And conscience is good!

Seems as though the only thing which makes those pesky liberals back down is the threat of legal action. The previous guidance of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health, released in April, said that anyone who wanted to obtain a diploma to work in the sexual health field must “prescribe all forms of contraception”. They were challenged by many medical practitioners, as well as Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) who warned of legal action. FSRH Chief Executive Jane Hatfield said that after consulting the group’s members, it found a “wide spectrum of views”; as if they couldn’t have found this out by prior consultation, instead of attempting to ram an abortionists’ wet dream into the guidelines by stealth.

Chief Executive of CMF Dr Peter Saunders said that while the guidelines could be better, it was “a big improvement” on the previous wording.

He said: “Whatever the reason, the climb-down is most welcome and will enable many more doctors and nurses to obtain diplomas in sexual and reproductive health. That can only be good for patient care.” He remarked that the move mimicked a similar ‘change of heart’ by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) in June.

Early draft guidance by the GPhC could have forced Christians to provide access to abortifacient or hormone-blocking drugs, but, again after threats of Legal Action, the new guidance recognises pharmacists’ right “to practise in line with their religion, personal values or beliefs”.

The larger question remains: why do these characters insist on attempting to push their views, their values; onto an ever-increasingly resistant body of people whose beliefs are diametrically opposed to those oh-so-liberal-and-yet-allegedly-caring bunch of butchers at the top of the trees?

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