They call them ‘queer’; and they usually are!

When still a teenager, I was uninterested in anything else than my engineering studies and apprenticeship, girls; and of course how to find one who would go out with me; loud and ever louder pop music: and of course that most desirable item: beer. The Korean War had been fought, and the 38th parallel Armistice still rules today. I noticed that Americans, along with a smaller British contingent, fought and died to prevent a Communist takeover of the South, and only with the intervention of China and, to a lesser extent, Soviet Russia, did the North Koreans avert obliteration. America, and its politics, was but a small shadow on my horizon; but one of THE nastiest of political opportunists was beginning to make his presence known in mainstream American politics. Senator Joe McCarthy, a reptile who, single-handedly destroyed hundreds of American lives by simply asking ‘When did you become a Communist?’ He asked and made these leading, destructive and disgraceful questions and commentaries because his position, as a U.S. Senator, gave him unrivalled power, and few dared to stand against him. He was a bully, a hypocrite of the first order, a boastful braggart; but also an intensely professional politician, who single-handedly raised the ‘witch-hunts’ for supposed ‘Reds under the Bed’ to a new, and very sinister degree.  His menacing ‘invitations’ to testify before his Committee led to disturbing excesses. His browbeating tactics destroyed careers of people who were not involved in the infiltration of our government. His freewheeling style caused both the Senate and the Subcommittee to revise the rules governing future investigations, and prompted the courts to act to protect the Constitutional rights of witnesses at Congressional hearings. Two things meant that he was finally brought low; when he attempted to take on the Army, and was humiliated by their counsel, the other was the famous soliloquy by Edward R. Murrow on CBS-TV.

The reason for this drift back in time is to hold up to the spotlight of criticism the new McCarthyism; the really nasty witch-hunt being played out against anyone in political or public life who states, or indeed has even hinted, that there is something deeply unsavoury; or actually wrong, about homosexuality, and whether the avalanche of words and statements glorifying this truly unedifying practice is actually of benefit to both homosexuals, and to the Nation as a whole.

We have the case of Tim Farron, pilloried all over for hesitating to state, as is given within his Christian beliefs, that homosexual activity is a sin. Personally, I have very little time for Mr. Farron, whom I believe to be a deeply-deluded politician; but I do respect his right to believe in whatever his religion preaches.

We also have the case of Tory M.P. Andrew Turner who was pilloried after stating his opinion that homosexuality was wrong to a class of sixth-formers; he is believed to have stepped down after a vicious campaign against him.

We also read of one Robert Peston, who seems to have placed himself as the modern ‘witchfinder general’, stating that he will ask every would-be M.P. the same question in order to establish the ‘truth’.

I have written many times of my opposition to the gradual leniency afforded people who hold to this perversion in their private lives, this same leniency which has ended up with Cameron’s  insane idea of ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ which placed this union of perverts on the same basis as the untold millions of marriages between men and women, made according to rites which have descended from antiquity. I oppose this farrago, and will continue to do so until my dying breath. I do not state that it is wrong on any religious point, although there are so many: I oppose it because sex, and the very act of love itself, is purely for the purpose of procreation, and any such activity which is, of itself, barren, because procreation cannot take place between two people of the same sex was named a perversion as such by no less an authority than Charles Darwin.

‘America is better than this’

I have often written pouring scorn on the brutal policies of Communist China, especially in regard to the forced abortions, the deliberate policy of a one-child family, enforced legally throughout China’s so-called hospitals, where the impersonal and dehumanising law which stated that of a woman became pregnant again after the birth of a healthy child, that pregnancy was illegal; and the baby must be killed before or during birth: was carried out with a brutal rigorous attitude which stated “The Party has ruled, and the Party must always be obeyed; because The Party knows best”!

I began by writing of Communist China, but there are many more in our Western so-called civilised societies who hold beliefs not too dissimilar to the geriatrics of Beijing, who rule by fear, and force, and brutality; together with a very thin veneer of Western capitalism spread very thinly overall! Take the largest so-called Family Planning organisation in the Western world, which goes by the name of ‘Planned Parenthood’. I deliberately state ‘so-called’, because the last thing which these murderous clowns wish to see is larger families. The ‘Planning’ is simply a euphemism, because it would not look to good to have ‘Open-Source Murder’ as part of your Company’s name and open strategy. They have organised and carried out 7.7 million abortions since 1973, and the strategy, planning and methods of their founder bear strong resemblance to the ideals of both the Red Chinese, and the sinister ideals of one Adolf Hitler of not-so-dear departed memory.


As the Washington Times’ Rebecca Hagerlin stated:-

‘Minorities crammed into impoverished areas in inner cities should not be having so many babies. And, of course, these minorities (including most of America’s immigrants) are inferior in the human race, as are the physically and mentally handicapped. We should require mandatory sterilizations of those less desirable and promote easy access to abortion. And since sex should be a free-for-all, we must provide birth control and abortions to teenagers too. It’s all for the greater good and for a more intelligent, liberated, healthier population.

Feel a bit enraged by the sentiments above?

They absolutely sicken me.

If you are feeling squeamish or angry too, then you should call your representatives in Congress and demand an end to your tax dollars funding Planned Parenthood. You also can sign the petition at

For such are the foundational beliefs of this inherently racist organization and its celebrated founder, Margaret Sanger, who still is lauded on the Planned Parenthood website. Of course, in the lavish online praise of Sanger, conveniently absent is her advocacy for “a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is already tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.” (The quote is from her article “A Plan for Peace.”) Or her promotion of the “American Baby Code,” in which she seeks to “protect society against the propagation and increase of the unfit.”

Also missing is Sanger’s fear of her racist views being exposed, as recorded in a 1939 letter to an ally: “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.” Which is exactly what she set out and succeeded in doing.

Planned Parenthood is largely the reason why black babies are aborted in America three times more often than white babies, and Hispanic preborns are killed 1½ times more often than whites. In fact, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention research compiled by, “Abortion is the number one killer of black lives in the United States. More than HIV. More than heart disease. More than cancer. Abortion snuffs out more black lives than all other causes of death combined.”

Planned Parenthood masquerades as a benevolent organization, claiming to offer a full array of women’s health care services to disadvantaged women. From the way Planned Parenthood markets itself, one would think it offers basics such as mammograms and prenatal health care — especially for poor women living in the nation’s most impoverished neighborhoods.

But it does not. Mammograms are nowhere to be found. And, as recently revealed in an extensive investigation in the 41 states where undercover recordings are legal, 92 out of 97 clinics contacted admitted that they do not provide prenatal care. The bottom line is that those ultrasound machines in Planned Parenthood are used to facilitate the killing of preborn babies, not care for them.

What Planned Parenthood does offer en masse in its “clinics” — which are strategically located in target areas such as college campuses and in impoverished, inner-city neighborhoods — are birth control and abortions. In fact, a baby is aborted at a Planned Parenthood clinic at an average rate of every 90 seconds.

Why college campuses? Why poor, minority inner-city neighborhoods?

Because Planned Parenthood holds a worldview that young women should be able to have sex without consequences or responsibility. Because Planned Parenthood wants these same young women to come back to their clinics for their abortions when the birth control fails. And because Planned Parenthood still seeks to provide abortions for minorities over whites. Today, Planned Parenthood may not be racist in its words, but it is still overtly racist in its deeds.

Thanks to the brilliant work of, and other truth seekers, we now know that Planned Parenthood traffics in human baby body parts, that it covers up the sexual trafficking of minors, that it engages in racist practices, that it provides birth control to underage girls without parental consent and that it does not provide the most basic of women’s health care services.

America is better than this.

It’s time for Congress to cut off funding to this shameful organization and direct our tax dollars to other clinics that offer life-giving health care services. Add your voice to the call to defund Planned Parenthood at


Hear hear; Madam!


Brings new meaning to the words “Pick something from the fridge!”

I am often confounded by the ways and byways of the human condition. After some sixty-odd years of noting and recording what is happening in this strange and convoluted world of ours, I often have to metaphorically shake my head in disbelief at what my fellow (alleged) human beings have done, or said.

But even these jaded eyes need to be rubbed as I read of the terrible trauma of the Auckland housewife whose old home was burgled and items stolen inclusive of ‘old meat which needed to be thrown out’, as well as ‘the PLACENTA from the birth of her five-month old son’; which had been stored in the freezer for ‘sentimental reasons’!

Just think of the ‘trauma’ inflicted on the poor unsuspecting clown who opened the Tupperware box because he was feeling hungry!
Just imagine the listings on the charge sheet when the woman is arrested after causing both irreparable mental trauma to the thief, as well as severe indigestion to that thief and, well, repair of the damage to the sewage systems of Auckland.


Earth to Saturn? A billion kilometres. Delhi to Islamabad? Just about the same.

I was going to write and comment upon the ‘discovery’ by the Cassini probe of hydrogen molecules on Enceladus, one of the moons of Saturn. This scientist from UCL was almost in raptures at the amazing things which could be discovered once a second and probably third rocket carrying probes capable of drilling through an unknown depth of ice, descending to the floor of a (presumed) ocean, and once again drilling into geothermally active rocks. (Her explanation, not mine). The Cassini probe, launched in 1997, has finally arrived as part of the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) search throughout our own Solar system; at a huge cost, and these results are the first to indicate the possible existence of life in other places besides our own.

As I stated, I was going to write about this Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, and what  a complete and utter waste of time, money and human energy this farrago actually was, and is; but decided instead that what we should really be spending our cash, energy and resources upon is the Search for Intelligent Life on Earth.

I would point towards India, whose proud boast is that India is the largest, most vibrant Democracy on Earth. They talk about the huge and well-run elections, allowing for the peaceful transfer of power in the sub-continental State whose occupants number over one billion-plus. They point towards the fact that the Parties which vie for the votes of the millions, hand over that power after an election with hardly a murmur;  they point towards the huge and burgeoning Digital Economy, of the hundreds of thousands of graduates employed in computer science, engineering and digital technology.

Not so well-publicised, understandably, is the grinding and utter poverty of many millions of the not-so-well-educated, who labour in both rural and urban environments for peanuts, as opposed to the super-uber-luxury lifestyles of the billionaires whose wealth is a direct result of the grinding poverty mentioned earlier. Also virtually never mentioned outside of India is the crushing burden of some 200 million Dalits, or as they are also known, the Untouchables. Judged  to be ‘unclean’ by virtue of their birth, they are routinely discriminated against in every possible manner; and although the practice is illegal, it is so prevalent that no-one even comments upon it.

Also not so well publicised, except when bloodshed occurs, is the well-documented and crushing hold that Hindu India has on the almost wholly Muslim State of Kashmir. Kashmir, occupied with overwhelming and brutal force in the blood-shed which went under the heading ‘Partition’ which cost literally hundreds of thousands of lives when Hindu and Muslim found that they were living on the ‘wrong side’ of a border line imposed by force. The British Imperial forces left India virtually unscathed, with only seven recorded casualties. The resulting religion-based ferocity was worse than anything which had happened before, mainly because no planning had taken place to keep the millions on the move separate from one another. India has fought three wars with Muslim Pakistan, and also fought innumerable smaller conflicts. The only thing which stops these two Powers from commencing another war is the fact that both nations have nuclear weapons, and delivery systems ready and available.
As I stated before, how’s about the Search for Intelligent Life on Earth?

When you first realise you’ve lost; blame everyone else.

They didn’t understand the question!


The ‘Leave’ voters were too thick / too old / too insular / too nationalist-oriented / too ready to believe the ‘Leave’ propaganda.


I wish we could have another ‘go’ at a Referendum, because I feel sick at the prospect of my kids not being able to experience Europe.


And now, from a bunch who really, really should know better:-  “It was all because of the RUSSIANS!”

I readily admit that I voted to Leave; but I honestly did not believe that I would be joined by 17-odd million more, inclusive of hundreds of thousands of Labour voters; who simply, like me, had had enough of the European bullshit, of the lies, of the sheer autocracy, of the built-in inability to listen to anybody apart from the ‘Effing Colleagues!