“Grave Scandal”: along with the rest of the utter verbal garbage


After the mass at Dublin’s Phoenix Park, and after wittering on about the ‘Grave Scandal’ of sexual abuse by Catholic priests; Pope Francis will depart on his chartered jet, having dispensed, as far as can be known, the minimum of sorrowful platitudes and a self-serving apology, aimed at the media. Not, it must be affirmed, aimed in any way at those who so desperately needed to hear some form of true sorrow over the decades of criminal sexual abuse handed out on an industrial scale, by  a good proportion of the Irish Catholic priests and nuns who were so trusted with the spiritual and corporeal well-being of their children. Over the years, the sordid truth emerged about the Magdalene Laundries, and the slave labour regimes held against the young women, whose only ‘crime’ was that they had borne a child outside wedlock. We also learned about the Baby farms, otherwise known as the Foundling homes, from where thousands of tiny children were routinely exported towards America for adoption. America, the land of the Almighty Dollar, where the American Catholic Church wallowed in the cash generated. But the worst was when we learned of the systematic cover-up of hundreds of cases of Catholic Priests who had sexually abused young children over literally decades, and; because of the shame and mental torture inflicted upon these youngsters, they rarely spoke or complained; sometimes for decades. Because when they did speak up, they were usually ritually humiliated with disbelief, because who could believe that a ‘Man of God’ was capable of such atrocities. The Church hierarchy, from Monsignor to Bishop to Cardinal; consistently and routinely denied all knowledge of the savage abuse, and equally routinely transferred the guilty perverted scum, masquerading behind clerical dog-collars, to a new, unsuspecting parish where they could continue their evil practices.

Ireland was indeed shaken to its very core because the whole Nation was suddenly awoken to the very real fact that there had been TWO Governments; the secular Irish government, with the elections, ministers and State departments: and also the invisible hand of the real Government, otherwise known as the Roman Catholic Church. From the largest cathedrals to parish churches, the agents of the Invisible Government, under the guise of priests, monsignors, bishops and archbishops; laid the law down, and ensured that THEIR words were taken and observed ahead of anything promulgated by the Dublin Government. Ever more cash was demanded for tithes to the church, and the beady eyes of those priests ensured that those who did not give were noted and berated. Birth control, contraception were deemed a mortal sin, children and yet more children were the only results of a ‘good marriage’, and yet when the ignorant and uneducated Irish girls and women became pregnant outside of marriage, the response was to herd those ‘outcast’ pregnant girls and women into the Magdalene Lines.

On Saturday, Francis again acknowledged a “grave scandal” and “repugnant crimes”; but we have yet to hear a single statement, from the most powerful Catholic in the world, which goes even part of the way to restore faith in the whole idea, the very process; of a Church which has so grievously sinned against the very ones which it was supposed to protect.

We read a few days back, of the abuse lasting over SEVEN DECADES, within the Pennsylvania Diocese, where literally hundreds of priests committed thousands of crimes against children, and that sexual abuse was both known about and covered up, from the very top, inclusive of Bishops and Cardinals! We learn of an Cardinal being accused of serious sexual molestation from FIFTY years ago, and the protection afforded that man which allowed his continued ascent to the very top of that religious slope.

Just a week ago, a brand-new Cardinal from Mexico  has suggested that victims who accuse priests should be “ashamed” because they too have skeletons in their own closets. Those who “accuse men of the Church should [be careful] because they have long tails that are easily stepped on,” said Cardinal Sergio Obeso Rivera according to a report.. This from a man who has just been elevated to the College of Cardinals by the Pope.

The World Meeting of Families is expected to announce its estimate of the attendance later, a spokesperson said this afternoon. 500.000 were supposed to attend. Less than 130,000 turned up to watch Pope Francis celebrate Mass.

Seems like the Catholic Irish have finally got the Message.

The medal on the left? Thats what the Commissioner got for that Brazilian electrician’s death.

Dick by name, and dick by nature. Our fearless Metropolitan Police Commissioner has stated, categorically that London is safer than New York; that Londoners have now’t to worry about.

I would show a few headline examples, demonstrating how wrong our Commissioner Cressida actually is:-

  • Some bloke gets three bullets pumped into him outside a rail station in Walthamstow.
  • One dead, two others injured in Camberwell.
  • Shootings reported in Westminster and Brent. The reason I highlight this particular headline is not because of the Brent incident, but because of Westminster. After all, Brent’s local bus services are known as the ‘banana boats’, but Westminster? Closest to the seat of political and economic power in Great Britain?
  • Charges regarding the crimes of a multi-racial moped gang took over an hour to be read out in Court. The thugs sit giggling amongst themselves, because they know that any prison sentence, besides being without any deterrent value at all, is and will be more comfortable than where they are living right now.
  • The total number of offences involving a knife or bladed instrument that have been recorded by cops in the year to March 2018 rose to 40,147, a seven-year-high. At least 51 people have been fatally stabbed in London since the beginning of the year.

As for our highly-(self)-esteemed Met. Police Commissioner, and her self-serving remarks on her role as the lead person symbolising the protection, from crime and worse in London: all I would state is to issue this warning:-







Next time; and, folks, there will be a ‘next time’; a serious terror murder or murders happens in London: and there is a City-wide man-hunt for the terror scum involved, I would advise any Muslim, or even anybody who even vaguely resembles the stock image of a Muslim, male, brown- or black-skinned, not necessarily bearded; to stay at home until the manhunt wears down. Why, because Jean Charles De Menezes was just going to work. He sat down on that Tube train, he was wrongly targeted as ‘the real thing’; and Cressida ordered, “TAKE THE BLOODY SHOT”because, as everyone can see, he was just the spitting image of the muslim scum who was the real terrorist.

The medal on the left? Thats what the Commissioner got for that Brazilian electrician's death.

As Jedi Master Yoda would have remarked “Reassured, I not was!”

A tale of two medical visits (acknowledgement to Dickens). Two Saturdays ago, I had to go urgently to our local University Hospital North Durham (UHND): a day ago, I had to convoy my wife in a Patient Transport Service (PTS) Ambulance for a chest X-ray at the same hospital. Two different medical visits, two very differing outcomes.

As to my urgent trip to the A&E department, I copy the email sent to the Patient Experience Department, (their title, not mine):-

I was working in my back-garden on Saturday 4th August afternoon, hacking away at some overgrown bush, when I was stung on the eyelid by a bee. My eyelid swelled up and closed my eye completely, which prevented my driving, so I had to beg for a lift to the hospital from my neighbour. I was literally in agony, but despite asking at least twice for speedy access to medical help, was forced to wait in the laughingly-named Accident and Emergency queue for well over an hour/two hours before I was ushered into the ‘Triage’ room where three uniformed staff members performed their duties. I stated that I had been stung by a bee on my eyelid, and I was in great pain, but the remorseless note-taking, questions on such vital statistics such as how much alcohol did I drink were relentlessly pursued. After what seemed like another hour, but was actually around ten minutes: I was gravely handed a green plastic card, and told that I should have gone to the ‘Urgent Care’ facility, based at the end of the main corridor.

I arrived at the ‘Urgent Care’ sector, where I found two elderly staff people seated behind a desk, where I was informed, “just take a seat in the adult waiting room, and someone will attend.” There were about six or seven other people in this quaintly-named ‘Urgent Care’ facility, and upon enquiring, found no-one had come near, or been attended to for quite a while. After a very short while, I was in danger of losing my temper, so decided to ascertain who was supposed to be doing what, as besides my own immediate pain: I was intensely concerned about my wife, whom I was forced to leave alone in our house, as she has been ill for decades, and is unable to even move without my help. I asked, somewhat forcefully, to speak with someone in authority as to the progress of attending not only to my problems, but also everyone else’s who seemed to have been forgotten.

I was spoken to by an man of asian appearance, dressed in a purple/red uniform, and was told that all would be well, and please have patience. I replied that my patience had run out some time back, and all I was concerned with was being relieved from the bee-sting pain, and being able to return as quickly as possible to my wife.

After a further five minutes, I was ushered in to a room where I was treated by a nurse-practitioner (I think,), again dressed in purple/red-scrubs uniform. Once again, instead of being relieved from the severe pain I was experiencing, I was sat down and, once again, asked lots of questions by this young woman, whilst she tapped away at her keyboard. Eventually, I was told to lie down on the day-bed, and the young woman checked that I had indeed got a bee-sting, and the sting was still embedded in my eyelid. I was then amazed to see this young uniformed woman search through various desk drawers and then through her HANDBAG  for a pair of fine tweezers. She failed to find anything, and so approached my eye and plucked the sting out with her FINGERNAILS, complete, I believe, with nail-varnish, although I cannot confirm the last observation.

A young female doctor then entered the treatment room, gazed learnedly at a) my eyelid and then b) at the sting which had been extracted from my eyelid, and gravely stated “Yes, you have been stung by a bee, my father keeps bees and he gets stung all the time”; then disappeared as speedily as she had appeared. The young nurse-practitioner ( as I believe she was), then proceeded to print off an eye reading test, and holding it up asked me to read the letters; before pronouncing herself satisfied with my eyesight and reading skills. She then gave me a small pack of antihistamine pills, and packed me off.

I was very annoyed at the cavalier manner in which I was treated, being made to wait for what seemed like an age before being ‘interviewed’ by the Triage Trio, and then casually told that I should have gone straight to the Urgent Care facility (the name itself being a genuine source of sardonic amusement to those unfortunate enough to have to use it), but decided to leave things be but: after spotting a newspaper article about the effects of a single bee-sting, decided to write and complain in the strongest possible terms.  I was trained in engineering disciplines, I understand matters mechanical, civil and electrical; but leave health-related matters to those who have been trained in such things, and therefore was unaware that death can and does occur with a SINGLE BEE STING due to the onset of anaphylactic shock.

All I knew was that I was in great pain, the source of relief was the hospital, and I managed to get to the UHND as fast as I could. The lady who tapped out and filled in my details at the A&E counter was obviously a civilian, and thus unknowing of the necessity for speedy action to prevent the possible onset of shock such as experienced by the unfortunate man who was bitten with a single sting, but the red-uniformed person, seated behind the same A&E counter whom I spoke to TWICE was such a person, trained with some medical knowledge, even though she was obviously not a doctor.  I was casually informed that there was a queue, the A&E department was busy, and I should be seated, and be patient, and await my turn at ‘Triage’.

It is my view that the UHND ought to urgently review its whole ethos around A&E, as well as the “Urgent Care” facility, and inform the people who work there that they are there to do one job, to serve the public, and not to arrange things so that they are the ones not pressurised, not to live their lives at NHS speeds, which is about two-thirds to one-half of the speed which everyone else works at!

I was contacted this morning by a member of the ‘Experience team’, and taken thought the parts of my complaint which needed to be reviewed. Which was fine, but even this person didn’t understand my frustration, and not only mine, but everyone else’s who sat in that dusty, slightly grubby A&E waiting room, that there was absolutely no idea, no sense of ‘Emergency or Urgency’, no signs of anyone hurrying to engage with the people who were queuing to be attended to by our ‘World-Leading NHS’. She stated that my complaint would be reviewed, and I would be advised of the outcome. She also casually stated that I had no need to worry about the possible onset of anaphylactic shock from this bee-sting. I asked why I should not have worried, and she replied that if such shock occurred, it would have been instantaneous, I would have been unable to breathe; and I would be dead!

As Jedi Master Yoda would have remarked “ Reassured, I not was!”

The second appointment was enabled with the help of the PTS to transport my wheelchair-bound wife to the UHND main X-ray department for a chest X-ray. We were picked up by the PTS ambulance team at 10.45, delivered to the hospital after one detour to pick up another wheelchair-using patient, moved to the main X-ray room where my wife was wheeled in after a wait of five minutes, X-rayed and moved back almost immediately. The reception staffer called the PTS team, and we had to wait literally ten minutes before our transport team arrived to take my wife back to the ambulance and then home: a total time for the trip there and back, plus the X-ray; of 1.75 hrs. To the PTS, and to the Main X-ray guys at UHND, a ‘well-done’ from my wife and I!

When ‘Standards’ are discussed, ensure your own are of the highest!

I’d like to write to you today about standards. Standards in Public debate; standards of those in the public eye, and standards of those ‘whited sepulchres’ who readily point the finger at one of their own in simulated horror, but recoil when the spotlight is turned upon themselves.

I would ask readers to examine the difference between the treatment of one lone M.P.  Ian Paisley, the DUP MP for North Antrim; and the festering mob named but unashamed before, during and after the Telegraph ‘Expenses’ scandal broke .

Mr Paisley went on two holidays to Sri Lanka together with his family, and the Daily Telegraph alleges that he was supplied with a chauffeur-driven Mercedes along with all hotel accommodation; all paid for by the Sri Lankan Government. Now there is nothing illegal in accepting paid-for jollies from both foreign governments as well as large companies; if there was, approximately nine-tenths of both Houses of Parliament would be ‘guilty as charged’! Where Mr. Paisley seems to have swerved from the ‘path of righteousness’ is by not declaring these holidays in the Register of Interests in Parliament, and then lobbying on behalf of that Government. For that ‘high and mighty crime’, namely ‘serious misconduct’ (not declaring he took those holidays) he was slapped with a thirty-day suspension from sitting (and of course voting) in the Commons: and further faces a ‘Recall’ motion in his constituency; with a By-election for his seat if 10% of the constituents vote accordingly. Bit harsh? But more of that later on.

Let us now turn back the clock to 2009, and the whole Expenses scandal; for a scandal it surely was. True, the whole Nation rocked with laughter when the claims for ‘moat cleaning’ surfaced; as well as the ‘floating duck house’ and the hundreds of other scams such as ‘flipping’ the second homes’ addresses, so that repairs, refurbs’ and new furniture can and were claimed from taxpayers cash. But more serious items were also revealed, such as continuing to claim for mortgage payment refunds AFTER the mortgage was paid off. The ever-so-friendly apologists for murder, otherwise known as the five SinnFein MPs, despite never taking their seats in Parliament because that would mean that they would have to acknowledge The Queen as the British Head of State: claimed over £500,000.00 for the rent of three houses in London, all conveniently owned by the same Irish family: and all five stated that they were staying there constantly, despite neighbours denial of ever having seen any one of them near those properties.

The full list of the theft can be seen as carefully correlated in various online editions of the Telegraph, and is really too large to conveniently be excavated without a huge post, but some of the more egregious examples, in alphabetical order, include:-

  • Charlotte Atkins claimed more than £35,000 in renovations on her second home allowance including £20,000 for windows, £4,000 for the chimney, £9,000 for the bathroom and nearly £2,000 for the garden
  • Ian Austin split a claim for stamp duty on buying his second home in London into two payments and tried to claim it back over two financial years.
  • John Austin claimed more than £10,000 for redecorating his London flat, which was 11 miles from his main home, before selling it for a profit.
  • Ed Balls and wife Yvette Cooper “flipped” the designation of their second home to three different properties within two years. Mr Balls, the Schools Secretary, also attempted to claim £33 for poppy wreaths
  • Norman Baker asked if he could claim for a bicycle and a computer so he could listen to music and email family and friends
  • Greg Barker made a £320,000 profit selling a flat the taxpayer had helped pay for. He has agreed to repay £10,000.
  • Alan Beith claimed £117,000 in second home allowances while his wife, Baroness Maddock, claimed £60,000 in House of Lords expenses for staying at the same address. He also used his office expenses to pay for his London secretary to spend a month in his constituency during the last general election campaign
  • Sir Stuart Bell claimed £750 for food in December 2005, reduced to the maximum monthly amount of £400. Designated his second home as a flat in London and claimed £1,400 a month rent
  • Henry Bellingham claimed £1,500 mortgage interest per month for a flat in London. Mr Bellingham claimed a total of £85,845 in four years under the additional costs allowance.

The list goes on and on, but the scale of the scandal really overshadowed the truth of the whole thing, which was, put simply, nearly every one of these outrageous claims, if they had been submitted or attempted outside of Westminster, would have resulted in criminal charges!

But we should now return to the target for today’s ire, in Parliament that is; with the banishment and possible removal from his seat, of Mr Ian Paisley. What was it that was so wrong, so terrible, so inappropriate that thirty days suspension; the longest punishment ever doled out in Parliament was the only penalty? The man had apologised; he had stated that it was a lapse of memory and judgement, and it really is a grey area, where judgement about who declares what is unwritten. The committee acknowledged that there was “inconsistent guidance” in relation to registering such trips, but it did not “exonerate Mr Paisley from breaching the advocacy rule”.

Could it be that the real problem with Mr. Paisley’s holidays was that the family went to Sri Lanka, whose Government earned the opprobrium of many, including many British MPs, because they demolished a terror opposition by using the same tactics as the terror gangs, and would not apologise for their victory and survival?

As a final thought, remember that I mentioned the ‘whited sepulchres’ who professed horror, but were just as guilty as those which they condemned. I mention that because it was Sir Kevin Barron, chair of the Standards Committee, said they had concluded Mr Paisley was guilty of “serious misconduct and his actions were of a nature to bring the House of Commons into disrepute”.

Would this be the same Kevin Barron who, after selling his taxpayer funded home for a £500,000 profit, Barron began charging the taxpayer £1,500-a-month to rent a three-bedroom London home (also called “contriving a tenancy” by benefit fraud investigators)  owned by shadow cabinet office minister Jon Trickett?

Just asking!

Open letter to Peter Clarke, H.M. Chief Inspector of Prisons: re:- Tommy Robinson (a.k.a. An enemy of the State?)

Dear Mr. Clarke,

I refer and write on the recent imprisonment, for Contempt of Court, of Mr. Tommy Robinson (a.k.a Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) after a streamed broadcast commentary on a trial at Leeds Crown Court. I do NOT write or refer to the alleged Contempt, or the proceedings which are stated as being prepared against Mr. Robinson, as these are sub-judice, and therefore are exempted from further comment, as far as I am aware.

What I do write about, and would further comment upon, and ask yourself, as the Chief Inspector of Prisons to examine, investigate and report upon, is the truly disgraceful manner in which Mr. Robinson was treated during his period of incarceration, especially in the second prison in which he was confined, in solitary confinement ‘for his own protection’. Mr, Robinson is, as a matter of public record, a staunch opponent of the Islamic religion, and many of his speeches and recorded comments refer specifically to the outrageous number of Muslims of Pakistani or British/Pakistani heritage who have been charged and convicted of the sexual grooming and multiple rape attacks against predominantly white British girls and children.

Mr. Robinson alleges, in the broadcast interview linked here, that he was treated abominably by the Prison Service, and I would further aver, by some highly-placed individuals within both the Prison Service itself, as well as the Home Office.

He stated and alleged:-

  • First prison he was sent to had a low muslim population, and although held in solitary confinement, he was given access to exercise, correct food, and in general treated as any other prisoner.
  • He was then moved to second prison which had the highest Muslim population of any Category C prison in England.
  • For food, over the nearly two months of his incarceration, he was given one tin of tuna fish and a piece of fruit every day. He claims that he only ate the tinned food because he could not trust the prison canteen staff as regards poisoning his food. Tommy alleges that he lost over forty pounds (18 Kgs.) in weight during his imprisonment.
  • During that interview, he compared his time in a British prison with that of Guantanamo Bay, and I, for one, do not believe he was exaggerating.
  • He stated that he was deliberately placed in a cell which was on the ground floor of the block, directly opposite to the prison mosque; which meant that every Muslim prisoner was able to walk past his cell window, and those who wished him evil were thus able to throw human excrement through his opened window, (open because of the unusually high temperatures experienced during this summer) and because Mr. Robinson was forced to block off the window entirely, he was virtually drowned in sweat for most of the day and night.
  • He was further told, by either the police or the prison staff, that police were on their way to his home, as they had ‘been informed’ that someone was plotting to throw acid at his family!
  • He also stated, during another interview, that despite the fact that he was supposedly in solitary confinement ‘FOR HIS OWN PROTECTION’’, his cell door was left unlocked and ajar at least three times.

As for the underhand methods employed during his arrest, transportation and further appearance before, in Tommy’s own words ‘A KANGAROO COURT’, his ultra-speedy sentencing despite not being given the chance to organise a defence of any sort, these are for others to answer for in perhaps the fullness of time; but I mention them here to give emphasis to the gravity of the situation which Mr. Robinson found himself in.

I, as an journalist/contributor to AltNewsMedia.net, and also as an Englishman with a keen sense of British Justice as it used to be, and of an equally keen idea of fairness and equality under the Law, would therefore ask if you, in your position as Chief Inspector of Her Majesty’s prisons, would urgently enquire as to the veracity or otherwise of Mr. Robinson’s claims regarding his treatment over the time he spent in prison.

If you find that Mr. Robinson was placed in possible jeopardy, and in the way of possible genuine harm during his custodial period, I would ask that the individuals who were responsible for the orders regarding Mr. Robinson’s treatment, cell placing and supervision be brought to book, and held responsible for, if proven, the grave threats against Mr. Robinson’s life and well-being.

The Prison Service members, governors, senior staff, should be POSITIVELY asked why Mr. Robinson was transferred from the first prison (low-to-non-existent danger of attack) to the second prison, where, by virtue of the high concentration of Muslim inmates; it was imperative that Mr. Robinson be given the maximum protection possible. They should also be told to answer for the decision to place Mr. Robinson in a cell which was easily accessible and vulnerable to attack from inmates who were avowedly hostile to Mr. Robinson.

As a final note to assist you in this conversation, I wish to record that I have personal experience of the Prison system, having been associated with Consulting Engineers’ work and plans for such works at HMP Hull, HMYOI Wetherby, and engineering decisions and implementation at three other prison establishments. I know that NOTHING, repeat NOTHING, happens within any individual prison without the absolute approval of the Governor, along with senior staff members: as well as senior figures within HM Prison governing hierarchy, both in the Home Office and elsewhere!


GrandPa1940 @ AltNewsMedia.net

This letter will be sent to the Chief Inspector of the Prison Service; and will be copied to all those noted below; signed under my real name!

Cc:- Roberta Blackman-Woods MP for Durham City,

Home Secretary Sajid David, MP

Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg M.P.,

The Baroness Caroline Cox,

Lord Pearson of Rannoch.