Abandon Hope?

As my regular readers may remember, I worked in South Africa for some seventeen years, leaving only when I decided that the country was changing too fast, too dangerously and to soon.

Some people seem to believe that I hanker for the days of Aparthied, for the rule of the White Man, in that once pleasant and wonderful country. Not so, I accept that, in a Democracy, the majority’s wishes must rule.

All I would ever point out that the day of ‘Uhuru’ has been and gone, the magic ‘votes’ were handed out and used, and all I would ever ask is whether those who voted regard their nation as one of the winners.

Yes, the magic ‘World Cup’ was played and watched by millions, but do the citizens of South Africa now realise that they are burdened with paying the huge infrastructure costs, and the repayment of all those borrowed billions, as well as the huge amounts of cash which were legally stolen by the directors of the Gautrain, for example, while failing to come up with anything else besides a speedy trip from the airport to Johannesburg Central? How about the new airport in Durban, built at huge cost, and for what? Fifteen extra flights from overseas! A new freight depot beside the airport. Yes, and watch how it is being utilised. The rust will grow on the tracks where the cargoes are supposed to run, because the business is just not there!

Turn your eyes towards the hospitals, and watch as they slowly sink beneath the weight of the useless bureaucracy imposed by the Black administrations, and also watch as the doctors, the specialists, the consultants disappear towards Europe, Australia and america, towards a future which is not a lottery of murder, theft and sleaze!

Read the warnings of an eminent scientist as he predicts disease and near disaster if Capital Investment is not prioritized for the Water Industry. I know about water, about sewage and treatment works. They are expensive, and they take time to plan, and build, and commission. If the engineering is not there, the water does not get cleansed, and people start getting sick very quickly. Don’t heed me; heed HIM!

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