3 thoughts on ““…A Day Which Will Live In Infamy…”

  1. Don’t bother, I found the answer over at ‘GenghisBlog’. December being the month the Repulse and Wales went down and me being blindly parochial and British, I failed to see the American connection.

    Yes, I, too, quietly “remember them” but, my God, what a fluke/miracle (delete as necessary) the aircraft carriers went out the day before! And actually the Japs did the Americans a favour sinking all those battleships which were now to be replaced as the Queen on the chessboard by the aircraft carrier.

  2. Mike, I can’t quite make that picture out. For a moment I thought it might be the Repulse which lies with the Prince of Wales visible beneath the sea off Kuantan, but that ship pictured above looks close to land. Please explain.

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