And you will all kneel, because you don’t understand why they do.

We are told by the new expert in all things Racial, that we should support, without question, comment or discussion; the massed and co-ordinated demonstrations by a very small group of  highly-privileged and equally highly-paid men who play football. We are told, by this new expert, and would-be leader of the new British Thought Police, namely Gareth Southgate, that we Englishmen should not question any decision to act, or to demonstrate, in concert, by this tiny bunch of multi-millionaires; because they are so special, and so humble, as well as being so proud and so liberated.

But Mr. Southgate does not even mention, or even hint, at the real reason for his unprecedented Letter to all of us who term ourselves English. 

Allow me to elaborate.

An American criminal who was also a drug addict with a lethal combination of toxic drugs inn his body, attempted to pass a forged $20 note. His crime was detected by the shop clerk, the police were called, and because George Floyd resisted arrest, the police subdued him. Policemen knelt on Floyd’s body, shoulder and neck to restrain him, and Floyd died. The hysteria and politically-shaded violence which supposedly followed this man’s death was the boost needed to give the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement acres of publicity. One of the stunts following Floyd’s death was large numbers of people kneeling down to protest ‘racial injustice’, whatever that might mean.

The BLM bunch exported their marches, chants and violence from America to Europe, some clown in the footballing world decided that it was something that high-profile players and teams should adopt, presumably because they wished to protest against the high numbers of dead black men unlawfully killed by British police over the decades., And this is what Mr. Southgate is referring to, despite his never ever mentioning the fact that his England team members were now routinely ‘kneeling’ because all black people have such a bad deal in England. He also cleverly did not either mention that many English football fans were ‘Booing’ these same self-righteous clowns because they were ‘taking the kneeL but that, folks, was the sole and simple idea behind this unprecedented Letter to England!

I have not made any contributions to the various blogsites and news sites who kindly take my contributions recently; but, as many will already know and understand, I have been silent because my beloved wife died, and my whole life has changed. But I felt this topic is so important because it touches upon us all: whether football fan or not, whether sporting fan or not: whether White, or Black, or Brown, or indeed Purple-skinned. 

These multi-millionaires are kneeling because it is their opinion that England somehow disrespects people of colour.

The veritable swarm of people who now routinely ‘Boo’ their heroes at the start of a football match are doing so because it is their OPINION that these multi-millionaires are wrong: and the last time I checked, they are indeed conducting a lawful protest: because despite Herr OberGruppenführer Southgate, those fans are just as entitled to state their opinion, as the Southgate squad is to state theirs!