The Clinton Foundation builds ………….to what they can be, tomorrow.

Some years back, I wrote a novel about the American car industry; the plot also involved advertising, murder, love and deceit. It wasn’t a great success, but there again, half the enjoyment; to me at least, was writing the story: if anyone else buys and likes it, so much the better. I would copy, for the reader’s interest, a small passage from this book, partly because I tried to commit, in writing, the perfect crime: and, if the reader progressed through the storyline, how that crime was ultimately detected, and the perpetrator brought to justice:-
Chapter 9

In the early hours of the morning, a slow cruising Ford Station wagon slid onto the drive of a house in KingsBurgh, which lay about twenty miles north of New York. A figure got out of the passenger seat, and walked quietly towards the rear of the substantial, double-storeyed residence. He checked the presence of two large propane gas bottles, in the standard protective enclosure, before heading for the wide patio sliding doors. Knowing all the basic entry tracks backwards, he slipped two circular suction pads on to the glass, hooked a lifter bar between them, and simply lifted the door right out of it’s groove. He forced the latch open with a screwdriver, then eased the window door open while sliding it gently back on the track. Heading, with the aid of a pencil torch clamped to his brow with a strap, he walked slowly towards the kitchen, and once there, aimed for the big gas cooker in the centre of the far wall. Leaning over, he located the gas entry pipe, which terminated in a stop valve, and a hose connection. He closed the isolation valve, removed the hose clip which had kept the reinforced rubber connection hose tight for the past three years, before replacing it with a hose clip from his pocket which had a very worn  thread, and thus did not hold the hose steadily on to the connector. He then briefly turned the valve on and off, while he listened for the ‘hiss’ of the gas escaping, before heading for the central heating boiler, and adjusting the timer control.

Casting the light across the broad lounge, he spotted a bulging briefcase lying by the side of a corner desk, and moved quickly across to open and scan the contents. He pulled out an entire clutch of paper, held together by elastic bands, with a scrawled heading ‘Continental Re-run’, rolled it up and shoved all the file into his pocket. He then returned to the open window, replaced it onto the track after easing the lock into the open position, turned the gas valve fully open, left the kitchen and exited from the house via the now open patio window, slid it closed, and gently removed the two suction lifter pads. He walked back to the drive, slipped into the big car, and the Ford gently rolled back down on to the road, before turning and slowly heading down about two hundred yards away from the big house, then parking under the branches of an overhanging tree. Both men in the car stretched , lit cigarettes, wound the windows down, and waited patiently in the dark.

The timer control for the hot water was a standard dual time model, with selections for morning and evening operation. The gas now running from the faulty connection had infiltrated most of the ground floor rooms, plus the games room which lay underneath the main block of the house. The micro-contact, driven by the drive motor on the timer, slowly lifted up on the riser cam, as the new timer setting, which ensured that the gas had been running free for nearly thirty minutes, approached the operating position. As the cam clicked over, the contact made the circuit, which would normally have started the boiler heating the water for the morning baths and showers of the resident  family. The presence of the propane, in the immediate vicinity of the minute spark caused by the contact of the cam, was enough to set off an explosion which had the same effect as a high explosive shell. Within seconds, the whole of the ground floor was ablaze, followed within seconds by the first floor, which held the sleeping members of the family; Howard, a college lecturer; Amy, a junior high student; Jack, an eleventh grade student; and Allison, who spent her days as an account director with Morson, Hutcheons, Drew and Zeno. All died in the conflagration which followed the explosion. As the explosion flashed out, and the fire took hold, the waiting Ford was started up, and slowly drove away towards the turnpike.

The fire crew investigator, completing his search during the morning at the request of the police department, tossed the hose clip in the air, after briefly cleaning it with a cloth. He turned to the two detectives, who stood watching him, and simply said, “There she blows, boys. Simple criminal neglect! If the guy had bothered to spend fifty cents at the hardware shop, his family would still be alive. The thread is all worn, so it could not grip the hose. The hose finally worked loose under pressure, the gas comes out and mixes; the timer starts up for the boiler, and ‘boom’ , no house.”

“Accidental death?” grunted the senior of the two policemen.

“Yeah, call it that if you wish. No point in letting the guy be buried under the tarnish of  what he had done. Yeah; accidental death, on all members of the Klein family!”

I show this small sector of my book because I noted a small tragedy which occurred in New Jersey, where a ‘gas explosion’ literally flattened a house in the small town of Newfield, killing the two occupants. A ‘Conspiracy’ website picked this tragedy up, and asserted that the dead woman, Carole Paladino, was somehow to be a major witness with the FBI’s actions and cases against Hillary Clinton, and her Foundation’s allegedly illegal activities related to the use and advancement of an anti-allergic medication.

Conspiracy? Na.a.a.a.h. It just could not be. I mean to say: the wife of a former President, herself a candidate for that Presidency; a conspirator in a double murder? Ridiculous!!!

Roman Catholic-run Irish hospitals to be forced into abortion acts.

I believe that the Catholic Church has, and always will, taken the right stance when it comes to some matters of conscience. I am a comparatively recent convert to the ideal of disliking the very idea of abortion; having, for many years hewed to the idea that a woman alone should hold the right regarding what happens to the child she carries within her womb. But I examined the evidence, including the UK Legislation regarding abortion, and, having determined that one could lead a regiment  of cavalry through the loosely-worded clauses, I honestly believe that we now have, in this oh-so-liberal Nation of ours: abortion-on-demand! That, folks, is plain wrong. Human life is precious, it should never be extinguished on a whim, and I believe that the Noble Lady Nuala O’Loan’s Religious Conscience Bill; whilst still a very short step, should have at least a fair hearing when it eventually arrives at the House of Commons.

I was raised in the Roman Catholic Faith. I absorbed the teachings of that Faith in the times of my childhood, I married in a Catholic Church some fifty years ago, in the Roman tradition, and all three of my children were baptised in that Faith. Despite no longer associating myself in any way or form with the Catholic Church, having determined that I could no longer sit silent when priests spoke from the pulpit to traduce the politics I have held for decades. I also decided to absent myself from the church when the very laws of our land were being breached by many Catholic priests bent on the abuse of innocent children, those same priests who were then protected and virtually concealed by a Catholic Hierarchy, who were intent on the outer carapace of that Church seeming intact: whilst concealing the cancer inside that religious body.

But today I do not write about British attitudes to abortion, but instead to the deep and devious planning by Irish Republican politicians, which is only now unfolding after the recent Irish Abortion Referendum; and the acquiescence of an Irish voting majority which is only now realising the extent to which the very ‘wool’ has been pulled over their collective eyes within the Republic.  The Irish Prime Minister confirmed that, under the terms of the proposed Abortion legislation, all publicly funded hospitals will be required to provide abortion services once legislation is enacted in the Irish Parliament. This confirmation was in reply to a question from Solidarity MP Mick Barry, who asked would abortion services be provided by the new national maternity hospital to be built in the grounds of St Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin, “a campus controlled by a company with a board dedicated to a Catholic ethos”.

The Irish Prime Minister (Mr Varadkar) said the Government would use the same model is used for the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act, which provides for abortion where a woman’s life is at risk. “Hospitals such as Holles Street, which has a Catholic voluntary ethos, the Mater, St Vincent’s and others will be required and expected to carry out any procedure that is legal in the State.” In other words, the Irish Prime Minister is stating that Catholic concerns and objections to the act of abortion will be overruled; and it will be soon be seen that employment within hospitals, in whatever area, shall be governed by the Rule of Law, with no allowance made for conscientious objectors to absent themselves from the practice of killing the unborn baby!

So, the question surely must be whether the Roman Catholic Church in the Republic will, stand fast against the abortion orders, and close the hospitals down, rather that bow down to the demands of the baby-killers? I wonder why THAT particular question wasn’t highlighted during the run up to the Referendum vote? I also wonder if the Irish voters will now consider that they have been ‘conned’ by experts, who always stated that their one concern was for the safety of the future mother; but never, ever, mentioned the fact that the full weight of the Law would be slammed down on any doctor, nurse or hospital administration who dared to stand against the Government: especially when the Referendum result was a vast majority in favour of killing the unborn?

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Alas, poor Yorick; I knew him well!

Same-Sex Marriage power-hungry peddlers grow louder

Today, I write with a warning. A warning to all who would profess to be British, a term which eccompasses a wealth of meaning, of tradition, of the very meaning of the term ‘Freedom’; both as we used to know it; decades ago: and as we know it now, foreshortened, proscribed and invisibly threatened. When the quisling known as Prime Minister Cameron pushed his ‘great idea’ of destroying the very notion and ideal of the sacred Christian ideal of Marriage, between a man and a woman: by promoting the ideal of the Sodomites & Buggers’ Charter; a.k.a the ‘Same-Sex’ marriage act, between two homosexual men or two women; his stance, and that of his Parliamentary colleagues was received with a great joy from the leftist ‘liberals’, from the wodge of the lesbian/gay/bisexual/confused bunch, and from all who espouse and embrace ‘change’.

Against this bunch of chancers was ranged the heavyweights of the Church of England, the whole of the Roman Catholic hierarchy; a large but unfortunately usually silent slice of Britain, whose thinking could be encapsulated within the phrase, ‘I don’t care what they do, as long as they don’t do it in the street and frighten the horses’, a more vociferous clan who spoke under the collective of Campaign4Marriage who campaigned against that pernicious idea, and 669,444 people collectively said that they agreed with C4M’s ideals and ideas. Many more spoke, wrote and campaigned against the ‘Same-Sex’ farrago, but when the ‘Consultation’ period was over, some 669,444 voices were looked at as just ONE. The Parliamentary process was strident, but even with a large Tory rebellion, the Government’s Act was comfortably carried.

So, the reader may ask, why do I write again, warning all about further actions and proposals which those in power seek to foist upon us; all in the name of ‘equality’ and ‘fairness’?

We are informed by the Coalition for Marriage that the mini-Gauleiters of Ofsted are once again preparing to attack the very teachers and pupils who have a mind of their own, who question the Law which allows ‘Same-Sex Marriage’. Independent schools must meet the Independent School Standards. Ofsted is ultimately responsible for enforcing these standards in all independent schools, and directly inspects a significant minority of them. Paragraph 2 of the standards says that the school curriculum must include Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE) which “encourages respect for other people, paying particular regard to the protected characteristics set out in the 2010 [Equality] Act”. This is used to justify a statement in the new guidance blocking freedom to disagree with same-sex marriage.

The Government is consulting on new guidance on the Independent School Standards, telling schools what is expected. The new draft guidance says the standards will not be met “if, for example, the PSHE curriculum… suggests that same-sex marriages or civil partnerships should not be recognised as being lawful unions under civil law” (paragraph 20). The guidance makes a specific statement that ‘same-sex marriage’ cannot be contradicted, and “Questions will be asked” of both pupils and teachers to determine whether the guidance is both present and accepted by all parties. If the teachers have objected, or have made statements to the effect that they do not agree with the ‘Same-Sex’ farrago, the whole school will be downgraded as part of the inspection process! It is wrong to use same-sex marriage as one of these examples. It is a political issue that schools should treat in a balanced way.

“Even if the school’s curriculum documents are acceptable in relation to the fundamental British values, it is possible for teachers to convey in their teaching that either the values are wrong, or that they do not apply to the community served by the school… In order to assess compliance with the standard inspectors will check pupils’ understanding, in an age-appropriate way, of the concepts listed.” (paragraph 39)

LET ME BE VERY CLEAR. My opposition to this ‘GUIDANCE’ has got nothing to do with hating homosexuals of whatever tendency they adopt. The beliefs and practices which these people adopt and hold are lawful. However, that does not mean that I must agree with their beliefs. I respect their beliefs and ask that I be shown the same respect. My opposition to this guidance is that it is an attempt to brainwash and indoctrinate children, that it is attempting to make youngsters, along with their teachers and parents; to accept something that goes against true family values and principles.

From the very beginnings of the whole ‘gay marriage’ debate, the Government (a supposedly-Tory government) made it plain that this was what was going to happen. The Government has no mandate for this monumental change to our culture, which required 800 years of legislation to be re-written and redefine the terms “husband” and “wife”. Marriage was redefined over the heads of the 24 million married people in this country. This was profoundly anti-democratic. The Government ran away from this public debate. They bulldozed ahead without any thought for the consequences.

But one thing I do know; which is that I dislike, intensely, being advised, even on a subliminal basis, that my dislike of homosexual behaviour, as well as homosexual-friendly legislation, along with the very idea that homosexual behaviour, ideas and beliefs are not akin to perversion, is somehow beyond the pale within British Society. I disagree with the whole idea that once the act has been decriminalised, everything else is okay. I disagree that a man can marry a man, despite that now being legal. An Act of Parliament does not make a perversion acceptable, to those such as I who believe in the sanctity of Marriage. Sex, and the very act of love, is there for a single purpose, which is to beget children; and marriage is simply for the protection of children who spring from that union. Why do I bang on, despite many saying, ‘well, they have what they have demanded, which is legal acceptance; why go on, and on, about what is, after all, something which is both legal and accepted within modern Britain today? It is simply that I do not accept that my grandchildren grow up in a climate which accepts, without comment, a perverted sexual practice in their communities.

The headlines roll ever onwards, as do the adverts. We note the leader of the Scots Conservatives is pregnant, has announced she is expecting a baby with her partner Jen Wilson. Readers may note the coy phrase ‘with her partner’. Readers must be aware that it is a biological impossibility for one woman to make another pregnant, however much they might ‘love’ each other. The infamous Lloyds Bank advert which purported to show ‘freeze-frames of British life’ hoped to make viewers accept that to my mind, some weirdo asking another weirdo to marry him is part of normal British life; is yet another attempt to fix the ideals that ‘Same-Sex marriage’ is here to stay, and we should all just shut up and get used to it!

Ministerial assurances, given at the time of the ACT going through Parliament, were plain and straightforward:-

“…no teacher is under any duty to promote or endorse a particular view of marriage, and neither would they be as a result of any revised guidance in the future. The wording of section 403(1A) is clear. The Secretary of State issues guidance to ensure that pupils ‘learn’—it is worth paying attention to that word— ‘the nature of marriage and its importance for family life and the bringing up of children.’

“…teaching in this area should always be balanced and sensitive to pupils’ backgrounds, which for many will be reflected in the school’s ethos. Guidance contrary to that ethos would not meet those criteria. If Members want further Same-sex marriage test © Coalition for Marriage 2018 Page 3 of 3 reassurance, I draw their attention to Lord Pannick [QC], who I think is universally recognised to be an expert in this area. He said that it is ‘inconceivable’ that a teacher could be lawfully disciplinedfor explaining to a child of an appropriate age that the law allows for same-sex marriage but that many religions—or indeed the teacher—do not believe in it.”


The ‘Guidance’ is now aimed only at Independent Schools. But you can bet good money that if the clauses are passed without comment, the rest of the Schools system, inclusive of ALL religious or faith-based schools; will not be far behind. So when the ‘Consultation’ process begins, I would ask a plain question. Will you take part, will you answer the questionnaire? Will you give solace to those who ‘just love each other’ by accepting, dumbly; like the sheep which the Department for Education firmly believes you are; that the Guidance shall be forwarded unchanged? Or will you rise from your lethargy, from your place in front of the tv, where you watch ‘Coronation St., or ‘Eastenders’, or any of the myriad other doses of pap shovelled out by the broadcasters in the faint hope that you will also buy some other garbage supported by the advertisers: and sit down, use the Christian Insitute’s Guideline Pages for help, and then find the OFSTED guidance pages, and register your opposition to this perverted tripe?

U.S.Navy pre-watch checklist: Is my make-up and mascara on correctly?

#1 Sub Head:- Seven U.S. Navy Sailors die: she gets a Slapped Wrist.

#2 Sub-head:- The C.O. will probably be either fired, or given time in the brig, (Because he is the Captain, and he is supposed to know how well his subordinate officers will respond under pressure; and he carries the Can!)

Destroyer U.S.S. Fitzgerald; Commanding Officer’s standing orders for Duty Watch Officer:-

  • Call the Commanding Officer whenever a marine contact comes within 6,000 yards of my ship’

Lieutenant J.G. Sarah Coppock viewed thirteen vessels being within 6,000 yards of her own ship, FAILED to advise the C.O. once; thus violating Standing Orders.

  • Immediately after calling the C.O., confirm sightings with the Combat Information Centre.

Lieutenant Coppock failed to advise the C.I.C. of ANY sightings, thus violating Standing Orders.

    • If the main radar system is not working correctly, call any senior officer, alert the Commanding Officer.
    • Lieutenant Coppock failed to advise the C.O., or the C.I.C. of ANY sightings, thus violating Standing Orders.
  • When aware of an imminent COLLISION with a vastly bigger vessel, alert all crew, sound all alarms, take avoiding action if possible.
  • Lieutenant J.G. Sarah Coppock did absolutely nothing at all.

Seven men died. They were :-

  • Gunner’s Mate Seaman Dakota Kyle Rigsby, 19, from Palmyra, Va.

  • Yeoman 3rd Class Shingo Alexander Douglass, 25, from San Diego

  • Sonar Technician 3rd Class Ngoc T Truong Huynh, 25, from Oakville, Conn.

  • Gunner’s Mate 2nd Class Noe Hernandez, 26, from Weslaco, Texas

  • Fire Controlman 2nd Class Carlosvictor Ganzon Sibayan, 23, from Chula Vista, Calif.

  • Personnel Specialist 1st Class Xavier Alec Martin, 24, from Halethorpe, Md.

  • Fire Controlman 1st Class Gary Leo Rehm Jr., 37, from Elyria, Ohio

“ Not a day goes by where I haven’t thought about what I could have done differently” she said in the Court Martial hearing at the Navy Yard. “There is nothing I can do now but take responsibility.”

She was sentenced to a LETTER of REPRIMAND,  and forfeiture of half-pay for three months. AS A PUNISHMENT FOR HAZARDING HER SHIP, AND FOR THE DEATHS OF SEVEN SLEEPING SAILORS!

U.S.Navy pre-watch checklist: Is my make-up and mascara on correctly?
Seatrade Maritime News

A conversation with a muslim interpreter’s acquaintance.


Writing for the Mail in his first article since being promoted to Home Secretary on Monday, Sajid Javid said: ‘It is only right that we honour their service and ensure they are able to continue with the lives that they have built here.’ In another breakthrough, Mr Javid said he would review whether their wives and children should be allowed in. Many of them had complained they had not been able to bring relatives across at the same time for practical reasons, only to be told it was now too late. Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson also vowed to fight for the ‘courageous’ translators. ‘The Afghan interpreters have served this country with great loyalty and bravery by serving shoulder-to-shoulder with our Armed Forces,’ he said.


Brit Border Agency staffer; Stansted.

“Good morning sir, could I please ask you to marshall the seventy-five odd people who are signed as part of your party, to one side: clearing the area in front of the desks, please?”

Five minutes later, as the noise, keening and wailing subsides to a dull murmur.

B.B.A. S. Thank you sir, might I ask you for your travel documents?

Afghani man: “As you can see, I, together with my family, cousins, uncles and kin, are seeking asylum from terror and the Taliban in our former homeland, and, in accord with the newly-appointed British Home Secretary’s statements regarding interpreters who worked for the British Army in Helmand Province, are confidently seeking asylum in Great Britain.

B.B.A. S.

“Certainly, sir, if you could just point to the document which shows and confirms that you were on patrol with British soldiers in Helmand province, acting as an interpreter, and your stay will be immediately confirmed, as agreed and formally accepted by the newly-appointed Muslim Home Secretary.”

Afghani man:  “Whilst I cannot truthfully state that I was a member of that brave group who kept their faces hidden at all times for fear of retribution, I can confirm that the second cousin of my fourth brother’s third wife worked as a cook for a cobbler who regularly repaired British Army Interpreters’ footwear. The word got around, and the threats of instant retribution against all collaborators came for us all, so we decided to flee, and here we are.”

B.B.A. S. picks up phone and calls Home Office headquarters, Border Agency. “Colin, according to our records, the total numbers of Afghan and Iraqi interpreters we are now admitting to the UK stands at 45,000, inclusive of the thousands of family members, hangers-on and the like. Tell the Minister to advise the Home Secretary that, once again, Muslim Home Secretary or not, the bloody Government needs to ‘shut the **** up’!