Ah, but the Views are so spectacular!

We are told that the entire ‘Yoga Wear’ (Whatever that turns out to be) photoshoot team, ensconced in a ‘luxury villa’ on Table Mountain Cape Town, was robbed and terrified by a masked gang.
Well, what the hell did you expect. You lodge in a secluded villa, miles away from Table Mountain or indeed Cape Town proper , in a villa charging £870.00. Per night! That alone tells everyone around that you have got cash, lots of cash, and valuables, otherwise you would have stayed somewhere a lot cheaper, and much more central.

Ms MacDonnell added: ‘The police told us there was minimal security at the property.
The gang cut a hole through the fence. We were told on arrival that the manager feels so safe he doesn’t even lock his door.
Maybe we were naive, but there’s so much glass in the place, you feel as if you’re in a goldfish bowl.

There you go again, lady. Travelling somewhere without any idea of how dangerous the whole place is. Don’t you read the papers, or check the travel websites (the ones which tell the truth)?

Fact. Some forty-odd years ago, my mate’s wife ran a bakery in a Cape Town suburb, and on a Saturday, the buses which her black staff usually used, did not run, so her head baker, a woman of about fifty, walked about a mile, early in the morning, through heavy bush to get to alternative transport. She came into a clearing, and saw about six ‘skollies’ (vernacular slang for gang members, usually black or coloured,) standing around. Saying a prayer, and stiffening her shoulders, she walked forwards; but was met with ‘More Mama’ (good morning, Mother) and similar greetings; and passed safely on her way to work. Five minutes later, a man walked into the same ambush: and because he would not give in immediately; he died for the sake of One Rand, the equivalent then of about Twenty Pence!

The entire party were incredibly lucky not to have been murdered: and it serves them right for visiting the country with nearly the worst murder rate in the world, the worst rape, worst robbery and the worst stats for corruption in the entire world.

Black Africa Rules: dontcha know?

It really is too soon to tell.

Chou-en-Lai’s remark about the French Revolution (either 1789; or 1968) when asked about how it had fared is perhaps typical of the man; and alarmingly concise and accurate when you also remember that he was a military man as well as being a politician. How many times in the past two-three hundred years have political leaders led, massaged or demanded action; usually military: which has ended up with exactly the reverse of that which was hoped for by those same politicians.

I can think of only two Declarations of War which were, upon reflection, necessary: one was ours in 1939 against Germany: the other was ours (again) against the French and its dictator Bonaparte.

Imagine what would have been the outcome if a political leader, such as Bush, or Blair, or Cameron (although a political pygmy, he was unfortunately, our prime minister) had been given both advice which mirrored that action taken, as well as a considered advice to do nothing; and a study of the possible outcomes of both actions? Let us look at three decisions which had vastly different outcomes to those envisaged before that decision was made.
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Ah yes: indeed we are in Rotherham…..Jewel of Yorkshire

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats on this coach trip run and subsidised by the local Council; the trip which shall detail various points of interest within the Rotherham area. As you may know, we have just been given news of the possibility of being awarded ‘Best Social Work Employer of the Year’ by Sanctuary UK. Who, you might ask? Well, they are a sort of glorified Employment Agency but they have big expectations of fleecing getting ever more taxpayers cash through referrals. But its a big thing, and we are well pleased.

We have placed firmly in the past, the sordid examples where sex-mad young girls and women seduced a few of the ever-so-friendly, abstemious and totally-socially-integrated male members of the Muslim fraternity who have made Rotherham their home; and we have rid ourselves of that stain by a process of moving those wretched girls into care homes run by other Councils, so we do not have any of the ‘slappers’ left around to confuse and mystify our upright Muslim brethren with their promises of easy sex and assistance with transport. We regret that the former Council members placed any faith whatsoever in the false accusations against the truly-integrated Muslims of Rotherham as laid down on the Jay Report, and we also believe that, if sufficient funds were made available, appeals against all of these totally-unjustified and overly-harsh jail terms handed out by an obviously-biased Judiciary could commence.

So, now that you are all seated, we shall commence our short tour; where we shall view the Taxi offices where the totally-unjustifiably jailed men from Muslim families were targeted by these immoral and sexually-aware ‘slappers’. We can then move on to view the ‘Council Care homes’ from where these immoral girls and women ventured out, in taxis owned and operated by Muslim drivers; all of whom were mystified  and abused by these sexually-active women and girls; in order to further wreak their disgraceful and disgusting feminine wiles on the male Muslim population of Rotherham. We are now driving past the home of one of those outrageously-accused Muslim family homes, and as you can see, the spotless garden indicates yet another upstanding member of the Community: I mean, if a man, even a British-born but of Pakistani-origin Muslim man grows roses, can he honestly be guilty of anything except using too much mulch and fertiliser on his rose bushes?

We are now travelling slowly past the Police headquarters, where for too long these ‘slappers’ deceived and undermined the local Police force, all of whom deserve great credit for rebuffing these outrageous lies from these totally-deceptive and immoral young women, and making sure that these lies and fabrications were not even represented on any Police Log-books or Charge Sheets.

As you depart from our tour, please observe the local customs of wrapping a bin-bag, which of course comes complete with custom cut-out eye holes, around your head if female, and keeping it there until you leave the town boundaries;

We have made a covenant with death,

…and with hell are we at agreement;

Justine Greening, the bent Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities has now got a new title to add to her illustrious Ministerial CV. She will now be known as Secretary of State for Education, Minister for Women and Equalities, and Minister for Northern Irish Abortion Service Candidates’ Transportation ( Final Solution Dept.)

I have always been a fan of the King James Bible, itself one of Humanity’s most prized religious works. Not so much for the beliefs which are catalogued within its bound borders, but for the clarity of it’s English.

If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart [from her], and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman’s husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges [determine].  And if [any] mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life,  Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot,  Burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe.

I have stated before my opposition to the very act of abortion, legal though it may be in three of the four Nations which comprise Great Britain. To dispose of a baby whilst still in the womb is a grave and calculated act; and although the vast, indeed the overwhelming majority of those tiny dead souls were killed because they were ‘unwanted’, they died legally because Parliament has said so.

As all who take note of both British and Northern Irish politics must be aware, it is the DUP votes which prop up the Tory Government’s rule within Westminster. I wonder if Arlene Foster has commented, or even called her ‘bestest’ friend in 10 Downing Street to maybe register her, and her Party’s strong objections to the blatant overrule of the D.U.P.’s strictures and opinions on abortion by Ms. Greening’s (Secretary of State for Education, Minister for Women and Equalities and Minister for Northern Irish Abortion Service Candidates Transportation ( Final Solution Dept.) attitude towards British citizens resident in the province who will now be given free travel to the mainland, in order to kill their unborn children legally, and without further monetary charge (May our wonderful and bounteous NHS be ever praised)?

Diversity: in liberal Newspeak the new word for ‘Racism’

Consider, if you would the following facts, amidst ‘calls’ for change:-

There is but one woman on the Bank of England’s rate-setting monetary policy committee; there are no women among the 11 members on the Bank’s financial policy committee, which is responsible for monitoring financial stability; only one woman is on the the Bank’s 12-strong prudential regulation committee.

Nicky Morgan, the BFFM&FMP (Bitter Failed former Minister & Failing M.P.) is asking the Chancellor when he will bring forward more diversity in his Bank committees. I presume the people who are already on these committees are able to do the job, they’re just the wrong colour, sex or ‘orientation’ for our Nicky to approve of their existence, and to hell with the fact that they are doing their jobs: they just don’t fit with Nicky’s ‘Diversity’ targets.

“In the period from April 1 2014 to April 1 2017 … the percentage of black, Asian and minority ethnic judges has increased from 6% to 7%,” Lord Chief Justice Thomas said. “We remain very concerned.” Lady Hale, senior Judge, is asking that positive discrimination be considered for Judicial Appointments because we are ‘out of step’ with the rest of the world, quoting in approval the Northern Ireland (‘dancing on the head of a pin’) selection process. So do we need to revive the argument for some special provision, akin to that in Northern Ireland, to enable the appointing commissions to take racial or gender balance into account when making their appointments? Would that really be such a bad thing? I think not.”

Again, when discussing or approving candidates for either Magistrates or Judicial appointments, should we even be DISCUSSING, never mind implementing; any form of positive discrimination based on ethnicity or any other background? The ONLY questions should always be: ‘Does she or he know the Law? Has he or she attained or surpassed the needed qualifications and experience; has she or he demonstrated the ability to pierce through obfuscation, and be able to deliver, to the jury or the Bench, the keenness of mind needed to deliver justice to both accused and plaintiff? That, folks, is all that is necessary. Not where you were born, or the colour of your skin, or which Sky Fairy you bow down to on any Friday, Saturday or Sunday: or even how you approach a toilet to urinate; or whether you have the Nature-given ability to give birth to a baby!

The self-acclaimed great black actor (and acknowledged Motor-Mouth) David Oyelowo made yet another call for more ‘Diversity’ in British film and television productions, speaking at the BFI London Film Festival’s Black Star Symposium: he said ‘said the only way to achieve diversity in the UK film industry was if the “demographics of the decision makers changes”.The odd token thrown, the odd bone given is not going to do it. “Don’t pat yourself on the back because you made that black drama. Bully for you. That’s not diversity. It’s got to be baked into the foundation of where the ideas flow from.” Oyelowo, who now lives in Los Angeles, spoke of acting friends who had visited him from the UK. “We have sat there together, we have prayed together, we have scratched our heads together, (as long as that was the only thing they communally scratched) we have felt displaced together, we have felt abandoned together,” he said. “They are still here. I felt I had to leave. “Please stop this talent drain. You have to change the demographics of the people who are making these decisions. “You are the curators of culture. You are those who are going to shape the minds of those coming up.”

So says one of the ‘Black is the new Now’ actors, who believe that the world owes them a living just because of the colour of their skins. Nobody owed Denzel Washington a single favour in any movie he acted in. Okay, he was chosen for ‘Glory’ because he had to be black; in a film which remarked on the largely unchallenged and unnoticed fact that 10% of the Union Army at the end of the Civil War was black; but his other films: from The Mighty Quinn through The Manchurian Candidate, to The Pelican Brief and American Gangster were made because he has that elusive ‘star quality’ which shines through every truly successful film ever to catch the imagination of an audience. No one reckons that Sydney Poitier was given a free ride because of his skin colour; he starred in movies because his very presence stated ‘I reckon this movie is worth my name’ and his choice, including playing the Chicago detective Virgil Tibbs in ‘In the Heat of the Night’ with the role of the truly-bigoted sheriff taken by an inspired Rod Steiger was enough to make the film a winner. And, to state an opposite point, nobody complained when that Master of the silver screen Sir Laurence Olivier played the Sudanese ‘Mahdi’ in “Khartoum’, mainly because he was a superb character actor. Well, the Guardian naturally objected to his very presence on the screen, but to many English people, that ensured the film’s success.

No examination of the need to ‘Diversify’ the Nations of Great Britain and Northern Ireland would be complete without a survey or three regarding our own well-known and -loathed State Broadcaster, the BBC itself. As they so proudly relate:- Nearly a year after we launched our ambitious strategy to “hardwire diversity” into everything the BBC does, today we’re unveiling the results of our recent and most comprehensive staff census that shows the BBC has met its 2017 targets – and is well on the way to hitting our 2020 goals:

  • 14.5% of our workforce are from black, Asian or minority ethnic background, including more than 10% of our leadership.
  • Over 48% of our staff are women – approaching the 50% target set for 2020.
  • Over 10% identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender.
  • More than 10% of our staff have told us they have a disability – already ahead of the goal for 2020.

Speaking at the Creative and Cultural Skills annual conference in Thurrock, Director-General Tony Hall welcomed the progress – but insisted there must be no complacency. He said: “Getting the very best at the BBC means making sure we draw on all of the country’s diverse talent. 

So, the Director-General’s idea is to take Young Ambassadors at BBC North – young people from the local area with no qualifications and little or no experience in a working environment – but plenty of ideas and potential. And we want to create fair access for graduates and non-graduates alike, so that both routes can pave the way equally to success in our industry.” So, whether you are academically- or technically-qualified, or as thick as pig-shit; but with some great ideas; you will be welcome at the BBC, because we need to fill our quotas, and you tick all the boxes, black, deprived (or something) probably sexually-bent or heading that way with some encouragement, but with some great ideas……(fill out the rest of the paragraph according to well-known BBC tick-boxes).

That is what the head of a State Organisation has planned for the next decade, to fill out the BBC spaces with people because they are black, or brown, or bent or not, because they (the BBC) will then reflect the make-up of their idea of a f****ng multi-coloured and f****ng multi-cultural wasteland formerly known as Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

I despair; I really do!