US Supreme Court Justices Thomas, Gorsuch and Alito spot on.

When the Supreme Court of the United States decided not to call any Election cases for review, one of the three guys with stainless steel as the major component in their spines took the step of publishing this dissent, beginning with the words “Our fellow citizens deserve better and expect more of us,”.

By a single vote, the SCOTUS denied President Trump his day in court, and Judge Thomas was blunt in calling out the whole electoral system on its failings, time-related, voting scrutiny, and allowance of a fraud-prevalent practice, i.e. Mail-in voting.

As he stated:- “For one thing, as election administrators have long agreed, the risk of fraud is vastly more prevalent for mail-in ballots … The reason is simple: Absentee voting replaces the oversight that exists at polling places with something akin to an honour system.” As a result, one article concluded that, “voting by mail is now common enough and problematic enough that election experts say there have been multiple elections in which no one can say with confidence which candidate was the deserved winner.”  “Because fraud is more prevalent with mail-in ballots, increased use of those ballots raises the likelihood that courts will be asked to adjudicate questions that go to the heart of election confidence,” Thomas reasoned after examining several examples.

He went on to explain:- Filing lawsuits after Election Day “is often incapable of testing allegations of systemic maladministration, voter suppression, or fraud that go to the heart of public confidence in election results,” Thomas noted as additional reason to decide these legal issues now. “An incorrect allegation, left to fester without a robust mechanism to test and disprove it, drives honest citizens out of the democratic process and breeds distrust of our government. Because the judicial system is not well suited to address these kinds of questions in the short time period available immediately after an election, we ought to use available cases outside that truncated context to address these admittedly important questions,” Thomas declared. “Here, we have the opportunity to do so almost two years before the next federal election cycle. Our refusal to do so by hearing these cases is befuddling.


Justice Alito, in his published ‘Dissent’, also stated:- One wonders what this Court waits for. We failed to settle this dispute before the election, and thus provide clear rules. Now we again fail to provide clear rules for future elections. The decision to leave election law hidden beneath a shroud of doubt is baffling. By doing nothing, we invite further confusion and erosion of voter confidence. Our fellow citizens deserve better and expect more of us. I respectfully dissent. 

Americans of a conservative bent, Republican and Democrat alike, have long written off Chief Justice Roberts. In their view; he has long been regarded as ‘soft on everything’: but Kavanaugh and Coney, their lack of action on anything ‘Election-related’; is both puzzling and worrisome!

Its time for Joe Biden to come off of that fence

Whenever I write of Roman Catholics, of their beliefs, their faith, I have to record a self-interest; I used to belong to that Church, I was true to their core beliefs. But times, people and even Churches change. I left that Church because they wanted me to accept their policies without question: I reckoned that the Church was wrong on areas and matters political; so, I walked out midst sermon, and have never been back. 

The ONLY two things where I still stand with that Faith are, first and foremost; my Marriage Vows. Amongst those words were, “In sickness and in health’ was the promise made: and I am a man who keeps my promises. 

The second item is that pertaining to abortion. For long enough, my thinking was “its their bodies, its their decision”, but my mind was changed, and I now reckon that the Catholic Church’s stance on the wholesale slaughter of the unborn, when that Church categorically states that it is wrong, is, in essence, the only position to hold.

Which is why I am of the belief that the Washington Post’s essay on abortion is the start, but only the start, of a challenge to Joe Biden’s comfortable stance on that ‘third-rail’ topic. The Post’s essay, in itself a remarkable thing to see in an Administration-supporting publication such as the WaPo is. Biden’s statements that he accepts it (abortion being wrong) in his ‘personal life; but will not ‘impose it upon others’, is just what we have come to expect from a greasy, corrupt and quite possibly venal politician. 

I suspect that, in this as in so many other policy decisions and statements, he is but the ‘mouthpiece’ for the left-wing interests grouped closely behind that Resolute desk. If he truly was a ‘conviction politician’, he would come straight out and unequivocally support abortion, but that way he would instantly call down upon himself not only the US Bishops, but a hell of a lot more vocal types, many of whom would wish to rain down the very ‘fires of hell’ around Joe Biden’s head.

We have all, unfortunately, seen and heard it all before.

The calls for China to be ‘admonished’, the equally strident shouts of ‘Sanctions Immediately’, the useless calls for action from the UN Security Council; useless because Russia would block any proposal with any teeth, and of course because China wouldn’t take a blind bit of notice. Why all this high-level angst against a Sovereign Nation?

Its all because of the Muslim Uighurs, and their Genocidal treatment by the Communist Chinese State. The Chinese being, above all, astute enough to realise that Muslims, in bulk, do not make for peaceable sectors of population, decided to alter the whole balance of Muslim Uighur life. They built huge concentration camps, named them as ‘Re-Education Centres’, banned any mention of Islam in any part of the Uighurs’ life, forced them into slave labour battalions picking the cotton which China sells to the West, and, in general, behaving just like any other autocratic Dictatorship, only much more so!

We even had the GB&NI Parliament in this mix, with some MPs agitating for the British Supreme Court to be given the power to judge that a Nation has instituted ‘Genocide’ against sectors of its population; and thus to deprive that Nation of trade links. As the British Government reserves to itself that power, the move was only just defeated.

The humbling truth is that all this hot air is just that, wasted energy, The Chinese just won’t listen, because they know that nothing will happen, nothing will change, because they know that the WILL is not there. 


The answer is simple, and is spelled out in one word, one place-name, one country: TIBET.

The Chinese invaded this peaceful Nation in 1951, so peaceful that it didn;t even have a standing army, and totally subjugated Tibet in under a year. Some years later, Tibetans rebelled, the Chinese reacted in their usual manner, thousands died; and the Only man which I regard as having any resemblance to the adjective ‘Holy’ fled to India. The West? We did sweet F*** All! America sent a few Notes. A couple of Nations complained at the UN. Apart from that? NOWT: NOTHING: SWEET F*** ALL!  We even allowed this bunch of geriatric killers to stage the bloody Olympics!

That, folks, is why nothing will happen about the Uighurs. Nothing: Nada: Zilch!

Now lots of Aussies know what Facebook thinks of them.

The Australian Government, altruists all, were worried about the decline of local and national newspapers, and decided to slap a tax upon the social media giants, such as Facebook and Google.  On Thursday morning Facebook began preventing Australian news sites from posting, while also stopping Australian users from sharing or viewing content from any news outlets, both Australian and international. The social media giant said it made the decision in response to the news media bargaining code currently before the Senate, which would force Facebook and Google to negotiate with news companies for payment for content.

Facebook chopped everything from access to its pages, from  state health departments, including SA Health and Queensland Health, who were unable to post; to 1800 Respect, Mission Australia, Hobart Women’s Shelter, National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services, Australian Wildlife Conservancy and a number of other charities were also blocked on Thursday.

Facebook’s top brass are now all running around, pointing fingers and shouting “It Wasn’t Me, Guvnor!’ It seems as though they forgot that a great many ‘little guys’ depended upon the giant’s pages to get the word out, forgetting that Facebook ain’t interested in ‘the little guys’, all they are really interested in is selling adverts, and making a stonking profit while doing so. 

Google, on the other hand, saw immediately the way the wind was blowing, and signed a deal with Murdoch. Although Google had threatened to withdraw its search engine from Australia if the code went ahead, in the past week, Google has signed agreements with some of Australia’s biggest publishers, including News Corp, Nine Entertainment and Seven West Media, for payment for its News Showcase product. The Nine deal is reportedly worth $30m a year.

You cannot get ‘Smart’ on the cheap!

For what is possibly the first time, I read of a Police and Crime Commissioner who was actually talking sense.

BBC Today were talking about the badly-misnamed ‘Smart’ motorways; so-called because they didn’t want to spend £18 millions extra per mile by installing Refuge Areas at the original design distance, namely 500 metres. So they built Refuges at a distance of up to 2 miles, saving £millions. They hadn’t allowed for the Radar setup to spot a breakdown in the former Hard Shoulder, so they built the gantries, switched on the running lights, opened up the Hard Shoulder to normal fast-running traffic: and hoped for the best.

On one sector of the M25, prior to the change to ‘Smart’, there were 72 near misses, or accidents that nearly happened in the previous five years. Since the changeover, there there have been 1,485 in five years.

South Yorkshire PCC Dr Alan Billings stated that “The Department for Transport and Highways England have argued all along that these sorts of motorways are actually safe, they even go as far as to say they are safer than ordinary motorways, now I think that whatever formula they are using to come to that conclusion is wrong.

“The coroner in his verdict has made it pretty clear that these two particular lives in South Yorkshire would not have come to such a sad end if there had been a hard shoulder there, so I think this is new evidence they have to take into account.”

He added: “If they thought this type of motorway was even smarter, or safer, than a conventional motorway, then why not convert the entire system to smart motorways, making it safer? As soon as you say it, I think you realise it’s absurd.

“I think they (smart motorways) were done originally not because it was a safer way of doing a motorway, I think it was done in order to expand the capacity, get the traffic flowing by having an extra lane, but to do it cheaply, and I think we’re trading cost – cheapness – for other people’s lives.”

Adjudicating on two crash deaths on a ‘Smarter’ motorway’, coroner David Urpeth found that Mr Mercer and Mr Murgeanu were unlawfully killed; but Mr Urpeth also warned there was “an ongoing risk of future deaths” from smart motorways without a hard shoulder.

Highways England said it was addressing many of the points raised.

The plain, unvarnished truth is that all these deaths were completely avoidable; they died because of a feverish need to get things done on the cheap, to get the hard shoulder transformed into a ‘running’ lane, without the radar which might have given time to alert staff, and close the lane!

So whats on the Box ternite, Then?

I don’t watch much live television these days. The News broadcasts are, across all spectrums, basically biased in favour of the Left, the Woke, the hysterical and the massed bands of looney-tunes which follow wherever their Marxist leaders call. Most so-called ‘popular’ broadcasts, whether Soaps, ‘Diversified’ crap such as ‘Strictly’, with its same-sex couple dancing; all the quiz show timefillers, (With the honourable exception of ‘Would I Lie To You’) are just as bad. One of the very few Channels which consistently gets my view is ‘Talking Pictures TV’. It features old time films, tv series of the sixties and seventies and sometimes small gems which have been hidden from view for decades. It may well be nostalgic, but those films, those series were true to life as I remember it. However, even TPTV has been MADE to adapt to the ‘easily offended’ and otherwise ‘woke’ audiences by placing a warning about outdated views, language etc; although how anyone can watch this old-time stuff without being aware that, for some people, some language or attitude which hasn’t passed the ‘woke sniff test’ is quite possibly being broadcast to the masses. 

These ‘trigger warnings’ designed to warn the average snowflake, along with self-appointed social justice warriors just get right up my nose. When are we going to see warnings such as ‘the following programme contains gratuitous scenes of simulated same-sex intercourse, which, although legal, may upset those who firmly believe that homosexuality is wrong”; or “the following televised football game may show some players ‘taking the knee’, or adverts for the Marxist bunch known by the misleading title Black Lives Matter’. Although, again speaking personally, you wouldn’t find my remote within a light year of accessing any sports programmes; as I consider them all to be akin to the old ideal of the Roman Empire’s ‘bread and circuses’ pap for the masses.

Small gems which have appeared on TPTV, such as The Small Back Room are now in peril because TPTV has been threatened by an OFCOM investigation because there was a complaint about a showing of series episode on Boxing Day which featured a cast character in BLACKFACE. As Colonel Kurtz might remark, “The Horror, The Horror!’ This small channel, run by a father/daughter combination from a garden shed in Watford, would be financially crippled if stung with a hefty fine from OFCOM. Former BBC chairman Michael Grade stated that he has written to the regulator calling the decision ‘a serious error of judgment and a worrying precedent’. Grade says the investigation into Talking Pictures — which attracts 3.5 million viewers a week — seeks only to ‘patronise, infantilise and demean the intelligence’ of the audience.

So, remember this, when your parents possibly cannot watch films made when THEY were young, this all came about because of ONE complaint from some OFFENDED WOKE CNUT, about a Blackfaced character, in a series which is no longer made, and was shown on Boxing Day, together with that ‘woke warning’; so beloved of those all so easily ‘offended’!

Here is the news, and these are the views.

As I am fascinated with and by American politics, I try and keep myself updated with most things American. The main news source for me comes from two sources. The first is a daily snap-through view of the New York Times. My choice of reading may surprise some, but to paraphrase Sun Tzu “If you know the enemy, and know his thinking and his lies, and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles”. The second comes from The Epoch Times, its webpages and its YouTube videos ‘Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov.’ The Epoch Times has been honoured by demonetization of its YouTube broadcasts; I state honoured’ because if your opponents are trying to silence you, you must be on the right track. I view other resources, but these are the main ones.

Very recently, the Epoch Times ran a survey asking for readers views on their lists of ‘Best’ and ‘Worst’ Presidents. I give you screen-shotted views of both lists:-

Obviously, the opinions and listings are the readers own views brought to life, and of course are coloured by their own experiences; the favourites are self-explanatory: but to place Joe Biden, by 89% as the second least favourite has to say something, even after less than a month into his Presidency.

(Update) One Law for us, but Definitely Another for Them

If a newspaper, a social media user or a TV personality intrudes into my private life, exposes me or mine to ridicule or untrue allegations, and if I have somewhat deep pockets; I can sue them through a British Court of law. The ONLY thing which stops many from resorting to the Courts on this type of activity is that which I mentioned: the Cost of such an action.

When the Mail on Sunday printed whole sections of a letter from Meghan Mullarkey to her estranged Dad, Meghan and her pussy-whipped Prince promptly sued. The newspaper accepted the suit, battle lines were drawn, and various legal avenues were extensively and expensively pursued. The America-based Duchess suddenly applied for a long delay, which was granted for ‘personal reasons’. Mullarkey then asks the Judge for ‘summary judgement’; meaning that the whole idea of a trial is short-circuited, based upon the Judge’s reading of evidence produced in private: and that Judgement is granted.

The question must and should be asked; was the summary judgement given because the evidence submitted in private was so overwhelming, or was it delivered because of who Meghan Mullarkey and her ginger man are?

I don’t normally read or even comment upon these people, their ideals and strange ideas about their privacy, even when they have also revealed that their American mansion has ‘only’ 16 bathrooms: but I do feel comment is necessary when it seems that undue favour has been delivered.


On 11th February, Meghan Mullarkey was handed this victory WITHOUT A TRIAL. Courtesy of a Judge

On 15th February we read this.

Now normally I am no conspiracy theorist or apologist. I prefer facts to fiction, but this concurrence, this almost unbelievable happenstance does give me pause to consider just that. Was she given the ‘Victory without a Trial’ because of the impending release of all those headlines?

Mine own opinion?

I reckon the Mail on Sunday should not delay any further before appealing the Judge’s decision. No lawyer I; but that is what I would do, based upon the evidence already in the public domain.

One Law for us, but Definitely Another for Them

If a newspaper, a social media user or a TV personality intrudes into my private life, exposes me or mine to ridicule or untrue allegations, and if I have somewhat deep pockets; I can sue them through a British Court of law. The ONLY thing which stops many from resorting to the Courts on this type of activity is that which I mentioned: the Cost of such an action.

When the Mail on Sunday printed whole sections of a letter from Meghan Mullarkey to her estranged Dad, Meghan and her pussy-whipped Prince promptly sued. The newspaper accepted the suit, battle lines were drawn, and various legal avenues were extensively and expensively pursued. The America-based Duchess suddenly applied for a long delay, which was granted for ‘personal reasons’. Mullarkey then asks the Judge for ‘summary judgement’; meaning that the whole idea of a trial is short-circuited, based upon the Judge’s reading of evidence produced in private: and that Judgement is granted.

The question must and should be asked; was the summary judgement given because the evidence submitted in private was so overwhelming, or was it delivered because of who Meghan Mullarkey and her ginger man are?

I don’t normally read or even comment upon these people, their ideals and strange ideas about their privacy, even when they have also revealed that their American mansion has ‘only’ 16 bathrooms: but I do feel comment is necessary when it seems that undue favour has been delivered.

Government by Diktat

That the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (All Tiers and Self-Isolation) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2021 (S.I., 2021, No. 97), dated 28 January 2021, a copy of which was laid before this House on 29 January, be approved.

At least there were 24 Tory MPs who had the guts to state that this Government should not govern by Decree. 

At least there were 24 Tory MPs who can see that there is something very, very wrong whereby a Whole Nation is held, with few exceptions, in their own home under threat of heavy fines, or even jail.

At least there are 24 MPs who know what Democratic Accountability looks like.

We now know where we stand exactly with this so-called Tory Prime Minister, along with his lackeys!

At last, A Senior Tory Minister With the Right Attitude

Home Secretary Priti Patel has levelled her weaponry, and blasted both barrels at the BLM bunch, with their feigned outrage at everything White and thus Racist; along with everything else they detest.

In an interview on LBC’s Call the Cabinet, this lady tells it like it is. Asked about last years ‘Taking the  Knee’ protests, and the BLM protests in general, and asked if she would adopt the symbol of injustice, the Home Secretary said: “No I would not. There are other ways in which people can express their opinions.”

Criticising the targeting of statues, Ms Patel added: “Protesting in the way in which people did last summer was not the right way at all. 

“We saw statues being brought down,” she said, adding: “Some councils making, quite frankly, a stance around statues and street names. There are other ways in which those discussions can take place.”

My only hope is that this lady gives those same forthright opinions to the various Chief Constables and the truly ridiculous Crime Commissioners who are supposed to ‘preserve the peace’ in England. The disgraceful manner in which BLM clowns marched in paramilitary fashion in Brixton without any attempt made to curb this truly menacing display is but typical of present-day policing in England today.

Will her statements bring the BLM and other marxist endeavours to heel? Knowing the present standards of lax policing, I doubt it very much.

“and here is Our version of The News”

As ever, the BBC flagship news and comment programme BBC Today was in form when broadcasting and commenting upon the Senate ‘Impeachment’ trial, or rather as the BBC stressed; the ‘Second Impeachment’ trial of President Donald Trump in 13 months. They broadcast recorded segments of ‘panicked’ Capitol police officers calls during the advance, they also broadcast sectors of the House guys in their denunciation of the President and his ‘Calls for Insurrection’. 

But the words we shall not hear, from either the House managers or the BBC fellow-travellers, are the actual words of President Trump, when he said “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”.

The House managers played their videos, and voices cracked as Senators denounced the attackers, This was all covered, in detail, by that same BBC.

I now await the President’s defence. I just wonder how much detail, how much verbatim evidence, will be broadcast, to a BBC British audience?

Will it be down to the same detail as that of the House prosecutors? 

Will the other small detail of the 2nd Impeachment being called with absolutely no hearings, no  calls for evidence be even mentioned by that same BBC?

Will that small detail of the utter failure of that first Impeachment be mentioned, even in passing, especially by a bunch of Trump-hating BBC ‘journalists ?

For those in peril whilst in China

I have long held a deep detestation for the Chinese Communist Party, its policies, its total disregard for the welfare of the Billion-odd Chinese who are ruled by this geriatric dictatorship.

As readers may know, I have long held a special place in my own mind for seamen, or, as the modern idiom goes, seafarers. From my own few years as an Engineer Officer to the present, my life and manner of thinking has been coloured by the fact that, once away from land; you are the only one. You have to decide how to proceed, how to overcome whatever problems which may beset your ship; because, whether your education is biased towards navigation and safe voyaging, or alternatively if your job is purely Mechanically or Electrically biased: whatever you decide matters; because those decisions are solely based  upon your education, your experience, or even sometimes, your instincts.

But once your vessel was tied up to a dockside wharf, we also had the benefit of shore-based knowledge, of a wealth of facilities, whether technical, financial or even medical. At least, that is how it used to be. If a seafarer presented with life-changing medical symptoms when thousands of miles away from land, the only call would be a crackly conversation between ship and shore, with, usually, the Second Mate making sometimes life-changing decisions for a patient’s treatment, based upon the symptoms and diagnoses relayed by radio communications only. These days, things are so much more improved, with Internet-aided video communications aiding both diagnosis and treatment over truly long distances.

Or so we are told. Maybe such medical help and advice is available in just about every Country with sea-going ports, people and facilities: with the exception of, seemingly, just one Country! As related by Splash Marine Magazine; they do things differently in China; like, after passing the buck between officials upon an urgent request for an ambulance, for medical aid for a man who was vomiting blood; after a twelve hour wait, a ‘doctor arrives, the patient is moved to the ambulance, the ‘doctor’ plugs his nose, and gives him some pills: AND THEN THE PATIENT, A CHINESE NATIONAL, IS RETURNED TO THE SHIP.

I write of an amazing man

Just over one hundred years ago, the infant was born who grew up to be, in the eyes of many, the epitome of the true hero, Captain Sir Tom Moore.

After a lifetime of service to his nation, this slightly crumpled ex-military man decided that he, a man who now only moved courtesy of a slightly-posh version of a zimmer frame, should do something to help and aid the NHS. He wanted to salute the work that the whole Service was doing in combating this Virus which had originated in China, and was busy ravaging all of Europe, the British Isles and ever onwards.

He decided that her would set himself a target of One Hundred circuits of his garden, hoping that, through his efforts, he might raise £1,000 for NHS Charities. As chance would have it, the story of this small, indomitable figure pushing his walking frame caught more that the public’s imagination; I believe the term applicable would be ‘Captain Tom went viral’. His efforts raised over £30 millions for those Charities, as well as the Post Office having to set up a special Sorting Office to cope with the 140,000 birthday cards sent from around the world. 

He was the recipient of a major fly-past with both Hurricanes and Spitfires, again on his birthday.

He was knighted by Her Majesty the Queen for his services to Charity.

He died after a brief battle with that same Virus which had brought him to fame.

Farewell, Captain Sir Tom Moore; the Elysian Fields will have no stronger or more welcome competitor than yourself!

The Real President never supported Censorship by the back door

Long time back, well, just over three months ago, the dead hand of censorship commenced its stealthy reign in what was, once, the Land of the Free. Cancelling, doxxing, removal of legitimate speech; we’ve seen it all before, but never as blatant as in the rule of the new God-King, China Joe Biden.

There were well over fifteen hundred allegations of outright vote theft, tampering, machine violations, none, repeat none of which got anywhere near a hearing in a real Court. Every thing was negated, hushed up or just plain ignored. Its all too late now, the Electors have spoken, and the new God-King is in the Oval Office, trashing nearly everything which had even the shadow of President Trump cast over it. And are they all happy; are they relishing their new found approval rating?

It seems that at least one YouTube video, the actual recording of Biden’s Inauguration has been, over a 24 hr. Period tampered with. As is shown, in this post from a seriously smart lady by the name of Zoe Phin, the ‘dislikes’ outnumbered the ‘likes’ by some 130,000. And, as demonstrated by this dead-clever lady, the YouTube Swat Team deleted all 130,000 dislikes over a 24 hour period.

One timeline example, before the deleters got to working, can be found at 

The published video shows 1.2 k Likes, and 3.4K Dislikes. The saved video (Unable to embed) shows 4.3K Likes, and 48K Dislikes.

Say it ain’t so; Joe!

 Within six hours of posting a video, the dislikes were nearly ten times high than the likes — but then the magic eraser of unpopularity gets to work.

It’s just like voting, right?

Strange, I believe we were all told he was ‘The Most Popular President of All Time.

This ‘Special Pleading’ must stop!

This semi-torpid, nearly useless Government of ours has made some smart decisions; as well, as completing some fairly stupid ones. Completing Brexit, despite caving in to the EU in many areas, was a smart one. We are, finally rid of the Brussels dictatorial bureaucracy, and now we only have to rid ourselves of our home-grown Civil Service petty dictators who peer out from behind their well-funded pension-pot life, to tell us what we must do.

Another of the very few ‘smart’ decisions was to accept certain priorities when the Covid Vaccine roll-out was being formalised. Those priorities being :-

  1. residents in a care home for older adults and their carers
  2. all those 80 years of age and over, frontline health and social care workers
  3. all those 75 years of age and over
  4. all those 70 years of age and over and clinically extremely vulnerable individuals
  5. all those 65 years of age and over
  6. all individuals aged 16 years to 64 years with underlying health problems.

And so on down the age ranges.

I state ‘smart’ because this virus has proven to be deadlier as age progresses, so to target the eldest (care home residents, over 80’s) first seems fairly logical to me.

And then  the pleading commences. 

The special circumstances where seemingly the virus attacks and kills Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups because of ‘cultural’, lifestyle and work characteristics have been droning in the background for some months. 

Then came a call for all teachers to be given priority, because all the kids are rolling in bacteria, and share them generously during school hours. 

Then our own version of ‘Annie get your gun’ arrives with Met Commissioner Cressida Dick calling for all the Met. Police to get early jabs because they’re ‘all out on the front line’; Which of course they are, arresting two black people for ‘driving whilst black’; scouring Twitter feeds for ‘incorrect and ‘Hate’ speech’ and other terrorist-related crimes: stuff like that.

Then the ‘Disabled’ mob gets all shirty, saying that they’ve been ‘abandoned’ and they are 11 times more likely to die. 

Then the woeful calls echo for all prisoners (and, as an afterthought, staff) to be given virus jabs, because we’ve been really nasty to them inmates, depriving them of their liberty so they cannot rape / rob / attack / defraud the public, and we should be ashamed of ourselves!

The only ‘Special Interest’ grouping that hasn’t been heard from, and (purely incidentally) the only group which I would personally love to read and enjoy; are the Muslim Nutcases Unlimited. But maybe they believe they are invulnerable anyway, and so don’t have to worry about a loss of taste; not that many of them have much to begin with.

Just because the Pope says so; doesn’t mean it is!

From my earliest days, I was brought up in the Roman Catholic faith. When still a boy, we had regular visits from one of our parish priests, and when we, as a family, went to Sunday morning mass, the pews were full, even when the masses ran from 7.00 a.m. to midday.

In those far-off days, there was  a remote figure in Rome, Pope Pius X11; known on contemporary terms as the ‘Boss’. We learned, almost by rote, that he was infallible, but only in matters of Doctrine. It was never really explained how he gained this ‘infallibility’, because before his elevation, he was just another Cardinal: but it was stated that he had been ‘blessed’, and that was that.

Fast forwards some Fifty years, and things have changed so much, and yet certain things, ideas, have not altered one iota. In my Forties and Fifties, I felt more and more that the Church had not altered, and that it was I that had changed. My doubts were reinforced when I commenced learning and indeed writing about the Hidden and Constantly Denied Sexual Abuse of Children by Paeadophile Priests and Bishops. I finally left that Church when I heard the parish priest commence giving political advice from his pulpit.

It is with that last decision in mind that I comment upon this present Pope, and his strange idea that, because he is the spiritual leader of 600 million Catholics, he can also tell them that the equally strange and warped ideal of Climate Change / Global Warming / Let’s allow some to get very Rich profiting on the gullibility of everybody else. Maybe the Earth is getting warmer; but who is telling us that it is all down to mankind? For every ‘scientist’ who says its all down to us: I can point to an opposing ‘scientist’ who states, categorically, that ‘It ain’t that easy.’ 

And then along comes Pope Francis, the former Argentine Junta’s apologist, telling us that, according to a spokesman “Mitigation and adaptation activities require a “stronger international cooperation committed to a low-carbon sustainable development,’ “as well as to investing in strengthening technologies and resilience.”

“May we make the response to climate change an opportunity for improving overall living conditions, health, transport, energy and security, and for creating new job opportunities,” he says. “We should show also that we have the political will and motivation to advance this forward-looking endeavor,” he states.

So, I ask, whereabouts in the Catechism, or in Sacred Writings; or indeed somewhere deep within the Vatican, does it state that the Pope is an authority on the ‘science’ of Climate Change, and who is responsible, and of course who will be paying the truly gargantuan costs of mitigating the alleged effects? I reckon he ought to see about the misery and pain his acolytes have inflicted upon unknown numbers of children over the decades; and then I  might take some notice of this so-called Man of God!

At a time and place to be determined…

I am always positive when discussing the Death Penalty. I firmly believe that a great deal of violent crime, from which resulted the death of an innocent; would be chopped to less than 10 percent, if the perpetrator or planner of that crime knew that, if apprehended and convicted, at the end of a dry and legal journey; there would be slow walk to a noose and a six-foot drop.

An old-style police sergeant acquaintance from the days of my youth once told my Dad and I that he had to face down a shotgun-wielding thief who had been caught, literally, red-handed. As this moron leveled the twin-barrelled weapon at the two policemen confronting him, this sergeant told us what he had said. “I told him plainly that he could well gun us both down, but he was already identified, and if he fired; the charge could only be one of cold, calculated murder. His name would be written on a diary, that appointment would have ended in the State killing him, and the hanging party would then proceed to have a good breakfast!” After one minute, the shotgun was broken open and surrendered, the thief got seven years in jail.

When murderer Michael Adebowale and his sidekick killed Lee Rigby, there wasn’t the slightest chance of him suffering swift justice from a hangman, mainly because we were still members of the EU, which ‘abhors’ the death penalty. Adebowale got forty-five years for the sadistic slaughter of Fusilier Rigby, but now apparently lies breathing oxygen on an ICU Covid ward.

My own verdict?

Turn the oxygen off.

Ave Atque Vale: President Donald J. Trump

Just in case that there was any doubt, let me state that I was, am, and hope to continue to be; a Trump supporter. 

He wasn’t the best President, but he was most definitely not the worst.

From the get-go, even before he took that oath some four years ago, he was the target of the most vicious, intemperate and possibly illegal political activities ever witnessed in American political history.

In the months leading up to the Election, his candidacy was targeted by a combination of plain Electoral Fraud, character assasination and plain, ordinary, political bile.

Looking into the immediate future, we will witness the dismantling of much of his policies, because what Donald Trump was all about was protecting America, whilst his opponents, inclusive of the RINOs in his own Party; are pushing Globalist and Communist wet dreams.

As this is, probably, the last time I shall be writing about President Donald Trump during his time in Office, I would simply state that, as a Four-year report card; it simply makes more than a few well-chosen points.

Hey Priti-woman; let I.C.E. show you how its done!

We’ve all heard it so many times before.

“We will get tough on economic migrants; thats a promise!”

“We shall deport them by the planeload; thats a promise!”

And on, and on and so on; etc.

But we know and see that she’s all talk and no trousers.

Instead of spending millions putting these criminals, because that is what they are, in four- and five-star hotels; inclusive of slapping four boat-loads into a hotel in her own constituency without her knowledge, perhaps she could gain some valuable advice by calling Donald’s extremely efficient Immigration and Customs Enforcement,(I.C.E.) who have been busy pushing their free-loaders onto packed aircraft bound for sunny Somalia and other African shitholes.

The Guardian’s article, redolent with the usual unsubstantiated statements such as ‘there were repeated allegations that detainees were forced, sometimes with beatings, into signing documents waiving their rights to further legal hearings,’ along with stories of how these clowns couldn’t call their lawyers because there were no phones. This tells me that I.C.E. finally realised that if you take away their phones; that is indeed half the battle already won.

If only Priti would come clean, and state that until GB&NI rids itself of the EU-based Human Rights garbage, and instead of talking, reform the Immigration rackets, funded by Lefty activist lawyers with ready access to the open wallet of the taxpayer-funded Legal Aid system; reform the ludicrous Asylum system, and cleanse these Isles of these clowns: things will just remain the same.

Me: I’ll believe it when I see it!

An eye for an eye

I am content to be able to send my heartfelt commiserations to the family of the murdered Bobbie Jo Stinnett, as her killer was herself legally executed at the the Justice Department’s execution chamber at its prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.

This woman kidnapped the pregnant Bobbie Jo, strangled her, and then cut the unborn child from the dead girl’s womb. The baby survived the ordeal. 

It has taken sixteen years, but Justice was finally served, courtesy of a SCOTUS which swiftly dispensed with a last-minute delay.

From an Englishman to the faded shadow which will be America

The only sound; the very noise, which represented America, at least to this Englishman, was a deafening, blattering, pulsating roar. The noise did not come from a partisan crowd at some weird sporting ritual, such as American football, or baseball, or any other of the various offerings which appeal to present-day Americans. Nope, this noise was and is, different. The sound was that of four twelve-hundred horsepower Wright Cyclone radial engines turning eleven foot seven-inch diameter three-blade propellors; which in turn thrust a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bomber across the skies of the United Kingdom. In those dark days of 1943 after we had stood alone against the might of Nazi Germany; that noise stood for a great deal. It reminded the British that the Yanks were with us as our friends and allies. It reminded those who doubted that the most powerful industrialised Nation on this Earth was our ally. Apart from our brothers and cousins who lived in the British Empire, the only other ally was Soviet Russia: a prime example, if ever there was one needed, of the old saying “The enemy of our Enemy is indeed our friend.”

The sound, the echo of those B-17G engines is long gone. And, commencing with the first complaisant, traitorous words from Vice-President Pence as he sonorously declaimed that he had no choice but to place the stolen Electoral Votes from the battle-ground States for Congressional approval, the whole ethos of a proud and confident America is changing. He could have stated, simply and truthfully, that those Elections were riddled with fraud, he would have nothing to do with the ballots and numbers as given by those Electors, and that Congress should send them back.

That doddering old fool Biden will now be confirmed, and hovering a heart-beat away, stands the hard-line Left wing presence of Kamala Harris. It is too soon to say when that dagger shall be slid in between his ribs, but the shades of China Joe will not be allowed to haunt the White House for too long. The thieving son will be either airbrushed, or forgiven by means of that Presidential pardon, and he will be able to count his Uktrainian and Chinese gold at long last. 

The DACA horde will be given a free pass, along with the two million Latin American migrants who will be welcomed past the wall. Those two decisions alone will be enough to silence the few G.O.P. senators who will return after the mid-terms, who, given the Democratic Party’s clamping hand upon the whole sham Election process, will number a whole lot less than now. The G.O.P. paymasters want their cheap labour pool to return, so that should be enough to silence any thoughts of a speedy return to power.

The hoped-for decisions by SCOTUS can be seen as what they always were, an illusory dream, and a wet dream at that. I just wonder what the pressures were on those Judges to buy their silence!

As a final comment for today, I would give the actual definition of the word ‘Amen’. It does of course, mean “verily”, “truly”, “it is true”, and “let it be so”.  It is not, and cannot ever be taken as a descriptive masculine term: and Amen to that forever!

That lonely Few

The date which rules our fates!

I received word yesterday that I had been given a vaccination appointment. I am not a ‘specially vulnerable’ person, neither am I a member of a group who, because of their race, ethnic origin, skin colour, work, or some other statistic anomaly; claim that their needs are greater than mine. Nope, I qualify for one reason only, that being the date on which I was born. I welcome the news, because I will be less of a threat to the health of my wife, who is an ‘especially vulnerable person’, and because, in two or three weeks time, I shall be able to meet face to face with my three grandsons. My brother, along with his wife, have already received the first dose, and are awaiting their second appointment date.

Multiply me by around ten million, and you get some idea of the mammoth task awaiting hospital senior staff and general practitioners the length and breadth of these Islands. I shall be receiving the Pfizer vaccine, located and administered in some god-forsaken village miles from where i live; that site chosen possibly because it has a large parking area convenient to the surgery; along with sufficient reliable freezer capacity. When the home-grown AstraZeneca product becomes available, the necessity of freezer capacity falls away, and the distribution effort can and should be ramped up on a logarithmic basis, with vaccine availability being available through local pharmacies and G.P. Surgeries nationwide: on an age-basis only, with no special treatment apart from Frontline NHS staff and Care Home staff and residents alone.

Death lurks in the Wendy House?

One of my long-time life notes or phrases to live by, is put simply:- ‘Mind your own business, and let others mind theirs’. Or, to put it another way, ‘Always try to know the full Story, before pushing yourself or your voice into another’s argument.’ As with the individual, so with British Society. We, as a meld of the four Nations which make up Great Britain and Northern Ireland, used to live in amity with our neighbours, with scarcely a bad word to be heard. True, there were always the ‘neighbours from hell’, but fortunately they were few and far between.

But, suddenly, the whole ethos has altered, has changed, seemingly irrevocably. This change has been brought about by politicians telling us that we had to inform on our neighbour because they were ‘breaking the Virus rules’. The Police, seemingly ever eager to do anything apart from the job they are supposed and employed to do; which of course is to detect and solve crimes; and to allow law-abiding people to go about their lawful business: are also seemingly keen to check and apprehend ‘Virus Law Breakers’.

This can best be seen in such cases as the sixty-tear-old fashion designer who had been hosting a church meeting with four other ladies to discuss progress with a support group they were all involved with. The ‘Heavy Mob’ of two six-foot Metropolitan Police arrived, as a ‘concerned neighbour’ had reported that a group of women were breaking the law by meeting in a Wendy House in this lady’s garden.

So never mind that dangerous drugs are so easily available that you might assume they can arrive by an Amazon parcel, never mind that many young Black men are literally dying on certain estates from knife wounds, never mind that some three thousand high-priority Muslim fanatics are being viewed as possible terror planners: as long as our Gardens are made safe from unauthorised Ladies meetings who might be spreading either Covid-19 or words of sympathy: then thats all right then; I’nnit?

January Sixth: America’s Congress

From the words of the Greatest Englishman

“If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

Statistics; Dear Boy: just mere Statistics

We have sent £627 millions to Pakistan in official Aid in 2018 / 19

We have, over the decades, sent Billions to that Country: for education, improvements in farming, water treatment and population control: etc.

Pakistan has:-

  • A Space Programme, and operational Satellites, which is more than we have.
  • Pakistan has between 105 and 215 Nuclear Weapon Warheads.
  • 50+ Surface to Surface Ballistic Missiles
  • Between 1200 to 1500 Main Battle Tanks
  • Up to 325 Large-calibre Self-Propelled weapons
  • 150 Multiple Warhead Rocket Launchers
  • And lots and lots more besides!!!

Now all I’m wondering is a) Why are we giving Pakistan all that cash when it looks as though its all being siphoned off to pay for weaponry?

And b) if we are giving them all this cash, why don’t we approach reality and state,”Yes, you can have all this cash, but you have got to be honest, and buy British weaponry: so’s we get some benefit; in real life terms.

Vaccine A blessing; or a curse in heavy disguise?

I am of two minds when it comes to vaccines. On the plus side of things, in my own youthful days, I was the recipient of individual smallpox and yellow fever inoculations. I had to have these, because it was a requirement of British Merchant Navy service. I had been infected through either school or family, by measles, mumps and whooping cough, so was immune to any repeats. I was also vaccinated against polio, the one disease, the effects of which I had personal knowledge, as a good mate of mine was stricken, and was forced to exist by virtue of an iron lung. As soon as Dr. Salk’s magical miracle became available, all my mates queued to sign up.

As to the negative side of things, I do believe that, whilst the vaccine manufacturers have, in general, followed the diktats of Hippocrates; they have been led down sidetracks because of the need to generate ever more profit by bowing to the marketplace. When a vaccine for, say, measles was released after extensive testing, all responsible families began arranging G.P. appointments, because measles, especially in later life, can have devastating consequences. A new vaccine for mumps appeared, and, again families commenced signing up, fearful of complications which hit hearing especially hard. A similar vaccine for rubella (a.k.a. German measles) came to market, and possibly because of fears regarding pregnant women who might be infected, was another marketing winner. 

A certain section of the public did not avail themselves of the definite protection given by these various vaccines; possibly because they were ill-educated and even more likely, because they were just plain ignorant and lazy, they failed to set the different appointments for the various vaccinations, and thus their children were not protected. The Marketing divisions of the pharmaceutical companies got to thinking, and decided to decrease the need for the constant appointments at clinics, and persuaded the Pharms bunch to meld the three main vaccines together, and: hey presto; the MMR vaccine was born. Born very conveniently without the publicity of the MMR overcoming sloth, ignorance and plain laziness by stating ‘no longer three visits, just once and you are done!’.

But, along comes Dr. Andrew Wakefield, with his theories about how a large viral overload, in certain situations, could be the forerunner of autism, where no autistic symptoms were known previously. His stance, publications and theories were debunked by a heavy onslaught from the medical establishment. Dr. Wakefield was stripped of his licence, and left for America.Was he treated unfairly? Not being of a medical background, I feel unable to comment, but that does not answer the anguished parents who send their seemingly healthy kids for MMR vaccination, and watch them reappear with strong autistic symptoms just a short time later. 

Myself? I seem to recall the post I wrote upon vaccinations, along with mention of the good Dr. Wakefield. I also recall the last time that the term ‘Pandemic was used, which was when the Swine Flu scare was around. One WHO ‘expert’ was seemingly on the level when he said “We use the word pandemic because it’s a combination of the ancient Greek words ‘pan’ meaning ‘everyone’ and ‘demic’ meaning ‘frighten the absolute living shit out of’.” I wrote about that as well.

But, it seems that, after over 52,000 deaths in the UK alone; the Chinese virus is not only extremely nasty to both elderly and vulnerable people, it ain’t no laughing matter. We here in GB&NI have access now to two vaccines, and, as I have a duty to protect myself, my truly vulnerable wife, along with the three small tornadoes masquerading as three of my four grandsons who live fairly close to me, I have signed up through my G.P., and when it arrives, I’ll be there.

Naz— whatever-her-name-is gets ever more newsprint

We are reminded, once again, of the sheer lunacy of an Iranian woman who had actually left that Muslim shithole to marry some English bloke, had a daughter: and then proceeded to go back into Iran for an f@*^^^ing holiday to see her parents ; STILL holding dual British-Iranian nationalities. The Times newspaper has both a full page comment piece; and an Editorial: about how Naz—whatever her name is, has been sold down the river, because the Brit Foreign Office (F.O.) has now admitted that no British passport holder, when overseas has any right to assistance from the F.O..

Now readers may well remember my prior posts about this truly stupid woman, who was warned about the sheer insanity of returning to a Muslim Mullah-ruled shithole, where normal rule-of-law just do not apply. Where they do not accept dual nationality status. Where they make the rules, in their country.

The Times reports that Naz— whatever-her-name-is is but another pawn in a diplomatic tussle between Great Britain and the Islamic Republic. The Shah’s Government ordered 1,750 Chieftain tanks from Vickers, a British manufacturer, and made a £400 million downpayment. Along comes Khomeini and the Revolution; up steps the bloody F.O., and says to Vickers “You can’t sell 1,750 tanks to a bunch of wild-eyed Muslims who preach world-wide death to the Unbelievers. Oh, and by the way, we’ll hang on to that £400 million; presumably on the basis of ‘Finders-Keepers’.

So Iran, especially after the Iran-Iraq war, being desperately short of cash, asked Gt. Britain for the return of all that cash, seeing as they didn’t have the tanks. Now no-one really knows why the Brit. Government said ‘Sorry, we’ve got the cash, but that was from the Shah’s Regime; you overthrew the Shah. etc. etc.’; but they did, and that is why the Iranians feel hard done by. The Americans had 4 US citizens held hostage by the Iranians, but they negotiated, and Obama paid up, and the hostages were promptly released. So why doesn’t the British Government do the same? After all, the cash belongs to the Iranian Govt. no matter how revolutionary they may be.

So, while the Brits refuse to negotiate,  Naz— whatever-her-name-is is stuck on parole in some Iranian suburb; still as silly and stupid as ever, and her equally stupid husband has a regular seat in the Foreign Office lobby. The only one I feel any sympathy for is the couple’s small daughter, stuck with her Iranian relatives.