Kill, Or Be Killed!

The golden eagle is truly a marvellous creation, and a living tribute to the only law which counts in Nature; the Law of Survival.

To even see one of these superb killing machines in flight, or even more spectacular, to have a similar bird-of-prey alight on your arm, is one of the greatest thrills I have experienced.

But there is a clash, these days, between these magnificent creatures such as the eagle, the kestrel or the hen harrier, and the land managers who run huge areas of land to raise and market gamebirds for shooting parties.

Seems as though the RSPB has got the idea that the landowners should be punished if gamekeepers or others trap or poison the birds of prey which are using their managed flocks as a kind of ready-use locker, with no charge for entry!

Now I’m all in favour of the laws of the land being observed, but most of these birds are only now being re-introduced to the skies of Britain after being extinct for nearly a century.

So who is correct, some conservation project to bring back a kestrel or an eagle, or the people who are working hard to run an industry?

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