Only some speech is ‘FREE’

Reading through the pages of Max Farquar’s posts, as I page through my own bookmarks, I found a very interesting little commentary on the ‘rights to free speech’ as shown on a article from the Daily Telegraph. That article, which celebrated the speech by Winston Churchill which was given to the Joint Session of Congress on December 26th 1941 was memorable for many phrases, but remembered by most because Churchill asked, rhetorically,  “What kind of people do they think we are?”

The article by Jeff Randall gained 944 comments, as it was a good piece of commentary upon a famous speech by one of the greatest politicians in British history. But one comment which you will not read, was ‘grabbed’ by the ever-alert Max, and I reproduce it here!


Ok but a different part of Churchill might be impressed by the improvements in our military technology, healthcare technology, the fact that there has been fifty years of peace on continental Europe,  the availability of free information and debate on the internet, the rights of black citizens of Britain, our ongoing love for the monarch, the fact that cricket and wimbledon remain popular…This not being the Daily Mail, surely you can admit that not EVERYTHING has been on one big downward spiral in the last 60 years?


I fear that “fifty years of peace on continental Europe” has been bought at a hefty if not intolerable price: democracy has been all but destroyed (Europe is slowly migrating to rule by an enelected politico-bureaucratic elite in Brussels); economies have been fatally undermined by an unprecedented explosion in politically-facilitated debt never before seen in peacetime (to enable political elites to buy and hold power); unchecked migration is beginning to destabilise otherwise stable arrangements between European nations.

I could go on. The irony is that the situation in which we find ourselves today is threatening peace in Europe, not securing it.  We’re about to witness and experience the inevitable endgame of 60 years of the steady onslaught of socialism right across Europe and the UK.

In fact, as Mr Randall points out, the past 60 years have indeed been “one big downward sprial”: we/you have not yet quite suffered the consequences.  They’ll be along any day now.



“…. the rights of black citizens of Britain….”

You mean the ‘right’ of Negro criminal scum to riot and steal as they did in Tottenham, the ‘right’ of a fat racist Negro to sit on the front bench of our parliament and to ‘Tweet’ racist comments with impunity? While whites who protest are persecuted, harassed and jailed for daring to raise their voices against the new (black and brown) Ubermenschen?

Or are you, perhaps, crowing over the ‘right’ of psychotic third world savages to burn poppies in the street in order to desecrate armistice day, the ‘right’ to display banners: ‘God curse the Queen’ and ‘Democracy go to hell’? Or the right to spit on British troops in the street calling them ‘baby killers’?

The mass importation of third world savages has all but wrecked post-war Britain. Failing to adopt Churchill’s proposal that the Conservatives should ‘keep England white’ was one of the great post-war betrayals of those who fought the war, and we are still paying the price now.

Remove all black and brown savages, close down all mosques, madrassas, Asian ’cultural centres’ and Muslim indoctrination centres that pose as schools.

Britain for the the British – enemy aliens go home (while it is still voluntary).

And if that doesn’t work boot them out at gunpoint.



Sadly, I suspect your splendidly pungent comment will not last long before the moderators get to it. Have you backed it up so that you can post it again (and again) if necessary?

I don’t agree with all you say, but your right to say it is sacrosanct.

And of course Caratacus was correct, as the comment disappeared within minutes!

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