I am shocked;…

and also horrified!

Not by the simple fact that some bent celebrity bloke and his legally-acquired rent boy have hurriedly left their ‘glamorous honeymoon tour’ in Honduras, as they literally had it coming; but shocked by the simple truth that neither Fry, who is a talented actor and comedian, and therefore fairly well educated, nor his bent ‘wusband’ had actually bothered to check on T’Internet regarding Honduras’ attitude to shirt-lifters and similar perverts.

One thought on “I am shocked;…

  1. And this is the way it will work itself out in the end. Normal people fed up with being bombarded and forced to accept the unnatural will rebel. Governments can legislate all they want but it still needs someone to enforce it and put themselves in harms way to protect these people.

    So people will snap and take it out on them and people, like me and you, will have added it to the big list of things more important that we don’t care about. We will be immune due to repeated exposure to the subject.

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