Signs of the times

So this man enters a Tower Hamlets bookshop, window laden with Islamic texts, ‘visit Mecca and lose your head’ signs and other Muslim paraphernalia. He says to the bookshop owner, “Have you got that new book about UKIP, can’t remember the title; the one about how UKIP will triumph in the British 2015 Elections?”

The bookshop owners shouts, “F@*## Off! Get out of here immediately. Don’t ever come back!”

The visItor says, “That’s the one!”

h/t to Oh what NOW!

All together now: it was all so terrible……….

Every year at this time, for many more years than I care to recall, we are once again reminded about how nasty we were to the citizens of Dresden for bombing their city; which of course was naturally totally Anti-Nazi, peace-loving, and for a long time a source of attempts to end the War which, as everyone recalls, was actually started by the British and the French after they objected to legitimate peaceful movements of German civilians to reclaim territory stolen after the First World War. We are reminded that some 25,000 people died from the fire which raged over Dresden for three days, and all those dead were all peace-loving Germans who hated Hitler, didn’t like the Nazis, and wished the War was over.We are reminded, once again, how nasty and cruel we were to those innocent Dresden civilians, and we should all be apologising, continously, for a very, very long time!


Just before we all fall on our swords, or knees, or both, I would also like to remind readers of what that same Nation, within whose borders Dresden still sits, and the Nazi Luftwaffe which was after all ‘only following orders’ achieved all those years ago, whilst trying to reason with the British that they were right, and that we were totally wrong!


Like in London


or indeed in Liverpool!

And I would too have us remember these boys, who helped stir those flames which were so well deserved, and helped bring us all to Victory!


Trojan War is updated

I have been rather busy these past few days, and I’d like to share the news that my labours have resulted in my latest efforts being brought to publication on Amazon’s website.


I commented some time back that writing consists of staring at a screen until the blood and sweat messes up the keyboard, or at least the equivalent; and hope that, if readers find the time, you might visit the source, and see if you agree that my labour was worth the struggle.

We just shot them down where they stood!

As some may recall, I wrote that I went to a Catholic Grammar School. From my advancing years, I can honestly state that my education wasn’t very good, as the whole school was run by Catholic priests, with a leavening of teachers from ordinary backgrounds. The standard of education was moderate, but, as far as I recall, I only ever gained four things from my time at that school. I learned a great and abiding distaste for bullies, especially bullies with a religious ideal; I did gain a method for ordering my mind in the learning of the Latin language, and of Ancient Roman history; a deep and abiding respect and admiration for classical music: but finally, and perhaps crucially, we were all given one piece of advice which stuck in my memory for over sixty-odd years. We were told, indeed advised, as a matter of priority, that we should read a book entitled ‘The Scourge of the Swastika’ by Lord Liverpool.

When reading the pages and gazing silently at the pictures within, from the perspective of a fourteen-year-old boy, it was almost incredible to understand that these savageries, these colossal crimes, were mainly all commissioned and carried out by Germans; the same Nation who gave birth to Schiller and Goethe, and also to the music of Telemann, Bach and Offenbach.

But I would like to bring to your attention another, perhaps more important document, or rather Documentary, this being the long-concealed filmed history of the discovery of the almost unbelievable sights which faced the first British soldiers who drove into Belsen, the ordinary Russians who burst into Maidanek, and their reaction to these unbelievable barbarities. Two things stick in my mind; the first was a statement by a British officer that all the SS and other guards were arrested and later made to fill the mass graves with those emaciated corpses. The second was perhaps more human, more immediate; the Russian soldier said, ‘The SS and the guards; we shot them all down where they stood.’ I have not been able to locate the slot on the Channel 4 ‘on demand’ site, so here, in all its ghastly glory, is that Documentary, hidden away for reasons unknown, for over seventy years.

I learned two things from that film: one was that when a corpse which looks and gives the notion that it was a skeleton is carried, or dragged from where it was casually piled towards the mass grave which was its final resting place, whatever flesh and skin remaining gave the impression of being almost elastic, or rubbery: the second being that the men and the women who organised and managed these fields of death looked just like any other human being; except possibly there was a common factor of a deadness about the eyes. They were not ashamed about their handywork; but perhaps ashamed that they had been defeated.

Aim, Steady, Squeeze that trigger slowly.


When America wants to see and watch class, it instinctively knows which films to watch. American Sniper was the highest-grossing film over the long weekend with over $200 million, playing in  3,705 theatres across America. N.B.  No free seats were given away at all! A story about an American hero, who served his Country, and his family, and died in truly tragic circumstances, apparently murdered by a man he was trying to help.

American Sniper, a movie celebrating the heroics of a white man (a white man who every institution – television, Hollywood, academia, government, and commercials – in America works overtime to denigrate) has one of the most astounding opening weekends in the history of cinema.

Compare this record with the much-hyped Selma, which hoovered up some 275,000 ‘students’ who were given free tickets to see a film which not many other people wanted to pay to watch, and of course was the critics’ darling and ‘best film’ and all that rubbish. We even got the widest mouth in American politics, that’s the one belonging to Al Sharpton, decrying the fact that there are no black people in the nominations for the Oscars.

Selma? No one cares, save Oprah Winfrey and her coalition of well-connected black businessman in major American cities whose entire fortune is dependent on government-mandated minority contracts.