Stands to reason; really!

I have two printed signs stuck to a window next to my front door. They are self-explanatory.


There remains a constant deluge of unwanted, and of course unread, leaflets and other rubbish pushed through my letter-box. All of the above, as promised by the lower leaflet, goes straight into the recycling bin (very concerned about the Environment).

I spoke to our postie, who sometimes also delivers printed garbage, and asked why he doesn’t take note of the notices? He replied that, in his case, postmaster instructions state that, as the Royal Mail is being paid to deliver the garbage, he has to post it, or lose his job. As to the other squads who roam the streets, pushing Charity begging bags, Pizza lists, Chinese menus and other rubbish repetitively through the same letter boxes week after week; he shrugged and said, “Well, you have to remember, most of the other delivery guys can’t read!

Unfair to Windsor Council

Article in the Mail stating that Facebook has deleted pages and accounts which were deemed to be offensive or of stirring up hatred.

They speculate that a photoshopped picture of the wedding of Eugenie to Jack Brookbank was inserted to provoke anger and dismay.

Everyone knows that Windsor Council removes all the beggars and homeless days before the big event, so they don’t distract people with their moaning, open sores, etc.!

The true Insanity of the Environmental Idiots.

I am a great believer in the fruits of modern technology. I also assent to the belief that, where possible, large infrastructure projects should encompass, wherever reasonable, attempts to limit their impact upon the unspoilt nature of our countryside.

I also believe that T’Internet (Computers, silicon technology, chips, server and connectivity) is possibly the second most important invention in modern history, the first being the invention of the printed word. I mention this opinion because, during my tattered memory searches, dredging forgotten facts from my school days and Merchant Navy life when still a young man brought, through ‘Google’ search, a definitive position of a time when I swam in 25,000 feet deep water in the Pacific Ocean, whilst our ship was drifting whilst we were waiting for the swells to die down so we could berth at Ocean Island, to load guano. That same guano, one of the richest and purest forms of fertiliser, has also resulted in the near desolation of both Ocean and Nauru Islands, as the phosphate workings have, over the last ninety years, have denuded the entire island landscape of any possibility of living as the native population used to do. A book, whose title was recovered after a search lasting approximately three clicks on a trackpad, named ‘A Pattern of Islands’, which I read in my late schooldays; was the story of a trainee early Twentieth-Century British Colonial Administrator, in his twenty-five years on the Islands.

However, I digress: back we go to modern technology, but not leaving fertiliser. Trial bores and other techniques discover a huge deposit of potash under the North Yorkshire moors. The company involved in the search made the usual planning applications, as it was a huge project to dig a huge and very deep shaft to gain access to the potash seams, and then transfer the product some thirty miles to a new dock on the river Tees. Now the usual method of transporting this type of material is by a series of conveyor belts across the country. These belts being surface mounted, all the company would have to do would be to survey and choose the best route, to avoid the necessity for bridges, short tunnels etc. and the landowners and farmers could be compensated for the trouble felt during the construction period and the nuisance of having a large industrial transport scheme across their lands. The cost? My own estimate, for a run of approximately thirty-odd kilometres, would be about £40 million pounds.


But, ‘hey oop’, as the average liberal, environmentally alert & conservation-minded Yorkshireman might state, ‘You can’t run your conveyor routes there: thats all inside the North York Moors National Park! It would be a permanent huge scar upon an area of natural beauty, and it cannot be allowed!


So the Potash Mine company, being dead clever, said ‘Oh, forsooth, and Nay; Lad’. We shall tunnel from the minehead all the way to the dock in Teesside, and you won’t even see it. True, we’ll have to dig four sites to allow the tunnel boring machines to be set in place, as well as the huge cranes building the actual minehead plant, but once its up and running, we’ll be planting trees to disguise the site, and you won’t see anything! The actual cost of a tunnel boring machine, weighing in at 1,800 tonnes and measuring 220 metres long, costs over £200 millions each, but we don’t mind buying four, because we love the environment!’


So, Sirius Mining got their Planning Application approved, and the liberals were unhappy, but mollified because they won’t see the conveyor belts, because they’re all enclosed in that tunnel. So the views across the North York Moors National Park will be unsullied, and as we head South, all we’ll see is the grass, and the sheep, and the .sweeping grandeur of the Moors ……….







Milkshake; or Sulphuric Acid

The ‘comedy’ slots on both BBC tv and radio, over the years, have become dominated by the Left, with very few exceptions. This, given the normal viewpoint of the Beeb, which just does not reflect any centrist or right-wing viewpoints at all, is, unfortunately, to be expected. The totally biased, and to my own mind abominable ‘The News Quiz’ dominated by hard-line left so called comedians such as the weirdy ‘Sandy Toksvig’ and the late, very-unlamented Jeremy Hardy; with their constant digs at President Trump and any other right wing targets: was typical of the BBC’s so-called comedy output.


Up until a couple of days ago, the BBC’s ‘Have I Got News For You’ was a programme I normally like and watch. Most unusually, there was some kind of balance, with Left and Right being equally exposed to ridicule, and also with the presence of the formidable intellect of Ian Hislop, the author, writer, Private Eye editor; and, for my own mind, one of the most influential voices in the broadcast media.


At 09.00 minutes into the Episode 8 show, the scripts touched on the milkshake attacks on Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson and the Candidate MEP who involved himself with ‘Not Rape’ comments about a Labour MP. The attacks were jovially received and commented upon, with a small demur from the Labour MP, but in the main, those attacks were brushed aside as literally, ‘Acceptable Standards of behaviour in Politics Today’. Milkshake deluge was ‘acceptable behaviour’ knowing the recipients; was funny, seen as humorous, and ‘understandable”. These comments were general from all on the panel, inclusive of Ian Hislop.


I do wonder if these attacks had been carried out on Labour or indeed on Tory politicians on the stump; if they would have been judged with the same degree of humorous understanding, and acceptance that it was all ‘A Jolly Jape’: and that, given the political stances of Farage, Robinson et al; just ‘TO BE EXPECTED’!


I shall not labour the point too heavily, except to point out that there were 2,000 acid attacks in the last three years in this United Kingdom, with many victims scarred and disfigured for life!

Two names for today Lee Rigby & Ignacio Echeverría.

Lee? Most of us who actually watch, remember and drink from the fountains of truth know who Lee Rigby was. He was the unfortunate soldier targeted by two Terrorists. He died because he was wearing a T-shirt from the military charity Help For Heroes. not a military uniform, but, to all intents and purposes he may as well have been. These two murderous thugs were out for ‘Jihad’, but the police refused to kill them, as they hoped. Instead they subdued them, arrested them, and then, after due legal process, both were given full life terms.


But Ignacio? Ignacio who? Exactly! He was the MAN who stepped forward, and attacked the jihadis who were killing innocent civilians in the Borough marketplace. His weapon? A skateboard. He had returned from a skateboard session, and was angling towards a pint in a bar when he saw a woman being stabbed by one of the Muslim Jihadi terrorists. So he hit him with his skateboard; and he died for his bravery, died from the blade wounds which slashed through his skin and into his valiant heart.


And why is it exactly that Ignacio’s name is virtually unknown? After all, he posthumously received a George Cross for his bravery, that decoration being handed to his parents who had travelled from Spain. Why is it that this HERO is not remembered in any way, shape or form anywhere on the streets of our Capital City, where he gave his life in an attempt to protect others!


We do not hear anything from the ‘chattering classes’ of his bravery. Is this lack of publicity because of a lack of knowledge? Nope; in my own estimation it is because of one thing, and one thing only: Ignacio Echevarria’s death was caused by Islamic Extremism. His death is at the door of Islam, and some of its followers. By Muslim fanatics faithful to a Religion which tells them that if they die, and take ‘unbelievers’ with them, they will inherit ‘paradise’; along with the eighty virgins. He died for the one thing which is virtually silenced these days, because if you speak of Muslim terror, or Muslim rape and grooming gangs, you are breaching the virtual embargo against anything which tells the truth.


We have a statue of a Terrorist in Parliament Square: Lee has two memorials, one in a church, the other on a pavement slab.

Lets have a street, or a London square, named after Ignacio, who died fighting for others!

Revenge is a dish best served cold!

Andrea Leadsom has waited, patiently, for nearly three hard, bitter years, working for a woman who, some believe, was responsible for the diversionary tactics which forced her to withdraw from the Tory Leadership race.


She made an off-hand remark about Theresa May during a newspaper interview, in which she suggested being a mother meant she had a larger stake in society than May. She admitted she had been left in tears at the weekend after a stream of colleagues said she was inexperienced and had been insensitive. She was also targeted by comments saying she had padded her CV regarding her position at a firm of investment bankers. Instead of battling on, and at least giving the Tory electorate a chance to state their choice, she withdrew, and let May become Prime Minister by default, or coronation; or whatever!


She had served In the previous Cabinet, she then served under May in DEFRA, and then as Leader of the House. Some naively considered her a May loyalist, but I believe she was patiently awaiting the time when Theresa May really depended upon the Cabinet’s backing, as she foolishly pushed for the Withdrawal Bill (with added referendum and ‘worker’s rights’)


Like the very successful assassin she has turned out to be, she knew exactly the right time to slip the dagger in between the ribs of this foolish woman who had proclaimed ‘Leave’, and then had done everything to abort that ‘Leave’ procedure.


Now that’s the sort of politician I understand; and if I were still a Tory Party member, I would give her my vote for Prime Minister!


Tommy Robinson. An alternate voice?

As with many commentators, I have my doubts about Tommy Robinson. He is divisive, he is clever and calculating, he is, and has been, a target for both the Establishment, the Political elite and the Mainstream Media. I watch his many videos and broadcasts, he seems to be a one-trick voice, but a threat to the established order? What can one voice achieve? Quite a lot, it seems.

We have noted the seeming ‘its all a bit of a joke’ reporting of the ‘milkshake’ attacks on Tommy Robinson, and latterly on Nigel Farage. Its not just a ‘bit of a laugh! What are the chances of some twisted individual deciding to uprate the ferocity, by buying a milkshake container, and after emptying it, refilling with drain cleaner or another acid? Would that be  deemed ‘just a bit of fun’?

If OoL readers have not yet clicked, I upload a video of the Tommy Robinson MEP campaign meeting in Oldham. The video shows the Tommy Robinson viewpoint regarding the truth of how the attacking force were lead and guided by THE POLICE  through various streets to the actual place where the meeting was taking place. Seen any of the reporting of this meeting, held by a candidate for the European Parliamentary Elections? Headlines such as :-

  • Tommy Robinson: Police vehicles damaged during clashes at campaign event in Oldham
  • Violence as Tommy Robinson visits Oldham
  • Police blast ‘ill-informed speculation’ after Muslim Defence League and Tommy Robinson supporters come face-to-face in Oldham
  • Nazi scum’ Tommy Robinson supporters and rival protesters clash in ugly scenes
  • Oldham: Riot police clash with group of protestors

The video sections where the attacking force was assembled and marched/guided were obviously uploaded by members of the attacking force themselves, so that might be interpreted as the police officially condoning this violent assembly; but that again is only my interpretation of events. It does look as thought there was a guiding hand from above helping these people massing towards a confrontation. I would only point out one more significant fact; some of these Muslim attackers came from Halifax, thirty-eight miles away from Oldham!