“You can be purple, blue, green, but if you steal, you get caught, you get arrested.”

In a strangely-silent (as far as the Mainstream Media was concerned, (wonder why)) and little-publicised trial, a wealthy and extremely well-endowed American college has suffered a tremendous defeat in open court. The plaintiff was Gibson’s Bakery, of Oberlin, Ohio. The defendants were Oberlin College, and their contractors.

One black student from Oberlin college was stopped by Gibson employees as they suspected he had two bottles of wine hidden under his jacket. When the Gibson guys tried to stop the alleged thief from leaving the shop, they were attacked by two other Oberlin college students; one male, one female. The police were called, arrests were made and statements taken.

What could have been a simple shoplifting incident and arrest created a firestorm when Oberlin College students, including the Black Student Union, Student Senate and College Democrats, as well as the bunch who label themselves as #BlackLivesMatter; alleged racial profiling and launched a boycott of Gibson’s. Protests were launched outside the bakery: and epithets were thrown at the customers who braved the storm of protests to enter the bakery.

The actual train of legal events are catalogued and compiled here on the Legal Insurrection site, and it is most illuminating to view the process by which a rich college tried to bankrupt a family bakery in middle-town America: and also to view the process by which the same College was told to cough up a total of $33,000,000 (Thirty-three million dollars) in Punitive and Compensatory Damages.

What could have been just a storm-in-a-teacup, was escalated into a race-baiting exercise, and that same College has been told, bluntly, by an American Jury, that ‘You can’t do that sort of thing in America, and think you can get away with it!’

Congrats to Gibson’s, and I bet that all the pastries will taste just that little bit sweeter, after the hatred which they have had to suffer through three years of legal torment.

The MURDER sentence was correct

The majority of thinking Brits will have now read of the decision by the Courts not to charge Sally Challen after she was released from prison after a long campaign by her family, which claimed she was ‘controlled’ by her husband, and which was the reason she hit him twenty times over the head with a hammer.

As is ‘explained’ by the linked article in the Daily Mail, she was only considered for release after coercive and controlling behaviour was criminalised in 2015, and her solicitor could begin claiming that she was forced into this killing after many years of this ‘controlling and coercive behaviour’ by her husband.

Now I have a small sum of knowledge of women who have been in abusive relationships, for either long or short periods; having visited ‘Refuges’ on a couple of occasions, and the one thing which always comes to the fore is that the women made a conscious decision to seek help; to leave the premises where that abuse was happening, and to seek ‘Refuge’.

We are supposed to believe that this woman took the alleged beatings, emotional and physical abuse ‘because she loved him’!

She is supposed to have finally snapped, and killed this man whilst in a violent rage. Well, she did kill him, but she planned this death. She killed him because she was fed up with his constant cheating. She went out and bought a hammer, then, whilst her husband was eating his breakfast, buried the hammer head into his skull twenty times. When the jury heard of the systematic plans, of the manner in which she killed her husband, and then attempted to commit suicide at Beachy Head, they found her guilty of murder, and she was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

She was released, but I believe the Jury called it correct the first time, and she might have served eight years, but she should have served the full term; because she murdered her husband.

All she had to do was leave. All she had to do was get out, with the kids, and then sue for divorce! All she had to do was seek refuge: but instead she chose violence, she chose murder!


D-Day, delivered by The Greatest Generation.    

D-Day - Normandy 1944 - Omnimax

Some seventy-five years ago, over 150,000 men, the vast majority of whom were ordinary people, from ordinary jobs and upbringing, were poised to make the largest invasion ever imagined: a reality. They were supported by the largest naval armada the world had ever witnessed. They were transported by ship, by landing craft, by glider, by parachute from massed aircraft. Over a fifty-mile wide front, the British, the Americans, the Canadians, stormed ashore against the defences built by the Nazi Third Reich.

The defences, the so-called Atlantic Wall, envisaged by Hitler as the ultimate defence against the Allies, that wall which stretched from the Franco-Spanish border to the northern extremity of Norway, over Approximately 1.2 million tons of steel went into the Atlantic Wall. That’s enough to build more than 20,000 Tiger tanks. The Nazis also poured 17 million cubic metres of concrete into the defences – the equivalent of 1,100 Yankee Stadiums. The cost to lay down just the French portion of the Atlantic Wall was 3.7 billion Reichsmarks — an estimated $206 billion in today’s currency. Built with slave and conscripted labour, the Wall’s defences were supposed to stop anything imagined by the German planners.

But, aided by Hitler’s credence in the reports that the invasion would come at Calais, as he and his advisers had believed in the constant news that a huge Army, along with invasion barges, tanks and associated equipment, was massing in East Anglia under the effervescent leadership of General George Patton. Very few German military men gave any thought to the possibility that the Allies would plan for that diversion, named Operation Fortitude, and instead would send an invasion fleet over one hundred miles from the ports of Southern England; when the Straits of Dover were only twenty miles wide. Rommel, fresh from his medical recuperation, drove the entire length of the Normandy section of that Atlantic Wall, realised that the defences had been built with the understanding that reinforcements would be located centrally inland. He wished to move his armoured divisions, massed as they were around the Pas de Calais, to bolster the weak pillbox and emplacement systems. Hitler overruled Rommel, the Tiger tanks did not move until too late, and the invasion won through. Rommel described the entire Wall, along with Hitler’s strategy for defence as something out of ‘wolkenkuckucksheim’ or “cloud cuckoo land”.

He was right. The Atlantic Wall was breached, as the massed power of the D-Day invasion armies, worked on for over two years by the Allied planners; smashed into, through and over the vaunted Atlantic Wall. Nothing was a cake-walk, spirited German Army local defences took thousands of lives, but the planning, the resolution, the literal industrial might and righteous cause of the Allied advance would not be stopped. The American infantry was allocated two landing zones; Utah and Omaha. Utah defences were overwhelmed in minutes. Omaha was a different proposition, with high cliffs which needed scaling, with a broad sloping beach littered with anti-tank obstacles and mines; and an entrenched and well-served German Army defence. America suffered over 2,500 casualties as they hit Omaha beach, but they won through because the Rangers managed to scale the cliffs, kill or capture the defenders, and over 34,000 troops were able to break out, off of the killing ground, and into France. The British and the Canadians hit the beaches tagged as Sword, Juno & Gold. The invasion forces lost thousands, through enemy artillery fire which hit landing craft, tank-landing ships and troops exposed on a broad beaches, but the Germans were overwhelmed, the beachmasters brought sense and order to chaos, and the troops, the tanks, and eventually, the reinforcements drove off the ramps provided by Mulberry, the first artificial harbour  in the world, created especially for Normandy.

The ‘Bocage’ countryside in Normandy was perfect for German armour ambush, and it wasn’t until the Battle of the Falaise Gap, which was described by Eisenhower as “ unquestionably one of the greatest ‘killing fields’ of any of the war areas. Forty-eight hours after the closing of the gap I was conducted through it on foot, to encounter scenes that could be described only by Dante.” that Allied armour could confidently move forwards. On 21 August, the Falaise Pocket was sealed. Around 60,000 soldiers of Army Group B were trapped inside, 50,000 of whom were taken prisoner. In the region of 10,000 were killed by artillery or air strikes inside the pocket.

Yesterday, Her Majesty the Queen, together with President Donald Trump, visited Portsmouth as part of the Seventy-Fifth commemoration of D-Day. Her Majesty served, in uniform, in the latter part of the War. Donald Trump was not yet born, his Scots mother may have listened , as the radio told America that ‘We were going back’. I was only four years old, D-Day was just another day, the radio was blaring all day, but I just did not understand why, or indeed why my father did not come home for good for another year, but Our Nation was invincible, because we were part of an unbreakable Alliance.

Writing from the vantage point of my 78 years; I have to ask:-

Have we kept our hard-won freedoms?

Have the true winners been those who would reduce our personal freedoms, all in the cause of Equality, and Diversity, and forced Multiculturalism?

Does the youth, these youngsters who protest, who sneer at the Leader of an Ally, who clamour and call in support of a Marxist Leader of the Opposition because he protests against an American President, of whom he disapproves so strongly; having the temerity to come to Great Britain; even understand what was sacrificed by so many those Seventy-Five Years ago today?

Do they understand why the whole of the South Coast of England was stuffed full of tanks, of batteries of artillery, of trucks parked along every country road for miles and miles?

Do they really understand why men such as my father and hundreds of thousands like him, signed up for Service?

I really doubt it very, very much!




Big Media blocks Her Majesty’s Turquoise statement

It has been known and accepted for years that Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Great Britain & Northern Ireland (GB&NI) has, firstly, a mind of her own, but secondly, and perhaps more importantly, many methods of ensuring that her opinions are both widely known and understood,  and of the whole idea of stating exactly what she thinks.

Perhaps less well known is Her Majesty’s impish and deep sense of humour, but it is there, and has been one of the methods by which she has managed the greasy, lying, self-serving clowns who have pestered her over the years,(minus one notable exception) whilst masquerading as politicians. She also has a great sense of style, of fashion, of dressing for the occasion. We must never ever forget that, at the age of 93, she has shrunk, literally in stature, but never, ever, metaphorically. When she visited the ongoing Crossrail construction site, she had been informed, and agreed to, the Crossrail request to name the line after her. So when she arrived, she was wearing a colour-matched hat and coat, exactly mirroring the ‘Elizabeth Line’ logo. This occasion was of course before Crossrail detonated the ’bombshell’ by stating that the central Elizabeth Line sections would be subject to a two year delay. This of course after all those documentaries produced during the tunnelling and station construction phases which stated, categorically; that everything would be ready ‘on time and within budget’! Everything, that is; excepting for making the train signalling speak to the station and tunnelling bits: and a small allowance (+/- £2 billions) for finishing off the bloody stations so people could actually use them!

Now we should travel, metaphorically of course, to the State Visit of the President of our greatest Ally, in both present and past times; the United States of America. If you give any credence whatsoever to the mockers, the blimp flyers and the “impassioned’ speeches from a confirmed enemy of everything Donald Trump represents, you might think that he is a dark apparition from a fascist past, a dictator who has placed his Nation in deep economic distress, a dictator who has, routinely, imprisoned or indeed murdered protesters, and set his face against democratic values. Surprising indeed to find, instead, a President who has played things by the Constitutional rule-book, who has proposed things, and has had them rejected by a hostile Congress, who has, even according to Mueller, not conspired with Russia to help get himself elected: and has withstood the most undemocratic series of attacks upon his Presidency’ legitimacy ever known in modern times!

It is said that he craved the ‘aura’ of a State Visit. As an American, albeit with a Scottish mother, he has always had a high regard for the Nation-State from which his forebears came; but ‘craving an aura’ because he would be mixing with the Royals? Come on. Apart from the Queen herself, they don’t present much of a bunch that would impress a man such as ‘The Donald’. As an example of that Family, what about the serial liar who is the Heir to the Throne? An espoused ‘greenie’ with his constant references to a theory where excess Carbon Dioxide is supposed to be the ruination of us all, unless we go back to Victorian standards of transportation (horses), and go freezing cold during the winter because we cannot hear our homes by gas boiler-fired central-heating, and depend upon wind and solar panels to power industry.

However, back to the State Visit, and that first and most important photograph of that tiny but indomitable LADY pictured between the towering figures of President Trump and his wife, the First Lady Melania. Note anything special about that Lady? Did you also note how few times that photo was actually used by most of the Mainstream Media and Websites.  It was shown, of course it was shown, and then, just as suddenly, it wasn’t. In its place was a very similar photo of the prior visit by President Trump when the Queen was pictured between the president and his wife. The difference? In the latest photo, seen and then just as quickly, not seen, was a subliminal message to the World which stated exactly what Her Majesty was thinking, not so much about President Trump; but about a certain series of Elections just held across the European Continent.

The photo?


Check the carefully selected tones of Light Turquoise. Remind anyone of a certain, freshly-minted Political Party?


Altitude Sickness

Many’s the time I have read, or usually just glanced in passing, of some sporting achievement, or some team winning something, within the bounds of some game or event; and have just blinked and passed on to more important things. I just do not ‘get’ the appeal of admiring or supporting some team, or group, to the extent of blackguarding all other supporters, or the teams which those people support. The ‘grip’, the ‘call’, the very idea of rooting for one bunch against another bunch, has never had any hold over my mind, intellect or indeed purpose in life.


There are literally hundreds of sporting events where men and women strive to ‘be the best’, at whatever athletic or physical endeavour they have chosen. If thats what turns their engines: so be it. Most are single-minded to the point of obsession, but whatever their field, whatever their sport, there are very few who drive their bodies to the point of destruction; or even to a space where they literally place themselves so far apart that it is surely insane; in order to achieve that extra burst, that final aim, that spurt in achievement.


However, there is but one field of endeavour, which I definitely would remove totally from the encompassing title of ‘Sport’, or indeed any sane adjective whatsoever, and that is High Mountain Climbing, especially in the killer ranges of the Himalayas. I would place this particular area of physical effort into the place reserved for ‘Approaching Disabling Mental Illnesses’.


Fair enough, if you have trained, and found that you have certain abilities, such as endurance, mental awareness and you have learned your ’trade’ from the lowest crags to small mountain ranges; and have proved to both yourself and to your peers that you have ‘what it takes’, go for it.


But when you see the photos of the ‘Wannabees’, when you see the literal queues of foolhardy ‘climbers who wouldn’t be trusted at the bottom of a flight of stairs, straggling up the death-filled slopes below Everest’s summit; surely some kind of sense must surely kick in to the authorities. Those blind fools are not done any service by the officials who issue the permits, all of which cost thousands of dollars: and so let loose upon a deadly mountain, where they stumble over the dead bodies of their climbing compatriots as they head for the illusory ‘glory’ of announcing “I was There!”


The reply should surely be “So Bloody What?”

Stands to reason; really!

I have two printed signs stuck to a window next to my front door. They are self-explanatory.


There remains a constant deluge of unwanted, and of course unread, leaflets and other rubbish pushed through my letter-box. All of the above, as promised by the lower leaflet, goes straight into the recycling bin (very concerned about the Environment).

I spoke to our postie, who sometimes also delivers printed garbage, and asked why he doesn’t take note of the notices? He replied that, in his case, postmaster instructions state that, as the Royal Mail is being paid to deliver the garbage, he has to post it, or lose his job. As to the other squads who roam the streets, pushing Charity begging bags, Pizza lists, Chinese menus and other rubbish repetitively through the same letter boxes week after week; he shrugged and said, “Well, you have to remember, most of the other delivery guys can’t read!

Unfair to Windsor Council

Article in the Mail stating that Facebook has deleted pages and accounts which were deemed to be offensive or of stirring up hatred.

They speculate that a photoshopped picture of the wedding of Eugenie to Jack Brookbank was inserted to provoke anger and dismay.

Everyone knows that Windsor Council removes all the beggars and homeless days before the big event, so they don’t distract people with their moaning, open sores, etc.!