Someone’s Been Reading the Tea Leaves

Considering that this pile of reeking garbage came via the twisted, Nazi-loving, perverted mind of Max Mosley: isn’t it about time?

Victory for the free Press as ‘draconian’ libel law is scrapped

The law was never brought into force amid widespread opposition from every major national newspaper group, and campaigners such as the Index on Censorship.

Lest We Forget

That headline phrase is known and used by most British people around the times when we, as a nation, remember those who died in the Service of their Country.  We revere the Cenotaph, and the simple war memorials which, across this Nation, remember the shadows of the men and women who died whilst defending the Freedom which was earned, in part, by their sacrifice. Those who died abroad have graves around the world, mainly well-tended by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the successor to the  Imperial War Graves Commission, first established in 1917. Many have no known grave, either perishing at sea, or in the charnel houses which were the blood-soaked battlefields of the First World War.

But there is another theatre altogether where, to my mind, the atrocities and carnage should also be remembered; remembered for the absolute disgrace of the then Prime Minister, ‘Tony’ Blair, giving in to the pressure exerted by the bloody Americans, the Lefty-Liberals, the European Union; along with the internal Labour politicians, all of whom just wanted a quiet life, away from the strife of Northern Ireland’s policies and politics: and announced the SURRENDER to the SinnFeinIRA bombing campaign, which took the form of the Belfast Agreement.  This surrender allowed the terrorists of SinnFeinIRA to enter the Government of the Province, allowed the hundreds of murderous terrorists to gain their unjustified freedom, and gave the bloody Republic a foothold into Northern Ireland’s governance. 

We read today of the possibility of a sustained and continuous SinnFeinIRA bombing attack which would have set off Sixteen bombs over 18 days, with lulls on Sundays. It would have been a chance to revive the infamous IRA graffiti in Belfast: ‘Every night is gelignite.’ The main terrorist behind this planned carnage was Patrick Magee, the infamous Brighton Bomber. No one had suspected that small, soft-spoken visitor to Brighton’s Grand Hotel as the killer as he completed his deadly and murderous plan to assassinate Margaret Thatcher, and it is a fact that she missed death by two minutes, as she had vacated the bathroom by those few vital seconds, before that same bathroom was torn apart by that blast, which killed five and injured thirty five more.

Magee’s one mistake? He left half a hand print on the hotel registration card, and this was paired by the Forensic analyst Steve Turner, part of the team seeking a match for the Roy Walsh palm-print. On January 17, 1985, he’d just spent 11 hours at his desk, studying prints, when he noticed something unusual. The palm-print he was examining had been taken in 1967 from a teenager called Patrick Magee, after he had broken into a shop in Norwich, where his parents were living at the time. With mounting excitement, the analyst charted 16 points of similarity. Stephen Turner had just discovered who had planted the Brighton bomb.

Murderer Magee was released, and the killers entered Stormont under the trafficked name of SinnFein. The betrayals travelled further, and slowly but surely, the Unionist cause was diminished over the years, under both Labour and Tory Governments, until we see the latest betrayal, named ‘The Windsor Framework’ by the traitorous Prime Minister Sunak, along with the head of the European Union, which establishes the permanent presence of the EU in Northern Ireland, the Irish Sea Border, and the fact that the Union of the Four Nations which comprises the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is slowly and surely being dissolved before our eyes.


The Living Hell which is Commercial Television

Dante, the really old-fashioned Italian poet had many things going for him. Perhaps, unfortunately, he could not foretell or see the future, because if he had, he would have changed the numbers from his Nine Circles of Hell; to Ten. Why the upgrade? Because Dante had no idea that television would be invented, followed shortly after by commercial television. 

Consider myself, an old man, who only wishes to be entertained by watching a streaming service, which carries various programmes inclusive of detective programmes such as ‘Morse’, the varied series which do appeal to an elderly man with an appreciation for well-plotted detective schemes and programming, along with a life-long appreciation of classical music.

So what, in your view, would be worse that having that programme, which you haven’t seen in literally years, interrupted by minutes of totally inane garbage which purports to be advertising. Now I don’t, honestly, mind adverts, as long as they serve a purpose. But the thing which I, personally, dislike, is that they keep, keep repeating the verbal and visual garbage which is supposed to entice us to think on that, or invest in this; or even to buy the latest garbage which is supposed to “save the bloody planet”: namely an electric vehicle.

Do they honestly believe that they are achieving anything towards a further profit for any one of their multinational corporations? 

Me? I’ve seen the light. I only buy that which I need, whether it be food, or clothing to keep my old bones warm. I keep in touch with my three kids, now all grown up, along with the four dynamos, lightly disguised as Grandsons. I see and keep in touch with my brother and his wife. I watch the various scams pushed by the scheming politicians who purport to govern this once-great and beautiful nation, and shake my head in quiet despair. 

As for commercial television, I still shake my head in quiet disbelief.

 This was The Navy. The British Navy

Painting depicts the full Coronation Review in 1953, before the bloody politicians of both so-called Parties, the so-called Civil Service, along with all the peace-lovers, the Lefties, the disarmament crew; along with the bean counters, decimated the means by which we were able, in every term of the word, to patrol and defend our Trade Routes. We are an Island Nation, and once-upon-a-time, we had a Royal Navy worthy of the Name.

We are an Island nation. Our very history stems from the fact that, from the earliest days of trade, our national need for imports and exports have demanded a competent naval force to protect our island’s interests. From the ‘King’s Navee’ to the masterful force which was the Royal Navy in the years just after WW2, we have had, made and determined policy by the presence and actions of Navy warships.

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And no; Folks, there ain’t no thing like Global Warming: becozz your Guvvmint been lying to you!

I have always been a Sceptic when it comes to predictions, even when the people making those predictions say that their words are backed by Science.  I mean, when a politician climbs on to the Climate Bandwagon, and claims that we’re all going to die because of our way of life, because we’re producing lots of Carbon Dioxide; through things like heating our homes, driving efficient and safe petrol and diesel cars, getting our weekly shop from supermarkets, who of course use petrol and diesel trucks to get stocked up with those same shopping items. Not forgetting the most efficient methods of generating electricity are either coal, gas fired turbines generation, combined cycle comprising gas turbines plus (waste heat powered) steam turbine to alternator. 

So, the ‘Greenies’ determine that the ice is going to melt in the Arctic, and the Antarctic, all because of that nasty Carbon Dioxide warming the planet, and piling up the melted water. So we all have to pay huge amounts of cash to subsidise hundreds of gigantic windmills turning electric generators, all of which are supposed to replace all those nasty CO2-generating power stations which are supposed to be hastening the end of the world. Along, of course, with covering ever-expanding millions of acres of arable land with solar cells, all of which are then connected to substations and then on into the grid. Not many of the people who glorify and push both wind and solar cells are truthful enough to admit that both systems have major drawbacks: namely if the wind doesn’t blow, or the sun doesn’t shine, like at night, it would take a first class miracle to make them generate electricity. 

Not many people outside of the world of ships and cargo transportation know of the huge costs being imposed upon ALL major shipping lines, in order to appease the great Gods of Climate Change. Because the lobbying from the various crazed Global Warming clowns has been successful, all major shipbuilding companies, in places like Japan, South Korea and China have bowed to the pressure, and fitted CO2 scrubbing equipment, at a huge cost, to ships flagged all over the world. The big shipbuilders have also required their engine builders to make both new and existing ship engines to accept ‘Dual Fuel’, accommodating such diverse fuels such as methanol, bio-diesel, ammonia and hydrogen. 

The ship-builders and shipping companies, acting as one, have said they have absorbed the costs, but in actual fact, the costs have been retrieved by placing or charging extra for delivery of a tanker, or a huge container ship, and then by the shipping companies charging extra to move that eighty-five percent of the world’s traded goods to their destination. So when you look at a supermarket shelf, and compare prices to those of even five-odd years ago, that substantial price rise isn’t only because of the nation’s inflation, its because of the higher charges due to shipping those goods, whatever they may be: because the shipping companies have seen the costs THEY have been landed with, and have passed on those same charges and costs to the companies who import those goods which are now displayed on those supermarket shelves.

So, I would state that I am proud to be a Climate Denier, proud that I have not been taken in by the lies, by the pseudo-science, by the John Kerrys and the Obama’s; and by the autistic blurtings of Greta bloody Thunberg! 

I do so wish that there were more commentators such as the truly estimable Tucker Carlson.

‘Hijab’ protesters – Brave. Nazanin: still just stupid.

I have written previously on the fact that Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is nothing more than a wilful, terminally stupid woman, who believes that she was arrested, charged and held in Iran for six years because the Iran Government used her as a bargaining chip against the UK; against a long standing debt argument between the two Nations.

The above may well be true, mainly because of the truth that she is both wilful and terminally stupid. She knew of the Iranian Muslim Mullahs; Zealots who ‘govern’ that unfortunate Nation with a rod of iron. She knew of the dangers of entering Iran with so-called Dual Nationality, of holding both British and Iranian passports; she knew that the Mullahs simply do not accept people can hold Dual Nationality. She was well aware of the UK Foreign Office’s well-founded strictures and warnings regarding ANY travel at all into that truly dangerous country. She knew of those dangers, she knew of the warnings: but she took her small daughter and went anyway, on a HOLIDAY, an ‘Effing HOLIDAY in IRAN: because she wanted to see her parents: she ignored all the warnings, because she was, and still is, terminally stupid.

So, after five-odd years, she was released from the prison, but still held under house arrest. But instead of thanking her lucky stars for her semi-freedom, this stupid bitch had agreed to be interviewed over a three-day period by a bunch known as the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims; spilling out all the juicy details of what had been allegedly done to her in prison. She may have been promised that everything she said to them would be kept secret: but promises, unfortunately are broken every day. The whole caboodle was leaked to the Times, who splashed it all over their front pages; but that isn’t the best bit: the dozey cow was up on charges of ‘Spreading Propaganda’.

But, in the end, she got her freedom, and returned, along with her daughter, to the UK. She, along with her equally dozey husband, paraded round the t.v. and radio studios, especially her husband’s favourite, the BBC’s Today Programme, well known for seizing and applauding every loose-mouthed liberal and left-winger in the business.

But now Nazanin ‘Whatever-her-name-is’ jumps back into the field of Diplomatic relations by allying herself with the Iranian ‘Hijab’ protesters. Now I have a great deal of time for those brave young women who have literally ‘laid their lives on the line’ by protesting against the Mad Mullahs. They know what these murderous terrorists are capable of; and still they protest.

But for bloody Nazanin ‘Whatever-her-name-is’ to position  herself alongside those brave female protesters, is just plain wrong. 

They were arrested, and are probably facing death sentences because they dared to even question the Mullahs’ demand that they cover their hair. 

Nazanin ‘Whatever-her-name-is’ was arrested because she was, and still is, TERMINALLY STUPID!