Three Sides Of A Two-Sided Coin

Listening to an interview on the Today Programme this morning with John Ging, the UNWRA director. This interview was preceded by a (fairly) straightforward news item which dealt with the same topic as discussed with Mr. Ging. The item in discussion was the destruction by ‘armed and masked men’ of equipment in a UNWRA ‘summer camp’ which gives children in Gaza access to sports, swimming, theatre and arts.

The BBC report gave a comparatively straightforward view of an event where some twenty men, masked and armed, immobilised the guards and then torched the entire complex. The BBC reporter also stated that while no one had claimed responsibility for this wanton destruction, the fact was that the HAMAS terror group which holds Gaza in its grip must have at least known and given tacit approval for the attack, mainly because nothing happened in Gaza without their knowledge.

Mr. Ging from UNWRA, on the opposing side as it were, also denounced the destruction, but pointedly did not even name HAMAS as the group which runs Gaza, and would consequently have either approved or planned the raid; but instead harped on about the (Israeli) blockade. That blockade which has, in his words, ‘traumatised’ many thousands of children, and placed UNRWA in a position where they had to supply these ‘camps’, run of course by thousands of ‘teachers’ which formed the basis of a holiday from the brutal realities of their lives under the blockade.

No mention about the release from a similar ‘trauma’ for the many thousands of ordinary Israeli kids by the same blockade, as the source for the rocket fuel and explosives has been sliced right back by that same ‘traumatising’ blockade!

No mention either of the fact that, while the HAMAS movement was elected in Gaza, and then murdered all its opposition; thus bringing the hard face of militant Islam home to the fools who believed the garbage spouted by the political wing of HAMAS, their brethren in the West bank are continuing, quietly and slowly, to normalise their lives and relations with Israel. This normalisation process itself was achieved with the Wall, which chopped off access by the suicide bombers who think the same as the terrorists of Hamas.

Gone to flowers, everyone.

The list of names shown below is one answer to the call by politicians, such as Blair, Brown and Cameron who state that the lives of British Service personnel are ‘on the line’ in Afghanistan so that we don’t have home-grown terror murderers loose on the streets and cities of Great Britain. If these young men and women have died for a cause named ‘democracy’, I believe that the cause is a sham, there can not be democratic rule in a dung-heap shambles such as Afghanistan, where corruption is endemic up to and inclusive of the Presidency. If the very ‘flower’ of our forces are doomed to die in pursuit of their ‘orders’, then the orders should have a purpose.

It could be said that many of those who died did so because of ‘targets’ and ‘cost-cutting’. This again is true, especially in the cases of personnel forced to utilise mobile coffins provided by a far-seeing Ministry of Defence procurement division, or in the case of the Nimrod which exploded in mid-air, despite it being stated by the then Defence Secretary as being ‘safe to fly’. It exploded because of cost-cutting and budget slicing by senior MOD and Royal Air Force staff, most of whom are still ‘working’ if that is the correct terminology, in Whitehall. Their approach to the safety of the Nimrod fleet was simple, ‘keep them flying, we have no alternative’. Well, they did have an alternative; they could have bought a reliable, safe and proven aircraft fleet from the Americans, but that was not politically correct, so our men died because of their actions. I presume they all sleep well at night; unlike their victims, who are in the longest sleep of all!

It is when you read headlines such as U.S. officials say Karzai aides are derailing corruption cases involving elite’ from a newspaper which, on the whole, supports the Allied War effort, that one begins to realise that American and British lives are being spent at an appalling rate so that top aides and family cronies of the so-called Presidency get richer by the day, siphon off their cash from the heroin trade, (carried on in conjunction with the Taliban) along with the bribes and kick-backs from the billions soaking through the Afghan desert, and allow them to leave and live the high life in the fleshpits of Dubai.

If we vowed to carry out a purge of the Jihadi scum which are in our own streets and cities, and kicked them out, without need or reference to their so-called ‘human rights’ we would not need to spend the true ‘Capital’ which is listed in its heartbreaking details, just below. The list is of British forces casualties, but does not include the American dead, which number some 1,122 and counting.

April 9 2002 Private Darren George, 23
August 17 Sergeant Robert Busuttil, 30

January 28 2004 Private Jonathan Kitulagoda, 23

October 29 2005 Lance Corporal Steven Sherwood, 23

March 22 2006 Corporal Mark Cridge, 25
March 27 Corporal Peter Craddock, 31
June 11 Captain Jim Philippson, 29
June 27Captain David Patten, 38, and Sergeant Paul Bartlett, 35
July 1 Corporal Peter Thorpe, 27, Lance Corporal Jabron Hashmi, 24,
July 5 Private Damien Jackson, 19,
August 1 Captain Alex Eida, 29, 2nd Lieutenant Ralph Johnson, 24, Lance Corporal Ross Nicholls, 27
August 6 Private Andrew Cutts, 19
August 9 Private Leigh Reeves, 25
August 12 Lance Corporal Sean Tansey, 26
August 20 Corporal Bryan Budd, 29
August 27 Lance Corporal Jonathan Hetherington, 22
September 1 Ranger Anare Draiva, 27, Lance Corporal Paul Muirhead, 29
September 2 14 soldiers killed in Nimrod crash: Flight Lieutenant Steven Johnson, 38, Flt Lt Leigh Mitchelmore, 28, Flt Lt Gareth Nicholas, 40, Flt Lt Allan Squires, 39, Flt Lt Steven Swarbrick, 28, Flight Sergeant Gary Andrews, 48, Flt Sgt Stephen Beattie, 42, Flt Sgt Gerard Bell, 48, Flt Sgt Adrian Davies, 49, Sgt Benjamin Knight, 25, Sgt John Langton, 29, Sgt Gary Quilliam, 42, Lance Corporal Oliver Dicketts, 27, Marine Joseph Windall, 22
September 4 Private Craig O’Donnell, 24
September 6 Corporal Mark Wright, 27, Lance Corporal Luke McCulloch, 21
October 19 Marine Gary Wright, 22
December 5 Marine Jonathan Wigley, 21
December 12 Richard Watson, 23
December 27 Lance Bombardier James Dwyer, 22

January 13 2007 Marine Tom Curry, 21
January 15 Lance Corporal Mathew Ford, 30
February 21 2007 Marine Jonathan Holland, 23, Marine Scott Summers, 23
March 3 Lance Bombardier Ross Clark, 25, Lance Bombardier Liam ‘Paddy’ McLaughlin, 21
March 6 Royal Marine Ben Reddy, 22
March 8 Warrant Officer Class 2 Mick Smith, 39
April 13 Private Chris Gray, 19
May 3 Guardsman Simon Davison, 22
May 20 Lance Corporal George Russell Davey, 23
May 26 Guardsman Daniel Probyn, 22
May 28 Corporal Darren Bonner, 31
May 30 Corporal Mike Gilyeat, 28,
June 6 Lance Corporal Paul Sandford, 23
June 9 Guardsman Neil Downes, 20
June 24 Drummer Thomas Wright, 26
June 30 Captain Sean Dolan, 40
July 1 Sergeant Dave Wilkinson, 33
July 12 Guardsman Daryl Hickey, 27
July 25 Lance Corporal Alex Hawkins, 22
July 26 Guardsman David Atherton, 25
July 27 Sergeant Barry Keen, 34
July 29 Lance Corporal Michael Jones, 26
August 10 Private Tony Rawson, 27
August 11 Captain David Hicks, 26
August 23 Private Aaron McClure, 19, Private Robert Foster, 19, Private John Thrumble, 21
August 30 Senior Aircraftman Christopher Bridge, 20
September 5 Private Ben Ford, 18, and Private Damian Wright, 23
September 8 Sergeant Craig Brelsford, 25, and Private Johan Botha, 25
September 17 Lance Corporal Ivano Violino, 29
September 20 Colour Sergeant Phillip Newman, 36, Private Brian Tunnicliffe, 33
October 4 Major Alexis Roberts, 32
November 9 Lance Corporal Jake Alderton, 22, Captain John McDermid, 43
December 4 Trooper Jack Sadler, 21
December 8 Sergeant Lee Johnson, 33

January 20 2008 Corporal Darryl Gardiner, 25
January 17 Corporal Damian Lawrence, 25
February 20 Corporal Damian Mulvihill, 32
March 30 Lieutenant John Thornton, 22, Marine David Marsh, 23
April 13 Senior Aircraftman Graham Livingstone, 23, Senior Aircraftman Gary Thompson, 51
April 21 Trooper Robert Pearson, 22
May 2 Trooper Ratu Babakobau, 29
May 19 James Thompson, 27
May 25 Marine Dale Gostick, 22
June 8 Private Nathan Cuthbertson, 19, Private Daniel Gamble, 22, Private Charles David Murray, 19
June 12 Lance Corporal James Bateman, 29, Private Jeff Doherty, 20
June 17 Corporal Sarah Bryant, 26, Corporal Sean Robert Reeve, 28, Lance Corporal Richard Larkin, 39, Private Paul Stout, 31
June 24 Sergeant Major Michael Williams, 40, Private Joe Whittaker, 20
June 27 Warrant Officer Dan Shirley, 32
June 28 Lance Corporal James Johnson, 31
July 22 Corporal Jason Barnes, 25
July 24 Army dog handler Lance Corporal Kenneth Michael Rowe, 24
July 28 Sergeant Jonathan Mathews, 35
July 29 Private Peter Cowton, 25
August 11 Signaller Wayne Bland, 21
August 18 2008 Corporal Barry Dempsey, 29
September 4 Ranger Justin James Cupples, 29
September 10 Warrant Officer Class 2 Gary O’Donnell, 40
September 12 Private Jason Lee Rawstron, 23
September 13 Lance Corporal Nicky Mason, 26
October 15 Trooper James Munday, 21
November 4 Rifleman Yubraj Rai,28
November 12 Marine Robert McKibben, 32, Marine Neil Dunstan, 32
November 15 Colour Sergeant Krishnabahadur Dura, 36
November 24 Marine Alexander Lucas, 24
November 27 Marine Tony Evans, 20, Marine Georgie Sparks, 19
December 12 Lance Corporal Steven ‘Jamie’ Fellows, 26, Sergeant John Manuel, 38, Corporal Marc Birch, 26, Marine Damian Davies, 27
December 15 Lieutenant Aaron Lewis, 26
December 17 Rifleman Stuart Nash, 21
December 21 Corporal Robert Christopher Deering, 33
December 24 Lance Corporal Ben Whatley, 20
December 31 Corporal Liam Elms, 26

January 1 2009 Serjeant Chris Reed, 25
January 11Marine Travis Mackin, 22
January 14 Captain Tom Sawyer, 26, Corporal Danny Winter, 28
January 17 Acting Corporal Richard Robinson, 21
January 30 Corporal Daniel Nield, 31
February 14 Marine Darren Smith, 28
February 16 Lance Corporal Stephen Kingscott, 22
February 25 Acting Lance Corporal Paul Upton, 31, Corporal Tom Gaden, 24, Rifleman Jamie Gunn, 21
February 25 Marine Michael Laski, 21,
March 14 Lance Corporal Christopher Harkett, 22

March 15 Corporal Graeme Stiff, 24, Corporal Dean John, 25
April 28 Lance Sergeant Tobie Fasfous, 29
May 7 Corporal Sean Binnie, 22
May 7 Rifleman Adrian Sheldon, 25
May 7Sergeant Ben Ross, 34, Corporal Kumar Pun, 31
May 12 Lieutenant Mark Evison, 26
May 14 Marine Jason Mackie, 21
May 22 Fusilier Petero ‘Pat’ Suesue, 28
May 23 Sapper Jordan Rossi, 22,
May 27 Lance Corporal Martin Richards, 24
May 28 Lance Corporal Kieron Hill, 20
May 30 Lance Corporal Nigel Moffett, 28, Corporal Stephen Bolger
June 2 Rifleman Cyrus Thatcher, 19
June 11 Private Robert McLaren, 20
June 12 Lieutenant Paul Mervis, 27
June 19 Major Sean Birchall, 33
July 1 Lieutenant Colonel Rupert Thorneloe, 39, Trooper Joshua Hammond, 18
July 4 Lance Corporal David Dennis, 29, Private Robert Laws, 18
July 5 Lance Corporal Dane Elson, 22
July 6 Captain Ben Babington-Browne, 27
July 7 Trooper Christopher Whiteside, 20
July 9 Rifleman Daniel Hume, 22, Private John Brackpool, 27
July 10 Corporal Lee Scott, 26, Corporal Jonathan Horne, 28, Rifleman James Backhouse, 18, Rifleman Joseph Murphy, 18, Rifleman Daniel Simpson, 20, Rifleman William Aldridge, 28
July 16 Rifleman Aminiasi Toge, 26
July 19 Corporal Joseph Etchells, 22
July 20 Captain Daniel Shepherd, 28
July 22 Guardsman Christopher King, 20
July 25 Bombardier Craig Hopson, 24
July 27 Warrant Officer Class 2 Sean Upton, 35
July 27 Trooper Phillip Lawrence, 22
August 4 Craftsman Anthony Lombardi, 21
August 6 Corporal Kevin Mulligan, 26, Lance Corporal Dale Hopkins, 23, and Private Kyle Adams, 21
August 8 Private Jason Williams, 23
August 13 Captain Mark Hale, 42, Rifleman Daniel Wild, 19, Lance Bombardier Matthew Hatton, 23
August 15 Private Richard Hunt, 21, Sergeant Simon Valentine, 29
August 16 Fusilier Simon Annis, 22, Fusilier Louis Carter, 18, Lance Corporal James Fullarton, 24
August 20 Serjeant Paul McAleese, 29, Private Johnathon Young, 18,
August 25 Fusilier Shaun Bush, 24
August 29 Sergeant Lee Houltram,
August 31Sergeant Stuart Millar, 40, Private Kevin Elliott, 24
September 2 Lance Corporal Richard Brandon, 24
September 3 Private Gavin Elliott, 19
September 9 Corporal John Harrison, 29
September 13 Kingsman Jason Dunn-Bridgeman, 20
September 16 Trooper Brett Hall, 21,
September  16 Acting Serjeant Stuart McGrath, 28
September 21 Acting Sergeant Michael Lockett, 29
September 27 Private James Prosser, 21
October 1 Senior Aircraftsman Marcin Wojtak, 24
October 5 Guardsman Jamie Janes, 20
October 8 Lance Corporal James Hill, 23
October 22 Corporal James Oakland, 26
October 25 Corporal Thomas Mason, 27
October 31 Staff Sergeant Olaf Schmid, 30
November 3 Warrant Officer Class 1 Darren Chant, 40, Sergeant Matthew Telford, 37, Guardsman Jimmy Major, 18, Corporal Steven Boote, 22, Corporal Nicholas Webster-Smith, 24
November 5 Serjeant Phillip Scott, 30
November 7 Rifleman Philip Allen, 20
November 8 Rifleman Samuel Bassett, 20
November 15 Rifleman Andrew Fentiman, 23, Corporal Loren Marlton-Thomas, 28
November 18 Sergeant Robert Loughran-Dickson, 33
November 30 Acting Sergeant John Amer, 30
December 7 Lance Corporal Adam Drane, 23
December 15 Lance Corporal David Kirkness, 24, Rifleman James Brown, 18
December 19 Corporal Simon Hornby, 29,
December 20 Lance Corporal Michael Pritchard, 22
December 21 Lance Corporal Christopher Roney, 23
December 22 Lance Corporal Tommy Brown
December 28 Rifleman Aidan Howell, 19,
December 31 Sapper David Michael Watson, 23

January 3 2010 Private Robert Hayes, 19
January 11 Captain Daniel Read, 31
January 15 Corporal Lee Brownson, 30, Rifleman Luke Farmer, 19
January 22 Rifleman Peter Aldridge, 19
January 24 Lance Corporal Daniel Cooper, 22
February 1 Corporal Liam Riley, 21, Lance Corporal Graham Shaw, 27
February 7 Corporal John Moore, 22, Private Sean McDonald, 26
February 8 Warrant Officer Class 2 David Markland, 36
February 11 Lance Corporal Darren Hicks, 29
February 13 Lance Sergeant Dave Greenhalgh, 25
February 14 Rifleman Mark Marshall, 29, Kingsman Sean Dawson, 19
February 15 Sapper Guy Mellors, 20,
February 18 Lieutenant Douglas Dalzell, 27, Lance Sergeant David Walker, 36
February 24 Senior Aircraftman Luke Southgate, 20,
February 25 Rifleman Martin Kinggett, 19
February 26 Sergeant Paul Fox, 34
March 1 Rifleman Carlo Apolis, 28
March 2 Corporal Richard Green, 23
March 5 Rifleman Jonathon Allott, 19
March 6 Rifleman Liam Maughan, 18
March 7 Corporal Stephen Thompson, 31, Lance Corporal Tom Keogh, 24
March 15 Captain Martin Driver, 31
March 16 Lance Corporal Scott Hardy, 26, Private James Grigg, 21
March 22 Serjeant Steven Campbell, 30
March 26 Lance Corporal of Horse Jonathan Woodgate, 27
March 27 Rifleman Daniel Holkham, 19
April 1 Guardsman Michael Sweeney, 19
April 4 Rifleman Mark Turner, 21
April 7 Fusilier Jonathan Burgess, 20
May 2 Corporal Harvey Alex Holmes, 22
May 3 Sapper Daryn Roy, 28, Lance Corporal Barry Buxton, 27
May 9 Corporal Christopher Lewis Harrison, 26
May 21 Corporal Stephen Walker, 42
May 26 Gunner Zack Cusack, 20, Corporal Stephen Curley, 26
May 30 Marine Scott Gregory Taylor, 21
June 1 Marine Anthony Hotine, 21
June 4 Corporal Terry Webster, 24, Lance Corporal Alan Cochran, 23
June 8 Lance Bombardier Mark Chandler, 32
June 9 Private Jonathan Monk, 25
June 12 Lance Corporal Andrew Breeze, 31
June 14 Marine Steven Birdsall, 20
June 15 Corporal Taniela Tolevu Rogoiruwai, 32, Kingsman Ponipate Tagitaginimoce, 29
June 18  Trooper Ashley Smith, 21
June 20 Royal Marine from 40 Commando

One law, or was that Two?

Two young men.

Two different skin colours

Two different manners of death

Two very different outcomes.

Stephen Lawrence, a tall, slim black youth with aspirations to be an architect, lived in Eltham, and was attacked and stabbed by four young white men. He was stabbed to a depth of about five inches on both sides of the front of his body, in the chest and arm. the stab wounds severed several arteries. Although he tried to escape, he collapsed and bled to death. He died near the scene of his attack. No one has yet been successfully prosecuted for his death, plenty have pointed fingers, there have been unsuccessful prosecutions, but so far, no one has paid a legal price for this racist attack.

However, we have so far seen, regarding this young black man:-

  • A multi-million pound inquiry into his death, and the police investigation of that death.
  • Some half-million pound paid in ‘compensation’ to his parents.
  • £3 million pound memorial centre
  • The establishment of a yearly Stephen Lawrence Lecture
  • The generation and awarding of an annual Architectural Prize in his memory
  • His name as a feature on a memorial website, as well as the website of the memorial trust.
  • Many politicians visiting, commenting upon, or otherwise remembering young Stephen.
  • Television specials, comment programmes, all exclusively devoted to that death and memory of that death.

Kriss Donald, a slightly built, 15-year-old White schoolboy was abducted from the streets of Pollockshields, Glasgow, on March 14, 2004. His kidnappers were five British Muslims of Pakistani descent, intent on exacting retribution on a white male in revenge for a previous fight, although Kriss was believed to be a stranger to his five attackers. He was taken to an area of waste ground where he was finished off after being tortured. Before he died, it is alleged that he was castrated, burned with cigarettes; his eyes were gouged out and he was stabbed repeatedly. Once on the waste ground he was doused with gasoline and set alight whilst still alive. He crawled a few metres and then, mercifully, died. A walker who discovered his body the following morning was unaware that it was even human, remarking, that at first, he thought it was the carcass of an animal.

The results of the investigation was that three Muslim Asian men, all born in Scotland, are serving minimum sentences of twenty-three years or more for the unprovoked death of this defenceless young man.

We see:-

  • No Memorial
  • No Building in his memory.
  • No politicians, no Prime Minister standing weeping crocodile tears over his grave.
  • Hardly any press coverage, and no ‘horrified’ commentaries by the ‘liberal elite’ and Guardian readers.
  • No further inquiry into the circumstances of his death.
  • No £500,000.00 compensation offered to his grieving parents.

Strange, that disparity in the aftermath of these two deaths; very strange! Wonder why the difference?

Mastermind Blatter happy with final preparations for Operation ‘Rob The Darkies’

‘Fingers’ Blatter, the shadowy head of an international money-making syndicate known as ‘Feefa’, says he is pleased with the final preparations ahead of the start of his latest caper, codenamed Operation “Rob The Gullible Darkies Blind While Convincing Them This Was Their Idea”, also known as the World Cup. “

Forensic investigators suggest that once the month-long heist is complete, Blatter and his international gang will have made off with around $2-billion in profit, while its victims – the South African taxpayer – will be around $1-billion poorer.

“It’s a brilliant scheme,” explained lead investigator Papertrail Nyanda.

“South Africa spends about $4-billion, of which it will recoup about $2.7-billion. Either way, Fingers and his gang walk away with their two billion.

“In other words, the South African government is suckered into burning $1.3 billion it doesn’t have to create a massive smokescreen behind which Fingers and the lads make their getaway.

“It’s money for nothing and the chicks for free.”

Meanwhile Blatter confirmed that Operation “Rob The Gullible Darkies Blind While Convincing Them This Was Their Idea” was on track for a smooth execution later this week.

“The amazing thing is that they still don’t suspect anything,” he chortled, tossing chocolate raisins to his iguana, Danny Jordaan.

“They think it’s about football, the poor bumpkins!”

He said none of the expected hitches had occurred.

“We weren’t sure how we were going to get the loot out of the country undetected,” he said. “But then they changed the laws of the Republic and made my guys exempt from tax laws and exchange controls.

“Short of actually being accomplices they couldn’t have been nicer.”

Meanwhile the government is adamant that hosting the World Cup was the right thing to do, despite half the country being unemployed and a third living in abject poverty.

“Yes, we could have used that R40-billion to build 700,000 RDP houses,” said spokesman Circus Maximus Magubane.

“But if we had done that then Wayne Rooney would never have come here and actually touched us.

“I am never washing my hand again, ever.”

Meanwhile five million South Africans have also confirmed that they will not be washing their hands again, ever, largely because they do not have access to clean running water.

All the best

The usual run of newspaper stories present few instances of journalistic humour, but I thought that the Daily Mail story about Cabinet Minister Chris Huhne, his bisexual lover and his rejected wife hit the nail..

The story, mainly about the hugely exorbitant expenses claimed by M.P.s,  ran:-

“In the week Chris Huhne left his wife for a younger woman, his expenses reveal he claimed money for servicing an old boiler.

The bill for £1,500 was for general household maintenance and was dated 7 April 2009.

That was a year after he started an affair with his 44-year-old bisexual press officer Carina Trimingham and  just over a year before this week’s announcement that the Energy Secretary was leaving his 57-year-old wife Vicky Pryce.”

I don’t think a woman aged 47 qualifies for the term ‘old’!

The camera never lies!

This Telegraph Magazine photo is multi-faceted.

It shows the sacrifice of an ordinary British squaddie as his comrades prepare to send his remains home for burial.

It also shows the blank denial of the British and American Governments to accept that they are fighting the wrong war, in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

It shows that we, as nations led by politicians with their own hidden passages and scenarios, have not learned one lesson from history both recent and past.

Our Service personnel, as well as Americans and those from many other nations, have become embroiled in the affairs of Afghanistan for the one right reason, and many wrong ones. We, under the N.A.T.O.  umbrella, attacked the Taliban-controlled Government after it was determined that they had sheltered the 9/11 terror squads, but forgot that Afghanistan has always been a place where wise men never stayed, because they would be gripped as though by quicksands.

We should get out, as quickly as possible, and the only monument to our disastrous stay should be a massive painting, similar to that pictured below; sited in the Millenium Dome where it would be seen by all the pleasure-seekers, as a reminder that the Dome was only a financial disaster, but Afghanistan has been much, much more!