Nope, Ambassador, on this, you are dead wrong!

I have respect for Ambassador Ronald LAUDER  for his support of the Auschwitz memorial campaign; but reject his Totalitarian ideas about Free Speech.


He spoke with Justin Webb about Auschwitz, at 43 minutes into the Today programme. He talked about his campaign to preserve Auschwitz as a memorial; and how the numbers of those who survived are decreasing with the passing of time. The BBC’s interviewer asked if this year would probably be the last time that so many would testify?


The Ambassador confirmed that in the five years since the 70th anniversary, half the number had died; and although the next anniversary was to be the 80th, if even one survivor remained, he would do his utmost to have them testify.. He spoke of the girl who came with two thousand other children, and only four survived. He told of those who testified of the sinister Dr. Mengele, and of the experiments on twins and children. He also spoke of the fact that most of the survivors had no hatred, but just wished to get on with their lives. All of which is factual, and born out by evidence.


But then this Ambassador began speaking of the rise of ‘anti-semitism’ and how it should be tackled, because no-one spoke out in the early years, and then it was too late.


He then spoke in terms of Legislating to make ‘Anti-Semitic language’ a crime, and to imprison anyone who was judged to be ‘Anti-Semitic’ or ‘Islamophobic’, because that was, in his view, the only way to fight this way of thinking.


So here we have a Jewish Billionaire ex-Ambassador, supposedly aiming to have us all remember the Holocaust; and he is preaching that ANYONE who falls foul of his way of thinking, which is to repudiate Anti-Semitic ideals; that ANYONE who speaks, in his way of thinking, of denigrating Muslims and Islam, should be shovelled straight in to the slammer, and left to rot.


Well, Ambassador, you may be worth Billions of dollars, you may be Chairman of the Jewish Heritage Council; Director of the International Board of Governors of the International Society for Yad Vashem; Member of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council; Member of the Board of Directors of the Jewish Theological Seminary; Member of the Board of Directors of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee; Member of the Board of Trustees of the Anti-Defamation League Foundation; Member of the Board of Trustees of The Abraham Fund; Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Sakharov Archives at Brandeis University and Member of the International Board of Governors of the Tel Aviv Museum: but that doesn’t give you the right to tell ANYBODY how to think, how to speak, how to voice their own opinions, and how to view their fellow man!


Establishing the Coefficient of Bravery in a Crew during a Bombing Raid


I believe that the truth about many Academics, with some truly honourable exceptions, is that their lives have passed with no relevance to the world upon which they comment, and, for all the use their inane prattlings contain; they might well have stayed mute and been content with that anonymity. But, unfortunately, their arrogance outweighs their humanity; they speak, and write, mainly of what they do not either understand or observe; and so descend into their own particular brand of lunacy.

A typicaL example of this academic lunacy in action can be found in this paper, which is entitled within the link, actuality being too verbose to be quickly understood. In this document, published some six years ago; the author, one Robin Hudson, purports to catalogue the odds against any particular bomber being shot down, or otherwise ‘Failing to Return’; from a mission over Nazi Germany.

His ‘statistical’ approach to a matter of life or death, as applied to a British bomber force crew, is both lunatic, and flawed beyond redemption. His thesis rests on various factors inclusive of cloud cover, length or duration of mission, target city’s population, and of course whether bombers went out in daylight, or at night. 

A sample of the lunacies presented is to show that it is possible to predict the probability of being shot down on the most dangerous flight. A lone daytime flight in a Lancaster, bombing a high population target from 50ft with no cloud cover comes out with an approximate 85% predicted probability of failure.

No mention is made of the simple fact that we were fighting across the world for our very survival, nor of the truth that, although Great Britain and France declared war upon Nazi Germany for violations of honourable Diplomatic Treaties held with Poland, no-one actually knew of the evils of Nazi Germany, or of their obsession with the virtual Genocide of the Jewish race until the War was nearly over. 

No calculation, used in Mr. Hudson’s work, demonstrates the sheer ferocity inflicted upon British cities by the Luftwaffe’s bomber forces, and the need to demonstrate to a Nazi Government that two can play at that game. No calculation or variable was utilised by Mr. Hudson could have imagined the bravery of those British Bomber crews as they studied the statistics, plain to everyone who flew from, or was operational on, the many bomber bases across Great Britain as the numbers were listed, both of those who survived, and of those who ‘Failed to Return”. 

I commenced this small piece by railing against the thought processes which could look upon the statistics which represented brave men. Many of those men who would make that ‘Supreme Sacrifice’ whilst attacking their nation’s enemies. I wonder if Mr. Hudson, if he had been around in 1939, would have volunteered for such service, or would he have opted for a ‘reserved occupation’ so he could maybe keep his hands clean of that nasty blood which was being spilled so liberally in defence of his Country? I wonder if Mr. Hudson, during those pleasant years at Nottingham University, studying for his Degree in Economics, and also cataloguing the vast numbers of documents which constituted the background to his ‘Empirical’ dissertation; ever considered the realities of battles some five miles in the air. Battles against men who were determined to kill the flier before he killed them, as could well be discovered if he had read, as I have, the legendary tale of one American flier, who helped fight his bomber through the virtual hell which was the American B-17 attack upon the ball-bearing factories of Schweinfurt: and then attempt to integrate those words into his scholarly treatise about Death?

55,573 deaths were recorded during Bomber Command’s operations against the enemy. 33,000 Americans ‘Failed to Return’ from their daylight bombing raids. I wonder how Mr. Hudson would fold those Allied deaths into his computations, or would they all be written off as ‘Extraneous Variables’?

Its the Numbers which count!

After the Parliamentary shambles produced after that useless woman slid into No. 10, who imagined that she had the stature of Thatcher: and then proved herself totally wrong by destroying the working majority previously handed to her after the 2017 election; we now see the change after the Tory Quislings were unceremoniously booted out; after the election of a Tory Prime Minister who is worthy of that term; after the turn away from a Marxist Ideal by masses of once-loyal Labour voters; after the ‘Stonking’ majority of the Tory Party was proven after that historic ‘Exit Poll’ was voiced with some gloom by all BBC broadcasters. 

From a  Minority government which limped along from crisis to larger problems; from a Government only held in place by a ‘Supply and Confidence’ arrangement from the DUP in Northern Ireland, we now see the spring in the Government’s step as they casually defeat wrecking Amendments galore, placed there by a Labour Opposition who know that they just ain’t got no hope, but feel that they have to sound off anyway, presumably to get their names noted by Hansard; and thus get their tiny slice of immortality.

Even Labour’s own in-house newspaper, the Guardian, attempts to hide, or at least disguise, the tragedy which befell that same Labour Party at that election. When it reports of  a ‘setback’ to the Prime Minister by stating that the House of Lords voted in favour of three amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill, they forgot, or rather omitted, to report that all those worthy idealists were just spouting hot air. They did report that, because of Johnson’s big majority, the results are expected to be overturned by the Commons. Again, it must be asked, “What’s the point?”, The Opposition peers aren’t daft, well, not all of them. They know that those Amendments will not last for five milliseconds when the Bill returns to the Commons: so why waste the oxygen in even attempting to amend something which passed by a margin of 99 votes in the House of Commons? Things such as the wholesale decimation of all those expensive ‘QUANGO’S so beloved of failed politicians.

Opposition Amendments to that same Bill produced results as follows:-

 (division #3; result was 251 aye, 342 no)

(division #4; result was 251 aye, 341 no)

(division #5; result was 251 aye, 343 no)

(division #6; result was 261 aye, 339 no)

(division #7; result was 251 aye, 347 no)

(division #8; result was 251 aye, 347 no)

(division #9; result was 262 aye, 337 no)

Let us hope that Boris, along with his scruffy colleague Dominic Cummings, tackles the things which matter to the voters, and ignores the knee-jerk ideas which are creeping out of some crevices in Westminster. Things such as a speedy reform of both the voting system, the whole idea of ‘postal votes’, the presentation of ID documents at a Polling Station; and a wholesale decapitation of the Electoral Commission. Things such as a repeal of all ‘Hate’ Legislation, where the accused has to prove himself innocent of causing ‘Offence’ to some pillock or other. Things such as a removal of all ideas such as being charged with a crime on the basis of something written on line! Things such as the prompt withdrawal of ‘Education Guidance’ telling five-year-old Primary school kids that homosexuality is acceptable in mainstream life.

Let us consider what can be achieved after we  throw off the dead hand of Europe! Let us rejoice!

Scruton Scrutinised. The vile disgrace of the Fake-News Lefties:

Sir Roger Scruton was a writer and philosopher who has published more than forty books in philosophy, aesthetics and politics. He is widely translated. He is a fellow of the British Academy and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. He teaches in both England and America and is a Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, Washington D.C. He is currently teaching an MA in Philosophy for the University of Buckingham.

 Sir Roger was proposed to join, and possibly lead, the Commission for Better Housing. This Commission is a new QUANGO, set up so that the May Govt. could point to the Commission whenever the quality of new housing is discussed / dissected / exposed; and then to be able to say, ”Well, we advised the builders and developers how things should be done; its not our fault if nobody took a blind bit of notice!”. In other words, its yet more ‘smoke and mirrors’. But the whole idea was really to give Sir Roger a last chance at a real spot in the public’s gaze.

This is where this true gentleman made the mistake of a lifetime. He had completely forgotten that, lurking in the shadows of T’Internet, lay the worst collection of Leftist Trolls, miscreants and diehard scumbags; ever ready to pounce on the slightest verbal misstep of anyone considered to be to the right of Genghis Khan.

The beady-eyed commissars of political correctness immediately sensed an opportunity and, within hours, they were hard at work, digging through everything Scruton had ever said or written in the hope of finding material they could be “offended” by — ideally, anything that would make him look like a racist, homophobe or misogynist, even if that meant wrenching it out of context. Given that Scruton has written more than 50 books and enjoyed a long career as a prolific journalist and public speaker, they had plenty of material to sift through and, sure enough, they soon found a treasure trove of “hateful” comments. For instance, he’d once described “Islamophobia” as a “propaganda word” and — in a column for the Telegraph in 2007 — said homosexuality was “not normal”. He’d also given a lecture in the United States in 2005 in which he questioned whether “date rape” — defined by him as when a woman has initially consented to sex but withdrawn it afterwards — should be a criminal offence.


His publisher also made an appointment for an interview with the New Statesman, but because Sir Roger had worked with them before, he was unaware of the devious nature of the interviewer, and so the the interview is duly published — a mendacious concoction of out-of-context remarks and downright fabrications. The hue and cry which was raised by this collection of lies, untruths and selected mis-quotations was everything the fabricators could have hoped for; as Sir Roger was promptly evicted from his seat on this Commission: his dismissal being based purely on his ‘reported divisive remarks’ about Homosexuality and ‘Iaslamophobia’. 

A spokeswoman said: “Professor Sir Roger Scruton has been dismissed as chairman of the Building Better Building Beautiful Commission with immediate effect, following his unacceptable comments.

“A new chair will be appointed by the Secretary of State, to take this important work forward, in due course.”

Downing Street said Sir Roger’s comments were “deeply offensive and completely unacceptable” and that it was right that he had been dismissed.

“He was appointed because of his expertise in the built environment but his comments are clearly distracting from the work of the commission and it is no longer right for him to act as a Government adviser,” a No 10 spokeswoman said.


The Spectator magazine went into action to seek proof of how Sir Roger had been misquoted and blackguarded, and, based upon the original taped interview, received a belated apology from the Government, and a further apology from James Brokenshire, who at least had the plain guts to stick to his principles. The ‘journalist’ was suspended, and Sir Roger was eventually restored to his Commission post, but now, because of the immense pressure, was in poor health.

Scruton went on to receive further plaudits and decorations, but, mainly because of that terrible pressure upon his credibility and hence his health and well-being, died a few days ago.


World Exclusive!. The reason why Ukraine’s Flight PS752 was shot down!

This reporter has had it confirmed that the missile explosions which caused the Ukrainian jet to crash was the unfortunate result of ‘crossed wires’ between Iran’s Leader, and a minor official in the Iranian Defence Intelligence Department.


Iran’s Supreme leader, the holy man Ali Khamenai sat in his air-conditioned home, sipping from a glass of Petrus 1961, (valued at +_ $60,000.00 a bottle). All was content with his world, and of course, his Revolution. He smiled as he reviewed the happenings of the past days. He had, by signalling through totally private channels to his worst enemy, America’s Trump, that his virtual second-in-command, Iranian General Qasem Soleiman, was arriving at Baghdad’s International Airport. He knew that the Americans would do exactly what he envisaged, which was to kill the General with a drone strike. They knew that Soleiman was getting too big for his boots, and the old Iranian cleric had already heard that the General was planning a strike, not at the Great Satan, but instead at the inner core of Iran’s nuclear energy and nuclear materials leadership, and installing himself at the head. He had gotten rid of a big problem, and of course, by laying all the blame at the feet of the Great Satan, America was viewed as the ‘bad guy’, and he was free and clear. ‘Fair enough’, he mused, America was to be metaphorically punished, and the agreed number of missiles were to be aimed and indeed fired, at empty spaces in two of America’s bases in Iraq. 


But his evening was rudely interrupted as an official from Iran’s Intelligence Service delivered the results of a secret investigation which had investigated the many Western airlines visiting Iran, and their attitude towards Iran’s restrictions on the serving and use of alcohol within Iranian airspace. He saw the proof, that the Ukrainian National Airline had been observed to be serving large measures of whisky and vodka as soon as the pilots switched off the ‘seatbelt’ sign as they left the confines of the airport. “This airline,” he snarled, “These idolators must be punished; and punished severely. They must be taught a cruel and rapid lesson. This carrier of idolators must be dealt a savage blow.”


We now understand that the official contacted the nearest missile defence regiment, and confirmed that the Ayatollah himself had decreed that Flight PS752 was to be targeted and scanned with missile radar beams locked on, as the Leader wished them to be very frightened. It was later discovered that the whole Regiment was already on heightened alert status because the salvo of missiles, being readied to be fired at bases in Iraq as the ‘punishment’ for the general’s assassination by the American missile was being readied, and a missile crew corporal just got the wrong message. He ordered the release and firing of two Russian-made and supplied missiles, and the rest is history.

Iran will never admit to the mistake, clinging instead to the usual meaningless ‘technical malfunction’. They will partially wipe any incriminating evidence from the flight recorders. The screaming headlines from the world’s press will never be allowed to surface in that truly unhappy nation. No compensation will ever be paid to the relatives of those killed by mistake.


The Ayatollah was aid to be considering opening another bottle of that Petrus vintage.