We don’t need another Holocaust Memorial.

The Holocaust already is embedded in World History, so why spend £100 million building yet another Memorial, to be built amidst the uprooted trees and bulldozed grass, slap bang in the middle of the British Parliamentary Estate. 

They had a hugely expensive Public Enquiry, just about every local resident and many influential community groups spoke against it, Even I, a lone voice from Durham, was allowed to speak my piece. But it was all a waste of breath, time and energy. Why? Because there was too much political weight for this lunatic project, From the wallet-stuffed back pockets (virtue of Lex Greensill) of ex-PM David Cameron, through the heavyweight presence of Eric Pickles and Ed Balls, to the equally heavyweight presence of the majority of British Jewry: naaaah; it was a foregone conclusion.

But if we step back just a little, and examine the real motives behind this farrago, the reader might just discern a nasty pattern emerging. Just check the  architect and his plan. His ‘Unique Selling Point’? Well, he’s Black, and we can’t turn a member of that particular minority down, even though he brought out a second-hand plan with which to foist it on an uncomplaining British public.

We already have a Holocaust Memorial; its in the form of a big block of stone, engraved with the simple message “HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL GARDEN” sited in Hyde Park. It is understated, unpretentious: fitting in its task of remembrance of  the most heinous crime in the history of modern man. You have to go searching for it, the trees and grasses hide it until you come across it.

And what, might the reader ask, will we get for our £100 millions (plus)?, 

We’ll get a Security Nightmare, with heavily-armed police and security presence surrounding a terrorists’ wet dream. There’ll be a queue to get off the ‘effing bus, a queue to get your tickets checked, then another queue to get your backpacks and bags x-rayed, and yet another queue for anyone with a beard and brown skin (the usual suspects) to be subjected to a humiliating full pat-down and grope search. And all, that before you go down the steps towards? The Learning Centre! These people haven’t even the sense to develop some new cliches.

As I stated, at the end of the video which saw my twelve minute-long argument at the Enquiry (2hrs. &n 28 mins:)-

We do not need, as called for by the ex-Prime Minister David Cameron and his Holocaust Commission, a new memorial which should be “striking and prominent, as well as respectful, interactive, and educational”. As all the participants in the Inquiry must know, we have the entire published history of the world at our literal fingertips: courtesy of Internet-connected smart phones, tablets and computers. We do not need to be ‘educated’ by some Establishment bunch who reckon that they know better than others what to push into the minds of the inquiring. When the very term “Educational” is but two steps removed from the ‘Re-education’ in Orwell’s ‘1984’.

What we do need is to send copies of ‘The Scourge of the Swastika’ to every school, college and University, and make them part of the Syllabus, along with a devastating video named ‘Holocaust: Night will Fall’, and the instruction should be that EVERY student should watch it, in class or hall.

Now that might be the true ‘Education’!