Michael McGibbon …..shot and murdered……IRASinnFein or   ‘dissidents’

Adrian Ismay….murdered by Booby trap bomb……IRASinnFein or   ‘dissidents’

David Byrne…shot at boxing match….Continuity IRASinnFein

Eddie Hutch Snr. …..revenge killing…Continuity IRASinnFein

Eight bullets hit police car…no-one injured as window was bullet-proofed


Devolved Northern Ireland’s Government under threat after resignation of Martin McGuinness. If the innumerable attacks, punishment beatings, terror threats weren’t enough to prove that the so-called Peace Process is neither peaceful nor any form of accepted process; and just viewing the murders (not just a few BUMPS as detailed by the traitor Peter Hain at 01.52 into interview) as listed above, let’s get a new deal in place. A deal which does not attack pensioners for lawful activities when they were soldiers; a deal which puts murderers back in the slammer where they belong; and which does not allow the apostles of murder and terror to sit in a Government in Stormont.

….and we hope you enjoyed your shopping experience today.

When discussing the magic arts and rites of shopping, I claim the same experience as most of England; the need to stock up with the necessities of life, food; mainly ready-meals for my wife, and frozen fish as my selection: not, you must understand, because of a fish-craving, but because of a diet with fairly restricted and delineated boundaries; but  easily prepared and just as easily consumed. But every other Sunday, I cut loose, prepare curries, casseroles, steaks, whatever; for this is when I host Son #2, his wife and the stars of the show; three of my four grandchildren; along with my daughter, who also lives comparatively local.

I have shopped in shops and supermarkets, or their equivalent, across four of the five Continents, and I truly thought I had seen and witnessed everything under the sun, especially in a supermarket where I once espied the magic advisory label “XXXX Stain Remover Powder; One for £7.00. Two for £14.00” but, when browsing for staple vegetables, came across this gem:- as pictured.


Now I may be in a tiny minority, but I buy items because of how they taste when cooked, of flavour and of quality: and never, ever, because of how they look. A knobbly carrot is just a carrot, but because it has a blemished outer skin; it must seemingly be banished to the cattle feed trough, or thrown onto a pile of rotting veg which has also failed the marketing strategists or ‘t.v. celebrity chef’s’ beauty parade. We’ve all heard them mouth off on endless tv cooking shows; they say, ‘a touch of colour’ or some similar verbal garbage; they prance around, pouring some over-reduced ‘jus’ ( which, of course, translates as ‘bloody meat gravy) around some artfully-prepared culinary excrescence.


Who gives two shits what some plate of food looks like? What does it taste and smell like?


Bah; Humbug!

…and sure we’ll all sing together when he goes!

I am not normally a vindictive person. I do not hate anyone. Life, as I have discovered, is far too short to hold grudges, prolong bitter disagreements or at least never to attempt reconciliation.

There are a very small number of creatures (the reader will note that I do not refer to them as men or women), that, however I gaze on their lives, visions and goals; I must state that the only emotion which is conjured within my mind is that of true detestation. These people, enemies of everything that I and many like me hold so dear, are, to my eternal regret, either office holders within the Province; or elected Members within the Northern Ireland Assembly.

So it is with a deep and growing happiness that I note, with a conspicuous absence of sadness, that the murderer and terrorist godfather Martin McGuinness is scheduled for an early grave. It is indeed a great pity that he will not die in jail, but, there again, in life, one cannot have everything!


A possible glimmer of common sense

Many words, paragraphs and indeed articles have been written regarding the status of the Press in Great Britain, and of the sinister (yes, I know) ideas behind the pervert-promoted Impress Regulator and its twisted ideals.

I will not dwell upon the intent behind this preposterous and totally slanted attempt to gag the British Press, but instead rejoice that the majority of Press Publications which have spoken out against both Leveson Two and Section 40 have now been joined by the Guardian with the cutting phrase ‘Impress has distinctly unimpressed, failing to attract any significant national or local news outlets.’

All that is now required is for the Secretary of State to delete Section 40, and the Free Press can relax; well, perhaps just a bit!

Only in Arabia!

I can just about see, or perhaps understand, the thinking behind an Institution such as the Guinness Book of Records. I mean, if you do something really spectacularly dangerous, you really want everyone to know how bloody stupid you really are; or if you swim, or ski, or surf, faster, higher or wetter than anybody else; you want everyone to know that you, or your ‘team’ have broken a record, or something. Its a sort of a bellweather mark; and you can now die content, or sink back into the grey nothingness of your miserable existence.


But to actually mark, as an achievement; the production of the Largest Tin of Caviar, weighing in at 17.86 kgs? As I have probably said before, ‘Effing Arabs. Too much cash, and no ‘effing idea !”

The phrase which really says it all!

If there were 945 cars burnt-out in England, Scotland or Wales on any weekend, never mind on New Years’ Eve, there would be six-inch-high Banner Headlines on all the MSM front pages, Parliament would probably be recalled for the Prime Minister to answer urgent questions from the Opposition (if we had an Opposition, that is). The Army would probably have been released onto the streets, and scents of revolution would be in the air. (I don’t include Northern Ireland in my comments, as the IRA scum, combined with the alleged Loyalist semi-scum: are equally devoted to the odd bout of pyromania; and should therefore be excluded on that basis).


So, on the basis that all 28 EU member states are as one, what do OoL readers think of the French Government’s comments that the New Years’ Eve ‘Celebrations’ went particularly well?