No, just cross the ‘t’ and dot the ‘i’; thats fine!

As with so many things in politics, news is only given to us, the great unwashed, the lowly voters and consumers, when it is considered timely. I believe the term is ‘We must control the Story’. This, one presumes, is because if the ‘authorised version’ is issued, or expanded upon, the views of the issuing politicians will be reflected when inhaled by ‘the consumer’.

But what happens when the news or report does not run concurrently with the known views of those sneaky, clever, pro-active politicians? Well, if the politicians sitting around in the White House get some news about, say, the Gulf Oil Spill which doesn’t actually gel with their views or positions; they get the news changed to suit!
They called for an Interior Department review of deep water drilling after the oil spill on April 20th following from the explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon drill rig. The White House also called for a six-month moratorium on such deep water drill operations, with D.O.I.s Ken Salazar fronting the push from the White House, stating that “a six-month pause in drilling is needed, appropriate, and prudent.”

So the Interior Department set about the review, calling in seven experts to check their own findings. The experts were brought on board, and the review was undertaken. The Executive Summary was sent to the White House, but two edited drafts of this summary were returned to the Interior Department, and the Department was asked to modify the Summary in the words suggested by the drafts sent back!

The Dept. Of the Interior’s Internal Inspector General stated that ““The White House edit of the original DOI draft executive summary led to the implication that the moratorium recommendation had been peer-reviewed by the experts,” and that the draft was worded in a manner that the experts had ‘peer reviewed’ and supported the policy decision to suspend drilling for six months; when in fact the ‘experts’ had neither reviewed nor supported such a decision!

So when the Obama White House gets the experts it approves of, after making sure that one particular expert was kicked off an Energy panel because of his robust views on homosexuality, never mind oil; and then finds out they don’t agree with the policy they were asked to review and approve, the White House just changes the words.

From the desk of the President, that is just about what we have come to expect from this former ‘Community Activist’!


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