The Winners Write The History Books

The following is an imagined interview with a Chinese politician. It was written hopefully to be included in an Afghanistan 2050 roundtable view in a blog which I have long read named Chicago Boyz. I append it for, hopefully, your amusement and entertainment.

Dateline April 17th 2050

Jiang Lu Wan, Administrator of the Elphinstone Administrative Area of the Chinese People’s Republic sat back, smiled expansively, and welcomed me to the first in-depth interview granted by him to any Western reporter visiting the now pacified Administrative Area, as the former Afghanistan is now named. In the fifteen years since the overthrow of the old warring regimes, when the Muslim warlords who had systematically corrupted, stripped and defiled the former Afghanistan were defeated. Also after the earlier departure of the sorry remnants of the Allied war machine which had so foolishly taken their eyes off the geo-political ball after their stunning success when the Taliban were stripped of power. The Chinese were at last ready to talk about the Nation which had been the area of the ‘Jihadi Wars’ of the decade between 2015-2025; and of the progress of the Chinese governance of the Area.

During the negotiations which led to my interview with Administrator Jiang, I had been advised to take note of certain lines of query or questions which would jeopardise the progress of the interview. Items such as any reference or query to rumoured genocidal events in Administrative Area No 17, otherwise known as Tibet, would be firmly off limits, as would any query or mention of the Fifty-Fourth State of the United States of America, formerly known as Taiwan.

The Bush ‘war on terror’ doctrine was of course keenly studied in the War Colleges of Beijing, the Administrator told me, and the successes as well as the failures were routinely documented and war-gamed, he told me, so as to fully understand the philosophies behind the strategies, and thus to develop both strategies to counter the failings of the ‘War’, as well as to bolster those aspects which had been successful. “We accepted,” the Administrator stated, “that eventually order had to be restored in what has always been a historical Chinese area of influence, going back for more than sixteen centuries. We watched with keen interest the reaction of the Capitalist-Imperialist forces as the subterfuge and deceptions worked so magnificently; when the Twin Towers were demolished by the very-well financed and equipped mercenary teams of the Capitalist Multi-nationals. We definitely were impressed as we saw for the first time the remote control guidance equipment set up on the three target aircraft working so well.”

He paused as he gauged my reaction to a Western secret exposed for the first time. “Just as we could sympathise with the errors which allowed the passengers to overcome the mercenary team on the fourth aircraft which crashed in Pennysylvania. We also admired the manner in which the blame for the atrocity was so quickly placed upon a band of savages who couldn’t even carry out a car-bombing successfully! We accepted that the Elphinstone Administrative Area had passed into the Western sphere of influence, and our nature being one of passive acceptance of RealPolitik, decided that the West had won this round, and magnificently so. We knew, from our informants within the United States at the time of 9/11, as your Western press named it, that the target all along was Afghanistan, because of the vast mineral wealth uncovered by the secret surveys undertaken by CIA-led geological teams as far back as 1985, and we also watched as successive American Administrations, to use another western term, ‘screwed things up completely’!

The ruler of the former Afghanistan paused as tea was served, then continued: “We in China have always played ‘the long game’ as it is termed in western diplomatic circles. Once we realised that American oil and right-wing interests had twisted the usually-astute President George W. Bush into an ill-planned and under-resourced invasion of Iraq by the American military, alongside the pitiful remnants of a once-mighty British military machine sent with the connivance of our very good friend Tony Blair, we watched as history was replayed before our eyes. We saw the re-deployment of brigade after brigade from the fields, plains and mountains of the-then Afghanistan to the fighting and destruction in Iraq. The further withdrawal of most of the Allied invasion forces gave heart to the revived Taliban, who were then further revived by massive injections of assistance from the Pakistani I.S.I.”

I raised my hand to interject a question, but the Administrator waved my query aside. “We watched as the flower of America’s military might was wasted in Iraq, and then again in Afghanistan. We thought that you had learned the lessons of history in Vietnam, but we were truly perplexed when America, instead of obliterating the corrupt and totally-amoral President who literally and openly stole the presidential election, gave him instead recognition, money and power. You in the West also gave semi-legitimacy to the huge industry which was heroin, a close cousin to the opium which the British used to spread decay and humiliation in the China of Victorian times!” For the first time since our interview began, the bland smile of the Administrator was wiped off his lips, and a tightening of those same lips gave an indication of the distaste felt by the Chinese for those times long ago when Imperial China was routinely humiliated by Colonial Ambassadors, backed up by their overwhelming military and naval superiority!

“Administrator Jiang,” I asked, “What now for the Elphinstone Area?”

The Chinese politician’s face had resumed its bland smile, as he replied, “Once the Central Committee had determined that we should act against the warlords, and in doing so reclaim our ancient responsibility and suzerainty over the Area we named Elphinstone, our military planners brought out Operation Longbow, which was, as you may remember, the invasion by Peoples Liberation Army paratroop divisions into Kabul, Kandahar, Herat, Mazar-el-Sharif, followed by massive reinforcements by our fleet of Airbus 385’s which were so conveniently sold to us by E.A.D.S. in Europe at a discount for volume! We then pushed six shock armies, comprising tank and mobile artillery divisions along the Tadjikistan border, fanning out from the narrow corridor into the whole country and brought a certain harmony to the entire country in thirty days.”

“We do not accept the stories retailed by certain of the former rulers that we initiated reprisals against the civilian population, nor do we acknowledge that there was any resistance to our advance. The population accepted the return of firm but fair rule, and in most cases our armies were welcomed as a valued replacement for the corruption, venality and ferocity of the old religion-based rulers. Our one regret was that the Pakistan Government did not take note of our firm stance against their continued help for the remnants of the Muslim warlord armies, but they saw sense after a one megaton neutron warhead wiped most of the reinforcement build-up off the map!”

He paused while sipping from the delicate cup, “Over the next ten years, we oversaw a huge investment in roads and rail transportation, together with a corresponding investment in colleges and universities. We gave the inhabitants of the Area the first chance in one hundred years to avail themselves of the advantages of tertiary education, and once we had informed the remaining religious leaders that their strictures against education for young women would be and were dealt with firmly; they accepted that whilst they might run their religious practices as they saw fit, they would not be allowed to interfere with the educational aspirations of half of the population.

The alleged mass-migration of Han Chinese has not happened, and while there are many migrants from mainland China into the Area, they receive no advantageous arrangements because they are Han. We routinely allow many of the Elphinstone Area students to attend Western universities, and when they return to be re-united with their families, are able to contrast the free lives they are able to lead either in mainland China or in the Administrative Area with the repressive regimes practising in many of the so-called Western Democracies.”

I asked him, “Administrator Jiang, how far along is the development of the Area’s natural resources? And to what extent does the Area benefit from those resources?”

The Chinese politician’s smile grew wider, as he thoughtfully passed a few documents in front of him; “The premise of your query is faulty; mainly because you seem to believe that whatever is found under the Area belongs to the Area. The Elphinstone area is, and always will be, an integral part of mainland China, and as such what mineral wealth is discovered should be regarded as China’s. We have developed many areas, and have sunk trial wells and boreholes searching for all types of geological wealth. Obviously, a portion of the proceeds must of necessity remain within the Area, to provide for such investment as is necessary, but the Chinese people, all the people, come before any particular location!”

“Administrator Jiang, it is rumoured that your Committee will be allowing private companies and corporations to open up within the Area over the next year, much as you have already done to everyone’s great benefit within mainland China. Is this true, and to what extent will the indigenous population be allowed to take part in this experiment?”

“The Central Committee has approved such plans, with the caveat that all companies have, to begin with, a majority of Han on each board of directors. This is simply because the indigenous population have no history of large-scale commercial operations, and they need to be guided by their Han brethren for some time before a ‘laissez-faire’ attitude can be adopted.”

“Administrator Jiang, I see that my interview time is running down; one final question if I may? British readers, as well as British politicians, do not seem to understand why you, the People’s Republic of China, named the Area after an obscure English soldier?”

“We in China place great weight upon the lessons of history, and as in 2003 you in the West triumphed by a masterful plan, you should also remember that your Major-General Elphinstone commanded in Kabul in 1841; he was himself looked upon as ‘the most incompetent soldier who ever became general’ in the words of his contemporaries.’ We constantly remind ourselves of the mistakes others made, and therefore resolve not to make the same mistakes ourselves!”

“Administrator Jiang, thank you for your consideration in giving this interview.”

As The Man Said…..

  1. Why did you start The Thug Report? Simple answer: I thought the domain name was funny, and discovered that it was available. Serious answer: I felt that there was a need to call the public’s attention to the broad incidence and consequences of urban crime. Large swaths of nearly every city in America are virtually uninhabitable because they are cesspools of crime and violence. The majority of those living there are law abiding and hard working, but they are held hostage or driven out by a criminal few. The Thug Report exists to raise public awareness of this fact, so that we’ll start thinking about what can be done to change it.
  2. What’s your point? The point is simple: Urban crime isn’t an occasional incident or a geographically isolated phenomenon, it’s something that happens constantly, in every city in America. Yes, there are occasional incidents of violent crime in rural areas and suburbs. But nowhere else in America compares with the war zone that is the inner city.
  3. Why do you only show black criminals? If you are asking this, you just picked the wrong day to visit. We post stories and photos of urban crime perps, regardless of race. Plenty of white criminals have had the dishonor of appearing on the site. However, because blacks are far more likely to commit urban crime, they are also far more likely to appear here.

Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?

I always find it difficult to remain objective when writing about British Labour Unions, mainly due to the fact that I routinely detest their very existence. I am not denying their usefulness, especially in bygone days, when the working man was discriminated against in a big way by both employers and the State. But we, the commentators, the thinkers, people who both think and act, by our writings, by our very stance, should at least protest at the way that well-intentioned institutions have been suborned into well-funded mouthpieces for both hard-line Left-Wing and Communist style verbiage and propaganda.

The original intentions behind the birth of the Labour Union movement was to attempt to negotiate, through solidarity, better conditions for those workforces the union represented. It was a noble endeavour, and in many ways, succeeded. The struggle for acceptance was long, hard and sometimes dangerous, but it should never be forgotten that the early Union pioneers had the well-being in mind not only of the workers they represented, but also the owners and employers, because they shrewdly understood that a rich man could simply shut up shop and move elsewhere if too much pressure was placed on him from a ‘wages’ or ‘conditions’ standpoint.

Yes, many grievous wrongs were righted, and yes, it is logical for negotiations to be carried out between employer and workers’ representatives, but the Union movement has carried out a ‘sea change’ both in the manner of their operations, and in the manner of their thinking. Various amalgamations and shrinkages have occurred within the Union movement, with the result being that the majority of Trade Unions are led and represented by hard-line ultra-left wing activists. This has brought a fairly calm and level-headed labour force to be marched onto the barricades in search of agreements all designed to force confrontation with the employer. We see the RMT, we watch as Unite threaten the very livelihoods they are supposed to represent as they stand impassive and intransigent before an Employer, whether it be BAA, BA, or the London Underground.

We should, by now, be used to ‘bolshie’ Unions talking up the ‘industrial action’ routine, every time they want more; more money, more time off, more ‘perks’. But I believe a step too far has been taken by the GMB union, paymaster of the Labour Party to the tune of £1.5 million in the first part of this year, when their spokesman stated that it could withhold its financial support if David Miliband or Ed Balls is chosen as the new leader. These people at the top of unions have wormed, twisted and bullied their way to the top of the union pile, and now they want to subvert a democratic process for the Labour Party leadership because they only support one of the three main contenders. I wonder if the average Union member agrees with the hard-left stance taken by their Representatives? I know what I would be planning if I were a Union member

What Was That Word Again?

Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights for all., we are told!

Our supporters are outraged by human rights abuses but inspired by hope for a better world – so we work to improve human rights through campaigning and international solidarity.

We have more than 2.8 million members and supporters in more than 150 countries and regions and we coordinate this support to act for justice on a wide range of issues.

So now we all know what they stand for; for fairness, for human rights and against abuses. So I wonder why the Chairman of Finnish Amnesty International declares Israel, the ONLY Democracy in the Middle East, tobe a Scum State.

When called upon it, he removed the post, and tried to state that he was misquoted, but we know differently, don’t we?

Israel is not perfect, that Nation is the first to admit that, but there is, in that small beleagured nation, the very definition of the finest that Humanity produces; based upon the simple truth that they have to win every battle; the Arabs, the Palestinians, the rest of the surrounding scum only have to win one!

Lose my Temper? Me?

Memo to Paul McKay, Notts Council Service director:-

You stupid, uncaring, thick, foolish clown! Can’t you tell the truth? Can’t you state that your bloody department got it wrong? Can’t you even understand that you have cost this man his dignity?

You are not worth the sweat from this hero’s socks. You are the very epitome of a true ‘Jobsworth’

If this wounded veteran is not in possession of the correct badge in two days, you should be fired, along with all the other clowns who say they work for Notts. Council who have been involved in any way whatsoever in the disgraceful treatment dished out to this man who was grievously injured in the Service of his Country!

If That’s All There Is My Friends…

As in this United Kingdom, so in America.

Someone, somewhere must explain to me why politicians, especially politicians, seem to think that the world owes them a favour, a ‘freebie’, a ‘some’pun for nuttin’?

Is it because of the theory that they ‘own’ great power themselves, and if they use that power to reward their friends, their friends will in due course reward them? We all know of the businessmen who have been caught trying to influence politicians, and how stupid they look when called on their crimes. Because it is a crime; it is called bribery, in many forms and names it is true, but it all comes down to the same thing!If you wish to influence legislation, or policy, and you offer any form of merchandise, monetary or otherwise; that my friends, is corrupt activity, first name Bribery.

When Tony Blair accepted a £1 million ‘donation’ to the Labour Party coffers from a Formula One kingpin, he got exactly what he wanted from ‘Straight Guy’ Tony, which was an exemption for tobacco from the strict advertising rules about to be imposed on Formula One racing. The fact that the ‘donation’ was exposed, publicised and in the end returned is besides the point, it was bribery, pure and simple, and both the Formula One boss and Blair should have been hauled over the coals by the CPS. The fact that they didn’t receive anything more than a pile of unwelcome publicity is indicative of only one thing, the ‘great and good’ protect each other’s arseholes.

Over in New York, the vultures are hovering around Governor David Paterson and his ‘acceptance’ of four $425 tickets to watch the opening game at the new Yankee Stadium. Now he pulls down some $178,000 so he isn’t exactly on his uppers, so why would he place his job on the line for the equivalent of one-hundredth of his yearly pay? Is he uneducated? I don’t think so; you don’t get to be Governor without having at least most of the apples in the barrel. Is he mean? Didn’t he want to pay for the top-rank tickets because they were too pricy? Is he just plain stupid? Possibly yes, because he tried to pay with a cheque back-dated and signed by someone else!

The list of venal and criminal politicians goes on, and on. Perhaps we should amend old Boss William’s line and simply‘first, shoot all the politicians’!

We Are All Committed…..

It seems as though the Toyota ‘Quality’ onslaught is gathering speed and momentum. Besides the online adverts, I have also seen lots of half- and full-page adverts in the dead tree press.

I just wonder how many accidents would have been prevented if they had spent just a little more in the past years on quality control on their software and production lines, rather than on really expensive lawyers who fought law-suits from aggrieved families. They also would have saved quite a bit on the advertising budget.

Corporate Toyota! If they had stood up when the problems were first revealed, and said ‘Sorry, we got it wrong, and we promise to do a lot better in the future’ they might have been believed; as it is, all this ‘I’m in charge’ just seems like bullshit spread really wide in the fields!

I do note however that the avalanche of ads seems to be working, but I don’t know if that is a reflection on the buyers mentality, or on the quality of the advertising teams!

We too have wounds which do not heal!

I am not often lost for words, some unkind souls say I talk way too much, but when I read this, I had to stop and think, then decided to post the whole copy:-

The hour of 1700 24 Aug eastern daylight time has now come and gone, and all afternoon I watched the clock as I worked. It has now been five years since I stood in an open doorway at an air cargo hanger for US Airways at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport and watched as an Escort Sergeant and the Casualty Assistance Officer uncrated Mike’s Casket and drape the American Flag over him, neatly cornering it out and not accepting anything less than perfection. I stood there, large tears dripping down my cheeks onto my coat, tie and dress shirt, trying to give a proper salute to Mike, an untrained civilian whose hand trembled against my forehead, my chest aching pain of a grieving heart. An office full of workers whose day was like any other suddenly realized what was happening and froze and stared. They were to say the least, aghast having been caught by surprise at the moment. As the Escort Sergeant and CAO satisfied themselves Mike’s Flag was properly draped, they turned and looked at me, nodding with approval and I released my salute as they slid his Flag Draped Casket into the waiting hearse. I walked outside needing fresh air, but more importantly to call my wife Retta, as I had come alone. As she answered the phone I simply said “Our Boy is Home” and then the tears became a sob in unison as she sobbed from the other end. After a few moments I got in the hearse and rode the 30 plus miles to the funeral home, where Mike’s mom and other dad were waiting and he would stay overnight, unannounced so the community could be given notice the next day and have their desired opportunity to welcome Mike home. It was the best we could do with just a two hour call block he was coming in.

Mike’s Flag Draped Casket was just inches over my shoulder as we traveled many of the same roads he and I traveled over the years as I went back and forth with him on weekend, holiday and summer visitation trips between his mom’s home and my home. Many moments of remembering, whether singing a goofy song, yelling up at our favorite local traffic copter announcer (Scott Slade who Mike called Scott Wade as a little boy), eating at a Burger King with a playground, visiting a game ranch where Mike once had to rescue his younger brother Wes from a somewhat aggressive small deer. Every mile was a memory, and yet another moment for a broken heart to ache even more. It was a long ride but not nearly long enough, and over too soon and then, it was time to share him with others…. It was my Last Ride to Take My Boy Home. It is burned in my memory as vividly as scenes on film captured on DVD. As I go monthly or more often to tend Mike’s grave and visit him I travel by Hartsfield just eyeball distance from that Air Cargo Hanger on a monthly basis, sometimes more often, as well as many of the same highways we traveled that moment in time five years ago. I never fail to look over going and coming and feel that moment and remember my first glimpse of my Boy’s Flag Draped Casket, and I never want to forget the pain, for to hurt deep you had to love deep.

People ask me about Mike, how I am doing, and sometimes how I cope and I like that, for it means they Remember Him. I tell them I will die with a broken heart, but I choose to live with as much joy as possible, for God gives us life, and my Boy would want me to go on and live as full and happy a life as possible. I owe it to God and my Boy and it is the least I can. And in a selfish way, it is my sticking it back to those who killed Mike, my way of taunting them and saying you hurt us bad but you failed to take us all out and we will now stand up and we will not cower, we will not retreat, we will not blame in bitterness and WE WILL REMEMBER MIKE WITH HONOR. I openly say that those who killed Mike and would rob our country of freedom would have been better off to have left him alone, for they awoke an entire family, community and many new friends around the world. Those who killed Mike failed, and he won. Mike and our family are not the only ones they failed with, for the Families of the Fallen in the War on Terror, even though knocked to their knees, as a whole, rose again to stand as tall as they might, joined by millions of supporters at home and hundreds of thousands of fellow soldiers and their families who stayed engaged, some many deployments over, even knowing what could happen.

Cut and Run was not a strategy, option or path to victory. Duty, Honor, Country, and might I now add Sacrifice, was! When others called to leave, those who really counted said no, I will go, some again and again, and many more gave their lives, while others had their lives altered in many ways. One in particular is SFC Mark Allen who served with Mike. Upon his redeployment from Iraq in 2006, he had a safe full time job at the State level with the Georgia Army National Guard. In mid 2008, when he got wind that a lot of his Iraq battle buddies, now with Bravo 2/121 of the 48th GAARNG were likely going to get orders in the coming year to deploy to Afghanistan, he demanded his way out of the safe job and into Bravo 2/121. I shall never forget on the 3rd anniversary gathering at Mike’s grave, Mark and his wife came as they had the previous two years, and brought their one month old daughter and stood in the hot evening sun. He told me of his plans and hope to have orders to join Bravo 2/121 in a month or so. I was the unit’s Family Readiness Chairperson and a month later at the Armory, which is near my work, in he pops and says its official “I’m here.” Mark and his wife weren’t with us at the fourth anniversary gathering, and a few days before I visited them at Bethesda where Mark lay in a coma from a serious gunshot wound and brain injury sustained in a fierce firefight where his squad encountered overwhelming enemy forces and fire on July 8, 2009, just a month into his Afghan deployment. I looked at Mark’s wife as she cooed to him and stroked his arm telling him I was there. I choked back tears and mumbled “You all have to be the bravest folks I know because you saw up close and personal what happened to us, yet you went again.” Mark Allen has only recently began to make the first simple steps of cognitive recognition, but they are steps that the odds didn’t support were possible. And you know what, if he could get out of the bed, he would go again.

And there are so many more like the Allens. There are more of the Allens than the “others” who want to slurp at the fountain of freedom but who don’t want to do any lifting, much less the heavy lifting, and when it gets tough are the first to call for cut and run. It is because of those like the Allens that we will endure, we will prevail and we will live free.

And it is because of those like the Allens, the Chuck Z, Greyhawks, Blackfive, Thunderrun, They have Names, Patti Patton-Bader and her entire SA organization too many to mention, as well as so many others that space and time can not measure, that my broken heart can rest gently on their support and endure with assurance that what Mike did mattered and what he gave will be Remembered with Honor. And I have to think thus it is so for the many like me. What a blessing to live among such great people in such a great country.


Robert Stokely
proud dad of SGT Mike Stokely, Bronze Star and Purple Heart.
KIA 16 AUG 05 near Yusufiyah Iraq
US Army E 108 CAV 48th BCT GAARNG

Hat tip to Blackfive at for the journey!

Entry is, as ever, free!

Lots of people all around the place have been commenting, posting and generally making their feelings known on such subjects as the Cordoba Mosque in New York, ‘Free speech’  as well as on many other topics dear to their individual needs.

Speaking, as ever, purely for myself, I could not state things better that to echo the wish of a blogger who is well up on my ‘favourites’ button when it comes to remembering those who died at the hands and minds of the nineteen ‘jihadi’ murderers who fulfilled their wettest of dreams that sunny morning in New York. He wants to remember the ‘nineteen’ as well, but in a very particular manner.

He wants their names all carefully inscribed within the new building at Ground Zero, but specifically at the base of nineteen individual urinals, so they would too be remembered in the best of all possible ways!

‘Play On’ Indeed!

My music is Classical. Give me Bach, Wagner, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and I am content. Music and politics, the other item which energises me, never really mix well. Some people would never dream of allowing anything by Wagner to be played within their hearing, because of the connotations with the Nazis, but others, of a slightly more liberal bent, listen to Wagner because it is such wonderful music.

Most of what passes for music produced these days thankfully passes me by, mainly because I listen to either my collection of favourite music on CD, or through the radio waves generated by Classic FM. Of course my ears are assaulted by some tripe, but that happens when I fail to grab the remote when some so-called adverts are broadcast on Sky, but other than that, I know very little about the modern music scene. which is all the more amazing to find myself actually promoting the output, gigs and music of an outfit which I can honestly state I have never heard.

Therefore, please put your hands together, and applaud the concerts, music and output of Public Image Ltd. featuring Mr. John Joseph Lydon, a.k.a Johnny Rotten. Why, might you ask, am I promoting the work of a man whose previous group ‘The Sex Pistols’ produced more anti-social noise than the previous fifty occupiers of the lead position in the New Musical Express Top Ten?

Quite simple, I like a man with principle! I like a man who says exactly what he thinks, and I especially like a man who states, when asked why his group is preparing to play in Israel when many of his contemporaries wouldn’t go near the place,:-

“I really resent the presumption that I’m going there to play to right-wing Nazi Jews, If Elvis-f***ing-Costello wants to pull out of a gig in Israel because he’s suddenly got this compassion for Palestinians, then good on him. But I have absolutely one rule, right? Until I see an Arab country, a Muslim country, with a democracy, I won’t understand how anyone can have a problem with how they’re treated.”


Oh, all right Cherie!  You know I had to give all that cash to that Soldiers Charity, along with the advances and all the rest!

What with the Kelly cover-up, and the bloody Chilcott enquiry, I had to give the cash away, otherwise the bloody Daily Mail would have me on the f***ing front page for ever!

I helped start the bloody war, so the only thing to do is not to be seen making any money out of it!

Give me time, and once the new bank is up and running, you’ll be able to walk off your own yacht on to your own bloody island!

Now shut the f*** up, and let me sign these advance copies before the  ink dries!

With acknowledgement to Scarfe.

Good Holiday, Michelle?

One of the basic differences in the thought-process of politicians and their Parties, those Parties of course being Left, Centre-left, Centre, Centre Wavering, and of course the dreaded Right, is the ‘truth’ to which they espouse. In Britain, as well as in America, all those mentioned above apart from the truly ‘Right’ believe that Government can and does create jobs. They are of course correct, if you allow for the uncomfortable fact that all those ‘new’ jobs created are Government jobs. As is well-illustrated within this post, yes, there were ‘jobs’ created in the 21/2 years since ObamaDay, but only within the ‘Federal’ side of things. Over on this side of the pond, the inexorable rise in the size of the public sector is of course only partly responsible for the ‘black hole’ of debt now carried by this Nation, and the struggle by the unions to repel all attempts at shrinkage will be awesome to behold.

The true result of the ‘Boom’ days can be seen in this article, with ships anchor-chains rusting as they swing at their buoys either in the bay or up the river over here, or more explicitly in this document which exposes the true nature of Obama’s claim to have made progress. The trucks which should be delivering the ‘goods’ lie idle, because Americans are not yet convinced that their Government is on their side, and I for one don’t blame them. Its okay to have a fine, sonorous voice which comes over well on television, but if there isn’t something worth listening to rolling off the ‘teleprompter’, the audience is gonna’ get the message, and deliver its verdict this November!

The New ‘Student’?

These days, I don’t smoke. I haven’t smoked for over 26 years, ever since I returned to these shores from overseas, where cigarettes were very, very cheap. To give you some idea of how cheap smokes were to buy would be to tell you that my brother bought some duty-free while flying down to visit us, and he bought some more where we lived, and they were still sixty % cheaper.

I, along with my wife, stopped smoking before we returned to England, mainly because we accepted that we just could not pay the extortionate taxes levied by the State upon tobacco consumption. We made a conscious decision, based purely on economic concerns. The fact that I relocated a heightened sense of smell, and of taste within three months was a bonus. The further fact that we came to realise that smoking was nothing else than a dirty, stinking habit which would possibly have sent us both into an early grave is beside the point; which is that we stopped because we made that choice not to smoke, not because of dire warnings, or peer pressure, or hugely-expensive advert campaigns. We stopped because it cost too much, for a couple with a family to raise, to continue smoking. That was 26 years ago, when 20 smokes cost £1.75.

Given the above, do readers believe that it is right for a bunch of students, mentored by not only their teachers but also an ‘award-winning Italian film director’ to charge down Chatham High Street pinching cigarettes from shoppers? Should the police have just ‘stood by’ or should they have arrested these foolish clowns on the spot? And what would have happened to any unsuspecting member of the public who had got physical with someone who is, after all a common thief?

Believe It When You See It.

We are reprimanded by Jemima. We, the Britons with no thought for anything else but Page Three of the Sun and the Premier League; ‘Yeastenders/Immordale/Corrie  and all the other soaps, are reprimanded. The thinking few are also reprimanded by this blonde who is after our money.

Why is she so p**sed of at we Brits?  Well, it’s because the country where her millionaire politician ex-husband comes from has been hit by floods, thus devastating the infrastructure of Pakistan. We are told by Jemima that we should immediately cough up, because if we don’t, the ‘jihadi’ madrassas will hoover up all the dispossessed kids and transform them into suicide offerings; we will let the strong survive and the weak go to the wall. We should give our money because what has already been given is totally inadequate, that amount being dwarfed by the relief effort for Haiti or the Tsunami disasters.

Tell you what, Jemima, fabulously wealthy daughter of Sir James Goldsmith, I’ll make a bargain with you! You divest yourself of half of your wealth, and get your millionaire ex-husband to do the same, sending all that huge amount of cash to help the starving, and the sick, and the dispossessed in Pakistan. You get your brother Zac to maybe do the same, because he can afford it as well, and then I’ll see about sending what little I can afford to maybe the R.N.L.I., because Charity begins at Home!

Glory Indeed!

Along with many other commentators, I refuel my minds eye by reading voraciously of those bloggers who do the ‘hard work’ of meticulous investigation, and see the results laid out in pages which vary from ‘thoroughly readable’  to ‘worthy of a more detailed visit later”. Most of my own postings are the result of my own mind, aided by a wide sweep through the vast layers of news and information, some are of course the result of personal knowledge, and some are from personal circumstances. Some of the last section of them being sad, but a very few are suffused with joy.

But I would point out today, on this the 14th August 2010, that the most momentous battle ever fought by our Nation on land, at sea or in the air happened during those Days of Glory some seventy years ago, just two months before I was born. From the forgotten, the Anti-aircraft batteries, the Observer Corps,  the Home Guard, they also served. Add to the totals the Merchant Navy convoys who sailed into ‘Death Alley’ in the knowledge that their lives turned on sheer chance; the aircraftsman, the engineers, down to the young women who manned the plotting tables in the Command Centres, and of course those brave, insouciant young men who flew the Hurricanes and Spitfires against a determined enemy. Read of those days, and marvel how we survived!

High Flight
Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth
And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
Sunward I’ve climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth
of sun-split clouds, — and done a hundred things
You have not dreamed of—wheeled and soared and swung
High in the sunlit silence. Hov’ring there,
I’ve chased the shouting wind along, and flung
My eager craft through footless halls of air….
Up, up the long, delirious, burning blue
I’ve topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace
Where never lark nor even eagle flew—
And, while with silent lifting mind I’ve trod
The high untrespassed sanctity of space,
Put out my hand, and touched the face of God.

Ave Atque Vale

Hat tip to EU Referendum

Silence is ‘golden’

Remember Sharpeville? Yep, thats the place! On 21 march 1960, thats where 69 Black people were shot by South African police. Sharpeville was a Black township near Vereeniging, in what used to be known as the Transvaal. Remember how the newspapers all over the world clamped on the story like live limpets? Remember how the terrible scourge of Apartheid had taken the lives of innocents, who were only demonstrating against the hated Pass laws, and how the newspapers of the world were spreading the message that the Nationalist Government of South Africa had sliced one more scar into the flesh of the Black people? Of course you do! Everyone remembers Sharpeville! And so they should! It was a terrible act against unarmed people, and there was no defence against these deaths. It was terrible, and the world is still reminded of that day, when White and Black policemen panicked, drew their guns in fear of their lives and shot down 69 people, and injured 180 others. Some mark that day as the beginning of the end of Nationalist rule in South Africa, and they might well be right; and it is good that that day, and the memory of those people who died, are thus remembered!

Strange, is it not, that similar massive black-underlined newspaper headlines have not appeared for a modern massacre? Cannot really understand why there are no television reporters, complete with floodlit cameras at the ready, awaiting interviews with any of the people who have intimate knowledge of this new massacre? Cannot get my head around the strangely-silent BBC television reporters who don’t appear to have literally anything to say about twenty Black people shot down at a gold mine? Okay, there aren’t sixty-nine dead, there are only Twenty, but that is still a massacre, isn’t it? Or does it only become a massacre when it is White people holding the guns, and Black people dying, instead of Black security guards killing non-South African Black people? Is the fact that the mine is owned by the nephew of President Zuma and the grandson of Nelson Mandela any influence upon the strangely-silent news media? Is the silence that deafening that no-one, apart from one Black newspaper, a small by-line on the BBC website, and a few bloggers, have anything to say at all about a modern Sharpeville?

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believe it!

I do not read, support, follow, check out, wait upon, tweet or facebook any so-called celebrities. Life is too short to even attempt to understand the minds who watch or follow the people who feature in ‘Hello’ or ‘Now’, or even check out the ‘celeb pix’ in the Daily Mail, or watch ‘Yeastenders’. Personally, watching paint dry is a viable alternative.

To validate my point, I would quote from a Sunday Times ‘Travel Interview’ with one ‘media-shy’ Katie Price, a.k.a Jordan, or the ‘one with the big t*** and the vacuous stare’. Thats the one! I only glanced at the page because there was a beautiful picture of two horses with ‘er in the middle!

“My worst holiday was in Disneyland Paris with the kids. That was really bad. Everything was in French. You had to queue forever to do anything and it was full of French people. The food was shocking – a complete and utter rip-off. The only good thing was, because most of them were French, I didn’t get recognised and pestered all the time.”

Trust Them? I’d Rather Trust A Croc

The latest idea from the Cleggerons is to send in the clowns when it comes to Benefit Fraud. By the ‘clowns’ I mean give access to all our bank, tax, credit and life data to credit check companies such as Experian. Now, when David posted upon this, he stated that he welcomed the idea in principle, as Benefit fraud is a crime, but I tend to demur from this approach.

What is proposed is that Experian is allowed free access to ALL the information held by Government upon its citizens, and by data mining and cross-checking against known values, such as the amount of benefit received and say, the number and size of holidays abroad, the life-styles of people will be easily checked to see if they are living beyond their assumed means.

Now in this Country, despite all that has been destroyed by successive Governments or handed willy-nilly to Brussels, we still hold the presumption of innocence to be paramount. Remember, in any criminal or most civil trials, the burden of proof must be met by the prosecution. In other words, we can’t put someone on trial because they look guilty, we have to prove they are guilty. It is no good stating Martin McGuiness is a terrorist godfather, the State would have to prove it. We might all know that ‘Machine Gun Martin’ is a killer, unfortunately, this must be proved to the satisfaction of twelve jurors, or, in the special case of our Martin, a single judge, because of the capacity of the IRA killers to sanction a jury.

Similarly, Experian, by the very nature of their business, should not be given access to a myriad of British Citizens data records, and be told, “We think there are many bad apples in the box, we need your expertise to go fishing and expose them!”

When we can read about a family such as these, who milk the system legally, is it any wonder that Government is looking for another stick, any stick, with which to batter our sorely-tried liberties until all our data is owned by the Stasi Government?

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But It Is All For Such A Good Cause!

I was doing my morning exercise time at the gym. I have given up the struggle to lose weight, all I wish is to keep supple in my joints, and what remains of my muscles, including my heart. I was listening to the morning BBC Today Programme, suffering as I did so, mainly because of the interminable left-wingery which dribbles out of those talented people. But the programme terminated three minutes early, so that a call for funds for the pakistan flood relief effort from the DEC could be made by John McCarthy; at which point I switched over to my selection of classical music, which never fails to soothe me.

The DEC, or to give its correct title the Disasters Emergency Committee, and its interminable calls for help, money, blood, sweat etc., I shrug off as a mere aural insult. If you want to give to one of thirteen organisations who all are intent upon ‘doing good’, you go for it! You wouldn’t be listening to the likes of me telling you otherwise anyway, so why should I even try?

But if, like me, you have delved just a little way into the financial reporting structure, you would find that they aren’t so much Charities as once perceived, but more like big business. When you are World Vision, and can state that you have £8 million-odd cash in the bank, and are earning interest of £205,000 last year alone, that ain’t hay! But also, when you see the pictures of the flooded villages, of the vast areas still under water, and that incessant voice-over calling for your cash to help plug the dyke; and then handing over the cash, you are also helping to pay Justin Byworth’s salary of £86,127.00. Maybe he is worth every penny; but there again, maybe not!

There were two reasons for my switch-over from broadcast to recorded music; the other was the sheer agony of being forced to listen to John McCarthy’s voice-over. All the time he speaks, I am reminded of the only reason for his fame, or should that be notoriety? He was kidnapped by ‘jihadi’ clowns in the Lebanon, despite several warnings that he would be targeted; and held for five years. He won, by a close margin the title of the ‘World’s most boring voice’, the other contestant being the equally fatuous clown Terry Waite, who was also held hostage in Beirut after moving into the then ‘most dangerous place in the world’, and expecting that he would not be touched because he was ‘Terry Waite’!

Both men later accepted that the same title of ‘The World’s most boring voice’ should be awarded by acclamation to the third contestant, who emerged from total obscurity when kidnapped in Gaza and only released after 114 days; this being Alan Johnston. There are two queries about the ‘kidnap’ of this man. The first is simply that there has never been a more fervent apologist for the excesses of Hamas than Johnston, so the question is why on earth would they kidnap him in the first place? The second query is how he came to survive so long while in ‘captivity’, as close contact with the sound of that voice for more than sixty seconds would drive any normal person towards thoughts of mass-murder, if not genocide!

Hat on?

We are told that Samantha Cameron is the first visibly pregnant First Lady we’ve had on the Vanity Fair magazine’s International Best-Dressed List.

Now I personally have nothing against Samantha Cameron, she seems a typical very wealthy British woman and mother, but ‘Best-dressed First Lady’ she ain’t.

We already have one of those, and SHE has been around for quite a while; God Bless her!