all the FakeNews that ‘fits’

Everybody remembers the ‘shock’ as well as ‘the horror’ experienced when Prez. Trump reaffirmed that citizens of certain (but definitely not all) Muslim-majority nations were subject to a ninety-day freeze on migration to the USA; and everyone remembers as well the disgust spouted from the very hilltops about the dire consequences of the ban.

Included in the early Fox news headlines was one featuring Mike Hager, who had flown to Iraq to be with his ailing mother to visit family. He claimed that, whilst he was cleared to board aircraft homewards-bound, his mother was refused passage due to the ban, and died as a direct result of the turmoil imposed by #TrumpTravelBan.

Strange to relate that his mosque’s Imam later confirmed that Hager’s mom had actually died five days earlier, a neighbouring mosque in Detroit held a prayer service in her honour, and he couldn’t understand why Hager had lied to the press.

It was a cheer coach who contacted FOX 2 Detriot about his mom’s death. FOX 2 was able to obtain a Facebook post from his account last month that memorialises his mother on January 22. The post has since been deleted.

It’s unknown why he would lie about when it occurred. When we tried talking to him at his home and business, he was nowhere to be found.

Earlier when confronted via text about his lie, Mike wrote “Since I lost my mom I’ve been on heavy medication – I can’t even sleep. I did not make anything up.”

Fox, one of the few news media which gets the idea that if they publish or publicise something which they later find to be untrue, publishes a retraction. Lets see how many others, which heavily featured the #TrumpTravelBan dead mom, feature the retraction in the same manner!

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