Death? Yes; but a lingering, agonising one for these savages!

I consider myself to be a truly lucky man, despite the problems within my own personal life. I am the Grandfather of four young souls, and when I look at the numerous pix which I hold which remind me of my luck; I can but state that, for the purposes of comparison with others, I am the wealthiest of men. To be able to watch as the youngest grandson literally laughs as his father holds him, gives HenryJPGme joy which is incomparable. My two sons have provided me with four reasons for life, and when I am sometimes weighed down by the responsibilities which stem from my own oath ‘In sickness and in health’, I am raised up once more by their smiles, their young voices, and by the very fact that the love which produced my children is immortalised in their existence.


Readers must pardon my rambling, for I am but a typical Grandad; which is why I write to ask if this garbage bag of scum masquerading as the parents of tiny Finley Thomas should be the cause for a complete reversal of Great Britain’s policies on the removal of the death sentence; despite the rulings of the EU and ECHR? Parents, married or otherwise, are supposed to protect those tiny souls who have, in reality, been lent to them by Nature until they are able to look after themselves. Tiny, trusting, defenceless Finley was betrayed by his mother and her grinning boyfriend; as his injuries sustained before his death were listed finleyas ‘traumatic separation of parts of the skull, swelling of the brain, retinal bleeding, blood stain fluid on the spine, mark on neck and shoulder and bruising to the back, rib fractures’. These injuries were explained by both as being the result of the toddler ‘Falling downstairs’!

The creeping, mewling, conscienceless bastards!

Peturbations of Royalty

I present the Queen’s speech if Her Majesty was allowed to speak her mind.

To my Loyal Lords and Commons, Greetings

As this is indeed a special day, We thought that, instead of issuing the usual platitudes which I have been handed to read as in times past, We thought that it might be a treat for my many millions of British subjects to hear my speaking a few home truths to the people who have been entrusted with the Governing of my Kingdom.

We find that we have been betrayed by a succession of, We hesitate to use the term ‘Governments’, as the last thing which has been done in Our Name is governing. Beginning with the traitor Heath, who lied, lied and lied again to achieve his goal of membership of the European Common Market. Our Sovereignty was diminished from that day, and the effects of this traitor’s actions, as the decades have proven, have proved to be truly disastrous for the British Isles and for this United Kingdom.

That succeeding Governments, of both Conservative and Labour Parties, have both continued and increased the levels of intrusive and totally-undemocratic intrusion in British affairs by the cancerous and totalitarian European Union, to such an extent that there is hardly anything left that My Government can achieve without reference to their political masters in Brussels.

It is true that a very few of the politicians who served in Government were against further involvement in the machinations of the Brussels elite, but even the best of my Prime Ministers, my good friend Baroness Margaret Thatcher did little to defend My Realm against the remorseless advance of the ‘Colleagues’ from the organisation which an acquaintance has titled the E.U.S.S.R. Perhaps she spoke truly when she stated that she had been misled over the true effects of the Single European Act, but unfortunately the Act was placed before Me, and We had to sign it, because it was a lawful piece of legislation from My Parliament.

But the most significant damage to My Realm was achieved under the governance of the traitor Blair, under whose hand and rule came forth the damaging legislation of Devolution, and now We see the results, as the demagogues have snatched the majority in Edinburgh, and are threatening the dissolution of the United Kingdom. We have also seen the lunacies perpetrated by the inclusion of a foreign Court as arbiter in our own judicial system, the slow strangling of our remaining industries under the dead hand of a Brussels bureaucracy which never, ever forgets; not forgetting the strange sights of terrorists, murderers and rapists allowed to stay in these lands because their ‘rights’ might be damaged if they were deported.

We also had to sit and watch as the same murderous scum who murdered my wonderful uncle were welcomed into the devolved Assembly of Northern Ireland, and We were forced to welcome their representatives into our own House of Commons, instead of watching happily as they were swung high from gibbets.

We, as the Constitutional Monarch, had to watch as the Labour Government altered the whole nature of many of our towns and cities with the importation of millions of foreigners under the guise of immigration rules which did nothing but dilute and destroy the very essence of what it is to be British. They have given passports to any who asked, and to many who did not deserve; but the greatest crime is the importation of a whole bloc of adherents to a religion which despises the very freedoms which We have espoused and welcomed.

Our Governments have sat and betrayed our Armed Forces, by both action and inaction. They have left our servicemen and women without protection from danger by the purchase and distribution of ineffective armoured vehicles when what was needed was available but totally ignored. The Royal Navy, once the most effective and feared in the world, has been reduced to little more than a coastal defence force, and for not a large length of coast either. Through the machinations of an overpaid clique of so-called civil servants masquerading in the Ministry of Defence, Our Air Force has been sliced almost to the bone, with aircraft worth billions sent to the scrap[yard before even being flown in anger.

We have watched in quiet horror as a succession of illiberal Laws have passed across our palace desk awaiting My signature, a signature which was written but grudgingly, and under a mute protest. We watched as a Labour Government wasted billions on computerised projects which could and would never have worked, as well as divining Laws which would reduce the freedoms evolved and enjoyed over many centuries. We also watched as this present so-called Conservative Government also took steps to reduce those same freedoms, all in the sacred name of ‘security’.

In ending this short speech, I would like to thank the caterers for the food and drinks provided for the reception which preceded this event, but regret that they are based in South-Eastern Romania. This last is of course because my Houses of Parliament have to comply with E.U. requirements that all such events be sent to tender in all member nations of the European Union. The food itself was unremarkable, but somehow I do not feel that the Romanian catering company fully understands what a ‘Cucumber sandwich’ actually represents to any Briton, in that We always wish to see the cucumbers sliced.


extracted and modified from Fire, Pillage & Plague, at the time of Her Jubilee.

The Fourth Reich looms closer

Two important items have appeared in the past week regarding ‘OUR’ referendum, one a speech by Dan Hannan, the other a ‘comment’ piece by Simon Heffer.

Dan Hannan stated:-

“It’s not just the financial price of EU membership – it’s the democratic price. We fought a civil war in this country to establish the principle that laws should not be passed nor taxes raised except by our own elected representatives. And now supreme power is held by people who tend to owe their positions to having just lost elections: Peter Mandelson, Neil Kinnock and what have you.

No one is talking about drawbridges or isolation. Nowhere else in the world do countries apologise for wanting to live under their own laws. New Zealand is not about to join Australia. Japan is not applying to join China – and do you hear anyone complaining about these bigoted Sino-sceptics in Tokyo?

It is a natural healthy thing for a democracy to live under its own laws whilst trading with every other country in the world. The United Kingdom is the world’s fifth-largest country (economy), its fourth-largest military power. How much bigger do we have to be before we have the confidence to raise our eyes to more distant horizons?

Simon Heffer opined:-

The arsenal of fear must almost be nearly exhausted. Those daring to vote to leave the EU will inflict on Britain collapsing house prices (according to George Osborne and Christine Lagarde of the IMF, who should worry about the EU’s unemployment-soaked economies); a “technical” recession (Mark Carney, a “technical” Irish-Canadian with a long record of error, who for this disgraceful political interference should be kicked back to Ottawa); and, of course, the Third World War (Mr Cameron). It’s clearly a Corporal Jones moment for the Remainers, though any cries of “don’t panic” come far too late: they are manifestly drowning in it.

Anyway, two can play at this game. What must we fear if we stay? Not merely relentless uncontrolled immigration (and the lies told about it), putting such burdens on our schools, hospitals and infrastructure that UK citizens suffer, but the inevitability of our nation’s destiny being increasingly subject to the wishes of foreigners whom we don’t elect. I am not talking about the amorphous idea of “Brussels”: I’m talking about Germany.

Five years ago I wrote a piece referring to the control Angela Merkel exerted over Europe as “the Fourth Reich”. I was accused of a horrible breach of taste. However, when one looks at German power today one realises that, when I wrote, she had hardly even started. The key to German success is this: it participates in a weak currency (whose value would collapse without it) enabling its exports to sell far more cheaply than had it retained the Deutschmark. Therefore, it continues to grow in economic strength relative to its partners – including us – but especially those in the eurozone, notably France and Italy, who would benefit greatly from restoring the Franc and the Lira.

Any net exporter in the EU – which we are most certainly not, given our £24bn trade gap with our partners in the first three months of 2016 – also benefits hugely from the vast and incomprehensible welter of EU regulations on products and employment law, which keep external competitors at arm’s length and pile costs on them if they wish access to the single market. Germany is so rich, and getting richer at the expense not least of its partners, that it can afford to pretend globalisation isn’t happening. We are not so fortunate, and leaving the EU to avoid all these regulations and take proper advantage of the wider world is not the least reason why we must vote to get out.

If we stay in we are going to suffer immense collateral damage from two crises that the Germans will precipitate. First, there will be one in the eurozone. My friend Dr Savvas Savouri, chief economist at the leading investment business Toscafund, predicts a “detonation of devaluations around the periphery of the eurozone” in his latest briefing to clients. So incapable are non-eurozone countries such as Hungary, Romania or Poland of competing with the German-dictated economic model that devaluation and the instability that will bring are their only options. So anyone who thinks our staying in the EU is like buying a ticket to a place of permanent prosperity wants his or her head examined.

Worse for Britain, Dr Savouri predicts Germany’s economy “will not come off lightly”, not least because its clients and customers will find its goods suddenly more expensive. And when Germany starts to struggle, God help the rest of the EU: because when the German chequebook closes, economies it is shoring up – such as Greece’s – will be on their own. And Greece’s economy is one-eleventh the size of France’s, which is a basket-case, and cannot go on as it is.

Dr Savouri also points out that if we stay in the EU there will be huge costs for us from all this chaos, despite being out of the eurozone. “Having renewed our vows to remain in the EU ‘through sickness and in health’ we will be required to contribute to funding the fiscal efforts being applied to our ever more sickly EU partners,” he writes. The costs will be huge, and once we have committed ourselves to remain we will be forced to join the communal effort to save ailing partners. He calls it “the EU’s version of a Rooseveltian New Deal.”

He also argues that such a wave of economic hardship will propel more impoverished Europeans across open borders into the UK: and don’t forget what Iain Duncan Smith disclosed last week, that Mr Cameron deleted a passage about controlling immigration from a speech he made because he was told it would upset the Germans. That is the reality of our relationship with the EU: if we choose to stay in, the Germans will ensure that we become ever more obedient to their policies – so stand by for their next project, Turkey’s admission to the EU, and all that would entail.

It was not just deeply offensive, but ironic, that Mr Cameron should last week have evoked the idea of another world war in his latest intelligence-insulting act of hysteria aimed at making us vote to stay in the EU. It is not just that our fathers and grandfathers fought in two world wars to allow Britain the right to continue to rule itself, rather than to be ruled by Germans: Mr Cameron plainly won’t admit that German domination of the EU means it has conquered without war, and signing up to the EU is signing up to the Fourth Reich.

Ask the Greeks if you think I exaggerate: Germany runs Europe without firing a shot. It forces far weaker partners to stay in a currency zone that is crippling them, and uses its economic muscle to dictate immigration and other key policies. And if you believe the Germans won’t take a UK vote to stay in as a signal to continue and intensify their control over the EU, and to make us help pay for its baleful effects, then you aren’t paying attention. It’s not war we should fear, but what the Germans do in peace.

Forget the illusory ‘Massacre of the First Born’; ignore the what-ifs and possibles spouted by Cameron and his clique, and spread the word that we shall overcome the New Nazis of an ever-widening European Union!

Not really ‘Friendly’ at all!

I am not a ‘Facebook’ fan. I have not signed up to this allegedly all-conquering Soshiall-Meejah giant, and I have no intention of doing so in the future. Anyone else can do as they wish; but for me, Facebook has always been a site for ‘wannabees’ who need to verify or indeed justify their very existence by a series of ‘friends’ and ‘likes’ whose ‘clicks’ on their page bring them great joy. Speaking for myself, I know who my friends are; and I firmly believe that the last thing any of my acquaintances wish to know is what I am buying, or watching, or indeed publicising.

But I tend to give, to either individuals or giant digital businesses; the benefit of the doubt when it comes to motives, or indeed motivations. If your main motivation is profit and shareholder value or dividends; I say ‘good luck, mate’. But when a sector of that digital business, believed by its users to be totally impartial because of it’s generation by a computer-based algorithm; turns out to be less than that lauded ‘impartiality’ because of human interference: I and indeed many like me tend towards extreme annoyance.

Allow me to explain. When a computer user clicks on to the BBC website, or indeed when he views or listens to the news programmes that National Broadcaster puts onto the airwaves, we automatically collate it’s content by means of an inbuilt ‘bullshit content’ meter. We know that any comment, or slant placed upon news items, will be towards favouring the Left or Liberal points of view; whether the subject is ‘Climate Change’ or the Welsh Assembly; and indeed anything in between. We know that the news read out has been through the BBC ‘slant-o-meter’, and any person of even moderate intelligence knows how to mentally filter out the ‘bullshit’ and digest what is real, discarding that which is, literally, crap. So, turning to Facebook, one of the star turns of the Facebook website is the ‘Trending’ news sector, which supposedly picked out news stories because they were ‘trending’ or being viewed by multiple viewers across the digital world. ‘Trending’ may be a political story, or even a picture of a wide-eyed and cute kitten, but the way in which the story or item was chosen was supposed to be by an algorithm, generating a list of stories which according to the ‘COMPUTER’, were more important or were gaining a high readership.

So imagine the surprise of the Gizmodo team when they were contacted by several former Facebook contractors, who alleged that the ‘trending’ news list was actually ‘curated’ and that the list was actively suppressing conservative news items because of political bias.

“Depending on who was on shift, things would be blacklisted or trending,” said the former curator. This individual asked to remain anonymous, citing fear of retribution from the company. The former curator is politically conservative, one of a very small handful of curators with such views on the trending team. “I’d come on shift and I’d discover that CPAC or Mitt Romney or Glenn Beck or popular conservative topics wouldn’t be trending because either the curator didn’t recognize the news topic or it was like they had a bias against Ted Cruz.”

So 1.51 Billion users are signed on Facebook. Take a conservative assessment of those people who use Facebook for news selection of, say, 15%, which works out to 226 million people. You then must see the problem; if that many people are being led down a path that they believe is uncontaminated by human bias; how many of those people are unaware that they are the focus of a tiny group of people whose views are diametrically opposed to their own natural inclinations?
And I say that you can be both paranoid; and have people out to get you?

and carefully draw those shades!

It is invigorating to one such as I when a very senior politician confirms that which I wrote about over the intervening years.

This very, very strange couple were about to appear on a live tv programme, to advertise, yet again, their appeals for the British police to continue to fund the search for their missing daughter; but pulled out after the Portuguese Captain’s appeal was confirmed.

Kate, Gerry; I have some advice for you: Let the shades descend peacefully over the daughter you were supposed to cherish; leave the tv floodlights and the chat programmes for others to monopolise; remove your media-savvy presences from the headlines, and give that little girl, probably long dead after her abduction, the privilege of peace which was so savagely removed from her after you left her, along with her twin brother and sister; alone in that holiday flat whilst you went boozing with your mates!

death by ‘friendly fire’

Why worry when idiots such as these die by either overdose or reaction to drugs

Their deaths benefit the gene pool as they will simply not be able to procreate and extend their truly faulty genetic structure beyond themselves. Because of their awesome stupidity, and because they thought it ‘cool’ to brave the chemicals put together by some avaricious clown with a half-degree in basic chemistry; they are dead. The only ones to grieve are the parents, and even these morons are not short of their share of the blame resultant from these truly-pointless deaths; mainly because of the lack of parental warnings or even of example. Who knows if the dead clowns took these deadly pills because of their parents’ behaviour in the past; or if their parents had not been as trenchant as they should have been with their advice on behaviour outside of the family home.