Hey: Let’s all go down to Rio! (or Not)

Welcome to the quadrennial exhibition of more drug-induced heart attacks than ever, massive financial kick-backs, huge displays of false modesty by the winners; along of course with massed gritting of teeth by the losers; and of course the four-yearly cycle of critics of Caster Semenya trying to prove that she/he ain’t what she/he claims to be, and they have the testosterone tests to prove it! I am, naturally, referring to the ongoing National-Bankruptcy Petition otherwise know as the Brazilian Olympic Games.

There have been many, many articles written about the Games in general, and of various Nations’ participation in particular. When writing about happenings which stand out in one’s memory about the Games, I am somewhat limited; mainly because of the fact that watching just about all sports gives me a fervent wish to be somewhere else; anywhere else! But the sight of the stockmen’s horses galloping around the Sydney arena, galloping to the majestic notes from The Man from Snowy River; really did it for me. If the organisers had left it like that, and marched the athletes on, and declared the Games open: great! Unfortunately, the next two hours were wasted showing their Idea of Australia, ending with the massed march of lawnmowers: need I say more?

But a better view of the Rio Games can be gained by a good scan of The Onion’s review, which says it all about this complete waste of borrowed money which, seemingly, is about Global Politics as much as drug-fuelled athletic endeavour. The most apposite statement is given with the comment:-

Maracanã Stadium

Number six on future Forbes article titled “10 Contributing Factors To Brazilian Bankruptcy”

Says it all: really!

N.B. For further reading, and certain explanations about how the London Olympic story unfolded, read Forman’s Games, by Lance Forman, the owner of one of the 350 local businesses which were ruthlessly removed from their premises, under false and oppressive laws and ruling; and possibly one of the few if not the ONLY one to remain a viable business today, because he would not bend to the likes of Sebastian Coe and all the Labour slimeballs who were intent on ruining his business!