If his lips are seen to move…..

When writing of politics, and especially of European Union politics, with their attendant politicians, we must always remember the only thing which matters to the core, the Brussels bunch who believe that they, and they alone are right; and every other so-called ‘Citizen’ is wrong. It is a truth which most of our home-grown bunch of weasels, Tory, Labour or Lib-dim, conveniently ignore, or attempt to forget, or brush aside as of no consequence.

‘Our Dave’, and his own acolytes, all bowing down before the great European gods of accommodation, all wish to hide the basic truth about the so-called ‘re-negotiation’ which is trumpeted in loud but exceedingly thin details, is that nothing can, or will be guaranteed in terms of European Law without those same details being laid out, and signed, in a Treaty. ‘Dave’s’ widely acclaimed ‘block’ on migrants from other European States, tenuous and futile though it may seem to those of us sceptics, but welcomed by the converted europhiles; isn’t worth the paper it is not written on. Any agreement, any changes to European Law, can and will be discarded almost at will, until those same changes exist within a Treaty.

We could, in the past, vote any change down in the European Commission or Council; but once Lisbon was signed, and after Parliament accepted the changes including ‘Qualified Majority Voting’, we have not won a single item on which we demurred; because we have been consistently outvoted.

But this is exactly what Cameron is asking the British people to do. He is asking us to believe that his valiant efforts to alter the immigration rules, to set in stone rules regarding the Euro, a currency which we do not choose to use, to change in miniscule detail some things which do not matter at all to we British will stand for one second longer after the result of the Referendum is announced. He is lying; they are lying: and I would be lying too if I said I believed that he would or could succeed.

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