Happy clapper? No thanks!

I listened, inattentively, to the calls broadcast for a National Clap, and I did disregard them, because, being of a logical frame of mind, I simply asked myself the question: Why?

What good would a few million clowns all clapping and hollering at the same time do, apart from ‘making themselves feel good?

As the day wore on, I read ever more calls for all to ‘Salute’ our wondrous NHS: and still asked that very same question: Why?

Needless to state, I did not take part in this mindless outpouring of ‘Love’ for what is, in effect, the workers inside the largest State employer in, certainly, the whole of Europe. And, I might add, the most inefficient, backward, dictatorial  and secretive outfit into the bargain. Secretive?, you may ask. Just add up all the NDA (Non-disclosure Arrangements) sums of Taxpayers cash forced upon the multitude of whistleblowers under peril of losing their jobs, reputations and very livelihoods, to discover just how the NHS protects their shabby reputation.

Just remember the last big scandal in the NHS, at Stafford Hospital where many patients died as a result of the Stafford Trust’s push for extra cash from Foundation Status. The result of all the Inquiries? Five nurses were fired, and Sir David Nicholson, the boss who was in charge of the whole caboodle? He got promoted!

Fair enough, there are many people who are doing a good job, but clap? Nope, the only signal I’d give is holding up a sign which said, “ Just do your job, and that’ll be good enough!” The 1 million-odd employees of the NHS, employed, it must never be forgotten by we, the British Taxpayer are paid healthy, sometimes hefty salaries to do a singular task: to keep us all healthy, to heal us when sick, to operate when unavoidable. But they are paid these salaries because, implicit in the contracts signed is the truth that they are knowingly placing themselves in ‘harms way’.

So, whether the Nation as a whole clapped or not, it must be asked; what exactly was achieved? Did the ‘happy-clappers’ perhaps understand that they were signalling the  knowledge that, for possibly the first time in their cossetted lives, they were literally applauding the fact that the NHS employees were doing the job which they had been paid to do? I doubt it very much. 

Clap? Perhaps the best, or possibly the most honest response; would be a simple, diagonal nod of the head. Enough of this hysteria! We are; after all, British. Give credit where due, but calls for clapping or some other demonstration for a large group of people simply doing their jobs: simply not done!

Shopping 2020——Virus Style

I append some pix taken just this morning of my ‘shopping trip’ to the local supermarket.

The queueing stretched right along the outside wall, around the back and back again.

I was queueing for fifty-five minutes, and gained access to the main entrance five minutes before the ‘Vulnerable’ slot came to an end at 10.00 a.m.


Above: This is me on the ‘Home Stretch’, about seventy-five yards to go!


And all because the Chinese Communist Party dislikes anything being published which puts their ‘Party’ in a bad light.

The snivelling Cnuts!!!


So how do you reckon this bunch would have reacted in 1939?

That question was asked of me by a stranger as we stood in line, on last Sunday morning in a triple-length supermarket checkout line. I with my two newspapers and a pack of chorizo sausage (the chorizo essential for chewing as I read my double ration of news and comment) and my queue colleague with his newspaper and a single pack of lager.

My reply was succinct and truthful, “Knowing this bunch, and watching as the herd reacts; we would probably be conversing in German, and ending with ‘Heil Hitler’!

The previous Friday, I had already picked up my pre-ordered shopping, and was in the large local supermarket to pick up a few items which needed personal choice. I had watched in quiet horror as the store, which normally would be fairly busy, was literally heaving with customers: in truth busier than Christmas Eve. Uber-Laden trolleys queued down the aisles, as frantic shoppers bought everything in sight. The unnerving sight of near panic was spread out before me: and this was in England. Was this the same England who stood and sat, soberly and quietly, in a worried silence, whilst they listened to a Prime Minister speaking on the BBC, who, equally soberly and quietly, stated that Nazi Germany was now our enemy?

The day after my Sunday chat with one guy, I drove a mate to stock up supplies for his family grocery business, as he had lost his own licence. We headed towards the local branch of a national wholesaler. We didn’t know what to expect, but our worst fears were realised as we set foot through the sliding doors. What normally was.a well-stocked, calm, well-oiled vending organisation had become a warehouse with empty shelves, stocks of virtually everything were reduced to torn boxes, The high racks and shelving which had held toiletries, detergents, kitchen and toilet rolls were, simply; devastated. My mate had, on his list, one item in particular, hand sanitiser. We spoke to a warehouse worker, taking items from a pallet and restocking empty shelving. When asked about the sanitiser, he grinned, wearily, pointed to the empty shelves and said, “That whole section disappeared within forty minutes of opening on Saturday. The lads who were bringing pallet loads from the intake areas were ambushed as they came through the swing doors, and everything was pulled away and on to the trolleys. In the end, the management had to threaten them with the police being called! And that was from ordinary people!”

We left, having filled perhaps half of my mate’s shopping list, and with sadly shaking heads. This is now modern England; a disease-ridden, panic-riven wasteland. And why? Because our politicians refused to even consider that Far-Eastern Nations, such as Singapore, Japan and Taiwan knew that the very mention of leaked news of an unknown viral illness which was  said to be circulating within Wuhan, a Chinese city to the south of Beijing was cause for deep concern. Knowing that the Communist Chinese would stamp rigorously on any rumour of a viral epidemic, because that would reflect badly upon the great Communist dream. The Communists ruthlessly stamped upon the natural inclinations of the medical staff to spread the word, that same staff who had first recognised that this viral infection was both new and savage, in that the Chinese who had been infected had no natural immunity; and so were easy targets for a deadly new virus.

The Taiwanese Government, being supremely realistic about their giant Cousin across the 80 miles of the Taiwan Straits, about the reticence of the Communists to release any news which ‘MIGHT’ reflect badly on their SuperState, proceeded to adopt a plan which was developed after the SARS virus epidemic. The plan was to board every aircraft coming in from Wuhan, and secondly from Hubei province, record if any passengers were suffering from high temperatures, heavy coughing and fever symptoms, and ruthlessly quarantine all until treatment could begin. But Heathrow? FORGET IT!

This Government of ours is terrified of hitting the Big Red Button which is labelled “LOCKDOWN”. Terrified because they will look just the same as the Commie crowd in Beijing, despite the clear evidence that the ‘LOCKDOWN’ actually works. But it must be complete, it must be level, and it must be enforced rigorously. When scientists state, again  and again, that the only way to stop this scourge IS TO ACT RUTHLESSLY, our pusillanimous politicians will not bite the bullet. When literally millions of Brits set a metaphorical ‘two fingers’ at the earnest advice; then it is about time that the kid gloves come off, and the iron fist is exposed. Italy acted too late,with 50,000 cases confirmed, and 5,400 dead. That, folks, is reality. As my mate David Vance discovered, the huge slice of dead Italians is because the Italians have imported, overtly, over 100,000 migrants from Mainland China to work in the sweat shops making those leather goods which are exported back to China. So when all those ‘effing Chinese illegals came flooding back after their bloody New Year, the corona virus came back with them.

We have to be brutal, because brutality works. Don’t take any notice of me; I’m just a retired Engineer, looking after a very sick wife; ill now for decades. But take notice of this lady, because she knows of what she talks and writes about. Take note, otherwise we will be seeing A FULL AND EXACT COPY OF this graph, because it will then be too late! Note the figures on the vertical side of the graphic, which peaks at 450,000 dead!






The British Politicians, with one voice, parrot the reply, “We’re Listening to the Scientists, and reacting accordingly”. As the numbers sweep inexorably upwards, as Italy signals ‘defeat’ by extending the lock-down to the whole of their virus-stricken Nation, as South Korea reacted so swiftly, and in doing so seemingly slowed down the infection rates, and of course corresponding fatalities: what is the British government doing? Sitting, with their fists clenched and wedged firmly up their arseholes, watching as the airports welcome ever more airplanes full of potential carriers: and not even warning those arriving of the severe possibilities of disease or death possibly carried amongst them. Truly a right bright bunch of Cnuts! 


These are the same ‘Scientists’ backed by algorithmic spreadsheets and data ten years out of date who parroted about how to combat ‘Foot and Mouth disease’; whose ‘advice’ ended up costing Great Britain £9 billions in replenishment costs for the slaughtered cattle and sheep alone. 


Those same ‘Scientists’ who started the BSE plague in the first place by relaxing the strict temperature requirements for the heat treatment of pig swill: along with the suicidal policies  of allowing possibly contaminated meat and offal tissue from one species to be fed, haphazardly and with no supervision whatsoever, to another, totally different animal species.


And now we seemingly depend upon their interpretation of the  ‘Scientific Facts’ to determine when and if large, frighteningly large numbers of people will die a seemingly terrible death. If we heard one of these so-called Scientists admit that they do not even know how Coronavirus is transmitted, that would be a ‘first’: but they will not even tell the  public,  a Public which they are supposed to be serving, the truth about what they ‘DON’T EVEN KNOW THEMSELVES’!

When the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918-19-20 hit the world, it could not have had a more auspicious birthright. Large portions of the world’s population were hungry, many starving; more were worn out through the years of War, of strife, and, most importantly, there were vast encampments full of soldiers, refugees and other, mainly military-allied warehouse structures. The first recorded case of the H1N1 virus was of a soldier. In early March 1918, he reported to the sick quarters in Fort Riley, Kansas, complaining of being feverish. With the vast movement of American soldiers en-route for Europe, the unknown virus travelled with them, and within weeks, the hospitals were flooded with the sick and the dying. As it was a new strain of Influenza, no resistance had been built up within any population, and the  disease struck with frightening rapidity within any centre where exposure had happened.

Fast-Forwards almost exactly one hundred years, and we find ourselves staring down the barrel of a weapon for which there is no cure, no antidote (despite all our vast knowledge, technology or expertise), and for which  we have NO TOLERANCE WHATSOEVER! 

And what is the  advice of the smug pillocks who smile, and dole out the advice as though they, and they alone, know all the answers? Wash your hands for twenty seconds! Apart from being a boon to soap, sanitiser and gel manufacturers, this will possibly serve no purpose whatsoever, because these smug bastards do not know if the CoronaVirus is passed by bodily or hand contact. What is it is airborne? Will a carrier, who is not displaying any symptoms yet, be transmitting the bacteria throughout the cabin of the aircraft he is returning in from some diseased hotspot?

Instead of doing as President Trump has just done, which is to ban all flights from Europe, instead of following the stance and advice of the Taiwanese Government, who stare daily at their giant enemy across the narrow ocean strait which separates them; the British did sweet fuck all! 

When the WHO was notified on Dec. 31, 2019, of a pneumonia of unknown cause in Wuhan, China, Taiwanese officials began to board planes and assess passengers on direct flights from Wuhan for fever and pneumonia symptoms before passengers could deplane.

As early as Jan. 5, notification was expanded to include any individual who had traveled to Wuhan in the past 14 days and had a fever or symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection at the point of entry. Suspected cases were screened for 26 viruses, including SARS and MERS. Passengers displaying symptoms were quarantined at home and assessed whether medical attention at a hospital was necessary. 

As a direct result of this control, Taiwan has, of this date; only 49 confirmed cases, and one death! Great Britain & Northern Ireland has 460 cases, and 8 dead; and counting!


Whose scientists do you trust?



Nope, Ambassador, on this, you are dead wrong!

I have respect for Ambassador Ronald LAUDER  for his support of the Auschwitz memorial campaign; but reject his Totalitarian ideas about Free Speech.


He spoke with Justin Webb about Auschwitz, at 43 minutes into the Today programme. He talked about his campaign to preserve Auschwitz as a memorial; and how the numbers of those who survived are decreasing with the passing of time. The BBC’s interviewer asked if this year would probably be the last time that so many would testify?


The Ambassador confirmed that in the five years since the 70th anniversary, half the number had died; and although the next anniversary was to be the 80th, if even one survivor remained, he would do his utmost to have them testify.. He spoke of the girl who came with two thousand other children, and only four survived. He told of those who testified of the sinister Dr. Mengele, and of the experiments on twins and children. He also spoke of the fact that most of the survivors had no hatred, but just wished to get on with their lives. All of which is factual, and born out by evidence.


But then this Ambassador began speaking of the rise of ‘anti-semitism’ and how it should be tackled, because no-one spoke out in the early years, and then it was too late.


He then spoke in terms of Legislating to make ‘Anti-Semitic language’ a crime, and to imprison anyone who was judged to be ‘Anti-Semitic’ or ‘Islamophobic’, because that was, in his view, the only way to fight this way of thinking.


So here we have a Jewish Billionaire ex-Ambassador, supposedly aiming to have us all remember the Holocaust; and he is preaching that ANYONE who falls foul of his way of thinking, which is to repudiate Anti-Semitic ideals; that ANYONE who speaks, in his way of thinking, of denigrating Muslims and Islam, should be shovelled straight in to the slammer, and left to rot.


Well, Ambassador, you may be worth Billions of dollars, you may be Chairman of the Jewish Heritage Council; Director of the International Board of Governors of the International Society for Yad Vashem; Member of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council; Member of the Board of Directors of the Jewish Theological Seminary; Member of the Board of Directors of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee; Member of the Board of Trustees of the Anti-Defamation League Foundation; Member of the Board of Trustees of The Abraham Fund; Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Sakharov Archives at Brandeis University and Member of the International Board of Governors of the Tel Aviv Museum: but that doesn’t give you the right to tell ANYBODY how to think, how to speak, how to voice their own opinions, and how to view their fellow man!


Establishing the Coefficient of Bravery in a Crew during a Bombing Raid


I believe that the truth about many Academics, with some truly honourable exceptions, is that their lives have passed with no relevance to the world upon which they comment, and, for all the use their inane prattlings contain; they might well have stayed mute and been content with that anonymity. But, unfortunately, their arrogance outweighs their humanity; they speak, and write, mainly of what they do not either understand or observe; and so descend into their own particular brand of lunacy.

A typicaL example of this academic lunacy in action can be found in this paper, which is entitled within the link, actuality being too verbose to be quickly understood. In this document, published some six years ago; the author, one Robin Hudson, purports to catalogue the odds against any particular bomber being shot down, or otherwise ‘Failing to Return’; from a mission over Nazi Germany.

His ‘statistical’ approach to a matter of life or death, as applied to a British bomber force crew, is both lunatic, and flawed beyond redemption. His thesis rests on various factors inclusive of cloud cover, length or duration of mission, target city’s population, and of course whether bombers went out in daylight, or at night. 

A sample of the lunacies presented is to show that it is possible to predict the probability of being shot down on the most dangerous flight. A lone daytime flight in a Lancaster, bombing a high population target from 50ft with no cloud cover comes out with an approximate 85% predicted probability of failure.

No mention is made of the simple fact that we were fighting across the world for our very survival, nor of the truth that, although Great Britain and France declared war upon Nazi Germany for violations of honourable Diplomatic Treaties held with Poland, no-one actually knew of the evils of Nazi Germany, or of their obsession with the virtual Genocide of the Jewish race until the War was nearly over. 

No calculation, used in Mr. Hudson’s work, demonstrates the sheer ferocity inflicted upon British cities by the Luftwaffe’s bomber forces, and the need to demonstrate to a Nazi Government that two can play at that game. No calculation or variable was utilised by Mr. Hudson could have imagined the bravery of those British Bomber crews as they studied the statistics, plain to everyone who flew from, or was operational on, the many bomber bases across Great Britain as the numbers were listed, both of those who survived, and of those who ‘Failed to Return”. 

I commenced this small piece by railing against the thought processes which could look upon the statistics which represented brave men. Many of those men who would make that ‘Supreme Sacrifice’ whilst attacking their nation’s enemies. I wonder if Mr. Hudson, if he had been around in 1939, would have volunteered for such service, or would he have opted for a ‘reserved occupation’ so he could maybe keep his hands clean of that nasty blood which was being spilled so liberally in defence of his Country? I wonder if Mr. Hudson, during those pleasant years at Nottingham University, studying for his Degree in Economics, and also cataloguing the vast numbers of documents which constituted the background to his ‘Empirical’ dissertation; ever considered the realities of battles some five miles in the air. Battles against men who were determined to kill the flier before he killed them, as could well be discovered if he had read, as I have, the legendary tale of one American flier, who helped fight his bomber through the virtual hell which was the American B-17 attack upon the ball-bearing factories of Schweinfurt: and then attempt to integrate those words into his scholarly treatise about Death?

55,573 deaths were recorded during Bomber Command’s operations against the enemy. 33,000 Americans ‘Failed to Return’ from their daylight bombing raids. I wonder how Mr. Hudson would fold those Allied deaths into his computations, or would they all be written off as ‘Extraneous Variables’?