Election 1997…..and the corridors of Broadcasting House were strewn with empty champagne bottles.

I listen, most mornings, to the interminable wittering which is broadcast under the title BBC Today. It is the Flagship political, news and current affairs programme on Radio 4, six days a week: and it depresses me every time I switch on, because (usually) of the Lefty-Liberal emphasis placed upon everything which comes across the news editors’ desks and thence, through the ether, into our homes. Take a typical cross-section of the news and views over the past three-four weeks, and let us examine certain things in detail.

BBC coverage of the Presidential Candidates Nomination; and then on to the Election. It ranged from commentary such as Justin Webb calling Donald Trump  “a racist, misogynist, narcissistic thug” to an incredulous BBC reporter’s view of Trump’s loyal vanguard. He honestly could not comprehend what those Americans found to acclaim, or even applaud someone whom he literally disliked so much.

The incredible truth of Trump’s victory,  which began to arrive on the screens of news watchers the world over, was literally, the end of their world. One BBC news director was reported as being in tears.

The death of Andrew Sachs, he of ‘Manuel’ fame was covered in great detail; with story after story of how funny he had been, how kind, and nice, and how he was a good actor etc., etc. But the one thing which I remember about Andrew Sachs, which was about the disgusting so-called skit covering his granddaughter; with voice-mail messages broadcast for all to hear from the so-called comedians Russell Brand and his co-conspirator Ross, which literally turned Sachs white with fury, and eventually resulted in Brand being ‘resigned’ from the BBC, and Ross suspended for three months: with the BBC being fined £150,000.00 by Ofcom. Nothing, not one single syllable, about that vicious attack on a man, was even mentioned, in an apologetic way, or was broadcast.

But the item which truly took the prize was, for me; the reporting and commentary on the death of Fidel Castro. From a selection of comments and tributes, one would have thought that either a living saint, or a very holy person had died; not, as in reality, a murderous dictator. For literally hours, the tributes poured out, about how he had given Cuba a Health Service, and Schools, and all the rest of the lefty blather. It was not until this morning, when a lone representative of Cuban-America spoke up, and indeed was actually allowed to have his say about the disastrous regime which was Castro’s Cuba. The clip, at 33.30 into the broadcast, is well worth listening too, and is doubly enlightening because it was probably the ONLY negative viewpoint broadcast over the entire time of Castro’s death coverage!

Who is calling? Ah; put him straight through.

America has diplomatic relations with all Nations except four; these are Iran, North Korea, Bhutan and Taiwan. Iran because, well for the obvious reasons; the ‘Great Satan’ name-calling for one, the detention of the Embassy staff for another, the fact that Iran sponsors terror world-wide: those sorts of reasons. North Korea, because, well, you just cannot speak to, or indeed trust, nuclear-weaponed chrome-plated nutcases. Bhutan; well neither Nation can really be bothered. But the last, Taiwan: now there’s a special case if ever there was one.

Taiwan, or to give that splendidly-prosperous country its correct name; The Republic of China, is one of this world’s diplomatic anomalies. A vibrant, raucous Democracy, with a Parliament, votes, Opposition, free press; but it is literally ignored, in diplomacy terms, by almost every other nation on the planet. Ignored for one, and only one, reason. China. Communist China regards Taiwan as simply a part of China which, possibly because the island’s rulers  are insane, have deluded themselves into the belief that they are not part of Mainland China. America does not recognise Taiwan, a truly democratic nation BECAUSE Big Brother China doesn’t like it, won’t engage with the ‘deluded rebels’ despite the huge amount of trade between the two nations; and ‘throws a hissy-fit’ every time anyone even mentions their small neighbour 140-odd miles away from the mainland.

So President-Elect Donald Trump, who has just broken four decades of diplomatic silence with a phone call to Taiwan’s President; is, even before he sets foot in the White House, showing that he takes instructions from no-one, especially a State Department whose only dictat is ‘Don’t rock the boat’!

Good on you, Donald. Next thing on your agenda? Set up a well-lit meeting with the Dalai Llama; the only man worth talking to in the whole of the Chinese hegemony.

Carnival Cruises…..or how to bet Your Environment to save pocket change!


Carnival Cruises…..We’ve all heard of them; seen the videos of the happy passengers afloat, (all 4,500 of them, together ( possibly the most revolting idea ever imagined)). Sunning, swimming, zip-lining, water-sporting, eating, DRINKING; and if I am any judge of massed cruising passengers, screwing. But lets not be judgemental: they’ve paid for the freedom of the seas, so let inhibitions loose, just a little. These monstrous floating apartment blocks, which incidentally come with a set of engines, azipod drives and an experienced crew, serve the purpose for which they are designed; literally to a T.

As the Carnival 2015 Sustainability Report states, Carnival continues detailing progress made in environmental, safety, employee and social areas. Sustainability milestones achieved underscore company’s commitment to protecting the environment and include reduction of carbon footprint, increased fleet-wide capacity of advanced wastewater purification systems and exhaust gas cleaning technology, and increased usage of clean-burning liquefied natural gas as a fuel source.

Which is rather surprising as they have just been fined $40,000,000.00 from pumping oil, gray water, bilge water and mixtures of all three into the ocean from specially-constructed and hidden ‘Magic Pipes’ into the ocean in clear contravention of every anti-pollution ordinance in both America and Great Britain.


Organ donor? Or unwilling body parts warehouse shelf?

When organ transplantation was pioneered in 1954, it was hailed as a giant step forward in medical technology, and a hope that many people, who were suffering from diseased, infected or failing bodily organs could be saved, and fulfill their dreams. From the first liver transplant at Boston’s Brigham Women’s hospital in 1954, the urge for development has spread like wildfire. The first heart transplant was performed by Professor Christiaan Barnard in Cape Town when I lived in that fair city, and, within a few years, the field of organ transplant spread vertically and horizontally; encompassing most if not all of the body’s major organs. So far; so good; one may have imagined: but there is a darker side to this proposition,  which, simply states that your Body, and all its organs, are the property of the State, and therefore the State can do what it likes with our mortal remains when we die.

I have written of the atrocities of life under the Communist ideology of Soviet Russia, and of the idea that the State has nurtured you from birth, therefore you are a servant, if not a property; of that overwhelming State. I have watched as that idea was monstrously and viciously brought to life in a former Communist State, and I do not wish to see anything like it anywhere in the country which is my home. I have posted before of the Welsh Transplant Vultures. The Welsh would-be Dictatorship a.k.a the Welsh Assembly altered the law regarding organ donors last year, and a senior surgeon proudly boasted this morning that 39 more transplant operations were performed after ‘Presumed-Consent’ organs were removed from patients bodies whilst they were still technically alive: and the alarming part of this vulture’s speech was that he was proud of that ghoulish statistic. The DVLA driving licence questionnaire cannot now be completed until you answer the question ‘Do you agree to donate your organs after death?’ There is no answer ‘No, I bloody will not’: the only acceptable answers are either ‘Yes’ or ‘Not now’. It is but a short step before the only answer allowed is ‘YES’!

Write your MP today, if you agree with me, and state, categorically, that the State does not own your body; and you can peacefully die without the harbingers of death hovering around your death bed, awaiting the signal to begin to tear your organs out of your still-warm corpse!

..and the second prize is two weeks in Moscow.

If anyone has been watching anything apart from the news of the American Election, in which a complete outsider, a billionaire nut-job (to use one of the favourite phrases of his many detractors) beat the living daylights out of all the usual suspects, and is due to enter the White House on January 20th: lots of other things have been happening. The OPEC cartel, who used to state ‘that’s our oil price….take it or leave it’ has once more attempted to set a limit on production: hoping that anyone will take any notice. On this side of the pond, the Bremoaners are searching for any way to get Great Britain into reverse gear; but when the loudest shouts come from Tony Blair and his arsehole-buddy Mandelson; they don’t even sound like winners, never mind look like finishing the course. Lots of movement in the shipping industry, with the world’s largest bankruptcy slicing down Hanjin Shipping, who expanded too far, too fast; until their debts just caught up with them; lots more Lines are either approaching bankruptcy, or evading the state, because once again they’ve over-borrowed and under-resourced their ships.

titanicdownBut at least one bunch (Chinese, obviously) are setting the keel plates down on a ship, but it will not be just any ship, it will be a full-size replica of the Titanic. Seven Star Investment Group’s plans for a tourist resort along the Qijiang River in Sichuan’s Daying County will feature the doomed ship, together with a simulation of the iceberg which holed and sank the White Star liner, which went down along with the 1,500-odd passengers who did not escape in the lifeboats. Facing criticism of the proposed resort, which shall play heavily on the fact that the original Titanic is still one of this worlds’ largest cemeteries; the spokesman stated everything would be done in a ‘respectful and tasteful’ way. How much ‘taste’ you can squeeze out of a mass grave, was not explained.

Hollywood and Disneyworld denied categorically that they were searching for funding to build a life-like replica of the Massacre of Nanking, where 275,000 Chinese died at the hands of the Imperial Japanese Army: and the Russian Federation also denied that they were laying plans to build a life-size replica of Auschwitz Concentration and Death Camp; complete with working gas chambers and crematoria, ; but did confirm that the infamous sign over the entrance to the place where around eight million people had perished had already been fabricated; just in case!

“Armed Police: Drop your weapon, or we fire!”

So, there was this bloke, either inclined towards allah; or mentally unbalanced or both; swinging an axe in a Hull shopping centre street.

The Fuzz ‘heavy mob’ roll up, and attempt to speak / reason with / talk down / ask him to surrender.

Presumably, he either makes threatening moves, complete with double-edged axe swinging, or refuses to respond; so the Fuzz, not normally known for their patience and warm comradely approach to fruit-and-nut cases; fire their weaponry, and down he goes.

The average statement would be simply along the lines of ‘he was armed, he refused to surrender, we are not in the business of placing ourselves in harm’s way, so we fired: and there’s an end to it.’

But the Guardian, of course, comes out with a ‘witness’ who stated:- “There was blood everywhere. His jeans were slightly down and you could see his boxer shorts were covered in blood. It’s sad. At the end of the day whatever he’s done he’s got a mum somewhere, hasn’t he?”

Cheers; the old bastard is dead!

A blood-stained dictator died this morning, head of a dictatorial regime which allowed no opposition, no discussion to its bloody plans for totalitarian domination of an island and its eleven-odd million inhabitants. The MSM, now bereft of one of its all time heroes, dignifies him with the title ‘Revolutionary Leader’, as well as The Man who defied the United States’. They laud his ‘leadership’, they attempt to dignify his decades of tyranny by stating and praising the Cuban Health Service; and praise the Education reforms put in place by this ‘Charismatic Leader’. They also salute the attempts by Barry Obama to help ‘normalise’ relations between USA and Cuba, but since that time, all that has happened is the exchange of Ambassadors, a few cruise liners visiting Havana, and very little else. Jeffery DeLaurentiis has been nominated for the Ambassadorship, but hell will freeze over before a Republican Congress will approve that fact.

As Senator Marco Rubio, himself of Cuban origin, stated :- “This nomination should go nowhere until the Castro regime makes significant and irreversible progress in the areas of human rights and political freedom for the Cuban people, and until longstanding concerns about the Cuban regime’s theft of property and crimes against American citizens are addressed,”

But even that statement bears little evidence of the truth regarding the multitude of death and devastation wrought by the Castro Revolution in the decades since they grabbed power from Batista. The long-time defenders of Castro’s Cuba, such as Ken Livingstone, cannot divorce themselves from their love affair with this blood-soaked tyrant, and admit that he was nothing else than a bloodthirsty megalomaniac. Instead we had Livingstone stating that he would rather live in Cuba than in a Brazilian dictatorship; and then goes waffling on about the great Education, and about the frigging Health Service in that demoralised and broken country.

No mention, from the broadcasters, the tv and radio, of the ‘Firing Squad Wall’ and of the estimated 25,000 victims of the speedy Revolutionary Justice Courts; which consisted of some soldier stating ‘These are his crimes, I demand the Death Penalty’. Since the only ones carrying the rifles were Castro’s goons, the jury, if there was one; rubber stamped the ‘verdict’; and the only difference between Soviet Russia and Cuba is that the Cuban’s family wasn’t usually billed for the bullet that killed the ‘Anti-Revolutionary’! No mention of the Concentration Camps, the Re-Education Camps, and the forced labour camps. No mention of the 40,000-odd ‘Cuban Volunteers’ sent to fight alongside the Communists against the Unita uprising in Angola. NO mention of the blood removed from those about to be executed, and then sold abroad at $50.00 a pint.

They have their heroes, and now he is dead!