We’re all going on a summer holiday!!!

I see that the Sussex-based ‘Club Med’ Holiday Camp, otherwise known as Ford Open Prison, is “reviewing Inmate Security”.

After the news broke about the eleven absconders, who had taken advantage of the lack of cells, bars, barbed wire and the provision of coffee at the exits to take a hike, a Prison Service spookesman stated “The prisoners are all being returned to closed conditions where they will be fully and rigorously risk-assessed before any decision is made on the level of security that they require.”

NOw I just wonder what sort of review would be taking place regarding the clowns who actually instuted the “Open Prison” policy, especially when it comes to slotting in foreign scum who have served half their sentences, and are therefore due for automatic parole, and possible deportation anyway?

“It’s the same the whole world over”

As one does, I spend a half-hour scanning the newspaper contents, to get my weekly dose of Saturday adrenaline, simply by reading all of the items with which I vehemently disagree. Some time back, I vectored in finally on a double piece of commentary regarding Swaziland, which for the geographically-illiterate amongst us is a scrubby dump slap bang in the middle of South Africa. It used to be a British colony, which is why the British taxpayer gives something just short of a million quid every year to the Swazi government.

The two pieces were about the same country, but rather different in their scale, approach and subject matter. The first was about the massive scale of HIV and AIDs in that country, and how, despite so-called intervention and education, the proportion of those infected had risen from 32.4% to 44.6%. Now these figures are of course subjective, in that they are guesses on an informed basis, but fairly up-to-date. The infected, and of course the dead, are mostly from the adult proportion of the inhabitants of this unfortunate land, which is riven with tribal ignorance and prejudice, where the witch-doctor is given precedence over european medicine, and the do-gooders who preach restraint and condom use are laughed at, for a Swazi woman is presumed to be no use if she doesn’t bear children, fast! So the dying goes on, and the annihilation of a people is possible through ignorance, fear and lust!

But not all the people of Swaziland are suffering! There’s the king, who has just taken his eleventh wife, and given time another two are lined up, each wife of course given jewellery, cars and homes in the royal compound. The king, who has built an international airport, costing 56 million pounds, funded by the Swazi government and of course its’ people, who weren’t asked if they wanted an airport in the first place. The king, who’s laws forbid any criticism of the royal family under pain of imprisonment, and you can’t get much worse that a spell in a Swazi jail, country club it ain’t!

My point is simply this, these are the people for who this Irish wanker Geldof was pushing a concert in London, and the ones in my second paragraph are not the people who will benefit, it’s the bloody king who will cream off the money, if and when the cheques are written and disbursed. Along with the people like Blair, Brown and all the others who believe they know how your money and mine should be spent, don’t you think that you should be asked how the cash should be given or raised for that matter? I know I do, which is why I resolutely turn away when asked to put my hand in my pocket for any of the so-called ‘Good Causes’!

“Something is indeed rotten in the State of Britain”

Read an intriguing post over on fellow-bloggers ATW regarding statistics on marriage and divorce, and decided to cast my own mind over this huge area of human endeavour, hope, trust, longing and love!

The Family is the base of all endeavour, the Family is the fount from which all else flows! If we do not succour the Family unit, we are condemning our very civilisation to a slow, lingering but very certain end; for without the bonds and ties of a true Family, bound by vows made either before an altar, a civil register or even a stupendous view; we can no longer claim to hold the bedrock of civilised life together!

Children need stability, they need steady guidance and wisdom. The simple truth that they also need discipline and the honesty of the love between their parents should not even need to be mentioned. The ‘buzz-words’ used by many in the Social Work hives are many and varied, ranging from ‘Deprived’ through ‘Misunderstood’ and ‘Social exclusion’ are used with frightening rapidity, but used only to camouflage the basic failure of the parents to recognise their DUTIES which they undertook when they began a family. The casual pregnancy and teen-age mother’s labour brought about by a knee-trembler down a lane produces exactly the same model child as the one born in an expensive nursing home aided by top-notch nursing care; but the child born to loving parents has the inestimable advantage of the basic Family, crafted by centuries of human experience, and bolstered by countless role models in the lifetime of that lucky child!

But how does our Government and Judiciary react when faced with the ever-rising statistics of divorce, single-parent children and broken homes and lives? Simple, they reduce the financial barriers and make divorce ever easier; they remove the tax advantages which helped parents keep more of their hard-earned cash; they elicit the foul ‘Civil Partnership laws’ which give further foundations to homosexual practices and they seem to enjoy the breakdown of the very idea of the basis of marriage, which of course is a solemn undertaking between a man and a woman to cling together, to love one another and to raise as best they can the issue of such a marriage!

From a Prime Minister, allegedly a practising Christian, and his Roman Catholic wife, along with the Government which they lead; there seeps a strange and foul odour, it is almost tainted with sewage, but is actually the strong and distinct smell of Sanctimony!!

At the closing of the day, We shall Remember Them!

So we now have the bombs and the blood on the streets of London once again! Ordinary people, whose lives have either been cut short or decimated; whose only crime was to live in a country whose declared aim is to live according to a set of rules; whose families must now take up the grim toll of either burial or long visits to hospitals: and for what? The smiles like those which appeared on the face of the Saudi and Taliban murderers after 9/11? The exultation on the faces of the Palestinians who danced in the street after the same tragedy? The laughter of the Asian schoolkids in England as they heard the news? It is too early to establish the promoters of this terrorist attack, but it will probably turn out to be claimed by a bunch of rag-heads!

We should change our stated aims, we in the West! We should root out and stamp on these foul fundamentalists with their twisted ideas which are far away from the religion which most of them seem to avow! We should adopt the American tradition of ‘kill ‘em all, and apologise later’ This foul odour which stems from a bunch of clowns who depend for the recruitment of their foot-soldiers on some wild-eyed notion of earning paradise by killing as many as possible should be swept by a disinfectant brew of bullets, bombs and bayonets in the fermenting fields of the countries where they come from! Our message should be plain and simple, we will not change; but you and your kind definitely will, in the short space of time left for your kind on the face of this planet!

The above paragraphs were written as I watched the carnage unfolding on the streets of London last July; and as we come up towards the sad remembrance of those fearful minutes, I reckon we should all reflect on what has been achieved to repair the damage to our national psyche, image and (hoary chestnut, perhaps), way of life!

On the positive side of things, we see the preparations made for the trial of the four unsuccessful bombers, who’s efforts to achieve their own martyrdom were fortunately foiled by a combination of their own stupidity, bad technical effort and a miraculous amount of good luck, We see the survivors of the four blasts forging their way ahead towards recovery and stability, aided rather belatedly by a mean-minded Governmental compensation scheme. We see steps and moves underway to build a memorial to the fallen, possibly in Tavistock Square, and a Service of Remembrance planned for the silent victims of those four atrocious blasts! We watch as the Emergency Services hone their responses to future attacks, and nod in assent at this evidence of foresight!

What we do not see is a sea-change in our attitudes to the foul-minded fanatics who still live in our midst, allowed to carry on with their filthy plans to spread the word of ‘jihad’ throughout the Western World. We see criminal actions rewarded as seven Afghani hi-jackers are given the right to stay in Britain, as a reward for their crime, on the grounds that they might suffer torture if sent back to the Muslim slums from which they were vomited forth! We see strong Government action and plans set back by a Judiciary too intent on the ‘rights’ of prospective killers, and we see no sign of an understanding within that same Judiciary of the rancour which is slowly boiling up inside the minds and hearts of British people whose only wish is to live at peace! The only small victory observed was the departure of the self-styled Sheikh Bakri Mohammed to the Lebanon, just ahead of moves to deprive him of either residential or asylum status. We see the flood of bogus Asylum Seekers uninterrupted by this feeble Labour Government, hamstrung by it’s own actions in foisting the stupid ‘Human rights’ legislation on an unsuspecting Britain! We even see the inaction of the Immigration Service in not attempting to deport undesirable criminals, released after theyt have served half of their sentences, because of the fear that the murderers, rapists and violent thieves might turn and claim Asylum status if challenged!

The call goes up to get rid of Blair, and install Brown. The clarion call should be to kick this bunch of time-wasting morons out of Westminster, and replace them with a Parliament which reflects the will of the people!!!

Meanwhile, the Fuzzy-Wuzzies and Dervishes were growing restive

The headline for this posting is taken from one of my ‘favourite’ films, namely “The Four Feathers”, but also from the first version, filmed in 1939 by Alexander Korda, and of course the most Un-politically correct of the seven versions filmed! The Sudanese army fighting for the Mahdi were depicted as foolish fanatics, but they were after all fighting for their country and their leader, who was an ascetic religious figure descended, so he claimed, from their prophet Mohammed!

I did a project some time back at the National Gallery. While doing this contract, I met up with a few old-time characters from the P.S.A., which stands for the Public Services Administration, the body which used to carry out all of the repairs on publicly-owned and Government buildings. Really nice guys, very friendly and helpful. Now, the attitude to Security at the National Gallery was very lax, with up to thirty percent of the alarm switches and controls not working at any time! There was a beautifully engraved glass control desk, with all the areas literally picked out on the display, but, as I noticed, a hell of a number of switches were in the ‘out-of-use’ position because they just weren’t working!

We were talking about everything and nothing, and they happened to mention that they used to look after Lancaster House, the main conference venue for the Foreign Office, and I asked if that was where the famous conference was held where the Rhodesians were sold down the river, and everything was handed over to Mugabe and his buddies in Zanu P.F. The elder of the P.S.A. guys nodded at me, and said, “Course they were sold out, and the British Government was the ones who were doing the selling!!” He told me that every room in the centre was ‘bugged’, literally monitored by hidden microphones and tape-recorders, with the wiring actually built into the walls, and the sensitive microphones could pick up every word which was uttered! The hotel rooms and facities used by the White rhodesian delagation were also heavily monitored! A summary of the Rhodesian delegations stance on just about everything was delivered to the black ‘nationalist’ hotels, so that the Zanu Patriotic Front people knew exactly how and where the Rhodesian Government werte heading on any topic. The advantage this information must have given the black guys is inestimable; but just think of it as a game of poker, but a game whereby you already know the strength of every other player’s hands before they start betting!

So now we know that the British Government, led in those days by Margaret Thatcher, advised the black communist nationalist group led by Mugabe, so that they were able to counter every item laid down by the Smith and Muzorewa delegations. After the constitutional conference, the new High Commissioner, Lord Soames, went to Salisbury (now Harare) with strict instructions from Thatcher, “Get rid of this difficult bunch, let the Mugabe bunch in, and let’s get shot of the whole issue!” so we can now see that Robert Mugabe is, for once, telling the truth, it was down to the Brits to get them into power, and everything that has happened since, from the farmland grab to the ballot rigging, is all down to….Who? The bloody British Government!

I am, and always have been, a firm fan of Margaret (now Baroness) Thatcher, but on this particular item, as with many of the decisions taken since by both Tory and NuLabour Administrations, I feel that the outcome was to betray the inhabitants of that unfortunate and unhappy country, delivering them, as it did, into the tender arms of a megalomaniac despot, whose governance has been the ruination of that once prosperous and beautiful country!

Ve haff ‘vays and means of making you obey!

I give the reader the following

  • link to this news item
  • It is indeed a strange and terrible truth that the average citizen in this Dis-United Kingdom has less control over his or her life than many in the Third World! They may not have clean water, they may have uneven electricity, they may not have regular jobs or earn much money, but at least they can throw their rubbish where it suits them best!

    Official, our illustrious Prime Minister is deaf as well as blind!

    The Standards Bloke says he is being ignored by Downing St. (nothing new there, then); around three hundred prisoners have gone adrift from an OPEN prison, (in all honesty, who can blame them?), we are awash with foreign scum masquerading as Asylum Seekers, the scum we have legally released on to our streets after they serve half their sentences in the slammer have all dissapppeared, as they know that they should have been advised that they’re gonna get kicked out (well, not really, because we as a nation are so worried that some other country might be nasty to one of their returned slime-balls that we won’t throw them out anyway)!

    So that’s what Blair meant when he said he was tough on the causes of crime! He was in fact talking about the innocent victims of this pool of slime; he’s certainly tough on them!

    It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it!

    I note that Capita, the (in)famous IT firm who is the main contractor at the Home Office, also known as the shadow behind the London Congestion charge amongst others, is in the headlines for blocking the job prospects of about fifteen hundred people for the WRONG REASON.

    I wonder if those fifteen hundred unfortunates would be able to sue the Home Office, or Capita, for loss of income or prospects?