or she attained or surpassed the needed qualifications and experience; has she or he demonstrated the ability to pierce through obfuscation, and be able to deliver, to the jury or the Bench, the keenness of mind needed to deliver justice to both accused and plaintiff? That, folks, is all that is necessary. Not where you were born, or the colour of your skin, or which Sky Fairy you bow down to on any Friday, Saturday or Sunday: or even how you approach a toilet to urinate; or whether you have the Nature-given ability to give birth to a baby!

The self-acclaimed great black actor (and acknowledged Motor-Mouth) David Oyelowo made yet another call for more ‘Diversity’ in British film and television productions, speaking at the BFI London Film Festival’s Black Star Symposium: he said ‘said the only way to achieve diversity in the UK film industry was if the “demographics of the decision makers changes”.The odd token thrown, the odd bone given is not going to do it. “Don’t pat yourself on the back because you made that black drama. Bully for you. That’s not diversity. It’s got to be baked into the foundation of where the ideas flow from.” Oyelowo, who now lives in Los Angeles, spoke of acting friends who had visited him from the UK. “We have sat there together, we have prayed together, we have scratched our heads together, (as long as that was the only thing they communally scratched) we have felt displaced together, we have felt abandoned together,” he said. “They are still here. I felt I had to leave. “Please stop this talent drain. You have to change the demographics of the people who are making these decisions. “You are the curators of culture. You are those who are going to shape the minds of those coming up.”

So says one of the ‘Black is the new Now’ actors, who believe that the world owes them a living just because of the colour of their skins. Nobody owed Denzel Washington a single favour in any movie he acted in. Okay, he was chosen for ‘Glory’ because he had to be black; in a film which remarked on the largely unchallenged and unnoticed fact that 10% of the Union Army at the end of the Civil War was black; but his other films: from The Mighty Quinn through The Manchurian Candidate, to The Pelican Brief and American Gangster were made because he has that elusive ‘star quality’ which shines through every truly successful film ever to catch the imagination of an audience. No one reckons that Sydney Poitier was given a free ride because of his skin colour; he starred in movies because his very presence stated ‘I reckon this movie is worth my name’ and his choice, including playing the Chicago detective Virgil Tibbs in ‘In the Heat of the Night’ with the role of the truly-bigoted sheriff taken by an inspired Rod Steiger was enough to make the film a winner. And, to state an opposite point, nobody complained when that Master of the silver screen Sir Laurence Olivier played the Sudanese ‘Mahdi’ in “Khartoum’, mainly because he was a superb character actor. Well, the Guardian naturally objected to his very presence on the screen, but to many English people, that ensured the film’s success.

No examination of the need to ‘Diversify’ the Nations of Great Britain and Northern Ireland would be complete without a survey or three regarding our own well-known and -loathed State Broadcaster, the BBC itself. As they so proudly relate:- Nearly a year after we launched our ambitious strategy to “hardwire diversity” into everything the BBC does, today we’re unveiling the results of our recent and most comprehensive staff census that shows the BBC has met its 2017 targets – and is well on the way to hitting our 2020 goals:

  • 14.5% of our workforce are from black, Asian or minority ethnic background, including more than 10% of our leadership.
  • Over 48% of our staff are women – approaching the 50% target set for 2020.
  • Over 10% identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender.
  • More than 10% of our staff have told us they have a disability – already ahead of the goal for 2020.

Speaking at the Creative and Cultural Skills annual conference in Thurrock, Director-General Tony Hall welcomed the progress – but insisted there must be no complacency. He said: “Getting the very best at the BBC means making sure we draw on all of the country’s diverse talent. 

So, the Director-General’s idea is to take Young Ambassadors at BBC North – young people from the local area with no qualifications and little or no experience in a working environment – but plenty of ideas and potential. And we want to create fair access for graduates and non-graduates alike, so that both routes can pave the way equally to success in our industry.” So, whether you are academically- or technically-qualified, or as thick as pig-shit; but with some great ideas; you will be welcome at the BBC, because we need to fill our quotas, and you tick all the boxes, black, deprived (or something) probably sexually-bent or heading that way with some encouragement, but with some great ideas……(fill out the rest of the paragraph according to well-known BBC tick-boxes).

That is what the head of a State Organisation has planned for the next decade, to fill out the BBC spaces with people because they are black, or brown, or bent or not, because they (the BBC) will then reflect the make-up of their idea of a f****ng multi-coloured and f****ng multi-cultural wasteland formerly known as Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

I despair; I really do!

I reckon that’s her ‘unFriended’ then.

I am not on Facebook; nor have I any intention of signing up to that behemoth of rumour, false news and false friends. People who read either the ATW pages, or those upon my own site, or on the OoL blogsite pages, know only that which I publish of my own, my private life. But that is my decision, and the 2-odd billion active users who sign on and tell the world of their shopping trip(e), or what ever else these people fill their time with on Facebook, is entirely their business. My readers know I am a very proud grandfather, and a proud father. They know that my wife is ill, and has been for many a day; and they also know I have strong right-wing beliefs, supporting those whom I believe in. All of my life which is open to those readers is available, and the many things which are private to me are closed off to everyone except close family and friends. Some readers of ATW call me curmudgeonly, opine that my posts are disgraceful: I care not, these are my views, my beliefs, my opinions; and if anyone has issues, they only need to ignore my posts.

So it is that I came upon a story which holds Facebook as a part of that whole, and it is not such a pretty picture. A Breitbart Facebook posting regarding the NFL ‘kneelers’ went ‘ultra-viral’ according to the Huffington Post; and the Director of the Michigan State Police, Colonel Kriste Etue, posted the Breitbart item on her personal Facebook page. For that ‘heinous crime’ of using her Constitutional right to free speech, Colonel Etue was fined five days pay by the Michigan governor  Rick Snyder, who called the post  “inappropriate”.

Here is the Breitbart posting. Is it ‘inappropriate’? I reckon it is ‘Outstanding’!


Caste Aside; or, only some Hindus celebrated Diwali today

We here in Britain; English, Welsh, NornIrish, and Scots pride ourselves on obeying the Law. We expect those who come into our country to obey our Laws as well, but we are routinely useless at making sure that the Law is obeyed by all. As with many, I dislike intensely certain of these Laws, but because I am English, because I was raised and educated to accept that the only way to alter or change a Law was through the Democratic process, through political discussion within Parliament, and legitimate pressure from outside, change can be slow, too slow for some: but strangely enough, too fast for others

There are three names I wish to push past your eyes this morning, they are Pooja and Ajay ­Chandhok, and Permila Tirkey. You have probably never heard of any of these people, but, if as so many times past, you Google them, you shall find that Permila Tirkey was imported like a trussed turkey into the U.K. under the guise of ‘domestic servant’ by  Pooja and Ajay ­Chandhok. This professional couple, brought Permila into the UK to look after their new twins; to cook, to clean, to work all the hours which they demanded, whenever they wished, for virtually no reward at all.
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Why do they send these messages out?

We live in a world of remote shopping, in a world where, if one wished, the only outside human interface possible would be the face of the courier, mailman or delivery driver delivering the items chosen from a staggeringly-huge shopping list undreamt of even thirty years ago. With the aid of three touches, two swipes and a double-tap on a trackpad, I can search for, buy and arrange delivery of anything I wish for; as long as I have the wherewithal to pay for that purchase.

All that is fair and good. The suppliers, makers, processors make an offer to sell, you as the buyer make your choice, sign that contract by a mouse-click; and you are done. But are you? How many e-mails have YOU received, cluttering up an already crowded in-box, asking, begging, sometimes even telling you that some sign, some statement is needed to affirm your intense joy at receiving an item purchased through their websites?

Are you happy with your ‘spiked widget dipped in concentrated sulphuric acid’? Did the aforementioned S.W.d.C.S.A. come up to your expectations? Did your S.W.d.C.S.A. arrive on time? Will you tell all your friends on Facebook that you have bought a S.W.d.C.S.A.? Whilst we are talking, would you like to tell us of how you are proposing to use your S.W.d.C.S.A.? Have we mentioned that it should be kept away from the reach of small children? And on, and on, ever towards infinitum.

Can’t these marketing people realise that If I buy something, and it works, or looks good, or brings a look of happiness to the recipient; that is all that is desired? If it doesn’t work, or breaks down after a short interval; I demand a replacement, or my cash back. Don’t they simply realise that Silence is Golden?

So, who rules; the healers, or those who desire healing?

Which is the largest single employer in this United Kingdom? The National Health Service.

Who governs the NHS? Overall control rests with Government, who provide the taxpayers’ cash upon which the NHS depends. Medical control stays within the framework explained here, and is formed of CCGs, various Agencies, Hospital Trusts etc.; most of which are peopled with medically-biased staffers.

We all know that the NHS is continually stressed, continuously asking for more cash, more staff, more, more and ever more. And they do have a point. Major planning for the NHS provisions of health care was carried out over a decade ago, and our population has increased by some 6 millions, and maybe more since that, most of which is accounted for by Labour’s gerrymandering of the EU migration system, along with the suicidal inrush of mainly Muslim migrants from the Middle-East and from the cess-pit cultures of Muslim Bangladesh/Pakistan along with Afghanistan. So we have a Health system designed for 60 millions, but operating on a severely-stressed basis for 67-odd million; lots of whom are all getting older.

So, two CCG’s (Clinical Commissioning Group) have decided that, for certain procedures, they will ban patients from surgery indefinitely unless they lose weight or quit smoking, under controversial plans drawn up in Hertfordshire. The new rules, drawn up by clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in Hertfordshire, say that obese patients “will not get non-urgent surgery until they reduce their weight” at all, unless the circumstances are exceptional. The criteria also mean smokers will only be referred for operations if they have stopped smoking for at least eight weeks, with such patients breathalysed before referral. IVF services will also be cut back.

East and North Hertfordshire CCG and  Herts Valleys said the plans aimed to encourage people “to take more responsibility for their own health and wellbeing, wherever possible, freeing up limited NHS resources for priority treatment”.

Now knee-jerk reactions have come from Trusts, hospitals, charities such as ‘Patient Concern’ who predictably stated ‘We didn’t sign up for a two-tier health service’; but what should the British people’s response actually be? Do we push ever larger quantities of cash just to plug the leaking holes in the NHS dyke, or do we state the obvious; which is; ‘The medical people know what is right, in that weight-loss and cessation of smoking will allow the medical procedures to be of benefit: so follow the advice, or go without the surgery!’

Hell’s gates, I know how difficult it is to lose weight, I have been trying for ages; I remain fat, but at least I am not putting weight on. I stopped smoking 33 years ago, and that was the smartest thing I have done in years. If I can rid myself of an addiction which would have killed me; why can’t others? 

Clinton, a.k.a. the living semen stain, to visit Belfast

As if the various Provincial politicians haven’t got enough of their own problems to deal with, along comes the Self-Professed Greatest President ever to ease and oil the path towards unity once more.

Seems someone had the rash notion to invite the political equivalent of Weinstein to Belfast, as well  the liar/loser who is his wife: and who herself has the audacity to tell British people that their democratic vote to leave the EU was a huge mistake. 

During his most recent visit earlier this year for the funeral of Martin McGuinness, he urged party leaders to complete the work of the former IRA commander turned politician, (as the BBC liked to call him) and to restore power sharing.

How dare they stay silent?

As well as many others, I wish to add my fourpenny’s worth to the mounting scandal roaring around the head, as well as other body parts; of the rapist and sexual predator Harvey Weinstein: but not to add scorn on to the predator; but instead to roundly rebuke the literal dozens of young or now mid-aged stars and starlets for not speaking up! How dare they stay silent? How dare they allow this predator to continue his sexual ambushes of all and sundry, just because he was ‘powerful’? Just because his word could damn their careers? How dare they stay silent, when one word, one strong statement would have brought this grinning moron down upon his very knees, begging forgiveness from his victims?

All my long life, I have lived with one frame of mind when dealing with the outside world; and that frame can be compressed into a single statement: ALL BULLIES ARE COWARDS! I have stood up against threats of physical duress, I have faced down so-called important men because I knew I was in the right; I have gone to bat for my eldest son when he was bullied to the point where he was so scared he was refusing to go to school; I even took on the might of a Council because actions and delays to implementation of certain aids which involved my wife’s well-being were being threatened by the bullying beliefs of a minor Council official: that particular clown was fired within days of my first and second e-mails to very senior Council officials.

Some may well argue that I can think like that because I am a man. Rubbish, you stand up for your beliefs, your principles and you never, ever, stay silent because, well, its easier and there is comfort in silence. No, the likes of the Obamas, of Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow, of Rose McGowan and of many, many more who, by either by their silence of the knowledge of this predator’s activities, or the many unsaid rumours complacently overlooked, betrayed the women who were later, over some three decades, attacked, assaulted and demeaned by this bullying bastard.

Its what is known as ‘Freedom of Speech, and of Thought!


The tankard and the figure represent the famous Knights Templar; of Jerusalem, and of Malta and Paris.

Why do I feature these Christian symbols, figures and emblems?

Just for the simple joy of knowing that, if a certain person in Loughborough reads this post, he (or she) will be deeply offended by the very fact that they are published upon my post.

I care not for their reputation, even less for their closeness to Masons, but I do so like the idea of deeply upsetting some pinched-faced clown who thinks he is ‘offended’!


Surgery; the only cure for the abscess on Catholic Ireland’s conscience.

Many of us have read, and some have written, of the deadly saga of the so-called ‘Catholic Mother and Baby Homes’ where, for years if not decades, there were constant rumours of illegal virtual sales of healthy children, mainly to America; those children being the illegitimate offspring of single Irish mothers: and also of the almost routine ‘death by natural causes’ of hundreds of those same illegitimate kids. As most of these ‘Homes’ were run by delegates from the Invisible Government of the Irish Republic, namely the Catholic Church and its bishops, nuns and priests; nary a word was ever probed, or examined. Nothing was ever allowed to damage or stain the image of a ‘Caring’ Church, a Church who always stated it listened: but in reality those same ‘ears’ were literally programmed to re-iterate that the ‘Homes’ were run on truly ‘Christian’ ideals, and who: in stark fact, was going to challenge the Invisible Government?

That same ‘Government’ who literally ruled by fear, by duplicity, by a rigid determination that THEIR rules were the right and only ones to follow, that bishops, priests and nuns could do no wrong, because they were Christ’s representatives on the Earth and in Ireland: and that THEY KNEW BEST what was good for the parishioners whose weekly tithes were examined with a smile for the silver and the paper, and a warning frown for the copper.

It was the painstaking research of Catherine Corless, a local historian with no academic affiliation, that led to the establishment of the investigative commission. It was known that a graveyard for children had once been on the grounds of the home, and Corless, as part of an effort to raise money for a proper memorial, began doing intensive research on who, exactly, was buried there. She obtained the death records of 796 children, ranging from newborns to 9-year-olds, who had died of a variety of illnesses at the home. Yet she could find none of the names of those children among the records of those buried in any nearby cemetery. She learned that two boys playing in the area in 1975 reported stumbling across what appeared to be human skeletons in a pit. And using old maps of the homes, she determined that the spot where the boys made their gruesome discovery was also the site where a septic sewage tank had been located when the home was a workhouse in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Her theory attracted international publicity in 2014 and then, in equal measure, disbelief. The man who tells his story was ‘fostered’ to a couple who were looking for a healthy boy, not to give him a place where he might grow, learn and enjoy life; but instead to work in the house as an unpaid drudge. His mother escaped from a Magdalene laundry, and fled to England for fear of being arrested, and sent back to the Laundry. She finally met again with her son, and met his wife and her three grandchildren, and had six years of comfort before she died.

But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Whilst these days I hew to no religion at all, I do accept that if all the words attributed to Christ, inclusive of those printed above; are verbatim, he was surely the wisest and most forgiving of all mankind. But, down the centuries, his thoughts and ideals have been corrupted beyond belief. The very Church which claims to be led by the direct descendant of his most senior disciple is, in itself, a multi-billion-dollar business; and as with all businesses, it wishes to hold on to the physical aspects of its business; the art, the treasure, the property, the enormous piles of cash it controls; and fights bitterly against any attempt to divest itself of any money claimed as compensation for the crimes and sins of its appointees.

The bones which are said to lie, almost in bundles, beneath the green sward pictured in the WaPo story, are the direct result of an Institution which dictated that an illegitimate baby was a mortal sin, and the whole process had to be covered up, with the unfortunate mother declared a sinner: her child was forfeit to the Church who routinely sold the babies and children to the highest bidder, usually American. The young mother, almost without exception uneducated and thence almost always in thrall to the Church, was then sent into servitude at one of the many Magdalene Laundries to ‘serve out her penance and her debt’. The debt? That was for the expense of feeding her during her confinement, and allegedly-medical services during the birth.

The healthy children were adopted, or sold, or both. The lesser children were literally left to fend almost for themselves, and with the amount of bacteria, germs and general filth spread around from open and unclean toilet facilities, no wonder the weaker fell by the wayside, and died ‘from natural causes’: almost 800 of them; dumped like garbage in a disused septic tank; if the research is proven to be true.

Needless to say, the records have long gone: “Sure, and it was a long time ago: and after all is said, they were fallen women, the ‘childer’ were the results of carnal incontinence, and better that they died than lived to make reminders of their mother’s shame!” was maybe the thinking of these ‘Bonne Secours’ nuns; whose motto was ‘Good Help to those in Need”.

The stinking shame of the Irish S.S.

All of those who exist today, when faced with the dread initials S.S.: immediately process their minds towards the Schutzstaffel also known by the Runic “ᛋᛋ”. Sections of the SS ordered German racial policies, the Waffen SS held combat troops, the Totenkopfverbände ran the death camps: included was also the Gestapo and Sicherheitsdienst. Ruthless, well-trained and superbly armed, Himmler’s SS ruled over Nazi Germany, and its policies, for almost all of the Nazi years in power.

Readers may well ask what are the coincidences which make me write those dread initials in a purely Irish context. Whilst clicking and poring over news articles for a post I shall be publishing about the laughably-titled ‘Mother and Baby Homes’, such as Tuam, I came across something which was new to me, and possibly many if not most readers of things ‘Irish-accented’. The term ‘Spain’s Symphysiotomy’ determines a procedure which is still used in backward African countries where modern medical knowledge is either far-distant, or useless because of a lack of both electricity and trained gynaecological staff. It involves either breaking or sawing through the actual pelvic bone structure, so as to allow a larger child to be born through a normal vaginal delivery, instead of a surgical caesarean, where the uterus is cut open, and the baby delivered without the necessity for a normal delivery.

The name Spain doesn’t refer to the Nation, but instead to Alex Spain, the then master of Dublin’s National Maternity Hospital. A dogma-bound Catholic, he disapproved of the new caesarean techniques, because it was felt that three ‘sections’ would determine that the mother could have no more children, and as the Catholic Church urged and virtually ordered the birth numbers per mother to be six-plus; he ‘knew’ that the ‘S.S.’ technique would allow more births to follow, as he saw Caesarean sections as a ‘moral hazard’ that capped family size and led to the ‘evil’ of family planning, Critics blame the continued use of the operation on a toxic mix of medical experimentation, Catholic aversion to caesarean sections and an institutional disregard for women’s autonomy.

Some professionals have actually defended this barbarity, stating that the ‘SS’ way of procuring a ‘natural birth’ was not only acceptable, but actually desirable. All I would state in return is to ask Ursula, or Cora, or Aileen, or indeed Dolores, if what they experienced under the hands, tools and hacksaws of this ‘dedicated bunch of healing professionals’, was either acceptable; or actually desirable!

Ask Rita McCann who stated:- “I feel extreme anger that it wasn’t explained, we weren’t given any options,” she says. “No one has taken responsibility. When I met other women it was so hard to listen to their stories – some had lost babies. No one could talk about it without dissolving in tears. I want an apology and an explanation – the explanation should have been done before they ever put a knife into us.”

No one has ever been punished, or fined, or deprived of their liberty for the suffering endured by these women; and when the Irish scheme appeared to give redress to the victims, it was only open for twenty days, and the victims had to sign away their rights to seek legal action!

So, you have applied for a job with Southwark Council.

You have read, and been advised of the Conditions of Employment.

You have signified your acceptance of the terms and conditions contained within the Contract of Employment.  (Check!)


You have been advised of an agreed date to start work. (Check!)


The Council has confirmed receipt of satisfactory references, medical clearance and, where appropriate, Disclosure clearance and evidence of qualifications. (Check)


You have been advised of the possibility of checks to ensure your legal right to work in the UK; this may include verification of your identity documents with the Home Office. (Chec……Oh!)

Can’t speak English; Doesn’t work; What else is new?

The Government is set to publish a ‘disparity audit’ which reveals that Pakistani women in Britain are “shockingly badly integrated” and “living in an entirely different society”.

The Cabinet Office research, which will be officially published on October 10th, was intended to examine disparities in the experiences of different ethnic groups in Britain, and looks as though it will deal a serious blow to the policies of mass immigration and of state-sponsored multiculturalism under successive governments.

“It’s very shocking,” a source close to the Cabinet Office told The Sunday Times. “Other communities have integrated very well but the audit shows that Pakistani women who don’t speak English or go out to work are living in an entirely different society and are shockingly badly integrated.”


I just wonder how much it cost to commission ‘research’ to discover that astounding snippet of ‘news’!


In other news, nature and animal behaviour experts have determined that ‘bears do shit in the woods’

Don’t go breaking my heart!


Take 135 normal healthy men, stick them inside a steel tube and, because it is their job, because they all volunteered, the Trident/Polaris submarines of the Royal Navy have served us well for over four decades.

Take 135 normal healthy men,  and women, stick them inside a steel tube and the Navy reckons everything will remain as is?

For the sake of ‘political correctness’, and because human nature is what it is, two senior Royal Navy officers face the sack, and the whole submarine force is placed at risk: because a sailor cannot concentrate on his job because his one-time girl is sleeping with another sailor ON THE SAME SUBMARINE, who knows what will happen?

Ever wondered why Tesco profits surge?

Group profit……Up 27.3% on Revenue of £28.3 Billion.

This return to profitability, only three years after the accounting scandal which cost it Billions to put right, is truly amazing.

However, if you take one single item, showing how Tesco actually manipulates their marketing so that they appear to be staying the same, on prices of course; but in reality, there is a vast difference.

tescoorangeThe photo shown speaks volumes about volume, as it were. Note the Tesco squeezed orange juice pack, holding a standard 1,75 litres of orange juice. It is sold at £1.99, which is fair value for a guaranteed freshly squeezed juice carton. Beside it stands a Tropicana pack of juice, marketed and sold as the standard 1.6 litre carton of fresh juice, normally sold at £3.50.

But the clever thing is that the Tropicana pack used to be sized at 1.75 litres, the same as the Tesco pack, and it was sold at £3.50 per pack.

So the Tropicana juice, which was 1.75 litres, is now sold as 1.6 litres, but for the same price as the former 1.75 litres pack. So just cast your minds over the quantity of premium Tropicana juice packs, and you may form just an estimate of, say 2,000,000 packs for the year. Then work out the actual saving from selling all that juice in a smaller container at the same price; which by my old style maths works out at £296,000.00.

Do that again for loads of items which everybody shops for, and you get 27.3% rise in profits.

Fair enough, no-one forces the shopper to buy the premium brand, but is is the market leader.

Hide them away, they’re ‘not like us’

One of the reasons supplied when a woman is asked why she has aborted her unborn baby, is the simplest: the science has detected chromosomal abnormalities in the foetal blood, or by ultrasound, or by other means: in plain English, she was told that her baby, if born, would have Down’s Syndrome. Thus are the modern ‘Lepers’ of this world described. He or she would be ‘different’; physically, mentally, in so many ways. The child she was carrying, in old-fashioned terminology, would be Mongoloid. He would be labelled as ‘different’ at school; if he ever got there: he would be forever ‘retarded’, a figure of ‘fun’ to some with a mental capacity not very much greater that the one who was so described. He or she would be labelled as ‘Knuckle-dragger’. The anxious parent-to-be knows all of these things, and the pressure to abort; to try again; must indeed be overwhelming. I do not support that decision; but can maybe understand it.

From the Telegraph’s Tim Stanley:– Stanley cited the head of a midwife association in Denmark, who declared: “When you can discover almost all the foetuses with Down Syndrome, then we are approaching a situation in which almost all of them will be aborted.” Also in 2016, France’s State Council confirmed a television ban of an award-winning video showing smiling children with Down syndrome, declaring that the “inappropriate” images of happy Down syndrome children might bother women who had chosen to abort their babies. The Council stated that the video in question could not be shown since it was “likely to trouble the conscience of women who had made different personal life choices in compliance with the law.”

Just consider those two sentences. A French State Organisation welcomes the ban on a factual documentary because it is telling the unvarnished truth: that Down’s Syndrome kids are just as capable of genuine emotion as the rest of us “Normals”: but that must not be broadcast because it might make women who aborted their unborn babies because of that ‘dread diagnosis ’ UNCOMFORTABLE!


Dear God above, what sort of a bloody society have we morphed into?

President Trump came to the aid of Down’s parents; saying:- “Sadly, there remain too many people – both in the United States and throughout the world – that still see Down’s Syndrome as an excuse to ignore or discard human life,” Trump said in an official statement recognizing Down Syndrome Awareness Month. “This sentiment is and will always be tragically misguided. We must always be vigilant in defending and promoting the unique and special gifts of all citizens in need.”

“We should not tolerate any discrimination against them, as all people have inherent dignity,” the President added.

Hear; Hear; Mr President!

In ending this diatribe, I would tell readers that I was asked to do a survey of one of the Remploy factories many years ago, with a view to refurbishing all the electrical installations. The difference between those Remploy workers, who ran the full gamut of disability inclusive of the modern ‘Leprosy’: and ordinary British workers in any organisation I have either worked in, or had contact through my own project work; is very, very simple! They appreciated their jobs, they knew that their various factories ran at a loss, and were subsidised by the taxpayer, they liked their jobs; they knew that with work came dignity, and there was never any slacking, no endless tea breaks. They did not want pity, they wanted work: and what did they get? They got the bloody Tory/Lib-Dem Coalition’s decision to close their jobs down, they got a promise of ‘re-training’ and ****-all else!

Cui Bono?

It just does not make sense! All he ever owned in the way of weaponry were three handguns: and suddenly, he goes on a buying spree and buys over forty semi-automatics and thousands of rounds of ammunition over a period of months.

He manages to get ten of these heavy weapons into his 32-storey eyrie in the Mandalay Hotel. Does he bring them all in together? He builds two firing positions, ready to begin his killing spree. He sets up two tripods along with the modified semi-automatic weaponry so he can widen the spread of the carnage he was supposed to be plotting. He sets up three surveillance cameras, two hidden in a trolley, so he can see when SWAT comes around the corner, smelling blood. He even brings in a hammer, so he can smash the reinforced windows. All this from a guy who has had NO military training whatsoever.

The very next day, the rumours commence flowing about how certain well-connected people are relishing the profits from all the truly-terrifying scanning and deep x-ray equipment which hotel owners are thinking of placing at their hotel entrances. There are already companies who are champing at the bit, once the Law is changed, to get their gear into all the hotels. Is it as simple as that: to ask the question: Cui Bono? Who benefits?

I do not normally adopt or believe in the ‘There must be a plot’ syndrome, but, when an ordinary but wealthy guy kills as many as he can, purely at random, because he cannot see in the dark whom he is shooting at, and because of the weaponry alterations, cannot aim in any orderly fashion at all; the question must be asked; and asked again: Cui Bono? The lady stating and asking the facts and the questions in the video may be just another member of the NutCases National; but, there again, she might, just might, be on target!

As Ben Franklin so memorably stated; ‘They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.’

Heading causes more than concussion

We are told by a learned bloke named Robert Cantu, professor of neurosurgery at the Boston University School of Medicine that heading a football can cause hidden trauma following repeated concussions, such as chronic traumatic encephalopathy. The professor reckons, amongst many other conclusions, that the science is not specific enough to demand that heading be banned, but that instead of starting off by heading a soccer ball, young players should practice heading with a beach ball.

Which is maybe the advice which should have been given to Blackburn Rovers striker Anthony Stokes, who attacked an Elvis Impersonator, and has been ordered to pay him €230,000 for headbutting him in a nightclub.

Stokes had already agreed to give his victim €30,000 for breaking his nose and two of his teeth and faces the second payout after being sued in the High Court in Dublin.

Former car park attendant Anthony Bradley, 53, was attacked by Stokes in the VIP section of what was then Buck Whaleys nightclub on Leeson Street in Dublin on June 8, 2013.

The not-so-cocky-now footballer, who has six Scottish league title medals with Celtic and nine Republic of Ireland caps, was hit with a two-year suspended sentence earlier this month after admitting the assault.