I have written before on various topics, but today I wish to concentrate on British Politics, and on those politicians who claim to represent us in Parliament. I wish to comment upon the gross betrayal of a Democratic voice and vote, the largest single voice in British political history. How that voice, that vote; has been cynically spun and welded into the greatest betrayal in British political life. I refer of course to the Referendum Vote, by which 17.4 million British people voted to leave the European Union. I refer to the cynically twisted methods by which both the Government, headed by Prime Minister Theresa May, her band of deeply-loyal (to the EU) Remain civil servants, and over eighty-percent of the members of House of Ccommons, all of whom have received instructions from their constituents that they wish to Leave the European Union; but have subverted, trashed, spindled and dismissed the Democratic will of the majority of the voters who took part in that Referendum.

After a total of two-odd wasted years, we were presented with the so-called Withdrawal Bill, which was sent to the European Commission without firstly being presented to Parliament. As the contents of this Bill resembled a ‘wet dream’ as far as the European Commission was concerned. it gained approval within thirty-seven minutes in a 27-NATION Commission meeting. As a negotiation document, it was a complete and utter surrender to the demands and desires of the Remainer and Remoaner MPs within Westminster. May’s document, which, I hasten to remind viewers, would carry the full weight of an International Treaty, which cannot, I repeat cannot, be broken under International Law. It tied and promised Britain into untold numbers of European endeavours. It literally gave access to our Fishing waters through a cynical interpretation of Europe’s regulations. It removed us, at one stroke, of access to Galileo, the European G.P.S. system into which over a billion pounds Sterling has been sunk. It ties us for an indefinite period of obeying EU Regulations, without ever having a voice in how these Regulations were built. It even assured the European Union that, in a direct contravention of all that was promised to Northern Ireland’s DUP, Northern Ireland would be tied into the Customs Union to PREVENT a ‘hard border’ between the Republic, and Northern Ireland.

What can we, as voters and believers, do? Can we vote the Tories out, and bring Labour in? The Labour bunch are, if anything, worse that the bloody Tories: they absolutely adore Europe, with it’s labour-friendly laws and its liberal bent (in all terms of that word). The LiB-Dims? Vince Cable has ‘I love Europe’ tattooed around his buttocks: so not much hope there. UKIP is a spent force, after Farage’s resignations, and the multitude of chancers attempting to lead that once shining example of political rectitude. We look across the Channel, and watch as President Macron’s iideals and laws are trampled underfoot by the ‘Gilets Jaune’ or Yellow vests: which are and were so plentiful because France’s laws making every road user carry one in case of ’emergencies’.Do we have a British version of the ‘Gilets Jaunes’ movement? Not really, the only name which springs to mind is that of Tommy Robinson. Unfortunately, he has been so specifically targeted by our politicised police forces, inclusive of Cressida Dick’s heavy mob in London, that he stands more chance of preaching unhindered in a mosque than making a political movement emerge in Britain.

So what must we do? A quiet insurrection? A movement which produces, in every Parliamentary Constituency at least one Independent: one person without political baggage, one person who promises to keep his word, and if we all vote for the little guys, suddenly we might just stand a chance!

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