Europe; through the Looking Glass!

Sometime within the next two years, ending at December 31 2017, we here in the United Kingdom are going to answer the question ‘Should we stay within; or leave: the European Union?’ The problem facing voters, politicians, opponents and adherents alike, lobbyists, big business,….the list goes on; is the simple truth that there will really be two questions: ‘should we leave the European Union or stay in?’ and the more probing query; ‘can we trust the very words issuing from the politicians’ mouths on this subject?’

We are told that ‘Our Dave’ and his mob are already planning to fiddle the vote, dodge the truth, falsify the result: anything to avoid the obvious, which is that Europe is not understood; not welcome, and primarily disliked because it does not accommodate or bow to criticism!

So what is this behemoth called Europe? What is this Institution, this overarching and overreaching ‘government of governments’ which we are being asked to make our minds up as to whether we should stay, or, simply leave? The process of power, and of powers, which this huge organisation has held to itself, sometimes by democracy, sometimes by fiat, is truly without definition. We are governed by Westminster’s Parliament, but Parliament has to bring the decrees of Brussels, and the Union, into our Law without dissent; where this power has been handed to Brussels by this same Westminster Parliament. Our very Laws are modified, and many times overruled by the European Court of Justice, along with the Court of Human Rights; and our judges leap at this opportunity to virtually re-write UK Law in the Brussels image. Is the average Orphans reader aware that thousands of men such as my father and my uncle served, fought and died in the European Civil War between 1939-45? That is what is written within the House of European History. Does that same reader realise that European history began in 1946, because the House of European History views everything before 1946 as virtually irrelevant to the ‘Grand Process’, or, to use the European terminology ‘the Project’?

We were taken into the Common Market on a lie, we were further cemented in on a series of political moves, and not once were we, as British, as English, Welsh, Northern Irish or Scot, asked if we wished our very sovereignty as a Nation to be subsumed into a small; significant but still small, section of a pure bureaucratic Administrative dictatorship, along with the unwieldy non-agility of an elephant. It is said that the founders of Europe built it so that there should never be a time when the ordinary People of Europe could ever have a direct voice within the political and bureaucratic machinery which is the juggernaut named Europe. If you have a twenty-four hour day free period, the reader might be able to discern how Europe is, or rather is not, governed. Not for nothing does its own website publicise its own Government as ‘unique’!

There is no true ‘Accountability’ for virtually anything done, spent, mismanaged or achieved within Europe, because everything is done by committees, and most of their work is done behind closed doors, and no-one, not even our so-called representatives can get through the paper blocks built up by these committees. I once asked my own MEP for a costing, an accounting of the huge amounts spent and squandered over CERN, the circular tunnel on the French-Swiss border; filled with high-power electricals, even higher-powered electronics: all in the cause, allegedly, of searching for objects so small they cannot be detected, so fast they cannot be caught, and so ephemeral they don’t really exist, except in the minds of the highly-paid pseudo-scientists and bureaucrats who used Europe’s ever-ready wallets to fund and run this strange concrete circle: and he eventually replied with a GUESS of somewhere between 120 and 173 BILLION Euros. The reader will also not be too surprised to learn that the EU auditors have not signed off the Accounts for over nineteen years.

The spread of Europe, physical as well as political, is truly breathtaking. The pull of cheap money on offer when the accession process is over for candidate countries is the carrot; the mountains of money available once the signatures are dry is absolutely astounding. What isn’t immediately so apparent to the new European nations is that they haven’t been told that when the Commission says ‘jump’; the appropriate reply is ‘Certainly; how high?’ Oh; and by the bye, if new countries joine the EU, they automatically have to embrace the Euro. The rule of the bureaucracy is absolute, if they do not get the required reply to a vote, or a referendum, the offending nation is told to run the bloody vote again until they get the right answer! Europe funds fishing off Africa, mainly because the rapacious fleets from Spain and France have hoovered up all the fish in the Med and half the bloody North Sea; they are setting up their own European GPS Satellite system mainly because the French dislike using the American GPS network; probably because it is both American, and free. They will be shooting 27 satellites along with four spares, the 27 to duplicate the Americans, and two of the spares to replace the pair which WENT THE WRONG WAY: all at a cost of 7 Billion euros; none of which the people of Europe were ever even asked if they would fund: it was just thought it would be a really good idea for Europe’s Galileo system to be available.

So what benefits do we, as British members of the European Union get for our £11.3 Billion; which is approximately our annual contribution to the EU coffers? We get access for travel and trade to all 27 other EU countries; we get, well, erm, er, not a great deal more.  We do receive the annual bill for the EU budget, which, naturally, rises every year. We get to pay for all the lunacies mentioned previously, and; because our demented leaders bowed to pressure, and accepted Qualified Majority Voting in just about all areas of EU competence, we just do not get a look in, or a chance to sway, delay or veto decisions.

So, on balance, if the Common Market still existed, I would happily vote to stay in, because we would be in charge of our own Sovereign Democracy, Country and Borders. As it is, we are in a huge place which is just short of the Federated United States of Europe, and that ain’t a good place to stay, or live in; so I reckon we should, reluctantly, vote to LEAVE!

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