Bit different from ‘To Protect & Serve’?

So this bunch of very senior Common Purpose plods / fuzz / coppers decides that the time is right to tell Home Secretary that they are short of cash, stretched resources meaning beat coppers might be in short supply / cannot cope with riots ‘n that / not enough to protect from Muslim Jihadi terrorists!

Fair enough, but how’s about explaining why this ‘virtue-signalling’ farce; was ever allowed to get out of the effing garage?

But the best bit is following the Twitter feed after one bloke tweeted a sarky remark, and the idiot fuzz said he would be reported for an ‘effing hate crime! The local Sussex mob are lit up with the ‘pride’ crap, but they don’t seem to have improved their pubic relations.

If you click on the pix, you’ll see what I mean. Best addition is the ‘My Little Pony’!


“Today the London Fire Brigade completed a joint inspection of the blocks with Camden Council technical experts. Together we decided that the Taplow block needs to be temporarily decanted while we undertake urgent fire safety works so that residents can be fully assured of their safety,” Gould said earlier on Friday evening.

“I’ve made the really difficult decision of moving the people living there into temporary accommodation,” said Georgia Gould, head of the council. “I know it’s going to be difficult, but Grenfell changes everything. I just don’t believe that we can take any risks with our residents’ safety, and I just have to put them first.”

As opposed to:-

Fire safety advice

Residents can help to stay safe through following this advice:

  • Make sure you have a working smoke alarm in your home – Council tenants will be provided with an alarm at no cost.
  • Check your smoke alarm is working every month
  • Keep balconies free from clutter
  • Don’t leave rubbish or bikes in communal areas or obstruct escape routes
  • Make sure you know where your nearest fire exit is
  • Do not smoke in common areas of the block
  • Always fully extinguish cigarettes smoked in your home and dispose of them carefully and safely


Its what is commonly known as:-




No Deal is better than a Bad Deal!

Fact:- The EU has, as its ‘One True God’ (Because it famously ‘does not do religion’); the Court of Justice of the European Union. Virtually everything which is promulgated, delegated, ordered or controlled by the EU is subject to confirmation by CJEU, and its decisions rule throughout the Union.

Fact:- The British Prime Minister’s offer to the Member States comes as rather a weird one to the essentially European ‘Colleagues’ who have delegated all the Brexit negotiations to a third party, as much as they don’t want to get their own hands and, of course, fingerprints all over an essential decision which may (Geddit?) go against their ideas of Collegiality. (Ideas which means that they get what they wish to see, and no mention of that truly nasty idea: namely; Compromise.)

So we come up against the first and possibly primary stumbling block to any deal before March 2019 comes along. Most British people would, I guess, reckon that what is on offer with the two strains, namely EU people in Gt. Britain, and Brits within the EU; is indeed, as Mrs. May points out, generous. Any hassles would be sorted, in Britain by our (unfortunately) truly independent British Judiciary (I say ‘unfortunately’ because many times they act contrary to the correct way {my way} and judge in a truly liberal manner): and in the EU, the British residents would of course get the CJEU.

So if David Davis sticks by the brief, and states; ’Our Way or No Way’: and the European Mob stating CJEU for everyone, inclusive of children, and for the next 100 years’; we are going to find out in quick fashion if those words will come forth to haunt either the EU, or Theresa May’s Brexit Bunch. In short form; who’s ‘gonna blink first?

ISIS Caliphate Mosul City Council Planning Department

Monthly meeting with councillors.

Meeting to be advised of Planning decisions already fulfilled, and those expected in the short to medium term.

Imam Mohammed Omar was seated as Chairman.

He gave a short resume of the present planning strategy within the city; but made little mention of the overwhelming military force from both the Iraqui and Militia forces, backed by, as he called them, ‘Imperialist running dogs from America.’

He stated that there was only one item on the Business Agenda, which was that of the Great Mosque of Al-Nuri, its present condition, plans for its refurbishment (presently on hold due to lack of funding) and of its future.

Cllr. Mohammed Omarhesmaking spoke and stated that, as the minaret, leaning as it had been for centuries, was being used as a reference target by the opponents of the Caliphate, and there being no guarantees of the Caliphate’s restoration at this particular time; might this not be the time to remove both minaret and mosque, and destroy what was obviously a symbol held dear by the opposing infidels.

There being no speeches opposing Cllr. Mohammed Omarhesmaking suggestions, possibly because of the Cllr.’s habit of carrying an AK-47 with two fully-loaded magazines taped back-to-back, as well as an eighteen-inch-long razor-sharp sword of Damascus construction when arguing with political opponents, the suggestion was carried unanimously.

Imam Mohammed Omar made a short speech thanking the Planning committee for giving up their invaluable time to attend the meeting, tired and weary as they must be after all the interrogations and executions they had to carry out. He also asked that the demolition explosives be set in place, but only to be activated, and the mosque levelled, after any of the Great Satan’s aircraft be sighted within a ten mile radius; as the Great Satan could then be blamed for the demolition of the mosque.

Cllr. Mohammed Omarhesmaking signified his approval of the Chairman’s suggestion by firing off a full magazine from his AK-47 into the ceiling. Two committee members died from ricocheting bullets, and a third was severely wounded, but as the senior Cllr. still had a full magazine, no one demurred or objected.

The meeting closed, and the Minutes later reflected that the Great Mosque was levelled as the Chairman had suggested; but unfortunately, no-one outside the strict control of ISIS believed a word!

Saved in the nick of time: or, Praise be to Jeremy Corbyn!

I just don’t know what to say, Mohammed. I know that its on the wrong side of Kensington High St., I know that we can’t sublet this flat,  as so many of our brethren did in the Tower, I  also know that most of the furniture comes from Heals and not Harrods, but I kind of miss that smart shiny cladding on the outside of the flats: it made it feel just like home.


But I suppose it’ll do until Allah, or the stupid British Taxpayers; provide something better in Knightsbridge!

So who decides whose heroes are remembered?

So you are a Nation comprised of a Union of States. Your Nation is founded by men who believe that personal freedom is above all else. Your Constitution is written by the men who helped organise and fight its very War of Independence. Some of the States believe, very strongly, that their purchase of; ownership of; and indeed commercial use of slaves is an internal matter, and it’s no business of the other States to interfere with their internal policies. Eventually, an elected President decides that the Southern Slave States are acting illegally by proposing to secede from that same Union which the founding fathers worked so hard to build.

Lincoln had the North, the industry, the commerce, the beginnings of the powerhouse which America would become. Lincoln’s Northern Army General’s had few men who were capable of traffic planning, which is what modern warfare was becoming. But the South had Confederate Army Generals and military daring and genius in abundance, with such as Nathan Bedford Forrest, a slave-owner, a soldier who rose from the ranks to become a Corps Commander. They also had Robert E. Lee, who resigned from West Point Military Academy, and also refused the offer of command of the Northern Armies because he was a Virginian, and would not wage war against his own. He was appointed head of the Army of Northern Virginia, and with his own crop of extremely competent generals and commanders, wreaked havoc against the Northern Armies. But the scar against Lee’s name was always to be that he also owned slaves, and benefited financially from keeping slaves working on his wife’s vast estates until the estates became profitable; and only then emancipating those slaves.

The Civil War was fought with one of the deciding battles centred around Gettysburg, and it was here that Robert E Lee proved himself incapable of accepting that the Union’s Corps held the high ground, good ground; highly defensible ground, and were sufficiently reinforced to defend their ground, and their men: Lee thought that his Army of Virginia could make the breakthrough and smash the very centre of the Union Armies by sending General Pickett’s 15,000 soldiers on the mile-long march across open rising ground, which would be swept by massive cannon fire from the Union Army corps, straight into the stone walls held by Union armies.



15,000 men marched out bravely behind their colours hoping that the most concentrated cannon fire ever established would have shattered the Union’s defences: and less than 4,000 staggered back as they returned: beaten and demoralised. Never again would the Southern Armies head North again, but that War would go on for many months before the South capitulated.

I write this small note because the mayor of New Orleans has finally got his way, and Robert E. Lee’s statue is dumped next to abandoned police cars and other scrap. Fair enough, he has the political power to do this, because he states that the statue represented White domination of the South, and he, as a supporter of Black rights, wants to show that they’re in charge.


The big question, now; is when are they coming for THIS?


Maritime Accident? Or something more Sinister?

I wrote very recently about possible and actual accidents at Sea; and my own involvement in a very near miss whilst serving on a tanker.

Seems as though there are at least two blogsites posing very, very different theories on whether the USS Fitzgerald was accidentally rammed, or was the collision a deliberate act by a terrorist organisation. One bloke, who normally I have a fair bit of time for, blames both the American Navy Captain and the Phillipine Captain; but with heavy emphasis on the American. He waffles on about the long Chain of Command in any Warship, and does everything but retail the hoary old story about the Major General who whispers to his second-in-command, ‘Send up reinforcements, we’re going to advance.’ By the time the orders get to the 2nd Lieutenant, the words have morphed into ‘Lend us three-and-fourpence, we’re going to a dance.’

The second blogsite, which deals almost exclusively with legal and criminal charges against serving members of the U.S. Military, has somewhat differing views to the guy whose views I state previously. They are claiming, through the reported words of a parent of a sailor or officer on board the Fitzgerald; that the damage was done deliberately, that the ACX Crystal had its manoeuvring and sailing lights extinguished, its transponder was switched off, and that the ship made two drastic course alterations, the second being the one which drove the huge container ship’s bow into the American Destroyer’s port side, with the death by drowning of seven American Navy Sailors as a direct consequence.

Which one is correct? As I said, I normally have a fair bit of time for gCaptain, being a former mariner myself; but the MilitaryCorruption site is convincing!