Labour’s Manifesto: “Now Indeed is the Winter of our Discontent!”

The Labour Party published its 2019 Manifesto four days ago. It comes in at 105 pages, full of £Biliions for this, and more £Billions for that, sympathy and promises of action for the (alleged) users of Food Banks; more promises of a million ‘Green’ jobs for the ‘Climate Emergency’, and so on, and on, and so forth. Many commentators compared it to the ‘Longest Suicide Note’ Manifesto, produced for the 1983 election cycle by Michael Foot. 


If readers wish to waste their time, they can plough through all 105 pages. But they should ignore the £ Billions promised to fund this daft idea, or ever more £ Billions for that lunacy, such as funding HS2 all the way to Scotland. They should further ignore the 75 £ Billions promised to fund the building of 150,000 Council and ‘affordable’ homes across the Country. Readers should also view with great suspicion the talk of providing ‘Free Broadband’ for everyone, despite this being the product of bare-faced theft, by nationalising BT’s Openreach, as well as parts of Sky, TalkTalk etc; with ‘compensation in the form of long-term Government bonds.

But readers needn’t bother ploughing through all the ‘Socialist paradise’ promises which spew out over those 105 pages of well-typed drivel: because there are only four clauses which count: only four but these four really show what drives Labour, what they have feared over the barren years of Opposition: what they have conveniently forgotten from their triumphal victories of 1997 under Tony Blair; but show what drives them to once more hopefully commit total electoral suicide.


  • We will remove unfair and unnecessary restrictions on trade unions, allowing people to come together and speak up on issues that affect them at work.

  • We will work in partnership with the workforce and their trade unions in every sector of our economy.

  • We will require all companies bidding for public contracts to recognise trade unions

  • We will consult media-sector workers and trade unions

We should examine these four clauses very closely, because they will, at one step, give Labour’s paymasters, the  Trades Unions, the muscle and the power which they have longed for ever since the Tories, under Margaret Thatcher, neutered those same Unions with carefully-targeted and successful legislation. The question must be asked. Why did the Tory Trades Union Bills stop the strikes, the ‘bully-boy’ tactics of a ruthless Left-Wing Cabal so successfully? Simple, really: the Bills targeted the three weapons which the Union Barons had wielded so successfully for decades: namely

  • Open dispute ballots and voting en masse, in public, unshielded from all who watched.

  • Strikers moving against Companies who did business with the target Company

  • Wild-cat strikes which appeared in a so-called dispute, but cleared almost immediately; but always created sheer chaos because they were so unpredictable.

The Thatcher Government made it possible to guarantee that, if the strike was legally founded, the Union and the striking labour force had nothing to worry about. But the Tory-led legislation not only gave the Unions a guarantee that their strikes were protected, they also ensured the DEMOCRATIC process was clear by making all strike ballots SECRET. No longer could a workforce be made to vote by a show of hands, in public, in front of all their workmates, AS WELL AS THE UNION THUGS AND THE ‘HEAVY SQUAD’

No longer could the Unions enforce their grip upon a workforce, long tired of supporting unreasonable demands upon their employers.

The new regulations also ensured that, if illegality or strong-arm tactics were  either suspected or proven, this could be attacked by the imposition of a Court Order. If the Union concerned did not return, immediately, to legality, the union funds could be sequestrated and seized.

Rupert Murdoch, he of the Times and Sunday Times, wanted to introduce technological innovations that would put 90% of the old-fashioned typesetters out of work. The company offered redundancy payments of £2,000 to £30,000 to each printer to quit their old jobs. The union rejected the offer and on 24 January 1986 its 6,000 members at Murdoch’s papers went on strike. Enough printers were employed –670 in all–to produce the same number of papers that it took 6,800 men to print at the old shop. The efficiency was obvious and frightened the union into holding out an entire year. Thousands of union pickets tried to block shipments out of the new plant; they injured 574 policemen. There were 1,500 arrests. The pickets failed. The union tried an illegal secondary boycott and was fined in court, losing all its assets which had been used for pensions. 

If Corbyn’s Communist thugs of the Momentum movement get their hands upon Westminster, and Whitehall, the first thing they will do is repeal all the Union Legislation, and in a trice, Britain will revert to the 1970’s, where whole shipyards were paralysed over an argument as to who pluck the chalked string which marks where a steel plate should be cut!

As for the Labour Leadership, who authored and published this cart-load of confiscatory garbage, there has been much talk of ‘Trust’.

Trust in general, ‘trust’ in particular regarding the Leadership of all the Parties.

Prime Minister Johnson, comes in for his share of criticism on ‘Trust’, but mainly on a personal basis: women, affairs, character, but, I reckon, nothing too damaging or indeed lasting.

The LIB-Dems’ leader Swinson has badly-damaged herself and her Party by the fact that, in her statement, she confirmed that 17.4 Brits, from all sides of the political aisle, would be totally ignored; totally ‘Dissed’, as she confirmed that she would revoke Article 50, cancel the Referendum, and cling ever closer to the ‘Love of their Lives’; the shackles of a Brussels-based Dictatorship.

The Brexit Party failed to keep the ‘trust’ of their followers by dropping Brexit Party nominees in all Tory seats, but at least he kept faith with the balance of the supporters by aiming fair and square at all the Leave sides of Labour. Nigel slightly shot his own foot by stating that he would not run himself for a Parliamentary seat. Wise? Perhaps, but the wider Brexit electorate IS disappointed, and it shows.

I would disregard the Greenies, and the SNP. The Greens live in ‘cloud cuckoo land’ and The SNP, by their own words and campaign promises, are locked to either Labour, Lib-Dumbs, Greenies, or even the Westminster Cleaning contractors for their ‘pie-in-the-sky’ ideas of Independence.

We should now turn to the real n******s in the woodpile, The marxist, communist, anarchy-led Labour Party. The Party where a large proportion of the Labour MPs not only deeply distrust their Leadership, but several are actively either speaking out and spitting fury at the damage which has been done to their precious Labour Party; MPs such as Ian Austin, or John Woodcock, or the ultimate, in terms of the distaste which many Labour MPs hold Corbyn and John McDonnell; a former Labour MP is now standing as a Tory candidate. The whole Shadow Cabinet, in terms of ‘Trust’, wouldn’t be trusted with the simple task of picking up an pensioner’s cash from the Post Office: because they’d probably pocket the lot. As a note on ‘Trust’ issues, I would refer you to the former head of the Secret Service, who stated that Corbyn is a danger to National Security!

As a final note, upon which to end this polemic, I give you the words of the late, great Margaret, Baroness Thatcher, spoken in the dark days before the Nation came to its senses, kicked Labour out, and restored a sense of Democracy to our Nation State:-


The Demise of an American Institution

For those who are less than permanently interested in American Politics, one campaigning group, above all others, was given utter respect by both sides of the political aisle, totally because of its name; it’s initials. The ACLU, or to give it’s full title the American Civil Liberties Union, existed for one reason only. To ensure that Law, as it is both made and observed within the United States, complies and coincides with the Constitution. I used to believe that the American Civil Liberties Union is the one bastion of American Democracy which worked, and what’s more, worked for every American.

Their brief is ‘to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States’; nothing more, nothing less!

The cases which they fight may jar many nerves, but the one thing they always uphold is the supremacy of the American Constitution, and the laws which have come to be made in the shadow of that famous document.

I wish that we in Britain had both a Constitution, and an organisation as muscular as the ACLU to protect us against such as New, or even Old Labour!

But now, I have to confess, the time when the ACLU held the respect of the many is coming to a close, because that same ACLU has joined with other ‘kooks-in-the-closet’ and joined the clamour on the Transgender lobby. Proclaiming, as can be read in the linked Breitbart article, that  it pushed the claim that pregnant or menstruating women can become men by declaring they have a male “gender identity.”

The ACLU also tweeted that:-

There’s no one way to be a man. Men who get their periods are men. Men who get pregnant and give birth are men. 

Trans and non-binary men belong’.

As one Tweet comment noted:- I, a woman and a lesbian, have been an ACLU member since 1989.  No more. Men do not menstruate, men do not give birth. Women do both.  Girls and women are females.


Methinks the ACLU has jumped upon the wrong bandwagon, for the wrong reasons, for the wrong cause. It is rather sad, because America needs an independent voice, a voice which used to ring true: but now just sounds rather hollow.


Two hours and thirty-eight minutes wasted.

Many seasoned WW2 observers would argue that, of all the individual conflicts which raged through the six long war years, there were only three battles which, in the end, counted. The three were El Alamein, which saw the first time that the ‘invincible’ Rommel was out-thought, out-manoeuvred and out-fought by Montgomery’s Allied forces; Stalingrad, where the Germans took on the newly-reinforced metal of the Soviet forces, and failed, thus giving impetus to Stalin’s march westwards: and Midway, where, due to America’s cryptographic success, the Japanese Navy’s moves were predicted by the Americans; allowing the massive loss of four fleet carriers to the one loss for the Americans. 

Many times, Hollywood’s finest have attempted to portray various WW2 battle: and they have mostly failed. The original ‘Tora, Tora, Tora’ was, in my own opinion, about as honest as any in the portrayal of the Japanese planning, the Americans’ obstinacy and adoration of the ‘Big Gun Battlewagons’ as opposed to the newcomers of the aviation arm, where carriers ruled, and the  main warships of each side never caught sight of each other. ‘Pearl Harbor’ was rightly dismissed as a simple waste of good photographers’ time.

I went to watch ‘Midway’, and I can honestly report that that was two hours and thirty-eight minutes wasted. The lead actors had obviously never heard of emotion, they seemed to be reading their lines off of storyboards held just outside the camera’s viewpoint. The CGI air and sea battles were well done, but the huge mistakes made by the Japanese in swapping their aerial bomber battle loads twice, once they learned that there were carrier-borne aircraft making the torpedo attacks, was given so little prominence that most people would have missed it, the ones who were still awake; that is. The success of the American cryptography and cipher crews was almost dismissed as ‘two-thirds guesswork’ in the scripts parroted by the alleged actors.

No mention of the sheer heroic bravery of those slow torpedo plane fliers, carrying torpedoes which did not work: who were literally decimated as they flew against the Jap carriers, decimated by a Japanese Combat Air Patrol  who came down from up on high to slaughter those American heroes. It was that decision to attack the torpedo squadrons which gave the Enterprise’ dive bomber squadrons almost free rein to begin their attack runs, which took three of the four Fleet carriers out of the war, with the fourth sunk in a return flight off the  remaining American carriers. For a first-class overview of the entire conflict, I recommend Herman Wouk’s ‘War and Remembrance. In this superb author’s view, Midway was fought in three phases. The first lasted all the morning of June 4th. The second, vital action lasted five minutes. The third lasted three days.


If ice is melting, why build expensive icebreakers?

Many things might, and usually are, said about Russian business practices. After the collapse of Soviet Russia, the wholesale theft of billions of dollars-worth of minerals, of whole industries, of vast quantities of oil and gas sufficient to power whole Continents was achieved by the Oligarchs. These are the people who nowadays buy football clubs as though they were supermarket items, the people who order massive yachts, and then visit for a day, to find out that their boats have been outstripped in terms of length, engine capacity, and the obscene amounts of booze carried on board, by the next Russian or Ukrainian thief along the line. But modern Russia, ruled over by comrade Putin, knows the value of their roubles, knows that their mineral wealth is foremost in keeping the Capitalist wolf from the Russian State’s borders, and also knows that their  oil and gas wealth are a really good lever to keep the EU sanctions from biting too hard.

They also must know that the so-called Climate Emergency is not real, the  world isn’t warming up because of excess Carbon Dioxide, and the Russian State certainly isn’t going to shut down their lucrative gas and oil sales because a few thousand deluded lobbyists, aided and abetted by an autistic schoolgirl with a vastly-inflated sense of her own importance; say so. Despite all the catastrophic warnings of sea levels rising, and flooding everywhere, and ‘We’ll all be drowned in our beds’ panic statements, no-one. repeat no-one, has been forced to abandon their homes because of rising sea levels.

As for the oft-claimed Arctic ice melting away, the Russians seem to be of the belief that this will not only NOT happen, the prevailing thickness may well, in Russian business planning terms, be heading towards being thicker. The proof of this thinking is the planning and building, as  the Russian State-owned shipping company Sovcomflot signed a long-term charter agreement with gas producer Novetek for the new ice-breaking LNG (LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS) carrier. The vessel will be constructed at Russia’s Zvezda Shipbuilding and it is designed for year-round operations in the challenging ice conditions of the Kara Sea and the Gulf of Ob and will be able to sail independently through ice over two metres thick. In 2017, Sovcomflot introduced the world’s first icebreaking LNG carrier, Christophe de Margerie. Along with the massive Russian State fleet of nuclear and conventionally-powered ice-breakers, does the planned purchase of these hugely expensive ships, by an astute Russian energy sector, say one thing, and one thing only: that the Russians know that the ice ain’t going nowhere fast, and if the Russians want to take the LNG from their Arctic fields, they will need ice-breaking capacity for a long, long time yet!


Nigel has a few points

NIgel Farage is, at the same time, a barnstorming politician and a voice crying in the wilderness. But, and there is a point to my writing, there are pearls to be found in amongst the many lines he speaks so easily.

He isn’t standing for Parliament himself, which is probably wise. Given his track record of seven times showing up at an election, and no wins to his credit, he is possibly not wishing to add yet another failure to his CV. 

But, after listening carefully to his first Election speech to the Brexit faithful in Carlisle, we must remember that this is a man who, single-handedly, brought a Political Party from obscurity to 4,000,000 votes, unfortunately in a First-Past-the-Post General Election. This is a man who formed and led a team, know only as the Brexit Party; from nothing, in four weeks, to achieving twenty nine seats in the European Parliament which he reviles on a daily basis. This is a Politician with a capital ‘P’, who knows the back-alleys of the European Parliamentary system as though he was born into them.

Two small gems which emerged from Farage’s speech in Carlisle should be examined very carefully. He stated that this United Kingdom should update itself in regard to its Politics. He suggests a Referendum on items of interest to Britons. I ask you? What is more democratic than actually asking the voters what their cash should be spent on? The average politician would run a mile from such ideas and idealism. Switzerland does it all the time. In Cantons, in Federal areas, the Politicians ask, and sometimes, they are told, in no uncertain terms; what exactly to do with their bright ideas. Can anyone imagine any party in this convoluted UK giving credence to such an outlandish idea?

The second is much more valid, and, with all Parties, is worthy of exploration. What to be done with the House of Lords. In times gone by, the Lords was worthy of respect, of a tinge of awe. Here were scientists, engineers, landed men and women men and women who did not need to be proven of their worth. Usually wealthy, they wore their titles casually, and gave independent scrutiny to Bills passed forwards by the Commons. It is only in the past four decades that the Lords began the downward spiral, after the gerrymandered changes brought in by the Blair Government, where the Hereditaries were unceremoniously turned out, and politicised Life Peerages brought in.  The Life Peerages, where between Labour and Tories, have sent six hundred placemen, failed politicians and celebs alike, into a place where they can sway the passage of a Bill. I cannot understand why a peerage might be offered to a black entertainer on children’s television, but Floella Benjamin sits in the Lords, and can influence Legislation. Doreen Lawrence’s one claim to fame was that her black son (who was either a would-be architect or a drug dealer) was murdered by a bunch of white men. After the trials, and a one-sided inquiry into policing, she was elevated to the Peerage, and sits, ermine-clad, when Her Majesty opens Parliament.

How the Lords could be reconstituted in such a manner as to be less political, is a conundrum for this decade: all I know is that Nigel is right, and change is long overdue

Corbyn, judged and decimated by his own MP

I would like to give you, VERBATIM, direct from the astonishing BBC Today interview with Ian Austin, the former Labour MP, Minister and Party Man to his core. This interview CAME OUT OF THE BLUE, at nine minutes past Seven; immediately after the astonishing statement that Tom Watson. Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, was bowing out of politics, resigning his post as Deputy.

These were the complete words spoken by the FORMER Labour MP!

BBC     Mr Austin was asked what the political significance of Watson’s resignation?

Austin “You have the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, somebody who, if the Labour Party won the General Election in a few weeks time, and he‘s decided to quit. It is enormously significant. If Tom (Watson) thought that Jeremy Corbyn was fit to lead our country and able to form a Government, and he would have been in that Cabinet; would he be really standing down? Anyone who has spoken to Tom knows about his opinions of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership; more importantly everyone knows how appalled he is about the scandal of anti-semitism which has poisoned the Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.”

BBC “You have criticised Jeremy Corbyn again and again on both anti-semitism and on other issues. You now have a choice, you can run as an Independent Labour MP, what will you be saying to the voters?”

Austin. “Nick, all I ever wanted was to be  a Labour MP, and I only ever wanted to be the Labour MP for Dudley; and its been a huge privilege to be able to do this job. A job I loved, in a place I’ve loved. But I have got to be honest with people, and I’m not gonna be running at this election. This country faces a huge choice; there’s only going to be one of two people can be Prime Minister, Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn: and I think  THAT JEREMY CORBYN IS COMPLETELY UNFIT TO LEAD OUR COUNTRY: AND COMPLETELY UNFIT TO LEAD THE LABOUR PARTY! After thirty four years, I joined the Labour Party as a teenager, I’ve worked for the Labour Party. In my thirties, I worked as a government adviser, in my forties, I was an MP and a Minister, and it has really come to something when I tell decent, patriotic Labour voters that they should be voting for Boris Johnson at this election. I cannot believe that it has come to this, but thats where we are.”

BBC “You, someone who used to be able to pick up the phone to this programme, and have the odd shout when you were Gordon Brown’s press secretary, you are telling people that they should vote Conservative: to vote for Boris Johnson?

Austin “I am: the choice the country faces; look, the British people have got to decide this, and lots of traditional, decent Labour voters have got to decide; and Labour voters are going to be grappling with this question, and if they have to face up to that: then I don’t think that people like me should have the luxury of running away from it! Look, I could just announce that I am standing down, and disappear back to Dudley, and they would never hear from me again. But in the end, I believe that people who put themselves forward for elected office, positions of politics; you’ve got a responsibility to stand up, tell the truth, and say whats right! This has happened on our watch, we have to take responsibility. I don’t want what Jeremy Corbyn has done to the Labour Party, I don’t want him to be able to do that to the country.”

BBC “You speak with passion, your father was a Jewish refugee. Your aunt, your grandmother were murdered by the Nazis. Mr Corbyn and his allies would say, “We’ve acted, we’ve done things; why isn’t that enough for you?”

Austin “Its complete nonsense, in nine out of ten fringe Jewish communities they think he is Anti-Semitic. Only six percent of Jewish voters say they will be voting Labour. The Labour Party is the first political party in history to be investigated by the Equality and Human rights Commission for Anti-Semitism and Racism”

BBC “But it is more than that, in an article for your local newspaper, you accuse Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell of working with, and supporting, extremism and terrorists.”

Austin “I think he has spent his entire time in politics supporting extremists, anti-semites and terrorists. I don’t…..In the end, I don’t think he is a patriot, I don’t think he loves his country. I think he picks our enemies, whether it is the IRA during the Troubles, or describing Hamas and Hezbollah as his friends, or parroting Putin’s propaganda when the Russians sent hit-men to murder people on the streets of Britain: but most shamefully of all, for a Party with a proud record of fighting for equality, and oppposing racism, the Labour Party, under his leadership, has been poisoned with Anti-Jewish racism under his leadership; and it is a complete and utter disgrace! 

BBC “We will of course be giving a spokesman for Mr Corbyn to reply to these allegations later in the programme, to answer those charges, but some people would say that the Party is much more than one man and you, who have been in the Labour party man and boy to tell Labour voters that they should vote for this posh old-Etoniamn to run the country; to potentially make you poorer by taking us out of Europe: its too much, Ian, you’ve got this wrong!”

Austin “This is a massive step, but I regard myself as proper, decent Labour, I…..I just don’t think this man is fit to run the country….

BBC (Interjecting) “Have the Tories, have they offered you anything to….

Austin |No, Nothing at all!”

BBC (Interjecting and interrupting) “Forgive me, but no job…”

Austin “I don’t have to be promised anything to know that Jeremy Corbyn’s unfit to run our county, and I’ve been saying this back in 2015, but look on the economic issues, I think they would make our country worse off, not better. I think they would chase away investment, I think they would place businesses and jobs at risk; I think their Brexit policies, you mentioned Brexit just now, Ithink Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit policies are a complete fantasy. The idea that he’d be able to do a better deal in a few short weeks….”

BBC (Interjecting and interrupting)  “Let me be clear…..”

Austin “Then he says he’s going to subject it to a Referendum.”

BBC “ What I’m not clear about is this; do you think that Boris Johnson is a good prime Minister, one you think you want to back, or are you on a political journey here,…..”

Austin “No, I’m not joining the Tories, I didn’t leave the Labour Party to join another Party: I left it to shine a spotlight  on the disgrace it has become under Jeremy Corbyn; and to demand that other people step up and do something about it. I haven’t walked away from the fight.and `i’m not going to walk away from a fight. I’m going to be carrying on in politics, I’m going to be setting up a new organisation ‘’ and we’ll be campaigning on reasonable politics, and campaigning against the Far-right and the Hard-left: but look, I’m not a Tory, it isn’t where I wanna be, I wouldn’t say that Boris Johnson is unfit to be our Prime Minister in the way that I say about Jeremy Corbyn: I think the country’s got a big choice to make, and Jeremy Corbyn’s completely unfit to lead it.”

BBC “I’ve know you for many years, since i was a political correspondent and we talked when you were a press Secretary; and I think that you are not finding this easy; its been a very emotional day for you?P

Austin “Its not easy. The Labour Party has been my life, and I can’t believe its come to this. But I have to tell the truth, its been a really difficult decision, I’ve had to really grapple with this, I could have run as an Independent; I didn’t need to leave. I had to leave the Labour Party; I could have kept it all quiet, gone along with it all, disappeared back to Dudley: but I think you have to stand up and tell the truth. If you’re not going to stand up and do what’s right on a fundamental question such as Racism: what are you going to do it on?”

BBC “Thank you very much for talking to us, and we’ll be hearing from Labour ‘s Rebecca Long-Bailey after eight.”


MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT. Over the next five weeks, we here in Great Britain & Northern Ireland will be making the most important decision in the political life of our Countries. More important, to me, than when we went to war against the Nazi Totalitarian State in 1939: more important to me than when we sent troops to free the Falkands; more important, to me than any other polItical decision since the First World War. In that particular savage conflict, we were tied with interlocking Treaties which bound us to act in one direction, when sense would have dictated that we should have waited before committing our armies to the hell of Passchendaele, and of the Somme.

We are facing a General Election where the opposing Parties have very different paths they claim to follow; but of the two, Tories and the Brexit Party which claim to be in favour of leaving, the Tories seem set on a Treaty which would tie us to Europe, and the Brexit Party detemined to make a clean break with all of the European Union; and then the possibility of a Free Trade deal with no strings at all.

The Labour bunch are set on what, to me, seems the mealy-mouthed approach; which would delay Brexit until they fashion a gerry-mandered re-run of another Referendum, where the questions posed would be an even closer chained arrangement, as in a semi-divorce, or remaining within the EU. But even then, notwithstanding Corbyn’s well-known dislike for Europe, it would never be acceptable to the Unions, who pay Labour’s debts.

The Lib-Dumbs, being the only Party which wishes to nullify the first referendum in total, revoking Article 50 as the first measure through their Parliament, are at least semi-honest. The Birkenstock Brigade  will never get to run things, but they have hopes of crafting an alliance with Labour; despite having to hold their noses while contemplating sitting with the Marxists and fellow-travellers who infest the Labour Party.

So, will Boris Johnson see sense and form the loosest of electoral alliances with Farage’s Brexiteers? Will the Tories stand down in seats and areas where Labour has ruled for decades, where the Tories have no chance of winning in a thousand years, thus letting The Brexit bunch have a clear run: and in return be granted, by the Brexit Party, the offer of not standing in seats where they are vulnerable if their vote was split by the Insurgents?


Farage seeks a statement whereby Boris drops his May (as amended by the Irish Sea) Withdrawal Bill, and proimises to campaign on a Free Trade deal. Trouble is, Boris is wedded, deep down, to his WA (Mk2) deal. He probably knows that very few people have actually read the whole thing, because if they had, ordinary voters would have no difficulty whatsoever in labelling the whole thing as ‘Brexit in Name Only’. Does he believe that voters, reading the words:- “ of any matters underway in relation to Union legal membership and not finalised, as and when or if the transition period ends, they remain under Union control.” realise they have been sold a large pup! In plain English, if agreement has not been reached by the end of the Transition Period, the ‘status quo’ rules; and the Union wins. “Article 129. 3. In accordance with the principle of sincere cooperation, the United Kingdom shall refrain, during the transition period, from any action or initiative which is likely to be prejudicial to the Union’s interests, in particular in the framework of any international organisation, agency, conference or forum of which the United Kingdom is a party in its own right.” Fishing and agriculture springs to mind here. We couldn’t stop the factory fishing boats dredging the very sands where the fish breed and eat; because the Bloody EU would ignore our requests. This Pro-Brexit website is worth a watch, as it succintly sums up all 537 pages of EUSSR drivel in the best way possible.


Voting? I would never ever presume to advise anyone on how to vote: but intend to state how I shall be voting, and would so vote in any Constituency of this Nation.